sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&sqi=2&ved=0CEYQFj AA& AR%2520-%2520smaller%2520pages.doc&ei=sETGT7rpG6LE2wX-ppz1AQ&usg=AFQjCNEIfQerfCz uYAz3Q5xrl9D92nCIUw&sig2=J3ryEnabew3nTCrsp5vOqA This calendar is intended as an aid to conversation, preaching, and conversation . Karl Barth, in an often quoted sentence, said we should preach with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other. I would add that this might also be a helpful way to pray. With these pages, I am in reality stretching the newspap er, which covers events of the day, to include the newspages, the headlines of t he past. For every day of the year, a series of interesting and/or important dates are l isted under three categories, of Christianity-Religion, History, and Jesuit. Each and every family has a series of special dates, anniversaries, celebration, and memories of birth and death. So too does the Christian family, so the Ameri can and African family, so the Jesuit family. To use a favorite word of Anthony de Mello, these dates serve to help one grow in awareness, to deepen one s sense of Church history, cultural history, and Jesu it history. It may help in the preparation of liturgies, it affords food for p rivate prayer and reflection, and it may be a way into more interesting conversa tion. How to use this book? I suggest that for perhaps three minutes every morning, one reads the page of the day, seeing what strikes one. Gratitude, wonder, or p etition may be the response elicited. In any case, this brief daily reading and reflection should broaden and expand our vision, to increase our awareness of wh o we are and where we come from. One of my concerns is a loss of a sense of history - history of the Church and m ore particularly, loss of the sense of the history of the Society of Jesus. And there is a double problem too - as the Society is growing fastest in Asia, Afri ca - these are precisely areas where the Society is new, areas where the tradi tion has been other than Western. So it is especially difficult for Jesuits in those areas to know and to feel at home with Jesuit history. This calendar is one small way to move in the direction of awareness of our history. Many Jesuits recall hearing the Fasti Breviores and the Roman Martyrology read a t table, This no longer takes place. As I reread the Fasti Breviores, I see t hat it conveys and impressive sense of mission, as Jesuit head to new and unexpl ored places, many of them giving their lives. But the Fasti Breviores was publi shed in 1910. I have included many key dates in the Society of Jesus since the n. It seems to me that many young Jesuits could benefit from familiarity with t he great and not so great men and events of Jesuit history. I do list the official feast days for the American Church and for the Society of Jesus - of course this does not replace the official Ordo. I do not list the movable church feasts such as Easter or the first Sunday of Advent. Nor mov able secular feasts such as Thanksgiving or Presidents day These vary from year to year do not need to be put on a more permanent calendar. I include also elements from the Roman Martyrology, (both the old and ne w editions) sometimes humorous and sometimes more serious. These includes celebr ations for biblical figures such as Moses, Abraham, Job, Mary of Cleopas, and La zarus, etc. In accord with the Jesuit ordo these men and women of the Bible mi ght be celebrated at the Eucharistic liturgy under certain conditions. Obviously the book of dates could be embellished and expanded with more on the e

vents listed, with quotations, reflections for each day of the year. One migh t say this is basically no frills - just the facts. But to its advantage, it is a calendar that is helpful not just for one year, 2004 or 2005, but for every year - even as it can be added onto as major world and church events continue to unfold. As patron of this book of dates, I suggest the Jesuit, Blessed Peter Favre. Why ? He has not left many writings, but central to what we have of Favre is his Me morial or diary. Almost every entry begins with the saint of the day - and some special prayer reflection concerning that saint, his or her example, protection . In addition Favre prayerfully notes the anniversary of the death of his moth er, and notes the anniversary of his own ordination. These remembrances stir hi m to prayer - prayer of gratitude, prayer for the repose of the soul. It is characteristic of Favre that every event, present, but also past, pointed him to God and to prayer. He was one of the first companions of St. Ignatius, deeply influenced by the spirituiality of Ignatius - that of finding and servin g God in all things. One beautiful example of Favre s prayerful reflection is found on the feast of Al l Saints day. Here he shows his belief in the communion of saints, in the saints in heaven as living realities, not as dead. On the Feast of All Saints I felt a great desire that this feast and solemn celebration on earth in memory of all the heavenly host might have on that day a corresponding celebration in heaven, with mercy and compassion, in memory of all the inhabitants of this world and especially of those who are sinners. I desired the celebration to be such that not a being on earth, not a soul in purgatory would go unremembered in heaven by the saints and that the souls in purgatory would do the same.... Then, in the following day, All Souls Day, Favre writes: I thought of my father, my mother, and my relatives, my deceased brethren in the Society, our benefactors, and the relatives of all my brothers. St. Ignatius speaks of finding and serving God in all things. The tradition of the church, the rich traditions of many cultures, and the tradition of the Soci ety of Jesus, all provide events, holy persons, where God has been present and a ctive, where the God who speaks today can also be found. This book tries to poi nt us, on a daily basis, to some of these events and persons. It provides food for thought and food for prayerful reflection. The turn of the year, the celebration of a new century or the New Millennium poi nt to the power of dates. They provide opportunities or occasions to celebrate, to look back and to look ahead. The choice of persons, events, necessarily reflects my own interests which would include New York, Africa/Nigeria, music, poetry, sports, ecumenism, and above all, Jesuit history. In one way this book is an invitation for the reader to ad d his or her own special family dates, perhaps at the bottom of each page. It w ould be appropriate to add one s own special dates from one s particular family, birthdays, major events, etc. So too, members of a particular Jesuit provinc e could add the readily available anniversaries the deaths of Jesuits of that Province In amassing such data, there are bound to be omissions and inaccuracies . It is difficiult to find exact or consistent dates for some events. Feedb ack is most welcome. With computer disks, this could easily be corrected and

modified. Peter Schineller, S.J.

January 1


Octave of Christmas.Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. The Death of Basil the Great, whose feast is January 2nd. 1484. Ulrich Zwingli B. Swiss reformer, left the Catholic Church and priesthood after secret marriage of 1522 was made public in 1525. 1956 Sudan Independence Day from UK / Egypt. 1960. Cameroon Independent from France and UN Trusteeship. 1962. Pope John XXIII excommunicates Fidel Castro. 1967. United States Catholic Conference (USCC) takes over the organization and operation of the National Catholic Welfare Conference (NCWC) 1967. Apostolic Constitution of Pope Paul VI, Indulgentiarum Doctrina, reforms the system of indulgences. 1977. Jacqueline Means, mother of four, becomes the first woman in the USA to be ordained priest in the Episcopal Church. HISTORY, ART, SCIENCE, SPORT 1863. Emancipation Proclamation is issued. 1946. Emperor Hirohito of Japan, disclaims divinity accredited to him by the Japanese people. 1956. Frank Hague +. Mayor of Jersey City,1911-47."I am the law." 1960. The Independence of Cameroon. JESUIT 1590. Pope Gregory XIV by his Bull, "Ecclesiae Catholicae" finally settled that "the name (title) of Society of Jesus by which this praiseworthy Order has been designated from its birth by the Apostolic See, and has hitherto been distinguished, shall be retained by it in all future ages." The Titular Feast of the Society of Jesus. 1591. Ricci receives the first two Chinese Jesuit novices: Chung Ingjen and Huang Fangchi. One was a brother, and other was imprisoned and died before ordination. 1829. A Rescript of Pope Leo XII says that the Society of Jesus officially and canonically is restored in England. 1865. The Manila Observatory opens, operates until the Japanese take over on Jan uary 3, 1942. 1875. Jacques Cretineau-Joly, S.J. + Historian. 6 volume history of S.J.

1890. Arnold Damen, S.J. + Chicago, missionary, educator. 1930. Response of Father General "De capillorum cultu," calls for simplicity of hairstyle. "I advise your reverence not to permit the introduction into your province of the practice of giving more attention to the care of one's hair than is consonant with the simple tradition of the Italian clergy." 1937. The Central American Mission becomes a Vice Province. 1968. Reunion of New York and Buffalo Provinces, a total of 1402 members. 1985. Joseph Labaj, S.J. + Wisconsin Provincial. 2001. Louis Plamondon, S.J. + age 70. Tanzania. He had been lst provincial of EAP, and lst Director of Loyola High School. January 2 CHRISTIANITY - RELIGION

Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzen, bishops and doctors, Memorial. At Rome the commemoration of many holy martyrs, who, despising the edict of Emperor Diocletian, which ordered that the sacred books should be delivered up, preferred to offer their bodies to the executioners rather than to give holy things to dogs. RM 1873. Therese of Lisieux, B. 1983. Archbishop Edward Howard died in Oregon. He was 106 years old and a priest for 77 years. HISTORY, ART, SCIENCE, SPORT 17. Ovid + Poet. 17. Livy + historian. 1974. Tex Ritter dies, known as the singing cowboy. JESUIT 1539. Paul III dispenses Ignatius from reading the divine office because of health (exhaustion and stomach pain). 1554. The husband of Princess Juana dies. She was 19, and, under the alias of Ma teo Sanchez would soon become a Jesuit scholastic. 1726. Domenico Zipoli, S.J. dies of tuberculosis. He was a composer in the Jesu it Reductions. He died before his ordination, which was delayed because no bish op was near. 1848. At Rome, as Pius IX was returning to the Quirinal, angry shouts were raised, "Death to the Jesuits." The Pope fainted in his carriage. 1922. Formal opening of Weston College as a House of Studies. 1953. Pope Pius XII gives permission to St. Louis University President Paul Reinert to name the new library in his honor. 1983. Cy Schommer, S.J., violinist, +. 1983. Pope John Paul II reveals his intention to make Carlo Martini, S.J. and Henri deLubac, S.J. cardinals. There have been 18 Jesuit cardinals. 1987. The end of a five day meeting of Jesuit Islamicists in Cairo. 1993. Victor Yanitelli + President of St. Peter's College, 1963-80, and parochial vicar. The homilist at his funeral said:"When I die, I want to be judged by Vic rather than by Jesus Christ." January 3 CHRISTIANITY - RELIGION MOST HOLY NAME OF JESUS - Optional Memorial 1521. Martin Luther, age 38, is excommunicated, at the Diet of Worms.

1840. Blessed Damien of Malokai B. in Belgium, Damien Joseph deVeuster. He wo uld die of leprosy in 1889. 1864. John Hughes, the first Archbishop of New York +. He is better known as "Dagger John." HISTORY, ART, SCIENCE, SPORT 106. BC. Cicero B. Orator and statesman. 1892. J.R.R. Tolkien B. in South Africa. He is the author of The Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings. 1920. New York Yankees purchase Babe Ruth for $125,000. from Boston. 1939. Bobby Hull B. Ice Hockey Star. 1959. Alaska becomes a state. JESUIT 1551. Ignatius Loyola ill, offers to resign as General, but the offer is not accepted. 1589. Sixtus V, at first favorable to the Society, determined to alter the name "Society of Jesus" and introduce choir and other radical changes, which death alone prevented his carrying out. 1713. In the novitiate at Naples died Joseph Di Geronimo, lay brother, and brother of St. Francis Di Geronimo. He was Socius to the Master of Novices for 40 years. 1816. Fr. General Brzozowski and 25 members of the Society, guarded by soldiers , left St. Petersburg, Russia, having been banished by the civil government. 1900. The Xavier Society for the Blind is born in the basement of the College of St. Francis Xavier, NYC. 1964. Gustave Weigel, S.J. + ecumenist, theologian. January 4 CHRISTIANITY - RELIGION

Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton, Memorial. She died on this day in 1821. 1309. Blessed Angela of Foligno dies, a mystic of the 3rd Order of St. Francis. 1889. Maisie Ward B. Catholic laywoman, writer. Co-founder with her husband of Sheed and Ward. 1964. Pope Paul VI travels to the Holy Land. 1997. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith publishes a statement notifying Fr. Tissa Balisuriya of Sri Lanka, that he, age 76, is excommunicated. HISTORY, ART, SCIENCE, SPORT 1785. fairy 1838. 1941. 1960. 1965. JESUIT 1572. In Sicily, Michael Foglio, a Scholastic, is said to have appeared after death, and to have revealed the terrible sufferings of lax religious in Purgatory. Jakob Grimm B. Philologist, with his brother, he collected tales. General Tom Thumb B. Circus star and dwarf. Henri Bergson, philosopher, +. Albert Camus died at the age of 46, in an auto accident. T.S. Eliot dies in London. His ashes rest in East Coker.

1906. RM 1066. JESUIT 1548. Ignatius dies at Loyola. Pistol Pete Maravich. He died on this day in 1860 in Philadelphia.. St. John Neumann. a renowned Father Minister. bishop. He is asked. possibly due to a drug overdose. At Antioch. B. 1943. "I am he.RELIGION St. Isaac Jogues returns from New France to Renne.Wassail Evening In England. Francis Suarez. He was known as JB..the remote origin of the Nov ena of Grace.J. January 5 CHRISTIANITY . Joseph B. Moral and Pastoral Theology. Publication of Pope Leo XII's Rescript. The 34th General Congregation opens to revise our law and to prepare for .J. 570. + Jesuit historian and biographer of St.34 to $5. King of England. SCIENCE. Sonny Liston. HISTORY. 1914. Kathleen Kenyon. The first USA bishop to be canonized. 1644.J. Marcello Mastrilli. and was for that reason called Stylites. Antonio Astrain. Ford Motor Company raises salary for an eight hour day from $2. and meets the Jesuits. 1964. + He taught moral theology for 40 years. the first meeting in five centuries. Henry Davis. miraculously cured through prayers to Xavier the p revious day. aged 40. is found dead. former heavyweight boxing champion. 1829.J. former basketball star. Fr. dies of a heart attack. S. B. S. FB. One of the greatest theologians of the Church. "Any news of Jogues?" He answers." 1940. of the New York Province. 1995. +.1634. S. famed for excavating the city of Jericho. Pope Paul VI meets Greek Orthodox Patriarch Athanagoras I in Jerusalem. declaring the Society to be canon ically restored in England. offered a public Mass of thanksgiving . +. ART. Agricultural chemist. 1971. monk. Edward. British archeologist. SPORT 12th Night . O'Connell. Brooklyn. He lived for many years standing on a pillar. St. Spain. Mohammed B. 1968. Simeon. Archbishop Bryan McEntegart B. Memorial. George Washington Carver +. 1988. 1893. 1928. 1952. S. A Letter of Father General Ledochowski thanking Catholic University of America for the honorary degree given him. and wrote the 4 vol.

RELIGION January 6th. Ill. +. A. St. he was the first Jesuit to be ordained in Canada. a Holy Cross Brother. optional memorial. 1926. is ordained. aged 100. 1275. priest. 1822. he withdrew to Belgium. SCIENCE. SPORT 1706. who devel oped the laws of genetics. Ralph Branca B. 1878. January 6 CHRISTIANITY . Paul Emeceta. Montreal. signifying the end of Christmas. author. Andrew White +. He is said to have rediscovered Troy. On being released. 1412. Joan of Arc B. The birth of Julian Garnier a linguist and expert on all Iroquois dialects and the Huron and Algonquin languages. 1981. an encyclical of Pope Leo XIII to the bishops of the USA on Catholicism in the USA. Threats to burn the College Louis-le-Grand in Paris because of false charg es that the Society was involved in an attempt on the life of Louis VI. Galesburg.theologian at University of Chicago. founder of Maryland mission. the first Nigerian born priest.the new evangelization in the new millenium. Gregor Johann Mendel +. David Tracy is born . A feast in the USA 1940. 127 Raymond of Penyafort. and the Pontifical Council for the Laity. Carl Sandburg B. worked at St.Twelfth Night. Raymond of Penafort dies on this day. In England. J oseph's Oratory. Harold Perry becomes auxiliary bishop of New Orleans. . ART. Poet. Heinrich Schliemann B. the second black since 1875 to become a bishop in the USA. Paul VI institutes the Pontifical Commission on Justice and Peace. A missionary for 60 years in Canada. After working among the Indians. The death of Blessed Andre Bessette. He was a Roman Catholic monk. He was the Dodger pitcher who served up the famous home run ball to Bobby Thompson and the NY Giants.RELIGION EPIPHANY Solemnity . and catechism in their language. B. 1967. HISTORY. 1966. JESUIT 1643. 1895.J. as in the play of Shakespeare. 1937. He was trained by the SMA fathers. botanist. Benjamin Franklin. In Domremy. 1919. 1920. 1884. 1656. President Teddy Roosevelt +. He died on 5. January 7 CHRISTIANITY . Cronin. Longinqua. he was carried off to England by the Parliamentaria ns and cast into Newgate prison. and composing a dictionary grammar. aged 100. 1757.

Charles Maginnis B. He was a Professo r and Provincial. 1956. 1800. 1642. CULTURE. dies at Muenster. Galileo discovers the four moons of Jupiter. Bernadette Soubirous. and Baltimore Cathedral. 1849. a great friend of St. Old Hickory Day . 1989. ART. ART. B. poet dies of suicide. Bishop Du Bourg offered the Jesuits his college. SCIENCE.J. St. John Carroll. which was to become St. The Election of Pope St. Giotto. 1815. of Lourdes.RELIGION 1736. and elects two generals. Castile. B. He was a Catholic socialist writer and poet. The l0th General Congregation opens. and Betica. HISTORY. 1996. Charles Peguy. SCIENCE. SPORT 1337. S. The Battle of New Orleans is won by Andrew Jackson. January 8 CHRISTIANITY . Franciscan artist dies.1715. Architect. Jim Elliot and four Christian missionaries from the USA are martyred in Ecuador. Francis Borgia. JESUIT 1544. perhaps the oldest Jesuit ever. Pius V. he was eventually censured during the Jansenist controversies. Emperor Hirohito of Japan +. A French theologian and mystic. Louis University. John Berryman. He designed the National Shrine of the Imma culate Conception. 1873. B. Francois Fenelon +. Archbishop. 1867. SPORT 1610. 1824. Galileo dies at the age of 77. 1972. Spain is divided into three provinces of Aragon. 1566. 1652. at the age of 106. In the new calendar his birthday is January 19th. Fathers Gottifredo and Nickel. HISTORY. Pius IX is forced to flee Rome to Gaeta on the Italian Coast. Maryknoll Seminary. Wilhelm Klein. He wished to impose the office of Choir on the Society and actually ordered it.

traveler. 1996. All members of the Society in Paris were driven into exile amid great hard ships. 1978. 1831. B. With great delight of soul. JESUIT 1567. Simone de Beauvoir B. He is the founder of Opus Dei. Existentialist. dies. Joan Baez. ation 1902. The founding of the African National Congress. Folksinger. The Compleat Gentleman. dies at the age of 79. CHRISTIANITY . HISTORY. Desmond Donovan (age 50) disappears while traveling to celebrate Mass. The Mormons state their position on race relations within their church and modify their views on discrimination against blacks. and philosophy. +.writer.RELIGION Pope Adrian VI is elected. age 61. He was a former leader of France. 1908. Fr. Richard M. S. in Venice. 1941. . Father Peter de Smet and a few companions sail from Europe for North America. 1913. Blessed Josemaria Escriva B.J. SCIENCE. according to S. 1970. the South African Liberatio n Movement. He published his books pseudonymously. Nixon B. She is the founder of the Society for the Propag of the Faith. Paul 1862. He wrote on religion and literature: Chri Marco Polo. 1987. 1995. nine in number. He is the last non-Italian pope until Pope John II is elected. Elvis Presley B. JESUIT 1537. General Aquaviva sends the Ratio Studiorum to all provinces.J. Scripture scholar. 1935. they found Ignatius awaiting them . 1599. B. Francis Borgia. on nobility. CULTURE. 1595. ART.1912. Pauline-Marie Jaricot. feminist. 1601. Fr. The Art of Worldly Wisdom. Francois Mitterand dies. Writer. Balthasar Gracian. dies at the age of 70. Barnabas Ahern. SPORT 1324. Rhodesia. 1986. are sent by St. S. January 9 1562. S. The nine first companions of Ignatius arrive in Venice and meet him there . The first missionaries to Peru. R odrigues. The death of William Lynch. In Makumbi. Michel de Certeau. Writer on courtly manners.J.

1984. Miltiade. Queen Elizabeth signed the fifth Penal Statute in England inflicting heavy fines and imprisonment on all who harbored Jesuits and Seminary priests. and imprisoned there for many years. SCIENCE. Vincent O'Keefe. JESUIT 1567. OSB +. 1970. blessed Nicanor. S. etc. In USA. Francis Scott Key +. he c ould make only one recorded trip to Rome. He signed the Edict of Milan and constructed the Basilica of St. 1861. SPORT 1842. and anti-apart heid writer. CULTURE. as a base for evangelization. Dom Lambert Beaudain. St. Fr. 1964. Early Maryknoller. As provincial of Slovakia. and second founder of Georgetown University (1873-82). Images of Faith. and an act ive Episcopalian layman. John Srna dies (76) in Czechoslovakia.J. 1960. He began the popular liturgical movement in Belgium.RELIGION In Cyprus. January 10 CHRISTIANITY . one of the first seven deacons.J. bishops may allow Saturday evening Mass to take the place of Sunday Mass. HISTORY. Patrick Healy. Permission is granted by the Congregation of the Clergy. 1910. in Geneva. he was a missionary to China. Images of Hope. SPORT 1863.RELIGION 1892. Two Jesuits arrive in Havana. He was President. The first section of the London underground opens. 1843. 1920. S. He was an Assistant. he was a social activist. January 11 CHRISTIANITY . 1607. and Apollo. The League of Nations holds its first meeting. RM St. The US Surgeon General reports that cigarette smoking is a definite "health hazard. John Lateran. and vicar general under Pedr o Arrupe. 1920. ART. Alan Paton B. Cuba. In South Africa. CULTURE. Pope from Africa. He was the author of the national anthem. SCIENCE. ART. William James B. in new RM." JESUIT . The death of Fr. Ford B. He was pope from 311-314. 1903. HISTORY. Alabama secedes from the Union. Bishop Francis X. Isaac Jogues is born in Orleans. B.

1741. CULTURE. age 32. SPORT 1167. photographer. King of Piedmont. He preached 900 missions over 43 yea rs. Flemish painter. He was President of Holy Cross from 1960-70. Edmund Burke. Bernard. He was a boy cardinal. and a friend of Jesuits and guided by Jesuits such as Polanco. After his election as Pope.RELIGION St. JESUIT 1949. according to the film 2001: Space Odyssey. Charles Emmanuel. 1815. writer. 1573. 1957. England. Aelred + He was Abbot of the Cistercian abbey in Yorkshire. Raymond Swords. . He never carried a suitcase. uncle of the Jesuit R oberto de Nobili." 1625. Jan Brueghel the Elder +. Marguerite Bourgeoys. usually of 12-15 days length. January 12 CHRISTIANITY . Paul C. At Milan. of a brain tumor. ART.F.1559.J. who worked on the critical text of the New Testament. fame d as a writer. 1997. named at the age of 12. she was a lay woman. 1996. age 83. The death of Roberto Cardinal de Nobili (age 17). 1729. Cf. Reinert was appointed as the 27th President of Saint Louis Univers ity. a missionary to New France. The birth of B. The death of Mev Puleo. The death of Agatha Christie. He died four years later as a scholastic. philosopher and statesperson is born in Dublin. At Rome. and called "the English St. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) is founded. HISTORY. abdicated his throne and entered the S ociety. Charles Poree + Famed teacher of rhetoric at Paris. Heavyweight champion. A graduate of Weston Jes uit School of Theology. involved in the stru ggle for justice. Eduardo Rodriguez + in Spain. 1944. COMPUTER HAL 9000 became operative on this day. Diderot s Encyclopaedia. Westcott. +. Joe Frazier B. 1582. Cardinal Buoncompagni (afterwards Gregory XIII) laid the foundation stone of the Roman College. Charles Borromeo founded a College and placed it under the care of the Society. he ordered the buildings in progress to be demolished and oth ers on a grander scale to be erected. 1976. 1985. but only a bundl e or bag. 1825. SCIENCE. 1984. St. S.

JESUIT 1552. At Kaltern in Tyrol. 1631. In Rome. 1941. but their name comes from him. a pacifist. etc) dies in a New York hotel. John Hurley. is issued by Urban VIII. James Joyce +. 1776. HISTORY. a door to door salesman. died Father Joseph Kleutgen. +. Jesuits in White Russia wrote to Rome asking what to do since they were fo rbidden by the Empress Catherine to comply with the Brief of Suppression. 1883. Stephen Foster composer (My Old Kentucky Home.J. He was not the founder of the Mennonite s. The birth of Alfred Fuller. . Pastoralis Romani Pontificis. S. 1978.J. The only doctor of the Church who had been married and a parent. teachers jealous of the success of the first school opened by th e Jesuits invaded the premises and abused the Jesuits teaching there. 1885.January 13 CHRISTIANITY . Humphrey. 1944. 1691. a victim with Father Lezziroli of an unfortunate misunderstanding. a theologian. S.RELIGION Hilary. Jonathan Swift is ordained an Anglican priest in Ireland. Senator. SCIENCE. He was a pacifist. age 58. 1559. almost penniless. and other Jesuits enter Santo Tomas internment camp in the Philippines after living at the Ateneo under Japanese guards. The Bull of Suppression of Mary Ward's Institute of the BVM (Jesuitesses). Menno Simons +. 1864. he died on this day in 367. Miguel Augustin Pro. Hubert H. it was said they had not prevented the nuns of S. CULTURE. bishop and doctor. Ambrogio from honoring their deceased Superioress as a Saint. both being suspended because as extraordinary confessors. The death of George Fox. ART. Again in 1877 they would be approved. Anabaptist leader. SPORT 1695. 1891. B. optional memorial. famous as the Fuller Brush Man. and founder of the Society of Friends (Quakers).

S. radical. he made great progress. Mobutu. The death of Ray Kroc. A Lutheran pastor. for while he was still under the saint's instruction he miraculously walked upon water. theologian. 1892. he was recognized by them only at his death. Martin Niemoller. age 86. and the grandmother of four saints. ART. 1970.J. S. doctor. 1980. Anais Nin. At the request of the Pope the Jesuits worked in 17 different churches in the city giving almost 30 missions. January 15 CHRISTIANITY RELIGION Blessed Maur. French Jesuit. The opening of a particular Synod of the Dutch bishops. The death of John Ford. Mary Slessor +. 1970. teacher. + author. widow. For some time living unknown to his parents in a corner of their house. HISTORY. the founder of McDonald's. 1915.. 1844. and missio nary. Emmilia. Catholic Worker. Humphrey Bogart +.RELIGION In Judea.SVD's. Archbishop Franceso Satolli. 1989. B. 1954. protester. Blessed Arnold Janssen + age 71. gives the "order of the Leopard" to P.J. Leo XIII appoints the first Apostolic Delegate to the USA. Joe DiMaggio marries Marilyn Monroe. author of the Zairean national anthem. dropped out of the Church. It was held in Rome until January 31. Benedict. 1957. and an economist at the UN from l952-70. Albert Schweitzer B. Famed as a musician. President of Zaire.January 14 CHRISTIANITY . JESUIT 1703. 1909. 1977. prophet.J. Macrina. 1984. He was the founder of the Society of the Divine Word . S. Scottish missionary to West Africa. and later in a hut on an island in the Tiber. John Calybita. Emmanuel de Breuvery. Peter. +. RM 1875. In 1905 he decided to spend his life in Africa as a medical doctor. Boka. . Lewis Carroll +. he was a friend of Teilhard. Moral theologian. A number of severe earthquakes occurred in and around Rome from this day u ntil February 2nd. SCIENCE. Beginning his discipline in infancy. 1893. with Pope John Paul II. SPORT 1898. a prodigy unheard of since the days of St. The University of Notre Dame is chartered in Indiana. Ammon Hennacy dies. He served on the papal commission on birth contro l. RM St. at Weston College and Boston College. RM St. CULTURE. the mother of St Basil and St. St. Socialist. and was a founder of the Confessing Church in Germany. he was imprisoned for his opposit ion to Hitler. Malachi. 1972. abbot and disciple of St.

1987. and great-grandson of John Adams. King Tut's tomb is opened. Jesuits are forced to close their school in southern Sudan because of civi l war. S. WEW. ending Civil War in Nigeria. shouting and accusing t he Jesuits of robbing mothers of their children. Peter Claver are canonized. The Volume I. A 2. 1624. In Rome the Jesuit prisoners in Castel S. Number I issue of Review for Religious makes its debut. the German Assistant. 1970. + writer. saying he wished to visit all the Universities of Europe in search of laborers for our Lor d's vineyard. 1937. Age 69. station of St. Xavier writes a long and famous letter on his apostolic labors. theologian and ecumenist. exp ressed a wish to remain in prison. Louis University. Jr. renowned for hi s holiness of life and ascetical works. At Rome. 1982. 1776. Father Romberg. th e 6th President. + sportwriter. One result of his plea was the entrance of Nadal. 1552. Henry Adams is born in Boston. Kansas. Fr. disappears in Zimbabwe. Martin Luther King. S. a Spaniard. SJ. 21 persons are killed/drowned. SCIENCE. 1929. 1838. 1978. It originated at St. At Louvain died Father Leonard Lessius.5 million gallon tank of molasses explodes in the North End of Boston. Alphonsus Rodriguez. the 2nd President and the au thor of Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres. a Bill was introduced against Religiou s Congregations. He is the grandson of John Quincy Adams. In the French Parliament.J.HISTORY. the 2nd World Festival of Black arts and culture. Daniel Lord. Festac opens in Lagos. Biafran forces officially surrender. 1955. .J. 1623. 1923. editor of The Queen's Work. The birth of Gustave Weigel. SPORT 1778.aged 80. JESUIT 1544. Nigeria. 1919. 1942. 1906. B. under the Capitol. The Society had to transfer its novitiates and S cholasticates abroad. Red Smith. 1901. At Valladolid died Ven. 1977. Angelo were restored to liberty. Father Louis de Ponte. while the boys of the newly opened First Jesuit School. ART. The Sacred Heart Program aired on radio for the first time. John Berchmans. Mary s College. teacher. were at Mass. Hawaii is discovered. 1888. CULTURE. two women entered the Church. Desmond Donovan.

1979. Oscar Cullman. philanthropist. 1794. It will last until l933. dies of exhaustion and exposure to the cold. Edmund Spenser + age 46. The Gulf War begins with the allied bombing of Iraq. Marshall Field + Merchant. one year after the l8th Amendment is ratified on this day in 1919. Edmund Gibbon + age 56. Service B. 1656. if the Society allows. He wrote The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. Ignatius manifests the desire. SCIENCE. Ignatius Price. Belgian Jesuits opened St. In Wales Fr. Sent to the Madura Mission. 1920. Francis Xavier College.January 16 CHRISTIANITY . 1957. Khomeini will take over.RELIGION 1786. Prohibition begins on this date in 1920. CULTURE. Robert D. Christ and Time. nephew of Cardinal Bellarmine. The Fairie Queene. This is a response to the Iraqi take over of Kuwait. to go to Africa and work on the mission he established there. In Calcutta. 1860. ART. HISTORY. SPORT 1599." 1906. "The Cremation of Sam McGee". The Virginia legislature adapts an Ordinance of Religious Freedom which is a model for the first Americans. At Meliapore died Father Robert de Nobili. ecumenist. JESUIT 1554. "The Shooting of Dan McGrew. 1991. 1679. Arturo Toscanini +. Conductor of the NBC Symphony Orchestra. 1999. St. . The Shah of Iran goes into exile. pursued for alleged complicity in the Titus Oates plot. Lutheran Biblical Scholar dies. Canadian poet and novelist. he learned to speak three languages and for 45 years labored with great fruit among the Brahmins of the highest caste. 1874.

Juan Luis Segundo. Fr.RELIGION 1562. At Rome died Robert Cardinal de Nobili. Motu Proprio is issued to the effect that the Roman College can grant high er degrees in philosophy and theology. statesman and inventor. B Chicago gangster. Benedict Sestini. Bob Jones. Cassius Clay B. Boston. dies. A Uruguayan. He was a militant fundamentalist evangelist. The Council of Trent reconvenes after a suspension of ten years. He designed the library ce iling at Woodstock. and the f ounder of Bob Jones University in 1924.RELIGION Anthony. since 1309. 1950. HISTORY. 1706. He served as a doctor in Indo-China. JESUIT 1556. He died on this day in 356. He wrote Poetry and Prayer. 1975. the Greatest.J. ending the Avignon Papacy. Gary Gilmore is executed in Utah and so capital punishment returns to the USA. abbot. .January 17 CHRISTIANITY . aged 18. Sr. and dies in 1961. +. ART. Michael Angelo Tamburini was ele cted General on January 31. Later. 1981. 1977. 1942. S. The 15th General Congregation opened. Brinks Robbery takes place for big bucks. 1927. He is called the founder of monasticism. SCIENCE. Arrupe with Pope John Pa ul II on this day where he expresses his desire to present his resignation as General to the 33rd General Congregation. 1559. Memorial. 1890. he wrote extensively on the th eology of liberation. Dr. January 18 CHRISTIANITY . an architect and mathematician. +.J. 1377. Ben Franklin B. founder of the Messenger of the Sacred Heart and editor l866-85. a candidate for the Society but prevented by the Pope from entering. Joyce scholar.J. The Society is informed of the meeting of Fr. Astronomer. William T. editor. Al Capone. + New York Province. 1996. Noon. He was a teacher at Woodstock College. S. Louis. Tom Dooley is born in St. writer. 1899. CULTURE. 1968. He was a printer. he is Mohammed Ali. SPORT 1706. Pope Gregory XI returns to Rome. S. at the age of 105.

Lee. 973. 1974. 1961. Bl. He was orphaned at the age of three.RELIGION St. 1892. January 19 CHRISTIANITY . He had been ordained in St. nationalist leader of Zaire. the last two bein g John and Charles. Louis.J. date unknown. Benedict VI is elected Pope. The death of Patrice Lumumba. Robert E. SCIENCE. He was assassin ated. Cark Perkins dies. SPORT 1882. B. A. Anthony Maria Anderledy. He would die the following year in July. James Bonnaud. SCIENCE. priest. priests. and bore 19 children herself. martyrs. Notre Dame ends UCLA=s 88 game winning streak in basketball. Paul Cezanne B. Priests. Edward Surtz. Susannah Annesley (Wesley) B. Boston. also of his mother and 300 chiefs by Father Goncalvo de Silveira. priest. Ignatius de Azevedo. His wisdom is featured in Sayings of the Fathers.J. strangled by a priest. He was a renowned scho lar on St. Vietnam. dies at Fiesole and is buried there at San G iralomo. Confederate General. and William Saultemouche. Bl. CULTURE. and companions. Eric Voegelin dies. Bl. He sang Blue Suede Shoes. 1839. SPORT 1807. priest. 1561. Edgar Allen Poe B. Doctor Tom Dooley dies. Feast day.1961. Melchior Grodecz and Stephen Pongracz. 1973. noted as a humanitarian in Indo-China HISTORY. religious. and companions. he was the 23rd General of the Society of Jesus. Thomas More.A. Joseph Imbert and John N icholas Cordier. She w as the 25th child in her family. 1998. She is the mother of Charles and John. . martyrs optional memorial. He is the author of Winnie the Pooh. Bl. S. 1669. From Switzerland. 1985. and had been a pastor in Green Bay for two year s. London. Little Ricky Jr. ART. Milne B. Macarius of Egypt. CULTURE. In South Africa the baptism of the powerful King of Monomotapa. 1809. Jesuits begin a mission in Danang. 1953. S. JESUIT Blessed James Sales. ART. is born on TV to Lucille Ball and Dezi Arnez. Political philosopher. is killed in a bicycle accident. HISTORY. JESUIT 1615.

Audrey Hepburn + age 63. from Oregon. SCIENCE.RELIGION Fabian. he founded the science of elect rodynamics to measure electricity. 1896.J. The first number of the Archivum Historicum Societatis Jesu appears. 1945. He won five Olympic gold medals in swimming. The death of Philip Land. 1754. CULTURE. 1688. Ignatius College in Chic ago into a university was largely due to his enterprise. 1945. 1927. The Society received from Pope Leo XIII the special feast and office of O ur Lady della Strada. S..lst Nigerian to be beatified.1565. 1994. ending the Revolutionary War. thus practically imprisoning 1. 1783. He later became Provin cial of the Missouri Province between 1913 and 1919. pope and martyr. optional memorial. 1984. James Laynez dies in Rome. Alexander Burrowes died. a strong advocate of social justice. and played Tarzan in the movies. January 20 CHRISTIANITY . He was a missionary to the Philippines and a chaplain in the US Army. The death of Alexander Valignani at Macao. and Superior of the Society in China. Feast Day in Nigeria. He was an al umnus of a Jesuit School during the time of the Suppression. the death of Father John Verbiest. Blessed Cyprian Michael Oweni Tansi . 52 American hostages are released by Iran. The Treaty of Paris is signed.J. as a Cistercian monk. George Burns B.500 of the Society. A physicist. Johnny Weismuller + age 79.J. 1981. later known as a galvanometer. receives the highest USA honor. as well as designing cannons for warfa re. he lived to the age of 100. At Peking. martyr. the Second General of the Society. in Leicester. and Sebastian. SPORT 1775. after 444 days. JESUIT 1606. He had been a papal theologian at Trent. The death of Mary Ward. For 33 years he held the office s of Provincial and Visitor of the Indies. Carl Hausmann. 1890. Carvalho gave orders that none of Ours in Portugal were to leave their Houses. dies of starvation and exposure on a Japanese prison sh ip. There were 18 Provinces and 3500 member s at his death. HISTORY. 1645. Fr. 1993. The evolution of St. ART. A comedian. according to the Old Style calendar. He devised the far-seeing missionary policies to be followed there by Ricci and subsequent Jesuits. He died on this day in 1964. . Andre-Marie Ampere was born. S. Joseph O Callaghan. England. the Congression al Medal of Honor for heroism as chaplain on the Franklin in WW II. successor to Father Adam Schall as Mathematical Professor at Peking. 1932. He is also credited with desig ning and operating a steam wagon in 1665.S.

S. Claude Francois Menestrier. +. Pope Leo XIII issues Testem Benevolentiae against Americanism. Election as General of Father Alexander Gottifredo. and created a ballet for Louis XIV performed at the College of Louis-le-Grand. Fulton Oursler is born in Baltimore. is slain by robbers. Joseph O Callaghan. Presbyterian Church in Troy. encouraging the Church under Castro. Cecil B. He wrote a classic history of ballet. Memorial. SPORT 1793. Pope Benedict XV +. virgin and martyr. burns to the ground. St. discovers the planet Pluto. SCIENCE. . 1922. A convert. 1795. King Louis XVI of France is executed by the guillotine. The English Vice-Province becomes a Province. 1652. he is the author of The Greatest Story Ever Told. Fifth St. 1940. Pope John Paul II travels to Cuba. January 22 CHRISTIANITY . Meinrad. She died on this day in 304. He was the German Assistant at the time of the Suppression and was imprisoned with Fr.RELIGION Agnes. The Green House at Woodstock. 1899. 1930. A banquet is held at Georgetown University to honor alumnus Edward Douglas who was Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.J. Redemptoris Missio letter of Pope John Paul II issued. the workers quarters. Lenin dies. 1705. an American astronomer. 1911. 1869. Tombaugh. 1893. 1998. Spanish tenor. 1924. C. and before the close of the Congregation. He had been pope since 1914. This leads to a power struggle. He had a health breakdown two years earlier. JESUIT 1622. NY becomes the first church in America lit by electric lights.January 21 CHRISTIANITY . 1991. 1941. 1951. HISTORY. with Richard Blount as the first Provincial. Jack Nicklaus B golf champion. deacon and martyr 1882. Vincent. DeMille + He was a pioneer of the motion picture industry. Placido Domingo B. Fr. 1959. ART. The death in Rome of Ignatius Romberg. General Ricci in Castel San Angelo. King Henry goes to Canossa. He died about six weeks after his election. the procurator from Maryland is killed in a storm at sea while returning from Rome from a Congregation. CULTURE. as a penitent to Pope Gregory VII.RELIGION optional memorial. in the monastery of Einsiedeln in Switzerland. RM 1077.

a Polish Jesuit. Paul Robeson. and wrote O Little Town of Bethlehem. The Supreme Court ruling on abortion. Louis XV. Texas. ex-President. presented to Clement XIII a summary demand for the total suppression of the Society. 1893. 1660 publicly burnt by the French King's order.RELIGION 1585. Wade. 1968. Lord Byron. SCIENCE. 1989. 1990. On the part of his sovereign. Stendhal was born in Grenoble. Antonio Gramsci B. CULTURE. He found the Pope unbending. + artist. and on October l0. ART. SCIENCE. and she was imprisoned. He was an Episcopal preacher. 1891. Lyndon Baines Johnson. is born in Chile. John Carroll gains the deed of land for the site and origin of Georgetown University. SPORT 1788. George Gordon B. CULTURE. and worked with youth. Aristotle (Telly) Savalas dies at age 70. author. 1994. liberalizes. This is the date in the Old Style Calendar. Aubeterre. in Catholic Action. 1973. also called the Jesuitesses. 1789. Queen Victoria +. an institute of apostolic women. . Pius IV abrogates the decree of Paul II and keeps the life term of Father General. the Puebla. Blessed Alberto Hurtado. The death of Fr. January 23 CHRISTIANITY . 1871 Famous missionary Peter deSmet visits Woodstock College for a few days. dies at LBJ Ranch. and clergyman. Salvador Dali. 1973. SPORT 1783. She founded the Institute of Mary. Roe vs. the French Ambassador. is captured by North Korea. The US Naval ship. 1976. HISTORY. S. which was later supp ressed. 1657. who had an iron crown we ighing 16 pounds placed on his head and tightened with a pin until his head was crushed.J. JESUIT 1656. In 1658 they were condemne d at Rome. "Kojak".HISTORY. Canadian literary critic. 1769. 1901. He is the author of The Red and the Black. Phillip Brooks dies. He dies 18 August 1952. 1901. or the English Ladies. JESUIT 1561. ART. Martin Costens. + singer and actor. He established Hogar de Cr isto. and legalizes abortion in certain cases (Black Monday). Northrop Frye +. Others followed at intervals until March 27. 1614. The publication of Pascal's First Provincial Letter against the Society. Mary Ward B.

Provincial. January 24 CHRISTIANITY . Fr. 1862. and his the mission of Sao Paulo (city of Sao Paulo) on of St. Nobrega. butchery of an infamous death! Welcome for the love of J esus. with the changes he wants. knives. at Sutter's Mill.J. 1908.. He was buried on this was a convert from Roman Catholicism to the Angli priest at age 42. He can Church. HISTORY. It is reversed by Franco six years later. 1594. He established the first mission of the US Jesuits in Jamaica. +. S.J. found the vigil of the feast the Professed House in thunderstruck. etc. Winston Churchill + JESUIT 1554. Decree in Spain dissolves the Society of Jesus in Spain. This leads to the Gold Rush of l849. procurator for the E nglish Jesuits. He was ity. Paul. he exclaimed: "Welcome ropes. CULTURE. Henry Morse is led a prisoner from Durham to Newgate. my Savior. 1645. Blessed Joseph Anchieta.J. Poet. B. He was falsely accused of plotting to kill the king. he was the founder of the Ma nila Observatory. On heari ng his execution was fixed for February lst. bishop and day in 1623. Marshall discovers gold in California. 1932. gibbets." 1679. and an inventor of an aneroid barometer. Pope Clement VIII addresses the Jesuits at Rome.RELIGION doctor. ART. 1893. Blessed Rupert Mayer. The martyrdom at Tyburn in London of William Ireland. Oral Roberts B. An astronomer. 1909. John Donne B. The death of William Pardow. hurd les. The first Boy Scout troop is organized in England by Robert Baden-Powell. Edith Wharton B author. The fathers are nges regard the term of office. Preacher and Provincial (1893-97). SPORT 1848. S. London. Frederic Faura Brat. a preacher and the founder of Oral Roberts Univers Francis de Sales. He was ordained a 1918. S. 1965. Memorial. The cha statesman. a novice. SCIENCE.1876. 1573. .

B Scot poet. Thomas Gannon.J. he was appointed three years earlier as the first Assistant for the American Assistancy.. and ordered the discontinuance by the Christ ians of the Chinese Rites. 1959. Ananias.RELIGION Memorial. deposes Milton Obote. The death of Fr.. at St. RM 1863.RELIGION Feast. Paul Outside the Walls. bishops CHRISTIANITY . Papal Visitor of the missions in China. HISTORY. APOSTLE At Damascus. American Quaker philsoopher and educator. Pope John XXIII announces the calling of the Council. . ART. January 26 Timothy and Titus. Virginia Woolf B. THE CONVERSION OF PAUL.January 25 CHRISTIANITY . "The glory and patron of the English Province. 1977. 1983. Cardinal Tournon.. 1971. Rufus Jones. Educator and writer. 1882. JESUIT 1540. who baptized the apostle Paul. author and critic. This was the beginning of the destruction of the miss ion there. CULTURE. the birthday of St. SCIENCE. Idi Amin in a coup. Robert Burns. S. The decrees and definitions of Trent are confirmed by Pius IV in the encyclical Benedictus Deus. 1564. The New Code of Canon Law is promulgated." 1707. Edmund Campion B. and becomes President of Uganda. SPORT 1759. B. forbade the use of the words Tien or Xant for God. George Shuster +. 1918.

Third General Assembly of Latin American Bishops meets at Puebla. Wayne Gretzky B Hockey star. He was the first President of the AFL (American . It affirms and reaffirms liberation theology. ART. 2001. humorous sports announcer. SCIENCE. Friedrich von Hugel dies. She was an Austrian baroness. S. Lewis Carroll B (Charles Dodgson). ART. 1953. Dietrich von Hildebrand + philosopher who taught at Fordham University. 1976. They were later restored to him. 1977. Josef Jungmann. he also maintaine d contact with the modernists. January 27 CHRISTIANITY . Dante expelled from Florence. Jim Thorpe admits he played semi-pro baseball. Lewis Mumford +. He was a critic and expert on cities. the first order of apostolic women. HISTORY. SCIENCE. until February 13. spends 20 years in exile until his death. Samuel Gompers B London. optional memorial. HISTORY. + Liturgist. and then insightful. Canada. 1977. 1821. She was foundress of the Ursulines. virgin. His studies in the histor y of liturgy contributed towards the reforms of Vatican II. 1616.J. JESUIT 1611. Publication by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith of the "Declaration on the Question of the Admission of Women to the Ministerial Priesthood. 1756. now famou s in The Sound of Music. One of its enactments was to refuse support (alimenta) to members dismissed from the Society. Lydia. CULTURE. Maria von Trapp B. catechetics. 1961. 1979." It was dated 15 October. 1850. SPORT Australian Day commemoration of lst British Settlement in 1788. 1950.1905. A writer on mysticism. She died on this day in 1540. India becomes a democratic republic. Peace settlement in Korea. 1975. Mexico . 1913.RELIGION Angela Merici. The first Jesuit missionaries sail from Europe to New France. age 72. Close of the Seventh General Congregation. CULTURE. and returns his two Olympic gold medals. on civilization and technology. ex-religious. Al McGuire dies. and Phoebe (Lutheran Calendar/Book of Worship) 1925. Dorcas. 1990. SPORT HOLOCAUST DAY 1302. Mozart B. Basketball coach at Marquette.

" 1947. dies. 1077. 1972. Developer of TV talk shows. in the 36th year of his rei gn. SCIENCE. 1967. and was a famous composer of hymns.RELIGION doctor. The Maryland mission being affiliated to the Society in Russia. JESUIT 1547. gospel singer. 1919. JESUIT 407. Andrew on Hudson. Luigi Fortis. Fyodor Dostoyevsky dies. At London the death of Henry VIII. A priest. the last survivor of those who built the Curia on the Borgo Santo Spirito. The death of Mahalia Jackson. (New Style Calendar) 1939. His own epitaph reads: "Cast a cold eye / on life. age 56. The First Holy Roman Emperor. The Challenger spacecraft disaster. Gus Grissom. Butler. Edison patents the electric lamp. Peace in Vietnam. 1851. 1805. and Father Charles Sewall renew their vows. The death of Fr. Ignatius. HISTORY. Edward White. on death / Horseman. 1881. He was an English Anglican priest. William Butler Yeats. Henry VIII dies in the 36th year of his reign. Memorial. Cf. He became an expert on China. 1975. It was during his reign that Fathers Salmeron and Broet went as Papal Nunci . CHRISTIANITY . One Novice and one Junior die of flu epidemic at St. New York. Angelo Mulatti dies in Rome. Br. Edward Malatesta. with seven astronauts killed. the 20th General of the Society.J. Ran the Tonight Show from 1957-62. A Question of Conscience. John Chrysostom +. Italy. He also suggested that a statue of the Sacred Heart be erected at the base of the old observatory. This has been a traditional feast for Juniors. 1986. A noted Catholic laywoman. publisher +. by going to Canossa. poet +. became the property of the Society. he left the Chur he explained in his book. priest and the day on which his body 814. King Henry IV was un-excommunicated by Pope Gregory VII after penance. 1973. famous in the life of St. such as "Faith of ou r Fathers. Naturalist. 2004. 1829. Jack Paar dies. January 28 Thomas Aquinas. 1984. While he died in 1274. Three American Astronauts die in a fire on the ground. SPORT 1547. Fr. 1814. theologian. CULTURE. James Audobon B. +. The Holy See grants the Bishops of Belgium an indult to celebrate Mass in the evening on Sunday and holydays. Frank 1999. and Roger Chaffee. Father Robert Molyneux. 1602. 1880. local cultus. ch as Maisie Ward. He is honored with a Lives of the Saints. this day is was translated to Toulouse. Blessed Charlemagne. age 76. Frederick Faber B. the First Superior of the Mission. she was the wife of Sheed. who led t he reconstruction of the Society when it was restored after the Suppression.Federation of Labor). then he converted and Roman Catholicism. The grotto or cave at Manresa. S. Pass by. ART. 1998. The death of Charles Davis.

S. 1683.J. 1853. ART. 1860. He organized the first Secretariat on Jesuit Communications. to the dignity of Cardinal. The death of Ferdinand Verbiest. The Edict of Nantes is revoked by Louis XIV. and was the mother of six. gav e to each two rolls of silk and fifty ounces of silver. monk. 1845.os to Scotland and Ireland. She was an ex-nun. 1770. 1979.L. Nelson Rockefeller +. forcing the Huguenots to flee. CULTURE. E. Clement XIV. critic. a worthless man. summoned a General Congregation. He suffered a heart attack visiting a friend who was not Happy. January 29 CHRISTIANITY RELIGION Feast Day in the Russian Orthodox Church of Andrei Rublev. Chicago. Mertz. 1956. married Martin Luther . The North American College is established in Rome. 1688. preacher at Loyola University. . canonized by them. King George III of England dies. H. James J. Stefan Bamberger. SPORT 1820. Poe's poem The Raven is published pseudonymously in the New York Evening Mirror. HISTORY. dies at age 96. Jimmy Durante +. SCIENCE. Fr. 1499. Scholastics at Woodstock keep a fire vigil for several months to prevent the KKK from setting the college on fire. but died on May 8th. Robert Frost +. before it assembled. Stockholm. but when the Brief and Hat reached Lisbon. wishing to resign his office. At Beijing the Emperor Kang-Hsi. 1685. 1700. age 75.J. to please Carvalho (Pombal) promoted the Marquis' brother Paul. Letter to the Minister of the Interior in Belgium announces a new Society of Bollandists is to begin work after the Suppression. The birth of Katherine von Bora. B. and iconographer. 1923. 1979. 1963. 1997. cured of his illness by two Jesuits. Swedenborg. John Roothaan. 1980. His reign saw the American and French Revolutions. 1837. dies at age 74. Paul was dead. JESUIT 1688. The death of St. a professor. the successor to Adam Schall as mathemati cal professor at the imperial court in Peking and superior of the Society in Chi na. S. Mencken dies at Baltimore. insane. famous for the Trinity. Gen. known as the Apostle of Britany for preachi ng missions to the poor in the northwest of France for 42 years. Julian Maunoir.

the --. He was a noted monk and author. 1962. 1876. 1978. age 77. CULTURE. Lucretia Mott B. As Jesuits are called to Rome to revise the Constitutions. Lesslie Newbigin dies. F. . poet. This proved a fatal step.of the ---.RELIGION John Bosco. Thomas Merton B in France. priest dies on this day in 1888. 1968. a famous Master of Novices. JESUIT 1551. Gandhi is assassinated. 1972. a missionary to Pennsylvania. This is the date in the New Style Calendar. The excommunication was l ifted on November 22. Roosevelt B 1933. reformer. 1948. and led to the destruction of the Society in France by the Duke de Choiseul and the Government. HISTORY. age 88. HISTORY. He dies at Goshenhoppen. offering to resign as Superior General because of health. This was suppressed and she was imprisoned. Orville Wright + aviator.D. a feminist. King Charles I of England is beheaded. Augustine Bally. SCIENCE. He was a priest. and advocate of women's rights. SCIENCE. She is the first American born woman to become a nun in the RCC . He wrote on ecumenism and on inculturation in the modern world. He had been dismissed from the Society in 1949. 1841. 1915. S. African leaders agree in Lagos. Organization of African Unity. 1948. At Avignon died Father John Pujol. All reject the resignation except Oviedo. Ignatius writes a letter. He was a missionary bishop to India. She founded the Institute of Mary (Jesuitesses) for apostolic women. January 31 CHRISTIANITY . dies. The Tet offensive begins in Vietnam. Mary Ward +. author. Memorial." 13 Roman Catholic civil rights marchers are shot to death by British soldiers in Northern Ireland. Leonard Feeney dies. Nigeria to form the OAU.RELIGION 1646. Hitler is named Chancellor of Germany. 1797. He was the aut hor of several books with the themes of Christ. ART. 1998. an apostle of non-violence. All North American Indians are ordered to move to reservations. a town named after him by the people. 1633.J. 1882. 1972. Franz Schubert B. the Fathers appealed on this day to Parliament against the unjust sentence. 1793. 1752. 1923. Unfortunately. At Paris the Society in France was condemned to pay in solidum all the debts of Father Lavalette. Sr. New Orleans. CULTURE. SPORT 1649. Martha Turpin has her vow profession ceremony in the Ursuline Conve nt. He ordered one of them to water a dry stick. ART. 1760. PA. Blessed Dom Joseph Columba Marmion. SPORT 1606. "Bloody Sunday. stron g on ecumenism. which miraculously sprouted. Guy Fawkes is executed for the popish plot of November 1605. and excommunicated in 1953.January 30 CHRISTIANITY . + Abbot of Maredsous. especially to t he sick.

HISTORY. 1960.RELIGION At Kildare in Ireland. At Rome died Father Claudius Acquaviva. our first satellite. He was a mathematician and philosopher. One of his nephews was a Jesuit. JESUIT US sold 1597. Rene Descartes +. 1923. 1942. National Freedom Day . Thomas Harvey in the colony of New York. for civil right s. SPORT 1865. dies. Angelo. St. John Francis Regis is born in south France. 1985. Quisling is appointed by the Germans as minister/president of Norway.M. deAugustinis is the editor. serving under eight Popes. CULTURE. A. The Jesuits had to leave five years later ." 1947. S. who studied for ten years under the Jesuits at La Flech. 1945. and in the l3th year of his religious life. The first edition of Oxford English Dictionary is published.for 33 years and 11 months. SCIENCE. + Moral Theologian. He was elected General when only 37 years of age. Singer. The arrival of Fr. author of Medulla Theologiae Moralis. the fifth General of the Society . H e is the longest reigning general . He abolishes the constitution and becomes a dictator on February 7th. His name continues in infamy. Nolan Ryan B Strikeout expert. having claimed his liberty. JESUIT . He had been the Secretary of the Society of J esus from l970-83. 1683. RM 1909. The first sit-ins. Seven astronauts killed as the Columbia space shuttle breaks apart over Texas during re-entry. February 1 CHRISTIANITY . George Beverly Shea B. He governed it for 34 years with consummate prudence and unflinching courage under most trying circumstances. Jackie Robinson B. He opened a small school near Wall St. USA Space Explorer I goes into the air. The first issue of the Woodstock Letters appears. Norman Mailer B. 1884. ART.J. North Carolina. Bridget. Eddie Slovik is shot by firing squad in France. 1872. Pope Clement XIV was said at this time to be mentally afflicted. Ernst Troeltsch +. 1923. in New Jersey. are held at Greensboro. The 13th Amendment is approved by President Lincoln. 1958. Once. prisoner in Castel S. Father Laurence Ricci. received from the Papal Congregation the reply that they would think about it. General. 2003. 1668. 1650.J. it immediately sprouted into life. He is the only ier since the Civil War executed for "desertion. S. virgin. evangelist with Billy Graham. Herman Busembaum. 1774. in testimony of her virginity. since his innocence had been fully vindicated.The Abolition of Slavery. 1615.1919. when she touched the wood of an altar. Louis Laurendeau.

SPORT Groundhog Day. including Latin. 1645. De .J. 1882. S.J. But poor students were not to be turned away. as their Superior General. RM 1586. NY. 1831. 2000. dies in his 98th year. 1983. S. He revitalized the Holy Ghost Fathers.J. and quartered for the faith at Tyburn. C. 1882. and pastoral worker at St. 1927. a centurion. February 2 CHRISTIANITY RELIGION PRESENTATION OF THE LORD . JESUIT 1528. a friend of youth. Cornelius. This is the date in the new style calendar. 1882. It was a journey of 700 miles. Ignatius age 36. Known as Candlemas. She founded the Institute of Mary (Jesuitesses) which was later suppressed. The Apostolic Exhortation of Paul VI. He had been Prefect of Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith. 1549. CULTURE. Manuel Nobrega.Feast. Philippine mission ascribed to the New York/Maryland Prov. General John Roothan granted Jesuit schools permission to charge tuition in line with other days schools in the country.He is h anged. poet.J. The dedication of the Philosophate at Spring Hill. Kazantzakis B. the site that was to be the Curia of the Society for more than two hu ndred years. A Decree of Fr. arrives in Paris to continue his studies.J. elects Wlodimir Ledochowski as the 26 th General. so called because of his care for the plague-striken. wrote over 100 Masses. Henri de Lubac. and which helped make possible the survival of the Society du ring the Suppression. St. Ordinatio de Minervali. 1953. 1780. 1970. It is created from the California Province.Ignatius Parish. Francis Libermann +. "Frankenstein". SCIENCE. whom the blessed apostle Peter baptized. drawn. or Hypapante. It issues a new edition of the Epitome. 1956.2 but published on March 21. Priest of the Plague. are created Cardinals. 1833. Alfred Delp. The R. 1915. African missionaries. Marialis Cultus. S. Neil Boyton. S. The 28th General Congregation opens. 1969. for which she had given permission.J. 1946. Boris Karloff +. in Rome. S. Ex-Jesuit. Sent by Ignatius. 1852. Mary Ward B. James Joyce B. The election of Pope Gregory XVI. 1594. Roothaan erects the Province of Maryland. Fr. a strong supporter of the missions. working at the Vatican Observatory. 1833. Catherine the Great visits the new novitiate at Polotsk. 1974. The Oregon Province is established and assigned the mission of Alaska. "For the Right Ordering and Development of Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. philosopher.1541. 1932. He will stay there seven years. dies. Oxford don. Annual Cele bration for those in Consecrated Life. At Tyburn the glorious martyrdom of Henry Morse. Br. age 68. He was a teacher at Regis. Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina dies." It is dated Feb. HISTORY. they include the Superior. ART. is executed in Plotzensee Prison. The first band of missioners to Brazil set sail from Lisbon. . Alabama. and Carlo Martini. 1945. St. Peter Levi dies. Ignatius and companions move to a house near the church of Madonna del la Strada. Church permits the organization of the Knights of Columbus. Dublin. Bertrand Russell. Matthew Timmers. Berlin. discovers th e first comet of 1946 and it is named after him. S.

C. The Society of Jesus is expelled from Mexico by order of Charles III. SCIENCE. liturgis t. 1984. The death of Francis E. S. 1985. February 3 CHRISTIANITY RELIGION St. Dietrich Bonhoeffer B. General Kolvenbach continued his journey to Zimbabwe.J. He was a man of many talents. and quartered. 1768. 1994." 1874. The Encyclical Cantante Domino issued by Eugene IV. PA. 1842. is ousted from Paraguay after years of ruling. B.RELIGION 1441. is liberate d by USA troops. The 16th Amendment calls for Federal Income Tax.Lubac has permission to decline episcopal ordination. bishop and martyr. S. Sidney Lanier. History of Philosophy. JESUIT 1578. Felix Mendelssohn B. and Egyp t. Johann Gutenberg +. Simeon and St. 1989. aged 100. ent. SPORT 1809. 1958. dies. He meets Presidents Mugabe and Kaunda. February 4 CHRISTIANITY . Zambia. 1995. former Rector of Woodstock and Terti an Instructor. a Jesuit for 85 years. Printer. Santo Tomas. priest. and Ansgar. 1913. He wrote the much u sed nine vol. and a superior for 35. dictator. philosopher.J. Anna (present at the Presentation) in new RM Blase. a writer. 1987. Allegheny. The death of Frederick Copleston. Jesuits and others are freed. . Keenan. The Japanese internment camp. The death of Fr. Juniorate professor and missionary. Korea established as an Independent Region. hanged. bishop optional memorials. in the Philippines. HISTORY. ART. drawn. General Alfredo Stroessner. McNaspy.J. 1988. Thomas Nelson dies a martyr at Tyburn. Confederate poet who wrote "Into the Woods My Master W Gertrude Stein B. following the Council of Florence and defining the biblical canon. The Blessing of Throats. The Philippine Province is established. 1945. 1906. Fr. Silverio de la Vega Barrio. 1468. CULTURE. musicologist.

