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By Dawson


Everyones beliefs are based upon their understanding of

reality. However, most never develop a systematic development
of their thought, and an in depth understanding of their beliefs.
Their ruling assumptions operate below the surface. This is true
of Alex Jones. He appears to be just covering the news from a
redneck Texan point of view, tempered by a Southern Baptist
traveling evangelist mentality. Because the news is real, people
just assume that the underlying philosophy of Alex Jones is
equally true. You may ask, how can a person who just reads the
new laws and the documents have a philosophy which colors his
beliefs? I do not think even Alex has slowed down long enough to
understand his own unconscious beliefs. When asked to examine
himself deeply, he replies that his philosophy is just him being his
natural self. He believes that his inner self is real and will produce
a real philosophy without systematic reflection.
As a Christian who has listened, almost every day since 9/11,
to the Alex Jones show, I became aware that he imported beliefs
into his interpretation of the events of the day. If the Christian is
not aware of these beliefs, he can actually be seduced into a new
form of Christianity. It is this new Gospel that I want to address. I
want to compare some of the affirmations made by Alex with
traditional theology. It is important that the reader understand
that I am not debating the importance of the raw data that Alex
reveals to his listeners. However, Alex organizes this data into a
world view. It is this world view that the listener will come to
think as true because the events that Alexs predicts often come

true. The danger is that Alex may end up deceiving himself, and
ultimately, his listeners.
First-- Alex makes a very common mistake made by most
Christians and church people. They believe, because God blesses
certain aspects of my life, God has endorsed every aspect of my
life. After all, God would not bless me if he were not pleased with
my service to Him. This sounds logical, but it is not Biblical.
Consider the book of Habakkuk in the Old Testament. The
prophet of God had a serious problem. God had used the evil
Assyrian nation to inflict Gods judgment upon His people. This
bothered Habakkuk: even though the nation of Israel had some
faults, it was far superior to the evil Assyrian Empire. And yet, if
you were an Assyrian, you could easily get the impression that
God was endorsing you and your empire over against Gods own
people. Of course, that was not true, and as soon as Assyria had
accomplished its ordained purpose, God disposed of them as God
eventually judged them for their evil ways.
Or, consider the life of Peter. His worldview had to be
rebuked by the Apostle Paul. Peter had imported some of his
childhood views into his Gospel message. We all do this. We are
not even aware of it. It often takes someone with a different
background than ours to expose our childhood insertions into
our adult views. Often leaders become separated from this
process. A leader is always attacked and there is the natural
tendency to circle ones intellectual wagons in defense against
attack. On the other side, leaders are admired and even
worshipped by their followers. The followers often accept the
whole message and feel uneasy about criticizing their hero. It is
like a ten year olds relationship with his father who considers his
father a hero: Criticism in unthinkable.
Alex relates divine interventions in his life and special
moments of communion with a divine force. Obviously, these
experiences have been very real to Alex, and there is no reason to

deny these. However, because of his upbringing, he interprets

these experiences within his Christian background. I do not deny
these, but there is no way to know the source of these
experiences beyond what Alex states. There are two problems I
have with this: all people of all beliefs, even atheists, relate
similar experiences in their lives. (Alexs listeners are well aware
of the spiritual experiences of the neo-pagan David Icke.) There
is something inside of us that looks for an experience similar to
that of Jesus when He was baptized in the Jordan: we all want
God to say He is pleased with our efforts and that He accepts us.
For example, every sensitive person feels a sense of holy when
watching a newly born child or being alone in the woods. The
human has been created by God to experience the beauty of His
creation and its operations. These experiences are of the natural
and are not dependent upon ones theology. They are designed
to point us to the God of the Bible and its revelational content.
However, these experiences are not confirmations of our
lifestyle or mission in life. I know many, who in the ecstasy of the
human orgasm, have philosophized--How can their immoral sex
be wrong when it feels so good? God must indeed be pleased or
He would not have blessed the individual with such spiritual
delights. For the Christian, all of our experiences must be
evaluated in terms of the Bible and its stated doctrines. This is
often how heresies get started: for example, a dynamic
personality starts a church and thousands come to listen to his
entertaining messages. The presence of the crowds is seen as
Gods endorsement of the preacher and is interpreted as a sign
from God. What the preacher should really learn from his
situation is this: he would also be good selling vacuum cleaners
on TV. Talent is confused with Gods approval.
Second--Alex does not understand the nature of the fall of
man in the Garden of Eden. The garden marks the point of Gods
first creation of mankind upon the earth. This original species

