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CEAA input to Environment Portfolio
Updated: September 6, 2011


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Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency - Summary
An EA is required when a federal authority has a decision about a proposed project Each year, over 50 federal authorities (departments, boards and agencies) conduct about 6,000 EAs • EA types: screening (over 99%), comprehensive study or review panel • Amendments in 2010 made the CEAAgency responsible for most comprehensive studies; this change is yielding positive results as all Agency-led comprehensive studies have started in alignment with provincial reviews, preventing process dupl ication • Minister of the Environment appoints review panels and issues an EA decision statementafter a comprehensive study


• All provinces have EA processes; harmonization agreements and projectspecific arrangements are intended to prevent duplication • CEAA does not generally apply north of 60° where EA process have been established through land claim agreements2 -


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Established in 1994 Priorities: (1) Deliver high-quality EAs of major projects; (2) Build effective relationships with Aboriginal people; (3) Playa lead role in shaping the future of federal EA 2011-2012 budget of $30 million; $13.3 million is due to sunset at the end of the fiscal year Six regional offices work directly with project proponents,' provinces, Aboriginal groups and the public 250 FTEs primarily focused on operations Leads federal efforts to discharge the legal duty to consult Aboriginal peoples when projects may adversely impact their rights Currently, dealing with proposed projects that represent over $100 billion in potential investment

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CEAA - Responsibilities

• The Agency facilitates cooperation among federal authorities and bj1~~p?,a;~~i;q~with other jurisdictions; leads the EA of most major resource projects; develops regulations and other instruments; provides training and guidance on EA; and manages the Registry Internet site. Under the legislative amendments adopted via the Budget bill, the Agency assumes responsibility for conducting certain EAs. • The Minister has certain responsibilities in relation to comprehensive studies and review panels conducted under the Act. At the end of a comprehensive study, the Minister issues a decision statement that sets out his or her opinion on the siqniticance of any adverse environmental effects that the project may cause, as well as appropriate mitigation measures and follow-up requirements.


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Sunsetting funding
t{;§:i1J;MftiJ1B~;g. $13.3 million/yr or almost 45% of the CEA Agency's budget will sunset at the end of 2011-12 An evaluation of the major resource project initiative is expected to be completed by fall 2011 before any decisions on funding renewal

: Review of the CEA Act by Parliamentary Committee
• • By law, a comprehensive review of the Act by Parliamentary Committee is required Hearings have not yet started, but a significant number of stakeholder groups (40-45) have requested to appear before the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development The June 2011 statutory deadline for completion of the review was not met and the Standing Committee will need an extension from the House of Commons


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CEAA - Major Issues


Lower Churchill. Projects (Newfoundland and Labrador)
significant adverse environmental effects and questioned the economics supporting the project; Government response being prepared (DFO lead), due this fall Labrador-Island Transmission Link project subject to a comprehensive study-assessment expected to be completed early in 2012 Newfoundland-Nova Scotia Maritime Link project: expect project description this fall Total E&P's Joslyn North project: Canada-Alberta JRP report released in January-' Government response (DFO lead) expected this fall Shell's Jackpine project: Canada-Alberta JRP expected to be established this fall Two other oil sands projects (Shell Pierre River, Teck Frontier) under discussion with Alberta Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project: JRP with the National Energy Board is underway with hearings scheduled for January 2012 and June 2012 Taseko Mine!s project, as then proposed, turned down by Government in 2010 Revised project recently submitted,-under review to confirm EA requirements BC Hydro hydro generation project; discussions underway with Be to establish a JRP

;~~if;~z;;~r;,r00i· Hydro generation project: Joint Review Panel (JRP) Report submitted in August, found several

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Oil Sands Projects/Pipelines

New Prosperity Gold-Copper Mine Project (British Columbia)
• • •

Site C Clean Energy Project (British Columbia)


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