Adlai Stevenson is born. S. Betty Friedan B. . CULTURE. James Berthieu. virgin and martyr 1631. Church historian. He served for 57 years in the Jesuit Curia in Rome. 1987. Leo Mangin. martyr. An Imperial edict banishes missionaries from China.RELIGION Memorial. priest. Patty Hearst is kidnapped by members of the Symbionese Liberation Army. Bl. Charles Spinola.. John and Charles Wesley first arrive in America. 1996. SPORT 1921. Churchill. set out for the kingdom of Monomotapa. It was 36 years before the English settler s at Jamestown. Father Goncalvo da Silveira. priest. Ven. priest. The Yalta Conference begins: Roosevelt. He had devised a way to work with various castes in India. Stalin. The death of Br. linking liturgy and j ustice. 1986. A prolific writer. Paul Denn. 1974. Remy Isore. She is the author of The Feminine Mystique. Popular Pianist. Liberace +. Martin Marty B. priest. Xavier College.HISTORY. Andrew Greeley B. speaks of dialogue and service. 1566. 1992. ART. He was a liturgist and pacifist. 1945.J. CULTURE. and companions. ART.age 86. Agatha. SCIENCE. 1928. Bl. Joseph Auger. St. martyrs. 1736. This was a n unsuccessful entrance into the USA. SPORT 1900. Luis Quiros and two novices. In South Africa. Roger Williams first arrives in New England. 1571. Francis Pacheco. He is banished to Rhode Island five years later. and a prolific writer. Juan Mendez and Gabriel Solis. In Florida. Rudolph Acquaviva. HISTORY. and Modeste Andlauer Memorial. February 5 CHRISTIANITY .and companions. Robert Hovda dies. JESUIT St. John de Brito died on this day in 1693. Pope John Paul II visits St. Calcutta. priests and companions. John de Brito. SCIENCE. 1617. Bl. About four days later. 1928. five others were killed. the martyrdom of Fr.

George Tyrrell B. Sales was a priest. age 103. He holds the record with 755 home runs. after being expelled from this city. Matthew Ricci. 1600. and are the first marty rs in Japan. Br. arrested just before his ordination. JESUIT 1597. for their defense of the Eucharist. George Herman Ruth. Modernist. Hank Aaron B. 1989. 1993.V. 1995. +. Bl. SCIENCE. February 6 CHRISTIANITY . teacher. 1922. 1833. Laker Airways collapses with a debt of $270 million. Memorial. JESUIT 1593. age 37. returned and opened a seminary. and James was a brother.J. 1861. Quaker leader and spiritual writer. age 33. and his companions. 1952. martyrs. Cardinal Achille Ratti is elected Pope Pius XI. Ronald Reagan B. William McSherry. John Soan de Goto. The first black commeercial pilot. Douglas Steere. S. Arthur Ashe.J. The death of George VI. tennis star. Peter dies in India. York 1982. 1597. Perry Young. and James Kisai are martyred on this day. age 64. 19th General. 1957. religious.1934. John was a scholastic. They had been dragged 600 miles through Japan.RELIGION He St. Paul was a scholastic. K. the Euclid of his age. Paul Miki. 1911. 1991. 1612. preacher . 1820. SPORT 1895. The death of Thaddeus Brozozowski. died on February 5. He was the General after the Restoration. He had be en married. age 36. He will reign for 17 years. and Saultemouche was a brother. HISTORY. S. Pedro Arrupe. porter. age 19. CULTURE. Fr. by Calvin ists. age 84. At Nanking. The first Maryland Provincial is appointed. and then his wife apostasized. retired Superior General dies in Rome. dies of AIDS due to a blood transfusion. He had been given a government awar d as a Model Postmaster. Babe Ruth B. At Rome the death of Father Christopher Clavius.. He is succeeded by Queen Elizabeth. James Sales and William Saultemouche are martyred in France. He worked for and then joined the Jesuits. ART. He took a leading part in the reformation of the Calendar under . flies a helicopter in New City. Paul Miki.

500 Catholics. Martin Thomas. The Fourth General Congregation opens. RM 1478. The main group of the Dead Sea Scrolls is found in caves. SCIENCE. Archbishop Dom Helder Camara B. Thomas More is born at Cheapside. It will elect Claudio Acquaviva. and of St. Servant of God.. King of England. He is the Protomartyr of the Society of Jesus. and their companions. The banishment of the Society from Louisiana by order of the French government. 1837. Al Jonson. JESUIT 1549. Ferdinard Coosemans. 1878. and when one of the Cardinals expressed surprise that he could be so attached to an Order against which even high ecclesiastics brough t serious charges. The exiles sail from New Orleans. London." This is also his feast day in the new RM 1909.J. He prepared the first half of the Oxford English Dictionary. "better to light one candle. 1581. Baby Doc Duvalier departs from Haiti." HISTORY.000. James Sales and Br. The death of Blessed Pius IX. who had a deep devotion to the blessed Sacrament and the Sacred Heart. Nine priests minister to 1. Sir James Murray B. S. Walburga.. He founded the Christopher movement. He was sincerely devoted to the Society.J. William Saultmouche die at the hands of the Huguenots. 1883. Charles Dickens B. James Keller. out of a population of 240. Richard. 1593.Gregory XIII. 1985. 1986. He was the father of St. dies in India. 1988. 1977. 1763. MM +. Antonio Criminali.. run aground at the Bahamas. February 7 CHRISTIANITY . 1878. 1947. S. Christopher Shepherd-Smith. CULTURE. are martyred in Zimbabwe by terrorists. + He wrote on Jesuit Education. At Chicago.. Eubie Blake B. ART. 1977.RELIGION At Lucca in Tuscany.J. priests. John Conway. The first Jesuit martyr. the death of St. He had been professor of business at Wheeling Col lege. Lorenzo Reed. He and his father held the dictatorship there for 28 years. and eventually arrive at Spain on April 6th. Willebald. brother. his reply was: "You have to be Pope to know the worth of the Society. Iceland. of the Maryland Province is consecrated bishop of Reykjavik. S. the death of Fr. Fr. the longest reigning Pope. SPORT 1812. .

J. but some forty years later was readmitted by the Pope's desire. He was a Master of Novices at Floriss ant. 1600. 1969. He died on this day in 1537. 1890. Deliberating a while within herself. virgin. she rushed voluntarily into the fire which they had prepared. Giordano Bruno. and was the first to enter the Society from our college in Mi ssouri. The College of William and Mary is founded.February 8 CHRISTIANITY RELIGION Blessed 1947. 1828. February 9 CHRISTIANITY . cosmologist. 1916. Apollonia. She had become queen when six days old. Austria. Henry James +. then. he wrote 20. Pierre Scheuer. the death of Cardinal Joseph Pecci. 1693. HISTORY. She was an ex-slavey and became a religious sister in Italy. It is the second oldest institution of higher learning in America. The birth of Jules Verne. Saint Josephine Bahkita dies in Italy. SPORT 1587.RELIGION The birthday of St. He left the Society in 1847. Jerome Emiliani optional memorial. 1910. CULTURE. Brooklyn Dodger pitcher. The Boy Scouts are founded. Mary Queen of Scots is beheaded. and prompted by the greater fire of the Holy Ghost within her. JESUIT 1885. 1924. SCIENCE.000 Leagues under the Sea. under Anglican auspices. philosopher. the first of the Sudan. 1957. Isidore Boudreaux dies in Chicago. The first flight of the jumbo jet Boeing 747. Those responsible for her death were struck with . ART. who had all her teeth broken out by persecutors. S. the brother of Pope Leo XIII. A futurist writer of great imagination. Joe Black B. they threatened to burn her alive unless she uttered with them certain impious words. from 1857-80. having constructed and lighted a pyre. Martin Buber is born in Vienna. At Rome in the Palazzo Barberini. + Louvain. 1878. is condemned as a heretic by the Roman Inquisition. she suddenly slipped from their grasp. Optional Memorial.

Langdon Gilkey B. 1898. B. he canonized 11 and beatified 52 of Ours.C. The Catholic Medical Mission Board is founded by Rev.J. CULTURE. SPORT 1700. The death of Pius XI. Brecht B. 1923. SCIENCE. Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen + Discoverer of X-Rays. Mystic. Jimmy Durante B. Robert Molyneux. 1879. 1945. Fields B. He was a missionary from England. CULTURE. ART. It restores the Easter Vigil ad experimentum. By the Treaty of Paris. theologian. Ordo Sabbati Sancti is issued by Rome. Dame Judith Anderson B. HISTORY. the second President of Georgetown and the first Superior of the Jesuit s in the USA. 1939. February 9-14th. S. Showing great love for th e Society of Jesus. teacher.T he movie The Passion of the Christ relies upon her visions. Swiss mathematician. New RM 754. Daniel Bernoulli B. Anne Catherine Emmerich +. SCIENCE. The Japanese leave and the Americans arrive on the 19th. Bl. Fyodor Dostoyevsky dies. . + age 71. HISTORY. February 10 CHRISTIANITY .. W.terror at the sight of a woman who was more willing to die than they to kill her. entertainer JESUIT 1809. in New York. famed for her visions of the passion. The Ateneo de Manila shelled and bombed. Great Britain. 1928. SPORT 1763. RM 1824. Spain and France divide up the New World. 1919. Croatian Cardinal. Dramatist and poet.J.RELIGION Scholastica. The Council of Constance decrees against image worship. The Iraq mission is assigned to the New England Province. virgin Memorial. 1881. 1898. (New Style Calendar) 1893. He had reigned since 1922. 1951. Edward Garesche. Aloysius Stepinac. 1932. ART. S.

J. HISTORY. and revised by Cardinal Zelada. was sent with Pope Clement XIV's leave. the first of 18 appearances. He was Secretary of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. He will s erve for 27 years. in New England . Khomeini takes over Iran. Thomas Edison B. until July 16th. Wlodimir Ledochowski is elected the 26th General of the Society. Timothy Bouscaren. 1963. S. author of Roots. February 11 CHRISTIANITY . poet + Father of English poetry. 1990. S. As a Dominican scholar. S. CULTURE. Ferdinand Prat. + First Provincal of New York from 193945. Leontine Price 1992. 1971. Austria.J. SPORT 1847. 1967.J. His writings include the Life of Christ. A.J. Key editor of America magazine. he developed a new school of theology. St. 680. at Le Saulchoir. Nelson Mandela is released after 27 years in prison in South Africa. Alex Haley. with . 1857. the Spanish Ambassador. a philosopher and writer on hermeneutics. Theology of St. Vatican City is created as an independent sovereign state with the signing of the Lateran Treaty between Italy and the Holy See. Hans-Georg Gadamer is born. advocate of non-violence. Ledochowski creates the Historical Institute of the Society. Muste + peacemaker. B. 1930. +. Marie Dominique Chenu + 95 years old. Age 86. drawn up by Monino (Florida Blanca). Barbara Harris is consecrated first woman Episcopal Bishop.J. 1900. A canon Lawyer. Mary appeared to Bernadette on this day in l858. James Sweeney. Richard Tierney. 1979. Some of his writings were put on th e index in 1942. Caedmon. S. given reluctantly to Charles III of Spain to be communicated by him to the Courts of France.1927. SCIENCE. Fr. Paul. 1929. 1990. + JESUIT B. ART. +. Portugal and Naples. he was Procurator General of the Society of Jesus. 1989. A copy of the proposed Brief of Suppression of the Society of Jesus.RELIGION WORLD DAY OF THE SICK Our Lady of Lourdes optional memorial. l947 to l962. 1773. 1928. JESUIT 1915.

He also was on th e staff of America magazine. 1997. 1691. JESUIT 1866. February 13 CHRISTIANITY RELIGION . + Scripture scholar. age 77. are expelled from Haiti. age 79. Richard McCormick. 1958. Robert A. wrote Notes on Moral Theology for Theological Studies. a priest. Jean Renoir + 2000. February 12 CHRISTIANITY .J. Immanuel Kant + 1809. He is the author of The Practic e of the Presence of God. and many books on moral theology and medical ethics. 1931. B. 1997. under Diocletian in the year 304. S. Abraham Lincoln 1809. SPORT T. Brother Laurence of the Resurrection dies. Prussia. Friedrich Schleiermacher + theologian/philosopher. Charles Darwin 1909. HISTORY. B. 1950. Cotton Mather B in Boston. Francis X. CULTURE.J. 1834. and lasted five years. She was the fifth wife of Henry VIII. He was a composer and director of liturg ical music. SCIENCE. dies. Joseph Bonsirven.J. Editor of Jesuit Missions. 1979. with help of Marconi. Taught at seminaries. Originally from Carthage. Creator and writer of Peanuts cartoon for 1964. age 78. + missiologist and spiritual writer. S. S. The Jesuits. 1954. Graham. dies. Life is Worth Living debuts on Dumont television. and the second Koenigsberg.Sheen. 1542. Vatican Radio is established by Pius XI. Kosciuszko Day. Catherine Howard to be beheaded. painter. ART. 2000. starring Bishop Fulton J. + A scientist. Calvert Alexander +. Association for the Advancement of Colored basketball star at USF and Boston Celtics. 1967. 1977. 1952. +. Alexander Peloquin. S. he was martyred in Rome. Saturninus. Pierre Charles.J. Pope Pius IX wrote a papal brief in favor of La Civilta Cattolica. 18 Canadian Jesuits. an expert on the relation of Pope Pius XII to the Nazis. He wrote Praye r of All Men/Things/Times. Roser. age 84. colonial theologian. Hans Urs von Balthasar leaves the Society to work with laity. 1804. He is an historian of Vatican diplom acy. 1934. S. dies. he worked on the measurement of rad ioactivity in Brazil.Pedro Leturia as first director.RELIGION St. NAACP (National People) is founded. dies.8:30. Charles Schulz almost fifty years.J. It shows from Tuesday 8:00 . Bill Russell B. 1663.

Bombing of Dresden. Ecce Homo. at the Messenger of the Sacred Heart from 1894 to 1946. S. Augustine. HISTORY. His theory of the composition of matter foreshadowed in part modern atomic theory. Br. The New Orleans Province is informed that it is assigned a mission in Sri Lanka. Memorial. Strong opponent to aparthei d.J. monk. Murtala Mohammed. 1974.1728. Archbishop Denis Hurley of South Africa dies. philosopher and scholar. priest and martyr. Jury in New Jersey finds Bruno Hauptman guilty in the kidnap and death of the child of the Lindberghs. 1790. bishop. He served as an administrator and printer. 1787. 1883. 1958. 1946. 1956. writer on St. Boston Public Latin School is founded. RM 1983. (Age 74) February 14 CHRISTIANITY . 1880. He was the first Bishop of Santa Fe. ART. Eric Mascall +. The death of Robert O Connell. A decree of the Parliament of Paris gives the Society legal existence in France. Richard Wagner +. Ignatius. Father Andrew Oviedo. John La Farge. the oldest public school in the USA . scientist. and a promoter of devotion to the Sacred Heart.RELIGION Cyril. who after having cured and instructed many persons. Valentine's Day. Fires. an d featured in Death Comes for the Archbishop. 1400 planses.J. 1945. and one Jesuit theologian is killed. dies. St. in the time of Emperor Claudius. At Milan died Father Roger Boscovich. a preacher. He was an artist and a papal knight. Claude Ramaz.J. He is pictured on a banknote in Croatia in 1993. SCIENCE. 1999. 2004. is assassinated in an abortive coup JESUIT 1557. 1585. Alfonsus Salmeron. George Rouault + 87 years old.000 are killed. CULTURE. an illustrious mathematician. At Rome. Anglican theologian and ecumenist. the birthday of St. S. was beaten with clubs and beheaded. Cotton Mather + Puritan theologian. albeit with severe limitations. hinting at a field theory approach to physics. The French Constitutive Assembly suppresses monastic vows. 25. 1888. 1976. Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn is expelled from the Soviet Union. is born at Newport. . +. He was among the most famous scientists in Jesuit history. The decree was dated March 12. He was the youngest of the first companions of Ignatius. and envoy to Ireland. The two top floors of the theologians house at Milltown Park go up in flam es. Rhode Island. Eventually he is executed. 1949. 1935. and Methodius. At Paris he was appointed "Directeur de la Marine". and astronomer. 1562. of Fordham. theologian. Valentine. He was a pioneer in color printing for Catholic magazines. S. recently consecrated bishop and Patriarch of Ethiopia set sail from Goa for his new see. on the Flaminian Road. leader of Nigeria. age 87. SPORT 1635. His mission to Prester John was a special interest of St. Archbishop John Baptist Lamy dies.

CULTURE.RELIGION At Rome. + Thomist philosopher and theologian. Singer. and catechetical renewal i nitiated by Vatican II. He was a German humanist and reformer. and dies a few days later. Johannes Hofinger.P. SPORT 1779. She fought for equal rights for women. concerning whom the apostle Paul wrote to Philemon. "Boom. 1984. JESUIT Galileo B. SCIENCE. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago as seven of Bugsy Moran's gang are gunned down. boom" Geoffrion B ice hockey star. a leader of the movement after Luther's death. Philip Melanchthon B. Anthony B Adams. 1982. 1497. 1820. + theologian on sacraments. 1861. one of the only four US Catholic pacifists during World War I. jazz piano. he is injured by stones.J. Mass. on February l5th. Pisa. 1941. 1966. blessed Onesimus. JESUIT 1656. 1965. 1944. O. Bernie. pastoral. 1929. + in New Orleans. 1932.HISTORY. Frank Leahy becomes coach at Notre Dame. professor at Woodstock. CULTURE. Herman Baving. SPORT 1564. 1931. He founded the East Asian Pasto ral Institute. and pioneered in liturgical. ART. The death of Ben Salmon. Leon Spinks wins an upset decision over Mohammed Ali. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange. 1978. Italy. General William Tecumseh Sherman (March to the Sea) dies. the death of Fr. Pope Lucius II dies. continually exhorted the masters in the colleges to promote among their scholars devotion to the guardian angels. The French novitiate at Montrouge near Paris was sacked by revolutionaries convinced that the novices there were practicing small arms drills in preparation for the Society=s conquering France. SCIENCE. Captain Cook is stabbed to death by natives in the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii). One of his sons was a Jesuit priest. Revolutionary. 1964. Nat King Cole +. and friend o f Luther. 140 USA B 17 planes bomb the famous monastery at Monte Cassino. .J. the only pope to be killed in battle. The St. when provincial of the Lower Rhine. S. Alfred North Whitehead B. HISTORY. 1831. a German who. S. February 15 CHRISTIANITY . Leading an assault on the Capitol. Paul Palmer. New RM 1144. At Cologne. He was bishop of Ephesus after Timothy. ART. Camillo Torres +. Susan B. 1891.

He wrote on the history. suddenly appears alive and well. the death of Fr. He was a theologian and writer of a 30 volume history of Spain. S. the General. February 16 CHRISTIANITY . the 6th President. culture. At Valladolid died Ven. a Renaissance man. King Tut's tomb is opened. Cardinal Braschi was elected Pope Pius VI. the last survivor of the Irish Jesuits of the Old Society. and Great-grandson of John Adams. Michael's Church there. called th e Pliny of the New World.J. Pope Paul III signs a papal bill establishing a confraternity. +. Thomas Betagh. expressed a wish to remain in prison. he desired the release of Fr. justly renowne d for his holiness of life and his ascetical writings. S. Theologian. 1775. 1600. S. 1959. He was the Spiritual director to St. In Rome the Jesuit prisoners in Castel S. optional memorial. a Spaniard. Fr. 1961. committed to prison in con nection with the Oates' Plot and banished from the country. Pere Chamillard. priest + 1682. and for two years chaplain in Engla nd to the Duchess of York. Janani Luwum. Joseph and the Shroud of Turin. General Acquaviva. dies. Angelo were restored to liberty. HISTORY. Jose Acosta. but Charles III of Spain in sisted on their detention. At the end of his life.J." to run the House of St. Leonard Feeney is officially excommunicated. He was then arrested. He wrote on St. and fauna and flora of Peru. 1985.St. . Fr. aged eighty. At the Suppression he opened a Latin school in Dublin and became curate of St. Fr. the German Assistant. CULTURE. Ricci. "Compagnia della grazia. At Dublin. 1732. Claude La Colombiere. Martha for wayward women. George Ganss revealed his first plan for the Institute of Jesuit Sourc es.RELIGION 1953. 1776. He had been dismissed from the Society of Jesus in 1949. 1624. Juan de Mariana dies. 1811. Chicago. sindologist. ART. SPORT 1838.J. He is the Author of Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres. Father Louis de Ponte. who had been reported by the Jansenists as having di ed a Jansenist and working miracles. 1923. he was involved in politics and became opposed to Fr. Father Romberg. Fidel Castro becomes the leader of Cuba. 1624. the 2nd President. Henry Adams B. SCIENCE. Boston. The Anglican Archbishop of Uganda. Margaret Mary. is murdered by Idi Amin for his opposition to him. A former pupil of the Society of Jesus. He was a missionary. He is the Grandson of John Quincy Adams. 1977. At Toledo. JESUIT 1543. and his assistants from the prison in Castel San Angelo. Francis Filas.

Augustine Ellard. Moliere. dies in Paris. February 18 CHRISTIANITY .J. will be executed four days later for opp . is burned to death publicly in Rome as a heretic. He was a convert to RCC at age 29 and a translator of the Bible. two months after the opening of the Council of Trent. Italy. The Congregation for Sacred and Divine Worship notes that henceforth Teresa of Avila is to be known as Teresa of Jesus (her name in religion). 1900. cosmologist and scholar. 1688. B. for his leadership for justice and human rights. Romano Guardini B in Verona. Krishnamurti +. Giordano Bruno. The Scholasticate at Grand Coteau. S. 1978. 1865. age 51. seventyseven days after death. hours after playing the leading role in hi s play. the Imaginary Invalid. HISTORY. Ronald Knox B. the man who had banished the Society from Portugal in 1759. Spiritualist philosopher. 1970. Georgetown University confers a degree on Archbishop Oscar Romero in the C athedral of San Salvador. ART.RELIGION 1546. SCIENCE. JESUIT 1553. SPORT 1673. 1943. 1986. 1832. arrested. + One of the three founders of Review for Religious. Seven Founders of the Order of Servites 1600. 1888. Jesuits returned to Portugal. where one of their earliest tasks was to pre pare and preside at the services for the as-yet unburied body of Pombol. LA burns and is left in ashes. CULTURE.RELIGION optional memorial. He wi ll die a martyr for justice. Martin Luther dies. 1885. Quakers file their first formal protest against slavery.February 17 CHRISTIANITY . Hans and Sophie Scholl. 1984. Heinrich Heine. 1856. Xavier's coffin is opened and his body is found incorrupt. Ernst Troeltsch. dies in Paris age 58. poet.

Copernicus B. A physicist. The death of Miles Coverdale. SCIENCE. 1942. director of the Vatican Observatory since 1970. British conquer Benin City in Nigeria. 1928. 1967. Crete. 1906. 1688. The vacuum cleaner is patented by H. Robert Leiber. N. ART. He was the translator and publisher of the first complete Bible printed in English. 1571. George Gipp B (win one for the Gipper). At Rome the opening of the First School of the Society in Piazza Ara Coeli. which soon developed into the famous Roman College. 1978. and his father was a Jesuit for eleven y ears. 1901. 1564. he invented the electric battery. HISTORY. SPORT 1455. Michelangelo B. William Kellogg sells the first cornflakes. 1998. 1895. Harry Caray dies. eventually the Gregorian University. age l6 wins Olympic Gold medal. Kazantsakis B. SPORT 1473. S. 1897. It was first developed as a health food for psychiatric patients. Patrick Treanor. He was a Professor of History at the Gregorian University. Michelangelo + Genius. February 19 CHRISTIANITY . the Greek. Die Weisse Rose. A Group of Spanish Jesuits is murdered by Indians in Chesapeake Bay area after six months of activity.J. SCIENCE. age 58. ART. Zorba. . Quakers file the first formal protest against slavery. The death of Gunther Bornkamm. who continued updating Pastor's History of the Papacy. voice and first fan of the Chicago Cubs: Holy Cow! JESUIT 1551. This leads to the withdrawal of Jesuits from ther e as well as Florida. He was a Jesuit for a brief time. 1478. Cecil Booth. Alessandro Volta is born. 1990. +. and plunder the Benin bronzes. Roosevelt on the removal of 120. and remove the Oba. 1946. Fra Angelico B. HISTORY. New Testament scholar. CULTURE. Sonja Henie.RELIGION 1568. It is called a dust removing suction cleaner.osition to Hitler. Presidential order of F. 1745. Archbishop Spellman made a Cardinal.D. CULTURE. 1883.000 Japanese in California to detention camps is issued. The death in Rome of Fr.

Unio Cleri Hungarici. He was the unifier and leader of t he exiled. Joseph Auger at dinner table. He is Cardinal Pecci. He entered the Society in 1757. James Walton died. 1984. Inigo's. 1942. 1919. Stanislaus. who arranged the embassy. 1647. During the Suppression. He had been a fellow novice with St. modernist. Frederick Douglass +. in defiance of the penal laws. theologian. February 20 CHRISTIANITY . Br. and a Jesuit for only l4 years. he faithfully guarded the property of the Society which had been invested chiefly in his name. Three Japanese princes sailed from Japan for Rome to pay homage to Pope Gregory XIII. He would reign for 25 years. St. He was only 37 years of age. scholar. The election of Father Claude Acquaviva as 5th General in the Fourth General Congregation. 1906. fully confident that the Society would one day be restored. Liberator. She was an evangelist and faith healer. CULTURE. Omer by ship. About 100 made the trip annually . HISTORY. abolitionist. The death of Fr. Ignatius commits a grave crime in Azpeitia. George Tyrell. a former pupil of the Soci ety at Viterbo and the Roman College. He was general under 8 popes. Pope Leo XIII is elected. He used to send Catholic youth to S t. Fr. JESUIT 1581. Kathryn Kuhlman dies. was sent to Maryland in 1766 and labored for 36 years. Maryland. 1803. SCIENCE. 1962. At. Andre Gide dies age 81 in Paris.1951. ART. accompanied them as far as Goa. Phil Esposito. Fr. dispersed Hungarian priests. John Glenn becomes the first American to go into orbit. 1984. B. Ice Hockey star. on his 75th birthday and almost 50 years of service at the Curia under four Generals. National Catholic Welfare Conference is called into being. 1582. SPORT 1895. leaves the Society of Jesus. 1976. Nikolaus Ory. and a process begins against h im.RELIGION 1878. Cuthbert Prescott dies in prison. Valignani. JESUIT 1515. Fr. General honors Br.

He has been called "the bloodstained chief of the gladiators. full of days and merits." He held eight bishoprics and several abbeys and benefices.. He had also been a tertian instructor. Genicot. the martyrdom of Robert Southwell after he had suffered brutal tortures in Topcliffe's house and in prison. + Life of Jesus. Peter Abelard dies. and stressed territorial conquest and the patronage of the arts.J. He had been Master of Novices for 40 years and wrote that golden work The Practice of Christian Perfection. HISTORY. Malcolm X is shot and killed in New York City. The death of Pope Julius II. Fr. familiar to many novices." 1965. it is not "for the old lady in Dubuque. + He was an historian and expert on the Chinese Ri tes Controversy. Cardinal Rafael Merry del Val dies. 1995. . explains. S. At Seville died Father Alphonsus Rodriguez. 1900. 1984. bishop and doctor optional memorial. 1896. 1925. from the Ranchi and Calcutta Provinces.J. Fr. 1947. Lord Mountjoy.J. A Man for All Seasons. The first issue of the New Yorker appears on the stands. The death of Fr. February 21 CHRISTIANITY .RELIGION Peter Damian. The Maryland Provincial David Nugent announces that the province is being given the Jamshedpur Mission. exclaimed: "May my soul be one day with that of this man. one of the most influential spiritual works ever written. Harold Ross. 1922. He had been Vatican Secretary of St ate. England. 1986. Maas. John Henry Newman B. 1801.J. Pope John Paul II creates forty four new cardinals. ART. W. President Nixon visits China. S. SPORT 1907. founder and long time editor of The Way. 2001. 1513. later a Cardinal.H. There have been 50 editions in Spanish. S. JESUIT 1595. Francis Rouleau. Anselm of Canterbury + He wrote Cur Deus Homo. S. As he breathed his last. 1109. He embraced the gaoler who brought him word that he was to be executed. + Professor of Moral Theology at Louvain. At Tyburn. B. and was then excommunicated. Robert Bolt + playwright. and it has been translated into twenty four languages. founder and editor. 1142." 1616. Anthony J. 1927. 1972. Henri de Lubac. Auden B in York. for he had reached the 90th year of his age and the 70th in the Society. CULTURE. He had been a teacher and lover of Heloise. S. and Provincial from 1912-18. including Cardinal Avery Dulles. age 44. who presided over the execution. James Walsh.J. theologian. SCIENCE.

Alre ady in the Gesu. Peter's. historian +. Jonas Savimbi. announces its opening. SCIENCE. 3rd translation of the body of Ignatius. CULTURE. Hitler. met together to settle. it is placed under the main altar in the same urn as now. anti-Marxist. SPORT . Encyclical of Pope John XXIII. The martyrdom at Sendai. Dom Godfrey Diekman. a Jesuit school was opened. February 23 CHRISTIANITY . It begins the next day. Paul Bussard +. Julius "Doctor" Erving B. who ministered to miners in the northern islands of Japan until the local ruler turned against the Christians and killed Carvalho by exposing him in the frigid waters of a river. The sign read s: Classes in Grammar. dies. ART. founder of ICEL. 1983. bishop and martyr 1867. ambitious figure. 1819. 1624. He was accused of profiteering on grain during a famine. Pope Gregory VII excommunicates Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV. HISTORY. ART. Basketball star. 2002. 1622. He founded the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (CICM) Scheutists. SCIENCE. James Russell Lowell B. Theophilus Verbiest dies in Mongolia. 1962. Chopin B. PETER. 1810.Woolworth opens first five and dime store in Utica. The Dakotas." Nothing came of it. 1599. Hans and Sophie Scholl executed. indebted to the support of Francis Borgia. History and 15 vol. Montana and Washington join the United States. 1943. HISTORY. who interfered in the installation of clerics. 1950. 1892. promotes Latin. one of the greatest Jesuit schools. College Lou is-le-Grand. 12 before his cnonization. Edward (Ted) Kennedy B.F.S. he wrote a four vol. Fr. SPORT 1732. APOSTLE Feast. 1889. He was a member of the Society of Jesus between the years 1848-1852. He had vainly tried to succeed Pope Gregory the Great.RELIGION Memorial. the controversy "De Auxiliis.B. Edited Die Weisse Rose vs. UNITA rebel leader in Angola. CULTURE. Leader of liturgical renewal. if possible. Polycarp. No Tuition. 2002. The Father of American Catholic Church history. Dictionary of Native American Languages. and Christian Doctrine. is killed after thirty five years of struggle. His funeral procession had to detour outside the city walls to reach St. NY. with other Fathers of both Orders. Fr. Pope Sabinian + Papal abdication was extorted from him. By Clement VIII's order. JESUIT 1551. against much opposition.W. of James Carvalho. George Washington's Birthday. 1076. The Roman College. the Generals of the Society and of the Dominicans. At Paris. Veterum Sapientia. 1879. John Gilmary Shea. Japan.RELIGION CHAIR OF ST. Co-founder of the Catholic Digest. the Humanities. 606. It beg ins with 15 teachers and 60 students. age 93. now the Gregorian. 1564. 1932.February 22 CHRISTIANITY . O.

Keats + age 25 of TB in Rome. 1945. He was a peritus at Vatican II. All Jesuit provincials assemble at Villa Cavaletti at the request of the Pontifical Delegate.J. age 86. It is heretical to say that the sun is the center of the world system. writer. near the Spanish Steps. The freeing and rescue of 76 Jesuits and others from the Philippine intern ment camp. scholar. S. S. sociologist. 1982. 1947. February 24 CHRISTIANITY . Joseph Fichter. 1582. He was a mathematician and expert historian on the construction of ships and naval warfare. dramatist. Ignatius to Claudius. 1994. is razed. The Holy Office decides against Galileo. editor of Clergy Monthly for 33 years. 1821. doctor?" 1960. Flag raising on Iwo Jima. 1980.1865. William J. HISTORY. It is captured in a famous photo by AP photographer Joe Rosenthal. ART. 1700. Pope Julius II issues a bill condemning the practice of dueling. and meet until March 3rd. His final words reputedly were "was it the sausage. A letter from St. Paul Claudel + poet. 1953. The death of Andre Dubus. SPORT 1500. CULTURE. Handel B Messiah. + writer and translator of Ignatian/Jesuit spirituality. as USA troops take over. age 62. Paul Hoste. Catholic author.RELIGION 1509. + age 99 in India. 1984.J. 1970. teacher. SCIENCE. He was a German born British composer. S. The Independence of Mexico is proclaimed. Joseph Putz. 1821. home of the Dodgers.J. Opus Dei is approved by the Holy See as the first Secular Institute of Pontifical Right. 1999. theologian. Gregory XIII reforms the Julian Calendar which moves New Year s Day from March 25th to January lst. The birth of Charles V. Eric Heiden wins his fifth Olympic Gold Medal in speed skating. Fr. He served as Stillman Professor of Roman Catholic studies at Harvard University. Brooklyn. 1616. urging re union with the church of Rome. 1868. Ebbets Field. Dezza. JESUIT 1546. 1945. 1555. Siege of the Alamo begins.J. Young. LeJay is one of the theologians commissioned at Trent to draft the decree on Scripture and tradition. Holy Roman Emperor. S. 1836. . dies. + age 85. the Emperor of Ethiopia. William Dubois B Educator and writer.

JESUIT 1637. HISTORY. Fr. On this day.RELIGION 1536. is assassinated in Mokame. He leaves a large donation to the University of the South. 1988. JESUIT 1571. S. The Impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson begins. Theodore De Theux. At Naples died Father Francis Pavone. New Testament scholar. City. 1983. ART. He is eventually acquitted. February 25 CHRISTIANITY . TV evangelist Jimmy Swaggart is suspended on a morals charge. S. India. 1591. playwright. after he had exhausted every means to conciliate her. Their superior is Fr.Y. Francis Borgia is sent by Pius V with Cardinal Alessandrino into Spain and France to try to induce the sovereigns to form a league against the Turks. He died in N. The excommunication of Queen Elizabeth by Pope St.J. accidentally choking to death. Strasbourg. Pius V. SPORT 1964. and also . 1979. Joachim Friedrich Ritter von Spee. 1868.1848. + philosopher. Oscar Cullman B. This status gives the mission the privilege of having its own novitiate. SCIENCE.J. USA. B. He was the author of Christ and Time. 1969. Fr. 1570. Francis Louis Martinsek. 1902. Cassius Clay (later Ali) KO's Sonny Liston in the seventh round. General Roothaan s letter declaring Missouri an independent mission (from Maryland) finally reaches the Missouri Jesuits. He wrote poetry. He communicated this to the 15 members of the Society in the West. and the entire class of Poetry embraced the Religious State. Inflamed by his words and holy example. He was born in Pennsylvania. Karl Jaspers. Sutter discovers gold in California. Tennesee Williams +. 1831. CULTURE. Jacob Hutter burned + . sixty of his class of Philosophy.

1986. to show competition to the Ford automobile. 1848. Johnny Cash B. 1990. He was a Reformation historian and a Lu theran scholar. Hitler launches the VW .Volkswagen. At Rome died Father Angelo Secchi. This helps lead to his canonization. against trials and executions of witches. Russia. Ranavalona I forbids Christianity. 1931. He is honored with a bust in the the Pincio. Poland and Germany. Lebanon by stray shell fire. Brooklyn Dodger pitcher. 1878. . John Houle. The Oriental chapel in the Curia in Rome is blessed and dedicated. age 77. Victor Hugo B. SPORT 1802. but the church continues to grow.RELIGION 1835. He taught physics at Georgetown and general spectral classification of the stars at Observatory. Preacher Roe. sculpture and science. 1984.J. He is a born again Country and Western singer. With all his labors he found time to write 24 books on history. JESUIT 1611. Colleges and seminaries were opened by him at Cracow. 1936. Poet and playwright. the leading modern Concellaria and on made the first the Vatican 1932. February 26 CHRISTIANITY . Fr. 1932. employed by Gregory XIII on many important embassies to Sweden. The Queen of Madagascar. Hartman Grisar dies at Innsbruck. Prague. one of astronomers. ART. CULTURE. Braunsberg. A Defender of human rights. Karl Marx. publishes The Communist Manifesto. James Finnegan. S. 1915. At Ferrara died Father Anthony Possevino. New York Province. in London. Philippine dictator President Marcos flees the country. S.J. and Vilna. Olmutz. B. is killed in Beirut. is cured of a heart condition through the intercession of Blessed Claude LaColombiere. HISTORY. age 69.Cautio Criminalis. SCIENCE.

called the Catho 1971. SCIENCE. 1985. 1982. Philosopher. A. An attack on the life of historian. during this interim stage. 1633. CULTURE. is occupied by Sioux Indians.RELIGION 1759. He is wounded. February 28 CHRISTIANITY . his TV show for children ran from 1968-2000. John Steinbeck B. Novelist: The Grapes of Wrath. Paul Ricoeur B. a crusader for human rights. from succeeding to the throne. JESUIT 1585. Fr. Portland. French Roman Catholic Modernist. the First Roman Emperor to be converted . a Protestant. S. General Acquaviva wrote a severe letter forbidding members of the Society to meddle with politics after Fr. Tacchi-Venturi in the parlor of th e Jesuit Residence in Rome. Anne Line dies a martyr. ART. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow B. 1823. Ernest Renan 1857. SPORT 1807. Maine. 1928. He is lic Modernist at Harvard (1915-1947). George Herbert +. . Loisy B. and a poet. The birth of Constantine the Great. Union de France) sought to hinder King Henry of Navarre. Pope John Paul II addresses Jesuit provincials at Villa Cavaletti. 1902.RELIGION 200. Pope Clement XIII grants permission for the bible to be translated to all languages of the Roman Catholic states. and Anglican priest and pastor. Religious critic. 1767. Poet. she helped in hiding priests. Fr. Mathieu and the League (Ste. between Superior Generals. Fred Rogers of Mr. Wounded Knee. Roger s Neighborhood. A Presbyterian minister.February 27 CHRISTIANITY . 1973. B. A married woman. South Dakota. A secret decree of Charles III banishes the Society from Spain and seizes its property. 1601. 2003. dies.. Professor George La Piano dies at the age of 93. St. HISTORY. West German TV shows film on life of Friedrich Spee. 1977. 1913. It takes effect on April 2nd when troops will take over properties.J. The New Rite of Reconciliation is initiated in the USA.

and allows its members to be ordained before the solemn profession. CULTURE. essayist. JESUIT . 1573. benignitate. 1957. William Ward. + London. which his predecessor. It exempts the Society from choir. missionary. 1976. It began in the Oregon Province a nd has inspired similar ventures around the Jesuit world. 1994. 1916. Nigeria. Olof Palme is shot and killed in Stockholm. ART. SCIENCE. 1988. Outspoken critic. and the first to be buried there. CULTURE. The birth of Ann Lee. S. Prime Minister of Sweden. JESUIT 1534. SPORT 1533. Henry James +. pastoral worker. St. is born. Michel de Montaigne B. Pius V had imposed. Gioacchino Rossini. Archbishop Thomas Roberts. age 72. the first Jesuit to die in Nigeria. London. February 29 CHRISTIANITY .J. Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) is founded.HISTORY. The death of Paul Ramsey. HISTORY. S. the founder of the Shakers. composer. Gregory XIII's Brief Ex Sedis Apost. Pierre Favre is ordained a sub-deacon in Paris. SCIENCE. It remains an unsolved issued.J. 1986.RELIGION 1736. ART. a Christian ethicist. + Lagos. SPORT 1792.

1815.the first American appointed to head a Roman Curia. David +.000 are deported to the papal states. George Herbert dies. 1927. Pius XII appoints Cardinal Stritch to head the Vatican Office for the Prop agation of the Faith . the first US National Park. St. Without warning or trial. 40.March 1 CHRISTIANITY . Anglican poet and clergyman. Theologian. Matthias Joseph Scheeben B. Harry Belafonte B. 1958. Gelasius I becomes pope. 1932. composer. the American Assistancy of the Society is set up.RELIGION 492. It consists of the existing American Provinces then . At the 26th General Congregation. SCIENCE. Chopin B. 1915. Girolamo Frescobaldi + Rome . is established. Pope St. He was elected the same day as his pred ecessor died." 544. 1810. SPORT 1643. 1872. Feast in Wales. ART. He is the first to speak of the Pope as the "Vicar of Christ. Congress grants Georgetown University the power to confer degrees. Yellowstone Park. Charles III expels the Jesuits from Spain. Lindberg's son is kidnapped. age 70. 1835. 10. Strit ch died less than two months later in Rome. age. CULTURE. JESUIT 1767. 1633. HISTORY.

CULTURE. D. 1810. Henry I. Missouri. JESUIT 1591.H.RELIGION 1955. later becomes Pius XII. Methodist theologian. St. Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 points against the NY Knicks. For 26 years. He was a former Jesuit. ruler. Schubert Ogden B. Pius XII is elected Pope. 1930. 1928. and serves as po pe for 25 years. remarkable for his fervor and great delicacy of conscience. grandson of Pope Paul I II. McKenzie + age 80. New Orleans. Mikhail Gorbachev B. Lives of the Saints). 1923. Eventually he becomes Pope Leo XIII. Scripture scholar. 1928. Mel Ott B. Hillaire Belloc lectures at Woodstock College. Maryland on Catholicism and Civilization. King in Bamberg. 1909. SPORT 1793. Sam Houston B. Saint Mother Catherine Drexel dies at 96. he constructed hiding places for priests.J. March 2 1791. Dictionary of the Bible. . US prohibits the importation of slaves. Fr. 1931. 1606. "Little John" is martyred in the Tower of Lond on. a learned Spanish theologian. 1962. married to St. and repeats his profession of obedience to the Holy See. HISTORY. great benefactor of the Society and founder/builder of the Gesu. and California. and serves for 19 years. preacher. Brother Nicholas existence: Maryland-New York. the death of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese. Thomas Gannon is named the first American 1937. 1876.RELIGION Assistant. 1807. Eugenio Pacelli B. "Perhaps no single p erson contributed more to the preservation of the Catholic religion in England during the Penal Times than Nicholas Owen". street minister. John Wesley + CHRISTIANITY . pacifist. At Vilnius died Fr. Baseball hall of famer Time magazine makes its debut. Methodist reformer. Texas Independence Day. A Letter of Cardinal Billot in Etudes clarifies why he resigned from the cardinalate. Gioacchino Pecci B. (Butler. Two Edged Sword. March 3 CHRISTIANITY . 1939. 1589. ART. Anthony Arias. Feast Day in new RM and US A. At Rome. SCIENCE. age 45. S. Cunegunda. John L. She founded the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament for work among Indians and blacks. 1991. Lawrence dies of TB.

The First Companions gather to write the Constitutions of the Society in conformity with the Bull of Approval. "Regimini Militantis Ecclesiae. optional memorial. with charity for all". the first to be inaugurated in the new capital. 1888. Casimir CHRISTIANITY . 1865. after long and terrible suffering. 1983. saying that the Church had not his equal in learning. HISTORY. as the first woman elected." The first encyclical letter of Pope John Paul II. CULTURE. Robert Southwell. Aloysius caught the infection through serving the plague-stricken in the hospital "della Consolazione".1928. Penn is granted lands. ART. CULTURE. 1931. SPORT 1917. 1591. SCIENCE. 1678. At Tyburn. Antonio Vivaldi B." of Paul III. with the motto. HISTORY. The Star Spangled Banner becomes the official national anthem. The first Constitutional Congress is held in the USA. At Rome during a great pestilence.RELIGION +. 1801. 1595. . SCIENCE. Redemptor Hominis. JESUIT 1541. SPORT 1681. St. Clement VIII raised Robert Bellarmine to the Cardinalate. Thomas Jefferson is inaugurated. 1595. Deus Meus Rex. ART. Hans Kueng B. John Cardinal Krol + age 85. "Redeemer of Humankind. President Lincoln delivers his second inaugural. Arthur Koestler and his wife die. 1789. "with malice toward none. The charter of Pennsylvania is signed. Fr. after a mutual suicide pact in London. Washington. March 4 1484. 1996. Knute Rockne B. He was appointed Archbishop of Philadelphia in 1961. dies f or his faith. 1979. Representative Jeanette Rankin takes her seat in Congress.

on the "Iron Curtain. 1982. 1911. 1904. 1933. General Arrupe appoints Victor Mertens as the first Regional . HISTORY. Speech of Winston Churchhill at Fulton. England. The 3rd Lateran Council meets. who triumphed over the ageless Serpent after many injuries which he suffered for the name of the Redeemer. President Roosevelt's first inaugural. Mama Africa. Boston Massacre. 1777. John Belushi + comedian. He gave new life and vigor to the Bollandists.1932. Cardinal Walter Kasper is born. This is the first religio us journal published in the USA. JESUIT 1540. S. Simon Rodriguez sets out for India. of drug overdoes. Karl Rahner. S. 1887. That triumph is still manifested to the people in our day. St. Mirian Makeba B. The Volt a unit of the electromotive force that dr ives current.RELIGION At Antioch. 1946. Mercator B. there were seven popes and three anti-popes. In the past forty years. by Queen Mary of Portugal.J. Volta. was named in his honor. the power of the venom disa ppears and he is immediately cured. Thomas Pond died. 1743. Francisco Fernandez. G. "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself". His term was 33 years long. SCIENCE. the 22nd General dies. He was a Physicist who in vented the electric battery." 1953. ART. and his father was a Jesuit for eleven years. 1770. At Belmont. 1971. Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastadio +.J. 1540. mapmaker 1558. JESUIT The Novena of Grace begins on this day. Ignatius wrote a letter to Jesuits in Spain on religious perfection. General Beckx. to reform the hierarchy. He is the first Jesuit missionary. Disgrace and dismissal from office of Carvalho (Marquis de Pombal) the Society's bitterest enemy. He held power for 29 years. Fr. Mo. Phocas. known as Queen. At Lisbon Fr. +. 1933. B. He was among the first to introduce Jesuit missioners into England. Joseph Stalin dies. CULTURE. Fr. Simao Rodriguez is cured of fever on receiving the embrace of Francis Xavier. Charles de Smedt. in Boston. Age 33. SPORT 1512. RM 1179. 1827. Theologian. First issue of the weekly The Christian History. Smoke tobacco is introduced into Europe by the Spanish doctor. Singer. 1547. He was a Jesuit for a short time. for if any one stung by a snake t ouches with faith the door of the martyr's basilica. British soldiers fire. five killed. March 5 CHRISTIANITY . 1615.

1933. He is the first Ugandan Jesuit pries t. Letter from Fr. Ledochowski to all provincials urges the definition of the dogma of Mary as Mediatrix of All Graces. Bellarmine had left nothing undone to prevent the latter's promotion to the Cardinalate. 1982. teacher at Fordham University. SPORT 1475. Independence Day.J. RM. ART.the Alamo falls. Genius.RELIGION . Dred Scott Decision of the US Supreme Court. HISTORY.. He w as a pioneer in the psychological testing of candidates. Joseph. a Roman Catholic issues it. 1980. he died in prayer. General Acquaviva to the whole Society. Philosopher. March 6 CHRISTIANITY . Conon. and opponent to Hitler. The death of Fr. and falling to his knees. feast of St. Ayn Rand. Missouri Province purchased White House Farm . He was compelled to run before a chariot. dies. Martin Niemoller +. 1836. 1941. with the Farm serving as the Pr esident=s home. 1832. and a friend and benefactor of the Society. Louis. At Coimbra the obsequies of Carvalho were performed by Father Philip Delvaux. JESUIT 1603. SCIENCE. Willie Stargell B. martyr. Baseball slugger. He entered the Society as a priest in 1961 and then worked and died in Zimbab we.Assistant for Africa. Ghana is the first African State after Liberia to declare its independence from Britain. Peter Kavuma. Alamo Day . March 7 CHRISTIANITY . 1922. It was so called because of a post Civil War movement to transfer th e national capital from Washington to St. Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney.RELIGION In Cyprus. Psychologist. +. Louisa May Alcott. New York City. 1857. 1957. It becomes the site of a retre at center. abolitionist. Michelangelo B. Pastor. The decree goes into effect on 19 March. CULTURE. A letter of Fr. Blacks are not considered citizens. 1888. Age 77. William Bier. with his feet pierced with nails. 1984. the body having remained unburied since May 5.J. St. dies in Boston. 1782. Pacifist. representing that he and Fr. S. 1996. S. writer.

P. optional memorial.. Joe Frazier beats Mohammed Ali in a decision. 1274. writer. Archbishop Thomas Roberts. 1855. Catholicae Fidei. It would open two and one half years later. The telephone is patented by Alexander Grahem Bell. CULTURE. the Reading Rifle. SCIENCE. The Fight. S. The Brief of Pius VII.J. He learned he was Arch bishop of Bombay from a reporter. some of which are directed against Thomas Aquinas. 1876. The birth of Pope Clement XIII. Swiss women are allowed to vote. Perpetua and Felicity. at Sasaram in Patna/Bihar. CULTURE. a strong defender of the Society. . Jean Pierre Caussade. Dodger right fielder. 1971. 1277. Memorial. Marie Joseph Lagrange O. He opened the Ecole Biblique and Revue Biblique.J. ART. 1675.202. legalizes the Society of Jesus in Russia. B. Second Confirmation of the Society of Jesus. A liberal bishop. Abandonment to Divine Providence. Tempier.. Father of Roman Catholic Biblical movement. 1968. The Encyclical letter of Leo XIII Magni Nobis to the USA bishops establishes the Catholic University of America. as Ali tries to make his comeback after being stripped of his title because he was a conscientious objector. the assassination of Fr. Thomas. A Decree of the Fifth General Congregation binds the Professors of the Society to adhere to the doctrine of St. HISTORY. SPORT 1875. JESUIT 1581. Bishop of Paris condemns 219 propositions. 1893.J. religious. 1693. 1867.RELIGION John of God. 1922. 1971. parish priest. March 8 CHRISTIANITY . Matthew Mannaparambil. 1889. In India. 1801. 1980. Thomas Aquinas +. S. is born in France. martyrs +. Carl Furillo B. B. succeeding Cardinal Spellman. HISTORY. Maurice Ravel B. S. Pope Paul VI appoints Terence Cooke as Archbishop of New York. ART. SPORT International Women's Day. SCIENCE. Issuance of the corporate charter of Woodstock College. aged 42.

1918.J. S. B. Merrimac. Napoleon Bonaparte marries Josephine. The Diet of Augsburg. 1890. CULTURE. and lived to be over 100 years old. 1978. Monitor vs. De Doctrina Sancti Thomae magis. or it ends in a draw after a five hour battle. A Decree is issued whereby the Society of Jesus loses the property of the Holy House of Loyola. writer. 1996. JESUIT 1568. In the previous year. SPORT 1796. Jeronimo Nadal Diego Ledesm a hold public disputations with the Reformation leaders. Chess Genius. Creator of Mike Hammer. S. Mickey Spillane. Mircea Eliade B. Nicholas Guadan. world champion. 1836. He was the editor of the London Tablet for more than thirty years. B. 1982. Fr. President of Catholi c Biblical Association. Comedian with Gracie Allen. HISTORY. disguised as a peddler. The Yankee Clipper. Claude Francois Menestrier. 1631. He wrote a classic history of ballet. 1764. Oswald von Nell-Breuning. was married once to Marilyn Monroe. Jean Cardinal Villot +. ART. all Jesuits who refused to abjure the Institute were ordered . and novelist. Joe DiMaggio dies. The Monitor is forced to withdraw. March 9 CHRISTIANITY . Scripture scholar. Letter of Fr. In France. Les Ballets ancient et modernes (published in 1682). entered Scotland as a papal nuncio to strengthen Mary Queen of Scots in her allegiance to the faith. He was Vatican Secretary of State under three pop es. S. 1979. They were appointed by St. He was an expert in the social teaching of the Church. The Birthday of Aloysius Gonzaga in his father's castle. age 84. from Brooklyn. B. 1862. optional memorial. 1074. Peter Canisius. 1916.J. + in Rome. Historian of religions. Douglas Woodruff dies. the Society was dissolved in Spain. Pius V. 1907. 1566. Hit in 56 consecutive games. and wrote the commentary on the Psalms for the Anchor Bible. Bobby Fischer. JESUIT 1558. Mitchell Dahood. 1943. B. and created a ballet for King Louis XIV.J.RELIGION Francis of Rome. Germany. Brooklyn. Pope Gregory VII excommunicates all married priests. SCIENCE. magisque in Societate fovenda. religious. George Burns dies at the age of 100. General Ledochowski.1999.

Fr. 1960. He was the first African-American priest to hol d the rank of pastor in the more than 200 year history of the Catholic Church in St. Emeric is our patron saint. S. and spent 40 years in an Albanian prison. 1840. of Boston. 1876. in a civi . Anton Luli. 23 scholastics and 25 brot hers.from Charles II 1969. ART. Alabama. entered the Society. dies at the age of 88. Louis.000 members only five Priests. Penn gets charter . John Ogilvie dies a martyr of Glasgow. Response of Father General Ledochowski on the use of automobiles: "De usu ahedae "automobilis". pleads guilty to the murder of Martin Luther King. James Reeb. 1925. JESUIT 1541. two Scholastics and eight lay-Brothers took the required oath.J. He was a professor of philosophy at Fordham. . Missouri is made into a Vice Province. with Peter Verhaegen as the first v ice provincial. SPORT 1454. Matthew s church in St. including the Fr. They can be used for the greater glory of God. Ignatius and Codure begin writing the Constitutions. First telephone is used in Boston. Rev. dies.RELIGION 1314. The rest were driven into exile. Chester Gailer. March 11 CHRISTIANITY . Missouri. S. He was converted by Cornelius a Lap ide. but never merely for recreation. Its members totaled 71. come here. New England Province Novitiate. Jacques de Molay. 1615. Louis . Quentin Lauer. Harriet Tubman + Black liberator. 1956. 1913. She worked with the Underground Railroad in her 90's. three priests. is beaten and killed by whites l rights disturbance in Selma. including much of it in sol itary confinement. A fire at Shadowbrook. At Naples a mob threatened to massacre the Jesuits unless they left the ci ty at once. age 79. 1848. He was an Italian missionary t o Albania. and thus St. Minister who was trying to phone the fire department. March 10 CHRISTIANITY . 1998. HISTORY.J. 1997. SCIENCE." Th ese are the words of Alexander Graham Parliament to quit the realm within a month. Four die. one brother. I want you. the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar. Amerigo Vespucci B. 23 fathers. James Earl Ray is sentenced to 99 years. "Mr. is burn ed at the stake in Paris. He gave his name to America. CULTURE. who would become pastor of St. 1965. Out of 4. and a scholar on Hegel.RELIGION 1681. Watson. abolitionist.

J. SPORT 1847. 400 will die result. pat saint of orchards and conservation. Frs. The Girl Scouts are founded. shown to the king. 1914. At Naples 114 members of the Society. CULTURE. as a 1938. CULTURE. the great blizzard begins. S. ron 1888. 1985. who along with Edmund . Gandhi begins his march to the sea. 1604. Charlie Parker + modern Jazz. Potential baseball superstar. SCIENCE. In New York City and Eastern USA. Gregory I (Gregory the Great) dies.HISTORY. At Madrid. 1985. 1848. Thomas Corbishley. At St. 1930. HISTORY. Ralph Emerson. the prime ministers of France and Spain . Ignatius. and purporting to come from the General Ricci alleging Charles II to be illeg itimate. clamou ring for the expulsion of the Jesuits. Thomas de Lorrain and Bernard Recio. SCIENCE. At Madrid. They were requested to take it to someone in Rome. 1955. an excited mob gathering in front of the Jesuit College. SPORT 1912. Jonathan (Johnny Appleseed) Chapman dies. Paschase Broet. JESUIT 1767. JESUIT 1524. 1962. lecturer. ART. Inventor and Industrialist. 1976. It contained a lett er forged by de Choiseul and de Aranda. George Westinghouse B. whose previous affection f or the Society was converted into bitterest hatred. + British writer. He was a preacher and the . Pope St. Gorbachev succeeds Chernenko in Russia. defying and protesting the salt tax. ART. were put into carts and driven ignominiously out of the city and kingdom. the "Salt March". 1820. one of the first ten companions of Ignatius. Omer s died Br. received a sealed parcel said to come from the nuncio. March 12 CHRISTIANITY . is ordained a priest long before he met St. Daryl Strawberry B. after much suffering.RELIGION 604. Eugene Ormandy + conductor. leaving for the Pro vincial Congregation in Rome. Both priests were arrested on their journey and brought back prisone rs to Madrid. Hitler begins the Anschluss into Austria. The forged document.

(with St.RELIGION The governor of Tennessee signs a law that it is unlawful to teach any theory that denies divine creation as taught in the Bible. after dinner speaker. 1599. that fertile field of martyrs. Gannon. "Approbo Societatem Jesu i n Alba Russia degentem. Teresa of Avila and Philip Neri and Isidore. + educator. JESUIT 1538. age 75. Herschel. Auguste Coemans. On this day Pope Pius VI expressed his approval of the Society in White Russia. The birth of John Berchmans at Diest in Flanders. S. He was a Spanish priest who died in Padua. S. Franz Cardinal Koenig. Kennedy proposes the Alliance for Progress for Latin America. Diego Hozes. 1977. . He was President of Fordham University... HISTORY. 1783. Ignatius and Francis Xavier by Pope Gregory XV. +. 1622.J. Susan B. S. 1906. The death of Cornelius a Lapide. approbo! 1964. He wrote commentaries on all books of the Bible except Job and the Psalms. A suffragist and feminist. S. S. He is the author of Commentary on the Rules of the Society of Jesus and he prepared the new edition of the Epitome. the husbandman or farmer) 1633. The planet Uranus is discovered by W.J. 1939. Alban Goodier. + Archbishop and spiritual writer. 1568. Approbo. Robert I. Bruno Bettelheim dies of suicide. visits the Gregorian University.. The first Jesuit to die. March 13 1925.J.Campion and Robert Parsons were the first Jesuits to enter England .J. ART.J. One of the leaders of Vatican II. Rutilio Grande. CHRISTIANITY . aged 86. +.J. A child psycho1ogist. an alumnus. Strong on interreligious dialogue. Anthony. S. 1940. Scripture scholar. (even if the Society was not yet officially approved). of Vienna dies. Father John Segura with five companions set sail from Spain for Florida. CULTURE. At Rome the solemn canonization of SS. + Rome. John F. age 98. SCIENCE. 1978. 2004. saying in an audience. Pope Paul VI. 1990. a pastor in El Salvador and champion of the campesinos is murdered on his way to celebrate Mass.. (Nine Jesuits were killed between 1566 and 1571). SPORT 1781. 1960.

Philosopher. in poverty. who in 1814 restored the Society throughout the world. March 15 CHRISTIANITY RELIGION At Paris the birthday of St. co-founder with St. 1540. SPORT 1864. HISTORY. Truth and Method. age 102. named the first United States Cardinal. 1800. 2002. Vincent de Paul of the Society of the Daughters of Charity. Albert Einstein B. B. 1883.RELIGION In the province of Valeria. She died on this date in 1660. Francis Xavier. and spoke of the Horizontsverschmeltzung. CULTURE. was ready the next day. SCIENCE. were heard singing psalms even by their enemies. He had received the licentiate one year earlier. who were hanged on a tree by the Lombards.J. ART. John McCloskey. which became his regular title. "Injunctum Nobis" confirms the Society of Jesus. RM 1937. 1976.A. 1544. CULTURE. The Bull. 1920. ART. Fr. told by Ignatius to prepare to leave for the Indies. SPORT . JESUIT 1535. Alban de Jerphanion (age 75) professor. is killed in Beirut. Casey Jones. a Benedictine. 1985. "On the Present Position of the Catholic Church in the German Empire. Pope Pius XI issues Mit Brennender Sorge. S. Lebanon. 1879. the election of Pope Pius VII (Cardinal Chiaramonti). Train Engineer. St. Archbishop of New York. and although dead. Nicolas Kluiters. Karl Marx dies in London. age 64. Hans Georg Gadamer dies. Louise de Marillac. he needed only sufficient time to have his poor soutane mended. His studies and exams ended 1534. Missouri Province tells Fr. 1875. At Venice. is kidnapped in Lebanon. This gives him the right to be called Master Ignatius. parish priest.Ignatius Loyola receives his diploma for the M. General it is sending six men to work in Patna. SCIENCE. and allows more than 60 to be professed fathers. two saintly monks. St. 1891. The Motu Proprio of Leo XIII founds the Vatican Observatory (Specola Vaticana). India." HISTORY. at the University of Paris.March 14 CHRISTIANITY .

the holy martyr Papas who was scourged. pioneer. Goncalo da Silveira strangled by Mahometans in Zimbabwe. Ignatius. age 77. Joseph Fitzpatrick dies. 44. Hinkley. SCIENCE. had his flesh torn with iron hooks. 1632. Ohio. and died while celebrating Mass. George Ohm is born. My Lai.The ides of March . +. He represents the state of Arizona in the Statuary Hall at the Capitol Building in Washington. In leaving this world to go to God. who studied on his knees. In Austria. BC. Vietnam. in New York. 1842. Richard Smith dies. He attended Xavier H. Eusebio Kino. 1977. 1893. ART.S. William . mathematician. wrote a Mass when 13 years old. 1995. 1711. A sociologist. Luigi Cherubini + Church composer. 1845. Antonio "Argentina" Rocca. Luis Gonzalez Camara + Lisbon. A physicist. He was a professor of theology and he edited the Review for Religious from 1959-75. S. 1968. the great theologian. and was compelled to walk with shoes pierced with nails. More than 300 civilians are massacred. Sister Anna Dengel B. At Seville. S. Buzzard's Day. 1797. CULTURE. Caesar is murdered by Brutus and Cassius. cartographer. She founded the Society of Catholic Medical Missionaries. The first martyr of sub-Saharan Africa. SPORT 1787.J. West Point is established. President George Washington holds a public reception at Georgetown University. He was a professor of math at the Jesuit College in Cologne from 1817-33. 1933. 1995. expert on Anglican orders. ecumenist. At Monomotapa. and was finally bound to a barren tree. he was a professor at Fordham University.J B. 1575. he was opposed by Arab merchants. Bernard Leeming S. He set up the first seismograph in the USA and was the inventor of the electric seismograph. called the father of American seismology. From 1553-55 he took dictation of the Autobiography of St. an expert on Hispanics in the USA. he rendered this same tree fruitful. Johnny Appleseed +. 1802.J + in California. the death of Father Diego Ruiz. The unit of measuring resistance is an ohm. JESUIT 1561. wrestler of the 50's. Lt. the martyrdom of Fr. He worked in Mexico and Arizona. HISTORY.RELIGION In Lycaonia. He is the author of commentaries on the Gallic Wars. RM 1892. Columbus returns to Spain. missionary. 1493. famed for Ohm s Law.beware. The death of Frederick Odenbach. March 16 CHRISTIANITY .