rebelled against God, and sought to establish a Kingdom upon

this earth that did not depend upon God. It was Gods purpose to
teach mankind the reality of Gods Laws and the resulting culture.
When man fell, it was because he did not want to be subject to
God, but wanted to establish his own world with the knowledge of
good and evil determined by ruling elites or by democratic
processes. Man, it was felt, knows best and should not be limited
by some distant divine dictator. This resulting fall actually
destroyed mans divine nature and polluted every aspect of his
mind and body, and placed a divine judgment upon even his best
When Jesus died on the cross, something very dramatic
happened in history. God was, in a sense, creating a new Eden.
When a person accepts a Biblical view of reality and accepts the
fact that Jesus died in his place, that person becomes a new
creation. Yes, that is right. This earth is now populated by two
species: those that are of the first creation and who are in
rebellion against God; and the second creation, which seeks to
live the life that God originally meant for Adam and Eve to pursue.
The Bible also states that these two species are not only at war
with each other, but this war will never stop as long as the earth
Alex often talks about his desire to save the species or to
unite the human species in opposition to the ruling elites and
their New World Order. However, these two Species cannot be
united except under some false belief that seeks to eliminate the
fundamental differences and establish some one thing that the
two species share in common. For Alex, his assumption is that
everyone wants to be free and everyone wants to live the good
life upon earthraising kids with a wife, enjoying the outdoors,
and associating with other good people like oneself. This basic
understanding influences his vision of an order separate from the
New World Order. However, this new order is not the Kingdom of

God and it is not what the new, second creation of God is to

America was founded upon the desire to end religious
conflicts (after the prolonged religious wars), and the Constitution
was designed to be a peace treaty between the two species. A
system was sought in which the conflict of the ages could be
ended. The first creation species was actually attempting to
seduce the second creation species into accepting the New Order
of the Ages as being the true goal of mankind. This new
American Order was based upon Freedom, Democracy, and
personal sovereignty. The second creation people, who were at
times tired of fighting Gods battles, also sought a Common
Ground where there could be Peace upon the Earthwithout
having any national religious theology or revealed word to divide
the new nation. Alex hopes to reestablish this original time of
peace as the ultimate of goal when men have defeated the New
World Order.
I cannot emphasize too much how important this mental
image is to the Alex Jones philosophy and religious beliefs. The
peace established by the original Constitution and to recreate the
order of the American Revolution, is Alexs goal. These were good
times as both species united to create a nation with a manifest
destiny to conquer the continent, and then the world. Recall this,
one of the first acts after the West was settled, was to keep
expanding, and fight the Spanish American war under Teddy
Roosevelt to conquer the Philippines. This war signaled the
founding of the American global empire. One species thought
they were bringing the Gospel to the world through the American
military and one species saw this as the start of one nation
establishing the foundation for global control by secular man.
Alex fails to understand that America was a divided nation even
before the Illuminati gained control of the government.

Third--Alex believes his war against the New World Order

can be operated on a secular level. He has talked about the petty
disputes between religious sects which had led to the
marginalization of Christianity. He is not a theologian, so he does
not understand the real reason that leading Christians throughout
history have always sought to express their beliefs in a systematic
mannerand fought over these beliefs. Alex does not have a
systematic philosophy. He reads a lot and reacts to this research.
However, mere analysis is never enough. Merely opposing evil is
never enough. Every true Christian leader must have a
philosophy of the future and he must be able to define what the
new society should be like. Remember this principle; you can
never defeat one order without having a new and better order in
The masses can only be attracted with hope and a vision of
what will happen if they risk they lives, their fortunes, and sacred
honor. Most people will accept the pains of the current order if
the future is uncertain or unclear. The Bible teaches us that
people desire not only a better life, but one that lasts forever.
While Alex attempts to picture a future life based upon freedom,
he fails to understand that most will not risk everything unless
they feel they see a better world ahead, and that they are serving
God and will ultimately be rewarded in Heaven for their honorable
If there is no future rewardboth now and forever, then the
people will not be willing to risk everything. (After all, if I die
fighting the old order, what good is that to me? For most, one
good orgasm experienced now under a tyranny is better than
death and non-existence.) The reason Alex gets so angry on his
radio show is that he is attempting to motivate people and yet he
cannot offer them any rewards. Why should the masses follow
Alex into the desert, only to die of thirst? Losers, failures, the
alienated, the frustrated, and the lonely will follow Alex.

