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Finance LLC Home Chase Kinwest PkwySuite300 2901 lrving 75063 TX

419-6499 87"t April26,2010


OfferConfirmstion ShortSal
ChaseHome Finance LLC Account: Mortgago(s): Property Addressl



ofa LLC ("Chase")is writing to confirmour aoceptance ShonSaleon theabove_referenced HomFinance Chase in rceipt ofS6l'395.08 Property upon interest(s) theaboYe'refernced in its to Chase sgrees rlease scurity be result ftomthisshortsalewill also dhclosed which funds prviously not funds.Any additiond certifiedu.s. l lhe that Chalerquires we approv final HUD_ Closing in l,o duesndpaysble Chase, additionto thisamount. paid that Slatemdl prior to closingandlurthrstipul&tcs no morth6n!0jlqq b givn!o the Selle(s) Thearnount for is intrest(s) aodthBorrower still rsponsible all dficiencv only, scurity ofchase's to chase for thereleasl ii loan per ofthe original documents the rmainingon Loan, theterms balances by you our In orderfor u5to release currntlien(s)on theProperty, mustsendall ofthe following to Chase 5126120101 . paysble chase to only,made or 08 Payment ofnot le$ than$61,395 in theformofcertifid wiredfunds Finence LLC. wir to: Hom Funds bwlredto: to Manhattan Bank ThChase Bank # 45 ABA: 1 cr.rstome

Ov.rnightmdl to: PYMTProcessing HEDefault MailCode: OH4-7164 Visioo Driv 3416 OH Colunbus, 43219


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This and One(!) signed datedcopyofthis letter,faxdto Charity Macha!'12\739'6666. UpdateForm,ifapplicabl. BorrowerConlactInformation by should accompanid the enclosed be with the saleofthe in or One(l) exeruted cenifiedcopyofth HUD-I ClosingStatment connection pursuanttoapurchase/salecontractintheamountof$1,150'000.00.Iffie Prcperty PeterG Spitzer to proceeds, includingbut not limited any shows you will receive additional that HUDI ClosingStatement LLC, in additionto the HomFinance thosproceeds mustbe paidto Chase notes, goods, or to cash, amouot forth in the first bulletditemabove TheHUD-I shouldbe faxedto Charity set 2\7 Machaayangu,a !4(9 1 39-6666.

ThtotaldeficincyamounlowedbythBorrowerafternetsalesarerceivdwillbe$688'05841'Pleasenote please contactchaseHomeFioanc a to and is thatthisamount subjoct chang doesnot constihrt payoffamount; amouot providedblowto obta;nthe moslcunentdeficiencv LLC at ihe number number all conespondence on and the be Please sureto reference Bonowername(s) Bccount on doounents theedlier of(l) one tundsandall required null This otrrbecomes andvoid if we do not receive approvals from usarobtained' afterall necessarv dayafterthedateofclosing ofthe saleofthe Property bnsiness to ofthis ShortSaleis rponed variouscreditbueau that be ot Q\ 5D612010.Please aware our accptance effecton theBonowr'screditmting. agencis, which mayhavean advrse reponing we proYided below At Chas' valueyou asa cuslomer please contat at thenumber us Ifyou hsveanyquestions, youroontinued satisfaction. wantto ensure and Sincerely,

CharityMachanyangya Department Homeo*nr'sAssistance (800) 582{542TDD/ TextTelephone (877Al9-(A99 ext3224102 Phone (972\119"6666 F^x com charity.t.machanyangwa@jpmchas Enclosurs l. BorcwerAcknowledgemnt Form Update 2. BonowerConlactInformation Act Fak the For Califomiacustomers, stateRosenlhal DbtcollectionPractices andthe fderalFair Debtcollectjon collectoNmaynot contactyoubefore8 a m or after circumstancs, Aot Practices requirethat,xceptundrunusual may language Collectors obscne or or youby using thrcals ofviolnce arrest by using 9p.m.Theymaynotharass reason knowthatyoumaynot to knowor have or statementscallyouat workif they false misleading or notuse or person, otherthanyourattomev may pcrsonal callsat work. for thernostpart,couectors not tell another rcceive a person conffrmyour locationor enforce judgment. to maycontact another spou$,aboutyourdebt. Collectors a( TradeCommission (877)FTCthe activities,youmaycontact Federal aboutdbtcolleotion F;r moreinformation HELP or for obtained be used that will r HomeFinrnceLLC is rttenpting to collect debt,andrny information Chsse p[rpose, paymenis, other or missed to aboutyour account creditburcaus Latpaymnts, Wc mayrponinformation mayb reflecledin yourcreditreport. defaulhon your account pleas referlhh letlerto yourattomyandprovideus with thealtomey's by Ifyou arerepresentd an attomey, number. addrss, lelphone and name, stav lo or To thextentyouroriginalobligtion hasbendhcharged, is subject an automatic ofbanknptcv under not purposes only anddoes and/orinformational Code,this ooticis for compliance Title I I ofth UnitodStales prsonal liability for suchobligation. to or for constitute demand payment an atlempt impose a

