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PROGRESS TEST Answer the following questions: 1. How do we classify cattle ? 1. Cattle are classified into tree general groups: beff, dual purpose and dairy. 2. What kind of animal does the farmer require ? 2. The farmer requires an animal that will make rapid gains of weight on a minimum of food 3. What kind of an appearance has a well finished animal ? 3. A well finished animal has a marbled appearance owing to the deposition of fat between the bundles of muscle fibres.

Fill in the blanks with the prepositions: 1. It depends of the size of the animal. 2. A great quantity of water is necessary for growing animals. 3. The cow belongs to the class of ruminants. 4. The stomachs of mature animals vary in capacity. 5. The lactation period lasts till ten months.

Fill in the blanks with the proper terms from the list: dam, sire, fertilize, semen, lactation, service, udder, Holstein 1. lactation is the production of milk by a cow. 1

2. The fluid of a male used to fertilize the female is semen 3. Another name for the bag of a cow is udder 4. The sire is the father. 5. The dam is the mother. 6. To fertilize a female is to cause her to produce young. 7. Holstein is a breed of dairy cattle. 8. When a male breeds a female he is said to service her.

Match the terms on the left with their definitions on the right: 1. store pig 2. hog 3. stag 4. gilt 5. boar 6. sow 7. barrow a) male pig (porcine or swine) castrated before secondary sex characteristics develop. b) a breeding female after the first litter c) an uncastrated male pig d) a female intended or breeding e) a male castrated late in life f) a male pig after being castrated g) a pig between the time of weaning and being fattened

1- g ; 2- e; 3- a ; 4- d ; 5- c ; 6-b ; 7- f :

Translate into Romanian: The conformation desired in a pork pig, to be finished at four or five months of age, is comparable to that of a beef type of cattle. The highest priced cuts are obtained from the back and loin and the ham ( leg of pork ). Hence a wide, thickly fleshed back and a heavy ham are wanted. At the age indicated pigs are still in rapid growth and if fed on a well balanced diet, are unlikely to be over fat. In the selection of breeding stock at porker weight a blocky conformation and thick fleshing should be the main criteria. Great length of body is incompatible with the degree of early maturity required.

Conformaia dorit a crnii de porc, care are n jur de 4 sau 5 luni de via, este comparabil cu cea a crnii de vit. Cele mai scumpe buci sunt obinute din spate, partea lombar i unc (piciorul porcului). Prin urmare, sunt dorite partea din spate mai subire i unca mai consistent. La vrsta indicat, porcii se afl ntr-n ritm rapid de cretere, iar dac sunt hrnii urmnd un regim echilibrat, exist anse mici s aib peste limita normal de grsime. n selecia animalelor de prsil n funcie de greutatea porcului, conformaia sntoas i carnea groas ar trebui s fie principalele criterii. Mrimea corpului este incompatibil cu nivelul de maturitate timpurie necesare.

PROGRESS TEST Match the terms on the left with their definitions on the right: 1. wether 2. ewe 3. lamb 4. yearling 5. ram 6. stag 7. sheep a. a male ovine (sheep) castrated when young, and prior to developing the secondary sex characteristics of a ram b. an immature ovine under 14 months of age c. a female ovine of any age d. an uncastrated male ovine e. an ovine between one and two years of age, that has cut its first pair of permanent incisor teeth but not the second pair f. a male ovine castrated after it has developed or begun to develop the secondary physical characteristics of a ram g. an ovine, usually over 24 months of age, that has cut its second pair of permanent incisor teeth. 1- f ; 2- c; 3-b ; 4-e ; 5- d ; 6- a ; 7- g :

Complete the following sentences: 1. Mountain sheep have little in common. 2. A male sheep is called ram 3. The longwools are adapted to the more fertile tipes of farm, were pastures are productive and food plentiful. 4. Wool is used in the manufacture of a great variety of articles. Fill in the blanks with the proper terms from the list: fleece, ram, lambing, Merino, twins, barn, bleating, ewe. 1. A ram is a male sheep. 2. Merino is a breed of sheep. 3. A building used to shelter animals is called a barn. 4. A ewe is a female sheep. 5. The call of a sheep is its bleating 6. The season of lambing is the time when the females reproduce their young. 7. The lambs born at the same time are called twins 8. Fleece is the covering of a sheep.

PROGRESS TEST Fill in the blanks with the required prepositions: 1. Milk is rich in both calcium and phosphorus. 2. The cow can draw from the reserves the calcium and phosphorus for her skeleton. 3. For the dairy cattle the critical periods are the growth and when secreting milk. 4. The cows milk uses a large amount of calcium in comparison to other domestic animals. 5. Phosphorus deficiency from the soil occurs in many parts of the world. 6. Sheep can withstand cold temperatures because of the covering of wool. 7. Owing to the wool of the sheep becomes infested with ticks. 8. During summer the sheep suffer from heat. 9. Sheep are usually born in the middle of Aprilie and the middle of May

Fill in the blanks with the required words: 1. The heart of the fowl beats quicker and respiration is more rapid than in other animals. 2. The fowl is able to digest its food slowly. 3. The gizzard is a very important organ. 4. The fluids of the crop exert a softening influence on the food. 5. There are numerous breeds of poultry.