However, those who feel life is tolerable, these will not follow him.
They have no reason to risk current satisfaction, however limited,
for some vague goal of personal freedom.
Fourth--Alex fails to understand the nature of humanity and
its creation by God as Sheep. Yes, most humans are sheep, and
that is how God made mankind. Because Alex does not
understand this, his attempts to turn sheep into wolves, only
causes frustration. Alex is trying to create man in the image of
Alex, rather than accepting that man is made in the image of God.
Most men are sheep and are dependent upon having leaders in
every governmental agencythe church, the school, the
business, the civil government, and the trade associations or
unions. During the ministry of Jesus, he attacked the evil rulers.
He only had compassion for the masses that were left without
righteous leadership and were left to wander aimlessly. Jesus
wept over the masses in the city of Jerusalem as the sheep there
had no shepherds. That is the nature of Gods reality.
Alex constantly rails against the stupid masses that are not
willing to stand up and rebel against evil systems and leaders.
That is not their role. For example, the people in the church are
to follow their pastor and resist, not as individuals, but as a
corporate body. Rebellion is not an individual movement, but is
only to be done within legitimate corporate associations. Alex
envisions a society made up of a million individual rebels. That
will not work. People are sheep who are designed only to resist
through Godly ordained institutions. Alex attempts to create a
nation of angry people. In history, these rebellions have only
resulted in anarchy.
Finally, a new tyrant is ordained to restore order to the
anarchical rebellion. Modern rock music is designed to appeal to
the solitary angry individual, but it does not have the power to
create covenant institutions of rebellion. The Bible is designed to
show how angry emotions are to be channeled into proper outlets.

The Bible provides the foundation for establishing an effective

world order: Not based upon personal freedom and personal
sovereignty, but based upon working Gods laws into our daily life
and culture.
Fifth--The first creation (Sons of Adam) is, according to the
Bible, spiritually dead. Alex assumes that the first creation
operates on its level by choice and that persuasion can be used to
wake up the dead. And, persuasion failing, yelling can induce a
person to wake up to the necessity of opposing evil. Alex fails to
fully understand the spiritual nature of reality. He sees everyone
as being similar except for their level of awareness of the global
situation. Alex sees his role as providing information that would
enable those who are asleep to wake up. He assumes everyone
wants to be free and given enough information, they will choose
However, true freedom is a spiritual desire. Those who are
of the race of Adam only want freedom to rebel against God and
His laws. In the broad sense of the word, they want the freedom
to sinto decide for oneself what is right and wrong. Those who
are spiritually dead have a totally different idea of freedom. In
Alexs worldview, everyone wants the same things in life. No one
would choose to live in dependence upon a central power and no
one would choose to live under a tyrant. This is not true. The
men who are of Adam desire a world in which the government
protects their lifestyle from religion and church intrusions. Many
gladly trade a little dependency for a life where one can choose
his own lifestyles. The ruling elite always promise a better life
one guaranteed by secular laws, and financially subsidized by
easy money. Men of the first Adam really do desire a form of
dependency (slavery) in exchange for guarantees that a person
can be protected from the consequences of his personal and
sinful choices.

The goal for Alex is to picture a world where those of Adam

and those of Christ can share common goals and a common view
of the good life, i.e. team humanity. Alex has his own vision of a
utopian world where everyone can enjoy the good things of life.
Life on earth is good in Alexs view, and there is no spiritual
conflict of the ages. Alexs utopia is secular and is confined to
this world and ruled by the laws of nature. He feels that God
created a very beautiful world and that this world is still very
beautiful, despite the fact that not only has man fallen from his
original standing, nature has fallen also, and reflects the sinful
rebellion on this planet.
This world, indeed, reflects Gods glory, but it also is
frustrating because a sinful world can never satisfy the Christian
and his spiritual nature. He enjoys earth, but he longs for a
heavenly city. Secular life is similar to riding a roller coasterit is
fun, but in the back of ones mind, the ride will end and one has
to get off. That is frustrating. The Christian knows that lifes
pleasures are a gift from God and moral pleasures will not end,
but point to ones heavenly and eternal existence. (In fact, moral
sex is designed to lead us to understand the true nature of
human/human, and human/divine fellowship.) A Christian knows
he does not have to exit the roller coaster at the end. This
concept is vital to the enjoyment of life and establishing any
workable order.
Sixth--Alex has united his message with his own personality.
Preachers in the past have often preached a message of
theological personalismthat is, the preachers life represents the
truth. Rather than copy the Bible or Jesus, one is induced to
adopt the lifestyle of the preacher. Alexs radio show is much
more than a lecture about new laws and regulations. It is an
autobiography of Alexs struggle against the New World Order.
When you listen to him every day, you would think true opposition
started with his early public access TV shows. He does not see