Ignatius' parting words were. Amos Alonzo Stagg + age 102. Philippine President Magsaysay is killed in a plane crash. At Paris. 1652. In Canada. Goswin Nickel is elected General in succession to Fr. 1965. one of the martyrs of North America. "First Lady of American Theatre. 1990. chosen in Father Nicholas Bobadilla's place left Rome for the Indies. 1988. S. General Kolvenbach meets Commander in Chief Fidel Castro in Havana. the very recital of which makes one shudder. The French Parliament pass Jules Ferry's Bill for the closing of all the Society's houses and colleges in France. March 17 Patrick.. 1993. Dodger center fielder. begins as Prime Minister of Israel.Cally. held responsible 1988. The ambassadors of France. age 70. Xavier. Golda Meir. S. 1969. 1667. 1780. JESUIT 1540. among the Iroquois." Creative football coach at the University of Chicago for four decades. Fr. HISTORY. Fr. Gottifredi. Pete Reiser B. St. ART. Joseph Sebes. . Cuba. Gabriel Lalemant. CULTURE SPORT 1919. He dies one day after Jean de Brebeuf. Fr. Helen Hays + Actress. bishop CHRISTIANITY . "Ite omnia incendite et inflammate. who died six weeks after his election.J.RELIGION optional memorial. + Chinese scholar and professor at Georgetown University. the death of Felipe Labbe who wrote a 17 volume collection of the decrees of Church Councils. an estimated 5000 are killed by Saddam Hussein by poison gas. and Portugal try in vain to force Pope Pius IV to confirm the brief of Suppression and to excommunicate the Jesuits in Russia. Jean de Brebeuf died a glorious martyr after a series of horrible tortures. 1649. In Iraq. Alessandro Valignani founds a Jesuit college in Japan.. Jr. Spain." 1649." JESUIT 1581.J. 1957. SCIENCE. dies. 1880. "The Grand Old Man.

but only baptism. King. Fr.Rabbit series of novels. These Jesuits were sent by Fr. after teaching grammar for 40 years.first ecumenical counil held in the West. At Villagarcia. Diego do Soveral. C. Provincial of Portugal. + writer. S. The first space walk. US and British forces invade Iraq. Martindale. They landed a t Pinda. S. Joseph T.J. Bismarck resigns. at the request of the King of Kongo supported by the King of Portugal. in England.000 Catholics who had kept the faith for 200 years with no priest. by Leonov Aleksei. Edward. March 18 CHRISTIANITY . Jacome Dias and a scholastic. Frs.1865. Jorge Vaz. and made their way two days later to Mbanza Kongo. Pelitjean discovers 50. to oust Saddam Hussein and search in vain for weapons of mass destruction. As Japan opens up. 1455. Canisius leaves Rome to found a college in Sicily. S. They were four in number. March 19 CHRISTIANITY RELIGION . 12l2. ART. Cristovao Ribeiro. First Lateran Council opens in Rome . 1956. She was 18 Years old. Jesuit historian. Simon Rodrigues. the capital of the kingdom of Kongo.C. Clare flees to a chapel where St. In new RM 1123. on command. Francis cuts off her hair and clothes her as a penitent. It settles the right of investiture. St.J. Walter Stokes. John Bonifacio. CULTURE. 1606. in Spain. 1963. and is ejected from the chancery. The arrival of the first Jesuits missioned in Africa. 1965. Fra Angelico + Italian monk and painter. 1548. the right of the ch urch to choose replacements for the clergy. bishop and doctor. Optional memorial. Author . Pietro Tacchi-Venturi. SPORT 1890.J. St. HISTORY. 2003. + in Rome. I Was Chaplain on the Franklin. 1969. + Philosopher.J. + Congressional Medal of Honor winner for his heroism in 1945. 1932. O'Callaghan.RELIGION Cyril of Jerusalem. JESUIT 1548. pastoral theologian (Cyril Charles) 1964. S. SCIENCE. John Updike B. Over 1000 bishops and abbots attended. died Fr.

he was found by Stanley in 1871. HUSBAND OF MARY Solemnity. At Barcelona. famed US law officer. HISTORY. SCIENCE. JESUIT 1523. Encyclical letter of Pius XI. being thrown into the Moldau in Bohemia. The African Assistancy of the Society of Jesus is created. At Rome the death of Fr." 1866. HISTORY. ART. writer for Review for Religious. Uncle Tom's Cabin. SPORT 43. lay theologian. 1897 Frank Sheed B. 1991. Cardinal Vaughan founds the Mill Hill Missionaries. He had been the first European to enter Tibet. Joachim of Flores +. SPORT The swallows return to Capistrano mission in California. 1571. Livingston. CULTURE. ART. John Nepomucin dies. James Terry. 1634. 1848. 1970. Bobby Orr. 1889 Albrecht Ritschl +. "Dr. B. JESUIT 1616. Lost to the world. Poet. 1937. When he was a scholastic . a Scotsman.JOSEPH. writer. Borgia orders the Jesuits to withdraw from the Florida mission. 1715. on Atheistic Communism. anti-slavery book is published. SCIENCE. Peter Claver is ordained priest in the Cathedral of Cartagena. "Shake the dust from your feet. 1852. BC. Paul VI establishes a Commission for Migration and Tourism. canon lawyer. CULTURE. Wyatt Earp is born. Ignatius reputedly appeared to him and told him to study less and pray mor . St. David Livingston B. by Harriet Beecher Stowe. In the new RM 1866 John Keble +. St. 1770. 1948. The condemnation of the Chinese Rites by Pope Clement XI. S. 1813. The social nature of Christianity. 1201. This proved disastrous to the Chinese mission.J. March 20 CHRISTIANITY RELIGION St. There were 1600 Jesuits in Africa. Professor at Woodstock College from 1940-66. The first book to sell one million copies. Joseph Gallen. B. Antonio de Andrade + in Goa. publisher. 1727. seeing little or no fruit of their labors. Ice hockey superstar. Divini Redemptoris. Ignatius embarks for Jerusalem. Ovid B. I presume . Isaac Newton +. Johann Christian Friedrich Holderlin. 1971. Scottish missionary and explorer." 1597. + age 88.

A massacre in which 69 are killed. Benedictine monk.RELIGION 547. 1999. The second Disputatio de Auxiliis before Pope Clement VIII took place between Fr.e. Selma. A friend of several popes.J. DC 9. S. Horacio de Ia Costa. and founder of the North American Missions. St. destroy draft files in protest against the Vietnam . Bishop Al Jolson dies at the age of 65. CULTURE.RELIGION 1758. ART.. 1899. he was the only layperson officially at Vatican II. martyr. Jonathan Edwards +. O. with 3000 marchers and Martin Luther King. Draft Resistance. France the origin of the Cistercians on this day. Kenny Washington signs with the L.A. 1622. March 22 CHRISTIANITY . Nicholas Arnaya. he was appointed bishop of Reykjavik. His his feast is July 11. 1098. the first black in the moder n era. preacher. 1977. The Civil Rights March begins from Selma to Montgomery. Robert. Thomas Cramner + Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury. Rams. 1994. South Africa. Benedict dies on this day. Vincent Huby. 1969. JESUIT 1602. From the New England Province.J. Martindale who was already a novice. Teacher.J. founds the monastery in Citeaux. Jules Lebreton.C. Thomas de Lemos. Spring Equinox occurs today or close to this day. He founded the Confraternity of the Perpetual Ad oration of the Blessed Sacrament. HISTORY. and Fr. Historian and theologian. had been provincial and then assistant to the General in Rome. The death of Jean Guitton. Iceland. 1556. In Mexico died Fr. He joins C. S. 1873. an d of Icelandic heritage. SCIENCE. S. 1685. He is burned at the stake during the reign of Queen Mary. on rest there to complete his novitiate. At Paris the death of Fr. one of the brightest ornaments of the Society in America. 1965. Johann Sebastian Bach B. age 97. and missionary to the American Ind ians. 1960. 1693.P. Teilhard de Chardin enters the novitiate at Aix en Provence. SPORT Vernal. Gregory de Valentia. Alabama. 1946. St. B. March 21 CHRISTIANITY . Sharpeville. a great apostle and promoter of th e devotion to the Sacred Heart. French philosopher. + Philippine Jesuit historian.

Fr. dies a martyr. Johann Wolfgang Goethe + Weimar. Possevino a nd other Jesuits worked at effecting a reconciliation of the king with Rome.RELIGION Turibius de Mongrovejo. give me liberty or give me death. He died on this day in 1066. Peru. March 23 CHRISTIANITY . He followed his two sons into the Society of Jesus and they serv ed his first Mass." 1857. Boston.gunned. He worked for the compesinos. ART. HISTORY. CULTURE. 1594. JESUIT 1585. Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issues its second "lnstruction on Christian Freedom and Liberation. He was a reformer and a defender of the Indians in Lima. Their first meeting in over 400 years. Francis Perez died at Antwerp. Luis Espinal. In Rome. N. 1986. CULTURE.J. ART. 1983. Fannie Farmer B. 1888. in Bolivia. and issue "A Common DecIaration" on cooperation and dialogue. SPORT 1775. beaten and machine. better known as Star for me. Henry IV took possession of Paris after a prolonged siege. Berdyaev +.. SCIENCE. SPORT 1832." HISTORY. The English Football league is formed. Patrick Henry's speech at the Virginia Convention: ". bishop.. Fr. journalist. 1948. 1980. SCIENCE. The Archbishop of Canterbury and Pope Paul VI meet in Rome. the three Japanese ambassadors were received by Fr. 1655. . 1966. General with great solemnity in the Society's Church of the Gesu. His final words were "Mehr Licht" (more light). S. aged 48. age 82. Optional memorial.War. He was born on Christmas Day and died o n Good Friday. Strategic Defense Initiative. President Reagan announces the SDI.

1965. In Selma. 1980. ART. At Rome. 1918. CULTURE. 1582.JESUIT 1555. He dies two days later. Mary is declared by Pope Benedict XV to be the principal patroness of all aviators. The death of Pope Julius III. Joseph de Guibert. 1656. Westminster Abbey. He was a benefactor of the Roman and German Colleges. when dying. At Watten. Annual day of fast and prayer in memory of martyred missionaries. 1396. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow + in Cambridge. They were removed from the direction of that establishment. HISTORY. Among the companions was Matthew Ricci and Michael Ruggieri. The decision of Pope Alexander VII allows Christians to participate in C hinese funeral rites. in view of the transferral of the Holy House of Loretto . American JESUIT 1522.RELIGION 752. 1920. At Lisbon. Archbishop Oscar Romero is assassinated while celebrating Mass in El Salva dor. 1564. Walter Hilton +. Pope Stephen II is elected. the Jesuit astronomer and mathematician. SCIENCE. A Brief of Pope Pius IV establishes the Tridentine Index of (forbidden) Books. 1624. . mystic. the Civil Rights March ends. Christopher Clavius. a cause of grief for the Society. Pope Gregory XIII signed the papal bull for the reform of the calendar. Mass. SPORT 1882. 1942. Ignatius begins his vigil at Montserrat.J. 1772. Cardinal Marefoschi held a visitation of the Irish College and accused the Jesuits of mismanagement. March 24 CHRISTIANITY . contributed grea tly to the fashioning of the new Gregorian calendar. Fr . S. 1578. The Ladder of Perfection. The first honored with a bust in Poet's Corner. the shortest reign of any Pope. besought the novices to reject any thought against their vocation as a diabolical temptation. Rodolf Acquaviva and 13 companions embarked for India. Canadian women receive the right to vote. Father Thomas Stephenson. + Expert on Jesuit spirituality.

He becomes a popular evangelist. JESUIT 1522. one of the first Missouri Province Jesuits who went to Indi a in the 1920's. 1968. St. Catholic writer 1987. one of them a Jesuit. Flannery O'Connor B Savannah. Arturo Toscanini B. Encyclical Letter of John Paul II. B. Scottish theologian. S. not far from St. 1657. Redemptoris Mater. Claude Achille Debussy +. March 25 CHRISTIANITY . March 26 CHRISTIANITY RELIGION 1886. 1409. God Was in Christ." 1347. +. St. A convert to Catholicism. The First Sodality of Our Lady of Fatima Prima Primaria was started at the Roman College by a young Belgian Jesuit. influential 19th century Protestant theologian. 1925. At Richmond. Felice Cappello +. 1563. Philosopher of Science. Ignatius hung up his sword near Our Lady's altar. Howard Cosell B. the commemoration of the good thief who confessed Christ on the cross. Mother of the Redeemer. Billy Sunday gives up his baseball career (left fielder for the Chicago White Sox) following his conversion to Christ. New RM 1643. 1881. Virgil Barber. Sports broadcaster. At Jerusalem. The Eudists founded. Clement Isle. arrives in Maryland. known as "the Confessor of Rome". 1962. his wife and five children become religious. Fr. John Baillie B. 1822. during which many Jesuits and others suffered martyrdom for their faith. Encyclical Letter of Pope Paul VI Populorum Progressio. Jean Leunis. and who deserved to hear from Him these words: "This day thou shalt be with me in Paradise. Ignatius Church. now CLC. Day in honor of the Unborn. dies. after a long reign of 45 years. Inigo's. and after a night vigil swore to serve only Christ and His Mother. the Congregation of Jesus and Mary. Margaret Clitheroe dies on this day.1603. . Andrew White. First Council of Pisa assembles to depose two rival Popes. Mass said on St. on the Development of Peoples. 1918. It elects antipope Alexander V. At Montserrat. Paul Dent.J.a pressed to death. 1890. 1922. 1586. 1967. ART. It is approved by bishops on April 27th. 1980. Instruction/Letter of Father General Ledochowski on the use of the telephone. died Queen Elizabeth. Paul VI approve new statutes for Sodalities. Albrecht Ritschl B. River Potomac. 1920. No general permission is given to scholastics to use the phone. SCIENCE. Catherine of Siena B. HISTORY. SPORT 1867. and no phones in private rooms. 1634. This is the beginning of Catholicism in English speaking America). 1920. The launching of the Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America (Marykno ll). S. CULTURE. 1847.RELIGION ANNUCIATION Solemnity. in Surrey. Bartok B.J. composer. The last of the Provincial Letters of Paschal is published. 1911. Stephen Toulmin B. GA. for hearing confessions at St.

Paul Kennedy. + Tertian Instructor at St. age 76. 1980. Michael Lavelle. S. 1953. Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship promulgates the New Edition of the Roman Missal. 1988. 1968. Ignatius' golden letter on Obedience is sent to the Fathers and Brothers of Portugal. ART. Sadat. CULTURE. His last words to Father General were: "Laetor quod in Societate morior. SCIENCE. Bishop of the suburban see of Palestrina. 1923. 1983.RELIGION 1329. Carter. 1693.J. N. HISTORY. E. also served as representative at the UN. Charles Maigrot is negative on inculturation in China and reverses the earlier decision which allowed participation in Chinese funeral rites. An economist. Roland Barthes + critic. He once said We are all fakes. HISTORY. St. Promulgation of the condemnation of 28 propositions of Meister Eckhart (he had died a few years earlier).J. March 27 CHRISTIANITY .1970. 1900. 1869-75. DC. 1958-74. Senator from NY. Shusako Endo B. 2003. 1874. A man of remarkable spiritual insight. At Rome the death of Cardinal Camillus Mazzella." He was the first Dean of Woodstock College. 1859. SPORT African Liberation Day. in Camden. SCIENCE. Beino. Patrick Scanlan + Managing Director of the Brooklyn Tablet from 1917 to 1968. CULTURE. Robert Frost B in San Francisco. JESUIT 1553. Jonas Salk announces the development of polio vaccine. Beethoven B. Roman Catholic novelist. dies. and Begin sign a peace treaty in Washington. S. most intelligent of all senators. SPORT 1827. Japanese. 1892. 1979. . Daniel Patrick Moynihan.J. Churchman and Civil rights proponent. Paul Hallinan + 1st Archbishop of Atlanta. Dr. An instruction of Msgr. he had been President of John Carroll University and Provincial of Detroit. with its General Instruction on the Roman Missal. Tennessee Williams is born in Mississippi. 1995. A. Housman B . the Camp David Accord. Walt Whitman + age 72. ART. He opposed the liberal elements in the American and European churches. 1911.

At Messina died Fr. . "Father of the Blues". Liturgical scholar.C. Thomas Evans. being the first "Blackrobe" seen among them since the Suppression. Hardy +. was suppressed. is confined to a hospital for the second time. Francis Borgia. Dwight D.RELIGION 1285. St. writer. PanAm and KLM jumbo jets collide on runway in Tenerife. an Englishman. 1987. 2004. Helena erupts. Marc Chagall + Russian born French painter. 1941. John XXIII establishes a commission to revise the canon law. novelist on Chicago. age 29. Maria von Trapp + The Sound of Music. She lives until 1938. Cardinal Rugambwa appointed Cardinal. The saint entered the Society soon after her death . 1915. He converted from RC to Anglicanism. Typhoid Mary (Mallon) a cook in N. March 28 CHRISTIANITY . age 59. the Duchess of Gandia. humorist. 1708. CULTURE. and 574 die. By a decree of Pope Clement XI the convent of Port Royal. Pope Martin IV dies suddenly. 1977. Among the North American Indians. l5l5. 1939. 1840. suicide. First African Cardinal 1963.. producer. age 74. Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen B. HISTORY. and wife of St. 1958. The death of Peter Ustinov. Three Mile Island nuclear plant emits radioactivity. 1965. Nelson Algren B. 1587. a nest of Jansenism. The spanish Civil War ends with Franco's capture of Madrid. 1960. in particular because of Humanae Vitae. 1969. He had suffered imprisonment for his defense of the Catholic faith in England. 1980. 1976. the river O W. reformer of the liturgy dies during the newly restored Easter Vigil ceremony. by walking into the water. SCIENCE. reputedly after eating too many eels from Lake Bolsena. Canary Islands. 1979. ART. SPORT 1909. JESUIT 1546. Odo Casel. Eisenhower +. Mount St. Virginia Woolf +. X Rays. Louis Blues composer. The death of Dona Eleonora.1845. Theresa of Avila B. Michigan. John Cogley + journalist. use. Father Peter de Smet was welcomed with great joy.Y. 1948. Actor.

baseball star. Peru. Charles Wesley + He composed over 7200 hymns. Fr. HISTORY. poet. Coca Cola first goes on sale. SCIENCE. JESUIT 1523. S. is killed in Madagascar. 1880. Imprisoned by Communists. 1882. 1988. on Palm Sunday. 1913. P. 1848. 1945.J.RELIGION 1772. "Song of My Heart". with a false passport. with John McCormack.JESUIT 1528. in asylum. Death of John Keble. the trial of Fr. 1892. 1979. Brazil. 1606. S. He will spend two years away from Rome. the originator of the Oxford Movement to renew Anglicanism. General Roothaan flees from Rome in disguise. Ignatius arrives in Rome for the first time. As a "Brian Tonic" it claims to relieve exh austion. CULTURE. theologian. falsely accused of complicity in the Gunpowder Plot. 1932. March 30 CHRISTIANITY . Napoleon bans the slave trade. Ted Klusziewski + age 63. Camp David peace accord reached.. he is freed in 1956. 1788. The Imperial Ministry of Education in Japan gives permission to open Soph ia University. 1568. Four months later he leaves for Jerusalem. Duke Ellington.RELIGION . First 6 Jesuits arrive in the Americas at Salvador (Bahia). Cardinal Josef Mindszenty B Hungary. led by Manuel de Nobrega. SPORT 1815. Jazz. 1988. Claude Jay. dies. 1974.J. London. Eight Jesuits reach the port of Callao. ART. 1886. one of 10 companions is ordained priest in Geneva. Emmanuel Swedenborg + London. Jean de Boisseson. age 84. in Hungary. 1866. 1549. The Knights of Columbus are founded and chartered by the General Assembly of Connecticut. March 29 CHRISTIANITY . and then lives 15 years at the American Embassy. At the Guildhall. First talkie movie shown at Woodstock College. Henry Garnet. Walt Frazier B basketball star. Decree in France orders the dissolution and dispersal of Jesuits within three months. sent by Francis Borgia. Anglican priest.

journalist. John Donne. ART. Karl Rahner. The Holy See empowers Georgetown University to confer ecclesiastical degrees in philosophy and theology. and S. Andrea. whom the priest Amasias frequently had scourged. Alaska is purchased for $7. feast The Ladder to Paradise. TV presenter. Poet and Anglican priest. RM 1492. 1631. he died there and was buried with his family. the holy prophet Amos. March 31 CHRISTIANITY .2 million. Ozias. age 80. Being carried half dead to his own country. At Rome the fathers and scholastics of the Roman College.N. Kelly + 87. is founded in Rome and entrusted to the Society. 1984. + theologian.J. and Dictionary of Popes. the Gesu. 1870. SPORT . Early Christian Doctrines. pierced his head at the temples with an iron spike. + London. SPORT 1853. Vincent Van Gogh B. JESUIT 1545. age 53. that Jews in spain must be baptized or go into exile. John Climacus. he read on BBC 2869 Letters from America. 1823. Thomas the Apostle. were dispersed by the Revolution. At Meliapore. age 95. The 15th Amendment. ART. SCIENCE. The Pontifical College. Sr. 1990.Black American Franciscan sister and leader dies of canc er. reporter. CULTURE. Seward's Folly. 1934. that priest's son. 1848. HISTORY. author of Early Christian Creeds. J. is ratified. Thea Bowman. 1997. HISTORY.D. 2004. the right to vote. Pio-Brazil. Royal Edict of Ferdinard II. S. Francis Xavier came on pilgrimage to the tomb of St. Alistair (Alfred) Cooke dies. He was an Anglican theologian.St. CULTURE. S. SCIENCE. Eusebio.RELIGION At Tekoa in Palestine.

1 1650. Mexico City. Louisiana radio station opens. Admiral Perry in Japan signs a treaty that opens up Japan to the west. 1835. John LaFarge B.. yet he never knew any woman by sight.RELIGION Feast of St. was a Jesuit. 1966. Jesuits had been expelled on February 12. in Stockholm. 1917. He died in 1948. 1924. father of Jesuit John LaFarge. F. 1889. dies in prison in China. Jesuit Cardinal Francis Ehrle + Theologian. The Eiffel Tower is completed. Gordie Howe B. imprisoned. Frances Martinez. 1986. since he had never looked them in the face so as to know them. 1854. The Mysteries of Christianity. D. Ice Hockey All Star 1980.P. Maurice. University of Chicago. Rodriguez relates that Surius relates that "he was so extremely cautious in this matter of looking at women. JESUIT 1548. Octavio Paz B. Gerhard Kittel publishes the first fascicle of his Theologisches Worterbuch zum Neuen Testament. Phili p Descartes. J. Scott Joplin +. he reorganized the Vatican Library.1596. SCIENCE. 1732. begins to write Mein Kampf. Richard Mckeon + Philosopher. Anthony Corduba. Christian socialist. CULTURE. April 1 CHRISTIANITY . Morgan + 1914. 1932. Black athlete. Olympic Champion. rector of the College of Salamanca. composer of ragtime.. track and field. Haydn B. 1872. historian. SPORT Fool's Day. writer. 1858. that. 1913. 1985. He was the first Chinese admitted to the Society by Ricci. eight years after Ricci's arrival. Society of Jesus is officially allowed to return into Haiti. He is known as the Father of modern philosophy. 1925. 1767. HISTORY. except one ugly old crone that was a servant in his house. 1606. Eugene V. in London. He received Jesuit education for 10 years at the Royal College at La Fleche. One of his nephews. Blessed Dom Columba Marmion. ART. B. Hitler. Matthias Sheeben B. The Society is suppressed in Spain by the Bourbons. Artist. begged Ignatius to admit him into the Society so as to escape the cardinalate which Charles V intended to procure for him. Fr. in Touraine and died in Feb. 1922. though he was bishop more than 50 years.. Bishop of Grenoble. + theologian. It was completed in the late 1960's. Poet and critic.J. He was a philosopher and mathematician. Jesse Owens +. 1928. theologian +. Karl Adam. Hugh. Rene Descartes B. Debs + ." 1835. WWL. S. at Loyola University 1934. 1964.

Actor. The death of Matthew Casimir Sarbiewski.JESUIT 1767. Brussels: hagiographer. The first movie theater opens in Los Angeles. S. Lainez. Hippolyte Delehaye. Stanislaus was then a novice. which spoke of him as illegitimate. where St. a famous Jesuit preacher. 1941. 1872. Joseph Schneller dies in Vienna. Andrews approves the charter for Boston College. St. He invented the telegraph. aged 17. Hans Christian Andersen B. 1896.April 2 CHRISTIANITY . 1640. and signed by the six companions present in Rome: Ignatius. 1917. . S. At Rome. Governor John A. Charles III ordered the arrest of all the Jesuit Fathers and the sequestration of all their houses and goods. Broet. 1984. HISTORY. 1802. St. He would die young at the age of 15.RELIGION Francis of Paola. Salmeron. Denmark. 1917. +. Georgetown University wins the NCAA Basketball Championship. SCIENCE. All the Society's Colleges and houses in Spain were occupied by troops. Charter of the first Catholic women's college in the USA. Jeanette Rankin becomes the first USA woman in Congress.J. 1568. College of Notre Dame. called the Polish Horace because of his poetry. John Thompson is the coach. Alec Guinness B. Codure. 1842. Italy. ART. 1914. SPORT 1805. the entrance of Blessed Rodolf Acquaviva. 1902.J. President of the Bollandists from 1912 to 1941. 1767. convert to Catholicism. who lived for 47 years in the desert. and is one of the patrons of altar servers. President Wilson asks Congress to declare war on Germany. and one of the founders of the National Liturgical Conference. Samuel Morse +. 1963. being enraged against the Society by a forged letter of the General (the work of De Choiseul). and Jay. and the Jesuits dragged to Cartagena to be shipped as exiles to the Papal States. A First edition of the Constitutions approved. CULTURE. Gerald Ellard.J. Dominic Savio B. JESUIT 1541. and also wrote anti-Catholic a nd anti-Jesuit literature. Optional Memorial. + Liturgist. hermit. 1863. He died on this day in 1507. Mary of Egypt. into the noviceship of San Andrea. S. Baltimore. In Spain.

Dowling. The death of Fr.RELIGION Isidore. German Requiem. George Herbert B. Missale Romanum. in 1985 he was invit ed to work for and be an actor in the film. CULTURE. He died on Easter Sunday. friend of Bill Wilson.J.1994. during the persecution of Maximian Galerius. it yields to the telegraph. Clergyman and poet. in Cartagena. 1948. +. April 4 CHRISTIANITY . Joseph Pignatelli was expelled from Spain along with all other Jesuits there and at age 30 began his career of holding together a suppressed Society. After 18 months. SCIENCE. S. 1920. 1860. Petrus Claver. age 42. F. H. 1960. by his Apostolic Constitution. Jerome Nadal. Pony Express begins operation. + who had been a student at Paris with Ignatius and Xavier. the martyr St. JESUIT 1583.J. 1767. Anthony Lawn. Basically a prison chaplain. HISTORY. Patrick's Cathedral New York City. Composer. Edward P. Charlemagne B. 1897. from St. S.S. he once again saw the Society permitted to accept novices but he did not live to see its Restoration in 1814. linguist. Solemn profession of Peter Claver. Pope Paul VI approves the new Roman Missal. Truman signs the Marshall Plan of $5 billion aid to European countries. . Scott Fitzegerald is married in St. the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. Optional Memorial. bishop and doctor. SPORT 743. April 3 CHRISTIANITY . British Catholic novelist. 1969. Some propose him as the patron saint of the Internet. RM 1593. who was seen up in a sack with a serpent and a dog and drowned in the sea. He died on this day in 636. 1991. Johannes Brahms +. Rome. 1622. ART. Vulpian. 1876. 1783. Johann Cardinal Franzelin. Missouri to Sacramento. Graham Greene +. Joseph. He was a theologian of Vatican I. The Mission. He promulgated the Constitutions throughout Europe. At age 57.RELIGION At Tyre. ethiopum semper servus. Fr. Washington Irving B. etc.J. California. aged 73 in the novitiate of San Andrea. professor of Scripture and dogma. created a cardinal on this day. S.

. the death of St. In Africa. James Alberione is born in Italy. the holy martyrs who were murdered in the church on Easter day. Pope Formosus dies. 1139. Franciscan lay brother and Superior. 1884. On April 7th the sealed votes were opened. Harrison dies one month after his inauguration. SPORT 1802. Patron of black persons of North America. SCIENCE. 1937. is assassinated in Memphis. In Mexico a law to expel the Society was proposed in Parliament. SCIENCE. He is the first President to die in office. 1841. CULTURE. Martin Luther King. as Mary Martin pronounces vo ws. and all had chosen Ignatius for superior. The Medical Missionaries of Mary are founded. Nine months after his death. Pierre Favre is ordained a deacon in Paris. HISTORY. 1589. his body is exhumed and a mock trial held.RELIGION Vincent Ferrer. a nurse and crusader for the mentally ill. 896. At Milan. 1541. St. William H. Booker T. CULTURE. 1968. was pierced through the throat by an arrow. Washington is born a slave in Virginia. RM. 1873.397. He died on this day in 1419. He is the founder of the Fathers and Daughters of St. RM 1969. The lector. 1871. JESUIT 1534. He is found guilty of perjury and other crimes.NATO is created. supporting the sanitation workers on strike. Jr. Paul VI abolishes the use of the red hat and red shoes and buckles by Roman Catholic Cardinals. St. HISTORY. 500 bishops and 500 abbots meet at the Second Lateran Council. ART. Optional Memorial. B. In Rome the first Fathers made a triduum of prayer before electing the first General. The North Atlantic Treaty signed . while singing "Alleluia" at the stand. April 5 CHRISTIANITY . There is plundering of the Jesuit house at rue de Sevres in Paris by the Communards. 1949. ART. 1540. SPORT 1856. Benedict the Black +. Legislate against a married clergy. Ambrose. Paul. Dorothea Dix. priest. Francis Xavier's vote was dated March 15.

1945. S. The Miracle Worker.J. James Healy B. 1909. Isaac Asimov + author. 1830. Virgil Blum. 1904. A revolutionary document that stresses conciliar rather than papal power. 1714. 1851.J. and goes to exile in Elba. 1971.J. Emil Brunner + Swiss theologian. Beginning of the Rwanda genocide JESUIT Catholicism. Pope Clement XII adds Regis to the list of saints. multi-millionaire. Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte abdicates. 1830. S. April 6 CHRISTIANITY . Lat . 1528. He was also confessor to Pius XII.J. Haec Sancta adopted by the Council of Constance. S. Mormon Church founded by Joseph Smith at Fayette. JESUIT 1635. General Douglas MacArthur + 84 years old. George Pettit. scientist. 1984. Albrecht Durer. Anne Sullivan teaches Helen Keller. conveys the meaning of the word water to her through the manual alphabet. 1992. The first modern Olympic Games open in Athens. and serves until 1917.1887. "I shall return. 1737. 1966. ART.RELIGION 1415. + New Testament editor. New York. + age 77. + Painter." 1976. S. N. 1994. First USA black bishop. HISTORY. Perry and Matthew Henson are the first to reach the North Pole. is appointed novice director of the New YorkMaryland Province. Howard Hughes + recluse. Igor Stravinsky dies in New York City. CULTURE. Graece et Latine. + influential writer and spiritual teacher. SPORT 1483.419 points. 1990. Augustin Merk. Strong advocate of government aid to educatio n. Louis Lallemant. 1896.T. Raphael was born on this date. SCIENCE. Admiral Robert E. Anglican Churchman Henry Manning converts to Roman er he was Archbishop of Westminster (1865) and Cardinal (1875). Kareem Abdul-Jabbar breaks Wilt Chamberlain s all time basketball scoring record of 31. He died on this same day in 1520. 1964.

Brother Vincent Canas Costa (age 48). Three Jesuit priests killed. Good Friday. is martyred at York. the Ven. Phineas T. SCIENCE. his 35th birthday. 1987. 1891. with 14 others at Centre Christus in Rwanda: Chrysologus Mahame (the first Rwandan Jesuit). After 11 years on the mission in Brazil. Henry Walpole. 1850. 1672. St. C. St. becomes a monk in Sicily. In the Marianne Isle. 1994. 1526-89. At Paris. ART.000 persons to the faith. Fr. Patrick Gahizi. 1570. 1595. he is killed by a blunt wound in the stomach. William Wordsworth B. Francis Xavier. Barnum + showman. 1669. But he refuses. Ignatius is unanimously elected General. St.H. embarks from Lisbon f or India. 1541. S. for a 13 month journey to Goa. First edition of La Civilta Cattolica appears. On this day he discovered New York harbor. 1541. Henry Ford +. Dodd B. St. 1770. He died on this day. A sucker is born every minute. Jesuits became the confessors in St. General Ledochowski. She lived 1193-1258 and helped spread devotion to Corpus Christi.RELIGION John Baptiste de la Salle. SPORT World Health Day for UN members. April 7 CHRISTIANITY .Feast of Blessed Juliana of Cornillon. in 1719. 1199. Peter s Basilica in the transfer to the Society of the College of Penitentiaries. Edmund Campion published his Decem Rationes. Francis Xavier is born at the family castle in Navarre. Benedict the Black. HISTORY. Fr. CULTURE. priest. St. New Testament scholar: realized eschatolo gy. on this day. Verrazano Day. The first journal of the restored Society.J. 1614. She was placed in the Jesuit martyrology at the request of Fr. Six days lat er Peter Faber is born. 1947. Memorial. St. When only 13 years old he heard our Lady tell him three distinct times to enter the Society. . An Ethiopian born of slave parents. El Greco +. Beginnings of genocide in Rwanda. 1524. 1581. Diego de San Vitores suffered martyrdom after converting 30. in North Wales. In new RM 1884. The death of King Richard the Lionhearted. JESUIT 1506. and Innocent Rut agambwa. Claude la Colombiere was ordained a priest. one half million killed in the next seven months.

1993. receives honorary degree at Weston School of Theology. SPORT 1341. and delivers a classic lecture on the three eras or epochs of church. 1974. Trent adopts Jerome's Latin Vulgate as the official biblical text. 1762. 1992. Buddha B "Kambutsue" Siddhartha Gautama. John Carroll is appointed archbishop. 1945.April 8 CHRISTIANITY .J. singer. one of the first seven Deacons. St. 1808. JESUIT 1548. Petrarch is crowned Poet Laureate of Rome. Peter Canisius was sent to Messina to teach rhetoric at the newly opened f irst college of the Society explicitly for lay students.RELIGION RM St. Asyncritus. 1973. Marian Anderson + age 91. the expulsion of the Fathers from all their colleges and houses by decree of parliament.Paul to the Romans) RM 1378. the first in the USA. Hank Aaron sets the new Home Run record of 715 HRs. Pablo Picasso +. In France. 1940.Procurus. 39 years old. and Phlegon (Cf. 1926.RELIGION 563 BC. Election of the last Pope elected from outside the College of Cardinals. new RM Saints Herodian. theologian B. Blessed Julie Billeart + Foundress of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame of Namur. Punch magazine closes after 151 years. 1979. John "Hondo" Havlicek B. Jurgen Moltmann. April 9 CHRISTIANITY . ART. . 1816. U rban VI. Karl Rahner. Agabus. SCIENCE. HISTORY. Dietrich Bonhoeffer is hanged at Flossenburg prison. 1546. Prophet in the Acts of the Apostles. Basketball star. CULTURE. S. who was archbishop of Bari. Cambridge.

J. SPORT 1583. It counted 25 million members. ART. Sri Lanka theologian. 1934. Paris. 1994. and made him bett er known in the France than in the USA. Fields B. born. April 10 CHRISTIANITY . Ignatius sends Jerome Nadal as Commissary into Spain to publish the Constitutions. he translated Poe. 1913. William Booth B. Archbishop Francis Arinze from Nigeria is appointed ProPresident of the Secretariat for non-Christians. Pope St. SCIENCE. dies at Valladolid.J. Evelyn Waugh. 1898. SPORT 1821. JESUIT 1553. He was the founder and first Rector of Woodstock College. dies at Somerset. W. Pius X spoke his praises of the Apostleship of Prayer.J. 129 die. HISTORY. dies at Woodstock. Thresher submarine disaster off of New England. Angelo M. . CULTURE. The amputation of the right arm of Fr. 1615. never seen. SCIENCE. +. architect 2003. 1959. Frank Lloyd Wright. Lee surrenders at Appomatox.RELIGION At Babylon. RM 1829. lawyer. 1633. Charles Baudelaire B. Paresci. Hugo Grotius B. theologian. General Luis Martin. 1963. 1879. He is the founder and first General of the Salvation Ar my. S. ART. Special Assembly for Africa of the Synod of Bishops (African Synod) opens in Rome. 1879. Civil War ends.C. The periodical The Messenger of the Sacred Heart appears in 42 editions in more than 20 languages. novelist. CULTURE. statesman. 1865. 1905. Ezechiel the prophet. William Weston. go on sale for the first time in England. age 62. 1966. Bananas. A poet. HISTORY. Paul Robeson B. Aloysius Pieris.1984. Statue of Saddam Hussein is toppled in Baghdad as the city is taken. S. S.

Bishop John England ides in Charleston. He taught Dogmatic theology in Rome for five years. 1903. dies in New York City. 1951. and built St. anthropologist and visonary theologian and spiritual writer. Murphy. Anthony Kohlmann. Stanislaus. S. 1963.J.J. was named after him. Pope Paul VI institutes a theological commission to advise the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. S. Marique. He was a paleontologist. Carolina. 1836. Kohlmann Hall. SPORT 1945. mystic. April 11 CHRISTIANITY . President Truman relieves Gen. 1947. writes letters from Vatican City for the New Yorker. +. CULTURE. S. Mission Superior. Pacem in Terris. + classical scholar. St. He was novice Master. Patrick's church in New York City. encyclical letter of d on this day which was Holy Thursday. He won a landmark "seal of confession" legal case in 1813.RELIGION St. Joseph M. also known as Xavier Rynne. Redemptorist priest. Liberation of Buchenwald. SCIENCE. MacArthur of his Far East Command.J. Memorial. Pope John XXIII is issue 1969. and Rector of Georgetown. 1955.J. An. whose memory will ever be cherished as that of one of the Society's greatest benefactors. HISTORY. 1979. S. 1842. bishop and martyr. peritus. Brother Benito de Goes. Gemma Galgani + 25 years old. ART. on Easter Sunday. He was a great explorer of Central Asia .F. the death of Pope Gregory XIII. NY Provincial House. founder of the Gregorian University and the German College. He was one of the for ces behind the Councils of Baltimore. He plays in an exhibition game between the Dodgers and Yankees. dies in Rome. JESUIT .JESUIT 1585. 2002 Francis X. S. Teilhard de Chardin. for the Brooklyn Dodgers. stigmatist. 1607. Holy Cross College. Jackie Robinson breaks the color barrier and plays in the major leagues. At Rome.

the first black to play in the National Basketball Association. in the New RM. pound for pound. a missionary and explorer of the Nile. 1992. At Lima died Ven. 1726. Claudio Sicard dies. 1850. science fiction. heavyweight boxer. a Portuguese. SCIENCE. 1955. Ignatius near the confessional he occupied almost daily for thirty years. He wrote 500 books. with hostility toward liberalism still strong HISTORY. Scientist. 1912. but further inflamed theological controversies. + Missionary to the Pacific Islands. in Naples. Roosevelt dies. Pope Pius IX returns to Rome. Alan Paton + South Africa novelist. Luis de Molina s book De Scientia Media. the opening of the Third General Congregation during which Everard Mercurian was elected General. Fr. Peru. he was called the Apostle of Paraguay. Dr.RELIGION St. the Beloved Country. Jonas Salk announces the discovery of the Polio vaccine. Pope Gregory XIII suggests that we elec t a non-Spanish to be General. Francis Borgia. the confessor of Rome to the Church of St. April 12 CHRISTIANITY . In Cairo. Fr. lay person. Boss Tweed of Tammany Hall fame dies in jail. 1977. Eventually the Belgian Mercurian will be elected. "The Brown Bomber". JESUIT 1573. 1632. Felice Capello. 1988. Cry. 1607. At Rome.J.1573. for he converted thousands. 1945. The fourth Crusade captures Constantinople and ravages it for three days. SPORT 1878. 1673. Feast. . He died in 1962. Chuck Cooper signs with the Boston Celtics. At the Third General Congregation. received the approval of the Spanish Inquisition. 1985. Bishop Vincent Kennally. Clara Barton + She founded the American Red Cross. 1671. 1204. Sugar Ray Robinson dies. Joseph Moscati. writer. 1981 Joe Louis. At Lima. 1989. Yuri Gagarin is the first person in space. Isaac Asimov + age 72. doctor. 1961. 1950. CULTURE. is canonized by Pope Clement X. averaging 10 per year. 1599. A Portuguese. in the first manned orbital fli ght. In China died Brother Benito Goes. President Franklin D. dies. justly regard ed as the Apostle of Peru. ART. called the greatest boxer. the 3rd General. S. Ruiz de Montoya died. Translation of the body of Fr. Father Francis de Castillo.

writer. F. Peter Faber is born in Savoy. 1909. James W. Yves Congar. Mass is celebrated there for the firs t time. by a special Brief. Jack Nicklaus wins his 6th Master's Golf Tournament with a strong finish on the back nine at August National. after refusing or declining the first election results. dies in New York. Fr. and is now the youngest ever. SCIENCE. A novelist and playwright.RELIGION St. April 14 CHRISTIANITY . Five and dimer. Bishop James Anthony Walsh dies. Godofredo Alingal. Magellan lands at Cebu. He is the founder and first superior of M aryknoll. Eudora Welty B. Edict of Nantes. 1743. Mississippi. Samuel Beckett B. .April 13 CHRISTIANITY . SPORT 1387.P. Naughton. Loyola College. Pope and martyr. S. giving religious liberty for the Huguenots. Optional memorial. 1852.J. on pilgrimage to the shrine of Thomas a Becket. 1997. 1904. According to Josephus. ecumenist. S. 967 Jewish zealots commit mass suicide at Masada. JESUIT 1506. with the lowest score. 1906. 2004. Tiger Woods age 21 wins Master by the largest margin ever. is granted by Henry IV. of 12 strokes. 1521. 1950-67. 1598. Bishop Martin Neylon. and start the Canterbury Tales.W. 1853. 1541. Ignatius is elected General again. B. 270. 1986.D. HISTORY. He defended the rights of poor farmers. He was bor n six days after Xavier was born.J. He composed it in less than four weeks. allowed the Society to erect houses within a distance of l40 yards (cannae) from the houses of other Religious Orders. is chartered. Twenty-nine pilgrims gather. + Secretary of the Society. ART.RELIGION 73 A. Thomas Jefferson B. he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1969. Theologian. He had been director of Novices and then bishop in the Caroline-Marshall Islands. 1742. Woolworth B. Baltimore. S. 1981. Philippines. 1561. Handel's Messiah premiers in Dublin. O. Philippines. 1979. Martin I. the first companion of Ignatius. CULTURE. He is then both the oldest and the youngest ever to win the Master's.J. is shot and killed in his rectory in Kibawe. Age 59. Pius IV. 1936.

ART. Lazarus Zamenhof + Polish linguist. 1992. Dominic Pandolfo. SPORT Income Tax Day. doorkeeper at St. Henry James B in New York. CULTURE. Xavier School for Boys. Yam Hashoah. O'Neill. April 15 CHRISTIANITY . 1931. ART. 1843. he edited Thought magazine. About 1500 die. + Brother. 1452. struck by an iceberg. Holocaust Day. S. 1865.J. 1598. JESUIT 1618. 1755. SCIENCE. Simone de Beauvoir. he devised Esperanto. SCIENCE. 1942. 1986. John Berchman's father is ordained a priest. 1828. Samuel Johnson publishes his dictionary of the English language.S. Abraham Lincoln dies. The death of Maximillan Hell at Vienna. J. Andrew-onHudson novitiate for many years. John himself was still a Novice. For 20 years. 1889. Joseph E. The death of Blessed Damien de Veuster of Molokai. Bach conducted the first and only performance of his Passion according to St. 1984. HISTORY. 1917. Professed House in Madrid is set on fire. 1865. 1912. +. Arnold Toynbee. President Abraham Lincoln is shot. Rachel Carson dies shortly after publication of her book Silent Spring. Persecution against the Society. but not entire freedom. He founded St. will sink in the early morning hours of April 15th. It was 22 years in preparation. at Leipzig. He was the first Catholic prie st allowed into Nepal in modern times. 1989. SPORT 1759. Handel +. S. Edict of Nantes gives the Huguenots equal political rights with Catholics. 1792. The death of Marshall Moran. CULTURE.HISTORY. S. St. The Titanic.RELIGION 1729.. B historian. Francis Borgia. priest and leper. aged 85. including the relics of St. Matthew during his lifetime. 1889. It took eight years to complete. 1964. He was an stronomer who directed the royal observatory in Vienna for 36 years. w ith its alert on the environment and opposition to DDT. Pete Rose B baseball star. + writer.J. Leonardo da Vinci B. The first edition is published of Webster's American Dictionary of the Eng lish Language.J. .

1960. Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) B. 1998. (SNCC) 1980. St. Jackie Robinson debuts at Ebbets Field. first black in the modern major leagues. Benedict Joseph Labre. resigned governance of the Society to Fr. writer. 1940. 1767. a scholastic novice and scion of the royal house of Scotland. S.1888. SCIENCE. 35 years old." 1778. beggar saint. St.J. Pope Clement X forbids the publication of the Jesuit Relations. He was an infamous dictator . Charlie Chaplin B. 1617. The missions should not publish these without the written consent of the office of Propaganda. 1955. Alexis de Tocqueville + Author of Democracy in America. thanks to Ray Kroc. ART. Juan Ferro dies. He died in 1783. HISTORY. Xavier embarks at Malacca for Japan. aged 88. Rome on this day. SPORT 1859. Empress Catherine the Great requested the Holy See that the Jesuits in White Russia (the only ones in the world. Jean Paul Sartre + philosopher. Bernadette Soubirous + Lourdes. Fr. Pol Pot dies. April 16 CHRISTIANITY . + "The most active and indefatigable of all the leaders of the English Catholics in the reign of Elizabeth. He was an Italian missionary and professor of Rhetoric in Mexico for 30 years and preached in six indigenous languages. all others having been suppressed) might have a novitiate. 1879. JESUIT 1549. 1884. 1889. She received the answer that the local bishop should do as he thought best. Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee formed. Pope Clement XIII wrote to Charles III of Spain imploring him to . Bob Feller pitches a no-hitter on Opening Day. Poet and critic. Robert Parsons. 1968. noted for the Killing Fields of Cambodia. 1610. his mother being a Stuart. guerilla leader of the Khmer R ouge. Black Catholic Clergy Caucus is founded. At Naples died William Elphinston. CULTURE. age 65. Officially St. 1947. Mary Bernarda. Peter Beckx. The first McDonald s opens. Matthew Arnold dies in Liverpool. JESUIT 1548. 1673.RELIGION panhandler. Anton Anderledy. 1947.

"Sint ut sunt aut non sint. America magazine begins publication." 1761. J. The Pope's letter nobly defends the innocence of the Society.cancel the decree of expulsion of the Society from Spain. First issue on this day. ich kann nicht anders." 1909. 1961. 1990. Orestes Brownson +. Persecuted for being a woman. Ralph Abernathy dies. Gott mir helfen. ART.P. Benjamin Franklin + scientist. Thornton Wilder B. she gave up writing and ch ose silence. Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz dies. April 17 CHRISTIANITY . 1980. Kateri Tekakwitha dies. 1876. stateman. Bay of Pigs. 1837. She was a Mexican sister. B financier. SCIENCE. issued on April 2nd. demand a copy of the Institute. poet in tellectual. JESUIT 1680. April 18 CHRISTIANITY . writer.RELIGION 1506. The French Parliament being appealed to in the Lavalette affair. SPORT 1790. Foundation stone of St. the unsuccessful USA invasion of Cuba. Peter's Basilica laid in Rome by Pope Julius II. 1897. Sun Myung Moon receives a revelation and mission about the Unification Church on this day. I love you. leader of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Luther declares at the Diet of Worms: "Hier stehe ich. he uttered the famous exclamation. After receiving the Eucharist and the Anointing of the Sick (Extreme Unction) she dies saying. Clement XIII writes to the king. King Louis XV proposes that the Jesuits modify their Rule. expressi ng his alarm at the attacks on the Jesuits. Southern Rhodesia becomes Zimbabwe. On hearing of proposed modifications. In Wisconsin. Amen. 1521. feminist. Morgan." .RELIGION 1695. 1936. CULTURE. "Jesus. HISTORY.

1879. SCIENCE. RM. Albert Einstein dies eight days after Teilhard de Chardin. 1906. 1980. Spain. Benedict Center. Ne Temere goes into effect. Cornelia Connelly dies. Zimbabwe Independence Day from the UK. Donnelly. She was the Foundress of the Society of the Holy Child Sisters. 1906.. Rhodesia becomes the independent nation of Zimbabwe. and starte d the building at St. and won a famous seal of confession c ase in New York. 1560. JESUIT 1527. SCIENCE. 1949. CULTURE. urch.. in Alcala. 1959. Philip Melanchthon + Fellow worker of Luther. CULTURE. 1955. author of many textbooks on English. MA. Two lanterns appear in the Old North Ch He rides from Charleston to Lexington. the Battle of Concord and Lexington.. Philomena is removed from the calendar of saints by the Congregation o f Rites. John Foxe + English Protestant historian and martyrologist. St. Leonard Feeney. April 19 CHRISTIANITY . ".. under Fr. S. HISTORY.. HISTORY. h 500 1923. Ignatius is put into prison for the first time. Teacher. 1961. Pope Leo IX + . He h ad been conversing with people on spiritual topics. Patrick's Cathedral. ART. is placed under interdict. ART. writer. The death of Anton Kohlmann.RELIGION St.1587.J. Foxe's Book of Martyrs. 1980. 1836. Fr. Francis P. Yankee Stadium opens. He had been Mission Superior. The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. one of the first seven deacons. 1054. Patriot's Day. SPORT 1775.the shot heard . General Luis Martin +. Listen my children and you shall he In San Francisco. 1908. St. S. St. and the formulating genius of the Reformation. SPORT 1775..J. His actions also led to the split between East and West. ar. + New York Province. Cambridge. clarifying the RCC laws on marriage. Timon. the beginning of a three day earthquake and fire in whic are killed. The first pope in medieval times to seek an end to the marriage of priests.

1910. 1842. Joseph Glose dies. Mark Twain dies the following day." 1824. 1995. Baltimore. suffered death for publishing a work written by Robert Southwell. Jesuits return to Canada. SCIENCE. Superior Peter Chazelle is appointed. He accepts the second election of April 13th. 1882. Boston. with his farewell speech: "Old soldiers never die. . Timothy McVeigh is sentenced to death for Oklahoma bombing which killed 168. Louis to evangelize the Sioux Indians. St. after declining the first election. for many years. 1912 Fenway Park. Adolf Hitler is born. Joseph Sellinger dies. HISTORY. 1586. He had been President of Loyola College. 1951. Charles Darwin +. 1964. April 20 CHRISTIANITY . 1916. 1993. Chicago. SPORT ASTRONOMY DAY 1889. Halley s comet comes closest to earth. Ignatius was imprisoned for forty-two days. JESUIT 1541. Lord Byron dies of malaria. age 36.RELIGION 1842. 1967. Father Peter de Smet left St. Ge neral Claudio Acquaviva.round the world. 1864. after praying over the decision and with the advice of his Franciscan confessor 1602. Ven. Wrigley Field. General Douglas MacArthur defends his conduct in Korea. He was the fourth Archbishop of New York. a layman. opens JESUIT 1527. they just fade away. Konrad Adenauer + West German Chancellor. At Tyburn. Grace Kelly is wed to Prince Rainier in Monaco. The first and trial edition of the Ratio Studiorum was issued under Fr. A Jesuit Educator. Ignatius is elected general. At Alcala St. CULTURE. famed as an educator. 1956. opens. James Ducket. at the center of the Jesuit Educati on Association for 21 years. Cardinal John Farley is born in Ireland. ART.

1649. 1960. SCIENCE. 1864. The Toleration Act is passed by the Maryland Assembly. Cameras should belong to the house. Connecticut. and a famous after dinner speaker. Manfred von Richthofen. B. General Ledochowski De Usu Machinae Photographicae. Bishop and Doctor. They are not to be for recreation or time spent on trifles rather than for the greater glory of God. with the support o f Lord Baltimore.RELIGION 1073. 79 years earlier. S. 1665. 1618. 1079.J. St. 1955. Robert I. Anselm +. At Bordeaux the death of Fr. Gannon. the Red Baron. John Surin. is elected Pope. 1926. Traditional Birthday of Rome.RELIGION 1109. He had been a professor of Scripture at the Bib licum in Rome. Romulus and Remus are saved by a she wolf from the Tiber. April 22 CHRISTIANITY . Staten Island. S. a Catholic. HISTORY. The king comes .J. A draft of the lst Ratio Studiorum is sent by Claudio Acquaviva to all Provinces. Hildebrand. not the individual. He was President of Fordham Univ ersity. historian. CULTURE.J. crashes and is killed. Letter of Fr. 1996. + Rome. 1918. 1910. S. He was the founding director of the Archivum Historicum Societatis. 1816. Jesu. For 20 years he was cruelly tormented by evil spirits. dies.1893. Pedro Paez. but was not shot down. Eventually Romulus kills Remus and the city is named after him. JESUIT 1586. ART. S. Pedro Leturia. after exorcizing certain Religious in a convent at Loudon. discovers the source of the Blue Nile. BC. Gregory VII. SPORT 753. April 21 CHRISTIANITY . Brasilia is declared the capital of Brazil. optional memorial. Francis McCool. Max Weber B. Mark Twain +. who entered the Society at the age of 15. He was a man of great sanctity and venerated after death as a saint.J. Halley's comet is in the sky at his death as well as at his birth. Charlotte Bronte B. Peter Abelard B.

Rene Arnou.) Discontent of certain Spanish Fathers at Father Claude Acquaviva's election: they wanted a Spanish general. 154l. 1993. 1813. Archbishop of Canterbury. Adelbert. Codure. 1952.J. 1988. Broet. A Letter of Fr. Optional Memorial. Sirius. and worked for social justice for minorities. Pope Gregory XIII received the new General. 1960. He organized the St. Lenin B. Canossa four years later. Blessed Frederic Ozanan is born in Milan. SPORT Arbor Day. the solemn Profession of St. In St. Lainez. Father General Acquaviva expelled a number of Professed Fathers. Vincent de Paul Societies. HISTORY. dies. It ended the Great Schism. crosses the Atlantic and arrives in New York in 18 days. The first Earth Day celebrated beginning in 1970. Jay. April 23 CHRISTIANITY . Such a state of things requiring great firmness. but also condemned a nd led to execution of John Hus. The first Steamship. He also founded the community of the Beatitudes. and scholar and writer on the history and culture of West Africa . S. ART. with three major Lutheran denominations merged to form the American Lutheran Church. JESUIT Blessed Virgin Mary. a scholar on s pirituality and philosophy. S." 1972. 1581. Father Claude Acquaviva. ecumenist dies. A Convention ends in Minneapolis. artist. of Britain. 1519. and labor organi zer. 1838. Optional Memorial. Ignatius and his first companions: Ignatius. Engelbert Mveng. 1418. St. "In God We Trust" is adopted as the US Motto. Lord Michael Ramsey. is killed in his bed in the Cameroons.RELIGION St. 1870. bishop and martyr.J. and takes over. It is the high water mark of the Conciliar era. . The Council of Constance closes four years after opening. He was a theo logian. Paul's Basilica. Herman Cortez lands in Mexico with 600 soldiers on Good Friday. 1585 (Day uncertain. He was a farm worker. CULTURE. At the close of the Fourth General Congregation. Salmeron. and promised to provide a foundation fund for the Roman College. martyr. 1864. 1995. George. SCIENCE. General Janssens "On Continual Mortification. Kant B. Feast. He was a professor at the Gregorian. Mother of the Society of Jesus. 1724. Rome. Cesar Chavez dies at the age of 66.

Old Testament scholar. Later he is freed. Lutheran pietist and mystic. 1575. Cervantes dies on the same day and year as Shakespeare. priest and martyr. St. in New York City. in Dublin. The Hubble Space Telescope is sent into orbit from the shuttle Discovery. educator. SCIENCE. 1868. data even before it is improved and corrected. 714 will follow. Max Planck B. Rev. Reputedly he spent six hours every day in prayer. 1942.HISTORY. Willa Cather + age 73. The first phone line in the Philippines is established between the Atene o and the Normal School in Manila. She wrote My Anthonia. ART. Mary of Cleopas and Salome. Warren Spahn. April 24 CHRISTIANITY . The death of Paul Beauchamp. The conversion and baptism of St. 1616. but then re-arrested. New York Mets win their first game ever after nine straight losses. concerning faith and reason. TV sports caster. 1982. SPORT 1564. the first black American Catholic priest. 1870. Easter Rising. The new. Vatican I passes the dogmatic constitution Dei Filius.RELIGION on this day in Fidelis of Sigmaringen. Euphrasea Pelletier dies in France.J. 1956. Alphonsus Agazzari. 1921. He was a famed scientist and the first director of the Manila Observatory. Vincent de Paul B. At Rome. Barbara Streisand B. Augustus Tolton. SPORT 1800. Remarkable photos. B. French biblical. . S. 1858. Michael Walsh. Henry Morse pronounces his final vows in prison. 1954. 2001. She founded the Good Shepherd Sist ers. S. JESUIT 1565. Howard Cosell + age 77. Hank Aaron hits his first major league home run. 1947. and martyred. the first Jesuit rector of the English College which had been founded by Pope Gregory XIII. In Peru Fr. 1850. and Death Comes for the Archbishop. Ambrose. 1995. He had been President of Boston College and of Fordham. Miguel Selga dies in Manila. B Pitcher. at the Easter Vigil. 1576. 1579. 1916. 1886. United States Library of Congress is founded. William Wordsworth + age 80. CULTURE. 1888. Gaspar de Azevedos died while serving the poor. SCIENCE. HISTORY. + New England Province. is ordained in Rome. Augustine by St. CULTURE.J. kneeling without support. Daniel Lord. the appointment of Fr. 1962. ART. Optional Memorial. Jacob Boehme B. 1637. William Shakespeare is born on this day in 1564 and dies 16l6. 1878. 1990. in the new RM 387.

She is the founder of the Medical Missionaries of Mary. and animals. informed Fr. S. wrote to Clement XIV. Oliver Cromwell B. Leo O'Donovan. asking God s blessings upon crops. A renowned theologian. Archbishop of Paris. Cecil B. B.J.JESUIT 1774. Fr. deMille attends and Jackie Coogan does a reading. 1982. HISTORY. SPORT 1599. English Lord Protector. regretting the Brief of Suppression. and novelist. . April 25 CHRISTIANITY ." 1688. ART. 1945. 1873. credited with founding the Oxford Movement. a Spanish Jesuit died at Naples. Fr. John de la Marche. 1934. Sister Mary Martin is born in Ireland. sent by Fr. Formerly this was the time for the Rogation Da ys. Pierre Rousselot. B. Professor at the Institut Catholique in Paris. Feast. wanting a special Jesuit vicar-general for the French Jesuits. Evangelist. de Lavalette of the suspension incurred by him.RELIGION St. Gregory de Valentia. SCIENCE. Christopher de Beaumont. 1915. Ella Fitzgerald B. 1892. Theologian. poet. forbade all correspondence with the General and ordered all French Jesuits in Ro me to return to France. Pope Clement VIII honored him with the title "Doctor of Doctors. 1918. Fr. Louis XIV. 1792. The United Nations is formed. Australia. de Lavalette signed his acceptance of the decree with deepest sorrow. A mystic. in Hollywood. Anzac Day. John Keble. Mark. CA. 1762. is wounded and taken prisoner in WW I.J. President of Georgetown University.General. John Cardinal Cody + Archbishop of Chicago. S.and an advocate of tolerance. Walter de la Mare is born in Kent. New Zealand Army Corps Day. In 1775 the French Cardinals declined to receive the Brief because it threatened disaster to the Church. JESUIT 1603. and the summons to Rome to hear his sentence. while yet unfinished. plants. CULTURE. 1928. The Jesuit Church of the Blessed Sacrament. holds an opening service.