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT BORROWER chasHomeFiDanc'LLc AccountNumber: Bonow(s): Ad&ess: Property BYSIGNINGBELOW,theBonowervacceptsandagreestothetermssndprovisionscontainedinthisletter'The in to Bonowrdso agre3 inform chaseHomtFinanceLLC ofaDychanges rheBormwer'scunentmailingaddre$s paid abo\hasbn specified until lhefiil amount

(Signatute) (Printed Name) (Dat)

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FORM UPDATE CONTACT INIORM,trTION BORROWER LLC Home Finance AccountNumber: CbAs Bonow(s): Addre$: Proprty

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Numbr: Bonowr'sNc\r HomePhone Nuarbc( Phone Borowr's Nw WorldAltom&tc

AFFIDAVIT OF "ARM'S LENGTH TRANSACTION" identifiedbelowas"Sell(s)" and ("Agrenent"),theparties purchase agreement to PuNuant a residential whereby realprcprtvcomonlv th lransaction are "Buye(s)," respectively, involvedin a realestate will ") be soldbv Selle(t to Buve(t tnown as the against Properry'ln orderlo Bank,N. A. ("Lnder")holdsa ddoft.ust or morigage Chase JPMorgan th Lendrto discount lot4l Selle(s) andBnye(s) havejointlvasked compt;e thesaleofthe Property, for by oftnsl or mortgage Lender,in considemtion amount owedon theloanwhich is securd thedeed on asenls, agrees a shortsare to Buye(s), andlheir respectiv mad thereDresnlations blowby Seller(s), (including,wilhoutlinitation' real agents Buye6,andtheirrespective express conditionthat Seller(s), the as affirms'andstates follows eachtuthtully .epresents, and esbt;genls,scrowagents, tiue agents) l. is reflected theAgreement an "Arm's LngthTmnsaction"' in Thepurchas saletransaction and panies,eachof whomis actingin by has maringthatthetransaction beennegotiatd unrelated on and his or herown self-interst, thatthsalepriceis based fah marketvaluoflhe Propedv sigrins this afiidavitasanasenlfor ithr;Selle(s)' Buve(s)' or to With respect thosepersons principalG). interests oftheirrespective in agents acting thbest arc bolh,those

or assooiate Sller(s) ofthe or agnts a familymember businss is of 2. No Buyer agent Buyer(s) or thborower(s)or lhe morlgage(s) or interes! theSeller(s) thbonowe(t or with a or ofBuye(s)sharesbusiness 3. No Buyr agent thmortgage(s). the between Selle(s) understandings orspecial lerms orhidden ageements 4. There no hidden are or in whicharenot reUected thAgreemenl ih agenls among thir respctive or andthe Buyer(s) with associated thistransaction escrow instruclions the betwen Selle(t andtheBuvers orat, or whether writtn, imPlied, is 5. There noagreement, or whichallowstho Selle(s)1oremainin thepropertyastnants to agenls andor lheir respective transaction ofthis sale at ownership theProperty anytimeaiiertheconsummation of regain in reflected the fron thesaleofthe Property 6, TheSell(s) shallnot receivcaoyproceds from this lransaction any 7. No agentofeither the Selte(d or ihe Buye(d shallreceiv proceeds which shallbe provided10Lende'for closingstatemnt excett asis reflectdin the final estimated theclose ofescrow approval that acknowledges Lenderis relving 0ponth to 8. Eachsignatory tlis Afiidavit xprssly th for madehereinasconsidemtion discountine payoffon theloan(s)whiohiyarc represenlations the encumbering Property by securd a deedoftrust or mortgage made that acknowledges anymisrpresentation by him to 9, Eachsignatory thisAffidavit expressly !o civil liabiliry' or hermaysubjecthimorher

I declarunder penalty ofprjury under the laws ofth State ofin this Afiidavit are true and con.t

that all statementsmade

Additionaly, IAVe fully understlrd thst it is ! I ederal crim punishlDle bv tine or imPrisonmrt' or botb, to krowlngly snd wilfully make ldy fdse statments concernlng any ofthe above fsct! as rpplic le undff the provision3 oI Title 18, United Strtes Code, Section 1001, et sq'

- Sller/ Ownr Date


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underth lawsofthe Stateof I cerdryUNDERPENALTY OF PERJURY paragaphis trueaDd conect. foregoing my WITNESS handandofiicial seal


STATEOF COIJNTYOF NotaryPublic,peromlly appeared who provdio 4e otr thobasil ofsatisfrctoryevidefte to be lhepuson(s) io exccuted the 0o \i,hose namis subscribed thewithin instruftentandackiowledged rl that hr'she/thy the or signatlr6oDthe insll.lBlent prson, and oapacity, th&tby bis/het/their same hh/her/thenauthorizd in actd, oxecuted instrunont. rrponbeMf ofwhich thporson tle ontity $e On paragrNph tsueandcorrecl. is foregoing WITNESS handad officisl sed. rny :


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