his views as having grown out of generations of resistors who

have laid the groundwork for his radio show.
I grew up in a small farming town in the 1950s. The town
had one low-wattage radio station. It operated from sunup to
sundown. There were many other stations on the dial, and even
more at night when the clear channels became dominant. The
owner switched the station to probably one of the early talk radio
formats. Not only that, the station format was about exposing the
New World Order as it was understood at the time. (One bit of
triviaback then, if you put a listener on the radio, you had to
insert a loud beep every fifteen seconds. It was totally annoying
and made long term listening difficult.) The FCC moved in and
took the station away from the owner. They declared that he was
not serving the public interest. There was no internet back then,
and the story circulated that the owner was considered insane by
the FCCafter all, no sane person would accuse the leaders of the
United States involved in treasonous activities. And the station
was returned to serving the Public Interest by offering pop
This is just one example of those who have fought battles
that made the Alex Jones Show possible. However, in the story of
those who have or are fighting the New World Order, Alex sees
himself as the hero and number one in this historical struggle. He
is constantly telling listeners the price he has paid to achieve his
current status, and he constantly reminds his listeners how he
was first to proclaim assorted issues. While this may be true, he
is obsessed with reminding everyone that the Alex Jones
autobiography is the true story of Americas greatest resistor to
the New World Order. Despite his claim of being widely read, he
rarely, if at all, tells the life story of previous resistors who have
paid the ultimate price and made the Alex Jones show possible.
Thus, daily Alex holds himself up as the example everyone
should emulate. Not that he is a bad person, but he fails to

emphasize how resistance entails a giant team who all serve

different functions on that team. God created a wide variety of
personalities who have a wide range of talents and callings in this
life. (Jesus sent out his disciples always in Twos, which helped
prevent the elevation of one individual or one style.) The God
who opposes evil has revealed his purposes in the Bible, and
everyone is to seek His role in the grand order. The times and the
seasons are determined by God. As is evident by many of the
prophets in the Old Testament, we are called to resist evil, but not
every age brings success in these endeavors. The frustration that
Alex exhibits everyday reveals his obsession with success.
This autobiographical mission of Alex is passed onto his
listeners who are to develop their own imitation of Alexs utopian
vision. I have no doubt that Alex is a Christian, but his Biblical
knowledge is his weakest area of expertise. His view of
Christianity reflects a Sunday School knowledge based upon
traditional American Christianity. His theology closely follows the
optimism of Norman Vincent Peale. He felt life was basically
good, and a person who discovered the laws of life, would be able
to enjoy the real pleasures of this life. The difference between the
two is this: Peale feels the enemy to the good life is ones failure
to understand the importance of having a positive view of life,
Alex feels the ruling elite is the enemy to the good life and this
good life can be achieved by defeating this order.
Seventh-- Alex fails to understand the nature of sin and how
the borders of a nation are related to its sin. Alex constantly rails
against the failure of this nation to protect its borders, especially
its southern border. However, the Bible states that borders are a
gift from God. Modern man sees borders as merely a line on a
map and something that man can draw wherever he wishes. This
is a false view of mapmaking. Borders are Gods gift to a
righteous nation. In the Old Testament, whenever Israel was
faithful to Gods Laws, the national borders were secure. When

the nation sinned, the borders were virtually meaninglessness:

Foreigners and enemies crossed into Israel with impunity.
Understand, armies do not protect borders, righteousness does.
You must understand all land belongs to God. No one owns
the land. The tithe (a ten percent tax that supported education
and the church) was considered Gods rent for use of His land.
That is why governments are forbidden to tax the land. In order
to tax something, it must be owned by the entity that receives the
tax. That is why the Bible also forbids the income tax. The state
does not own the person or the product of mans labors. When
the white man came to America, the land had been occupied by
others for over a thousand years. But in that time, the people had
become totally corrupt, evil, and indulged in the most
unspeakable crimes. God only allows so much, and He allowed
the Indian borders to become invisible. Good people are always
given land occupied by bad people. This is Gods law of property
and it is rarely acknowledged. Sin is never considered a factor in
secular history. This is why North America had been occupied
many times in history by Western Man; it was not discovered
until God chose to end the borders of the Indians in 1492.
While Alex acknowledges a Divine presence in life, Biblical
law is excluded in his secular history. While Biblical history
alienates a large number of people and radio listeners, it is not
good to trade real history in exchange for mass appeal. In some
respects, Alex lives in two worldsthe world taught in history
books and a world created by God. History books are by their
very nature, seculari.e. God, if He exists, is beyond history and
only observes the works of man. However, if God is real and He
communicates with man and is active in history, then secular
histories are mere name and date books: historical
interpretations are of no worth.
The sad thing is that no matter how much Alex
acknowledges mystical experiences, real life is impossible without