SCIENCE. ART. John Berchma ns had come with the other Jesuit scholastics for weekly recreation. age 77. Staten Island. 1889. Stephen I was an old priest who died after being pope for four days. a missionary in India. The death of Pope Stephen II. AD. dies in Chicago. 1989. auxiliary bishop of Guatemala City is murdered. and was never officially consecrated. 757. naturalist. Black Manifesto for the churches . 1937. Louis Schillebeckyx. 1986. James John Audobon B. Saint Louis University s radio station. pope who governed the Church the second after the apostle St. 1950. Joseph Stadelman. historian. 1986. one month later. 1941. died in the year 88. Lumen Vitae. Under Fr. . Count Basie + Jazz musician. John de Ripalda. 1711. He had s out for justice. revolutionaries searched for hidden Jesuits at Villa Macao. Guernica. he design ed public parks in New York. David Hume B. philosopher. Edinburgh. In Rome. 1995. Ludwig Wittgenstein B. CULTURE. Lucille Ball + comedienne. A retreat house exclusively for laymen. Picasso made a famous painting of this. At Madrid. who was succeeded by his brother. April 27 1667. and the brother of Dominican theologian. and Montreal. the c ountry house near Porta Pia. poken CHRISTIANITY . 1822. S. historian or religions. S.RELIGION John Milton sells the copywright for Paradise Lost for about $30. WEW (We Enlighten the World) went on the air. St. It was only the second ratio station in the US.April 26 CHRISTIANITY . Chicago. Peter. dies. Pope Paul I. 1911. Mircea Eliade. Shealy. Tanganyika and Zanzibar merge to form Tanzania. 1964. An ecologist and landscape architect. 1849. 1998. Edward. HISTORY. Russia. Frederick Law Olmstead B. Bird Day. Manresa Retreat House property bought. RM He was the third pope. a center for catechetics and religious formation is founded in Brussels. Union Day. 1935. an eminent theologian who held the chair of theology as Salamanca. the death of Fr. He was age 87 and had been Provincial. Boston. Artist. He wrote a treatise on the Eucharist. the first retreat was given on September 8th. 31 die. Aloysius and St. Bishop Gerardi. where long before St. Marcus Aurelius B.J. 1921. Austrian philosopher.J. founder of Xavier Society for the Blind. Stephen II had succeeded Stephen I.RELIGION St. JESUIT 1648. 1984. 1785. 1969. a Basque town is bombed and destroyed during Spanish Civil War. Cletus. Paschasius Radbertus. Chernobyl nuclear disaster.New York City. Fox Hill villa. bandleader. Yet Rome said that his pontificate might be switched with Clement. SPORT 121. dies. The modern state of Israel is recognized by the British government.

ART. dies in Romania of cancer. 1593. At Amiens. before completing his journey around the globe. 1916. SCIENCE. Kwame Nkrumah. 1969. CULTURE. Charlestown. Memorial. Hart Crane dies. suicide. acting under pressure from the Freemasons. 1791. Nelson Mandela is elected President of South Africa. Paul VI announces the establishment of a Theological Commission. jumping off a ship. JESUIT Peter Canisius. 1994. priest and martyr. Optional Memorial. Invented the telegraph. MA. 1896. age 69. the feast of Our Lady of Montserrat. Peter Chanel. La Morenita. Concord. adjunct to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Rogers Hornsby B. the little dark one. CULTURE. on occasion of the visit of Jules Ferry.RELIGION St. He was killed in the Philippines." 1990. Jacques Maritain +. SPORT . 1880. "Country" Slaughter B. shouts were raised under the Jesuit College windows: "Les Jesuites a la guillotine. He gave retreats and for many years wrote the Word column for America magazine. 1972. April 28 CHRISTIANITY . authored 37 books. Magellan dies. traditional feast RM Priest and Doctor. age 34. The successor to Jean de Brebeuf. He founded 18 colleges. Vincent McCorry dies. He died on this day in 1716. ART. In Catalonia. 1882. Ralph Waldo Emerson +. Independence Day. Jerome Lalemant B. HISTORY. 1859. Lifetime batting average of . Enos. 1932.HISTORY. SPORT 1521.358. he wrote much in the Jesuit Relations. Baseball slugger. At Florence. 1973. He was a mariologist who wrote The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Louis Mary Grignon de Montfort. Liberator of Ghana. SCIENCE. Optional Memorial. He died on this day in 1841. St. and also wrote anti-Catholic and anti-Jesuit papers. Samuel Morse B. the Society of Jesus is banished.

1992. Mutiny on the Bounty. Roger Clemens. Alexander Briant was arrested in London. "most dear brother. 1581. Pius V.1789. The Sodality of St. 1945. 1986.RELIGION 1380. 1889. ag e 33. French Catholic composer. the appointment of rectors by the General. disciple of Paul. aged fifteen. Peter Claver for African Missions is approved and blessed by Leo XIII. St. . Severus. At Rome died Father James Ceruto. who. Virgin and Doctor. Tychicus. SCIENCE. who is said to have renewed his religious vows a thousand times a day. Fletcher Christian mutinies against Captain Bligh. Pedro had been admitted into the Society in l540. 1967. purchasing a house reported to be haunted. by his Brief "Innumerable fructus. Father Matthew Ricci secured a fixed abode. It was founded by Maria Teresa Ledochowska. JESUIT 1568. JESUIT 1542. 1975. US troops liberate 32. from Rome to Paris for his studies. 1578. and was th e master of suspense as a film director." RM Bishop St. ART. 1919. He was an historian of religion. 1901. Benito Mussolini is captured and executed by Italian partisans.000 from Dachau. a Jesuit school. April 29 CHRISTIANITY . Memorial. RM 1894. He attended Stonyhurst. among other prodigies. Disturbances at Utrecht caused by Lutherans: the Fathers were driven from their College. 1980. A Woman is admitted to exams at Oxford University for the first time. The death of Olivier Messaien. 1575. raised for a short time a dead man from the grave in order to convict of falsehood the lying creditor of a widow and her children. strikes out 20 batters for new record. 1951 Ludwig Wittgenstein +. Catholic. St. Alfred Hitchcock dies. The League of Nations is formed. CULTURE. 1599. HISTORY. Emperor Hirohito is born. Fletcher sets sail for Pitcairn Island. 1945. St. and ecum enically minded. SPORT 1881. The last USA civilian leaves South Vietnam as Saigon is surrounded." confirms the Consitutions of Paul II and Julius III regarding the government of colleges. Ignatius sent Pedro Ribadenaira. etc. Friedrich Heiler dies. Duke Ellington B. Red Sox. At Nankin. antiFascist forces. Catherine of Siena. She died on this day.

Singer and recovering alcoholic. Burning and riots in Los Angeles. 51. but was refused because of his ill health. Many die. Ignatius. an orator on the mission band. At Ingolstadt. While fishing. breathed his last. HISTORY. dies. SCIENCE..1672. 1595. greatly admired by St. 1877. He had received his education from the Society.J. 1975. he would say. Louis University. Henry David Thoreau accidentally sets a burns 300 acres. 1789. The death of Pope Marcellus II. John. dies. California after police are judged not guilty of beating a black motorist. 1844. He died on this day and he gave us the Roman Missal. The Bishop of Monze. The Louisiana Purchase. 1992. Walburga) in Germany and Scandinavia. Blessed Marie Guyart of the Incarnation. SPORT Walpurgisnacht (St. 77 years old. St. except for two years away as professor of Dogmatic Theology. 1903. S.J. Pope. Whenever he wished to turn a conversation to some other subject. Thomas Ewing Sherman.J. For his funeral. S. 1803. S. dies. 1984. Donnelly. CULTURE. April 30 CHRISTIANITY . He was the son of General Sherman. Pius V. Optional Memorial. Before his death he renewed his vows in the Society. $15 million. Toklas is born in San Francisco. Francis Borgia by Clement X. all ten Zambian Bishops and the Nuncio were present at the ceremony which lasted for four hours and which was attended by an estimated gathering of 10. 1900. fire that Optional memorial. At Rome the solemn canonization of St. ART.RELIGION 1572. South Vietnam surrenders to North Vietnam. S. Housman. 1998. Aime Duval. JESUIT 1555. assisted by his Jesuit confessor. Casey Jones + train engineer. S. . A. He suffered a breakdown. doubles the US land size. 1936.000 people. George Washington is inaugurated as first President. Rodney King. President Theodore Roosevelt visits St. the great Catholic hero. Let us talk about good Pope Marcellus. Count de Tilly. died in a road accident.J. poet. 1933. E. + He taught at Weston from l939 to 1979. Philip J. Paul Lungu. dies in New Orleans. 1985. Abraham George. and wanted to l eave the Society. Saigon becomes Ho Chi Mihn City. the first of eight Jesuit martyrs in Ethiopia. The ritual dances and mournful singing performed during the Mass are the traditional honors given to a chief among the Tonga people.J. l632. Alice B.

Edith Stein and Rupert Mayer. dies on Labor Day. The death of Empress Isabel. SCIENCE. His decree imposing Choir on the Society was canceled by his successor. Paulo Freire dies. 1592. 1998. New RM 1045. Pope Paul VI entrusts the task of combating atheism to the Society of Jesus. bishop and doctor. Pope St. 1873. At Rome. 1700. Workers riot for an 8 hour day. 1991. New York: Empire State Building dedicated. when given a certain sum of money. which leads to the conversion of St. He wrote Soul on Ice. Encyclical of John Paul II. Literary study of Scripture. Once called "most deserving of assassination. His body was returned to England but his heart buried in Africa. JESUIT 1539. 1889. Raymond Schoder. Constructed in record time. S. B. This feast was established by Pius XII in 1955. Teilhard de Chardin. It will be world's tallest building for 40 years. and was the only pope to serve three separate spells. 1810. 1987. Eldridge Cleaver dies.J. are beatified by John Paul II. Cost $41 million. HISTORY. S.with a liberating pedagogy . 1572. optional memorial. Elected pope when about 20 years old. 2002 Monsignor George Higgins dies. age. B. 1965. Judy Collins B. Foremost priest on labor.May 1 CHRISTIANITY . Francis Borgia. Amos Wilder + 97. Jeremiah the Prophet. All property thus constituted bona nullius lapsing to the state. 1933. for the anniversary of Rerum Novarum. Cologne. 1993. Artist for the Catholic Worker from 1938. stoned to death. Haymarket Square. David Livingstone dies. later twenty. S. The King James Version of the Bible is first published. Six Jesuits. Pius V breathed his last. Athanasius +. In Egypt. 1570. 86. In Rome. Worker Day established by the International Socialist Congress.J. Peter' s Basilica. and led the Black Panthers. 1881. St.RELIGION 373. ART. May 2 CHRISTIANITY . 1931. SPORT International Law Day.J. Joseph the Worker.RELIGION St. social issues. May Day. the Italian Parliament passed its irreligious law declaring religious orders non-existent in Italy. Gregory XIII. 2002 Ade Bethune + age 88. 1886. Folksinger. Centesimus Annus. 1939. He was a classical scholar and note d photographer. 1997. a Scottish missionary and explorer. From Brazil. S. dies in Chicago. John Dryden + age 68. Boston. CULTURE. Pope Leo XIII B. he was an educator. The first issue of The Catholic Worker. 1987. Pope Benedicto IX resigns." 1873. become the official penitentieri in St. Adam Schall.J. 1611. Memorial. Catholic Worker founded.

Florence. Empress for 34 years. He was head of the FBI for ages. 1515. and arrives back in England on August 1. Leonardo da Vinci dies.HISTORY. The birth of Athanasius Kircher. 1900. Protomartyr. 1968.J.J. J. Cardinal Bellarmine's first entrance into Capua. John Cabot begins his first voyage to Newfoundland and possibly to Maine. Encyclical Inter Sollicitudines of Leo X. Philip and James.USA spy plane is shot down over Russia. ART. J. 1602. and carrying the arm of St. political philosopher. 1729. Last Supper.RELIGION Feast. 1972.. but be under the Pope's immediate protection. apostles. CULTURE. Pope Pius the V yielded to Fr. 1983. says all writings were to be examined by the Church prior to their printing. 1822. S. The official foundation of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith under Pauline-Marie Jaricot. Senator Joseph McCarthy +. SCIENCE. Confederate General Stonewall Jackson is accidentally shot by his own men. B. Poor People s March to Washington begins. 1957. G. Machiavelli B. General Lainez' request and approved that the Society should have no Cardinal Protector. Statesman. CULTURE. 1904. S. SPORT 1469. 1519. 1706. Sts. JESUIT 1564. The U 2 . Bing Crosby B. 1863. reciting prayers. Stephen. May 3 CHRISTIANITY . Kamel. he wrote . ART. He was strongly anti-communist. she saved the Society of Jesus. He entered on foot. SCIENCE. 1960. SPORT 1497. scientist and polymath. Mona Lisa. The camellia flower is named after him. He dies 8 days later. HISTORY. Catherine the Great. Edgar Hoover dies. with pilot Gary Powers . a genius. Johannes Quasten born in Germany. He was a church historian and patrologis t. US Bishops issue their Pastoral Letter on Peace. Jesuit brother +. 1602.

St. Joseph Mary Rubio. The martyrdom of Henry Garnet. President Tito of Yugoslavia dies. 1900. it is the world's tallest building un til 1996. London. Peirce. Sugar Ray Robinson B. 1970. S. SJ. JESUIT 1560. ART. John Considine. The death of Leo C. HISTORY. Innsbruck is taken over by the American troops. Frederick II. 1920. 1889. Ruper Mayer. NYC. 1606. is beatified in Munich. Monica dies on this day.RELIGION 387. expert on C. Black power movement makes demands of white churches. He wrote missionary books. the opening of the first church. Philosopher. Parish priest in Madrid. emperor of Germany and King of Sicily had been excommunicated so did not take it lightly. pound for pound . Brown. SPORT 1924. a Jesuit one. At Kent State University.The Prince. The First Helicopter flight (1KM) by Etienne Oehmichen. 1978. Sears Tower in Chicago is completed. 1969. drowns taking communion to the sick. Hugo Rahner. age 87. Simon Gounon. 1929. May 4 CHRISTIANITY . 1936. RM 1241. He is called the best fighter ever. Fr. M. Pete Seeger B. Theology at the Canisianum resumes a few months later. Margaret Clitheroe. 1764. Vincent Potter +. Paul's Churchyard. B. and was the founder of the Fides news service. Thomas More. James Foreman issues his "Black Manifesto. 1973. Inter caetera of Alexander VI gives the Indies to Spanish patronage.S. S. Apostle of Munich. John Fisher. He died on May 2. 1987. Optional Memorial. 1994. professor at Fordham. . in that city. 1611. Francis Cardinal Spellman B. Pisan fleet defeats the Genoa fleet and takes 100 bishops on way to Rome for Council hostage." in Riverside Church.J. SCIENCE. labor arbitrator who from 1942 to his death ser ved as mediator for hundreds of worker-management disputes. RM. 1493. 1919. four students are killed at a Vietnam War protes t. 1982. dies. JESUIT St. At St. 1945.J. S. folksinger.J. The first band of Jesuit missionaries head to Angola. Joe DiMaggio makes his major league baseball debut. The last of the French Canadian Jesuit martyrs. who was falsely charged with complicity in the Gunpowder Plot.M. 1980. CULTURE. At Nanking.

1938. Mary Lou Williams. Fr. John Nunez Baretto was consecrated Patriarch of Ethiopia. SPORT Cinco de Mayo. His body remained unburied fifty years. The laying of the cornerstone of the Catholic University of America. Trier. This was in preparation for their mission to Ethiopia. at Sheed and Ward. 1782. The Society was expelled from the Republic of Nicaragua. bibliographer. composer. Outstanding Catholic layman. editor. In Japan the Emperor gave full leave to Fr. Mexican American Holiday. an author. a cruel persecutor of the Society in Portugal. The announcement of the opening of the Center of Concern in Washingt on. B. In Portugal. General Sherman begins his march to the sea from Chattanooga. CULTURE. 1980. Philip Scharper dies. At Coimbra. JESUIT 1555. + Historian of the Society of Jesus. jazz pianist. ART. a friend of the Jansenists. died in disgrace and exile. 1821. Helens. Fr. SCIENCE. to preach the Gospel. and at Orbis Books. Marquis de Pombal. Sebastian Carvahlo. May 5 CHRISTIANITY . 1818. 1813. Gaspar Coelho.1650. She was a convert to Catholi Alan Shepard becomes the first USA in space . Franco invites the Jesuits to return to Spain. 1961. Kierkegaard. 1804. cism. 1902. viceprovincial. Declaration on Euthanasia is issued by the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. 1971. 1864. Andrew Oviedo was consecrated Bishop of Jerusalem.J. 1910. The archbishop of Sens in France. They had been banned in 1932. S. HISTORY. B. till Father Philip Delvaux performed the last rites in 1832. 1985. DC. 1881. Carlos Sommervogel. Napoleon Bonaparte dies in exile on St. 1585. Karl Marx B.RELIGION 1888. The Fathers in Maryland desired to be aggregated to the Society in Russia. ordered pra yers in his diocese for the conversion of the Jesuits.

1975. Cardinal Mindzenty dies. 1931. Concord. Marlene Dietrich + age 90. 1856. and force Pope Clement VII to flee to Orvieto disguised as a gardener. May 7 CHRISTIANITY RELIGION 1274. Rabindranath Tagore B. Maria Montessori + educator 1954. author. He had twice been provincial of Central Afr ica.J. Moravia.000 soldiers hired by Cardinal Colonna sack the city of Rome. FB 1638. Orson Welles B. trying to end the East-West schism. . The fathers investigate and discover two pious women with white handkerchiefs on their heads visiting the chapel and li ghting candles. found in the new RM Blessed Frances de Montmorency . +. Lola. Manhattan Island is purchased for $24. by Peter Minuit. 1952. the death of Cornelius Jansenius. +. Vincent A. He is the first native American Roman Catholic bishop.J. Indian. age 41. McCormick. Dominic Savio dies age 15. a student of St. 1962. 1986. Henry David Thoreau + age 44. ART. His last words were "Moose. the founder of Jansenism. Die Blaue Engel. Patron of social justice. N." 1915. "If any congregation of men could merit eternal perdition on earth and in hell. The dirigible Hindenburg burns and 36 die at Lakehurst." 1927. Letter of John Adams to Thomas Jefferson mentioning the Jesuits. in Belgium. Donald Pelotte. 1851. German Lutheran church historian. Calcutta. Speaking of the Jesuits he said: "Perfecto odio oderam illos". CULTURE. after more than one year's journey. Sigmund Freud B in Freiberg.Laval. S. SCIENCE. Xavier reaches Goa. St. St. actress. Martin de Porres is canonized by Pope John XXIII.May 6 CHRISTIANITY . He had been the American Assistant. 1862. 1859. Philip Caraman. At St. poet. 1963. S. John Bosco. 83 years old. The discovery of gold in Colorado. 1857. 1861. He was an author on Jesuit Saints/History. (I detest them with a total hatred) 1816. 1527. 1992. Mass.J. 1937. and author of the 'Augustinus'. Singer. Roger Bannister is the first to break the four minute mile barrier. The death of Daniel Pasupasu. is ordained bishop. JESUIT 1542. it is the company of Loyola. Andrew on Hudson. 40. prophet and teacher in the Acts of the Apostles. 1998. Adolf von Harnack B. Second General Council of Lyons opens. at which he worked for 20 years.RELIGION Lucius Cyranaeus. SPORT 1626. HISTORY. At Ypres. a Junior runs to the Fathers and says that two KK K are burning down Della Strada chapel. 1989. Willie Mays B.

1840. 1936. May 8 CHRISTIANITY RELIGION St. ART. SCIENCE. sub-Saharan bishop. Letter of St. Sheen B. At Nagasaki. Inventor of the Polaroid Land Camera. Israel Independence Day. 1965. Ven. Macao. Fulton J. S. JESUIT 1537. SCIENCE. Illinois. 1933. as the first black African. Pedro Arrupe as Superior General. Lusitania is sunk by a U-Boot off of Ireland. 1833. Francis Borgia converted from the vanities of the world by the sight of Empress Isabella s corpse. CULTURE. 1915. Apostolic Letter of Pius X. David Hume B. 1945. CULTURE. Victor. Beethoven's Missa Solemnis is first performed in Vienna. in the fourth century (RM) 1373. Edward Land B.HISTORY. "Vinea Electa" erects the Pontifical Biblical Institute. 1909. Ignatius to the scholastics at Coimbra on Religious Perfection. He is the author of The Decline of the West. martyr of Morocco. It will elect Fr. Johnny Unitas B. 1518. 1895.000 adults at Goa." 1938. Johannes Brahms B. Oswald Spengler +. 1824. SPORT 1711. Educator. . Germany surrenders. HISTORY. Ferdinand Bonsrel. its first session. 1945. to combat "false. 1816. especially those recently current. honored by a stamp. + missionary in Sri Lanka from l901-45. Tchaikovsky B. 1200 die. 1909. Pope Leo X appoints Henry. In the space of three years he is said to have baptized 75. 1626. and in Japan. son of Alphonsus of Kongo. erroneous and heretical views. Quarterback. Father John Baptist de Baeza died. The great revelations or "Showings". Proclamation of the decree by Franco that restores the Society in Spain. soldier. scientist. 1547. ART. Fr. Hernando de Soto discovers the Mississippi River. The American Bible Society is organized in NYC. revelations of Divine Love are given to Julian of Norwich. SPORT 1541. General Congregation 31 opens. Mozambique.J. Yom Ha Atzmauth.

composer. Madrid. Leon Jozef Cardinal Suenens dies in Brussels. O. Lola. Sod is turned. St. 1883. 1586. RM He is the founder of Cenobite Christian monasticism. 1985. 1543. Philosopher. 1992. NY. SPORT 1657. ART. Fathers Henry Garnet and Robert Southwell left Rome for the English mission. JESUIT 1521. SCIENCE. Die Blaue Engel. He was the 2lst General of the Society and General fo r 24 years. HISTORY.P. CULTURE. JESUIT 1621. the foreign missions. President Abraham Lincoln visits Georgetown University to review the 69th New York Regiment which was based there. Jan Roothaan dies. Poughkeepsie. gretly influenced the spirit and works of the Society. Dietrich Buxtehude +. has a one year period of silence imposed on him. He was an outstandin g.1945. FCC chair Newton Minow calls television programming "a vast wasteland. age 91. Peter Canisius is born in Nijmegen. Andrew on Hudson. The First Plenary Council of Baltimore is held at the Cathedral. the abbot St. in the new RM In Egypt. Pachomius. 1988." 1978. 1852. Ortega y Gasset B. John Berchman's was standing on the steps of the Gesu with the other Fathers and Brothers when the newly elected Pope Gregory XV passed with great pomp on his way to the Lateran for his coronation. Leonardo Boff. May 9 CHRISTIANITY RELIGION The prophet Isaiah. This is sixteen days before St. strong leader at Vatican II and after Vatican II.Victory in Europe is proclaimed by Truman. OFM. leader of the Christian Democrats of Italy is foun d. The Vatican announces a period of silence for liberation theologian Fr. Canisius is ordained three years later. 1996. His furtherance of the Spiritual Exercises. VE Day . Danish organist. The body of Aldo Moro. the beginning of building of the novitiate of St. The Saint mortified his eyes and saw nothing of the . 1961. Peter Canisius is accepted as a novice by Peter Faber. 1900. Matthew Fox. He was a close friend of Pope Paul VI. which he will start on December l5th. Marlene Dietrich + age 90. Ignati us is wounded. 1853. 1861. an d education.

Papal procession. 1758. 19th General Congregation opens, the last of the Old Society. It will elect Ricci. 1820. The Jesuits exiled from Polotsk, Russia, enter Austria. 1921. Dan Berrigan, S.J. B. poet, peacemaker, pacifist. 1978. The death of Fr. Antonio Messineo, after 47 years on the staff of La Civilta Cattolica. He was widely consulted on social rights. 1991. The Holy House where St. Ignatius was born and lived and converted is formally handed over to the Society of Jesus. May 10 CHRISTIANITY - RELIGION patience. RM

Blessed Damien Joseph de Veuster of Molokai. In new RM In the land of Hus, the holy prophet Job, a man of wonderful 1886. Karl Barth B. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, CULTURE, SPORT

1869. The Transcontinental Railroad is completed, at Promontory Point, Utah. The Union Pacific and Central Pacific meet at the golden spike. 1941. Rudolf Hess, Nazi leader, flees to England.

1990. Walker Percy, age 74, dies. He was a novelist and convert to Catholicism.

JESUIT 1569. St. John of Avila +. Spiritual Director: "The Master". A special friend of the Society of Jesus and of ." 1616. In Poland, a disgruntled ex-Jesuit, Jerome Zahorowski, published a notorious attack on the Society of Jesus called the "Monita Secreta Societatis Jesu." The document supposedly revealed the secret instructions directing the machinations of Jesuits. It was for a long time one of the most influential anti-Jesuit tracts ever published. 1657. In China died Fr. Stephen LeFevre, called a second Xavier. 1773. Empress Maria Teresa of Austria changed her friendship for the Society into hatred, because she had been led to believe that a written confession of hers (found and printed by Protestants) had been divulged by the Jesuits. St. Ignatius - an "honorary Jesuit

May 11


1682. The General Court of Massachusetts repeals the law of May 1680 that forba d the celebration of Christmas and called for capital punishment for Quakers who returned after being banished. 1825. The American Tract Society is organized in New York City. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, CULTURE, SPORT 1888. Irving Berlin, composer. B. He was 100 years old in l988. 1904. Salvator Dali, surrealist. B. 1986. Bob Marley + Reggae musician from Jamaica.

1996. Nnamdi Azikiwe + 92. Politician, he was the 1st President of Nigeria. JESUIT 1610. M. Ricci + Beijing. A mathematician and missionary, he was the most eminent missionary to China. 1647. By decrees 24 and 27 of the Seventh General Congregation, the wearing of the biretta was forbidden to lay-Brothers. 1716. At Naples, the death of St. Francesco de Jeronimo (St. Francis Jerome), the apostle of that city and kingdom. 1824. St. Regis Seminary is opened in Florissant, Mo. by Fr. Van Quickenborne. It is the first RC school in USA for the higher education of Indians. 1982. Horace McKenna, SJ + . Maryland. Friend of the poor. He explained and liv ed that the two symbols of the priest are the towel (footwashing)and the stole. He also said that the main job of the Superior is to spray praise around the commu nity.

May 12

CHRISTIANITY - RELIGION optional memorial.

Nereus, Achilleus, Pancreas,

1552. The University of Lima, Peru, created by royal decree opens under the Dominicans, preceding Harvard. 1944. Edel Quinn, Irish laywoman dies. She brought the Legion of Mary to Africa, to Kenya in particular. 1952. Gregory Dix + Anglican scholar, liturgist. The Shape of the Liturgy.

1962. Thomas Merton is silenced by the Cistercian Master General. 1967. Fr. Francis Connell, C.SS.R. dies. A moral theologian, and first President of the Catholic Theological Society of America. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, CULTURE, SPORT American Indian Day. 1789. William Wilberforce gives speech in House of Commons against slavery. 1820. F. Nightingale B - Hospital Day/ Nurses Day. 1925. Yogi Berra B. Baseball catcher and manager.

1937. George VI is crowned King of England after his brother Edward abdicates. 1949. The Berlin land blockade by the Soviets is lifted. 1967. The death of John Masefield, poet. JESUIT 1774. Fr. Antonio Coltraro was imprisoned in Castel Sant Angelo for almost two ye ars because he was a friend of the confessor of a woman who foretold the death o f Pope Clement XIV. 1981. A letter of this date, from Secretary of State, Cardinal Casaroli, speaks positively of Teilhard de Chardin in celebration of the centenary of his birth (May l,1881). 1987. Harold Small, S.J. dies. From 1960 to 75 he was the American Assistant to Father General. May 13 CHRISTIANITY RELIGION

Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima optional memorial. 1917. Three children near Fatima report Mary appeared to them. The first appearance to Lucia 9, Jacinta 8, Francesco 6. 1373. Blessed Julian of Norwich, mystic. Revelations of Divine Love. Blessed is a title of affection, with no known public cultus, according to Butler, Lives of the Saints. "All shall be well, all manner of thing shall be well." Visions from God on this day.

1792. The birth of Pius IX. He is the longest reigning pope, beginning his reig n in 1846, he will define the Immaculate Conception. 1981. An assassination attempt on the life of Pope John Paul II in St. Peter's Square by Mehmet Ali Agca, from Turkey. 1993. Dom Bede Griffiths, OSB dies in India, in his Ashram. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, CULTURE, SPORT

1607. Jamestown is settled by Captain John Smith, the first permanent settlemen t. 1846. United States declares war on Mexico. 1914. Joe Louis B. 1940. Churchhill presents his program. "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat." 1978. Anton Pegis dies in Canada, a noted Catholic Philosopher. JESUIT 1572. The election of Gregory XIII to succeed St. Pius V. To him the Society owes the foundation of the Roman and German Colleges. The Traditional feast of St. Robert Bellarmine. RM 1704. Louis Bourdaloue, S.J. dies, age 72 in Paris. He is the most famous of all Jesuit preachers. It was said that places were reserved 48 hours before he spok e.

May 14


St. Matthias, Apostle,

964. Pope John XII dies. He was made pope when under 20 years of age. "Almost the worst of the popes" says St. Robert Bellarmine. Accordin g to the report of an enemy, he was deposed, jailed, and almost certainl y suffocated by a pillow when caught in the act of adultery. 1859. The arrival of the first six S.M.A. missionaries including founder, Bishop de Bresselac, in Sierra Leone. All six will die within two months. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, CULTURE, SPORT 1686. Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit is born. He used mercury in a thermometer. 1804. Lewis and Clark set out from St. Louis to the Pacific Northwest. 1998. Frank Sinatra dies, Old Blue Eyes, he went from Hoboken to Hollywood. Sing er of the Century according to BBC. JESUIT 1610. Henry IV of France was assassinated and a storm of obloquy broke over the Society in France. 1648. Pope Innocent X by a special Brief reproved Bishop Palafox of Angelopolis, Mexico, for suspending the Jesuits. Palafox had at one time professed greater attachment to the Society, but after the Jesuits refused to pay certain contributions or tithes which they

deemed unjust, he became a bitter enemy. 1905. Jean Danielou, S.J. B. A Cardinal in his last years.

1978. Letter of Pedro Arrupe to the whole Society on Inculturation. 1987. Joseph Lynch, S.J. + Seismologist, Fordham University.

May 15 Isidore,


optional memorial. It is a feast day in the USA as he is patron of National Rural Life Conference. His wife is also a saint. St. Pachomius. He emphasized the community life of monks. 1252. Ad exstirpanda, a letter of Innocent IV. Rectors of cities are required to use torture to force heretics to confess. 1773. Alban Butler +. Hagiographer, 4 vol. Life of Saints. 1881. Encyclical Letter of Leo XIII. Rerum Novarum. The Condition of Labor. 1879. Gustaf Aulen B. Swedish theologian, Christus Victor. 1931. Encyclical Letter of Pius XI, Quadragesimo Anno, on Reconstructing the Social Order. 1948. The death of Fr. Flanagan of Boys Town. "No such thing as a bad boy." 1949. Peter Maurin, + . Catholic Worker. Philosopher. 1956. Encyclical Letter of Pius XII, Haurietis Aquas, on the Sacred Heart. 1961. Encyclical Letter of John XXIII. Mater et Magistra. Christianity and Social Progress. 1971. Apostolic Letter of Paul VI to his Eminence Cardinal Roy, Octagesima Adveniens, The Coming Eightieth. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, CULTURE, SPORT 1265. Dante Alighieri is born in Florence. 1829. Florence Nightingale B. English nurse, the "lady with the lamp." 1886. Emily Dickinson dies, age 55 in Amherst, Massachusetts. She was a reclusiv e American poet, who never left her home for 21 years. 1902. Richard J. Daley B. de Mayor - of Chicago. 1972. George Wallace, Presidential candidate, is shot and crippled in Laur el, Maryland. JESUIT 1544. In a letter to St. Ignatius, the Carthusians speak highly in praise of the Society and make it a perpetual sharer in all their prayers and good works. 1561. Gonzalo da Silveira, dies a martyr in Africa. 1605. The election of Pope Paul V who put an end to the prolonged controversies De Auxiliis and would allow no censure to be attached to Father Molina's book. 1613. Fr. Jacques Quentin and Br. Gilbert du Thet arrive to settle on Mt. Desert Island, Maine. It is short lived as the English capture and take over the place. 1815. The readmission of the Society into Spain. But the fathers were again

friend of Abelard. 1912.C. Emily Dickinson +. ART. + Carmelite. 1977. who was put in a boat filled with pitch and oakum. May 16 CHRISTIANITY . May 17 CHRISTIANITY . Memorial. (1340-93. 1955. A. 1886. +. At Rome. 1990. First issue of The Tablet.. Fr. The king later reverted to Protestantism. Jim Henson + created the Muppets TV show. N. Studs Terkel B. and the saint yielded her soul to God in prayer. Radio intereviewer. St. John Nepomucene. 1650. RM 1840. HISTORY. 1979. Heloise dies. Augustine. Olga Korbut B. Olympic gymnast. He was martyred at Janow. Traditional feast of St. in 1887. Navigator. 1164. to be burned to death on the sea. SCIENCE. 1988. Blessed Ratho of Andechs.Y. the Society was spoken of with great affection. Sammy Davis Jr.exiled on July 31. Billy Martin B. More story than reality. Andechs is a pilgrimage monastery in Southern Ge . A certain Carmelite was severely reprimanded and his life of St. Restituta.RELIGION Saints Alypius and Possidius. JESUIT St. Robert Maynard Hutchins +. Andrew Bobola. 1990. First Kentucky Derby. Never left her home since 1865. Philip Randolph + Civil rights activist and labor leader. Protector of our Reputation. London. SPORT 1836. associates of St. RM Feast of St. But the flame turned on those who kindled it. RM 953. Alfonso Rodriguez and Juan del Castillo. in a General Chapter of the Discalced Carmelites. CULTURE. Brendan. Teresa condemned because he omitted from her writings all passages where she speaks in praise of the Society. 1578. author of Working. Great Books program and University of Chicago youthful President. Poland on this day in 1657. 1928.RELIGION St. In Paraguay. Edgar Allen Poe marries his l3 year old cousin who has TB. 1265. he visited Iceland. a French nun. 1820. Antonio Possevino received the abjuration of heresy and conversion to Catholicism of King John III of Sweden. scapular is named after him. 1875. etc. Pope John Paul II canonizes Roque Gonzalez.. Catholic weekly. Baseball manager and ex-manager. He was declared Protector. Simon Stock. Patron of the Seal of Confession). Patron and Protector of the Society of Jesus.

Jose Maria Escriva. 1898. SPORT Norwegian Constitution Day. Cum multa in Urbe. famed for its beer. 1954. Sandro Botticello + artist. Fr. with Jesuits involved. Reggie Jackson baseball star B. . Pope John Paul II B. HISTORY. 1501. 1915. goes to Switzerland to better govern and communicate with the Society in WW I. SCIENCE. Ignatius on zeal and religious perfection. Letter of St. and allowed Ours to be ordained before Profession: in all these matters reversing a decree of St. Optional memorial. 1946. Segregation is outlawed by U. 1572.RELIGION St. SCIENCE. Pope Gregory XIII exempted the Society from Choir.rmany. General Ledochowski leaves Rome. Analogy of Religion. 1915. + teacher. 1881 Carl McIntyre B. 1966. founder of Opus Dei. 1883. 1692. Supreme Court in the Brown decision. pope and martyr. philosopher. 1964. politica Religion 1992. mathematician born in Wales. John I. S. CULTURE. JESUIT 1547. Brief of Leo XIII returns the Roman College to the Society of Jesus.J.S. Walter Gropius is born. A Photo of the Shroud of Turin showed it as an exact negative and hence th e mystery of how it came to be. May 18 CHRISTIANITY . Catonsville Nine: an anti-Vietnam protest. ART. Pius V. preacher. Pieter Brueghel B. Lusitania is sunk. HISTORY. 1824. English bishop and scholar. He is the founder of the Bauhaus School of Archit ecture. Vatican II creates the Secretariat for non-Christian s. CULTURE. A militant American evangelist and l commentator. 1872. Gaston Salet. Joseph Butler B. SPORT 1525. is beatified inrecord time. ART. Bertrand Russell. 1968. approved the simple vows after two years' noviceship. Andechs. 1920.

She is the Mother of Elizabeth I. Ho Chi Minh B. 1711. while leading the life of an ancoret. 1662. He died on this day in 1296. Black educator and college President. Max Scheler +. Peter of Moroni. Lawrence (of Arabia)dies after a motorcycle accident in England. 1984. and on technology. at Ludington. 1994. Ogden Nash +. B. Explorer of the Mississippi. S. Fathers Laynez and Salmeron were sent by Pope Paul III as his theologians to the Council of Trent. Jack Egan dies. dies. Mt. organizer for justice. SCIENCE. Act of Uniformity rejects Presbyterianism. Michigan. Mathematician.RELIGION 804. CULTURE. Mary McLeod Bethune dies. 1971. from Chicago. a social critic. Pere Jacques Marquette dies. under his leadership the Curia fell into hopeless confusion. age 37. 1980. Vietnamese leader. Jacques Ellul dies. 1890. St. Messenge May 19 CHRISTIANITY . Alcuin + medieval Christian scholar. ART. a h opeful pessimist on culture.E. Malcolm X B. SPORT 1536 Ann Boleyn. He was Editor of the Sacred Heart r and director of the Apostleship of Prayer. Active priest. 1935. 1985. S. HISTORY. He later abdicated the pontificate and led a religious life in solitude. who. 1925. Ruggero Giuiseppi Boscovich. RM He was pope for five months. 1928. the second of Henry VIII's six wives is beheaded. New York City.J. Mass for the closing of Woodstock College. T. St. 1675. age 46. He knew little Latin and no canon law. He had resigned the papacy one and one half years earlier. JESUIT 1546. Thomas Moore. Astronomer and 1975. The birthday of St. A French Protestant theologian and lawyer. Helens erupts. John Betjeman + poet. Peter Celesine.1955. 2001 Msgr.J. JESUIT . was created Sovereign Pontiff and called Celestine V. age 82.

Franklin (Buck) Ewing. 1988. 1991. a former soldier who returned to his homeland as Jesuit and was hanged.. In a letter dated 20 May. Saint Louis University (St. Norwegian novelist. He would later suppress the Society of Jesus. 1825. Traditional Day for the opening of the lst Council of Nicaea. Blessed Marcellin Champagnat. + anthropologist.1596. Latin and Arithmetic at 8. Sigrid Undset B. The death of Pedro Paez. Pope Paul IV accedes to the request that the Society of Jesus no Fiat ut petitur. 1956. 1277. Dolly Madison B. born in Denmark. a mathematician and expert on the construction of ships and history of naval warfare. Ignatius was seriously wounded while defending the Castle of Pamplona against the French. + one-time president of Boston College. he wrote a history of Ethiopia and learned several languages. he learned Greek at the age of three. 1982. She was the wife of 4th American President 1799. S. Homestead Act. 1973. 1806. John Stuart Mill B. At Rome the election of Pope Clement XIV. Zoltan Alseghy. St. 1823. May 20 CHRISTIANITY . Vicar-General formally approved the Institute of Jesuit Sources. At Perigueux the death of Father Francis de Bordes. 1862. 1651. He reached Ethiopia in 1603 after 15 years of journey bec ause en route he was enslaved by Turkish pirates for 7 years. Honore Balzac is born in Tours. 1652. 1968. B. He died on this day in 1444. JESUIT 1521. Pope John XXI dies on this day. 1444. Austrian conscientious objector during WW II. 1622. S.J. a Spanish missionary to Ethiopia. Ganss permission to start work on an English versio n of the Constitutions. Fr. Franz Jaegerstaetter B. The plan was launched unofficially the previous yea r when Fr. priest. HISTORY. S. . 1547. in the Acts. The first female minister in the USA. The first Hydrogen Bomb is detonated. he cast himself before the Rector and said he would remain kneeling at the door-step till he was taken back again. 325. who is said to have owed to the Jesuits his elevation to the Cardinalate. S. 1961. Optional memorial.J. seller of purple. Antoinette Brown Blackwell is born.J. Swain. Louis College) is founded. 1769. The birth of Paul Hoste. Threatened with dismissal in his noviceship because of delicate health. SCIENCE. and Logic at 12. + Moral theologian of the Alseghy-Flick team.RELIGION Bernardine of Siena. France. 1882. S. Janssens gave Fr. longer subjects women to its obedience. The Pope is absent because of illness and old age. ART. a genius of the novel. missiologist. the secon d apostle of Ethiopia. The Society of Jesus allowed in Switzerland after a Referendum. New RM. 1768. With a high IQ. The roof of his study in the papal library collapsed on him six days earlier. CULTURE. The martyrdom at Tyburn of Blessed Peter Wright.J. 1789. Columbia University is chartered as King's College under the Episcopa l Church. 314 bishops present. He was the first European to see the source of the blue Nile. Pope John Paul establishes the Pontifical Council for Culture. Cardinal Lorenzo Ganganelli. Sandro Botticelli B. Jimmy Stewart B. 1908. Lydia. J. Seavey Joyce. 1907. 1754. SPORT Cuban Independence Day. Founder of the Marist Brothers.J.

1758. Clara Barton founds the American Red Cross. with Teresa of the Child Jesus and Mary Madeleine Postal. 337. S.. 2003. founder of Hull House. Canisius is declared a Doctor of the Church. SPORT 1506. The death of Victor Mertens. 1471. He will die in 1775 after imprisonment in Castel S. HISTORY. Lindberg lands in Paris. He was chosen to guide the Society through a sea of storms. Anthony Amendment. engaged in ministry. 1925. 1927. JESUIT 1568. breaks off the left arm. General and Assistant for Africa from 1971-80. May 22 CHRISTIANITY . 46 years old. He was the Prime Minister of Ind ia. and Nobel P eace Prize winner in 1931. He had sought the deposition of Pope Alexander VI. Christopher Columbus dies in relative obscurity. Angelo. and who endured many other trials. 1972.. 1991. Madeleine Sophie Barat. Women's Suffrage Amendment. RM 1498. Deranged attacker Laszlo Toth damages the Pieta in the Vatican. Jean Cardinal Danielou. Constantine dies on this day at Nicomedia. Savanarola is given the death sentence. 1935. dies in Paris. Laurence Ricci is elected General. Rita of Cascia. Albrecht Durer is born. May 21 CHRISTIANITY RELIGION Optional Memorial. Christopher of Magallanis. Jane Addams dies in Chicago. CULTURE. Optional Memorial. He often sided with Lutheranism. shatters the hand and chips the nose and left eye of the Madonna. Pius XI canonizes Peter Canisius. Optional Memorial. He became a hunchback at age 12. St.J. Andrei Sakharov. Pope St. Counselor to Fr. with a hammer. SCIENCE.the holy martyr Basiliscus who was forced to wear iron shoes pierced with heated nails. but never renounced his Catholic faith. In Pontus. Mexican Martyr. 1921. SJ. He still thought he had discovered parts of Asia. ART. B. pacifist.1974. Pius V wrote a letter to the Archbishop of Cologne asking him to befriend the Society of Jesus and its college in that city. Alexander Pope is born in London. . 1919. St. John Vianney. and John Eudes. 1688. Rita of Cascia. Rajiv Gandhi assassinated.RELIGION St. He had been Vice-Provincial and Provincial of Central Africa. age 90. the Susan B. 1881.

Kit Carson dies in Colorado. B. dies in Dublin. Margaret Fuller B. age 83. and a convert to Catholicism. 1874. Pierre Biard and Ennemond Masse are the first Jesuits to set foot in New France. 1972. 1914. B. ART. He was trusted by them. 1498. CULTURE. Overal l he was favorable. Mary Cassatt B. He was a Dominican Priest. JESUIT 1611. a famous missionary among the American Indians.. 1862. SPORT 1810.1925. Hermann Gunkel is born. Louis died Father Peter de Smet. SCIENCE. He was a Scout. Joan of Arc is captured at Reims. then burned at the stake in Flore nce.S. Victor Hugo dies in Paris. but he would impose choir. 1859. 2002. Wagner. ART.J.RELIGION 1430. SPORT 1813. trapper. . Ignatian remarked to his friends that "every bone in my body was shaking. HISTORY. Critic and social reformer. 1996. Matt Talbot. 1965. and a mediator. hanged. 1885. Seven Trappist monks are martyred in Algeria by Islamic fundamentalist rebels. HISTORY. 1937. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is born in Edinburgh. He was a pioneer in form critical studies of the Scriptures. Economist. Pedro Arrupe is elected 28th General of the Society of Jesus. Slammin Sammy. Sam Snead dies. Savanarola + Italian reformer. and Civil War gener al." 1717. 1868. SCIENCE. 1844. pioneer. Impressionist painter. JESUIT 1555. May 23 CHRISTIANITY . Arcadia. a National Hero. smoothed swing golfer. Barbara Ward Jackson. CULTURE. He was one of the founders of the Missouri Province. The Christian Religion was proscribed throughout China soon after the condemnation of the Chinese Rites by Clement XI. negotiator of several treaties. Ceylon is declared a republic and called Sri Lanka. age 89. At Rome the election Cadrdinal Gian Paolo Caraffa as Pope Paul IV. John D. Rockefeller +. At St. R.

The Dutch West Indies Trading Company purchases Manhattan Island for $24. S. Queen Victoria B. Emile Mersch. at St. John Wesley is converted. Morse exclaims. May 24 CHRISTIANITY . De Buck. 1626. dies. 1931. Francis Borgia is ordained a priest. SCIENCE. He left an unfinish ed manuscript on the Theology of the Mystical Body.J. liberal theologian. Peter Minuit. 1993 The blessing of the new pipe organ. S. Apostolic Constitution of Pius XI on seminaries. S. on the feast of Corpus Christi. famed jazz musician and composer. age 65. RM 1738. Genius. Pierre LeRoy. 1819. 1952. CULTURE. "What hath God wrought. 1716. 1974. Fulton Oursler + Author and editor. S. is stabbed to death in Chad.RELIGION Joanna. Duke Ellington dies." 1883. New York. Deus Scientiarum Dominus. St. 1976. A Telegraph line between Washington and Baltimore becomes operativ e as Samuel F. He was important in the revival of the Bollandists. Br. correspondent. He received the first copy of this on his deathbed. Ignatius Loyo la Church. Cincinnati. SPORT 1543. Herod's steward. and defen der of Teilhard de Chardin. 1940. Pope Pius VII returns to Rome from exile. The first night baseball game is played at Crosley Field. William Foxwell Albright B B Baptist minister. Feast of Our Lady of the Way. The First public railroad in the USA begins on this day. 1878.J. made in England. 1814.J. Archeologist. HISTORY. His heart is s trangely warmed and he receives the great assurance. Nicholaus Copernicus + Prussia. ART. He was a close friend. He said his first Mass on August lst. 1933. 1551. Harry Emerson Fosdick 1891. reading Luther and the Scripture.J. Fr. 1844. dies. wife of Chuza. is killed by bomb as he was bringing relief to wounded volunteers. Nicholas de Glos.1876. The Brooklyn Bridge opens. De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestrium. JESUIT Madonna della Strada. He declared his intention to res . The beatification of John Francis Regis by Pope Clement XI. a horse drawn Baltimore and Ohio Company on a line from Baltimore to Ellicott Mills (City). 1992.B. diocesan inspector of schools.

Gerard Gilleman. Expulsion of the Society from Brazil by Don Pedro IV. 1621. Philip Neri. Madeleine Sophie Barat dies. JESUIT 1590. optional memorial Gregory VII. SCIENCE. He died on this day in 1085. 1865 St. Stephen Theodore Badin is ordained in Baltimore. He met Henry IV at Canossa.000 persons and sixty Bonzes to the Church. 1802. S. African Freedom Day. Fr. The first competitive elections in the Soviet Union since the 1917 Revolution. St. Most devoted to the Society of Jesus. Christopher Dawson. The property had been purc hased by Anton Kohlmann. the founder of the U. virgin.RELIGION 1595. ART. who with only one companion. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi. S. historian. Aloysius. 2002. converted 35. for the Boston Browns against Pittsburgh. .S. a breakthrough volume. Babe Ruth hits his final home run. optional memorial 1793. May 26 CHRISTIANITY . The death of John Carroll.RELIGION St. Bede the Venerable. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC is consecrated. Memorial. optional memorial. Missionary to India. CULTURE. f ounder of Georgetown University and as first bishop of Baltimore. priest and doctor. 1773. Ignatius saw that it was n ot his vocation. May 25 CHRISTIANITY . St. SPORT Lady Godiva Day. He was the first Stillman Professor. he wrote The Primacy of Charity in Moral Theology. he had asked to be admitted to the Society. The Scholastics at Bologna. In Japan died Father Gaspar Coelho. dies. pressed by Cardinal Malvezzi to take off their Religious habit and accept dispensation from their vows. She is the Founder of the Madames of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ) and their superior for 63 years. 1879. a renowed missioner. + at Jarrow monastery. Gorbachev is elected President. refused to listen to him. ordained by Bishop John Carroll. John Berchmans offered to God l00 acts of self-humiliation in honor of St.J.tore the Society on the coming feast of St. the first RC priest ordained in the USA. HISTORY. member of the Society before the Suppression. but St. St.J. 1803. + Professor at Harvard 1958-62. Pope of the Gregorian reform. hierarchy. Ralph Waldo Emerson is born in Boston. Ignatius. 1970. 1989. priest. 1935. 1834. 714.

E. The death of Thomas Munzer.RELIGION 605. May 27 CHRISTIANITY . and helped inspire the Peasants War during which he was captured and beheaded. 1972. SCIENCE. SPORT 1819. She spent each Friday night in a coffin and had three hours of sleep each night and died at age of 26. Second time offenders will be executed. 735. 1976. 1917. 1871. together with a few other priests. Salt I agreement is signed in Moscow. English monk. The House Un-American Activities Committee is formed. B poet. bishop. 1564. General Gruber that thirteen ex-Jesuits beg to be admitted to the Society. 1803. First time offe nders are banished. 1859. Augustine of Canterbury. with extreme pena nces. CULTURE. Martin Heidegger. He died on this day in 605. Archbishop Carroll and Bishop Neale of Maryland write to Fr. Wrote "Battle Hymn of the Republic. 1673. Optional memorial. She lived a solitary. and historian." . Canber t and deBengy today. + philosopher. Francis Jerome is canonized by Pope Gregory XVI. scholar. 1839. He was a militant German reformer who led the attack against monasteries. St. A. Jean Calvin +. The state of Massachusetts passed a law banning Jesuits. Napoleon is crowned King of Italy in the Cathedral in Milan. The death of Venerable Bede. ART. and Ducoudray and LeClerc two days earlier. Julia Ward Howe B. ART. Writer and social reformer. 1938. CULTURE. JESUIT 1647. St. Housman. He had been a Jesuit novice. The updated Code of Canon Law is promulgated. St. Ching Wei-San (Emmanuel de Sigueira) dies. SPORT 1805. HISTORY. 1525. the first Chinese Jesuit priest. HISTORY. At Paris the Communards executed five French Jesuits: Frs Olivaint. SCIENCE.1645. Mariana Parades of Quito dies.

Walker Percy B. Herbert Musurillo. 1981. JESUIT 1600.1871. philosopher. SPORT 1888. Pennyslvania. Spiritual writer.J. +. S. 1934. mediator. Father Matthew Ricci. S. SCIENCE.J. From the New York Province. Fr. On Mount Jou of the Alps in Switzerland he found the famous monastery and hospice. CULTURE. He lived in the llth century. The death of Jawaharlal Nehru. 1907. 1908. of the Labor Relations Institute at Xavier Parish in New York City. ART. patristic scholar. The Inaugural lecture by Heidegger as Rector of Freiburg University. Dionne quintuplets are born in Canada. Ignatiu s and St. Fra Girolamo Savonarola hanged in the Piazza of Florence and his body is burned. Theologian and ecumenist. golfer B. Pope Pius XI appointed him the heavenly patron not only of those who live in or travel across the Alps. undismayed by the failure of his first visit to Peking. jazz pianist. + Labor priest. Virgil Barber.J. . set out again from Nanking with many rich presents for the Emperor. literary critic and author of lives of St. artist. The Moviegoer. S. he attended Xavier H igh School in New York. Sam Snead. Francis Xavier. but of all mountain climbers. Author. He wrote about James Bond. seems to support Hitler. May 28 CHRISTIANITY . George Rouault. 1954. Bernard of Mentone. 1971. Ian Fleming is born in London. 1912. Rachel Carson. Sodalist. dies at Georgetown.J. 1974. 1847. S. 1912. + Classicist. she wrote jazz Masses. Jim Thorpe B All-American Olympic champion. The poet John Dryden translated the lat ter into English after his conversion. Francis LeBuffe. Dominique Bouhours.RELIGION St. 1916. +. 1981. 1498. lawyer. Premier of India. Cardinal Wysinski +. 1989. died at Paris. B. Silent Spring. HISTORY. B. and is now also patron of skiers. The death of Mary Lou Williams. 1964. he died on Ascension Thursday. Bernard Leeming.J. Philip Carey. John Cheever. of which he was robbed on the way. Convert to Catholicism. JESUIT 1702. S. writer B. anthropologist. 1933.

a child twelve years of age. is to become a Cardinal. officially Declares the USA no longer has missionary status. in Slovakia. Missionary to Micronesia. 1815. as well as Jan Korec. JESUIT 1566. The Little Sisters of the Poor are founded by Bl. Kennedy B. There are now seven Jesuit Cardinals. Finally their hands were crushed with a mallet. The bankrupt creditors of Fr. Father Pedro Martinez and two companions set sail for Florida..1634. It was under siege since April 6th. Joan of Arc is condemned as a heretic. 1987. B. Decline of the West. 1917. writer.RELIGION The martyrdom of the Saints Conon and his son. RM Blessed Ursula Ledochowska. 1903. S. Ven. Andre Salvatierra. John F. took the vows of a Spiritual Coadjutor. the largest number ever. John Paul II announces that Paulo Dezza. 1953. Jeanne Dugan. Pius X is canonized. Saracens ride horses into Hagia Sophia. and exposed to the fire. California. S.J. Father Thomas Holland. Constitution of Pius X. SCIENCE. Bob Hope B. Germany. (FB) 1760. +. 1842. 1954. 1991. placed on the rack. Hugh Costigan. G. 1648. The death of Bernard Hubbard. He is now a saint. He is th e author of the book Mush. 1908. On several occasions he won a hearing for the Gospel by first playing on the lute for the native peoples. Brown detective stories.J. They take a fourth vow of hospitality. The Fall of Constantinople as it is captured by Turks. S. a region occupied at the time by barbarous tribes. The restoration of the Society in Spain is proclaimed by royal decree.K. 1881. press the Society to repay his unauthorized trading debts. CULTURE. who were laid on a grate over burning coals sprinkled with oil. etc. Apologist. Sapienti Consilio. 1431. famous mission in Californi a. Fr. an occasio n helping to lead to the banning of the Society in France. The judge gives the verdict and she is burnt the next day. SPORT 1453. May 29 CHRISTIANITY . sister of Jesuit General. and they breathed their last. superior of the Martiniqu e mission.J. ART. Foundress of missionary sisters. HISTORY. You Malemutes! and articles in the Saturday Evening Post on the Alaska mission. Chesterton B. Cardinal Bea. Antoine Lavalette. Oswald Spengler B. in Santa Clara. He is said to have heroically swallowed a spider that fell into the chalice during Mass. 1962. martyr. . 1874. At Murcia in Spain died Fr. 1880. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay are the first to climb Mount Everest.

RELIGION Visitation. 1788. Feast. Born on Nov. plura. 1909. At Tyburn. Alexander Cruden B. noted for his characteristic wit. He says his first Mass on July 22. Originally it is named the Lake of the Blessed Sacrament. Joan of Arc dies at the stake in Rouen. JESUIT 1534." 1983. dies. plura. "I hate the Jesuits as Hannibal hated the Romans. patron of hunters. S. Earlier versions of the RM call her the daughter or disciple of St.J. 1849. in new RM The Death of St. Paul Mailleux. age 82. He is one of the greatest 18th century authors remembered as a crusader against tyranny." 1646. Isaac Jogues discovers Lake George. ART. . Benny Goodman B. May 31 CHRISTIANITY . Matthias Mulumba in Kampala. the Father of early Church History. one of the Uganda Martyrs. SPORT Traditional Memorial Day in USA. the first of the companions to become a priest. SCIENCE. plura. St.RELIGION St. 21. Hubert. On the way they recited the Te Deum. 1701.May 30 CHRISTIANITY . Peter Faber is ordained a priest. 1582. 1934. the martyrdom of Thomas Cottam with three other priests. The death of Eusebius. 339. He was educated by the Jesuits at the college of Louis-le-Grand in Paris. Gioberti had applied to be admitted into the Society. Peter the Apostle. Petronilla. Two day Barmen Synod ends. satire and critical capacit y. 1640. big otry and cruelty. HISTORY. He was Father General's Delegate for Jesuits of the Eastern Rites and ran the John XXIII Center. CULTURE. Vincent Gioberti's book Il Gesuita Moderno is put on the Index. Voltaire + Paris. His dying words were: "O Domine. 1694 in Paris. and on being refused became its bitter enemy and calumniator. tu plura pro me passus es. with Barmen Declaration opposing Hitler. Virgin and Martyr of the 3rd century. in New York City . 1431. Peter Paul Rubens + Flemish painter. editor of Biblical Concordance.

On the 1st or the 8th of June. Twelve Belgian Jesuits. Brigham Young. A. Hormisdas. 1940. HISTORY. 1955. Van Quickenborne." 1962. including Fr. Johnston. 1981. 1971. South Africa Union Day. June 1 Justin. NY. Loisy + Modernist theologian.RELIGION memorial. 1900. 2200 die." 1867. US Supreme Court orders school integration "with all deliberate speed. 1846. B in Vermont. St. 1992. The new novitiate of the Buffalo Mission. SPORT . An austere monk. the Verona Fathe rs. Stanislaus in South Brooklyn. 1898. He is the son of Pope St. The banality of evil. near Cleveland. The mission begins. is blessed. The Cathedral of the Assumption in Baltimore is dedicated by John Carroll. Norman Vincent Peale B. Publication of the bull of Pope Innocent X declaring that Five Heretical Propositions were really contained in Jansenius' Augustinus. SCIENCE. Joe Namath B. Louis area by flatboat down the Oh io River and then a 120 mile walk across Illinois. PA flood. at Ramle Prison. Peter Paul Rubens dies on this day in Antwerp. artist. Ohio. 1801. The canonization of St. Silverius is elected Pope. Achille Ratti B Pius XI. 1823. ART. Adolf Eichmann is executed by hanging. The Jansenists retaliated by violent calumnies against the Society. he had banned railways in his domain: "chemins d'enfer. superior. The Comboni Missionaries are founded by Bishop Comboni. Joseph Haydn + Austrian composer 1819. Reinhold Niebuhr + 78 years old. Jan Smuts. St. 1906. Long Island. His feast day is 20 June. HISTORY. NY Jet Quarterback. Barbara Ward Jackson + JESUIT 1653. He would be deposed in less than two years. Death of Pope Gregory XVI. martyr. Israel.1821. Peter D e Smet. The Power of Positive Thinking. 1857. Walt Whitman is born in West Hills. 1950. SPORT 1640. SCIENCE. and Peter Verhaegen arrive in the St. CULTURE. 1809. CULTURE. CHRISTIANITY . It is the first RC Cathedral in USA. ART. 536. A friend of Jesuits. They celebrate the feast of Corpus Christ the next day at the Cathedral. 1899. Claude LaColumbiere in Rome.

1952. John Dewey + an educator. Chicago. Pantaleo. over whose room a bright light was seen shining in the night. 1566.J. Novice Director. SCIENCE. 1527. He was imprisoned in 1763. Ignatius accused of having advised two noblewomen to undertake a pilgrimage on foot to Compostella. At Rome the papal postmaster. 1887. 1810. enraged by the admission of his mistress into the Casa Santa Maria. St.J. Marilyn Monroe B. philosopher. Peter Lutz. was cast into prison. St. 1910. Lou Gehrig. June 2 CHRISTIANITY . New York. 1637. St. +. Ignatius. Her feast is in the Jesuit martyrology. perished miserably in an explosion of gunpowder.1878. 1926. Patron of Sailors. Marcellinus and Peter. He was a parish priest. 1989. + is killed in Columbia. S. Swimming star. 1924. Ecuador. 1958. Ignatius. He was occasionally found raised from the ground during prayer. At Rome. S. 1941. raised a great storm against the Society. At Murcia. At Alcala. 1537. a refuge founded by St. CULTURE. Comiskey Park opens. Mary Anne de Parades (1618-45) the lily of Quito. Elmo's Fire. Giuseppe Garibaldi + Guerilla general for Italian unification and independence. P. S. Jacques Marquette. Erasmus or Elmo. to the sea. Marquis de Sade B.RELIGION optional memorial. JESUIT 1527. HISTORY. Sergio Restrepo. 1948. JESUIT St. Sublime Deus. At the age of 13 he runs away. 1980. dies. John Masefield B. He was named Poet Laureate in 1930. bade them no longer address each other . ART. Joseph Pignatelli. 1546. a nobleman having uttered an imprecation against St. At Alcala. CNN begins 24 hour television news coverage. Johnny Weissmuller B. SPORT 1740. B. 1882. Bill of Pope Paul III. the death of Fr. She was directed by Jesuits. opposes slavery in the Americas.J. baseball great. fearing the suppression of his community at S. Paris. but in 1790 tempora rily freed by the French Revolution. affirms the freedom and humanity of Indians. martyrs. and Tarzan movie star. age 92. United States Indians are granted citizenship. a martyr for faith and justice. Charles De Gaulle becomes Premier of France. James Suarez. Fr. age 50.

age 40. George Bizet +. troops enter the squar e and beginnings of Chinese democracy are smashed. 1875. and told the brothers to wear secular dress. martyrs. NY to Wernersville. Kevin. Beijing. S. a villa was purchased for the Fathers and Brothers of the Roman College. 45 novices move from St. 1992.RELIGION Charles Lwanga and companions. Brother. ART.e. 1888. 1989. He was a spiritual writer a nd noted lecturer. June 3 CHRISTIANITY . Andrew on Hudson. Twenty two. Franz Kafka dies in Austria. He founded the Family Rosary Crusade. Rector. 1559. stays together. Aloysius Gonzaga and John Berchmans would go there for summer vacations. Ayatollah Khomeini dies in Iran. with insights from the spirituality of the East. ILGWU formed. including Matthias Mulumba (a chief) Joseph Mukasa (the first to die) and Kizito.J. 1900. In 1998. Fr. dies in New York City. 1558. on prayer. JESUIT 1545. Patrick Peyton.the first of the Society to be raised to the Cardinalate. the Vatican issued a warning about some of his writings. "The family that prays together. Irish Monk. on Pentecost Monday. SPORT 1808. 1924. This is his feast Day. SCIENCE. The first Brief of Paul III "Cum Inter Cunctas" gives the Society generous faculties to administer the sacraments of penance and Eucharist. 1987. and to preach the Word. French composer. Tiananmen Square. CULTURE. 1930. He founded t he Sadhana Institute in India. On the night of the 3rd. Frascati. At Tusculum. Entrance into the Society of Francisco de Toledo . Anthony De Mello. i. They died on or around this d ay in l886. memorial. St. a lad of thirteen. 1989. CSC + age 83. Jefferson Davis Day B. Blessed Pope John XXIII dies. The epic poem "Casey at the Bat" is first published in the San Francisco Examiner. In new RM 1963. . or use the words provincial." Father.

