Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering


Master of science eTH in Mechanical engineering

and further developing bioengineering. Research and innovation is stimulated by project work in which students combine theory and practice. These include solving the energy problem. chemistry. The social context and broad interdependencies of mechanical engineering are reflected in humanities. Each master’s student selects an authorized faculty member working in his/her desired area of specialization. while maintaining a strong commitment to the fundamentals upon which mechanical engineering is based. social and political science courses. It is also focused on building infrastructures and networks. computer science. conserving our environment. The program is designed for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. and biology. Teaching is conducted by approximately 30 tutors committed to cutting-edge research in the following areas: > Energy – Flows – Processes > Mechanics – Manufacturing – Structures > Medical Engineering > Micro and Nanosystems and Processes > Robotics – Systems – Control . physics.Master of Science ETH in Mechanical Engineering Engineers must be able to both creatively address the challenges of our society as well as respond to its evolving demands. D-MAVT furthers the development of many emerging areas in engineering. producing better materials or recycling precious limited ones. The students develop and apply a variety of tools in order to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying phenomena and processes. Program Overview The master’s program integrates in-depth knowledge of core areas in mechanical and process engineering with mathematics. The freedom of choice with regard to courses allows master’s students to obtain a qualification tailored to their personal interests and strengths.

such as economics. exam requirements and teaching language of each course. The Course Catalogue describes the contents of the lectures. COurses In HuManITIes. effective . A master’s study plan usually includes nine core courses. 8 eCTs These form the foundation of the master’s program by providing the students with core knowledge in their area of specialization and are defined together with the tutor. 2 eCTs These courses are selected from the D-GESS course cata- seMesTer PrOjeCT This is aimed at the solution of specific engineering communication and creativity.“Products and systems are more complex than ever and require an integration of technologies from all engineering science disciplines. sOCIal anD POlITICal sCIenCes logue and enrich the students’ general education. 8 eCTs problems and at the advancement of team skills.” COre COurses 36 eCTs InDusTrIal InTernsHIP industrial work environment. management. These courses either add depth to scientific and technical knowledge related to the chosen specialization area or add breadth with skills from other disciplines. The teaching language is predominantly English. A 12-week internship exposes master’s students to the MasTer’s THesIs 30 eCTs MulTIDIsCIPlInarY COurses 6 eCTs This is a 6-month full-time project aimed at advancing the skills and capabilities of students to work independently and creatively toward the solution of a research problem. or humanities.

There are also excellent opportunities for those interested in a scientific career. Ackeret exemplifies the landmark innovations created in this department. The Department The Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering at ETH Zurich is recognized as a center of excellence throughout the world. 40 patents registered or filed www.rektorat. such as robotics. www. chemistry. fluid dynamics. Stodola and J. computer science. physics. Tools ranging from computer simulation and systems modeling to advanced experimental techniques are developed and applied in order to provide a deeper understanding of the underlying phenomena. micro and nanotechnologies. Röntgen (Nobel Prize).ethz. in-depth knowledge of core areas of mechanical engineering. 1800 undergraduate and graduate students over 300 freshman students per year over 300 PhD candidates 30 professorships 50 mobility students per year over 550 staff members approx. and biology. Its partnerships with industry also involve major corporations concerned with cuttingedge technology. Graduates are qualified for many challenging positions in industry. production systems. control systems. C. and product development. head of research and development. 20 active spin-offs Admission www.Qualification Profile In the master’s program. and entrepreneur. such as ETH Zurich Department of Mechanical & Process Engineering Sonneggstrasse 3 CH-8092 Zurich Switzerland . Rohrer (Nobel Prize). aerospace engineering. and system characteristics.mavt. including technical. and energy systems. This integration is critical for multidisciplinary areas. thermodynamics. is integrated with mathematics. product manager. Research undertaken by W. materials and manufacturing science. H. processes.ethz. A. consultant.ethz.

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