acknowledging and living by Gods Laws. By laws, I do not mean

the ceremonial laws of the Bible, which ended with Christ. I mean
the laws that God created into the fabric of the universe. Alexs
ecumenical vision of everyone-- regardless of creeds, beliefs, and
goalsworking against the Illuminati can only end in another form
of tyranny. Any order based upon Mans Laws will be a temporary
order, fraught with disunity. The problem, proclaiming the
sovereignty of Gods laws will never attract a large following.
In fact, it is said that modern society and culture are based
upon open violations of Gods laws: where would Capitalism be
without selfishness, and covetousness? Modern governments
could not exist under the limited taxation allowed under Biblical
Law: a nations taxes are never to exceed ten percent plus a
three percent welfare tax. How could modern banking exist if the
Biblical mandate that prohibits Bank-created money? As much as
people moan and complain, they all want the free lunches
provided by Mans laws. How popular would Alexs appeal be if he
told everyone they would have to accept the consequences of
their sins, without any help from the tyrannical State and Banking
Eight-- This is a tough one, Alex often proclaims his own
messianic visions. His success and the threats upon his life have
apparently made Alex feel that there is a divine mission in his life
and death. His constant public obsession with his own death is
rare among radio personalities and other public figures. History is
filled with filled with personalities who have sought to have their
mission validated by their death. For the Christian, there is
comfort in Gods predestination and the hairs on our head being
numbered. Everyones life and death are ordained by God and
those who are of the second creation; their every action is an act
of worship which finds meaning only in Gods eternal purpose.
There is a continuous repetition by Alex about his past
sufferings, his perseverance against incredible odds, his

foreboding of his own arrest and torture, and his death by

governmental forces. While what he says is true, there is an
incredible lack of awareness of the thousands throughout history
who have suffered much more and died terrible deaths. While no
one welcomes death and suffering, it has been the lot of so many
men of the faith. For one, read Foxes Book of Martyrs: Life on
earth for those who believe the Bible has been one of terrible pain
and suffering. As Paul states, if there is no Heaven, then those
who believe are the most foolish of all mankind. Alex puts his life
on a pedestal above all others, both now and in history. (This may
be just promotional hyperbole, but truth does not need to be
likened to a new soft drink ad campaign.)
There is very little awareness of all the others who are
struggling also, although not sharing his limelight. As stated, Alex
Jones sees himself as The Leader of the Oppositionall others
rank below him. When criticized, he confesses his evil teen years,
and claims that he is just being his natural self. The humble
person realizes that he is genuinely a product of a past and that
he is attempting to move beyond his past. Our natural self is
something we should be attempting to overcome. We are not to
deny our God-given personality, but we are to not give into the
weakness of our sinful perversions of our natural personality. I
agree that this is a difficult task. This is what produces a natural
humility, and makes one humble when confronting the failings of
others--rather than yell and rant at others failings.
NinthAlex sees the foundations of society originating in
mans inherited past with traits passed on from mans historical
[Evolutionary?] development. Alex sees a close connection
between man and other animals in creation. Man is seen as
sharing many of the personality traits of primitive, cave man and
intelligent animals. While he believes in some form original
creation, Alex sees man evolving from primitive man. For
example, Man is seen as being designed to be a hunter and part

of modern mans problems result from the conflict from hunterman and city-man: God did not create primitive man; he created
a Man for All Ages. It is sin that destroys life, not primitive and
primal tendencies.
Alex accepts the belief that man has more than one brain,
with one part being reptilian brain which operates on the most
basic sensate level. Alex does not understand the tremendous
consequences of sin in both mans soul and in his body. It is this
cancerous sin that is the real killer and destroyer of mans
aptitudes and abilities. Sin (Primal Rebellion) is so terrible that
even nature itself was affected by man. (Even nature longs for the
restoration of the new earth. Romans 8:22.) It is sin that rebels
against Gods image in man and produces animal-man that is
separated from God. Animal-man is a man who has rejected that
part of his self which was given to him by God. Animal-man is
rebellious-man, but this animal-man is not natural to earth. It is a
result of the Fall in the Garden of Eden.
The only real sin that Alex regularly rants against is the sin of
being cowardly. While Alex tolerates many sins by his followers
(Not that there is any wrong with.), he does not tolerate those
who are afraid to stand up to tyrants. In the Bible, when Gideon
sought to raise up a mass army, God told him that a few good
men is a better army than thousands of ordinary men. (Gideon
was told to raise an army of three hundred. [Judges 7.] It is worth
noting that the Illuminati have a committee of 300.) Alex is
concerned with ratings, being number one, and gauging his
effectiveness by the number of views on you tube. That is the
Gallup Poll influence upon modern man. However, that is not how
nations are defended, and that is not how righteousness is
returned to the character of a people. Ten thousand Godly people
working and dying for the truth, is always a majority. It is the
source of ones power that is the most vital consideration.
Powerful effectiveness results from God blessing our efforts.