1991. and an advocate of democratic rule. The Vatican Secretariat for Christian Unity is established. 1996. Nelson Glueck B Jewish archeologist. SCIENCE. the death of Maximilian Ryllo. memorial. John Thomas. 1987. 1949.J. 1900. bishop and martyr. Baptism of Alphonso Mwembe Nzinga. The first Christian king in Africa. June 5 CHRISTIANITY . SPORT 1826. 1878. ART. age 44 is assassinated in Lagos. Frank Buchman B. Francis Xavier's altar. 1848. CULTURE. JESUIT 1585. ART. General Ledochowski invites Jesuits of New York/Maryland to the Philippine mission. Maurice Blondel +. 1920. Andres Segovia +. Fr. The American 5th Army enters Rome. S. 1944. Kudirat Abiola.June 4 CHRISTIANITY . Nigeria. Carl Maria von Weber +. He is the founder of Moral Re-Armament Movement. 1965. He died unreconciled. At Karthoum. She was the wif e of imprisoned elected leader Abiola. Alfred Loisy + French RC modernist. SCIENCE.RELIGION Boniface. Disturbances arose against the Society at Riga in Latvia. He died on this day in the year 754. HISTORY. Cardinal Radzivil undertook its defense. King of the Kongo. Sigmund Mowinckel + Biblical scholar. HISTORY. 1960. SPORT . + sociologist of the family.RELIGION 1491. This cardinal is buried in the Gesu at the foot of St. 1940. a missionary of Central Africa. CULTURE. He directed the American School o f Oriental Research for many years.

one of the first deacons. 1967. both spiritual and temporal. thus admit brothers. hearing that his nephew St. Thomas Mann. 1564. which he founded. Marcellin Champagnat dies. June 6 CHRISTIANITY . RM. the first Catholic priest to hold that chair. SCIENCE. age 44. YMCA founded in London by George Williams. 1564.age 51. Pius IV. 1900. . the Uni versity of London. Stephen Crane + Red Badge of Courage. 1968. Swiss psychiatrist. U. Paul III by his Brief. Marines land in Cuba. D Day. 1961. 1944. Jeremy Bentham +. 1910. The beginning of the Arab-Israeli Six-Day War. forbad Lainez and Ribadenairs to enter the Apostolic Palac e. 1840. Igor Stravinsky is born this day. ART. Novelist. The Invasion of France. Henry + New York (William Sydney Porter) age 47. He is the founder of the Marist Brot hers. on St. His Feast Day in the new RM 1844. Robert Kennedy is assassinated in California by Sirhan Sirhan.S. Bl. His skeleton is preserved. Carl Gustav Jung +. 1882. 1986. Benjamin Franklin flies his kite. HISTORY. John Mahoney is named professor of moral theology in King s College. who had resigned the high office of Visitor General of the Kingdom of Peru to become a lay Brother in the Society. 1912. At Lima died Francis Lopez. B. bishop optional memorial. short story writer. sitting in a chair at University College. CULTURE. Exponi nobis. Charles Borromeo felt drawn to the Society. 1875. SPORT 1832. empowers the Society to admit Coadjut ors. and his four daughters. O. Luebeck. JESUIT 1546.1752. Philip.RELIGION Norbert. Igor's Day according to the Russian Calendar (June 17th on other calendar).

General Nickel.1976. Peter Canisius is appointed Provincial of Upper Germany. aged 80 years. 1569. as the Province is constituted. Two Portuguese ships arrive in South America to arrest and expel the Jesuits. 1886. ART. June 7 431. dies. HISTORY. and five divo rces. SPORT 1494. In Paris at the funeral of Henry IV two priests denounce the Jesuits as accomplices in his death because of Fr. The 11th General Congregation elects Oliva as perpetual Vicar General with right of succession and "sole right" of General. Three ships. The treaty of Tordesillas between Spain and Portugal divides up the New World between them. 1760. Franz Gruber dies. Mariana's book De Rege. He was a peace loving convert to Roman Catholicism. 86 Jesuits were put on board. with 60 Jesuits aboard. Birthday of Frank Duff. H e was a Jesuit Alumnus. He died of grief within a month. 1843. He had 2-4 billion $$. The New Orleans province was established. but is delayed until 23rd June due to delays in traveling. 1907. The Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon. suffering from schizophrenia. the province of Lower Germany was erected. J. A few days earlier. He had lived in the same room in Tubingen for 36 years. Father Camillus Mazzella was promoted to the Cardinalate by Leo . 1866. Johann Christian Friedrich Holderlin. Seattle. CULTURE.RELIGION The Council of Ephesus is scheduled to open. CHRISTIANITY . Brazil. 1889. JESUIT 1610. poet. He was the composer of the music for Stille Nacht. 1863. was forced by Pombal to suspend all the Jesuits in his patriarchate. 1889. Paul Getty dies at the age of 83. 1758. JESUIT 1556. SCIENCE. principle founder of the Legion of Mary. leave Portugal for one Jesuit will reach Brazil. due to the state of health of Fr. But not 1661. chief of the Duwamish Confederacy dies. who loved the Society.

1867. His final words were I am so happy. blind.J. a prayer for Nigeria in distress. The Head of State of Nigeria. This would last for about one year. are canonized. He is later ordained a priest. Claudio Arrau + 88 years old. Robert Schumann B. At Bologna the Jesuit Scholastics were kept prisoners at the seminary villa. of Madagascar is listed in the RM. 1979.RELIGION Ephrem. 1773. and without my forcing . B. Peruvian priest.J. Japanese martyrs. Frank Lloyd Wright. the Gesu. NY. The formal dedication of Gonzaga Retreat House for youth in Monroe. 1889. deacon and doctor. S.000 poor persons at the door of the Professed House. James Kisai. S. liberation theologian. by Father General: preliminary censorship. He was Professor of theology and would chair the commission that declared Anglican orders invalid. He ascended to heaven from the Dome of the Rock. 1649.. a report accepted by Leo XIII. CULTURE. 1952. German composer. Blessed Maria Droste zu Vishering. 1862. Tom Paine dies in obscurity in New York. so happy. S. His Jesuit feast is February 4. He had written earlier: I would wish that my pieces could at some time become known but in some spontaneous way. It had been started sometime earlier. 1972. S. SCIENCE.. John de Goto. He was a pioneer missionary to Scotland from Ireland. Joseph F. Gerard Manley Hopkins.XIII. Paul Miki. . 1809. Columba dies. for refusing to lay aside the habit of the Society. Nigerian Catholics had been saying daily for several years. SPORT 1809. Laurence Gillick. in Jerusalem. Mormons allow blacks to be ordained . and is a tertian instructor. age 45. in Dublin. dies. + Teacher -Lonergan/Rahner expert. JESUIT Blessed James Berthieu. Leroy "Satchel" Paige + Pitcher.J. 1928.and one is ordained two days later HISTORY. June 9 CHRISTIANITY . St. The cornerstone of old St. Wulftange. enters the Jesuits as a brother candidate. Karl Rahner is silenced in a manner. Chilean pianist. At a season of great scarcity Father Caraffa daily for two months fed l. Military General Sani Abacha dies suddenly. 1998. age 72. He had been the first Dean of Woodstock College. with special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.J. 1962. The death of Vincent Caraffa. in RM for this day. Patrick Church in New York City is laid by Anton Kohlmann. June 8 CHRISTIANITY . optional memorial 597. Seventh General of the Society. 1982.RELIGION Mohammed is born on this day in 570 and dies on this day in 632. 1978. 1991. ART. 1810. Gustavo Gutierrez B.

J. She was a temperance leader and saloon wrecker in Kansa s. at the age of 31 he had been appointed director of the Jesuits in Latin America. SCIENCE. He was born Jan. 1998. SPORT 1692. Cardinal Agostino Caseroli dies at the age of 83. When in captivity he composed a hymn of 4. 1893. Cole Porter B. S. Cambridge Boat Race.1834. CULTURE. He died on this day in 1597. 1836. Ampere. 1934. HISTORY. Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. He is buried in Poet's Corner. Adolf von Harnack + Heidelberg. English Baptist Missionary. Westminster Abbey. and the founder of the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro." Brazil's most famous missionary. 20. Birds and beasts paid him reverence: he seemed in innocence to resemble Adam before the fall. He had been a diplomat and Vatican Secretary of State from 1979-90. The first witch is hanged during 20 month Salem Witch Trials (20 killed). HISTORY. He was a Jesuit Alumnus in the time of the suppression. Andre-Marie dies in Marseille. William Carey +. "Apostle of Brazil.RELIGION 1809. Charles Dickens + age 58.000 Latin verses in Our Lady's honor. SCIENCE. A . and also all who assisted in the invasion. Oxford wins the first Oxford vs. Donald Duck B. Pope Pius VII replies by excommunicating him that same day. 1870. CULTURE. 1829. Napoleon orders the Papal states occupied. Historian of dogma. Carry Nation dies. 1775 in Lyon. Manuel de Nobrega named Provincial of the Jesuits in Brazil. ART. 1911. He fiddled while Rome burnt. 1553. SPORT 68. the "Father of modern missions. Earlier. optional memorial. 1930. June 10 CHRISTIANITY . He was involved in the foundations of the cities of Salvador. JESUIT Blessed Joseph Ancieta. Emperor Nero dies by suicide. ART.

apostle.begins in Akron. 1935. Once during Mass he was seen raised in the air. Joseph Freeman is the first black ordained to priesthood of the Mormon Church. NBC newscaster. journalist. Alcoholic Anonymous . David Brinkley. Vince Lombardi B. singer. black civil rights campaigner.RELIGION Memorial. The first meeting of Bil l Watson and Dr. At Venice. Ohio. Medgar Evers. CULTURE. Bob Smith is held. is killed in Mississippi. Doctor Mirabilis. Richard Strauss B. Fordham Block of granite. At Quito died Mark Antonio. She won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1928. Sigrid Undset +. 1933. 1917. St. that only Frenchmen should be appointed superiors over French houses. dies. and Green Bay Packer coach. June 11 CHRISTIANITY . 2003.physicist. The King demanded. The Chinese and Malabar Rites were forbidden by Benedict XIV. 1769." To the age of 80. allowed Father Edmund Auger to withdraw from the court. Kristin Lavransdatter. is the first Jesuit ordained in China. an Italian lay-brother known as "the Saint. yielding to the request of Father General Acquaviva. Ignatius and his companions were given minor orders. the newly-elected Pope began to show coldness towards the Society. ART. Lena Horne is born. he macerated his body with fasts. JESUIT 1612. 1963. HISTORY. 1587. Pope Leo XIII consecrates the world to the Sacred Heart. 1742. 1949. JESUIT 1537. however. 1978. Roger Bacon + Philosopher. Barnabas. he founded and named the science of electrodynamics as Electromagnetism. his face shining with light. SPORT 1294. disciplines.AA . Charles Simons. King Henry III of France. You can t do it alone. . SCIENCE. age 82. of the California Province. hair shirts. 1899. 1913. Clement XIV. 1864.

ART. and helped the cook for many months. Nelson Mandela is sentenced to life imprisonment in a trial in Pretoria. HISTORY. SPORT 1898. National Elections in Nigeria. SCIENCE.A.RELIGION 1458. 1954. He was a Civil Rights leader and field secretary of the NAACP. 1845. was told by the Provincial. 1963.J. In 1942. 1926. They are the first French Jesuits in North America. Father Bustamante. she began writing her diary. Medgar Evers is killed by a sniper in Mississippi.S. to go and work in the kitchen. He fears loss of study time. Saul Alinsky dies. A negative response of Father General Ledochowski on intercollegiate sports at Jesuit colleges. 1993. The College of St.. 1952. Death of Father Castaneda. To Kill a Mockingbird. Joseph Pignatelli is canonized. June 12 CHRISTIANITY . He was superior of the French Jesuits in Canada. 1575. dies. He re-established the mission there. Non placet. Gregory Peck. Mary Magdelene is founded at Oxford. S. Anne Frank is born in Frankfurt am Main. 1929. 1844. considered basically free and fair. In 1917. 1964. Jesuit Fathers Biard and Masse land at Annapolis in Nova Scotia. Gerard Manley Hopkins. he became Bishop of Munich. An advocate of rights. He was an official visitor to the U. 2003. Clement Boulanger +. etc. Aloysius Gonzaga is the patron of youth. He has been a Jesuit for three years. He cheerfully obeyed. age 25. Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber + Munich. 1928. JESUIT 1546. and too much travel involved.Persecution at once broke out in China. and a community organizer." 1611. actor. Philippine Independence Day. Peter Canisius is ordained. . Fr. Pope Gregory XVI refuses the demand of the French government that the French Jesuits should be secularized and their houses closed. 1868. "who though Rector for many years. CULTURE. 1972. He was a strong opponent of National Socialism. are annulled by President Babangida. Pope Pius XI confirms that St. and one of the founders of Fordham University. B.

This letter will greatly influence the Council of Chalcedon. 1990. 1966. RM 1936. Chesterton + . Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith says that the Index of forbidden books and the penalty of excommunication no longer has the force of law. William Butler Yeats B. CULTURE. SCIENCE. pastor. ART. Jazz. +. CULTURE. 1967. SCIENCE. Jerome. 1988. writer on histo ry and spirituality. one of the most distinguished members of the English Province. age 33. 449. makes the demons tremble. tertian instructor. memorial. SPORT . dies at Oxford. 1926. He was an author. He was a writer from the New England Province. BC. Letter of Pius XI to the Society on the anniversary celebration of Aloysi us Gonzaga. Martin Buber dies. priest and doctor. Fr. retreat master.RELIGION Anthony of Padua. William Pardow. says St.RELIGION The holy prophet Eliseus. 1865. Patriarch of Constantinople. Fr. SPORT 323. Charles Plowden. Benny Goodman + JESUIT 1557. 1900. ART.J. Tome of Leo the Great to Flavian. 1909. whose grave. The Boxer Rebellion begins in China in opposition to the Europeans. 1986. HISTORY. 1861. S. 1821. preacher. 1965. William Van Etten Casey dies. Luther (42)marries Katherine von Bora (26) and they have 6 children. S. Thurgood Marshall is named to the Supreme Court. June 14 CHRISTIANITY . edited by Henry Ramiere.June 13 CHRISTIANITY . 1525. Bernard Basset. Alexander the Great dies of fever in Babylon. Provincial (l893-7). died suddenly on his return from the General Congregation. HISTORY. The first Messenger of the Sacred Heart appears. The death of King John III of Portugal.J. at whose request Xavier and others were sent to India. Eventually there were 73 editions in 44 languages.K. He died on this day in 1231 age 36. G. In France. By mistake he was buried with military honours as General.

1904. Author. The arrival at Civita Vecchia of the first Spanish ship with the exiled members of the Castile province. 1951. Cardinal Pignedoli +. 1920. is entrusted to Michelangelo. 1980. Don Newcombe B. The Magna Carta is gained from King John at Runnymede. Johnny Vander Meer pitches his second no hitter in a row. New York City. J. June 15 CHRISTIANITY . and l012 die.F. Jorge Luis Borges." JESUIT . At Paris died Father Francis Annat. don t foul. The construction of the Jesuit Church. Univac I. dies in Argentina. HISTORY. JESUIT 1554. Catholic. Max Weber + . singer. confessor to Louis XIV for sixteen y ears. was "papabilis" and had been apostolic delegate to Nigeria. Evelyn Underhill +. 1938.Flag Day (origin 1777). "God gave me a voice. The steamboat General Slocum catches fire in East River. 1670. SPORT 1215. Exact date unknown. 1767. Harriet Beecher Stowe B. Connecticut. novelist. Powers dies. Uncle Tom's Cabin.RELIGION in Commemoration of the Prophet Amos. SCIENCE. ART. Dodger pitcher. 1996. Mayor de Witt Clinton delivers a court decision in New York which acquits Anton Kohlmann in the trial concerning the seal of confession. 1986." and was instrumental in saving Louis XIV's life. Leo X issues the encyclical Exsurge Domine which condemns Luther on 41 counts. poet. 1999. Gesu. He was President of the Secretariat for nonChristians. 1941. They were not allowed to land. Morte d Urban. He introduced into France quinine or "Jesuit's bark. writer. and the ship had to sail away to Corsica. 1813. Ben Franklin flies his kite: invents the lightning rod. 1811. The first commercial computer is unveiled. and hit the line hard. 1752. She was a poet and writer on mysticism. 1906. CULTURE. Ella Fitzgerald dies age 79. in the New RM 1520. something with which to make other people happy. 1926. President Teddy Roosevelt at the Georgetown University commencement concludes like an athlete: Don t flinch.

225 from New York are united with 300 from Maryland for a . 1737. 1994. 1542. Valentina Tereshova. opposing Arius. Margaret Mary. A female law student. Hegira. he had been novice director and played the trumpet.RELIGION 325. 1927. 1888. The Great Revelation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was made to St. Louis University La w School. Pope G regory XIII had expressed a wish that the General should not be a Spaniard. 1908-27. having been twice rejected by the examiner on the score of feeble health and apparently insufficient talent. The Council of Nicaea opens and meets until August 25th. 622. is born. Watergate burglars are caught as they break into the Democratic Party Head quarters in Washington. Leonce de Grandmaison. St. He wrote a well-known life of Christ. the first law school in the country to admit women. Definitive approval of Opus Dei by the Holy See. Fr. Geronimo B. President of Canisius College. chaired it for over 20 years.W. Peter Faber begins writing his Memoriale. 1950. 1564. 1871. JESUIT Traditional feast of St. S. ART. 1876. The Analogy of Religion. Muhammed's flight from Mecca to Medina. 1879. The close of the Third General Congregation. 1833. Editor of Etudes. The first television presentation of the Sacred Heart program appears on KTVI in St. 1955. June 16 CHRISTIANITY . with some disturbance.S. Francis Suarez entered the Novitiate. no snows. Everard Mercurian. + Apologist. Martin Darcy. SCIENCE.1000 killed. James Dempske dies. graduates from St. The first Great Church Council. 1948. CULTURE. no difficulties could stop when souls were to be saved. Joseph Butler + Anglican clergyman and theologian.J. no torrents. Rufus Jones + American Quaker theologian. in Ulysses." 1846. 1572. The end of the New York-Canada Mission. P.J. Soweto Day in South Africa .. HISTORY. John Francis Regis is canonized. a Belgian. Cardinal Franzelin was raised to the purple. Pope Pius XII excommunicates President Peron of Argentina. after experiencing many difficulties. Newman on a ship from Italy to France. for 31 years. The first woman sails into space. The Mexican Province is established. defender against Modernism. Ignatius and Companions are ordained sub-deacons in Venice. 1675. John Francis Regis. by James Joyce.. 1972. Couzins. Canada is linked to England. pens the words of the hymn "Lead Kindly Light. the longest reigning pope. whom no violence of cold. One day in the life of. Bloomsday in Dublin. 1976. "a wonderful apostle. was elected. 1752." 1573. 1904. 1956. 1963. SPORT 1829. Louis. Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti is elected Pope Pius IX. He helped found the American Friends Service Committee.1537. Links with France are cut.

1943. This letter follows a letter of July 1926 from the Sacred Congregation of Religious on swimming. 1999. stricter law against the Jesuits is passed in Massachusetts. Mary's. it is called the NY Province. Gwendolyn Brooks B. A new. Vincent McNabb. Marquette writes: "We entered the Mississippi with a joy I am unable to express. Ours are not to swim at health resorts and other like places. At Venice." He names it the River of the Immaculate Conception. warning of the dangers. South Africa. But he dies before it actually began. The pamphlet of Edmund Campion. Church of St. 1929. General Ledochowski on swimming. Ten Reasons appears and it is his call to debate. 1581. OSB. the last Crusade. He is a patron saint of Brittany. 47 are killed in a township massacre. Feast. 1939. 1917. 1558. The Battle of Bunker Hill. France. Botolph stone or Botolph town becomes BOSTON. SPORT 1775. Edward (Doc) Kilmartin S. black with accusations of police complicity. O. 1999. Commencement Day. 1700. A further letter of Fr. expert on discernment. Wisconsin. Theologian. June 18 CHRISTIANITY . St.RELIGION 1464. Claude de la Colombiere is beatified. s. Pope Pius II starts a crusade against the Turks. from the New England Province. 1673. 1927. + Author. of Westminster. Not listed in the new RM 1703. Jules Toner. S. Marquette and Joliet are the first Europeans to see the upper Mississippi River. In the new RM St.J. JESUIT 1537. She is the first black to win a Pulitzer prize. Ignatius and his Companions were ordained deacons. dies. not a priest. Black v 1992. ART.J. . preacher. 1994. and a minstrel. 7th century abbot. dies. Botolph. He saw it at Prairie du Chien. John Wesley B founder of Methodism. dies. Letter of Fr. Oxford. CULTURE. For one year. General Ledochowski to Ours on of 525 in the new Province. The First General Congregation is convened.P. Boipatong. SCIENCE. and obviously not with women. Cardinal Basil Hume. HISTORY. Herve. expert on the Eucharist. He was a blind monk. Ignatian spirituality June 17 CHRISTIANITY RELIGION St. But he will be martyred in less than one year.

Lou Gehrig B. Investigative reporter. SPORT 1815. The first official baseball game at the Elysian Fields. SPORT 1846. 1860. He was a Jesuit until the Suppression and a President of Georgetown. Mathematician. ART. 1989. HISTORY. to oversee the construction. religious thinker. Len Bias. Paschal B. Julian and Ethel. 1817. CULTURE. Gregory XIII visits the Gregorian. The Duke of Wellington defeats Napoleon near Waterloo. I. Max Schmeling defeats Joe Louis to become heavyweight champ. All American basketball star. The Iron Horse. 1936. Stone dies. and first American born male to be canonized. Archbishop Leonard Neale dies. 1924. Heinrich Joseph Dominicus Denziger + theologian Enchiridion Symbolorum et Definitionum. Paul VI authorizes the restoration of the permanent diaconate Sacrum Diaconatus Ordinum. He succeeded Archbishop John Carroll in Baltimore. the fourth Bishop of Philadelphia.J. is dead of cocaine. Five Jesuits are killed in Syria by Druses. scientist. ART. Amelia Earhart flies the Atlantic solo. 1978. Edward "Doc" Bunn. CULTURE. author. Lindberg 1928. HISTORY. 1623. as its benefactor. 1972. New Jerse y. The Salt II accords are signed in Vienna. for spying and handing over A-bomb secrets. 1986. + Philosopher. June 19 CHRISTIANITY . 1979. JESUIT 1581. George Mikan B basketball star. expert on the Spiritual Exercises. are executed for treason. Egypt is proclaimed a republic. 1903. involving the New York Nine. Stone's Weekly. Pensees. SCIENCE. SCIENCE.J. . The Rosenbergs.340 lifetime batting average. 1953.RELIGION Romuald. one year after h.1967. Hoboken.F. Gaston Fessard. abbot optional memorial. S. just drafted by the Celtics. 1883. 1953. Paul VI canonizes John Neumann. Poor Peoples March in Washington.F. S. . 1968. + Georgetown President. 1977. I.

After his death his Particular Examen books were found carefully noted during thirty years. 1596. Pancho Villa. HISTORY. Pope. 1336. S. Massachusetts. At Nagasaki. 1923. Lainez. John Baptist Zola. Lizzie Borden is acquitted in New Bedford. Queen Victoria begins her reign. and Sameron. At Malacca Father John de Caunas. a model religious departed this life. He had been the spiritual director of Aloysius. exiled. 1626. who was the son of Pope St. a marty r of charity of the distemper caught in attending the sick. Cardinal Bellarmine preaches on the heroic life and virtue (especially humility) of St. SCIENCE. 1951. Bob adilla. Hormisdas. 1893. Mexican revolutionary leader.JESUIT 1558.J. St.RELIGION Feast of St. Modesto Andlauer. including Jean de Brebeuf. SPORT 1837. ART. But 10 years later they are stopped. 1958. the martyrdom of Francis Pacheco. Silverius was arrested. 1948. An encyclical of Pope Benedict XII reconstitutes the Benedictines to corr ect some abuses. 19 are in attendance including five of the ten companions. 1679. Paul de Jaegher + Spiritual writer and missionary to India. JESUIT 1591. I gnatius'death. 1608. . In the Roman College. Aloysius' holy death occurs at ll:l5 PM. The first five Jesuits arrive in Quebec. 16 German scholastics are killed as their truck is hit by a train near Pullach. 1900. after axing her mother and step father. West Germany. Aloysius Gonzaga. In Rome. The opening of the First General Congregation nearly two years after St. etc. Six Jesuits are martyred on this day in London. 1625. Broet. is martyred in China. St. forced out of the papacy and died a few months later in 537. is assassinated. Rodriguez. Victor Emmanuel and his Parliament purposely exclude the General of the Society of Jesus from any pension. The Soviet Blockade of West Berlin begins. Decree of the Emperor allows the Bollandists to continue their work in spite of the suppression. including Philip Evans. CULTURE. 1778. such as was allowed to previous genera ls. Silverius. 1873. June 20 CHRISTIANITY .

the foundress of the Claveria n Sisters. . writer. Fr. two white. Minister. religious. The body of St.RELIGION Aloysius Gonzaga. 1925.." June 21 CHRISTIANITY . St.1983. Shanahan is named Provincial. one black. JESUIT 1565. which fractured his skull and made him a martyr. 1931. Montini is elected Pope Paul VI. Jean Paul Sartre B. Church. SCIENCE. bishop. is founded by Bishop Fenwick. Its diameter is 257 feet. ART. Jesuits correct Chinese astronomers on the time and length of an eclipse and win fame and favor. the sister of Vlodimir. 1923.. 1805. an Arian woman threw a tile down upon him. SPORT SUMMER SOLSTICE. The Buffalo Province is created. Robert Bellarmine is solemnity transferred to St. Giovanni Mather B. Increase helped 1892.) 1843. Holy Cross College. 1905. 1639. CULTURE. General erects the Independent Region of Russia. 1964. James J. Eusebius. The opening of the Second General Congregation in which Borgia was elected General. The 72 door Coliseum. New York. are slain in Philadelphi a. This day or nearby. Another sister was already beatified by Paul VI. he HISTORY. Ignatius Church. Mass. is dedicated at Auriesville. 1629. foundress of the Ursulines of the Sacred Heart. John Carroll appoints Robert Molynaux Superior of the Jesuits in the USA. John Paul II beatifies Mother Ursula Ledochowski. Mississippi. (Vita brevis) 1992. memorial. Worcester. This leads to Mississippi Burning. The Chinese were off by one hour. (This is also found listed under June 27. Pius XI beatifies the North American Martyrs. and "Mother of the Black Poor. 1960. the Jesuits assume responsibility for it. Shrine. the first Roman Catholic college in New England. President of Harvard and end the executions for witchcraft Niebuhr B. In a short time. Three civil rights workers. Reinhold 1963.

SCIENCE. 1812. + Chicago. 1535. S. John Fisher died on this date in 1535. Galileo recants in the Church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva. Yet he is still condemned. First arrival of the Jesuit Fathers in Canada. June 23 CHRISTIANITY . 1980. and opposes Nestorius.June 22 CHRISTIANITY . optional memorial. "Somewhere.J. Professor of Theology.l7. Openings of the l2. Judy Garland dies. .1751 and 1853 respectively. ART. Pope John Paul II beatifies Jose de Anchieto in Brazil. HISTORY. bishop. bishop and martyr and Thomas More. 1980. It meets until July 17. Napoleon announces the start of his fateful Russian campaign. 431.RELIGION Paulinus of Nola. optional memorial. Council of Ephesus. Hitler announces the start of his fateful Russian campaign. ART. Niccolo Machiavelli +. 1633. 1918. SCIENCE. James Doyle. SPORT 79 Emperor Vespasian dies. Quaker William Penn signs treaty with Indians.RELIGION 1683. He is dismissed for his conservative views on church memb ership. martyr. Archbishop John Keane dies in Dubuque. SPORT 1527. 1906. CULTURE. the 3rd great Council.1687. CULTURE. avenging his defeat by Max two years earlier. JESUIT 1611. opens. MA after se rving there 23 years. He was the co-founder and first Rector of the Catholic University of America. 1969. HISTORY. Gift from the Sea. 1985. John Fisher. Anne Morrow Lindbergh B. 1941. Joe Louis defeats Max Schmeling in the first round in New York City. over the Rainbow". 1938.and 22 General Congregations in 1682.l3. New Jersey. Politician and Diplomat. 1750. Voltaire says it was the only treaty never sworn to and never broken. while Thomas More died on July 5. Jonathan Edwards is dismissed from his pulpit in Northhampton. Kateri Tekakwitha is beatified.

tried to force the scholastics to take off the religious habit. HISTORY. St. 1932. ART. JESUIT 1623. SCIENCE. June 24 CHRISTIANITY . Ad Extremas. The Jesuits were informed of it on July 8th and were dismayed.RELIGION BIRTH OF JOHN THE BAPTIST. encourages seminaries and indigenous vocations. a Fleming. SLU was the first Catholic University to establish a Board o f Trustees with a majority of lay members. anticipating the Suppression. At Bologna Cardinal Malvezzi. 1704. 1947. 1773. Spain. 1967. The Society of Jesus is banished and property seized in Spain. 1546. 1893. Encyclical of Leo XIII. John of the Cross B. A pilot near Mt. In Paraguay died Father John Vasee. 1981. navigator. Saint Louis University s Board of Trustees gather for the first meeting of t he expanded Board. Jack Dempsey B. opposes the Chinese Rites.1611. Solemnity. and calls them saucers for the first time. and sets back inculturation. the Papal Legate. of Tournon. The mainland of America is discovered as John Cabot lands and plants the cross. Being a skilled violinist. especially in India. he drew crowds of savages to him by the double charm of his music and virtues. 1895. Henry Hudson. and having taught the Indian children to sing. Decree dated this day. . The first apparition at Medjugorje to Ivanka and Mirjana. and eight others are cast adrift by mutineers and never seen again. 1519. Lucretia Borgia dies. CULTURE. She was the daughter of Pope Alexander VI and the si ster of Cesare Borgia. SPORT 1497. Rainier sees nine flying objects.

Battle of Little Big Horn. MIDSUMMER EVE according to Shakespeare. 1537. Ignatius cele brated their first Masses on September 11th. Ignatius close to death. 1921. Faber had already been ordained. June 25 CHRISTIANITY . The Jesuits in White Russia are permitted by Empress Catherine to elect a General. Czerniewicz is elected. Presentation of the Augsburg Confession. St. Michel Foucault. JESUIT 1580. age 87 dies. with the powers of General.1987. St. 1859. took the title of Vicar-General. explorer and oceanographer. CULTURE. Custer's Last Stand. 1950. renewer of the Church dies. SCIENCE. disguised as a jeweler. receives the last sacraments after the injury at Pamplona. pioneer founder of the SMA Fathers. The US Supreme Court says reciting a 22 word prayer in NY State public schools violates the First Amendment. He was the author of The Silent World. Fr. Francis Xavier. All but St. HISTORY. Edmund Campion. dies at age 45 in Sierre Leone. arrives in Dover. 1782. Mozambique Independence Day from Portugal. . dies. 1530. the Missionaries of Africa. Completion of the Deliberation of the First Fathers of the Society. Jackie Gleason dies. Bernard founded the fourth house of the Cistercians and was made first abbot. England. JESUIT 1521. ART. Bishop Melchior Bresillac. Philipp Melanchton. and Salmeron was too young and had to wait a few months.RELIGION in Clairvaux Province. to bec 1115. B obadilla and Codure were ordained priests. 1962. 1984. North Korea invades South Korea. 1539. In Venice. 1997. New England is separated from the Maryland-New York ome a Vice-Province. SPORT 1876. Ignatius and his companions. 1975. Jacques Cousteau. philosopher. 1560. Rodriguez.

1960. optional memorial. June 26 CHRISTIANITY . Francisco Pizarro. SPORT .because of polygamy. Perhaps the greatest athlete of all time. The Founder and President of Opus Dei. is assassinated. Virgil Michel dies. He had been a senator for 48 years and at one time supported segregation. SCIENCE. CULTURE. JESUIT 1580. HISTORY. namely the Council of Ephesus in 431 which called Mary theotokos. Josemaria Escriva de Belaguer dies.RELIGION 1975. ART. 2003. A theologian. St. is established. Babe Didrikson Zaharias B. 1881. age 48. June 27 CHRISTIANITY . 1945. HISTORY. Shadowbrook. New England Province house of formation. Joseph Smith (Mormon founder) and his brother Hyrum are killed by armed mo b in Carthage. SPORT 1541. and an advocate of social justice and the involvement of the laity.1872. 1923. 1914. he was a leader of the Liturgic al Movement. He had been named a Cardinal. 1938. Illinois . CULTURE. Spain. Imperial law permits the expulsion of Jesuits from the German Empire. He was canonized in 2002. 1844. Hans Urs Von Balthasar dies. Peter Claver is born in Verdu. The only African to preside over a General Council o f the Universal Church. ART. one-time a Jesuit. He was also in the process of being readmitted to the Society of Jesus. SCIENCE. The banishment of 83 members of the Society of Jesus from the of Nicaragua. Spanish explorer and conqueror of Peru. bishop and doctor. Feast Day. He died on this day in 444. Madagascar Independence Day from France. Senator Strom Thurmond dies. A Benedictine. but died before being installed. 1988. age 100. The United Nations charter is signed.RELIGION Republic Cyril of Alexandria.

He presents reasons why he challenges Anglicans to a discussion of religion. International Workers of the World.dies. Willie Mosconi. Designed the Great Books Program. O. Rupert's Mission. A. A convert to Catholicism one year earlier. age 48.. . Frederick Faber B. Mortimer Adler dies. SPORT Paul Bunyan Day. This leads to the start of WW I. At Venice. 2001. 1989.J. Sinoia. with his wife. and a scholar of St. Archduke Ferdinand is assassinated. 1914. he painted St. 1913. 1917.J. S. ART. strongly committed to the poor and to social jus tice.RELIGION Gloria Dei. After 19 months. Hymnist. June 28 CHRISTIANITY . 1978. Peter Paul Rubens B.1880. 1814. An artist. parish priest. Declaration De Abortu Procurato is issued by the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. 1581. Ign atius. 1577. Herbert McCabe. stating that they had been ordained ad titulum scientiae et voluntariae paupertatis. vivens homo Iranaeus. dies.P. Oxford. blind. 1986. memorial. because of scarlet fever. Helen Keller is born. holds its founding convention. O. she is d eaf. Age 98. Ignatius and his companions received testimonial letters of their ordination. convert to RCC. Gregor Richert. CULTURE. mechanic. S. SCIENCE. mute. HISTORY. IWW. pool player B. It goes into ef fect in 1918. 2001. The revised code of canon law is published by Benedict XV. Brother Bernard Lisson. is shot to death in Zimbabwe at St. 1974. Thomas Aquinas. University of Chicago. 400 copies of Campion's Decem Rationes appear on the benches of Oxford University Church. is shot to death and Fr . bishop and martyr. friend of the Jesuits. Marjorie Tuite. age 69. 1905. in Sarajevo.P.J. JESUIT 1537. Ayer + age 78 Logical positivist. Thomistic scholar at Blackfriars.

He was the future superior in New York. 1911. The Treaty of Versailles signed. cured by St. CULTURE. At Loyola. Anton Kohlmann B. Kayserberg. Archbishop Lefebvre ordains 13 priests. Patrick's Cathedral. JESUIT 1521. Missionaries are given faculties to celebrate Mass on ships. June 29 CHRISTIANITY . Ignatius miraculously begins to recover. 1864. Paul VI issues Creed of the People of God. APOSTLES Solemnity. Antoine de Saint-Exupery B. in December 1552 only becomes known in Rome in 1555. Missionary. providing for the League of Nations. 1908. received at Pamplona.X. 1771. preacher. and builder of St. Ignatius writes to Xavier. 1918. 1968. Mystici Corporis. 1898. An Apostolic Constitution of Pius X makes the USA no longer have mission status. HISTORY. 1881. + at Cincinnati. dies. 1940. Weninger. Samuel Ajayi Crowther is consecrated the first black African Anglican bishop in Westminister Abbey. 1976. but Xavier had died the previous December. 1991. and thus is suspended a divinis. 1943. 2003 Katherine Hepburn. Maryknoll is born. JESUIT 1553.J.1919. Germany. on the Mystical Body of Christ. actress. St. age 96. The Globe Theater in London is destroyed by fire. At Louvain. Encyclical Letter of Pius XII. Paul Klee + Swiss Painter. In fact. Pet er of the leg wound.RELIGION PETER AND PAUL. SCIENCE. the largest ever. ART. which he defies. Two Jesuits (Paulo Dezza and Jan Korec) are among 22 cardinals created. Founding of the St. 1553. He is a former Nigerian slave. . making a total of seven Jesuit cardinals. F. 1900. the death of Xavier. Pius X approves the proposal of the US bishops to organize a national foreign mission effort. Columban Foreign Missionary Society. S. certain parish priests urged the faithful not to confess to Je suits. This was condemned by the theological faculty. SPORT 1613.

A huge fireball. Monitum from the Holy Office. Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre ordains four bishops at Econe. and is excommunicated. Optional memorial in USA On Mt. SCIENCE. At midnight. Belgian Congo gains independence. The North America Martyrs. Independence Day.J. 1988. critic. Hor. Pope Paul VI is installed as Pope. Long letter of Fr. S. an asteroid or nucleus of a comet. Fr. Simeon. are canonized by Pius X I. 1963. incinerates trees and kills 1500 reindeer. Hong Kong becomes part of China. and will die shortly after his return to Rome from this long journey. priest. Rome. HISTORY. Shenute . Aaron. and Robert Bellarmine. 1853. 1936. 1936.RELIGION optional memorial. He had feigned to be an idiot for the sake of . year British lease runs out. General Ledochowski to the United States Provinces on helping external missions. and missionary. George Dunne. the death of St. First Martyrs of the Church of Rome. Pierre Toussaint dies. He was a layman. A writer. Founder of Monastic life. a saintly black layman. SPORT 1908. Francis Borgia sets out for Spain.1909. CULTURE. JESUIT 1540. 1962. explodes in midair. 1916. Switzerland. Though he passed near his father's castle at Xavier. on the writings of Teilhard de Chardin.RELIGION Blessed Junipero Serro. June 30 CHRISTIANITY . The arrival of Xavier at Lisbon on his way to India. The 99 Gone with the Wind is published by Margaret Mitchell. the first priest of the Levitical order. dies. Federal Law is passed for the 40 hour work week. he would not call on his relatives. 1316. July lst. ART. 1998. of the Ca lifornia Province. 1997. He wrote A Generation of Giants. New RM St. prophet on justice. St. Blessed Raymond Lull is martyred. 1960. July 1 CHRISTIANITY . over Siberia. Portugal and France. and a n expert on mission theory and Islamic studies. 1930. General Wernz calls on the whole Society to assist the mission to Japan.Egypt. Schism. 1571. It is written from his generalate in Switzerland.

1881. William Booth founds the Salvation Army in London. bishop of Armagh. Patrick Sheehy (Chicago) becomes the first brother to be President of a Jesuit High School in the USA. 1778. C. S. he is praised. SCIENCE. The Two Cultures. Melchiades. 1971. Harriet Beecher Stowe + at Hartford. St. 1899. Canada. Corridan. reformer. prophetic priest. 1981. those 18 years old can vote. 1896. was carried off by French officials and melted down. retreat master. President James Garfield is shot by Charles Giteau. an African begins two and one half years of papal reign.P. Counselor. Br. 1804. SCIENCE. the last Catholic to die at Tyburn. Thomas Burke. Battle of Gettysburg begins. Oliver Plunkett. Robert Mitchum +. 1901. 1646. critic whose books were put on the Index. is born. JESUIT 1798. is executed. SPORT 1566. St. S. day uncertain. ART. The death of Antonio Rosmini. Comiskey Park opens in Chicago. S. 1863. The first Iroquois priest is ordained. age 79. In July. 1865. the first Jew to settle in America. Thomas Cramner is born. 1997. 1855. 1934. in th e Gesu. Heinrich Heine + poet. The Law of July 1st forbids Jesuits to live in communities in France. Novelist. Jean-Jacques Rousseau + age 66. Dona Beatrice (Kimpa Vita) a popular prophetess in the Congo is condemned to be burned at age 22. John M. Snow +. 1980. George Sands. HISTORY.3rd. a martyr at Tyburn. July 2 CHRISTIANITY .RELIGION 311. 1910. SPORT Dominion Day. is born. +. Nobel Prize for Literature. July 1 . the colossal silver statue of St. and founder of the Program to Promote the Spiritual Exercises. HISTORY.Bible distributors. + the "Waterfront Priest". 1489. 1962. French physician and astrologer. Michael Jacobs. 1984.J. Connecticut. He would be martyred on December 10. 314. Gideons International is established . Rome. Christ. Rwanda Independence Day from Belgium/UN Trusteeship. The 26th Amendment is ratified. The Jesuit School of Theology in Chicago suspends its operations. 1993. The African Joan of Arc. 1877. 1987.J. . Gottfried Leibnitz.J. but God manifested his high wisdom by great miracles. RM Jacob Barsimon arrives in the USA. He would die on September 19. 1681. 1946.1654. Ignatius. More recently. actor. English Protestant Reformer. ART. And Herman Hesse born. Nostradamus +. +.

During his tenure. He had been vicar-general since the death of Ignatius in 1556. Election of James Laynez as 2nd General in the First General Congregation. 1616. Missouri is divided into the Missouri and Chicago Prov. Fr. 1987. De la Vega of Spain celebrates his 83rd year as a Jesuit . He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954. and Rome. it serves as a philosophate and then novitiate. Bernadine Realino +. He is elected on the first ballot. on first ballot. Amelia Earhart and co-pilot reported lost over the Pacific. Sicily. Anthony Baldinucci. The Society of Jesus is given the commission to promote devotion to the Sacred Heart.1937. with 23 of 31 votes. in Idaho. in accord with the revelation to St. 3rd General. Avoid beaches. the Society is expelled from Spain. General Ledochowski to provincials on vacation of Ours. Bl. 1959. St. Peter Beckx becomes General. New York and Maryland Provinces are separated. 1989. 1928. who studied the manufacture of porcelain in China and introduced it into France: he also wrote observations on the Chinese practice of inoculation as a remedy against small-pox. the greater part of Central Italy. General transfers Puerto Rico to the territory of the New York Province. 1688. Letter of Fr." . Election of Francis Borgia. At Peking died Father d'Entrecolles. Earlier she mimeoed and distributed his texts. JESUIT of th e longest ever. Bl. priests. St. Naples. a suicide by gunshot. Julian Maunoir. Decree of Father General Kolvenbach that officially designates it as "The Nigerian Ghanaian Mission. 1961. 1937. Bernadine Realino. 1951. Francis Jerome. age 89. St. Teilhard de Chardin appoints Jeanne Mortier as literary executor. Ernest Hemingway +. Francis Regis. Jimmy Stewart +. 1853. New Yor k. 1943. 1558. Andrei Gromyko + Soviet career diplomat . Plattsburg. 1997. Actor. 1565. Germany.mem. balneares stationes. New York Province purchases Bellarmine College.survivor. Margaret Mary Alacoque. Venice. 1985. 1951. 1741. Fr. She arranges the publication of his works after his death. A decree of Fr.

S. Queen Elizabeth I issues a statute forbidding to Jesuits all entrance into England. Samuel de Champlain founds Quebec. Vincennes shoots down an Iranian civil airliner and over 290 die. Bjorn Borg wins the first of five consecutive titles at Wimbledon. HISTORY. 1962. SCIENCE. Syllabus Concerning the Errors of the Modernists. U. U. Theodor Herzl +. and sets speed record. Bernard Haring +. is born. Franz Kafka. the founder of political Zionism. APOSTLE. SPORT 1608. Liner begins maiden transatlantic voyage. 1952. 1976. ART. Jackie Robinson enters the Baseball Hall of Fame.S. 1904. 1835. JESUIT 1580.July 3 THOMAS. author of The Law of Christ and Free and Faithful in Christ. 1907.RELIGION feast. Children strike for 66 hour work week in Paterson. New Jersey. A key moral theologian of the 20th century. Redemptorist moral theology. CHRISTIANITY . Blessed Ramon Lull +. He entered into dialogue with Muslims. 1315. 1988. 1998. 1883. Pius X issues Lamentabili Sane. . age 85.

JESUIT 1558. 1891. Birth of the Friedman twins who eventually become Ann Landers and Dear Abby (Abigail Van Buren). in physics and chemistry. CBS reporter. SPORT 1776. James Lainez as general. Marie Curie +. optional memorial 1570. Charles Kuralt +. is born. Thoreau begins his 26 month stay at Walden Pond. James Monroe + . S. 1826. Cartoonist on technology. Inigo's. 1869. CHRISTIANITY . 1826. Thomas Jefferson +. 1826. priest. The Declaration of Independence is adopted. HISTORY. July 4 CHRISTIANITY . 1807. . Fr. Anne parishes in Buffalo. 550 are expelled. Elizabeth of Portugal. Guerilla general for Italian unification and independence. Nobel Prize Winner won two. All Times. 1886. Maryland. Stephen Foster is born. Pope St.J. 1872. S.1883.J. age 62. Mass. The Huron village is taken. 1804. Pierre Charles. The Buffalo Mission (German speaking)is established with 13 fathers and 8 brothers. SCIENCE. 1648. Nathaniel Hawthorne is born at Salem. Independence Day. They take responsibility for St. 1845. + . a brilliant academical exhibition was given in the Pantheon in Rome by the scholastics. Pius V establishes the so called Tridentine Mass. ART. spiritual writer: Prayer of All Things.RELIGION optional memorial. F. He and Jefferson were adversaries throughout their lives. The death of Bertrand deMargerie. exactly 50 years after the Declaration of Independence. To celebrate the election of Fr.X. July 5 Anthony Zaccaria. John Adams + on the same day as Jefferson. Rube Goldberg is born. He founded the Apostleship of Prayer in 1844. Missiologist. 1934. Three Jesuit scholastics are killed as lightning strikes the villa house at St. Anthony Daniel is shot with arrows and cast into flames in Canada by the Iroquois. Michael and St. All Men. On the Road. Gautralet. 1997. Kaiser Wilhelm I signs the so called "Jesuit law.J. 2003. Composer. 1883. 1918. Brussels.RELIGION + 1336. S. French theologian and spiritual writer. 1831." Jesuits are"enemies of the Reich". Giuseppe Garibaldi is born.

S. Jules Lebreton..St. and theologian. dies. virgin. HISTORY. RM 1415. Venezuelan Independence. author of Christ and Culture and other classics. is born. 1948. SPORT 1810. Batted . by being burned at the stake by secular authorities. St. JESUIT 1592.RELIGION Showman. H. 2002. Maria Goretti.Reformer. Jan Hus. Ted Williams. He was tort ured and then transferred to the Tower.she held burning coals with incense on her hand for a long time. 1962. St. Celestine V is elected Pope. She died on this date in 1902. promoter. and ordered into exile. Diary of a Country Priest. The arrest by Topcliffe of Robert Southwell at Uxendam Manor. The death of George Klubertanz. SCIENCE. + Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ. HISTORY. S. lest by shaking off the coals she should seem o offer incense to the idols. +. where he remained for two and a half yea rs. philosopher. then moved to Newgate. Cyrilla. He will resign five months later and die two years later. The Salvation Army is founded by William Booth. founder of Recherches de Science Religieuse. Theologian. in monastery/exile. 1806. novelist. optional memorial. Barnum. RM. 1972. Larry Doby is the first black to play American League baseball. Phineas T. SCIENCE.J. not quite l2 years old. Historian.. SPORT . RM 1294. The death of George Bernanos.J. Yale Professor 1931-62. ART. 1811. ART. 1947. In Jerusalem the holy prophet Isaiah. Philomena. July 6 CHRISTIANITY . 1865. Pope Pius VII is arrested at 2 AM on orders of Napoleon. Thomas More is beheaded. He had been tried and condemned by the Council of Constance. Boston Red Sox baseball Hall of Famer. Richard Niebuhr +. During the reign of King Manasses he was put to death by being sawn in two.400. virgin and martyr. 1535. 1956.

The first concert of the Three Tenors is held at the Caracella Ruins. 1797. JESUIT 1610.RELIGION 1456. and he was put in prison for over four years." 1758. Joseph Pignatelli renews his vows as a Jesuit. John Paul Jones is born. 1898. Peter Claver for African Missions. Louis Armstrong. The first All Star Baseball game is held at Comiskey Park. On his 42nd birthday. The birth of Beatrix Potter. is called the mother of Africa.1747. 1933. 1906. 1998. dies. Landing in England of Robert Southwell and Henry Garnet. 1998. 1866. At Barcelona. One month later the building is destroyed by bombs. 1922. the creator of Peter Rabbit. 1962. SPORT 1531. A lay woman. A Papal commission reopens the case of St. singing cowboy. The death of Roy Rogers. Alphonsus Hernandez. Vatican City State comes into being through the Lateran Treaty. American black. She founded the Sodality of St. King of Jazz. July 7 CHRISTIANITY . HISTORY. and was the first woman to win one. novelist. 1621. 1929. 1966. who rode Trigger. General says that no Jesuit can maintain that a private person could kill or attempt to kill princes or kings. Leroy Satchel Paige B Pitcher. 1990. He used to call the little ornaments and conveniences to which some grow so attached. 1930. Moshood Abiola + in detention in Nigeria. SCIENCE. Leroy Satchel Paige signs with the Cleveland Indians. ART. with Pope as sovereign. The Republican Party is organized to oppose slavery. Joan of Arc and eventually gives her complete rehabilitation. 1854. Carreras. Pavarotti. They declare the college at an end. she is now a Blessed. 25 years after her death. wins Wimbledon tennis major tournament. a great lover of holy poverty. and brother of Vladimir. . Sir Arthur Conan Doyle + Author. Rome. 1971. the "idols of half religious souls. 1957. He had won an election later annuled. Hawaii is annexed. 1934. Malawi Independence Day from the UK. She won two Nobel prizes. Tilman Riemenschneider + sculptor and wood carver. Domingo. Madame Curie dies. The election to the Papacy of Clement XIII who would defend the Society against the Jansenists and the Bourbon courts. Mother Cabrini is canonized. 1942. JESUIT 1586. the death of Fr. Countess Maria Theresa Ledochowski +. The Gestapo enters Valkenburg and so 140 German and Dutch Jesuits leave. 1869. 1948. the first American citizen so honored. Gustav Mahler is born. 1946. Althea Gibson. A letter of Fr. Chicago. William Faulkner + age 64.

1907. Philippines. Fr. dies. He asks the Pope for his blessing on all Jesuits. poet. Fr. who for 33 years labored in Japan amid privations.J. in new RM. mishaps and trials of every kind.. S. especially Superiors. moral theologian. Louis Froes. 1860. Letter of Fr. (or Prisca) in Acts of Apostles. SCIENCE. for eight months. 1908. Society of Jesus re-enter Scotland. Peter the Hermit +. 1833. In granting it. 1115. 2003. age 29 + of drowning. Pastoral. CT. while tolling the death of Chief Justice John Marshall. Robert Springer. a Portuguese. + theology/spirituality.1830. The Buffalo Mission is separated from the German Province. the Pope adds They are the ones who need it most. died at Nagasaki. S. SPORT 1822. is born. John D. The Mission of Missouri is established. 1839. 1741. All USA citizens including 77 Jesuits are interned at Santo Tomas. Arthur Vermeersch. governor and Vice President. Nelson Rockefeller is born. The Church of the Sacred Heart is opened in Edinburgh. July 8 CHRISTIANITY . HISTORY. The Society in Spain is again suppressed and all its property seized. General Roothaan on Love for the Society. 1835. The Liberty Bell cracks. 1984. A letter of Fr. thirty-three of them members of the Society of Jesus. Rockefeller. 1936. Kolvenbach has a pleasant visit with Pope John Paul II. ART. He is the grandson of John D. 1896. Peter Claver is declared patron of the missions among black people. 1944. He preached the first Crusade. and was JESUIT 1597. Percy Bysshe Shelly. General Ledochowski to the Provincials of the American . Jonathan Edwards preaches his famous sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" at Enfield.RELIGION Commemoration of Aquilla and his wife Priscilla. 1867. The beatification of the 205 Japanese Martyrs. 1936. 1835.J.

1932. Jean Calvin is born. S. It is also expelled from Illinois County. goes into hiding in Amsterdam.RELIGION 1509. S. Chinese martyrs. statesman and philosopher. and editor of Orientierung. ART. Somalia is assassinated on Sunday evening before Mass. The First Council of Constantinople closes. in Zurich. The death of Rose Hawthorne. and Director of the Vatican Radio. 1942. President of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. 1553. foundress of the servants of relief for cancer. The death of Joseph Gianfranceschi.Assistancy. Bishop Salvatore Colombo. outside his cathedral. one of the first Afro-American priests.J. 1990. an offshoot of the Dominicans and a precursor of the hospice movement.J. July 10 CHRISTIANITY . Faber makes his final profession at Ratisbonne. JESUIT 1541. 1763. It is nevertheless considered a solemn profession. SPORT 1797.J. 1926. Ludwig Kaufmann. daughter of Nathaniel Hawthorne. 1992.. 1934. age 72. July 9 CHRISTIANITY . without any presence of another Jesuit. 1897. S. 1988. age 13. a total of 30 Jesuits with Manuel de Nobrega as Provincial. 1829.RELIGION St. O'Connor. and worked as a pioneer with blacks. SCIENCE. . + editor of Canon Law Digest. of Mogadishu. 1991. no other witness. He was a Swiss journalist. a firing squad kills Mirza Ali Muhammad. Jan Roothaan is elected General. He was the inventor of the safety razor. In Iran. He was born a slave. Augustine Zhao Rong and companions. Edmund Burke +. James J. King Camp Gillette +. The Province of Brazil is constituted. CBS TV commentator. The death of Augustine Tolton. age 68. He received Extreme Unction from Pope Pius XI. experienced racism and isolation in Chicago and elsewhere. Argentine Independence Day. 1850. HISTORY. Eric Sevareid + age 79. +. prophet of the Bahai faith. 381. Anne Frank. The Society is expelled from New Orleans and Louisiana at the bidding of the French government. Radio. 1816. on increasing the number of coadjutor brothers.

1998 The death of Luis Alonso Schoekel. July 11 Benedict. and 11 novices. Pope Clement VII excommunicates Henry VIII for remarriage after divorce. Clement C. SCIENCE. Marcel Proust. 1276. 1533.. He serves for five weeks as cardinal deacon." 1970. S. Hungarian Provincial. and a devout Roman Catholic. 1915. At Vilnius. William Fagg +. Mary McLeod Bethune is born. JESUIT 1678. 1829. is born. The Restoration of the Society in Portugal.He was Maestro for the Boston Pops for 50 years. ART. SPORT 1871. Hadrian V is chosen as pope on this day. traveling from Nicaragua to Mexico are arrested in a Mexican airport for weapons and underground literature. Arthur Fiedler +. Maryknoll pioneer is freed after 12 years of prison in China. writer. Biblical scholar and teacher. Bishop James Walsh. SCIENCE. British expert on African/Nigerian art. ART.. abbot. and dies on August 18th before his ordination and consecration. There were 385 Fathers. In Paraguay all the Fathers and Brothers were arrested by order of Charles III of Spain to be conducted into exile. Fr. Saul Bellow is born in Quebec. Thomas Ujeyski. 1767. and General Assistant from 1965-75. HISTORY. HISTORY.. 1981. former bishop of Chijov and senator of Poland. Four scholastics. Andrew Varga. Scopes "Monkey Trial" begins in Tennessee. 59 Scholastics. and are released two days later. 1992. Moore + theologian. 1994.1863. 109 Lay Brothers. 1875. CHRISTIANITY . completed his novitiate and received a special privilege admitting him to the profession of the four vows. ethicist. He was never ordained a priest.RELIGION memorial. SPORT .J. 1925. 1979. educator and author of "Twas the night before Christmas. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1976. Black educator and college president.

It is also found listed for July 5th. 1979. MA. Desiderius Erasmus + humanist. Archbishop of Uppsala.J. Benedict XIV's Bull Ex quo singulari was signed condemning the Chinese Rites. age 69. SPORT 100. 1931.RELIGION 1871. BC. Official Visitor to Ireland. JESUIT 1742. SCIENCE. Scientist. His last words were O Jesus. R. Concord. 1846. Hamilton dies the next day. uncertain. HISTORY. New Jersey. 1895. It abolished all concessions made by the Patriarc h Mezzabarba. 1989. Troubles at once arose in China. his sixth and final wife. George Gerschwin +. 1536.. S. July 12 CHRISTIANITY . Tertian Instructor of the New York Province. in Basel. July 12 or July 13. is born. ART. worker for ecumenism. Leon Bloy is born. American Indian Movement is founded. Burr vs. have mercy. is born. 1968. Hamilton in duel in Weehawken. 1920. 1817. John McMahon. 1937. Henry David Thoreau.. 1981. Nathan Soderblom +. President Wilson opens the Panama Canal. Riot between Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants in NYC leaves 52 dead. inventor.1804. 1543. Buckminster Fuller. Henry VIII marries Catherine Parr. Caesar is born. US Skylab returns to earth s atmosphere and scatters debris over the Indian Ocean and Australia. + Provincial. . Sir Laurence Olivier + actor.

RM. SPORT 1793. 2002. Canon lawyer. Nobel Prize winner. Yousuf Karsh dies. 1994. S. in preparation for the 34th General Congregation. New York City blackout. He taught at Louvain and the Gregorian. near Ranchi. is born. 1798. among whom were many small children who performed the office of lector. Riots from 13th to 16th.000 martyrs buried in Cologne. S. Flanagan of Boy's Town. Canadian portrait photographer. is stabbed to death in a bath by Charlotte Corday. age 47. Father Edward Flanagan is born in Ireland. and all the clergy of that church. JESUIT 1556. July 13 CHRISTIANITY . 1934. 1936. . priest and scribe. He was a school headmaster. to the number of about five hundred or more. Remis Kerketta. SCIENCE. 1898. Jean-Paul Marat. William Wordsworth visits Tintern Abbey and a few miles further down. twelve heads of the 11. New RM. Peter Faber left Cologne for Lisbon. His wife Cunegunda is also a saint. 1000 die in riots in New York City in opposition to the Federal Constitution Act. Nigerian writer.J. Author of Miles Christi Jesu.J. In Africa. Eugene.RELIGION St. Commemoration of Silas. Favre leaves Cologne and writes that he takes with him relics. Fr. in the state of Bihar.JESUIT 1544. 1863. He distributed these as he travels to Portugal. 1544. ART. Bishop of Carthage. 2000. et al. writes a poem about it. 1977. HISTORY. optional memorial. Symposium on the Brothers opens in Loyola. 1886. + Belgium. St. In the new RM Esdras. Paul. the companion of St. revolutionary leader. is shot and killed by assassins. Arthur Vermeersch. At King John III of Portugal s request. Guglielmi Marconi is awarded a patent for the wireless telegraph. Wole Soyinka. and eventually becomes Fr. Spain. Henry. moral theologian. They took a vow of perpetual virginity. Ignatius resigned the government of the Society into the hands of Fathers John Polanco and Christopher Madrid.

J. +. Pius V. Folksinger. Ignatius in Jerusalem after a voyage of 98 days. July 14 CHRISTIANITY . optional memorial. the second in Colombia. murdered for taking photos of disturbances. 1921.1572. 1941. The arrival of 20 Maryland/New York Jesuits in Manila to begin the mission there. Meeting of Jesuit Ecumenists at Oxford to discuss report of AnglicanRoman Catholic International Commission. the diocesan newspaper. Bl. Woody Guthrie is born. Ingmar Bergman is born. Letter to the whole Society on the Sodality of Our Lady for our colleges. martyr. July 15 CHRISTIANITY . Ghibere Michal. He was a photographer for the Catholic Standard. He is a Jesuit alumnus. He founded the Catholic Mission Board. priest. Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak is broken. 1979. SCIENCE. A sermon by John Keble on National Apostasy. ART. Kateri Tekakwitha. 1925. 1985.RELIGION Camillus de Lellis. 1833. Swedish film director.RELIGION . optional memorial. Fr. RM His feast in the new 1570. Newman dates this as the start of the Oxford Movement. S. 1564. The General Court of Massachusetts issues a proclamation that there is a 100 pound bounty or reward if one catches a Jesuit and takes him to Boston for justice. Bernard Darke. The arrival of St. Peasants storm the Bastille. A College is founded in Cartagena. 1918. is assassinated in Guyana. HISTORY. SPORT 1789. The newly restored Roman Missal is presented by St. 1941. Arrival in Mexico of the first band of missioners of the Society. Ethiopian Coptic priest. S. B1. James Conlon. Bastille Day. 1605. 1912. 1720. Violinist Fritz Kreisler visits the Jesuits at Melbourne Australia. age 53. The French Revolution is underway. JESUIT 1523.J.

was the only pope to serve three separate spells. his executioner. ART. On seeing milk flow from his wounds instead of blood. Mohammed flees to Medina from Mecca." 1834. memorial +1274 St. one of the first ten Fathers of the Society. 1909. optional memoria1. but retained in Portugal by King John Ill.. modernist theologian. being run through with pikes and cast into the sea by Calvinist corsairs: 2 priests. Our Lady of Mount Carmel. 1795. age 48. SCIENCE. destined by St. The beginning of the Islamic era.. JESUIT 1570. l579. circus dwarf. The famous "Divinity School Address" is delivered by Ralph Waldo Emerson at Harvard Divinity School to the Senior class. James. 10 novices and 16 brothers. 1965. ethician. bishop. one of the Canary Isles. General Tom Thumb. in Cambridge. Swithin. a physician. The death of George Tyrrell. HISTORY. Clement C. 622. St. and author of "Twas the Night before Christmas. The Roman and Greek churches excommunicate each other. St. Iris Murdoch is born. On this day in 1251 es a sign of the scapular to St..RELIGION Mary giv Rembrandt is born. The Marseillaise is adopted as the French National Anthem. St. theologian.Bonaventure. bishop and doctor. RM St. Ignatius for India with Xavier. 1919. his bowels gushing out. At Lisbon died Fr. 1328. 1838. Novelist. l779.Blessed Ignatius Azevedo with 39 companions suffer martyrdom near Palma. Meister Eckhart +. that Arius received at Constantinople the suitable punishment of his iniquity. 1883." 1054. He was elected pope when about 20 years old. . It was owing to his prayers. SPORT 1606. Pope Benedict IX deposed for the second and last time. Old RM 1415. Antiochus. Catholic novelist Graham Greene meets Pope Paul VI. He received the last rites but was denied a Catholic burial. England. Moore is born. Cyriacus.. The Great Schism begins. Simon. Swithin's Day. The Spanish Inquisition is suppressed. was converted to Christ and endured martyrdom. Teresa of Avila had a vision of them ascending into heaven. and was called "most deserving of assassination. educator. Jan Hus is burned at the stake as a heretic. who was beheaded. Simao Rodriguez. writer. July 16 CHRISTIANITY .12 scholastics. +. and those of the bishop Alexander. 1048.

A priest.RELIGION St. George Lemaitre. + of burns after falling into the fireplace. son of the senator Euphemian. is born. Isaac Watts is born. Gregory XIII exempted the members of the Society from attendance at public processions by his Constitution. Wells born. Writer. is born." The emperor paid him tribute and his funeral expenses. Painting of "One Hundred Excellent Horses. his theory of the expanding universe was praised by Einstein. defender of the Indians. Bernadette. David Toolan. S. Murder of Nicholas II. 1566. Ambrose. SPORT 1894. 1945. + age 78. Ida B. and ecology. Heinrich Boell + novelist. fighter for justice. and author of At Home in the Cosmos.J. S. HISTORY. age 83. 431. Marcellina. assistant editor at Commonweal. 1904. First atom bomb test. Leo Cardinal Suenens is born. 1674. ART. an opponent of slavery and the mistreatment of Indians. scientist. Poulenc puts this to music in Dialogue of the Carmelites. JESUIT 1576. Pioneer in modern English hymnody. missionary to China. 1766. It condemned Nestorianism and Pelagianism. A Jesuit remarked that he with his art promoted the cause of Christianity more than anyone else had. RM St. brother. Foundress of Christian Science faith. 2002. 1794. Bull of Pope Innocent IV deposes Emperor Frederick II. Giuseppe Castiglione. on science and theology. age 66. Tsarina Alexandra and their children (and servants and dogs too) in Russia. Painter.J. Sixteen condemned Carmelite nuns are executed as enemies of the people. ART. SPORT 1862. HISTORY. 1953. SCIENCE. The Council of Ephesus adjourns. thus deluding the world in this strange way. Leaving his spouse before the night of marriage. 1245. 1989. 1858. in Sussex. and America. The death of Bartolome de las Casas. Hilaire Belloc. Quaecumque sacrarum religionum. The older sister of St. explosion. . Dominican bishop. Herbert Von Karajan + Maestro of the Berlin Philharmonic. 1918.1821. SCIENCE. in New Mexico. Alexius. woman activist in Chicago and Midwest. Last vision of Mary to St. he withdrew from his house and after a long pilgrimage returned to Rome where he was for 17 years harbored in his father's house as an unknown pauper. 1985. Mary Baker Eddy. July 17 CHRISTIANITY . dies.

1978. and 117 to the Society. 1990. 1886. SPORT 64. President Anastasio Somoza resigns and departs from Nicaragua. HISTORY.J. Adelbert Grabes. AD. Brother Gilbert Du Thet. Nelson Mandela is born. age 96. Pastor . in Russia died Fr. a great spiritual director of youth. 1945. 1650.J. he wrote on prisons and sin. He sent 53 to the Cistercians. 1967 1979. and a correspondent with Kepler and Galileo. He is the first (non-canonized) Jesuit martyr of French Canada. 1637. 1817. 1964 to 1990. 12 to the Brigittines. John Coltrane + jazz. and kill 15 Jesuits. At Alcala died Fr. Catherine Laboure has her great vision of Mary as the Immaculate Conception. who is said to have enjoyed the visible presence of his Angel Guardian. 30 to the Franciscans. Crowds destroy the Jesuit College in Madrid. killed by English privateers off the Atlantic Coast. The Spanish Civil War begins. as the military uprising begins. Jane Austen + age 41. Potsdam Conference opens with Truman. Edmund Campion is arrested. SCIENCE. He was in a South African prison from June 12. 1969. under Dominique Bertrand. 1834. S. 5 to the Basilians. Infallibility is proclaimed and defined.RELIGION 1830.1936. A psychiatrist. Cristobal Schemer. Gerard Manley Hopkins decides to become Roman Catholic. Mary Jo Kopechne drowns on Chappaquiddick. 1870. +. JESUIT 1581. Churchill. At Resel. S. ART. 1918. JESUIT 1613. 1693. Aeternus. Alphonsus Esquera. Opening of a special seminar on the Constitutions in Paris. Nero fiddles while Rome burns for nine days. + founder of new solar physics. July 18 CHRISTIANITY . 28 to the Reformed Carmelites. Susanne K. Ted Kennedy remains a Senator. almost all of whom persevered. 12 to the Dominicans. Karl Menninger +. at Vatican I. until August 6th. Stalin. 1985. Langer + philosopher.

S. July 20 CHRISTIANITY . Basil and Emmelia. Fr.000 students enrolled. Petrarch +. Peter of Sebaste. JESUIT 1688.RELIGION St. is born. There he undertook the role of the official painter to this distant court with the positive conviction that art was above all a means of carrying out his evangelical mission. Eugene Murphy died. 1834.J. Seneca Falls.birthplace of women's rights movement. 1848. companion of St. Elizabeth Cady Stanton gives keynote address. "One Hundred Excellent Horses" is his most famous painting. Assembly at Wesleyan Chapel. Gregory of Nyssa. and the sister of the holy bishops St. He had studied under Br. became a nationwide favorite.RELIGION . 1979. Nicaragua Independence Day. in new RM 1825. July 19 CHRISTIANITY .1973.J. ART. Paul. which Saint Louis University introduced in 1939 on its radio station WEW. Under his direction the Sacred Heart Hour. S. daughter of Sts. 1985. A. Cronin is born. and St. Victory of the Sandinistas. Integrated Popular Education Movement in 1955. In 1985 there were 435 centers with 270. SPORT 1374. Basil the Great. Jose Maria Velaz. NY convention to discuss rights of women . 1896. American Unitarian Association founded. Founder and promoter of Fe y Alegria. St. artist. Edgar Degas B. Brother Giuseppe Castiglione. Painter and missionary to China. HISTORY. + Venezuela. RM Epaphras.J. SCIENCE. Macrina. Andrea Pozzo and sailed for China when 27 years old.

gangs of miscreants paraded the streets crying out: "Death to the Friars! Death to the Jesuits!. At Rome. Indiana. HISTORY.J. 1926. At Cracow died John Laskowski. 1542. 1983. RM . Frank Reynolds + Washington. assistan July 21 CHRISTIANITY . Hormisdas (feast. the holy prophet Elijah. SCIENCE. or Roman Inquisition. The Moon Landing by Apollo 11. Neil Armstrong takes one small step for a man. Theologian. Alfred Delp. He strongly opposed segregation in St. JESUIT 1624. age 85. DC. 1903. The Mysteries of Christianity. Carmelite priest. S. 1986. who lost to Matthias as the replacement for Judas the apostle. 514. a giant leap for humankind. ART. a Polish scholastic. 1872. Pope Paul Ill. Matthias Joseph Scheeben +. . 1892. who though not conscious of any mortal sin in his whole life was nonetheless so tormented with scruples that his confessor considered him a martyr of interior suffering. 2002. Petrarch is born. 1886. optional memorial. Silverius. Pope St. surnamed the Just. Louis. RM Joseph. age 53. priest and doctor. 1969. The Third World Congress of Jesuit Alumni/ae takes place at Versailles." 1944. biblical scholar dies. is arrested as a result. and eventually executed. August 6th) is elected. Joseph Cardinal Ritter is born. Pope Leo XIII + after a 25 year papacy. Paul Tillich is born. Coauthor of the Jerome Biblical Commentary. Roland Murphy. 1888. institutes the Congregation of the Holy Office. An abortive plot against Hitler by Claus von Stauffenberg and ts. preceded by a pilgrimage to Chartres. by his encyclical Licet ab Initio.RELIGION Lawrence of Brindisi. SPORT 1304. Chicago: International Eucharistic Congress is held from the 20th to the 24th. ABC TV newsman. He is the Father of Pope St.On Mount Carmel. writer.

a mystic and visionary of Brazil. Julius Ill. age 89. Belgian Independence Day. Gregor Mendel is born. with many drawings of his visions. Pauline-Marie Jaricot is born. He was "Public Enemy No 1. and thousands make pilgrimages to his tomb. the first American in space. Paul Julius von Reuter is born. age 37. + and leaves his wife and five children in severe straits. ART. 1925. 1773. A leader of the ANC. 1831. founder of news agency. and is fined $100. ART. 1868. He is now a Venerable. 1799. The Council of Ephesus holds its final. North Carolina. Albert Luthuli +. The death of John Baptist Reus. 1934." At that time there were 22. July 22 CHRISTIANITY . Carl Sandburg +. SCIENCE. Cardinal Pacca says the pope threw the pen from him and fell senseless on the marble pavement. S. Founder of Society for the Propagation of the Faith. The Brief for the Suppression of the Society (Dominus ac Redemptor) was signed by Clement XIV. 1947. 49 Provinces. educator. He combined he stigmata and theocial apostolate. He was heard exclaiming: "Compulsus feci. winner of Nobel Peace Prize in 1960.RELIGION Mary Magdalen. Ernest Hemingway is born in Oak Park. . closing session. 1975 Joe Torre of the Mets hits into four consecutive double plays.J. + President of St. SCIENCE. memorial. 1953 End of the Korean War. Peter Verhaegen. JESUIT 1550.HISTORY. and in charge of the missions. 1816. Isaac Stern B violinist. SPORT 1822. Louis University. Robert Burns.." 1967. 1899. 669 Colleges and over 3000 missionaries. Exposcit debitum. John Dillinger is gunned down by the FBI in Chicago. SPORT 1796. S. The death of Alan Shepard. Ill. 431. Biology teacher Scopes is convicted of teaching evolution. After signing it.J. he died in a train accident. He also played golf on the moon. 1998. again confirms the Institute. 1920. He wrote a long diary. poet. by his Bull. HISTORY. 1967. South African.589 Jesuits. Questa soppress ione mi dara Ia morte. Jr. and Zulu chief.

He helped classify many plants and plant new crops and types of crops. It is moved to a newly designed shrine in the Gesu. 1995. the fourth translation of the body of St. 1730. 1637. The First Communion of St. HISTORY. SCIENCE. Pee Wee Reese is born. and found guilty. Charles Borromeo. offers his first Mass on this day. Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence. famed World War I pilot. 1943. 1958. Louis University from 1949-74. He was President of St. He was a Biblical scholar and teacher." He protested slavery and the U. I involvement in the Mexican War. dies. Claudio Acquaviva enters the Society. Benito Vines +. The death of Brother Justine Gillet. 1846. George Soares-Prabhu. JESUIT 1553. ordained on May 30th. and his examples are used by Rodriguez. The patriarch of monachism. the Rector of the College. Bridget. SPORT 1919. religious. Peter Faber. S. Dodger captain and shortstop.J. abbot + (about 433).RELIGION 1373. optional memorial. He was director of the meteorological observatory in . in new RM St. 1893. Jesuit educated. They serve an average of three years in prison. Aloysius from the hands of St. ART. 1580. Ignatius. is born. John Cassian. 1952. 1567. Henry David Thoreau is jailed for refusing to pay the poll tax. She died on this day in Commemoration of Ezechiel the prophet. Don Drysdale is born. and will write on "Civil Disobedience. 2001 Paul Reinert. age 90. Paul Achilles. founder of the botanical gardens at Kisantu.S. 1973. He will be General under 8 popes. four Jesuits are arrested in East Germany. King Farouk of Egypt is deposed. S. 1936. At Rome. their indignation that more than 400 persons should have received communion in the Society's church. + in India. Daniel Carroll. July 23 CHRISTIANITY . Pitcher. Eddie Richenbacher +. Zaire.JESUIT 1534. Today and two days later.J. and not in their parish churches. At Palermo the parish priests express to Fr.

Amelia Earhart is born. John Birkmeyer. Louis. General Gruber. Maryland. The ice cream cone is invented. 1929.J. 2002 Edward (Ted) Yarnold. 1534. N. Soviet blockade of Berlin begins in full. Canada and claims the territory for France. is born. a Social. 1904. lecturer. C. Scripture scholar +. dies. Isaac Bashevis Singer + 87 years old. JESUIT 1575. ART. Sharbel Makhlut. Cuba and an expert on hurricanes. 1950. Paul VI suspends "a divinis" Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. 1893. 1879. 1804. pacifist. Ammon Hennacy is born. 1991. Airlift is the allied response.S. St. S. July 25 CHRISTIANITY . Catholic Worker. 1921. Robert Molyneux is appointed First Superior by Fr. Andrew on Hudson. 1976. in the Anglican-Catholic Dialogue.Havana. 1953. 1937. 1897.RELIGION . The Prefect of Rome seized all copies of Civilta Cattolica of July 20th. Ecumenist. SPORT 1783. Lebanese priest. 1861. S. In Rome Fr. Scofield + editor of Scofield Reference Bible. The editor was arrested. The purchase of the Roehampton property by the Society. Simon Bolivar. because of articles that were anti-Fascist. Law and others arrive in South Africa at Shoshong and are introduced to King Khama. Fathers Depelchin.J. + Novice drowns at St.RELIGION St. Robert Parsons enters the Society. Optional Memorial.I. George Glanzman.J. SCIENCE. July 24 CHRISTIANITY . New York in the Hudson River. Hilaire Belloc + author. Jacques Cartier lands at Gaspe. Fr. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1978. the Liberator. scholar at Oxford. HISTORY. 1977. The owners thought they were selling it to the Queen as a residence for the Prince of Wales. She disappeared on July 2nd. 1948.



St. Valentina, virgin, who was led to an altar to offer sacrifice, but overturning it with her foot, she was cruelly tortured... and went to her Spouse. Old RM Traditional feast of St. Christopher, patron of travelers. RM 1918. Walter Rauschenbusch + in Rochester. Social Gospel. 1967 Joseph Cardinal Cardijn + Young Christian Workers. 1968. Humanae Vitae encyclical on birth control of Pope Paul VI. Major reactions follow its issuance. 1986. Catholic moral theologian Charles Curran is judged not eligible to teach Catholic theology. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, SPORT 1834. Samuel Taylor Coleridge +. 1954. Walter Payton is born. Football running back, "sweetness.". 1978. Louise Brown, first test tube baby is born in England, in vitro fertilization. 1997. Ben Hogan, golfer, + age 84. He was a creative shot maker, and won 4 US Opens, 2 Masters, 2 PGA and 1 British Open. JESUIT 1531. Birthday of St. Alphonsus Rodriguez. RM 1579. Valignano arrives in Japan as Visitor. 1580. Fr. Balthasar Alvarez +. Spiritual Director of Teresa of Avila, Master of Novices, and Provincial of three Provinces. St. Teresa learned by revelation that he was one of the most perfect men then living. l58l. An interview between Queen Elizabeth and Edmund Campion. He had addressed her at Oxford 15 years earlier. 1583. The martyrdom near Goa, India, of Blessed Rudolph Aquaviva, Peter Berno, Francis Aranha, Alphonsus Pacheco and Anthony Francisco. It is listed as July 15th in the old style calendar. Peter Berno is the only Swiss Jesuit who has been beatified. l657. In Poland died Fr. William Rose, a Frenchman, confessor to the Queen of Poland. His bed was a board, and two books served for pillow. 1922. Pius XI declares St. Ignatius the heavenly patron of Spiritual Exercises and related works. July 26 CHRISTIANITY - RELIGION

Joachim and Ann, parents of Mary, memorial. 1942. Blessed Titus Brandsma + in Dachau. Carmelite, Professor, antiNazi. In new RM, his feast. 1942. A strong statement by the Dutch bishops denounces Hitler s persecution of the Jews. Edith Stein is arrested a few weeks later. 1948. Antonin Gilbert Sertillanges, O.P. + preacher, apologist, philosopher, The Intellectual Life. 1994. James Luther Adams + age 92. Unitarian, social ethicist, strong on

the "prophethood of all believers." HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, SPORT 1775. 1847. 1856. 1875. 1894. 1895. 1952. 1953. Postal Service begins through Ben Franklin. Liberia becomes a republic. Africa's first black ruled democratic nation. born. Shaw B Dublin. Jung is born. Aldous Huxley is born. Robert Graves, is born. Eva Peron (Evita) + in Buenos Aires. Actress wife of Juan Peron. Castro begins the Cuban Revolution.

JESUIT 1646. At Prague died Fr. Gaspar Tausch, venerated by all who knew him as a saint. To mortify his sense of taste, he sipped the most nauseous medicines slowly, drop by drop. 1947. Roberto Bortolotti, S.J. is ordained a priest. He is the first citizen of the Vatican to be a Jesuit, and the first to be a priest. 1967. John Markoe, S.J. + in Omaha. He was a strong advocate of civil rights and interracial justice. 1974. The death of Affonso Fleig. His life was dedicated to work with the poor in the poorest diocese of Northeast Brazil.

July 27 St. Simeon Stylite. RM


1901. B. F. Westcott dies, expert on the texts of the New Testament. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, SPORT 1905. Leo Durocher is born. Manager.

1946. Gertrude Stein dies. Her last words to Alice B. Toklas were: What is the answer? Receiving no reply, Stein asks, "In that case, what is the question?" 1953. Peace Armistice is signed in Korea, Panmunjom. 1980. The Shah of Iran, Mohemmad Reza Pahlavi + in exile, in an Eqyptian military hospital. 1986. Greg LeMond becomes the first American to win the Tour de France bicycle race. 2003. Lance Armstrong wins the Tour de France for a record equaling fifth consecutive year.

JESUIT 1583. Near Goa, the martyrdom of Rudolf Acquaviva and companions. 1609. Ignatius is beatified by Paul V. Peter Ribadeneira, living at Madrid wept for joy. He had been admitted by St. Ignatius into the Society in 1540 while still a boy. 1876. At Manresa, West Park, NY the Fathers of the rapidly growing mission open another novitiate. 1999. Malachi Martin, dies, ex-Jesuit, age 78. Wrote unfair criticisms of the Society after leaving.

July 28


St. Victor I. Pope of African origin, from 189-99. He set the date for Easter, and made Latin the official language of the Church. RM Feast of Pope St. Innocent I. He was the son of Pope St. Anastasius I, Innocent succeeded his father. He reigned from 401-417. 1981. Fr. Stanley Rother, missionary from Oklahoma, friend of the poor, is murdered in Guatemala. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, SPORT 1750. Johann Sebastian Bach +. 1786. The first potato arrives in Britain from Colombia. 1821. Peru Independence. 1868. 14th Amendment is ratified. Citizenship rights not to be abridged. 1914. World War I begins. 1945. B 25 bomber crashes into the Empire State Building. Thirteen are killed. 1988. Frank Zamboni + Ice resurfacer.

JESUIT 1568. In a letter to Fr. Christopher Rodriguez, St. Teresa speaking of the Society says: "Homines Societatis Jesus sunt mei patres, quibus post Deum debet anima mea bonum omne si quid habet." (The men of the Society of Jesus are my fathers, to whom, after God, my soul owes all its good, if it has any.) 1844. Gerard Manley Hopkins is born.

1868. Theodor Wulf, S.J. is born. physics, invented electrometers for classroom use. He was also provincial. 1937. Fr. William Banks Rogers died. During his eight years as president of Saint Louis University, he arranged for the purchase of a college of medicine which became the University s medical school. He is called the university s Second Founder.

July 29


Commemoration of Lazarus and Mary.

1833. William Wilberforce + English philanthropist and abolitionist, Social Reformer, mission supporter, member of Parliament. 1974. Eleven Episcopal women are ordained priests in the Episcopal church in Philadelphia, in defiance of church regulations. 1981. The death of Bishop James Edward Walsh, age 90, pioneer Maryknoller, and missionary in China. He was imprisoned from 1958-70.

HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, SPORT St. Olaf Day, Norway. 1805. Alexis de Tocqueville B Paris, Democracy in America. 1856. Robert Schumann + German composer. 1890. Van Gogh +. Troubled in mind, he had put a gun to his chest two days earlier. 1905. Dag Hammarskjold is born. Markings. 1918. Edwin O'Connor is born. The Last Hurrah. 1981. Prince of Wales, Charles, weds Lady Diana Spencer at St. Paul's.

JESUIT 1586. At Toledo Fr. John Manuel, Rector of the Professed House was called to his eternal reward. When there were three loaves in the house he ordered one to be given to a beggar. Presently a young man, unknown to the community, brought a plentiful supply of provisions. 1883. Amidst the revolution in Portugal an attack is made on the Jesuit Fathers.

1945. The consecration of the chapel of La Storta. It was rebuilt by the Society after being destroyed by bombs on May 18, 1944. 2003. James Gill, S.J. dies. Psychiatrist, Institute for the Study of Human Sexuality, and founder of Human Development Magazine. July 30 CHRISTIANITY - RELIGION

Peter Chrysologus, Bishop and doctor, optional memorial. 1956. "In God We Trust" becomes the official motto of the USA through an act of Congress signed by President Eisenhower. 1976. Rudolf Bultmann + demythologizer NT scholar.

HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, SPORT 1718. William Penn + Quaker leader. 1771. William Gray + in Cambridge. "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard". 1784. Denis Diderot + Jesuit educated encyclopedist, promoter of the Englightenment. 1857. Thorstein Veblen is born. Wisconsin. Social scientist. The Theory of the Leisure Class, etc. 1863. Henry Ford is born. 1891. Casey Stengel is born. 1918. Joyce Kilmer, poet; killed in World War I in France, age 31. 1935. The first Penguin paperbacks (10 of them) are launched. 1975. Jimmy Hoffa, union leader, disappears. Trees.

JESUIT 1556. Ignatius asked Father Polanco to go and obtain for him the Pope's blessing and Indulgence. He delayed, and thus never never got it in time. 1890. Emile Mersch, S.J. B wrote on the Mystical Body of Christ. 1916. A Jersey City munitions explosion at a train depot results in stained glass broken at St. Peter s Church and College. 1976. Edward Rooney, S.J. + President of the Jesuit Secondary Education Association from 1937-66. July 31 CHRISTIANITY - RELIGION

ST. IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA, PRlEST AND FOUNDER OF THE SOCIETY OF JESUS - SOLEMNITY + 1556. There were 1036 Jesuits, 11 provinces, 92 houses, 33 colleges at his death. 1969. Pope Paul VI begins his first visit in Africa, to Uganda.

Through the intercession of Francis Borgia. The English and French Assistancies are combined to form the Assistancy of Western Europe. Approbation and recommendation of the Spiritual Exercises of St. 1771.) Polycarp Toppo is the first Regional Superior. is inaugurated as President of Georgetown University. Kenya. This occurred on the eve of his death. 1769. Ledochowski De usu "Radii" in nostris domibus. 1927. Alsace. "All recreational use is to be absolutely avoided. 1909. Democratic Socialism. Clement XIV refused to see Fr. ART. etc. Leonard Cheshire + British bomber pilot. Eastern Africa Region of the Society is established (Sudan. Ignatius. The first translation of the body of St. 1926." 1941. Professor. 1874. It is moved to the sacristy area of S. It arises from the Mission of California-Rocky Mountains. The American Assistancy becomes the Assistancy of the USA. JESUIT 1548. Humani Generis is published 12 days later. 1931. Tanzania. 1988. Thomas Weld signed a deed of gift of Stonyhurst and Hodder to the Society. 1986. separated from Maryland/New York Province. African American. Henri DeLubac ordered to give up his chair of theology at Fourviere. General Ricci who came to congratulate him on his election to the papacy. 1976. . witnessed the Atomic bombing of Nagasaki. A Roman Catholic convert. In London. Pontifical Biblical Institute opens a branch in Jerusalem. he died age 74. Anton Kohlmann is born. Michael Harrington + Holy Cross Alumnus. Maria della Strada while the foundation stones of the Gesu are being laid.HISTORY. SCIENCE. Uganda. 1849. 1568. 1992. Pastoralis officii cura. The German Assistancybecomes the Central European Assistancy. author of The Other America. Provincial. The Independent Region of East Africa is raised to the status of a Province. 1950. with Louis Plamondon as Provincial. 1989. Instruction of Fr. 1943.J. He founded 270 Cheshire homes for handicapped. New York and Maryland Provinces separated. Ignatius by the brief of Paul III. Lyon. California Province established. the opening of Farm Street Church. Mr. Herman Goller Provincial. SPORT 1886. Franz Liszt + Hungarian composer and piano virtuoso. New Ratio Studiorum promulgated after years of preparation. The sermon was preached by Bishop (afterwards Cardinal) Wiseman. S. Patrick Healy. including classical concerts. Ethiopia. 1809. New England Province-established as a Province.

Algeria. 1960. SCIENCE. 1551. SPORT 1291. Trees. Peter Julian Eymard. bishop and doctor. Francis Scott Key B author of Star Spangled Banner. convert to Catholicism. the body of St. Spain. Plans first discussed to found in Rome the German College. + 1787. S.August 1 CHRISTIANITY . St. 1556. Soviet Pianist. After vespers. Benin Republic Independence Day from France. HISTORY. 1819. Bishop Pierre Claverie of Oran. John Cardinal Dearden. + Archbishop of Detroit. 1580. The martyrdom of the seven holy brothers. 4th General of the Society. age 40. Poet.RELIGION Alphonsus Liguori. Founder of the Blessed Sacrament Fathers died on this day. 1551. Sviatoslav Richter + age 82. 1958-80. Herman Melville is born. 1918. Joyce Kilmer + in World War I. Everard Mercurian. RM 1868. +. memorial. convinced of the errors of the new religion. Edmund Campion. A Belgian. ART. Swiss Independence. 1997. The first Mass of Francis Borgia is celebrated at Loyola. devout Episcopal layman. at the gospel side. is murdered. 1569. abandoned the University of Oxford and all his brilliant prospects. 1779. he was the first non-Spanish General.J. 1988. and their mo ther. 1996. JESUIT 1546. the Machabees. Ignatius is buried in a side chapel in the Church of Our Lady of the Way. At his death there were 21 . Peter Faber +.

and was given to Saint Louis University in 1946. Aged 45. Our Lord revealed to her that all who had died in the Society up to that time were saved.J. Letter of Albert Einstein to President Roosevelt on the Atom bomb. a three volume work covering the years 1820-1930. mainstay of democracy. Louis. On this day one can gain the Portiuncula.. a few days earlier. 1644. He used to be heard walking about his room saying to himself: "I belong to the Society! I belong to the Society!" 1825. singularly devout to Our Lady. Under Saddam Hussein. by Gilbert Garraghan was copyrighted. HISTORY. opens Parks Air College at Lambert Field.RELIGION Eusebius of Vercelli. who saw St. 1932. chancellor. It became the first federally approved school of aeronaut ics. At Tournai died Father Francis de la Croix. Peter Julian Eymard. optional memorial. 1927. great indulgence. Optional memorial. chaplain at a military hospital. The Jesuits of the Middle United States. to visit and examine the students in Latin and Greek. . S.J.provinces. Vision of Ven. SPORT Lady Godiva Procession. Marina de Escobar. he was awarded the Silver Star in World War II. St. Ignatius accompanied by 300 of his children. Newspaprers report the visit of President John Quincy Adams to Gonzaga High.J. John Laboon. special. 1980. Politician. Gerald Kelly. 1938. JESUIT Blessed Peter Faber. 1921. Modern Youth and Chastity. England. 1988. ART. 5600 members. 1939. in Coventry. 1625. S. Carlos Perez Alonso. 144 colleges. optional memorial. Austria. + Moral theologian. S. bishop. + Naval Submarine chaplain. Iraq invades Kuwait. in St. 1981. Enrico Caruso +. 1964. August 2 CHRISTIANITY . priest. Monsignor Ignaz Seipel +. Fr. Oliver Parks. 1990. Father General Arrupe announces his plans to resign. SCIENCE. a young man. disappears in Guatemala.

Cardinal Franz Koenig of Vienna is born. 39 years. William Weston and his imprisonment in the Clink. At London the arrest of Fr. August 4 CHRISTIANITY . 1924. by Leo XIII requiring St. 1979. An attack is made on the novitiate of S. Andrea and the German College. Columbus sets sail.RELIGION Saints Gamaliel and Nicodemus. + of lupus. John Vianney. Shortest named saint of all saints in the Martyrology. He was the head of the tion for the Doctrine of the Faith. Aeterni Patris. Flannery O'Connor. Virgin and Martyr. Thomas'philosophy to be followed. 1879. . ART. Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani +. priest. Catholic novelist.RELIGION Saint Ia. l959-68.His motto was "Semper Idem. Thorstein Veblen + age 66.August 3 CHRISTIANITY . RM 1905." Congrega HISTORY. JESUIT 1586. Joseph Conrad + 1929. He died on this day in 1859. 1964. SPORT 1492. social scientist. Georgia. SCIENCE. In Rome Ours are driven from the Irish College. age 88. Milledgeville. memorial. and falsely accused of maladministration.

August 5 356. Andrew and Abby Borden are whacked to death.J. Ferdinand Prat. Johannes Metz is born. First issue of The Saturday Evening Post. Mary Major. He was the son of a black slave and an Irish immigrant. Paul. SPORT 1858. visited our Houses in England. by throwing a warm up ball off the field. Queen Mother of England is born. The death of Blessed Mary McKillop. Yankee outfielder was charged with cruelty to animals for killing a seagull during a game in Toronto. Mother Mary of the Cross. Foundress and provider of free education for the poor. SCIENCE. and Holland.St. 1900. 1938. age 93. 1944. Me. Theology of St. Cable spans the Atlantic. Theologian. 1983. Fr. optional memorial. It was dedicated on this day in 451 AD. 1992. Belgium. She is acquitted. 1821. Author of 168 fairy tales. and beecame the second bishop of Portland. It breaks in a few weeks. Rome issues a decree on the positive value of the dialogue Mass. their records are banned in several places. He played a role in the overthrow of the Communist Party leadership. HISTORY. ART. Lizzie. Mary Major. General Roothaan. Mass. S. 1849. Percy Bysshe Shelley is born. 1928. CHRISTIANITY RELIGION Dream of Pope Liberius. . 1966. SPORT 1792. Nadal is called to final profession. HISTORY. hockey player is born. JESUIT 1548. when driven from Rome. 1552. the first Australian beatified. 1892. She lived to be over 100 1921. Anne Frank is arrested. From August 4 to October 11. The Blessed Virgin Mary asks him to build a church and snow is found there on the next day . age 68. + Toulouse. by Cyrus Fields.1922. John Lennon claims that the Beatles are probably more popular than Jesus Christ. possibly by their daughter. Dave Winfield. on 25 March. Copenhagen. Bishop James Augustine Healy +. 1909. Dedication of St. but will only make that profession almost four years later. in Fall River. SCIENCE. 1900. Maurice "Rocket" Richard. Hans Christian Andersen +. As a result. Life of Jesus Christ. ART. Cardinal Tomasek + Prague. 1873.

Alfred Lord Tennyson is born. and forbade the Jesuit habit and community life. 1984. Hiroshima . 1915. President Johnson signs the voting rights bill. they threw aside their books in school. in N. 1809. Dominic + on this day.. and Fr. "O Rare Ben Johnson. Strong on Dialogue. At Vienna. He was married before ordination and is the father of Pope St. Burkina Faso Independence Day from France. Arrupe aids the injured. Ann Lee and a small group of followers arrive in NYC. A group of Spanish Jesuits arrive in Chesapeake Bay area.. 1960. At Alcala in Spain. 1868. The first execution by the electric chair. essayist.atomic destruction. 1825. Silverius. The first encyclical letter issued by Pope Paul VI. Feastday. The Parliament at Paris condemned the Society's Institute as opposed to the natural law: laid its hand on all Jesuit property. ART. 1574. SCIENCE. August 6 CHRISTIANITY . St. the holy martyrs Justus and Pastor. End of the Holy Roman Empire. Ben Johnson + age 65. The Jesuit Curia.Y. 1964. 1965. Peter Canisius preached at . SPORT 1637. Lucille Ball is born. will be given a life sentence. but are killed six months later. RM 523. The death of Rene Goupil. Nelson Mandela is arrested. brothers. Ecclesiam Suam. their exile for security reasons during World War I. the death of Claude Le Jay. The death of Pope St. 1806. Bolivia Independence. 1962. 1774. His feast is August 8th. 1945. dramatist. Paul Claudel is born. Hormisdas. 1978. Austrian emperor Francis II laid down the imperial crown. and spontaneously ran to martyrdom. about this time." HISTORY. Fr. eventually known as the Shakers. Pope Paul VI +. General Ledochowski arrive in Zizers. 1911. 1762. JESUIT 1570. "Instruction on Certain Aspects of the Theology of Liberation. Feast."buried in Westminster. Poet. At Santo Domingo. They escaped death and eventually reached their destinat ion.on September l. Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issues its first letter on Liberation Theology. Switzerland. 1221. JESUIT 1552. The Church in Our Day.RELIGION TRANSFIGURATION. later enters the Jesuits. While they were yet schoolboys. Robert Lewis. A pilot. 1890. the shipwreck of seven Spanish Jesuits sailing for Mexico. 1643.

with acclamations of joy. priest. 1962. 1974. SCIENCE. pope and martyr and companions. Calcutta." 1897. 1960. A Decree of the French Parliament was published accusing the Society of every heresy. A Letter of Fr. in 1875. Alaska. On 19 August 1880 it will be renamed the Maryland/New York Province. 1961. Santa Clara Conference of the American Assistancy on the "Total Formation of the Jesuit Priest. De Censuris. and he knew all to be innocent. 1941. 1762. and Cajetan. Friedrich von Spee. Father Francis Suarez' book. Janssens to all major superiors on the Study and Use of . August 7 CHRISTIANITY . The Restoration of the Society through the world was proclaimed by Pius VII in his Bull Sollicitudo omnium ecclesiarum. He died in 1547. Pope Gregory XIII published his Bull Postquam Deo placuit. Being asked why his hair was all white at 30. he replied that he had attended at the gallows about 100 persons accused of witchcraft. 1814. Ralph Bunche.J. 1635. dies. is born.RELIGION Sixtus II. was put on the Index. of Fairbanks.his funeral. Kenya. Louis S. 1904. optional memorials. Letter of Thomas Jefferson to John Adams. and confiscating all its property. Francois Fenelon B Jesuit educated theologian/spiritual writer. mystic. The Inquisition and Index of forbidden books were also reconstituted. a distance of 130 feet. many of them children. where the Bull was read. which founded the German College. worked at the United Nations. He was the founder of Moral Re-Armament. and a reformer. The New York Mission and the Maryland Province are joined to constitute the New York Province. "I dislike with you the restoration of the Jesuits. every crime. age 44. Also a famed poet. diplomat. and a height of over 1000 feet. Author of Cautio Criminalis. Jesuit Bishop Michael Kaniecki. SPORT 1903. because it makes a retrograde step from light toward darkness. Philippe Petit walks on a high wire between the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Jerome D Souza is born in India. Frank Buchmann +. Leakey is born. 1967. anthropologist. Cajetan is principal founder of the Theatines." 2000. dies of heart attack. HISTORY. Restoration Day. ART. S. JESUIT 1606. He was the first to attack and disturb the then gen eral belief in witchcraft. 1651. + Poet. every infamy. 1573. Rabindranath Tagore. Diplomat. Xavier College. with passages interpolated by some enemy of the Society. Eighty six aged Fathers of the Old Society were present on the occasion in the Gesu. He was a Rector. August 6-l9th. 1879. He was taught by the Jesuits for 2 months at St. 1816. Cote d Ivoire Independence Day from France.

William Cunningham. Father General Arrupe suffers a stroke upon his return from the Philippines. ART. Chicago. Raymond Brown.RELIGION 1884. at the Rome airport. Sister Teresa Benedicta of the . age 70. Quam Singularis calls for communion to be given to children. The letter has this date on it. Lights are first used at Wrigley Field. which a benefactor offered to build. 1880. It lowers the "age of reason" to about seven. First Steam Railroad begins operation. 1989. Major commentaries on John s gospel. 1471. 1924. activist lawyer. + Chicago. Thomas a Kempis +.extra ecclesiam nulla salus. August 9 CHRISTIANITY .Latin. Gregory XVI then insisted that the Society was to have a church in the city. He died on August 6. Kenneth Scott Latourette is born. SCIENCE. CHRISTIANITY . S. A week long convention opens of 2500 Catholic Sioux Indians of South Dakota. but was only made public later. Optional Memorial. priest. Saint Edith Stein. he wrote a major history of the missions. HISTORY. 1831. 1910. SPORT 1588. British defeat the Spanish Armada. Letter of the Holy Office to Cardinal Cushing. 1998. Church historian. but the game is rained out. 1981. Emilio Zapata is born. 1221. on the Leonard Feeney case . At London the Vicar Apostolic wrote to Propaganda that there were serious difficulties against the Jesuits having a church in London. 1942. 1974.RELIGION memorial. 1949. Decree of Pius X.J. He was a foremost biblical scholar and churchman. 1988. JESUIT 1834. SS +. Nixon announces he will resign on the next day. August 8 Dominic.

Nagasaki is destroyed by the atom bomb. Fr. William Booth B Salvation Army. 1987.Cross. In the Quirinal Palace. five Cardinals and two Prelates hold their second meeting for the Suppression of the Society. SPORT 1846. 1943. Carl Lewis of the USA wins four Gold Medals at the Los Angeles Olympics. John Dryden is born. Patrick Cardinal O'Boyle. 1967. JESUIT . is born. 1938. Rod Laver is born. 1829. DEACON AND MARTYR. is executed at Auschwitz because she was Jewish. Bob Cousy B . The Nigerian Federal Government declares full scale war on Biafra after Biafra invades the Mid-West State. Franz Jaegerstaetter +. DC. JESUIT 1556. 1928.Holy Cross and the Celtics. +. of Washington. The Smithsonian Institute is established in Washington. Antoine de Saint Exupery is reported missing in plane flight over France. 1945. in the presence of Clement XIV. Feast. After the death of Ignatius. tennis great. HISTORY. ART. SCIENCE. James Lainez is empowered to govern as vicar-general. a chemist at Bayer. and later a convert to Catholicism. He was an Austrian conscientious objector in World War II. Poet and critic. SPORT 1593. Felix Hoffman. ART. Herman Melville escapes from cannibals after one month captivity in Mardquesas Island. He died on this day in 258. August 10 CHRISTIANITY . HISTORY.RELIGION LAWRENCE. 1944. synthesizes aspirin. 1631. He was beheaded as enemy of the state. SCIENCE. The Compleat Angler. Izaak Walton. 1984. 1842. basketball star. 1773. She was beatified in 1987. 1897.

1519. and rages for six days. Virgin. SCIENCE. 1834. A letter of Polanco in Lainez's name. He was a missionary to California. 1654. to all superiors on our ministries. Yves de Montcheuil. Nicolas Cuso +. Philomena. August 11 CHRISTIANITY . John Henry Cardinal Newman +. 1492. 1933. A theologian and chaplain. 1567. as the special ministry of the Society. It emphasizes the shift and emphasis on education and the colleges. Arrupe names General Assistant Vincent O'Keefe to be temporary Vicar General to handle the government of the Society. Fra Barbaran having declared in a letter that he wished to see all members of the Society living between Perpignan and Seville burned alive. Ursuline convent is burned in Charlestown. Jerry Falwell. and shot by Germans at Grenoble shortly before liberation. 34 are killed. 1560. 1880.J. The worst of the Borgias. Alexander VI is elected pope. Mass. Fr. B Baptist preacher. She is not found in the new revised Martyrology. Stanislaus Kostka leaves Vienna at dawn. 1868.RELIGION Clare. St. HISTORY. He was not admired by Luther. Traditional feast of St. 1965. 1464. She was demoted in April l961. 1960. SPORT 1937. Ignatius caused the reply to be sent that HIS wish was that the Friar and all his friends might be inflamed with the fire of the Holy Spirit. Expulsion of the Society from Mexico and seizure of its property.1546. Insurrection starts in the Watts section of Los Angeles. optional memorial + 1253. to join the Society of Jesus in Germany and eventually enters in Rome. he was arrested while ministering to men of the resistance. Chad Independence Day from France. S. Moral Majority. +. Eusebio Francis Kino is born in Italy. 1981. Boston. Edith Wharton + author. political lobbyist. . and a low point in papal history. 1944. ART. Johann Tetzel + Dominican promoter of indulgences.

.J. 1925. dies.J. Juniorate Professor of Classics. 2003. John Bitter. Thomas Mann + age 80. Dan Berrigan.J. 1877. he worked in Kansas and wrote a 450 page Potawatomi dictionary and grammar. He had been President of the PMLA: Modern Language Association. ART. composer.RELIGION 1484. S. S. Fr. Spain. He was the first Assistant for India and East Asia. and served India at the UN. SCIENCE. in hiding is finally captured by the FBI. culture. Educator in India and in Rome. SPORT Perseid Meteor Showers on or near this day. Polymath. protester. It was revealed in an apparition that he had been freed from Purgatory at the second Mass said for his repose. The energetic Swiss Jesuit. 1827. age 79. 1970. and founder of Holy Cross. Expulsion of the Society from Guatemala. 1871. John Joseph Urraburu. An expert in languages. At Paderborn. 1992. +. Benedict Joseph Fenwick. author on orality. S. S. In the First General Congregation. The death of Jerome D'Souza. . He was expert at nepotism and a cultivator of the arts.J. aged 61. Slattery pool is completed at Woodstock College. Encyclical Letter of Pius XII. August 12 CHRISTIANITY . 1977. 1904. He was the second bishop of Boston. 1950. President Clinton and Pope John Paul II meet at Carroll Hall on the Regis University campus. who used to serve the poor at the college gate every day. at Burgos. S. age 70: poet. 1955. Sixtus IV +. was found dead on his knees. in Zurich. artist. S. One of the saddest periods of papal history. + NY Province. Francis Sullivan. William Blake +. "Concerning Certain False Opinions. Humani Generis. 1993. 1846.J." HISTORY. decrees that Anothing should be changed. Avant garde musician. Maurice Gailland died. John Cage + JESUIT 1629. pacifist. after a discussion on the simple vows. Fr.J. novelist. a German Scholastic.JESUIT 1558. 1989. Walter Ong. age 79. was twice President of Georgetown. + philosopher.

Fidel Castro is born. In his last hour. priest and martyr. 1932. complete destruction. As he refused to worship idols. the appropriation of its houses and goods. Ben Hogan is born.RELIGION Pontian. martyr." 1773. and Rule book. giving them leave to kill him. 1789. The Berlin Wall put up. 1742. Maximilian Kolbe. + a martyr in a Nazi Concentration Camp. RM HISTORY. John Berchmans +.August 13 CHRISTIANITY . St. pope and martyr. "Cum his libenter moriar. rendered death long drawn-out. JESUIT 1621.. by reason of weakness. St. The birth of Pius VII. the persecutor called the boys whom the saint had taught and who hated him. and Hippolytus. ART. he exclaimed. The Ateneo de Manila burns to the ground. clasping his Crucifix. John Brewer. SPORT 1910. and then spent 18 years in a dungeon in Lisbon and then survived for a few years. Pope Clement XIV published the Brief Gravissimis ex causis which established a special congregation of five cardinals to superintend the Suppression of the Society. Cassian. He would restore the Society of Jesus. August 14 CHRISTIANITY . including the museum and library.RELIGION 1941. and at one . He had been a missionary in Brazil for 22 years. health care. Florence Nightingale + 1912. as the hands which inflicted it. 1927. optional memorials. SCIENCE.. Rosary. 1961. The torment suffered by the martyr was the more grievous. Obligatory Memorial. At Cologne died Fr. nursing.

acolyte. . HISTORY. Growth of a theology of liberation. on the reform of minor orders and the sub-diaconate. SPORT 1811. 1935. CHRISTIANITY RELIGION St. They therefore beat him with sticks and stones until he expired. Pope Gregory XVI. Ministeria Quaedam. St. 1909. Alypius. Congo (Brazzaville) Independence Day from France. His son John was still in the novitiate. 2003. August 15 ASSUMPTION Solemnity. Bertold Brecht +. The Social Security Act is passed by Congress.J. Cologne Cathedral is completed. 1945. Bl. 1912. 1618. Augustine. in Zaire. 1956. disciple of St.point was arrested. in his encyclical Mirari Vos condemns freedom of conscience as a mistake. Tarcisius. The pagans accosted him as he was carrying the Sacrament of Christ's Body. large blackout on the East Coast of the USA JESUIT 1610. CELAM. Medellin Conference opens.punished and tortured for being Christian. Fr. It was started in the 13th century. ART. S. RM At Tagaste. taken to France by Napoleon for three years. bishop. 1972. Isidore Bakanja dies. new. The father of John Berchmans is ordained a priest. 1880. Paraguayan Independence. General forbids Jesuits to discuss the book of Father Mariana. RM. RM 1960. 1832. Japan surrenders VJ Day. rather madness. But he judged it an unworthy thing to cast pearls before swine. SCIENCE. US sends Marines to Nicaragua in default of its loans. and began to inquire what it was. according to which kings or tyrants might be assassinated. Apostolic Letter of Paul VI. 1968.

HISTORY. the Columbia and sails from Amsterdam to America: the best known missionary of the NW. 1535. Two new provinces were erected. NY opens. Independence Day MacBeth +. New York. but it applies elsewhere too. process theologian. Rodriguez. 1821. He refers to China. The Pontifical Biblical Institute is founded in Rome. E.J. 1986. Father John Carroll of Maryland was consecrated the first Bishop of Baltimore.A. 1771. 1929. Laynez. At Lulworth Castle. in the same church. They renewed their vows on the same feast.1985. 1568. First Christian missionaries. Sir Walter Scott is born. 1885. 1919. Chicago. 1914. +. 1790. JESUIT 1534. . Bobadilla took first simple vows at Mass celebrated by Faber. Fr.Canada and New Orleans. being in Spain and then in Venice. Montmartre. under the Jesuits. FB In 1535 LeJay joined them. 1666. T. The death of Adam Schall. Detroit and Wisconsin Province is founded from Chicago and Missouri Provinces respectively. Ignatius was absent for both of these years. Lawrence (of Arabia) is born. 1992. Bernard Loomer + professor. 1888. 1549. ART. 1969. and on one occasion Our Lady placed the Holy Child Jesus in his arms. scientist. S. Ledochowski to the Provincials on the conversion of the Mohammedans. SPORT India 1057. Paris. Lawrence McGinley. St. SCIENCE. 1927. Ignatius and his first six companions. missionary in China for 47 years. St. Peter DeSmet boards a ship. President of Fordham University. The Panama Canal officially opens. 1928. Xavier. Ledochowski writes a letter on the national clergy in our missions. The Russian College is created in Rome. 1937. In 1536 Codure and Broet joined them. Martyrs at Auriesville.Age 86. Faber. Salmeron. The Woodstock Festival opens at Bethel. Fr. led by Xavier. Chicago Province erected as an independent province from the eastern portion of the Missouri Province. 1955. Stanislaus Kostka + . 1907. reach Japan. A letter of Fr. He twice received Holy Communion from the hands of an Angel. 1536. England. South Africa is made a Dependent Region of the British Prov. Shrine of N.

S.J. John Bosco B educator. Joseph Schuh. 1935. St. Elvis Presley + JESUIT 1541. Marcus Garvey is born. age 42. ART. 1967. who had been the wife of Emperor Diocletian. Will Rogers. John Courtney Murray. Serena. of cancer. Nigeria. Margaret Mitchell (Gone with the Wind) + after being struck by a taxi in Atlanta. The mission of the NY Province begins there. The death of Jean Codure. At Rome. Publication of the Brief Dominus ac Redemptor. founded the Salesians. The death of Pierre Gibault. arrives in Lagos. HISTORY. He accompanied Clark on his explorations to the Mississippi. 1948. 1977.589 Jesuits. 1962.J. There were 22. in Rome. Memphis. 1773. Theologian. and 670 colleges. Father General Ricci is led away p risoner to the English College.J. SPORT 1887.RELIGION Stephen of Hungary. RM 1815. . The Suppression of the Society of Jesus by Clement XIV. Babe Ruth + age 53. humorist is killed in a plane crash over Alaska. S. optional memorial. We Hold These Truths. St. SCIENCE. 1802.August 16 CHRISTIANITY .J. 1949. +. S. S.

1837. 1925. leaves New York for Albany. ART. at Dawson Creek. a scholar of the language and literature. ex-Jesuit. a Belgian. Carmack discovers gold. the novices enter. the Clermont. Helena. Ferdinand Farmer. The death of Pope Paul IV. the death of Camille Bulcke. Henri Bremond + Author. HISTORY. Jane Frances de Chantal. who was the first to set the example to other princes of protecting and extending the Church. 1763. Ohio. The place of burial of Jean de Brebeuf is discovered in Canada. and arrives three days later. he was a master of Hindi. 1933. spirituality. +. At Portage aux Sioux died Father Charles Van Quickenborne. He ordained in Father Lainez's time that the office of General should be triennial and that Choir should be observed. George Washington. William Doyle. 1773. + killed in World War I as a chaplain in Belgium. In the Yukon. 1969.RELIGION 1635. he said 100. August 18 CHRISTIANITY RELIGION St. RM . He was the first superior of the Missouri Mission. On the 20th of the month. SCIENCE. 1982. JESUIT 1559. New Jesuit novitiate opens at Milford. 1896. 1954. a missionary from Belgium. The Mather Dynasty . He was the founder of three generations of Puritan preachers. Frederick II of Prussia and Catherine of Russia forbade the publication of the Brief of Suppression in their dominions. mother of the religious emperor Constantine the Great. Richard Mather arrives in Boston.J.August 17 CHRISTIANITY . religious.J. Servant of God. SPORT 1807. S. founder of the present province of Missouri.000 aspirations every day. a great apostle among the Indians. Robert Fulton's steamboat. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe + architect. including one falsely attributed to Francis Borgia. S. Memorial in USA St. 1559. 1917. The Inquisition publishes a list of forbidden books. He flees to Portugal that same year. Poetry and Prayer. In India.

Genghis Khan +. James Meredith graduates from the University of Mississippi. optional memorial + 1680. age 5l in Paris. and Charles Neale pronounce their vows as Jesuits at St. 1843. Md. 1997.J. Bishop Patrick Joseph Kelly + aged 96.RELIGION John Eudes. optional memorial. I. 1934. ART.He wrote his Pensees and Provincial Letters. He was the first Bishop of the Midwestern region of Nigeria and a great Irish missionary. bind me with ropes and treat me like a madman. asking for modifications in the Institute. Charles Sewall. He died in Chile on this day in 1952. 1643. escapes from the hands of the Mohawk Indians. Thomas Manor. C. At Genoa. is born.1503. 1590. The death of Pope Alexander VI. Pascal + age 39. the first Roman emperor. 1662. Richard McBrien. HISTORY. When a Novice. 1963. Balzac +. Julius Spinola went to his reward. 1951. JESUIT Blessed Alberto Hurtado. . August 19 CHRISTIANITY . etc. This petition. sent for Father General Acquaviva and required him to draw up a petition to the Holy See. retreat master. SPORT 1227. 1967. 1936. was found in Pope Sixtus' desk after his death and canceled by his successor. SPORT 14. trade unionist and founded Hogar de Christo for the homeless. nine days before his death. the lowest of the Borgias. he said to his Novice Master: "If ever I ask to be dismissed. which modifications the Pontiff's inflexible will intended to impose. Eddie Gaedel. Fr. but there are strong grounds for believing he was poisoned by poison intended for a cardinal who was his host. Scofield B Scofield Reference Bible. 1850. His death is usually explained as malaria. theologian. at the Convent of Port Royal. The only three Jesuits in the USA. and was a writer. being determined to suppress the Name of the Society of Jesus. pinch hits and gets a walk in four pitches for the St. SCIENCE. Roberto Clemente B Hall of Famer. AD. Caesar Augustus +. Bill Veeck instigated this innovation. 1671. a midget. the "new Society" begins again in the USA. HISTORY. priest. He founded Mensaje. SCIENCE. Spain. ART. An opera composed by Domenico Zipoli is performed at the Loyola Sanctuary in Azpeitia. S." 1805. with the help of the Dutch. Isaac Jogues. Sixtus V. Regimini Ecclesiae Universae issued by Paul VI. He was beatified in October 1994. He would never play again. Robert Molynaux. reorganizes the Curia to internationalize and modernize it. 1991. Genius of the novel. wrung from the General. Louis Browns.

1968. Pius X dies. St.RELIGION Bernard. ART. He died on this day in ll53. + The Boy Savior Movement. Founder of the Salvation Army. He was criticized for his efforts at reforming the clergy. 1886. 1880. Soviet tanks roll into Czechoslovakia. Father General Wernz dies and a few hours later. The death of Geert Groote. In 1833 the Province of Maryland was erected. Pius X dies. The Province of Maryland-New York is first so styled. Paul Tillich is born. 1912. British sprinter Eric Liddel refuses to run in the Paris Olympics. In 1879.1902. SPORT 1619. Rudolf Bultmann is born. . because it was Sunday. 1978. 1884. Groucho Marx + 86 years old. New York Mission was added and styled New York Province. 1924. Ogden Nash is born. General William Booth + 1914. and the Brethren of the Common Life. SCIENCE. 1914. In 1880 the name was changed to the present one. who inspired the Devotio Moderna.J. JESUIT 1743. next day. RM 1384. abbot and doctor. he was the Provincial of England. and was the first Rector of Stonyhurst. St. 1977. HISTORY. memorial. In 1804 it was a simple mission. S. Twenty blacks were brought as slaves to Jamestown. After the Restoration of the Society. the holy prophet Samuel. August 20 CHRISTIANITY . Charles Plowden is born. In Judea. Anthony I Russo-Alesi.

to 18 persons of Mary. 1983. As a scholastic he wrote Cenodoxus: the Doctor of Paris. English scholastic theologian. Jacob Bidermann +. pope. At Rome died Cardinal John de Lugo.JESUIT 1639. St. Frances de Sales B . 1959. entomologist and missionary in Brazil. civil rights proponents. Given at one of four Scottish Universities. 1936. .RELIGION memorial (He died on August 20. makes the Gifford Lectures possible. and John the Baptist. August 21 Pius X. of royal ancestry. JESUIT 1581. He was called the Shakespeare of the German Baroque period. . An Appearance at Our Lady of Knock. a Swiss Jesuit. Augustine Planque +. 1907. 1965. Joseph.e. the restorer of the Society in 1814 and its second Father. He propagated anti-malaria Jesuit's Bark. The death of Pius Buck. one of the greatest theologians of the Society. no ecstasy. ART. dated this day.the first was given in 1888. Hawaii becomes the 50th State. His name will remain with us in benediction for ever. Alexander of Hales + 1567. Wilt Chamberlain is born. widow. Daniels and Reeb are killed in Selma." HISTORY. SCIENCE. 1660. Anthony Possevino by the Czar of Russia. Ireland. SPORT 1931. Alphonus Ligouri calls him the greatest theologian after St. Thomas. At Rome the death of Pope Pius VII. CHRISTIANITY . Nat Turner leads a slave revolt. The Pioneer SMA African missionary. He was the 4th Jesuit cardinal. 1972. l914). The Death of Blessed Victoria Rasoamanarivo. Ignatius. A princely reception is given to Fr. Fr. 1823. 1245. at the foot of the Saint's altar. 1984. It involves no message. The will of Lord Gifford. She took up the work of the Church after the missionary priests were expelled. 1879. By his own desire he was buried in the Gesu "at the feet of St. 1885." i. Benigno Aquino is assassinated at the airport in Manila. "The Apostle of Africa. no words.

" 1991. 1978. critic. HISTORY. Ray Bradbury. Stanislaus left Vienna for Rome. science fiction writer. Ignazio Silone +. where he arrived on Oct. Fr. . Christ is greater than the Church. Illinois. sailing from Mozambique. Oswald von Nell-Breuning + aged 101. the founder of modern Kenya. memorial. virgin. Baseball star. Jomo Kenyatta +. Paschal and Alphonsus Lepius. Andrew Gonsalves. Bread and Wine. Max Scheler is born. 1920. It is supposed that on this day St. professor. 1978. Social ethicist. were cast on a desert island where they perished of starvation. the first Pope to visit Latin America. to attend the Medellin Conference. novelist. 1872.and it was sometimes called "Lugo's powder. 25. SCIENCE. Fortunately. Claude DeBussy is born. 1939. SPORT 1862. 1567.RELIGION 1968. is born in Waukegan. She died on August 24th. The expulsion of our Fathers from Germany during the Bismarckian Kulturkampf. 1874.RELIGION Rose of Lima. 1617 aged 31. He had a heavy hand in the writing of Quadragesimo Anno in 1931. optional memorial. August 23 CHRISTIANITY . JESUIT 1555. ART. August 22 Queenship of Mary. CHRISTIANITY . Paul VI arrives in Colombia. Carl Yastrzemski is born.

Blitz begins with an all night air raid on London. Rev. He was shot and martyred by English bigots. translator. ART. 1905. Britain abolishes slavery in its colonies after the campaign of William Wilberforce. Louis. 1940. Italo-American anarchists. Herculaneum is completely buried. are executed after false accusations. "Apostle of the Abenakis". HISTORY.RELIGION 410. Father General Roothaan offered to keep 30 orphans at the Society's expense. Sebastian Rasle. . SPORT 1833. It was decreed that the Constitutions ought to remain unaltered. He was a missionary. Hans Urs von Balthasar. Visogoth King Alaric sacks Rome. 1964. APOSTLE feast. William Wilberforce B Christian politician. linguist for 34 years with the Abenaki Indians in Maine.1723. AD. 1957. the Fathers of the Society waited on the sick and dying with heroic devotedness. as proposed by Paul IV. during a severe epidemic of cholera. 1837. At the First General Congregation. ART. and Pompei also. Increase Mather +. Theologian. First official RC Mass entirely in English is celebrated in Kiel Auditorium. the question of the General s term being triennial was discussed as well as the introduction of choir. World Council of Churches formed in Amsterdam as its Constitution is ratified. This leads Augustine to write his City of God. 1948. President of Harvard. abolitionist. Sacco and Vanzetti. on the 24-25th of August. HISTORY. 1927. At Rome. Ronald Knox +. S. and writer and the father of Cotton Mather. SPORT 79. SCIENCE. +.J. CHRISTIANITY . SCIENCE. Mount Vesuvius erupts. He was a Pastor. is born. 1759. Rudolph Valentino +. St. 1724. August 24 BARTHOLOMEW. JESUIT 1558. 1936.

Church. By his profound knowledge of mathematics and astronomy he attained such fame .. 1918. During the Cromwellian reign of terror he had to conceal himself for over a year in his father's sepulcre. ART.RELIGION St. S. 1943.J. August 25 CHRISTIANITY . in which Hugenots are killed. +. "Protestant and infidel historians alike agree that the Society had no part in this bloody deed. Philosopher. and the first scientist of the Americas. Joseph Calasanz. Bartholomew Day Massacre. a philologist.1899." FB 1734. Bonaventure Suarez. 1666. It condemns Arianism. Jan Korec is consecrated clandestine bishop in a locked. + in Mexico. 1900. At Beijing. Christopher Netterville. SPORT 1776.. At Galway died Fr. and writer. Scottish philosopher and historian. 1809. HISTORY. Simone Weil +. David Hume + age 65. 1951. priest optional memorial. son of Viscount Netterville. Avery Dulles. Jorge Luis Borges B Buenos Aires. The First Council of Nicaea concludes. ethnologist. JESUIT 1651. Lorenzo Hervas y Panduro. S. SCIENCE. Truman Capote +. Optional memorial. He died of typhoid in North Africa. at age 27. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche +. Opening of the seventh Congress of Jesuit Ecumenists at Frankfurt. 1750. B American theologian. Brief of Clement XII hinders inculturation efforts in India.J. astronomer. dark room in a Czechoslovakian prison. Louis + on this day in 1270. S. 325. catechumen of the Catholic JESUIT 1572. author of The Idea of the Universe. the death of Father John Adam Schall. on a crusade. 1977.J. 1984. with over 100 Jesuits. He was a missionary to America.