Numbers can never replace the approval of God upon our

TenthThe Laws of God have not changed throughout
history. When a nation rebels against God and sins as a corporate
whole, the nation comes under judgment as the result sin and
rebellion. As sincere as Alex is in his belief in assorted sins, he
fails to understand that only repentance can defeat the new world
order. Alex does recognize various sins, such as abortion, but he
does not focus on true repentance by a people and its leaders.
Repentance is never popular and the goal of Alex Jones is to
create a popular uprising. The choice is between pleasing God
and pleasing the masses. However.
Popularity is part of American culture. From the earliest days
in school, Americans learn that one of the primary values is
popularity. If you are not popular, it is a sign of personal failure.
Those kids who have physical flaws know the pain of not being
popular. The government school system teaches kids that those
who are popular are good people. Unpopular people are always
considered lacking in basic human qualities. However, there is a
subtle piece of propaganda in this governmental schooling and its
message. People who are trained from birth to worship popularity
will not stand alone. They will not stand up against tyranny if it is
not the popular thing to do. The popularity doctrine is perfect tool
for those who would be tyrants.
The Bible talks again and again about the faithful remnant.
(When Elijah felt all alone, God reminded him there were eight
thousand others. Alex often feels all alone and fails to see the
eight thousand who are fighting alongside him.) It is the power
of this remnant that keeps a nation from straying. Remember,
God created most people to be sheep. They are led by godly
shepherds. The goal of any movement is the creation of these
leaders, not the creation of a nation of leaders. That will always
fail. A nation of a dynamic minority, driven with purpose, and

used by God, can change the course of a nation. Alex gets

terribly frustrated because he does not understand the power of
well-trained, devoted, hard-working, and dynamic leadership.
Jesus trained twelve disciples and he brought down the Roman
Empire. (Of course, it took several hundred years. Too long for
Alex.) Alex seeks to have a Revolution through the ballot box. It
will not happen. True revolutions are never popular movements.
The masses are led into change and endure hardships through the
example of dedicated leaders only over a long period of time.
Political Ecumenism The goal of Alexs philosophy is to
create a world order based upon the survival of the species. It is
not an order based upon Gods laws or upon the Biblical Kingdom
of God. The question of sin is not part of this order. The Bible is
not part of this order. While not explicitly a Darwinist, Alexs order
is closer to that of an evolutionist than a creationist. This new
order is inclusive in that it is designed to include, at least, all
Americans. The war in Alexs world is not between good (Gods
Law) and evil (Mans Law), but between a ruling elite and the
common man. In fact, Alex goes out of his way not to offend
anyones private morality by prefacing statements (quoting
Seinfelds famous line, Not that there is anything wrong with
that!) with a non-judgmental disclaimer.
I need to insert a few definitions. Most people talk about
good people and bad ones. However, each person has their own
definition of good and bad. Without a definition, it is impossible to
understand and classify people. For example, a person raised in a
Christian family, can absorb Christian values without becoming a
Christian. This person may act on these values and attempt to do
his personal best and be almost like a Christian with one
exception: This person regards his own self as the final arbitrator
or interpreter of real life situations. God and the Bible are not the
primary source of truth, but ones inner feelings and visions, as
seen through ones inherited dispositions. Because the church

has become dominated by good people who are not Christians, it

has been very difficult to sort the wheat from the tares.
This is why it is so difficult to build a resistance movement
and I sympathize with the difficulties Alex faces in his recruitment
of allies. In fact, it gets even worse: the secular world has good
but non-Christian people, and the church is often dominated by
evil people who are not even good. There are true Christians who
have Biblical values; there are good people who have Christian
values; there are self-centered people who have selfish values;
and there are bad (evil) people who have demonic values. Alex is
attempting to build a movement out of a mix of the above by
importing new definitions of good and evilgood people oppose
the illuminati and bad people go along with them. (While I am
critiquing Alexs movement building, I fully understand the
The Bible states that in the next life, the Lion will lay down
with the Lamb. Of course, that is symbolic. In time, God will
eliminate the historical struggle between the two creations. The
two creations are to be united in Alexs world in his opposition to
the Illuminati. I understand that Alex is trying to avoid the petty
struggles that ruin political movements. I really think that is a
mistake. The Bible states that conflicts are necessary in any
group in order to keep out those who would destroy the
movement. However, the bickering should be focused upon
primary and central issues. Thus, the leaders role is to direct
conflicts into the issues that require the groups focus. However,
the minor issues should not be avoided if they are off shoots of
the primary issues. For example, Alex will not take a stand upon
many Biblical beliefs, i.e. the nature of a true Church, that for him
are not part of his idea of political freedom. However, only a true
church (i.e. true Christians living out their Biblical beliefs), not the
American version, can stand up to tyranny over the long span and
provide viable alternatives.

While the goals that Alex promotesfreedom, courage,

stable money, strong borders, family, farming, hunting, fishing,
and healthwhile being fine in themselves, basically appeal to
the selfish individual. In Adam Smiths The Wealth of Nations,
prosperity is produced by each person pleasing himself and thus
serving the whole. Alexs philosophy is similar. He appeals to the
selfish desires of the masses and he thinks this is workable.
However, the 21st shows the results of two centuries of selfish
livingsocial and political corruption. Selfishness worked as long
as people were still basically Christian. However, after several
generations removed from Christianity and its teaching about
restraint, then true unrestrained selfishness raises its ugly head.
While Alex attempts to appeal to the selfishness of the
masses to rise up against the New World Order, the masses are
too far removed from their Christian roots to understand the real
purpose of life and its spiritual foundations. If the masses do rise
up it will only be because their selfish desires are not being met.
While sound money is a great goal, no one will rise up against the
Fed as along as Federal Reserve Notes work in the marketplace.
As long as medicines seem to work, no one will rebel against the
medical establishment. As long food has some flavor left, the
masses are content. The masses will never rise up until the old
order collapses. The goal is to have trained leaders in place ready
to lead the masses when that day comes. However, yelling
(ranting) will not bring about this time any sooner.
The Gospel of Alex should be to train a core of spiritual
leaders, knowledgeable in the Bible, history, politics, and social
order. However, their leadership will not be gained by appealing
to the selfish desires of the masses, but having answers when the
old answers fail. Christians did not cause the fall of Rome, but
were there, ready and trained, when the corruption of the Empire
brought about its inevitable decline. Alex, rather than rant at the
spineless masses, should be teaching his devoted listeners how to

be leaders in waiting. Preparation plus opportunity results in

success. The United States global empire will fail. When that
time comes, the masses will not have the answers, but some will.
The goal is to train an army that has the right answers with the
courage to proclaim the truth in dour times. Leaders are to live
out their principles in every area of their lives. The Bible calls this
the servant leader.
Remember, the masses will never rise up and demand
change that is based upon sound principles with a thought out
philosophy. Revolution is actually based upon cost effective
analysis: The masses will not even consider joining Alex in his
rebellion unless the costs of obeying the government exceed the
cost of risking everything in open rebellion. As much as Alex, for
example, may hate the TSA, until they disrupt a majority in their
daily lives, the masses will not care. Even yelling at the stupid
masses will not make them care. And never forget this: the
masses only have the power to rebel against poor conditions, but
they do not have a clue about what will work. They are
dependent upon leaders. When the New World Order collapses,
may there be an army of trained inforwarriors. If that happens,
that will be Alex Jones biggest legacy.
The bottom line is that government and culture are not just
based upon opinions, but upon principalities and spiritual entities.
The masses are not just experiencing the consequences of their
personal decisions, which they are free to change at any time;
they have committed themselves to spiritual and demonic forces.
Even though these entities disguise themselves, they are the
spiritual and cultural equivalent of heroin. Demonic powers
maintain a hold over the hearts and minds of a nation that does
not acknowledge the sovereignty of God over every aspect of life.
The Bible compares this addiction as being similar to death. Alex
can no more transmute the masses than he can walk into a
cemetery and rant people out of their graves. History is a

spiritual story and battle: anyone who ignores this is living in an

artificial world, at best.
My fear is that Alex is fighting a war he cannot win, as he has
indeed brought a knife to a gun fight. He is involved in a spiritual
war; and he is using rants and name-calling to raise the
consciousness of the masses. Alex is not just asking the hoi
polloi to change their opinions; he is attempting to get them to
change their religion. I am not sure he is totally aware of this and
the difficulty involved. This is a religious war and must be fought
as one, and a solution must be religious. To date, Alex is using his
sharp knife to carve up the heavily armed Illuminatilike throwing
stones at ghosts. Unless he changes, secular, wrecking-ball Alex
will become a mere footnote in a future American history text. He
is using and mobilizing the tools of destructiongreat for
destroying the New World Orderbut he is not laying the
groundwork for a new order. Once the unity based upon
opposition to the Illuminati breaks down, there is no fundamental
agreement on how nations work. In fact, Alex is preparing the
United States for a post New World Order civil war. In time, a
strong individual will appear and impose his order over the
destruction of the New World Ordersimilar to the order imposed
by Napoleon after the destructive French Revolution. This Man
will bring a new law system (and hopefully, not on the back of a
global war) to unify everyone, and all the churches will say,
Postscripts: First, an example of Alexs theological laxity is
displayed when he discusses the early days of Obama. He
mentions that Obama was raised a Muslim, and always adds, Not
that there is anything wrong with being a Muslim. Huh! Has
Alex read the history of the Muslims, or does he know their core
beliefs? I would think that any movement that condemns its
followers to eternal damnation has a few short comings. While