1498. Brooklyn. Ralph Vaughan Williams +. the 30 Day. ART. 26th. Candido Dalmases + in Rome. Albino Luciani. 1974. the Fathers of the Council desiring to hear him speak on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 1978. I 1811. more than 36. 1920. Through his means 100. William James +. Krakatoa volcano. Chicago riots during the Democratic Convention . 1968. 1968. 1492. 1910. King of Salem. Peter Ramus + logician. JESUIT 1562. the Smiling Pope. 1883. 19th Amendment. . He was Archbishop of Baltimore l961-74 and a leader in ecumenism and civil rights. Michelangelo is commissioned by Alexander VI to carve the Pieta. Cardinal Borgia becomes the famed Pope Alexander VI. August 26 CHRISTIANITY . Red Barber announces it. Columbia. Thomas FitzSimons + Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence. Women's Suffrage. 1986. priest. CELAM II opens and meets until September t sets the ground for a theology of liberation.that the Emperor entrusted to him the reform of the Chinese Calendar. John Paul I is elected.August 26-29.RELIGION Commemoration of Melchisadek. historian. 1984. in the Roman Martyrology. on Ignatius and Xavier. Medellin. SPORT 1572. The lowest of the Borgias. The return of Diego Laynez from France to Trent. Lawrence Cardinal Shehan +. goes into effect.000 are killed.000 persons are said to have been converted in fourteen years. SCIENCE. 1939. from Ebbets Field. 1958. Charles Lindbergh +. HISTORY. First baseball game ever on television. age 86.

90. The English win over the Dutch. Archbishop Helder Camara. because of his attack on King Charles II. SPORT 1660. memorial. 1770. PA. shortly after he had desired to change the name of the Society of Jesus. + Saint and Martyr. Oil is struck at Titusville. William DuBois +. 1908. and thus rename it New York. 1999. 1910. + forgiving his enemies and persecutors. August 28 CHRISTIANITY . S. through whose efficacious prayers Arius. BC. B. Bishop Alexander. Brazil dies. ART. Augustine. David Lewis. L. FB August 27 Monica. Mother Teresa of Calcutta is born. In Albania. Historian of religion. bishop and doctor. organizer of the Episcopal Conference of Brazil. JESUIT 1590. Confucius is born. Pathetic scenes. 1767. CHRISTIANITY . HISTORY. He allows each side to hold its opinion. 1664. 551. 1963. by Edwin Drake.RELIGION memorial. by the judgment . Hegel is born. Ricci builds a house and establishes a novitiate in Peking. courage and constancy of the Novices. He was an apostle to the poor in his native Wales for three decades before he was caught and hanged. 1859.RELIGION 1955. Friend of the poor.1606. The Society is exiled from Chile. Johnson is born. age. 1679. 1605. Pope Sixtus V dies suddenly. Joachim Wach +. He + on this day in 430. Surrender of New Amsterdam.J. Pope Paul V puts an end to the controversy De Auxiliis which had lasted t en years. of Recife. Author. House of formation opens in Yonkers for the New York and Maryland Provinces. SCIENCE. Milton's books are burned in London. 1917.

. Czechoslovakia is invaded by Russia and Warsaw Pact Troops to crush the liberal regime.of God. ART. on renting apartments in Jackson Heights. 1632 Paul Le Jeune completes the first Jesuit Relations. driven from Rome as a prisoner by Napoleon. Foundress of the Little Sisters of the Poor. Arrupe. when his venerable head was found for the second time. 1799. Edmund Arrowsmith + a martyr in Lancashire. burst asunder and his bowels were poured out.000 marchers 1968. where he had over 20 wives. martyr. Boston. Goethe is born at Frankfurt am Main. 1903. The nadir of the papacy in modern times. She was beatified in 1982. SCIENCE. He wrote much on hagiography. Pele plays his last soccer game ever. 51 children. author. There were 2. Frederick Law Olmstead +. Chicago. 1805. is born. 2003. on WEAF radio. for 54 years a writer for Civilta Cattolica. McCarthy. Elizabeth Ann (Bayley) Seton is born. His solemn commemoration ta kes place today. Queens. Founder of the Congregation of the Christian Brothers. England. Dennis J. Brigham Young +. 1922. the feast of Bl. RM Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice. Junipero Serra + . The arrival of Fr. expert in spirituality and a Councillor to Fr. JESUIT 1628. Gebremichael. The death Maurice Giuliani. landscape architect for NewYork. ten minutes long. with the Cosmos. August 29 CHRISTIANITY . Depelchin and Augustine Law in South Africa to begin the mission there. The death of Blessed Jeanne Jugan. 1879. After the death of Smith. S. 1877. 1977. 1828. Frederick Denison Maurice." to 200. Montreal. SPORT 1749. 1784. The first radio commercial in USA.J. 1985. originally from Brittany. 1963. who died on this day in 1855. memorial.400 members at her death. 1879. he led his followers to Utah. March on Washington. Tolstoi is born. RM 1774. Feast day in the Roman Martyrology. "I have a Dream. Christian socialist. The death of Domenico Mondrone. founder of Christus. Anglican theologian.RELIGION Beheading of John the Baptist. RM In Ethiopia. + scripture scholar. 1983. HISTORY. Martin Luther King gives his famous address. The death of Pope Pius VI in France.

BC. Gregory XIV by his Brief.344.RELIGION 1588. It is the second institution in the USA for higher learning for blacks. on his 16th birthday breezes through his finals. John Locke is born. stopped. Russia explodes a hydrogen bomb. first of the founders to die. Jean Codure. on this day. Ignatius sensed this. SCIENCE. Harvard JESUIT 1541. Pozzo. ART. ART. August 30 CHRISTIANITY . Hewas the first Jesuit to be sent on mission outside of Italy. Roy Wilkins is born. Cambridge. Ted Williams is born. SPORT 1632. He had a lifetime batting average of . Juan Perrone +. canceled Sixtus V's decree whereby novices could only be admitted at the General or Provincial Congregation. MA. The fifth translation of the body of St. Exponi nobis. SCIENCE. Margaret Ward +. Ignatius is placed under the high altar for a period of four years. 1825. 1695. 1918. 1901. 1953. In Rome. he taught in Rome. 1856. JESUIT 1591. HISTORY. . While his final place is being designed and built by Br. St. a theologian important in the definition of the Immaculate Conception. SPORT 30. Oliver Wendell Holmes. + at Rome. Paul s. Cleopatra + of suicide.This was four months after his final vows at St. by snakebite. and told his companions of the death. English philosopher. 1876. Ignatius in the Church of the Gesu in Rome.HISTORY. She was hanged at Tyburn with a priest and three laymen. Wilberforce College is founded in Ohio by Methodists. Oliver Wendell Holmes is born. 1809.

HISTORY. Edmund Campion. An expedition from Georgetown University goes to Maine by car and truck to view the total eclipse of the sun. Raissa Oumanson Maritain is born. a bitter enemy of the Society. suffering from recent torture. RM 1688. Maria Montessori is born. Author of Pilgrim's Progress. SCIENCE. Rocky Marciano is killed in a plane crash. 1986. A story and pictures will . Lewis and Clark begin their expedition to the Pacific (1803-06). a religious discussion took place between St. 1932.1615. John Bunyan + age 60. on the eve of his 46th birthday. Ignatius Church with wonderful frescoes. Brother Andrew Pozzo died. Famous for her method of education.J. jurist. 1978. of Pope Julius III. Handwritten letter of Pope John Paul I to Fr. JESUIT 1552. Dum Sollicita. S. Bull of the foundation of the German College. availabi August 31 CHRISTIANITY . Ignatius in the Gesu. His Catechisme des Jesuites equals in the coarseness of its invectives the violent language of Luther. 1870. 1883. 1709. 1964. SPORT 1803. Jean Galot. ART. Henry Moore. He designed the splendid altar of St. At Paris died Etiene Pasquier. Heavyweight champion with record of 49-0. and some Protestant ministers. B Theologian. John s Chapel within the Tower of London.RELIGION Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus. and covered the vault and the apse of St. teacher in Rome. Arrupe on the lity of the Society to the service of the Church. 1919. sculptor +. In St. 1581.

St. 1989. Bobby Fischer defeats Boris Spassky in chess at Reykjavik. prophetess. mobs storm churches in Paris. 1970. September 2 CHRISTIANITY RELIGION 1792. enemies of the Revolution . Martyrs of Paris.appear in November issue of National Geographics. dissolved into the New York and Missouri Provinces. The Edict of Rouen. Maria della Strada. and removing the roof of the conclave building by the mayor of Viterbo sped up their deliberations. in the desert.RELIGION At Jerusalem. 1159. His final words reportedly were Was it the sausage. the longest ever. and the California Mission. the Society to 1907. Heavyweight champion. allows open colleges. September 1 CHRISTIANITY . The creation of the Province of Spain.000 in Tokyo and Yokohama. and in one month kill 191 priests. 1271. the Joshua. the only English Pope. whose sanctity is revealed in the Gospel. the USA. The Destruction of Jerusalem under Titus. 1969. A diet of bread and water. 1547. RM (Present at the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple) In Palestine. RM 70 AD. ART. Pope Gregory X is elected after 31 month conclave. Paris. Mario Venzo. doctor? 1972. blessed Anna. JESUIT 1544. in Viterbo. 1939. 49-0. Death of Adrian IV (Nicholas Breakspeare). SCIENCE. HISTORY. In a killing frenzy. SPORT 1923. Episcopal Bishop James Pike + in the Holy Land. 1923. Age 84. The death of Br. son of Nun. Francois Mauriac + Novelist. the first professed house of the Society. Earthquake kills 200. Italian artist with exhibits in Venice. Germany invades Poland and WW II begins. an edict of reestablishment. Nobel prize winner. . Ignatius and his companions take possession of the house of S. The Buffalo Mission is terminated. 1603. Rocky Marciano is born. with Araoz as the first Provincial.

Cholera epidemic in Rome. Charles II banished all the Fathers from England. Richard Niebuhr B Christ and Culture. He spent 65 years on a column and was a preacher. Formal terms of surrender are signed on the USS Missouri. Kolvenbach and continue until October 25th. 1972. SCIENCE. Simon Stylites the Younger. the end of World War II. 1792. Tolkien +. he wrote Man s Search for Meaning. 1666. Louis Browns gets a walk. 1666. 1983. Midget Eddie Gaedel goes to bat for the St. V. It will elect Fr. Some riots in the streets resulted. He called himself "Servus servorum Dei. The Battle of Actium. RM 592. SCIENCE." St. which had been introduced in 1582 elsewhere. September 3 CHRISTIANITY . Pope John Paul II beatifies Abbot Dom Columba Marmion. ART. from 2-4 September. Viktor Frankl +. J. The death of St. SPORT . a loss of 10 days. Ignatius calls Canisius to Rome from Trent. Rockhurst College. About 22 Jesuits are killed in a Carmelite monastery in Paris. This date is the day of his consecration as pope in 590 AD.thanks to owner Bill Veeck.J. pope and doctor. 1837. is officially incorporated and chartered to grant degrees. The Hobbit. Octavian. It was set down as the work of Papists and Jesuits. logotherapy. Psychologist.RELIGION Gregory the Great. BC. and destroys fourfifths of the city. 1910. and a pinch runner. Anthony and Cleopatra vs. Kansas. over 5000 die. mentioned by Paul in letter to the Romans. Parisian Martyrs. SPORT 31. It lasts four days. 2000.R. and never plays again . England changes over to the Gregorian calendar. age 92. Jesuits take charge of the hospitals treating the fever. destroying half the city. The Great Fire of London broke out. memorial. Phoebe. The Lord of the Rings. 1894 H. General Congregation 33 opens.R.HISTORY. The Great Fire of London begins. 1752. ART. 1951. and Chaminade. Eventually he goes back to the German apostolate since Pope Paul III had requested that Ignatius designate three theologians to revive the University of Ingolstadt. The next day in England becomes September 14. JESUIT 1549. 1997. from his experience in prison. Pope Pius IX. Day. 1945. HISTORY.

America magazine. Harold Gardiner. Sputnik II. 1658. creator of Inspector Maigret. In l863 the house was closed on account of the war. JESUIT 1539. Treaty of Paris ends the War of Independence and recognizes the independence of the USA. JESUIT . 1759. Albert Schweitzer + Musician. This is based upon the five chapters sent him by Ignatius. Author of Small is Beautiful. Robert McAfee Brown dies.J. The death of E. 1967-72 Treasurer of Society of Jesus. Darius Milhaud. doctor. Ferdinand C. 2001. One of the Fordham Seven Blocks of Granite. Teacher.F. SPORT 1824. He was Minister and Rector at Woodstock College. economist.J. 1983. Raymond Walter. 1886. SCIENCE. 1783. ecumenist. Schumacher. S. 1935. 1977. Georges Simenon + writer. activist. S. 1970. The expulsion of Jesuits from Portugal. and later on reopened at Fordham. A statesman. HISTORY.E.RELIGION On Mount Nebo. Wheeler. S. theologian. 1994. General Congregation 33 accepts the resignation of Pedro Arrupe. he favored toleration. Vincent Lombardi +. Frederick Douglass escapes from slavery. New RM 1965. 1969. prophet. Geronimo surrenders. missionary to Lamborene. 1989. Cummings + age 67.Africa.1609. Reverence for Life. in the land of Moab. Literary critic. New Hampshire. is appointed American Assistant and Admonitor to the General.J. Ho Chi Minh +. Coach of the Green Bay Packers. The first dog is sent into space. his summer residence. 1972. Mark Spitz wins his seventh gold medal. Zachaeus Maher. He wrote over 300 novels and novellas. 1860. E.J. 1962. 1892. Hudson discovers the Hudson River. is born. Age 79. S. 1969. the holy lawgiver and prophet Moses. September 4 CHRISTIANITY .. Paul III approves the Formula of the Institute verbally at Tivoli. Oliver Cromwell +. +. They are deported to the papal states. ART. not profit. and Manhattan Island. swimming at the Munich Olympics . 1957. 1838. 1965. In Maryland the first beginnings of a novitiate for North America. age 81. 1972-80 Assistant to General Treasurer. +. 1958. Anton Bruckner is born. Ford introduces the Edsel.

biographer of Ignatius. He would depart from Jaffa on October 3rd. Hagen +. +. Arthur Koestler B. Budapest. Surnaturel. It got mixed reviews. and Canisius in Buffalo.RELIGION Blessed Ramon Lull. Increase Mather receives the first doctoral degree in theology in the USA. Bellarmine.J. 1549. then vindicated. He was Director of the Vatican Observatory for 24 years. HISTORY. SPORT 1569. Henri Cardinal deLubac. martyr. John's in NY. Ignatius the pilgrim enters the city of Jerusalem after a seven month journey. Pioneer leader and first Superior of the restored Society in French Canada and the USA. once silenced. He was created a cardinal in 1983. A pioneer in the Retreat movement. of the Irish Province. 14 are killed by terrorists. 1606. Loyola. ominus Jesus. Shealy. . Three Universities are founded: St. Las Vegas College and Sacred Heart College were combined and moved to Main Hall in Denver. 1870. Pieter Brueghel the Elder +. Nobel Peace Prize Winner. age 95. 1985. historian of the Society. Terence J. age 83 in Rome. SCIENCE. 1973. 1888. Chicago. in London. 2000. Declaration of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. 1991. S. +. Mother Teresa of Calcutta dies. 1972. ART. Brief of Pope Paul V confirms our Institute. 1905. A silly decree was issued by the French Parliament condemning Father Busembaum's Medulla Theologiae Moralis. John G. including nine Israelis. from Harvard. September 5 CHRISTIANITY . 1845. At the Munich Olympics. and Canisius.J. and also worked at the Georgetown Observatory. Kairos document of South African Churches: A Challenge to the Church. S. A theologian. 1930. Founder of the Missionaries of Charity. 1692. and was criticized by ecumenists. Peter Canisius makes his final profession in Rome. James Brodrick +. D JESUIT 1758.1523. and at the Fordham School of Social Service. 1922. Classes began with 75 students. Pierre Chazelle +. 1997.

The birth in Indiana of James Chrysostom Bouchard (Watomika) the first Native American Jesuit. Bernard Mayer. Impetus towards a theology of liberation. they will elect Fr. RM 1968. 1909. . SPORT 1847. as Visitor. The opening of the 29th General Congregation. the prophet Zaccariah.J. 1985.W. George MacRae. prompting a book about him called the Eloquent Indian. 1901.September 6 CHRISTIANITY . Price. RM St. and Thomas F. James Walsh. Jane Addams B Social reformer and pacifist. JESUIT 1574. ART. Thoreau leaves Walden Pond and lives with R. A. September 7 CHRISTIANITY . 1823. HISTORY. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in l931. President McKinley is shot in Buffalo. 1946. NY. 1860. S. Maryknoll Frs. Janssens as General. Admiral Peary claims to have reached the South Pole. he was ordained in St.. CELAM II conference at Medellin ends. SCIENCE. Hull House. Emerson. Chicago.RELIGION 1918. He + 8 days later. Louis in 1856. with 169 electors. disciple of the apostles.RELIGION In Palestine. of whom Paul speaks in his Letter to Timothy. He was also Dean at Harvard Divinity School. Valignano arrives in Goa. Scripture Scholar +. On September 15th. The RCC in the USA sends its first missionaries overseas. He became one of the Province s best orators. Onesiphorus. Frances Ford. A member of the Delaware tribe.

Brazil Independence. Blessed Frederic Ozanam +. + Quaker poet and abolitionist. the emperor Charles V's daughter. 1860. Announcement of the decree of Fr. He is the founder of the St. The Parish of St. 1986. The Second session of General Congregation 31 opens. Pius X issues encyclical letter Pascendi Dominici Gregis." writes Hugo Rahner. Feast Day according to RM 1907. Grandma Moses B artist. the first in the USA. JESUIT 1573. Stephen Pongracz. 39 years old. 1853. CHRISTIANITY . struggling for justice. In Marseilles. 1977. On the Doctrines of the Modernists. 1380. is born. Augustine. SCIENCE. she brought them to the USA. At Cassau in Transylvania the martrydom of Stephen Pongracz and companions. He is beatified in 1997. The first black to head a South African Anglican diocese. NY. Bishop Desmond Tutu is appointed archbishop of Capetown. Regent of Spain. 1784. 1565. Melchior Grodziecki. Death of Princess Juana. . canon of Estergom. The Legion of Mary is founded by Frank Duff. 1966. Florida is founded. SPORT 1822. Unigenitus. Jesuit priests. 1892. She died with her Jesuit vows. Bull of Clement XI. 1977. Feast. John Greenleaf Whittier.RELIGION Bernadine of Siena. September 8 BIRTH OF MARY. 1881. 1639. "The only female Jesuit in the Church's history. 1713. Mother Ann Lee +. condemns Jansenism. It takes effect on 1 January 1978. Memorial: Sts. + in prison on this day or the following. martyrs. HISTORY. General uniting the two provinces of East Germany and Lower Germany into the new Province of North Germany. In South Africa. Vincent de Paul Societies. Watervliet. Mark Krizevcanin. ART.1921. Sidney Lanier + poet. foundress of the Shakers. Steve Biko.

Edward Teller dies. JESUIT . 2003. Age 74. Lutheran Pastor/theologian. Harvard College is established. Staten house exclusively for laity. The retreat with 20 acres. Fr. ART. 1911. l978. Richard J. Avery Dulles is a sponsor. surpassi ng Roger Maris. Transcontinental air mail service is established between New York and San Francisco. philosopher. about his two month experience in New Orleans in 1959. 1920. 1753. Manresa. for St. In the RM HISTORY. 1974. Elvis Presley makes his first appearance on national television. the death of Peter Claver. The first retreat is held at Mt. SPORT Human Rights Day in Colombia. John Carroll enters the Society of Jesus. California becomes the 31st state. with 38 years as apostle to the slaves. Island. Mao + Chairperson. Neuhaus. Congregation of Blessed Maria de la Cabeza. 1956. ART. Fox Hall villa. in honor of Peter Claver. September 9 CHRISTIANITY . 1841. SCIENCE. Letter of Fr. HISTORY. convert to St. Louis. Isidore. 1976.RELIGION St. Novelist. 1980. 1828. at a retreat director. He will end the season with 70. religious mystic. memorial.Louis. The death of John Howard Griffin. 1977. father of the H-bomb. At Carthagena. the first higher institution of learning in the USA. the wife of St. is received into the Roman Catholic Church. 1897. General formally convokes the 66th Procurators to begin on September 27. Anton Dvorak is born. 1859. Tolstoi is born. Shealy is the house. He wrote Black Like Me. JESUIT 1654. Frankie Frisch B the Fordham Flash. was purchased in April. SCIENCE. Peter Claver. The Ed Sullivan Show. Colombia.1990. 1998 Mark McGwire hits his 62nd home run. Ford pardons Nixon. SPORT 1636.

P. Later this house is the center of Weston Jesuit School of Theology. Charles Sanders Peirce is born at 3 Phillips Place. 1 brother. Doctor. Roland de Vaux. the martyrdom of Charles Spinola and companions. JESUIT Blessed Br. mystic. They are arrested. S. 4 scholastics. S. SCIENCE.J.1587. Switzerland. HISTORY. Dr. Clement XIV s letter of suppression is published in Vienna. 1924. Professors at Louvain rashly condemn 31 propositions of the works of Fr. 1971. Cambridge. 1928. 1980. John s College in Belize and takes the lives of 11 Jesuits. Blessed Br. September 10 CHRISTIANITY RELIGION 1902. +. 1622.. as well as some students at St. Father Divine + American black cult leader. Golfer. Mother Teresa experiences her second call on a train to Darjeeling. ART. At Nagasaki. She met and was converted by Hans Urs von Balthasar. 1946.J. 1919. O. 1929. Feast. One account said: The hurricane demolished everything but hope. Bishop Thomas Feeney. L'Arche. to serve Him in the poorest of the poor. Picasso's Guernica is returned to Spain after 40 years in the USA. slugger. Arnold Palmer is born. Lessius as semi-Pelagian. India is assigned to the Missouri Province. writer. Francis Garate. He was beatified in 1985 and his feast is September 10th. author of 60 volumes. 1981. 1934. communities for the handicapped. start the first nuclear disarmament at the General Electric Plant in King of Prussia. Francis Garate. . Jean Vanier is born. 1929. + Scripture scholar. 1890. MA. John's College. 1773. 6 priests. He was bishop in the Caroline-Marshall Islands and earlier was in Jamaica and the Philippines. S. Franz Werfel is born.J. Plowshares. PA. He was porter at Bilbao for forty years. A devastating hurricane destroys St. Roger Maris is born. Adrienne von Speyr is born. a call to follow Christ into the slums. Dan Berrigan and others. 1965. SPORT 1839. 1931. 1955. +. The Mission of Patna. Ted Kluszewski is born. stigmatist.

1788. O. Nairobi. poet. SPORT 1862.H. ART. Pete Rose gets his 4192nd hit. Paphnutius. Belgian Jesuit. and was the Secretary of JESAM (Major Superiors of Africa) for thirteen years. Jesuits are expelled from Sicily and their property is confiscated. 1995. All Star Quarterback of the Baltimore Colts. The world will never be the same. 1857. S. Henry De Decker. Ignatius celebrate their first Masses: Xavier. Professor at the Biblical Institute. 2001.1957. breaks Ty Cobb's 57 year old record. 2000 killed. Those ordained with St. September 12 HRISTIANITY . Ignatius waits a while longer. Novelist. 2002. (William Sydney Porter) short stories. Johannine scholar. 1973. dies. 2003. D. Henry is born in North Carolina. SCIENCE. September 11 CHRISTIANITY . 1860. and Pentagon. Mormon fanatic John Lee retaliates against President Buchanan and massacres 120 California bound immigrants in Utah. publisher of Ignis magazine and editor of the Gujarat Press for many years. Terrorist attack on World Trade Center. Geoffrey Henschen + at Antwerp. 1885. 1985. Rodriguez. He is the co-founder of the Disciples of . Ignace de la Potterie. He was the first Rector of Hekima College. He was an assistant to Fr. and Codure. Bobadilla. 1681. as superfluities. Alexander Campbell is born. HISTORY. Salvador Allende is overthrown in Chile. essayist. age 69.J. Salmeron. Optional Memorial. JESUIT 1537. Johnny Unitas dies. Lawrence is born.RELIGION St.RELIGION Most Holy Name of Mary. bishop of Egypt and defender of the faith at the Council of Nicaea. 2001. Bollandus in the research on the saints. Pope Pius XII addresses the 30th General Congregation on the use of tobacco. The death of Xavier Diaz del Rio. etc. + in the Cameroons.

SCIENCE. writing on biblical narrative at Yale. six days after his arrest. Omnium sollicitudinum forbidding the Chinese Rites.L. hours after he finished writing his Paradiso. JESUIT 1557. ART. ART. Benedict XIV's second Bull.RELIGION John Chrysostom. HISTORY. memorial. Letter of Leo XIII. SCIENCE. 407. editor. the great work of the Acta Sanctorum. declares Anglican orders invalid and void. Dante Alghieri +. 1969. Hailie Selassie overthrown. Bishop Bernard Sheil + in Chicago. Baltimore. and founded Bethany College. He had ruled Ethiopia for 44 years. H. This is also listed as Sept. Mencken is born. CYO. 1880. HISTORY. called the man in black. Rosweyde who was the founder. Death of Johnny Cash. age 71. Hans Frei +. 1896. Apostolicae Curae. 1988. 1977. author of The American Language. +. 2003. A Boy Named Sue. September 13 CHRISTIANITY . in which Canisius took part. Sang Folsom Prison Blues. SPORT 1846. one of the first of the Bollandists. Jesse Owens is born. At Antwerp. He was a theologian. l3. 1913. Michel de Montaigne. Apostle of youth. Persecution followed in China. He was the successor to Fr. a public discussion opens between Catholics and heretics.Christ. Steve Biko + in South Africa in prison. At Worms. 1744. 1974. the death of John Bollandus. SPORT 1321. He died on September 14. H. 1665. . bishop and doctor. 1592. Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning are secretly married.

1609. Court at Salem banishes Roger Williams. Hudson enters the river named after him. 407. Frankfurt. He was the last non-Italian Pope until Pope John Paul II. He was a professor at St. Frederick II of Prussia informs the Pope that the Jesuits will not be suppressed in Prussia." 1883. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach is elected the 29th Superior General at the 33rd General Congregation. 1901. in waters of the Atlantic. President McKinley +. September 14 CHRISTIANITY . JESUIT . SCIENCE. Georgen. St. German inventor of the pocket watch. Josiah Royce + philosopher. She was in a motor accident the previous day. 1981. 1983. Pope Adrian VI +. and wrote Christ in Christian Tradition.RELIGION TRIUMPH OF THE CROSS. He was created a Cardinal on 26 November 1994. Feast. the first US citizen so honored. JESUIT 1571. a clockmaster. 1638. On Human Work. Vatican II begins its 3rd Session. SPORT 1321. who thought nothing in life more unfortunate than that he became pope. 1975. Cambridge. Epitaph: "Here lies Adrian VI. 1635. HISTORY. 1998. and sails up to Albany. age 55. l964. Mother Seton is canonized. near the Canary Islands. 1965. 1814. Martin Dibelius B New Testament scholar. 1982. Cardinal Alois Grillmeier + age 88. 1773. 1523. one day before his 62nd birthday. Martyrdom of Pedro Diaz and eleven missionaries of Brazil. Vatican II begins its 4th and final Session. ART. 1542. James Fenimore Cooper +. 1916. Star Spangled Banner is written by Francis Scott Key. Dante Alghieri +. John Harvard + and leaves half his property and all his library (and his name) to Harvard College. Laborem Exercens. Mass. and invites Jesuits to come. 1851. arriving there on September 19th. Encyclical Letter of John Paul II. at Baltimore. John Chrysostom + on this day. Peter Henlein +. Princess Grace (Kelly) of Monaco +.

who was suspended on high by the Governor Priscus. North . He was one of the first companions and was the first Provincial of France.J. 1562. Under obedience. Gregory the Great starts in the seminary college of St. novelist. is born. AL. +. Michael Gruenthaler +. the first of the Society to be raised to the purple. CHRISTIANITY . Robert Penn Warren + poet.. is born.000. ART. with its circulation of 315.he was struck with the sword. a few weeks after King s I Have a Dream speech. JESUIT 1622. He died at age 63. was co-founder of the Catholic Biblical Association. September 15 Our Lady of Sorrows. RM St. At Quito the University of St. The Beatification of the Japanese martyrs. Paul Miki and companions.. in Florida. 1965. 1577. He is the first Jesuit to be made a bishop. + in Paris. and tortured with iron hooks. Louis. Joseph de Guibert.RELIGION memorial. Expert on Ignatian spirituality. The Holy Father congratulates the Messenger of the Sacred Heart on its 50th anniversary. 1915. 37 Jesuits arrive to begin a Tertianship at Hot Springs.. and editor of the Catholic Biblical Quarterly for 10 years. Valerian. Apostolica Sollicitudo charters the Synod of Bishops. The Document of Pope Paul VI. Andrew Oviedo. critic. 5th century hermit. SPORT 1891. Four black children are killed as a Church is bombed in Birmingham. 1877. S. and patriarch of Ethiopia. 1596. S.1566. Remaining immovable in the confession of Christ. 1962. 1963. Jean Renoir is born. Agatha Christie 1894. SCIENCE. John the Dwarf. St. 1927. 1989. HISTORY. and had been a cardinal for 3 years. He was the first American to get a doctorate at the Pontifical Biblical Institute. 1858. by Pope Urban VIII. and then it bore fruit.he planted and watered a dry stick for three years. 1627.J. He is killed three weeks later. ministering to plague victims.J. Pedro Martinez. S. Charles Foucauld is born. Paschase Broet. The death of Cardinal Francis Toledo. The first Jesuit enters the continental USA. martyr.

1803. 1883.Carolina.. September 16 CHRISTIANITY . 1823. Again exposed to the beasts in the amphitheater. 1941. 1498. 1846. age 26. psychologist. Kim (Andrew) Taegon. 1946. all of which she survived. St. It will elect Anderledy as vicar with right of succession. The last pope to be venerat as a martyr. concludes Fordham University centenary celebration. SPORT 1620. the torment of the wheel. 1980. September 17 CHRISTIANITY . a missionary priest from the USA. Euphemia. 1945. Buick and Oldsmobile join together to form General Motors.. Tomas de Torquemata + in Avila.RELIGION Cornelius. bishop and doctor.. imprisonment. He died on this day in . Alverna. at age 57. blows. and she yielded her unspotted soul to God. Jean Piaget. John Baptist Janssens is elected 27th Superior General. SCIENCE. ART. Death of Pope St. bishop and martyr. a Dominican. Intended for friends. American Catholic Social Philosopher. virgin and martyr. John Ryan +. Orestes Brownson is born. 1224. She was subjected to torture. He was the first Korean priest. Saint. historian B Boston. Martyr. the 23rd General Congregation opens. Vice-President Wallace. benefactors. James Guadalupe Carney. memorial. JESUIT 1759. RM 655. Governor Lehmann. Francis Parkman. 133 fathers and brothers of the Society are put on board a vessel to be conveyed as exiles to Civitavecchia. 1906. Fr. At Lisbon. Via del Seminario 120. HISTORY. 681.RELIGION Robert Bellarmine. The Mayflower sets sail. and the general public. pope and martyr. He wrote on the California and Oregon Trails. to tell the story of Jesuits and those we minister to and with. 1983. New York City. +. Francis of Assisi receives the stigmata on Mt. 1983. Mayor LaGuardia are in attendance. one of the animals inflicted a bite on her holy body although the rest of them licked her feet. The last session of the Third Council of Constantinople approves a profession of faith opposing monotheletists. he is beheaded on this day. He was the First Grand Inquisitor. At Rome at the Palazzo Borromeo. is executed in Honduras. Memorial. A dinner at the Waldorf Astoria. thrown out of a helicopter. 18 bishops. The first issue of Company magazine appears. and Cyprian. Martin I. Tunisia. Cyprian was Bishop of Carthage. The property was given to the Jesuits by the widow of the son of President Andrew Johnson.

September 18 CHRISTIANITY . St. age 79. 1179. 1917. B 1730. William Carlos Williams is born in Rutherford. ART. 1961. N. But she is named a saint in the Roman martyrology. philosopher of science.J. mystic. 1787.S. Tennis star. S. politician. Agnew +. 1918. Francis de Toledo. He was a lawyer. Critic. writer. Constitution is adopted. ART. Maureen Connelly. S. Little Mo is born. She was a writer. SCIENCE. SPORT 1709. He was the 13th editor of America. Joseph of Cupertino. U. and friend of Hans Urs von Balthasar. 1994. St. Robert Bellarmine +. professor. . 1931. 1621. conversationalist. The process of canonization was started twice but never completed.J.000 killed wounded or captured.1621. 1883. HISTORY. 1967. including 16 Puerto Ricans. + Sybyl of the Rhine. Thurston Davis. 1934. He was Archbishop of NY for 16 years. JESUIT 1593. HISTORY. 1862. SPORT Von Steuben Day. The bloodiest day in US military history.J. physician. +. Letter from the US government exempts religious from the physical examination for World War I.J. Robert Bellarmine is declared a Doctor of the Church by Pius XI. Cardinal Billot. 1996. He later conspired with a number of rebellious Spanish Jesuits to alienate Pope Clement VIII from Fr. lexicographer. levitator + on this day in 1663. is the first Jesuit to be elevated to cardinal by Clement VIII. 70 occasions of his levitations are recorded. Cardinal. At that time it had 29 Jesuits.RELIGION St. He wrote Markings and was a man of intense inner Christian faith. Adrienne von Speyr +. 1983. Spiro T. Aquaviva and the Institute. 1917. Samuel Johnson is born. Poet. Cardinal Humberto Medeiros. and resigned the VicePresidency under Nixon. Archbishop of Boston +. Hildegard of Bingen. resigns from college of cardinals. Puerto Rico is established as an Independent Region of the Society of Jesus. Karl Popper + age 92. SCIENCE. archbishop. in Rome. S. doctor. Mystic. 1986. Dag Hammarskjold + in an airplane crash on mission to the Congo. 23. Cardinal John Farley +. 1987. Union forces hurl back Confederate forces in Antietam.

Famous for the regular liquefaction of his blood. President Garfield shot on July 2nd. 94 years old. aged fourteen. 1641. Pedro Ribadeneira. 1893. + on this date. bishop and martyr. Recife. Washington's Farewell Address as President. 1881. He supported the rural life movement. S. archeologist. New Zealand is the first nation to grant women the right to vote. HISTORY. 1963. The death of Brother Richard Fulwood. optional memorial. 1911. teacher at Johns Hopkins 1978. Ignatius. Vizzard. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1983 for The Lord of the Flies. The last baseball game at Polo Grounds. .J.RELIGION Januarius. Paulo Freire is born. At Rome. rejoicing that his sufferings from calculus were so intense. September 19 CHRISTIANITY . member of the French Academy dies. This was nine days before official papal confirmation of the Society. James L. etc. New York City. SCIENCE. and the United Farm Workers. The Spirit of Medieval Philosophy. philosopher.1851. William Foxwell Albright + University. 1971. The New York Times is published for the first time. 1921. As only his head was free from pain. JESUIT 1540. Brazil. was admitted into the Society by St. ART. he prayed that it too might have its suffering. SPORT 1796. William Golding is born. +. Etienne Gilson. (Calculus = stones) 1989. educator.

1521. Peter Kenny. 1923. He is killed on April 27. Rome. 1928. 1973. and the rind of fruits. SCIENCE. Red Auerbach B Celtic coach. 1565. Jesuit work in Ireland is restored by Fr. The Swiss Parliament repeals the law prohibiting the existence of the Society in Switzerland. US Embassy in Lebanon is bombed by terrorists. Dodger Centerfielder. priest. 40 die. Pope Pius IX suspends Vatican I as Rome falls to forces of the United Italy. 1947. 1878. Andrea in Quirinale. Upton Sinclair is born. 1900. JESUIT 1715. 1972. SPORT 1519.RELIGION St. is opened by St. the battle of the sexes. who for 45 years laboured in the missions of Canada amid incredible hardships. Duke Snider is born. Chester Carlson +. Martyrs of Korea. Billie Jean King defeats Bobby Riggs in a tennis challenge. HISTORY. Politician and writer. September 20 CHRISTIANITY . ART. Eliot's poem The Wasteland.T. 1819. The Stigmata appears on Padro Pio. The Times Literary Supplement pans T. S. At Quebec died Fr. He + 50 years later. JESUIT 1560. often living on acorns. Inventor of the xerox copy machine. 1870.1926. 1918.S. Jackie Robinson is named baseball's rookie of the year. the nephew of Pope Marcellus II. separate from Colleges and Professed . Magellan sets sail around the world. Debut of Mickey Mouse. a kind of moss. Paul Chong Hasang and Companions. 1984. 1968. At Rome. scholar. Francis Borgia as the first separate novitiate. St. but the rest continue the journey. Obligatory memorial. Joachim Jeremias B Lutheran N. 1917. the entrance into the Society of Robert Bellarmine. Andrew Kim Taegon. Louis Andre.

St. He was a spiritual writer and teacher. Athenians defeat the Persians. ART. 83 provincials. Spain. aged seventy two. poet. 1558. Sandra Day O'Connor is approved as the first woman to serve on the US Supreme Court. Black Friday . 491. Francis Borgia preaches the eulogy for the Emperor Charles V at Valladolid. At Lisbon. Anne written not by him. An Italian reformer. He died by strangulation and the flames. SCIENCE. The death of Charles V. 1996. In the new RM MATTHEW. and so he writes to Charles V. The First Congregation of Provincials meets at Loyola. Ignatius. BC. 1761. on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the approval of the Society. Virgil. + at Brundisium.Houses. Pius IX beatified Peter Claver. He had abdicated two years earlier. September 21 CHRISTIANITY . Melchior Cano is accused of being a heretic in disguise. the holy prophet Jonah. and 500th anniversary of the birth of St. eventually he is excommunicated and hanged/burned in Florence. 1873. Girolamo Savonarola is born. BC. 19. Norbert. September 22 CHRISTIANITY . Gabriel Malagrida.RELIGION Feast. JESUIT 1557. 1452. SPORT Autumnal Equinox on or about this date. Pombal's inquisitors had found him guilty of heresy in a life of St. whose confessor he was. 1981. Henri Nouwen +. age 64 in Holland. Battle of Marathon (possibly 490). HISTORY. APOSTLE AND EVANGELIST. the martyrdom of Fr. but by the exCapuchin. crisis.RELIGION . and at the end he lived and worked with L Arche communities. Holy Roman emperor. In the land of Saar. 1990. 1851.

Italo Marchiony applies for a patent for the ice cream cone. He was canonized in 2002. miraculously assisted by St. Maurice and his Theban legion (from Egypt) are slaughtered in Switzerland for refusal to offer sacrifices to pagan divinities. Linus. who governed the Roman Church next after the blessed apostle Peter. composer. He had been admitted by St. Padro Pio he was a mystic and a stigmatist for 50 years. St. martyrs. Ignatius at the age of 14. JESUIT Blessed Jose Aparico Sanz. 1949. opens. Ralphe J. 1991. The Book of Mormon. + at age 101. HISTORY.J. He became an eloquent preacher. Pio of Pietrelcina. 1950. He was the first indigenous bishop of Ghana. Archbishop John K. 1611. "I only regret I have but one life to lose for my country. ordained bishop in 1957. Slaves will be freed from January 1st. He is beatified in 1999. Bunche is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. On the Pope's becoming deranged in mind after the Suppression. Nathan Hale is hanged as a spy. Amissah + near Cape Coast. see Ranieri. 1774. C. Louis Panizzoni) would witness the Restoration. He added that one novice (Fr. He died on this day in 1968. Pierre LeCompte du Nuoy + scientist." 1862. 1989. SPORT 1776. He had returned to the Catholic Church. 1973. S. Irving Berlin. Alphonsus Ligouri. General Frances Retz visits the novitiate and foretold the Suppression of the Society.. feast. 1903. 1863. At Rome the death of Pope Clement XIV. 1747. aged 85. +. He is said to have predicted to future Pope John Paul II that he would be Pope. Commemoration of Zachary and Elizabeth. parents of John the Baptist. a great missioner. False stories were circulated that he had been poisoned by the Jesuits.287. and companions. S. in an auto accident. The Angel Moroni reveals golden tablets to Joseph Smith. the first Catholic university for blacks. Dodd. The Emancipation Proclamation is issued. Ghana.J.H. SCIENCE. Fr. RM . Scripture scholar. in the new RM St. pope and martyr. The death of Pedro Ribadeneira. and a gifted writer. New Orleans. aged 69. September 23 CHRISTIANITY . OFM Capuchin. ART. 1947.RELIGION St. 1915. author of Human Destiny. enters the atomic age. He died worn out with suffering and grief because of the Suppression of the Society. Xavier University. 1827. Russia detonates an atom bomb.

He could not write or celebrate Mass. SPORT 1773. Walter Ciszek and Victor Novikov are sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment for spying. McGarry. condemns iconoclasm. Brooklyn. 16 brothers . SCIENCE. An Instruction of St. He was the first Jesuit of the original ten and the only one of the original ten to be 50 years in the Society. From the New England Province. Daniel Boone sets out for the West. September 24 CHRISTIANITY . ART. Caesar Augustus is born. age 70. Keller. He was the occasion of some trouble in the First General Congregation. Galle and D Arrest. JESUIT 1590. 17 priests. Nicolas Bobadilla +. 1869. He will stay there and die there on November 24. 1773. Joseph E. 63. and the first editor of Theological Studies. Gerhard Kittel B 10 volume Theological Dictionary of the NT 1892. claiming a share in the government. S. 44 scholastics. ecumenist. The death of Fr. two Berlin astronomers. It was held there because of anti-clericalism in . Scott Fitzgerald is born in St. the opening of the 24th General Congregation. "Wisdom hath built for herself a house" according to the sermon by the Provincial of Maryland.the largest Jesuit community in the USA. HISTORY. strong voice at Vatican II. This was later reduced to five years in a labor camp. JESUIT 1549. Euripides is born. BC. Dodgers won 2-0. 1846. 1775.1888. Sigmund Freud +. 1941. 1939. he was a spiritual writer. The Second Council of Nicaea begins. 1942. 1926. F. Cardinal Lorenz Jaeger is born. 1957. 1892. discover the planet Neptune as was calculated and predicted. Paul. Ignatius to the three fathers leaving for Ingolstadt.RELIGION 787. SCIENCE. Minn. ART. HISTORY. the only one held outside of Rome. 1896. The last baseball game at Ebbets Field. SPORT 480. General Ricci enters Castel Sant Angelo. but he afterwards acknowledged his fault.J. At Loyola. Gene Tunney defeats Jack Dempsey. Ciszek was freed in 1963. He is the last survivor of Ignatius' first ten companions. BC. on the apostolic role of the University. Woodstock College of the Sacred Heart opens.

pianist. 1988. 1996. S. 1897. .RELIGION At Emmaus. 1987. He was a Scripture scholar. Junipero Serra OFM and Padre Miguel Pro. 1906. William Thompson. teacher in Chicago. Phil Rizzuto. Father Andre Masse is assassinated.. are beatified. He wrote 24 volumes in folio on Philosophy and Theology. Minn. +. Archbishop John Ireland. Assistant Rector of St. Glenn Gould. WI. Aged 47. Authority on social behavior. ART. 1918. Green Bay. September 25 CHRISTIANITY .Rome. Suarez + Doctor Eximius. Pasteur is born.J. 1895. Red Smith is born. L. HISTORY. SCIENCE. Dmitri Shastakovitch is born. 1918. dean of all sportswriters. Joseph's University. Emily Post +. dying of bullet wounds in South Lebanon.It is related that he was killed by the Jews for the confession of the Lord. S. the birthday of St. and honorably buried in the same house in which he had entertained Him. 1890. 1960.Father Guttierez bade him ask our Lady's help. Rudolf Otto B The Idea of the Holy. B New Albany. +. William Faulkner. Paul. the Americanist movement. somewhat eccentric. Cleophas. disciple of Christ. and he became a prodigy of talent. age 65. Polygamy is officially banned by the Mormon Church. the Scooter. Miss. St. SPORT 1513.J. is born. Liberal Churchman. JESUIT 1617. is born. 1905. Balboa discovers the Pacific Ocean. When dying he exclaimed: "I did not know that it was so sweet to die!" When a novice he was found so dull that he requested to be a lay-Brother. RM 1869. 1942. sportwriter.

Bela Bartok +. 1964.RELIGION . martyrs 1863. Teresa Couderc + at Fourviere. John Berchmans pronounces his first vows. George Gerschwin is born. Giovanni Battista Montini is born. Entrance into the Society of John Casimir Sobieski. ecumenist. The Synod on the family opens." September 27 CHRISTIANITY . environmentalist and preacher 1888. but John was not informed for a few weeks. 2001 Timothy Toohig. and continues until October 25. He is called "The Father of the Lepers. Frederick Faber + 1885. S. New Orleans. The Leonine prayers after Mass are dropped. 1945. SCIENCE.632 successive games which started in May 1982. Philippines. SPORT 1774.J.RELIGION optional memorial. He is awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1948. MO. In 1648 he was elected king of Poland. Philip Millan + in the leper colony in Culion. Louis. 1980. B Lutheran theologian. ART. Jesuit High. 1898. Jonathan Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) B . preacher. 1897. convert to RCC hymnwriter. 1889. Three years later he was raised to the Cardinalate. 1998. Martin Heidegger is born. Eliot is born in St. 1643. 1926. Designer and executive at the National Accelerator Laboratory.1618. Jesuit physicist. 1904. baseball star does not play on this day. Dies after a car accident. Cal Ripken.S. dies. but abdicated in 1668. thus ending his streak of 2. son of King Sigismund of Poland. 1937. T. HISTORY. His father who had been ordained a priest. later he is Pope Paul VI. JESUIT 1926. Queen of the Blues. Cosmas and Damian. This streak will probably never be broken. Bessie Smith +. Joseph Sittler. September 26 CHRISTIANITY . dying in 1672. She is the co-foundress of the Congregation of Our Lady of the Retreat in the Cenacle. St. opens. died shortly after this.

Theodore Canisius. Lioba. Approbation Day. Boniface. was signed at Palazzo San Marco. Perhaps the greatest athlete of all time. JESUIT 1540. From England.RELIGION Wenceslaus. pitcher. He + on this day in 1660. Bartholomew is founded in New Granada. 33 day Pope. +. 1606. remembering only the holy names of Jesus and Mary. 2001 James J. Rome. For eight years before his death he lost his memory. martyrs. The College of S. 1917. Confucius is born. She is the founder of the church of the Foursquare Gospel and the best known woman evangelist of her day.J. Memorial. Columbia. a faith healer. in England. The Birthday of the Society of Jesus. St. and expert on USA Church history. Nine martyrs were Japanese. 1956. etc. The Bull of Pope Paul III. . Track. It gave the Church 17 bishops. Regimini militantis Ecclesiae. the magna carta of the Sodality movement. 1970. 43 years old. constituting the Society a Religious Order. priest.Vincent de Paul. S. ART. HISTORY. 1944. Hennesey. field. age 74. 1604. Apostolic Constitution of Pius XII. traveling at 10 MPH. Laurence Ruiz and Comp. At Ingolstadt died Fr. she went on mission to Germany. basketball. September 28 CHRISTIANITY . the brother of Peter. Aimee Semple McPherson +. the Smiling Pope. 1978. Pope John Paul I. working with St. martyr optional memorial. SPORT 1826. Babe Didrikson Zacharias + of cancer. one was a Filipino. St. The first passenger rail opens. She is the first woman so declared. virgin and abbess. dies. 1948. It limits the number of professed fathers to 60. golf. Edgar Degas +. memorial. and 23 martyrs. 555. Teresa of Avila is declared a doctor of the Church by Pope Paul VI. Bis Saeculari. SCIENCE. Jesuit historian. BC.

BC. HISTORY.J. 1970. 1891. and continues until October 29. Leo the Great. opens its second Session. including Fr. and arriving in Rome. 1989. Pompey is killed. On the island of Tatacuran. his son. 2003. 1971. age 72. They soon open a college. and Gabdelas. ARCHANGELS. Auden + in Vienna. 1963. RM 440. JESUIT 1566. 1978. Cardinal Mindzenty is freed. Erich Przywara +. 1941-71. ART. BC. The holy martyrs Dadas. Poet. off the coast of Florida. Ferdinand Marcos + in Hawaii in exile. First black to win at Wimbledon. 1967. 1572. He was the first Jesuit in USA. Louis Pasteur +. age 73. a Japanese Catholic novelist. age 66. Emile Zola + at age 62. to establish the Mexican Province. AND RAPHAEL. ART. is elected. Shasuko Endo +.RELIGION Feast. Pope Leo I. He inhaled smoke from a clogged chimney. 1895. SCIENCE. Lech Walesa B Polish Solidarity. Brigitte Bardot is born. Egypt. W. The first Synod of Bishops opens. they were imprisoned and finally put to the sword. as Provincial. Afro-American tennis star. and the first Jesuit martyr in USA. MICHAEL. SPORT 106. SPORT 48. Pompey is born. Casdoa his wife. Sanchez. S. GABRIEL. SCIENCE. . Writer. 1902. and a life of Jesus. Herman Melville +. + Assistant Editor of America. Althea Gibson dies. meets the Pope. After being deprived of their dignities. Nasser +. He had ruled the Philippi nes for 20 years. a convert. 1943. September 29 CHRISTIANITY .HISTORY. The Silence. 1972.H. 1973. Ben Masse. 1934. Vatican II. Fifteen Jesuits arrive in Mexico. theologian. 1996. Father Pedro Martinez was killed by savages the moment he set foot on land.

obedience to an order from Paul of three Jesuit brothers . and elsewhere. 1928. 1938.1907. Memorial. Elie Wiesel is born. Theresa of the Child Jesus + at Lisieux. 1968. JESUIT after . Bishop McEntegart of Brooklyn. Hekima College. Gene Autry. The Second General Assembly of Bishops opens. in IV. on Priesthood and on Justice. One was a cook 1558. singer. and entrusts its management and direction to the Society of Jesus. ART. 1939. SCIENCE. 1984.RELIGION Jerome. 1955. opens. 1970. James Dean + in a car crash. martyrs. In the Gesu. the future Pope Paul VI is baptized. Rene Goupil. the singing cowboy. Neville Chamberlain gives his promise of peace after returning from Munich. +. JESUIT 1553. The last baseball game at Comiskey Park. Ludwig Von Pastor + Innsbruck. Auriesville. founded by Mary Ward.NY. the first of the N. At Ossernenon. is born. I believe it is peace for our time. 1642. Chicago South Side. Pius XI establishes the Vatican Observatory in its new home at Castel Gandolfo. Divino Afflante Spiritu. the Institute of Mary. 1943. New Orleans. S. in 1877 it is approved. William A. September 30 CHRISTIANITY . Fordham vs. The first televised broadcast of a football game with NBC. 1984. aged 24. It will conclude on 6 November. 1928. to replace the Douay version. age 24. 1897. 1990. at Randall s Island. Jesuit martyr is killed by a tomahawk. Catholic sponsored. Johnny Mathis. On this same day in the same year.the first and one was a deacon. On the Promotio n of Biblical Studies. priest and doctor. 1935. artist and scholar. Nairobi. Truman Capote is born. The Congregation of Propaganda Fidei suppresses the Jesuitesses. Carroll. 80 years of fun. theologate for Africa.J. He was buried on this day in 420 in Bethlehem.A. Later. 1971. NYC. Waynesburg State. 1629. HISTORY. The complete New American Bible is published. SPORT 1924. The legend lives. Encyclical Letter of Pius XII. + New England. Ignatius received the first vows Jesuit brothers. Rome. Ours began to keep Choir. is born. 1935. He wrote the 38 volume History of the Popes. He was a lay associate.

Francis Cassilly. (martyred in China. Leo Mangin. ART. President William Howard Taft visits St. +. 1599. 1606. opens. Modesta Andlauer. Isabel Roser is released from her Jesuit vows by St. An Apostolic Constitution forbids a female branch of the Society of Jesus. The Peoples Republic of China is proclaimed. The death of St. amid alia. including four Jesuits. Blessed Julian Maunoir. He wrote a high school catechism widely used. Quod Maxime. Publication in Rome of the Official Directory for giving the Spiritual Exercises. 1982. Nigerian Independence Day. is born. Roger Maris hits his 61st home run. and oversaw the establishment of many schools and the expansion of missionary work. The death of St. 2000. associates the Biblical and Oriental Institutes with the Gregorian University. Theologian 1938. Escorted by federal marshals. Jimmy Carter is born. Memorial.J. 1962. Louis University and declares the football season open. Disney World opens in Florida. HISTORY. S. Francis Borgia. Ignatius after eight months. 1920. 1911. 1971. Francis Borgia. New York City. In the year 2000 still in process. He became the third General. S. An Oriental Institute team from the University of Chicago starts to compile an Assyrian Dictionary. Chicago. 1572. 1546.RELIGION St. +.1572. The first Model T Ford is produced in Detroit. 1968. 1900. Paul Denn. 1961. 1960. Remigius Isore (killed in China 19 June. Theresa of the Child Jesus. Sudanese born sister. 1932. Piet Schoonenberg. 2000. James Meredith registers for classes at the University of Mississippi. Loyola School. 1924. Motu Proprio of Pius XI. 1879. the Duke of Gandia and the viceroy of Catalonia before becoming a Jesuit. SCIENCE. SPORT 1908. Pope John Paul II canonizes over 100 martyrs. surpassing Babe Ruth. and Josephine Bakhita. 1880). virgin. 1949.J. Helmut Kohl succeeds Helmut Schmidt as Federal Chancellor of West Germany. Babe Ruth calls his home run during the World Series game at Wrigley Field. October 1 CHRISTIANITY . The College de la Sainte Famille opens in Cairo. Romano Guardini. Pope John Paul II canonizes Katherine Drexel. 2000) . JESUIT 1546. 1911. 1928. B .

1648.J. Paul preached to him on the Areopagus. Fr. St. SCIENCE. 1954. The Cornerstone is laid for Loyola Seminary. . NY. He founded the "Queen's Work" and Catholic Medical Mission Board. The Orient Express train begins operating. Msgr. Spain. +.. Gandhi is born. George Cardinal Mundelein. +. The Singing Cowboy. Gregory XVI gives the direction and government of the Pontificial Urban College of the Propagation of the Faith to the Society of Jesus. SPORT 1869. in the new RM. Vincent Caraffa. 1904.October 2 Guardian Angels. the Bona Mors Confraternity is founded by the 7 th Fr. Ubi Primum. 1898. 1939. RELIGION 1226. Isaac Jogues first sets foot on the shores of the New World after two stor my months on the ocean. 1836. 1960. 1879. 1928. HISTORY. General Janssens suffers a stroke. Archbishop of Chicago. Groucho Marx is born. which he directed from 1929 to 1960. Gene Autry + age 91. memorial. nd Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer JESUIT 1636. 1892. Graham Greene is born. ART.RELIGION St. an Apostolic Constitution of Leo XIII entrusts the Dominicans with the mission of spreading devotion to the Rosary. SCIENCE. CHRISTIANITY Memorial. 1964. 1890. SPORT 1833. Shrub Oak. Father Louis Martin is elected General at Loyola. Jose Maria Escriva de Balaguer has a vision and founds Opus Dei. Edward Garesche. Ernest Renan + wrote a critical life of Jesus. Wallace Stevens is born. General. Back in the Saddle Again. Denis Areopagit. 1892. first Bishop of Athens . from Paris to Istanbul. a October 3 CHRISTIANITY . In the Church of the Gesu. and + three days later. The death of St. S. HISTORY. Francis Borgia. ART. 1998. Francis of Assisi.

and Broet are granted their M. but some rio ts result. It actually took until the 20th century u ntil all countries adopted it. Andrew Bobola are recovered from a museum in Moscow and begin their journey to Rome. East and West Germany are reunited to form one Germany. Paul VI arrives in NY. Countries which did not like th e Pope liked his calendar even less. 1861.A. the latter shut him up i n a dark room. SCIENCE. SPORT 1884. a Polish lay-brother. The relics of St. Salmeron. 1535. s o that the next day is October l5th. in the bottom of the ninth inning in the final game of a three game playoff series and so the Gi ants beat the Dodgers 5-4. + folksinger. The Gregorian reform of the calendar takes place. 1988. . and some Jesuit houses are stoned. Francis of Assisi. Bobadilla. Gregory Dix B Anglican Benedictine liturgical scholar. Woody Guthrie. 1582. Pope Innocent III crowns Otto IV Emperor of Germany in Rome. Joseph Campbell + mythologist. degrees. St. 1588. The first complete English translation of the Bible printed in Zurich. 1965. 1970. Teresa of Avila +.RELIGION St. When he asked his father's leave to enter the Society. He celebrates Mass at Yankee Stadium. 1887. Little Brother. Ten days are dropped. Rodriguez. Once in an excess of fervent desire for suffering he poured boiling water over his right leg and foot. The death of Carlo Carretta.1925. Codure. 1990. 1967. Jay. 1901. Lainez and Xavier already had theirs. 1923. an Italian novice of an illustrious family. Rochester. 1582. October 4 CHRISTIANITY . At Cracow. Damon Runyon is born. JESUIT 1536. Pope Paul VI names Teresa of Avila and Catherine of Siena as the first women Doctors of the Church. Clavius' calendar is accepted. ART. "This Land is Your Land. + 1226 Memorial. Walter Rauschenbusch is born. Laurence Chodorowicz. 1200. the first Pope to visit the Americas as Pope. He wrote Letters from the Desert (from Algeria) and then lived in Italy. The death of Pompeio Capuano. HISTORY. The Social Gospel. treating him like a madman. after Otto submits to the Pope. Gore Vidal is born. died a martyr of charity. 1951." 1987. 1662. NY. Bobby Thompson hits the famous home run off Ralph Branca. The first edition of The New York Herald appears Paris/European. Favre.

Al Smith + Governor of NY:Democratic Pres. 1549. A Canadian. writer.. Charles Stilwell is born. they let themselves down with a rope slung from the Tower across the moat.Beginning of space age. in Tuscany. The inventor of the brown paper bag. 1947. is destroyed. 1965.1944. Max Planck +. Jay.J. Mario Lemieux B hockey superstar. but now ill. Harry Emerson Fosdick + Baptist clergyman. and Canisius are the first three Jesuits to receive their doctorates in theology. Italy. Salmeron. 1965. 145 in number. S.J. P. he was Vicar General(19 61-5)under Janssens). He attended the Jesuit school at Langres. age 79. 1955. Theologian. JESUIT 1532. SCIENCE. Pope Paul VI addresses the United Nations in NYC. John Baptist Janssens + 27th Superior General of the Society. SPORT 1713. 1896. preacher. October 5 CHRISTIANITY . after losses in five previous subway series. William Bangert. Never Again.candidate in 1928.RELIGION 1703. S. being left without a Superior.General Assistant and admonitor to Arrupe (1965-72). preacher. 1597. Denis Diderot is born. The famous catch of Sandy Amoros occurs in the seventh game. Secretariat. The superior was conducted to prison. He won the 1973 Belmont Stakes by 31 lengths. On Some Dangers of our Time. both of whom became Jesuit Brothers. as the Dodgers win 2-0. At Antwerp + Fr. over the Yankees. a triple crown winner. "No More War. In London Father John Gerard and Mr. 1881. Herbert Rosweyde.goes into space. 1759. Philosopher and encyclopaedist. Robert Bellarmine is born. Sputnik. ART. Jonathan Edwards B . The death of John Swain. who was in many ways the founder and the first Bollandist. but needed doctoral degrees for that assignment. + Jesuit Historian and teacher of Jesuits. At Coimbra an officer named Castro came with the king's message to the Novitiate. in Montepulciano. HISTORY. Scientist famous for his Constant. 1987. 1964. JESUIT 1629. The Brooklyn Dodgers finally win the World Series. Artist 1845. the Scholastics and novices. Pathetic scenes followed. This followed an examination on October 2nd at Bologna by a board of three Dominicans. . Letter of Father General Martin. where he lay 18 years. Arden effected their marvelous escape from the Tower. S. With the help of John Lilly and Richard Fulwood. 1957. 1989 Race Horse. The men had been assigned to Ingolstadt. Russian space capsule. 1985. also called the self-opening sack SOS." 1969. Picasso is born.J. His writings cover a wide field of interests.

.RELIGION optional memorial. 1981. In London. Egypt. October 6 Bruno. Pope Paul VI meets Jimmy Carter in Washington at the White House. Diego de San Vitores.J. Archbishop of New York +. SPORT 1883. Anwar Sadat is assassinated. priest. Of the New England Province. CHRISTIANITY . 1536. 1983. 1973. Archbishop of Antananarivo. In a letter to Father General Arrupe. veteran missionary in China. the Apostolic Vicar. age 94. with Fr. In France. 1890. 1914. Three Jesuits are beatified.J. Arrupe that Fr. Terence Cardinal Cooke. HISTORY. Pope John Paul II notifies Fr. JESUIT Blessed Diego de San Vitores. Cardinal Victor Razafimahatratra. the first Jesuit to set foot in the USA is the first Jesuit to be martyred in the USA. Memorial 1552. Polygamy is outlawed in the USA. William Tyndale + Scholar and translator of the bible. 1989. 1993. he was bishop i n Jamaica. + age 72. Pittau as coadjutor. Matteo Ricci is born. Provinci als are notified of this move. 1977. priest. James Talbot. and sent copies to Maryland and Pennsylvania. Dr. near what is now Jackson ville. The moving homily was delivered by the deceased through a recording he made a f ew months before he died. 1566. The Orient Express makes its first run. 1986. in 78 hours. 1985. Pedro Martinez. S. 1979. and Francis Garate. S. 1773. Archbishop John McEleney +. promulgated the Letter of Suppression of the Society. in northern Florida. The Founder of the Carthusians. 1986. . ART. Martyred as a her etic and schismatic in Belgium. from Paris to Constantinople. Pope John Paul II appoints Paolo Dezza as his personal delegate in the Society of Jesus.1981. martyr. Madagascar. 1981. Bette Davis + actress. the death of Rene Charvet. Jose Rubio. SCIENCE. Dezza will be the Pontifical Delegate to govern the Society. Thor Heyerdahl B Norway. Author of Kon-Tiki. Expert on Ignatius an d Jesuit spirituality. The death of Ignacio Iparraguirre in a fall in Rome. Pope John Paul II visits the tomb of Claude la Colombiere at Paray-le-Moni al and exhorts all to devotion to the Sacred Heart. in Cairo.