some Muslims recognize Jesus as a prophet and good teacher,

Jesus is not their divine Savior who died for their sins. While Alex
does not want to offend any who might join his fight, in the end,
this inclusiveness dilutes the effectiveness of having a group of
committed believers, willing to work their entire lives for the truth
of Christianity. If Alex believes Christianity is not only true, but
the truth, then he must believe that not all truths are created
equal. Ecumenical groups are usually very short lived, as, in time,
the lions get tired of lying down with the lambsand besides,
lambs taste good.
Second, Alex believes in freedom but not in free will. He
calls for a renewal of freedom and he calls upon everyone to
oppose restrictions upon personal freedoms. However, to those
who do not want to join Alex World, Alex vents his anger.
Apparently, people are not free to choose a view that does not
agree with his views. Certainly I agree with the analysis of Alex,
but the doctrine of personal freedom implies tolerance for those
who might disagree. The Bible provides an insight here: people
who are spiritually slaves enjoy living under tyrannies. Those who
consider it their right to sin want a leader who encourages them
to maintain their lifestyle. They want a form of government that
subsidizes their inability to care for themselves. In a word, they
want to live in tyranny world and not Alex World. That is their
personal choice and their view of freedom. Alex fails to recognize
this form of freedom and fails to understand why people are
happy to live under a tyrannical government. It is their free
choice, and they choose slavery in they same way they choose to
reject God and choose sin.
Third, Alex has developed a Shtick which has brought him
into prominence. It is vital to understand that Alexs method of
operating closely resembles that of a traveling Southern Baptist
Evangelist. The street preacher and the evangelist love to gain
attention by attacking sins and making those who listen to them

feel good about themselves. I grew up Baptist, and the

evangelists would condemn the sins of those who had broken
Baptist Rules. You can pretty much imagine what sins were
condemned, and the people loved to hear those outside the fold
attacked. Alex attacks those who have given into the
establishment and rants against those working for the controlling
elites. The listener comes away feeling that he is glad that he is
not blind like those Alex condemns. In the more than ten years of
listening, Alex has not modified this very successful Shtick. Under
the cover of relating the news, is a method that a core of insiders
feel like they are special Believers. Just as the Illuminati copied
the techniques of the Jesuits, Alex has copied the techniques of
the Baptist evangelist and shows no inclination to change over
Fourth, Alex neglects certain basic Biblical principles of
communication. When I studied to become a minister, I was told
about the 80/20 rule: no matter how good you are, twenty per
cent of the people will hate you. Accept that. Look at Jesus: He
healed the sick, raised the dead, and gave away free foodand
that twenty per cent still hated him. Jesus instructed that when
people will not listen to our message, we are to depart, go onto
others, and shake the dust, of those who refuse to listen, off our
feet. We are not to waste our time on this core of unbelievers.
Alex continuously attacks that twenty per cent that has decided
to hook their rising star to the ruling elites. He then becomes
very frustrated and angry at them when they fail to believe him
and accept his worldview. Alex somehow expects more than the
80/20 rule of response, and feels offended when not everyone
believes him. Hey, if they crucified the Son of God, can we expect
any better from that evil twenty per cent?
Finally, it is never good to be your own boss. Many, in
similar positions to that of Alex, have set up a volunteer board of
trustees (often retired) to oversee the direction of an organization.

This board is made up of diverse men who are successful in their

endeavors, understand the pitfalls of leadership (with a lifetime of
wisdom in legal, business, and ethical issues),and can keep an
organization from getting off track or out of control. Certainly
they will agree with the goals of the organization they oversee,
but they are men of age and wisdom who have been there before,
and been successful, and yet made mistakes that others can
profit by and learn from. Alex gets frustrated because he is, not
only the on-air voice of Resistance, he is the CEO of that
organization: never a good thing. The whole weight falls on his
young shoulders, and there is no one whom he considers his
superior, let alone his peer, in this enterprise. In such a position,
it is indeed, lonely at the top.
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