Joe Hill is born. HISTORY. 1849. CHRISTIANITY . The Battle of Lepanto. serving as chaplains to the sailors.RELIGION 451. Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. Peace maker.. Sister Theresa Kane addresses Pope John Paul II in Washington. fought for Indian and Negro rights. Andrea Pozzo. A Missionary to America. SPORT 1571. Four priests and four brothers of the Society also took part. and their desire for increased opportunities in ministry. JESUIT 1699. 1879. The 4th Ecumenical Council. The holy martyr Sergius.October 7 Our Lady of the Rosary.RELIGION Memorial. ART. in Rome. namely Chalcedon. In the Gesu. Edgar Allen Poe + in Baltimore. and Dorothy Day. He abdicated in 1802 and entered the Jesuits as a brother in 1815. HISTORY. 1819. Catholic Worker. 1916. 220-0 (30 Touchdowns) gunning for a national championship. DC on the contribution of women religious women. Penny Lernoux +. John Woolman + Quaker preacher. Ignatius' remains took place to the splendid altar-shrine designed by Br. the sixth and final translation of St. 1866. 550 Bishops and the delegate of Pope Leo. 2000. opens. Cervantes is wounded in it. had his feet forced into shoes full of sharp-pointed nails. RM 1772. ART. It will condemn Monophysitism and meet until November 1. Georgia Tech defeats Cumberland College in football. Rome. SCIENCE. October 8 CHRISTIANITY . Friend of Mother Theresa. Wlodimir Ledochowski is born.. 1787. Eileen Egan dies. 1980. but remaining unshaken in the faith he was sentenced to be beheaded. He is buried in San Andrea Quirinale. 1989. and is famous for his Journal. SCIENCE. the Patriarch of the Lutheran Church in America. 26th General of the Society. +. Charles Emmanuel IV + He had been King of Sardinia and Piedmont. A journalist wrote on the Church in Latin Am erica and on liberation theology. SPORT . Of Cancer. after four days of drunkenness.

secretary and assistant to Teilhard de Chardin. 1958. John Leonardi. philosopher +. The death of Jeanne Marie Mortier. priest. Newman is converted to Roman Catholicism at Littlemore. bishop and martyr. 1992. One of the fou ndresses of Maryknoll. HISTORY. ART. Don Larsen pitches the only World Series perfect game. to whom he entrusted his manuscripts. At her death there were 1027 sisters. The city is destroyed. Walter O'Malley announces that the Brooklyn Dodgers will go west. optional memorials. He i s received into the Church by Fr. SPORT Leif Ericson Day. Willy Brandt + a former Chancellor of Germany. He won the Nobel Peace Priz e in 1971 for his Ostpolitik.J. The death of Mother Mary Joseph (Mollie Rogers)in New York. SCIENCE. 1956. 1845. Dominic Barbieri and makes his confession and receives communion. 1899. to Los Angeles. Michigan. 1888. Dismay in Brooklyn. Robert Grosseteste +. An advocate of interracial justice. 1973. 1957. The Washington Monument is opened. and then founds Providence. October 9 CHRISTIANITY . . New York Maryland Province philosophate with Cardinal Spellman. Arnold Damen. S. Gabriel Marcel. The death of Pope Pius XII. Civil War historian. Solemn dedication and opening of Shrub Oak. JESUIT 1955. Louis Twomey. and expert in labor relations. 1955. near Oxford. Bruce Catton B Petoskey. RM 1253. but it misses the Jesuit parish a s it turns north thanks to the prayers of Fr. 1969. The commemoration of the holy patriarch Abraham. Roger Williams is banished from Massachusetts.1871. 1635. and companions. father of all believers. as the Yankees beat the Dodgers. The Chicago Fire.RELIGION Denis. 1983. martyrs.

Father Rezzi was expelled from the Society as a factiosus. The man whose place he took. 1820. led astray by the turbulent Father Rezzi. SCIENCE. The Province of India constituted. The Naval Academy at Annapolis is opened. Mary Gwendoline Caldwell +. 1973. 1985. The first Novitiate of the Maryland Mission is opened. 1820. October 10 CHRISTIANITY . Edith Piaf + the Little Sparrow. The Novice Director is Fr. Fra Filippo Lippi. and in whose stead he died was present at the ceremony. Che Guevara +. 1909. 1881. dies four hours later of grief for his friend. Francis Neale. Letter from the Holy Office to the Dominican General leads to the sacking of three French Provincials in January. Blessed Daniel Comboni + in the African mission in Sudan. The special dinner jacket (tuxedo) is first worn at Tuxedo Park Country Cl ub. N. with Xavier as its first Provincial. 1938. At the 20th GC Father Petrucci.. HISTORY. 1806. + painter. 1987. ART. himself a novice who had entered the Jesu its on that day. Md. Clair Boothe Luce +. Uganda Independence Day from the UK 1972. Orson Welles +.Y. JESUIT 1549. 1953. 1963. He was the fou nder of the Verona Fathers (Comboni Fathers. St. at Georgetown. She gave $300. Jean Cocteau. 1886. Francis de Sales visits the chapel of Blessed Peter Faber whom he revered as a saint. Revolutionary. filmmaker. The first golf match is held between the theologians and philosophers . the first black C atholic Church in the USA. Vicar-General. 1982. The first of the restored Society. Social worker and Provincial. was deposed. The 20th General Congregation opens. JESUIT 1607. SPORT 1469.1968.000 to found the Catholic University of America but later renounced her faith. Agnew resigns as Vice-Presient.RELIGION 1863. Spiro T. 1845. Maximilian Kolbe at Auschwitz. and to the silencing of Fathers Congar and Chenu. 1962. in a house facing Holy Trinity Church. Aloysius Fortis is elected the 20th Superior General. Ten Novices enter. The canonization of St. Fathers of the Sacred Heart). Francis Xavier Church is founded in Baltimore. Jose Maria Posada + Columbia.

General Janssens. JESUIT 1667. Saint Edith Stein is born. Pulaski Day +." 1950. The Second Vatican Council. who baptized the Ethiopian. . U. but the theologians win two days later in a playoff. famed geophysicist. Ignatius is raised to a double and extended to the universal church. She converted t 1962. RM 1521. One year later.J.RELIGION 1891. The official blessing and dedication of LeMoyne College. he is made a bishop. He had been in detention since 1938. is freed from prison camp in Russia. 1889. Willie Hoppe 1896. Walter Ciszek. Pope Leo X confers the title of Defender of the Faith on King Henry VIII. +. 1885. Francois Mauriac is born. SPORT 1779. and a cardinal in 1991. Author. October 12 CHRISTIANITY . Dietrich von Hildebrand. and did research on the continental drift. 1963. is born in Florence. is canonized by Pope John Paul II. Jewish convert who died at Auschwitz. Letter of Fr. Zwingli + Swiss reformer. 1876. opens.RELIGION Philip the Deacon. 1998. S. holding its First Session. at the age of 27. "Instruction on the Social Apostolate. Anton Bruckner B +. Composer 1964. 1948. He is released from prison in 1968. Edith Stein. Catholic philosopher. member o f the French Academy. 1531. is killed in the battle of Kappel. King Louis XIV forbade all correspondence and interchange between the French Jesuits and the Spanish General. NY. This petty tyranny lasted two years. HISTORY. 1688. It ends in a tie.J. Thyrsus Gonzalez. Jan Korec is ordained a priest in prison in Czechoslovakia. S. October 11 CHRISTIANITY . Pierre LeJay. 1887. Gertrud von le Fort B o Roman Catholicism in 1927. Syracuse. The Feast of St. Martin Luther King is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize . ART. He was a French Jesuit. 1949. Die Letzte am the new golf course at Woodstock. SCIENCE. 1958. billiards.

Italy. 1951. Simon Kimbangu + Congolese founder of the Kimbanguist Independent Church. 1971. Jesus Christ Superstar debuts on Broadway. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, SPORT 1492. Columbus Day - he lands in the New World. 1859. Henri Bergson is born. 1810. The first Oktoberfest is held, to celebrate the wedding of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig. 1865. Roger Brooke Taney +. The first Catholic on Supreme Court and the fifth Ch ief Justice (l836-65). He rendered the Dred Scott Decision. 1872. Ralph Vaughan Williams is born. Composer 1935. Luciano Pavarotti is born. Tenor

1940. Tom Mix + Western film actor. 1954. Carroll Houselander +. Poet

1960. Khrushchev pounds his shoe at the United Nations. 2003 Willie Shoemaker, jockey, dies. 4 8 , 99 pounds. Winner of eleven Triple Crown Races. JESUIT 1600. At Madrid died Father Louis Molina, a great theologian, whose doctrine on Grace and Free Will was fiercely attacked by Dominicans and others, and ably defended before Clement VIII by theologians of the Society. 1935. Work begins on Woodstock College golf course. The reason for this is given as the Aincrease in medical difficulties due to the Alack of provisions for an a greeable form of light exercise. 1976. Fr. Joao Bosco Burnier, S.J. is shot and killed by soldiers in rural Brazil for protesting the torture of two Indian women. Aged 59. October 13 CHRISTIANITY - RELIGION 1635. Roger Williams is banned in Boston. 1917. At Fatima, Portugal. The great miracle in the presence of 100,000 perso ns, and the final appearance of Mary. Rain stops and the sun whirls in the sky. 1988. The Shroud of Turin is revealed to be medieval through carbon dating. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, SPORT 54 Claudius I dies. 1792. The cornerstone of the White House is laid by President George Washington.

1925. Margaret Thatcher Great Britain.

is born.

Iron Lady, Prime Minister of

JESUIT 1534. The election of Pope Paul III (Cardinal Alessandro Farnese) who by his Bul l Regimini militantis, constituted the Society a Religious Order. 1537. At Venice the Papal Nuncio published his written verdict declaring that Ignatius Loyola was innocent of all charges which had been levele d against him by his detractors. 1676. The arrival in London of Claude de la Colombiere, to be the chaplain an d confessor of the Duchess of York, the wife of the future King James II. 1990. The celebration at the Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome opens the Ignatian Year.

October 14


Callistus I, pope and martyr, optional memorial. St. Dominic Loricatus, who wore a mailed shirt, and hence the name. As Rodriguez relates, if asked the time of day, St.Dominic would say "about 7 PM", lest he tell a lie. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, SPORT 1066. 1644. 1884. 1890. 1894. 1947. 1964. 1964. 1977. 1990. 1999. 1999. William the Conqueror defeats King Harold in the Battle of Hastings. William Penn is born. Photographic film is patented by George Eastman. D.D. Eisenhower is born. E.E. Cummings is born. The first airplane exceeds the speed of sound in level flight - Bell X-1. Khrushchev is deposed. Brezhnev and Kosygin replace him. Martin Luther King is awarded Nobel Peace Prize. Bing Crosby +, after a round of golf, on the way to the clubhouse. Leonard Bernstein + composer, conductor. Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to Medicin sans Frontiere. Julius Nyerere dies, Catholic, socialist President of Tanzania, Mwalimu, Teacher.

JESUIT John Ogilvie, S.J. martyr, feast.

1774. A French Jesuit in China wrote an epitaph to the Jesuit mission in

China after the suppression. It concludes: Go, traveler, continue on your way. Felicitate the dead; weep for the living; pray for all. Wonder, and be silent. 1854. Fr. John Bapst, S.J. is tarred and feathered by religious bigots, Knownothings, in Ellsworth, Maine. He was also the first Rector of the Boston College Scholasticate. He was given a gold watch as a result of the ordeal, and was given special permission by Father General to wear such a costly watch. 1939. General Franco visits the Jesuit community at the Loyola Sanctuary, Spain. An Inscription reads: "To our leader Francisco Franco restorer of the Society of Jesus in Spain, praise and long life - in remembrance of the visit of our Caudillo to Loyola, October 14, 1939, Year of Victory." 1982. Daniel O'Connell + Rome, age 86. An expert on double stars, he was director of the Vatican Observatory from 1952-70. October 15 CHRISTIANITY - RELIGION

Teresa of Avila, virgin and doctor, Memorial. 1930. Marjorie Tuite is born. Dominican sister, fighter for justice. 1976. Declaration on the Admission of Women to the Ministerial Priesthood. It was dated 15 October, but only published on January 27, l977. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, SPORT World Poetry Day. 70. BC. Vergil is born. 1582. The Gregorian Calendar is adopted in Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. 1844. Nietzsche is born. 1905. C.P. Snow is born.

1908. John Kenneth Galbraith is born. Economist, Canada. 1881. P.G. Wodehouse is born. 1964. Cole Porter + songwriter.

1989. Walter Sisulu, ANC leader, is released after 25 years imprisonment in South Africa. JESUIT 1582. At Avila the death of St. Teresa, the first day of the new Gregorian cale ndar. She always wished to have Jesuit confessors and spoke of the Fathers as Benedicti homines Societatis Jesu.

1917. Pope Benedict XV founds the Pontifical Oriental Institute which is later entrusted to the Society of Jesus.

October 16


Longinus, the one who put his spear into the side of Jesus. RM Hedwig, religious, and Margaret Mary Alacoque, virgin, optional memorials. St. Gall, abbot, disciple of blessed Columban. RM Founder of the monastery at St. Gallen, Switzerland. 1555. Hugh Latimer + and Nicholas Ridley + martyrs. Bishops and social reformers of the Church of England. They were martyred at the stake in Oxford by order of Queen Mary Tudor. 1701. Collegiate School is founded in Connecticut by Congregational clergy who are dissatisfied with growing liberalism at Harvard. Eventually it becomes Yale University. 1978. John Paul II elected. 1979. Apostolic Exhortation of John Paul II, Catechesis Tradendae, On Catechesis in Our Time. 1992. Monsignor John Tracy Ellis + age 87. The Dean of USA Catholic Church hist orians. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, SPORT 1758. 1793. 1854. 1859. 1888. 1927. Noah Webster is born. Connecticut, of dictionary fame. Marie Antoinette is beheaded. Oscar Wilde B Dublin. John Brown raids Harper's Ferry. Eventually he is hanged. Eugene O'Neill, playwright is born. Guenther Grass is born. Tin Drum, etc. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1999. 1964. China sets off its first atom bomb. 1984. Bishop Desmond Tutu, South Africa, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. 1986. Nigerian writer, Wole Soyinka is awarded the Nobel Prize for Literatu re - the 1st African writer to be so honored. JESUIT 1594. Students of the English College in Rome broke into a sort of rebellion aga inst the Jesuits in charge. It was incited by Protestants and lasted five years. 1788. The Bollandists are forced to give up their work, because of the effects of the Suppression. 1918. The death of James Lonergan, S.J. He had a seventeen year regency at Spring Hill College. 1927. The opening of the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Jerusalem. 1944. John Svensson + Author of children s literature. His books were translated into 30 languages. 1992. The University of San Francisco holds a symposium on the Chinese Rites con troversy. October 17 CHRISTIANITY - RELIGION

Ignatius of Antioch, bishop and martyr, Memorial. 1480. The Spanish Inquisition is activated.

1690. St. Margaret Mary +. 1912. Pope John Paul I, is born. Albino Luciani. He was pope in 1978 for 33 days. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, SPORT 1849. 1910. attle 1961. 1983. JESUIT 1578. At S. Andrea, Rome, the entrance into the Society of Robert Southwell, aged sixteen. 1651. Emmanuel Sigueira enters the novitiate of S. Andrea in Rome. He will be the first Chinese Jesuit priest. 1688. Domenico Zipoli, S.J. is born. An organist at the Gesu in Rome, he was a m issionary and composer in Paraguay and Argentina, in the Jesuit Reductions. He was not never ordained because of the distance from an ordaining bishop. 1782. Jesuits in White Russia elect Stanislaus Czerniewicz as Vicar General of the Society. 1917. Motu Proprio of Benedict XV, Orientis Catholicae, establishes the Oriental Institute. 1996. Richard Michael Fernando, S.J. + scholastic, age 26,working with Jesuit R efugee Service, in Cambodia, is killed by a hand grenade thrown by a disturbed ex-student, as Richard tries to save others lives. 2002. Richard McSorley, S.J. dies, age 88. Social justice and non-violence. Chopin +. Julia Ward Howe, social reformer, abolitionist, +, age 91. She wrote Hymn of the Republic. Two hundred Algerians in Paris killed, and dumped in the Seine. Raymond Aron +. The B

October 18 LUKE, EVANGELIST, Feast.


1405. Pope Pius II is born. He wrote a study of geography and ethnography and a popular love story, and he is the only pope to have written an autobiography. 1685. The Edict of Nantes is revoked by King Louis XIV. Huguenots flee. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, SPORT Alaska Day. It is transferred to the USA from Russia on this day, in 1867. Jesuits advised Seward to make the purchase. 1859. Henri Bergson is born. 1893. Charles Gounod + French composer. 1931. Thomas Edison +. Inventor. 1955. Ortega y Gasset + philosopher and humanist. 1957. Kazantsakis +. Novelist. JESUIT

S. Memorial. Saint Louis University Day at the World s Fair. while his mother was still alive. 1997. The Star Spangled Banner is sung for the first time. HISTORY. and thus allowed to grant ecclesiastical degrees.1550. Father J. 1646. The NY Stock Market falls 508 points. Pontifical Status. 1574. with three candidates. and biographer of William October 19 CHRISTIANITY . Jonathan Swift + Dublin . Mao proclaims the establishment of the People's Republic of China. 1932. St. 1604. as Cornwallis surrenders to George Washington. 1781. at Baltimore. SS. The first Jesuit is appointed to be Rector/President of a Universi ty as Peter Canisius is elected to that office at the University of Ingolstadt (for a six month term). paralyzed. defender of Negro and India n rights. A theological course was opened in our college in Lisbon. The Missionaries of Africa are founded by Cardinal Charles Lavigerie. 1868. lonely. after Lima and Mexico. A novitiate opens on this day. He is a Quaker preacher. 1720. The opening of the first Jesuit College in Mexico. JESUIT 1604. age 77. martyrs. historian of Indiana.J. 1904. Peter and Paul. new RM The prophet Joel. ART. 1814. Isaac Jogues at Auriesville. and declared of unsound mind. She is the third w oman of 33 doctors of the Church. 400 students were at once enrolled. In Spain died Father John Rico. Harry Sievers. Aloysius Gonzaga is beatified. He is killed because of his support for t he Solidarity Movement. Faustina Kowalska. VA. Theresa of Lisieux is declared a Doctor of the Church. 1553. 1984. New RM. John Woolman is born. Columbia. St. Weston College is given a charter. and famous for his Journal.RELIGION Isaac Jogues and John de Brebeuf. 1987. NY. 1977. the culmination of the school s diamond jubilee celebrations. 1605. 1949. priests and martyrs. the oldest in Columbia and the third oldest in the Americas. Popieluszko + Poland. a most eloquent preacher. Alphonsus Rodriguez once told him he would suffer in Purgatory for preaching in the polished Castilian tongue: thenceforth the Father never used Castilian. The martrydom of St. . + Henry Harrison. SCIENCE. and companions. Collegio Santa Fe Opens in Bogota. The British surrender at Yorktown. SPORT 1745.

1873. S. the centurion baptized by St.J. At Rome. had died. After one of his feet had been cut off he rendered up his soul. in new RM St. He descr ibes it as a veritable calamity for his country. John Dewey is born. RM HISTORY. 1934. SPORT 1859. 1968. Eugenio Pacelli. and was the first director of the Biblical Institute in Rome. Sociologist. JESUIT 1618. S. NY City. left the house at an early hour to be spared the trial of appearing before the Giunta Liquidatrice (Commission of Suppression). Mickey Mantle is born. General Vlodimir. and expert on the social encyclicals. 1952. SCIENCE. Andrew of Crete. Peter. P. Herbert Hoover. Jackie Kennedy weds Aristotle Onassis. Louis University and served as its Dean from 1930-37.J. 1945 Jacques Van Ginneken. He wrote on Scripture and the life of Christ. Joseph Husslein + St. ex-President +. Alma College. + Austria. all the Society's houses were by royal decree appropriated by the government. Maria Theresa Ledochowska is beatified by Pope Paul VI. California.J. October 20 CHRISTIANITY . Optional Memorial in the USA. learns that his fathe r. John Berchmans. 1931. S. Beckx. Leopold Fonck. companion of Isaac Joques. 1936.. + founder of the Grail Movement which he founded in 1921. Secretary of State and future Pope. Response of Fr. 1763. He founded the School of Social Service at St. on his way to Rome after first vows. General Ledochowski against the abuse of taking off the cassock on mountain trips. Hall of Famer Yankee 1964. 1934. . ART. The opening of Alberto Hurtado University in Chile. donne. and is called the Mother of Africa beca use of her missionary concern. visits Wernersville Novitiate with Mrs. She was the brother of Fr. Father General. Paul of the Cross. recently ordained a priest. 1997. In a pastoral letter read in all his churches.1646. 1930. Jean de la Lande. Founder of the Passionist Fathers Cornelius. Louis. is blessed and dedicated.RELIGION St.. +. Brady. the Archbishop of Paris ex presses his bitter regret at the suppression of the Society in France.Jesuit Brother. 1975. He wrote to his family that it surprise d and pained me very much that you did not take the trouble to inform me of his passing.

who gained the martyr's crown by being slain by the Huns for the Christian religion and their constancy in keeping their virginity. who was one of the companions of St. Samuel Taylor Coleridge is born. Architect.RELIGION At Cologne. Colorful story in the old RM . on the next day she declared herself to the Huns of her own accord. because he favored religious freedom for dissenters of the Church of England. He resigned this fellowship in 1574. +. Gerard Manley Hopkins is received into the Roman Catholic Church by Newman. 1622. and famous as the inventor of dynamite. Cordula. Missionary in South America and companion of Jose Ancieta. HISTORY. Ursula and her companions. CHRISTIANITY . St. Jack Kerouac dies of bleeding caused by too much drinking. Emmanuel Ortega + in Peru. 1692.October 21 CHRISTIANITY . the birthday of St. Nelson defeats Spain. 1833. Battle of Trafalgar. and thus was the last of them all to receive the crown of martyrdom. 1912. later a convert. 1969. Thomas Edison invents a better light bulb. Nobel peace prize and other prizes. He is Charged with being a papist. Ursula. William Penn is deposed as governor of Pennsylvania by the throne of Engl and. Novitiate is opened in the Belgian Congo. Campion to Engla nd in 1580 and then in exile labored for the Church in his native land. 1866. O xford. Liturgical Arts magazine. 1974. in Chicago. JESUIT 1568. 1948. was elected Fellow of Balliol College. Maurice Lavanoux.RELIGION October 22 At Cologne. Robert Parsons. she hid herself. Alfred Nobel is born. Being terrified by the punishments and slaughter of the others. 1879. From October 21-25 the first Liturgical Week was held in the USA. He accompanied Fr. Church art. Many of their bodies are buried in Cologne. Conductor of the Chicago Symphony and elsewhere. SCIENCE. Sir George Solti is born. SPORT 1772. but repenting her deed. 1940. 1805. He is restored to the governorship two yea rs later. ART.

He is buried next to Samuel Champlain. priest.J. HISTORY. "perfect in humanity and in divinity. Franz Liszt is born in Hungary. 1870.RELIGION John of Capistrano. SCIENCE. encyclopedist. 1965. Also wrote a book for youth that sold one million copies. Frances Xavier Weiser. . S. 1938. psychologist. SCIENCE. ART. know as "The Old Red head" October 23 CHRISTIANITY . 1994. Cezanne + . JESUIT 1642. martyr. a bastion of conservatism. His feast is celebrated in some dioceses as a saint. 1992. 1986. The death of Paul Tillich. Karl Adam B The Spirit of Catholicism. 1940. Red Barber + age 84. Writer. HISTORY. from the catbird seat. (not in RM) 1848. In France. 1939. 1973. The Light on the Mountain. SPORT 1817.. The Council of Chalcedon promulgates the Christological formula. the first to die in Canada. Act of Foundation for the first Trappist monastery in the USA. The Nobel Prize for literature awarded to Sartre who refuses it. He composed over 60 religious works. ART. 1906. The death of Rollo May. 1876. optional memorial. Charles Raymbault + French missionary. Paul Cezanne + artist. Arnold Toynbee +. French grammarian. at Gethsemane. 1941. Blessed Boethius. SPORT 1811. 1975. and was translated into forty languages. Zane Grey + wrote stories of the wild west. 1964. Princeton College is founded by a faction of the Presbyterian church. +. 1906. Pierre Larousse is born. and lexicographer. Pele B Premier footballer. Dodger baseball announcer.. philosopher.451. Garibaldi and his filibusters drove the Jesuits from the Colleg es of Dole and Mont Roland. writer. Pablo Casals + musician. he taught at the University of Chicago from 1894-1933. on liturgy and church feasts. Chester Carlson makes the first xerox copy in Astoria." 1746. KY. A Study of History. Queens. theologian of culture. Shailer Matthews + A Baptist educator. Swallows depart from Capistrano on this day.

1944. Our Lady bade him not to . UN Day. + spiritual writer. S. He j oined the Society of Jesus as a priest.1945. 1604. 1983. Chile. Mary McCarthy + writer. Jackie Robinson +. S. 2003. were led forth to exile." 1958. French Catholic publisher. S. Felipe Millan. First black in major league baseball. Memories of a Catholic Girlhood. SCIENCE. JESUIT 1550. Oslo. A NY Times story reports in a dispatch from Stockholm that all clergy are to be included in the draft except Jesuits. 1912. He had been a traitor and collaborator with the Nazis. 1767. October 24 CHRISTIANITY .J. 1926. At Santiago. S. In all 360 Jesuits of the Chile Province were shipped to Europe as exiles. Y.J. Anniversary of its founding. ART. Maurice de la Taille. NY Giant football quarterback.J.P. Zambia Independence Day from the UK. HISTORY. S. published 221 volumes in his Patrologia Latina series and 161 in Patrologia Graeca. Optional memorial. kept prisoners in the College since August 26th. Fr. from Gandia. and made 100 genuflections a day. Tittle is born. missionary from the Ukraine to work with the lepers in Madagascar. At Coimbra died Father Jerome Carvahlo. This was a partial reaction to the invasion of Grenada. Vidkun Quisling + by firing squad. critic. He had also been a Master of Novices. but left the novitiate four months later for health reasons. J. He died on October 2. who are "declared unfit to bear arms for Germany. 1989.RELIGION Anthony Claret. sentenced to 45 years prison for scam. TV evangelist. JESUIT Blessed John Beyzm. Supersonic air travel comes to an end as Concorde lands for the last time. 1988. In Spain an unusual decree was issued by the royal council forbidding prop hecies about the return of the Society to Spain. 241 US Marines die in a terrorist attack in Lebanon. 1972. He taught theology at the Gregorian and wrote Mysterium Fidei. 1989. 1875. died. SPORT 1926. Borgia arrives in Rome with retinue of 20-25. 1767. 1933. Rauol Plus.A. The Founder of the Claretians. + promoter of canonization of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha. He died on this day in 1870 in pol itical exile in France. Jim Bakker. 1945.J. called the Damien of Cullion leper colony in the Philippines. Joseph McBride. He gave six hours daily to prayer. the members of the Society. + in Paris. bishop. Migne +.J. 1964.

Pope John Paul II visits the Gregorian University and attends a symposium on Matteo Ricci. and President of the Pontifical Academy of Science. Louis Dumas. is killed in Beirut. France. 1983. Francis Borgia. Danielou. J. 1881. 1982. Daniel O Connell + in Rome. Grenada is invaded by 1900 US troops. 1618. age 46. including works of DeLubac. Pablo Picasso B . The death of Archbishop Aston Ignatius Chicester. the first poet so honored. He is buried in Westminster Abbey. Crispin s Day. This is a follow up of Humani Generis.J. with 40 saints of England and Wales. John Berchmans sets out from Flanders to Rome as a scholastic.T. Battle of Agincourt. JESUIT 1567. missionary to Rhode sia. 1854. The Arrival in Rome of St. Charge of the Light Brigade. 1972. 1970. Letter of Fr. He is the first Jesuit martyred in Euro pe. especially the Dominicans. P. 1982. Blessed Jeanne Dugan is born. 1945. 1759. She founded the Little Sisters of t he Poor. They are kindly received by Pope Clement XIII and by religious commun ities. 1964. . SPORT 1415.P. Edmund Daniel is martyred at Cork. 1800. Cf. SCIENCE. Migne B (see note on his death on previous day). Margaret Clitheroe. Stanislaus Kostka. India. Henry the Fifth is victorious over France. St. Thomas) disappears in Hazaribag. Jackie Robinson signed to play major league baseball by Branch Rickey of the Brooklyn Dodgers. 1950. He praises him for his vision and his approach to the people an d culture of China. Bouillard. Edmund Campion is canonized.RELIGION Feast of St. 133 Jesuits banished from Portugal are put on shore at Civita Vecchia. martyr. Lebanon. H e was a defender of the dalits (lower caste) October 25 CHRISTIANITY . He died while attending the Second Vatican Council. and deMontcheuil. He had been Director of the Vatican Observator y from 1952-70.J. Thomas Anchanikal (A. where he was admitted into the Society by St. ART. He will re ach Rome on December 31st. S.fear Purgatory. 1572. Geoffrey Chaucer + London age 57. HISTORY. in the British calendar of feasts. 1975. 1440. S. 1997. Shakespeare. as shewas the consoler of the afflicted souls there. 670 British are wiped out by Russians in the Crimea. General Janssens orders some books removed from libraries in houses of formation.

King Alfred the Great +. She takes vows. 1987. 1979. Pope Urban VII + of malaria before his coronation. William Temple + Anglican church leader. Elizabeth Cady Stanton + feminist. ART. .RELIGION 1590. Giuseppe Moscati a Neapolitan physician and university professor. who died in 1917.RELIGION 1466. JESUIT 1546. Mahalia Jackson is born. imprisoned. Desiderius Erasmus was born.10 days. then sentenced to banishment. HISTORY. is canonized by Pope John Paul II. Radio Priest of the 1930s. SPORT 899. October 27 CHRISTIANITY . In Maryland Father Andrew White was seized by some English invaders. 1911. 1902.October 26 CHRISTIANITY . SCIENCE. He translated the Spiritual Exercises into Latin. carried off prisoner to London. She would die as a Jesuit scholastic with her vows. In Rome the death of Fr. Pope John Paul II hosts a large gathering of world religious leaders who pray for peace in Assisi. Charles Coughlan +. the daughter of Charles V. He is the shortest reigning pope . links the Niagara and Hudson Rivers. Princess Juana. The First Province of the Society is established. The Erie Canal opens. with Simao Rodrigues as Provincial. 1644. On the 26th or 27th of this year or a nearby year. 1825. is admitted to the Society in an exceptional way and with the obligation of complete secrecy. 1944. 1986. friend o f Jesuits. and this was the first book printed by the Society. Andrew Frusius. 1554. the Portuguese Province. 1556.

Erasmus is born. 1466. General. 1996. John Locke + age 72. 1936.HISTORY. is killed in an unexplained motorcycle accident. Pope John XXIII elected. a pathetic scene. an ex-Jesuit worker priest. 1914. king of the Saxons. Dylan Thomas B Wales. 312. Americas. Cornelius Jansen B Dutch Catholic theologian and reformer. 1858. Baseball Hall of Famer. in the Democratic Republic of Congo is murdered. The first entrance of the Jesuit Fathers into Canada. 1904. Archbishop of Bukavu. near Rome: "In hoc signo. APOSTLES. HISTORY. The General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony founds Harvard College. Niccolo Paganini is born. 1958. The Pontifical Academy of Sciences is constituted in its present form by P ope Pius XI.J. Tirso Gonzalez + 13th General of the Society. ART. He had denounced the political and economic exploitation of Rwandan refugees who sought refuge in Kivu. Departure of Fr. 1704. JESUIT 1610. 1705. 1636. India. In Multis Solaciis. S. 1873. from the Gesu. to a woman reading the . vinces. and in Europe too. The New York City subway is opened. Henri Perrin. 1820. Beckx. Constantine defeats Maxentius at the Mulvian Bridge. CHRISTIANITY . He was a Promoter of the mi ssions in China. SCIENCE. This mission was rec ommended to the Society by King Henry IV of France." 1585. His last words.RELIGION Feast. SCIENCE. Death of Alfred the Great. Teddy Roosevelt is born. Ralph Kiner is born. ART. Christophe Munzihirwa. October 28 SIMON AND JUDE. 1954. Several members of the Society are condemned by the 20th General Congregation of plotting against the Institute. 1922. SPORT 1782. SPORT 901.

1929. Francis Borgia is born. 1552. Wilfrid Parsons. 1925-36. At Alost. 1949. 1958. At Rome. 1939. Jesuit missionaries are granted faculties to celebrate Mass at sea as long as the time is tranquil. JESUIT 1510. He was then Professor at Georgetown University and Catholic University. + New England Province. Gener al Acquaviva and the professors.Psalms." 1886. October 29 Michaelmas.J. The plunge into the great depression. William Assaliers. Stock Market Crash. The Statue of Liberty is dedicated. 1584. Sir Walter Raleigh is executed for treason in London. seeing one of Ours dying and another about to leave the Society. Pope Gregory XIII dedicates the Roman College. 1996. An Apostolic Letter of Pius XI. ART. St. President F. Roosevelt visits Fordham University. 1903. 1906. St. ethnologist. CHRISTIANITY . Leonard Feeney is dismissed from the Society of Jesus. age 71. Providentissimus Deus proclaims Robert B ellarmine a Doctor of the Church.D. S.RELIGION 1969. Zaire. Suez crisis. 1980-86. +. SPORT 1618. Williams. Stanislaus Kostka born on this day and he also received the habit on t his day in Rome in 1567. Suarez. He had been Jesuit Provincial. author. He is received by Fr. and move toward the Suez canal. He would die nine months later. JESUIT 1632. 1931. Hebrewisms of West Africa. SCIENCE. Israeli forces invade Egypt. Evelyn Waugh B Hampstead. 1550. S. seeing Jesus in our midst. He died within a few days. in Belgium. were: "Cease now. from the Jamaica mission. the opening of the German College. The death of Clarence Jordan.J. Black Tuesday. Founder of Thought magazine and editor of America. Age 70. Joseph J. Archbishop Christophe Munzihirwa + killed. including Bellarmine. HISTORY. 1940. the Scholastic. Archbishop of Bukavu. . and Clavius. 1956. author of Cotton Patch Gospels. prayed that he might sooner die than lose his vocation.

the great poet.J. parish priest. are killed by unknown assassins in Mozambique. HISTORY. aged 44. Bob Jones is born. John Milton. and Fr.J. H. dined with the Fathers and students.October 30 1883. Thirteen TDs came on returns of interceptions. Ezra Pound B Idaho. 1916. SPORT 1821. Pope Leo XIII establishes the Pontifical Biblical Commission with his apostolic letter Vigilantiae Studiique.RELIGION Fundamentalist evangelist and educator. 222-0. Optional Memorial 1638. S.G. Rome. SCIENCE. In the English College. Baseball Hall of Famer. 1938. Wells "War of the Worlds" on radio. 1985. . 1918. Fr. pastor. CHRISTIANITY . Fyodor Dostoievsky is born on this day. ART. JESUIT Blessed Dominic Collins. aged 55. 1902. Silvio Moreira. punts and kick offs. with Orson Welles causes panic reactions. Goncalvez Kamtedza. Ted Williams is born. 1885. S. in the Old Style Calendar. fumbles. martyr. Cumberland College is crushed by Georgia Tech in football.

1926.RELIGION 451. 1956. + Educator. Alexander Cruden + compiler of Cruden's Concordance. S. or be medical doctors. the Pope officially rehabilitates Galileo who was condem ned by the church for claiming the earth revolved around the sun. S. 1981. 1913. Letter of Pope Paul VI to Africa. now named in his honor. and quartered for his adherence to the faith. 451. 1950. 1984. Harry Houdini + escape artist. drawn. 2000. The Pope adm its that the Church was wrong. Paolo Dezza begins his mission as the Pope's personal delegate in the Society of Jesus. + memorial. November 1 CHRISTIANITY . SPORT Halloween.J. theologian. Feast Day for Jesuit Brothers. Michelangelo unveils the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. John Keats is born. Thomas More the Patron Saint of Statesmen and Politicians. SCIENCE. 1925. The Council of Chalcedon adjourns. Uruguay. It will use the word transubstantiation. Will and Ariel Durant are married in NYC. Indira Gandhi + Prime Minister of India is assassinated by body guards. 1795. Solemnity. 1517. 1967. w ho was hanged. 1541. Xavier Society for the Blind. At Cork. 1992. Africa Terrarum. 1215. The Fourth Lateran Council opens. Founder and first Director of Georgetown's School of Foreign Service. 1512. Diplomat. Juan Luis Segundo. HISTORY. 1617. Edmund Walsh. ART. 1977. Gannon for recording t he entire Jerusalem Bible on 48 cassettes. is born. the martyrdom of Blessed Dominic Collins. It says that clergy should not take part in hunting or fowling.RELIGION ALL SAINTS.J. After 359 years. A letter of Pope John Paul II proclaims St. The Presentation of Michelangelo's Last Judgment.October 31 CHRISTIANITY . Apostolic Constitution Munificentissimus Deus defines and . an Irish lay-brother. The Council of Chalcedon closes. NY. Luther posts his theses. Alphonsus Rodriguez. honors Robert I. adviser to presidents. 1770. Reformation Day. JESUIT 1602.

J.RELIGION ALL SOULS. Film producer. In the Roman College.000 die and the city is destroyed. 1963. 30. Boston. 1956. because of the large casualties in WW I. SCIENCE. supported and recommended by Francis Borgia. Laurel and Hardy. is the first to use a face mask in ice hockey. Pius V publishes an instruction forbidding bullfighting. The first college of the Society opens in New Spain (Mexico) Sts. The civil provincial assembly of New York and Maryland prohibits Jesuits and other ecclesiastics from exercising religious practices in their domains. King of Ethiopia. 1700. Edited the Saturday Review for 30 years. Rosemary Ruether B feminist theologian. N. 1861. 1990. 1871. 1573. Jacques Plante. Blessed). Cardinal Cushing +. He was in the pulpit celebrating Mass on the Feast of All Saints inSt. Michael s Church Munich. Ezra Pound + age 87. Eccentric poet. But this ban was lifted by the next Pope in 1585. Peter and Paul. 1992. HISTORY.S. poet. + (his feast is Nov 3. 1950. It is a view of the Christmas tree in front of the White House. Father Francis Suarez began to give lectures in . SPORT 1755. Hal Roach + 100 years old. SCIENCE. Rupert Mayer. was crowned Emperor Hailie Selassie. 1893. Ras Tafari. In 1915 Pope Benedict XV allowed all priests to say three Masses on this day. novelist. The first US Christmas stamp goes on sale. 1930.J. Norman Cousins + age 75. ART. The Mission of British Honduras is transferred from England to Missouri. Maurice Blondel. HISTORY. SPORT 1927. 1945. JESUIT 1578. 1972. is born. T. Benefactor of Jesuits.proclaims the Assumption of Mary. in New York. Montreal goalteder. George Bernard Shaw + (94 years old). ART. Eliot becomes a British subject. Philosopher of Action 1936. 1959. It was first celebrated on this day in 998 at Cluny. in Italy. 1970. JESUIT 1567. B Newark. Stephen Crane. when he collapsed. 1952. November 2 CHRISTIANITY . The Mission of Jamaica is transferred from England to Maryland/New York. The first hydrogen bomb is exploded in Pacific. Lisbon earthquake. S. The Society of Jesus is allowed legal existence in Norway. after another injury.

Aloysius Gonzaga renounces his family heritage and inheritance at the family palace in Mantua at the age of 17 and joins the Society three weeks later.J. The death of Brother Daniel Seghers. He was a world renowned juvenile author. 1639. George Halas + "Papa Bear" the owner of the Chicago Bears. H. novelist. Matisse +. making it a Protestant nation.J.J. 1917. Hall of Famer. S. He did in four large volumes. 1918. Artist. 1585. Georg Otto Schurhammer. Mary s College. summoned at the order of Pope Clement VIII. HISTORY. S. John Bapst. A missionary in India. 5th General Congregation opens. Francis Finn +. SCIENCE. Pope Gregory XIII came to hear them. he became ill before ordination. 1971. 1983. optional memorial. and promised to write a life of Xavier if he recovered. not to be a saint. and first President of Boston College 1864-69. S. He died on this day in St. The death of Leon Bloy. He had been tarred and feathered in 1854 in Maine. British Parliament passes the Supremacy Act.. It was a life long task. and cofounder of the National Football League.J. William Cullen Bryant is born. Lucrezia di Brandine and Francesca Cruyllas are released from their Jesuit vows. He was a pupil of Brueghel and a friend of Rubens. pilgrim. This is the first to be summoned while a General was still alive. 1887. CHRISTIANITY . many of them translated into several languages. 1614. 1661. November 3 Martin de Porres.RELIGION religious. The vessel which was bringing the right arm of Xavier to Rome . famous for her well near St. 1954. Some scenes and characters came from St. 1593. He was a famous Flemish painter of insects and flowers. ART. optional memorial. Bueno s. JESUIT Blessed Rupert Mayer. Kansas. Winifred. Welsh. + Missionary.theology. 1534. S. Bob Feller B Fastball pitcher. with 27 books. SPORT 1794. He was Superior of the Canada/NY Mission 1869-73. 1546. There is only one sorrow. 1928. + Biographer of Xavier.

Soren Kierkegaard +. S. . King of Spain. SPORT 1847. Irritated by this demand. He died on this day in 1584 in Milan in the arms of his Jesuit confessor. 1927. By his bull Copiosus in Misericordia Pope Paul III erects the College in Gandia as a University. Scripture scholar. 1988. over 300 people welcome Fr. is born. Felix Mendelssohn +. Charles. November 4 CHRISTIANITY . 1939. 4th century. The arm had been severed from the body at Goa by Father Acquaviva's order. Fr. is born. Walter Cronkite. In Lithuania.RELIGION Charles Borromeo. He was the founder of Morality in Media. 1920. HISTORY. Aloysius his first communion. religious phenomena . Writer. Emeric + RM. S. 1879. 1768. He gave St. the people of Madrid asked for the recall of the Jesuits who had been banished from Spain 19 months earlier. patron of Charles III. 1918. Will Rogers is born. President Reagan sends a sympathy note and tribute to him for his funeral. The death of Morton Hill. Ignatius. one week before armistice day. author on saints. 1901. head of famous catechetical school in Alexandria. on possessions. The wife of Jacques. 1646. Member of the English Province. Raissa Maritain + . Andre Malraux is born. 1922. After whom Amerigo Vespucci and thus America were named. CBS News. That s the way it is. He said his second Mass in the rooms of St. 1960. St. Herbert Thurston.J. On the feast of St. Adorno Benfacta + 1584. spiritualists. dies. ART. S. It was founded by Francis Borgia and is the first College of the Society. The Massachusetts Bay Colony passes a law making it a capital offense to deny that the Bible was the Word of God. 1985.J. Pierius. 1916. the King drove the Archbishop of Toledo and his Vicar General into exile as instigators of the movement. Sigitas Tamkevicius on his release after five years in prison.miraculously escaped capture by Dutch pirates. Poet Wilfred Owen is killed in WW I. North Africa. Transfer of the Curia to its new quarters at Borgo Santo Spirito 5.J. St. 1885. JESUIT 1547. Joseph Fitzmyer. Emeric died in 1031 and was the son of the King of Hungary. bishop Memorial. SCIENCE. Howard Carter discovers King Tut's tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

1789. New Mexico. 1615. 1643. 1987. Roy Rogers is born. . and the Jesuits allegedly involved. 1877. In Persia died Father Alexander de Rhodes. God Was in Christ. The marriage lasts less than six hours. John Carroll is appointed first bishop of Baltimore. that the biretta is not to be allowed to lay brothers. Among the decrees were the following: that the Society is not bound to contribute to the support of those dismissed. ART. 1605. Donald Baillie B Theologian. 1943. SCIENCE. Guy Fawkes Day. Previously. In Russia. The only bidders were Jews from the Ghetto. was established in Las Vegas. Opening of the Seventh General Congregation. Bertha Hummel + age 37. The Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship sends a letter to bishops on the use of churches for concerts of vocal or instrumental music. Martyrs in Vietnam. 1873. Regis University. the first missionary to penetrate into the Kingdoms of Tonkin and Siam (Vietnam) in the year 1627. 1660. 1790.RELIGION 1414. November 6 CHRISTIANITY .November 5 CHRISTIANITY . The Council of Constance opens in Germany. He is consecrated at Lulworth Castle on August 15. The Gunpowder Plot is revealed to the Government as a Popish plot. Designs for Hummel Statues. JESUIT All Saints and Blesseds of the Society of Jesus. Isaac Jogues sails from Manhattan for Europe. HISTORY. then known as Las Vegas College.RELIGION Saint Ignatius Delgado and Companion. Sr. It will close on April 22. She reigned for 34 years. 1796.. 1418. Rudolph Valentino marries Jean Acker. At Rome the furniture of the Gesu Professed House was sold by auction. Vatican City is bombed by a single airplane. 1989. Vladimir Horowitz + pianist. 1789. Billy Sunday + player. 1887. revivalist. SPORT 1912. the diocese of Baltimore is erected by Pius VI. 1919. 1935. after 45 sessions. protectress of the Society. Both sides accuse the other side. he was a major league baseball 1946. the death of Empress Catherine the Great. in search for papal unity.

and France. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957. SCIENCE. The first lecture at the Fordham School of Sociology and Social Service is given by Terence Shealy.J. S. 1922. The Tacoma Narrows suspension bridge collapses in gale. Diamonds are discovered in South Africa.. P. It will define that there are two wills. 1922. Bolshevik Revolution occurs. is born for the firs time. Al Hirt B jazz musician. They seize power in Russia. Born in Iceland. SCIENCE. and editor of The Blueprint of the South. Advocate of social justice. They live among the poor as leaven. HISTORY. S. Nobel Laureate. His stories of childhood in Iceland have been translated into forty languages. +. HISTORY. Petersburg and the Storming of the Winter Palace.J. and Theologia Moralis. Pope John Paul II visits the Santa Casa of Loyola. 1893. 1917.1989. Neil Twombly. ART. Albert Camus B in Algeria. age 85. Tchaikovsky +. JESUIT 1857. he lived his childhood there. 1916. He is the principal founder of the Legion of Mary. S. He was reconciled with the Church before his death. S. +.J. 1986. foundress of the Little Sisters of Jesus in 1939. 1982.I. Marie Curie is born. There is . Billy Graham B evangelist. Birth of Jon Sveinsson Nonni. Frank Duff + in Ireland. the first such visit by a Pope. SPORT 1869. in St. November 7 CHRISTIANITY . The Third Council of Constantinople opens. 1981. He wrote a Handbook of Moral Theology. 1913. The death of Sr.RELIGION 680. . in the Woolworth Building. and then lived in Denmark. Lenin becomes President. two actions in Jesus Christ. Aged 91.J. Will Durant. 1980. He also visits Xavier's castle. 1940. ART. The October Revolution. Hieronymus Noldin. 1918. Magdaleine of Jesus. SPORT 1867. historian +. Age 71.

originally as a diocesan seminary. HISTORY. named the Doctor Subtilis. St. age 42. 1897. a Jesuit novitiate in Macon. Georgia. brothers. The Tomb of Philip II of Macedonia discovered. It is the first college in the US specifically for the education of women. John Milton + in London. averaging twenty-two missions a year. NY. JESUIT 1657. and performed 25. At Genoa died Father Augustine Centurione. The outstanding Catholic laywoman in American history. The death of Blessed John Duns Scotus. are the only two to . and people person. + Chicago. Karl Rahner. sisters.000 baptisms. 1308. The Catholic Worker Movement. thing. and Bernard Lonergan. S. Stanislaus College. 1717. Strong on social justice and integration. of New Orleans +. + at Louvain. Constantine Lievens. he excommunicated several who opposed equal rights for blacks.great movie footage of that event. 1977. In Spain. Mount Holyoke Seminary first opens in Massachusetts. mother. Michael Montague. 1974. ART. He is called the greatest missionary of the Restored Society.J. who before entering the Society had been Doge of the Republic. SPORT 1674. 1921. Charles III orders all Jesuit goods to be sold and demands that newly elected Pope Clement XIV suppress the Society. JESUIT 1769. Archbishop Joseph Rummel. S. age 65. is destroyed by fire.J. Blessed Anthony Baldinucci +. He was an idea. Franciscan philosopher.J. Dorothy Day B Brooklyn. Professor of philosophy and theology. 1979.J. 1964. 1893. November 8 CHRISTIANITY . His father. S. 1837. SCIENCE. 1983. sons and daughters all became Religious. Belgium. US Embassy in Tehran is seized by Iran militants. The four story building had been built in 1873.RELIGION 1047. He was a defender of the poor. Benedict IX becomes Pope again for the third time in six months. S. For twenty years he was an itinerant preacher to the inhabitants of the Italian countryside near Rome. He was a missionary to India in the 1880 after his novitiate.

1970. playwright. 1954. Alfred Barrett + writer. film star.. in 1917 and 1941. NYC. Dylan Thomas + poet. Elected again in 1941 she was the only Representative to vote against both declarations of War. HISTORY. poet. nearly four years before most women were given the right to even vote. It is said that during prayer a fragrant odor was often perceived to exhale from him. JOHN LATERAN. 1953. a man of prayer and mortification. St. The Wall comes down the next day. This is the climax of one month long medieval celebration of the 700th anniversary of the deaths of Aquinas and Bonaventure. Feast. Yves Montand + aged 70. New York City blackout. General Janssens issues revised instruction on norms for buildings of the Society. Vincent's Hospital. Actor. 2003. He taught in the Communications Department at Fordham University.RELIGION DEDICATION OF ST. 1991. Kristallnacht. age 85. SCIENCE. Miss Jeanette Rankin of Montana is elected a member of the House of Representatives. 1836. Distributor of Bibles. Fr. She was an ardent suffragist. The Nazi persecution of the Jews begins and 267 synagogues are burned. Founder of Gideons Bible. The Soldier Saint. Samuel Hall is born. November 9 CHRISTIANITY . Charles de Gaulle +. 1965.receive honorary degrees at the University of Chicago at a special convocation of the University. 1989. after a six day coma after l8 whiskeys in a tavern.. ART. Oversaw the English version of the movie on Loyola. The East German government opens its borders to the West. actor. Played Ed Norton in the Honeymooners. Art Carney. age 39. At Madrid died Father John de Guadarrama. 1955. JESUIT 1656. 1938. . comedian dies. SPORT 1916.

in Ujiji. RM 1483. He was buried Leo the Great. The demolition of the Berlin Wall begins. The holy women Tryphenna and Tryphosa. Silverius. Martin Luther is born. The Gideons place their first bible in a motel in IronMountain. Pope Paul III + To him the Society owes its first constitution as a religious order. Ken Saro-Wiwa Nigerian civil rights activist. Fr. The Fourth Lateran Council convenes. Hormisdas is deposed on this day.RELIGION Martin of Tours. Tanzania. putting an end to the . Bernard Haring born. made a cardinal by Pope Alexander VII. HISTORY. 1551. 1910. 1995. He was buried on this day." He answers. JESUIT 1549. historian of the Council of Trent. 1759. 1569. bishop + 397 Memorial. SPORT 1619. Descartes has a dream/vision/insight into a unitary universal science.November 10 CHRISTIANITY . eminent Redemptorist moral theologian. + 461 on this day. 1989. Montana. Odo Colonna is elected Pope Martin V. ART. Sforza Pallavicini. "Dr. 1417. approved on 27 September. Schiller is born. explorer. pope and doctor. 1912. 537. 1540. Leonid Brezhnev +.RELIGION Memorial. who profited by the preaching of blessed Paul and the example of Thecla. "Yes. Pope St. The US Marine Corps are founded. Journalist Henry Stanley finds David Livingston." 1982. SCIENCE. His resignation was extorted from him and he died one month later on December 2nd. the Formula of the Institute. is hanged because of his leadership for the Ogoni people against environmental pollution and poverty. was despite his attempts to escape the office. Livingston. missionary. 1775. I presume. 1215. November 11 CHRISTIANITY . 1871. who was the son of Pope St. Xavier ends his two year mission in Japan.

1616. E. + Fordham University. He was co-founder with Fr. 1992. Memorial. New York. 1918. John Gontery. bishop and martyr. the daring young man on the flying trapeze.RELIGION Josephat. Martin Dibelius + form criticism. HISTORY. 1855. new style calendar. The Anglican Church s decision to allow women priests. November 12 CHRISTIANITY . saw the challenge of Christianity was to become a Christian. 1947. The death of Soren Kierkegaard. George Hunton + lawyer. SCIENCE. he remains in jail for 12 years. Johnston. Armistice. Auguste Rodin is born. An Advocate of women s suffrage. Refusing to budge. World War I.J. Elizabeth Cady Stanton Day. Grace. He gives his name to the leotard. John Bunyan is arrested for preaching without a licence. This causes difficulties with relations with the Vatican. John LaFarge of the Catholic Interracial Council of New York. Jules Leotard. 1982. was received in the Eternal City with extraordinary solemnity. Schillebeeckx is born. ART. Fyodor Dostoevsky is born in Moscow. 1859. 1967. He was very dull as a scholastic. is born. debuts in Paris. Kurt Vonnegut is born. SPORT 1821. S. The arm of Xavier brought from Goa to Rome. ART. Indianapolis. Scripture scholar. 1840. 1660. Robert Gleason. JESUIT 1614. 1922. Theologian. but imploring Our Lady's help he became a powerful defender of the Church against Calvinists.Great Western Schism. SCIENCE. At Paris died Fr. 1914. JESUIT . HISTORY. theologian. philosopher. SPORT 1815. age 42.

poet + opium addict. religious. and should not be carried from one house to another. one of the ancient family of the Fabii. In the tower of London. . superior. Usus machinae dactylographicae. + Anthropologist. Francis Xavier Cabrini. having been gored by a savage bull on the way to St. He had sought admission to the Society. teacher. Augustine is born. Nicholas Owen ("Little John. 1907. He had been Master of Novices. 1855. Father General Acquaviva had given him leave to enter. whose arm had recently been brought to Rome. JESUIT 1607. Memorial. HISTORY. 1982. but he died while making his preparations. A Missiouri Province Jesuit.1606. 1989. 1615.") was tortured to death on the rack. Paul Kostka. a hair-shirt was found on his body. Superior. St. S. SCIENCE. + in Poland. Paul's. but preferred to resign himself to God's holy will. virgin. not for persons. Robert Louis Stevenson is born. Arrupe. November 13 CHRISTIANITY . and Assistant. Provincial. he was President of St. In Maryland Robert Molyneux. Francis Thompson. First takeoff in a manned helicopter by Paul Corner. At Rome Father Fabius de Fabii. + 1917 354. 1919.J. They would be allowed for offices. Raymond Adams. received the Xavier Award at the 40th annual dinner.RELIGION St. The first novitiate in North America is opened. St. Ghana by one he was trying to help. S. but achieved no real flight. + Natchez.J. had a painful death. Edinburgh. SPORT 1850. After death. He was murdered in Cape Coast. Bishop James Oliver Van de Velde. 1907. Vincent O Keefe. General Gruber to receive the profession. ART. He would not seek a miracle from St.Miss. Stanislaus. Francis Xavier. 1806. Memorial. brother of St. He wrote "The Hound of Heaven". Stanislaus Kostka. Louis University and the second bishop of Chicago from 1848-53. makes his solemn profession to Bishop John Carroll who was empowered by Fr. Instruction of Father General Ledochowski on typewriters. It hovered for a few seconds. General Assistant to Fr.

Frederick Jackson Turner. SPORT 1716. Washington +. 1980. Claude Monet. 1940.000 buildings are damaged and the Cathedral is destroyed. 1851. At Ferrara died Fr. Fr. November 14 CHRISTIANITY . journalist. Joseph Pignatelli. nearly every day I came to pray to St. Bishop of Dublin (RM) 1966. S. John LaFarge + Artist and writer. 1990. Prince Charles. 1900. Nehru is born. writer on Church-State.. SCIENCE. 1598. The National Council of Catholic Bishops is established. JESUIT Feast of St. Pope John Paul II prays at the tomb of Stanislaus Kostka. 1840. and convert to Catholicism. Millar.. General Pedro Arrupe. Malcolm Muggeridge + 87 years old. HISTORY. Great esteemed as a preacher. 1832. Hegel +. Charles Carroll of Carrolltown +. He spoke of a consistent ethic of life and tried to find and found Common Ground. 1889. 1907. Leibniz +.1950. He is the Father of Jesuit John LaFarge. The Jesuit Refugee Service is established by Fr. General decrees that all Independent Vice-Provinces become . He was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence and the last surviving signer.X. 1988. 1948. Archbishop of Chicago. 1861. Moorhouse I. Aaron Copland B 1910. 1831. Lawrence O'Toole. is born. 1915. Moby Dick is published. He taught Political Philosophy at Fordham University. Pedro Arrupe B 1956. Students move into the new site of Boston College High. 1996.RELIGION St. + Educator. 1983. Stanislaus. saying that as a student at the Belgian College. Benedict Palmio. Wisconsin. 69.J. The death of Cardinal Bernardin. he was the first Jesuit to be appointed by the Pope as preacher at the Vatican. Social critic. Booker T. historian is born. ART. Famous for The Frontier Thesis. Church leader and mediator. future King. is born. Coventry City bombed.

1948. The Intellectual Life. The Berlin Conference on African affairs opens. 1863. Antonin Gilbert Sertillanges. St. Prolific author on saints and spiritualists and spirituality. the death of Joseph Pignatelli. The nine first companions leave Paris together to go to Venice to meet St.RELIGION Albert the Great. JESUIT 1536. 1628. 1864. ART. He is one of the architects of the Jesuit Reductions in Uruguay and Paraguay. 1093. a Spaniard of noble birth. SPORT 1630.RELIGION Margaret of Scotland + 1093. in Uruguay. Ignatius there. S. it will rid the slave trade and divide up Africa among these nations. A 50 day journey. O. B Apologist. is martyred. with Alphonsus Rodriguez. Herbert Thurston is born. November 16 CHRISTIANITY . optional memorial. optional memorial. optional memorial. HISTORY. He was a friend of Jesuits.J. Anders Nygren is born. a golden link between the Old and New Society. Theologian.P. He died on this date in 1280. Johannes Kepler + An Astronomer.J. . bishop and doctor. General Sherman begins his march from Atlanta to the sea. Louis Twomey inaugurates Christ s Blueprint for the South. S. intended originally for social consciousness raising among Jesuits. 1811. virgin. 1890. dedicated to the poor. His feast is November 16th. November 15 CHRISTIANITY . Roch Gonzalez. Eros and Agape. wrote . philosopher. Attended by 14 nations. SCIENCE. 1884. an American Indian. St. he discovered that each planet travels around the sun in elliptical orbits. Margaret of Scotland + age 47. 1856. In Rome.Provinces. Gertrude.

Julian the Apostate B Roman Emperor. 1917. Memorial. Dostyevsky is sentenced to death. SPORT 1849. SCIENCE. Louis Blues. Author of Things Fall Apart. the death of Queen Mary Tudor and the accession of Elizabeth.J. 1930. 1904. 1873.C. Oklahoma becomes a state.J. and two co-workers martyred by government backed troops in San Salvador. Ignacio Ellacuria and Ignacio Martin-Baro are among the dead. 1989. He was the half brother of Constantine. religious. is born. queen. 1200. Clark Gable +. 331.HISTORY. JESUIT St. but converted to Greek and pagan philosophies. 1960. Handy is born. 1907. S. August Rodin +. Cardinal Bea. at the age of 24. Nigerian novelist. SCIENCE. John del Castillo and Alphonsus Rodriguez. Nnamdi Azikiwe is born. Suez Canal is opened. Memorial. She died on this day in 1231. priests and martyrs. 1869. A native of Iceland. Alabama. and has been translated into forty languages. he wrote in German. He was Confessor of Pius XI and Pius XII and created a Cardinal in 1959. In England. He wrote children s stories about Iceland. November 17 CHRISTIANITY . 1857. ecumenist. 1968. in an attempt to destroy the University of Central America. 1889. Chinua Achebe is born. Josef Jungmann. ART. Six Jesuit priests. 'Father of the Blues' composer. History of Liturgy.RELIGION Elizabeth of Hungary. S. W. + Scripture Scholar. 1624. ART. HISTORY. Sculptor. He was appointed to head Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity at the age of 79. . Hugh of Lincoln +. Jon Svennson. Nigerian leader. SPORT 1558. S. This was later commuted to four years in Siberia. St. Roch Gonzalez. Jacob Boehme + German mystic. is born.J.

Sojourner Truth is born. 1874. Zimbabwe. Pope Paul III caused the Governor of Rome to publish the verdict proclaiming the complete innocence of Ignatius and his companions . Jacques Maritain is born. 1913. Guyana due to Jim Jones People's Temple cult. 1836. Baseball Hall of Famer. Gilbert. 1854. Black evengelist. HISTORY. He was a missionary to South Africa and the founder of St. William Byron is installed as the 12th President of the Catholic University of America. The mass suicide. of 913 persons.S. St. 1966. a French Marxist atheist philosopher strangles his wife and goes to a psychiatric clinic. JESUIT 1538. Althusser. 1789. The Bishop of Rio de Janeiro accused the Jesuits of concealing relics and other church treasures belonging to their suppressed churches. Roque Gonzalez and his companions are designated as the patron saints of the Latin American Assistancy by Fr. 1978. +. advocate of human rights. 1882. is born. 1988.1944.J. lyricist of Gilbert and Sullivan. 1820. nulla salus. St. including 200 children at Jonestow n. In his honor was a very well attended funeral in Bulawayo. General Sani Abacha of Nigeria dissolves all democratic institutions. 1302. the first woman to lead a Muslim state. Steamboat Willie. optional memorial. General. ART. Mickey Mouse debuts in the New York film. as well as extra ecclesiam. Paul's on December 10. Antarctica is discovered. both in the power of the church. 1938. Marc Barthelemy S. 1982. 1993. George s College. SPORT 1787. Abbess Hilda +. St. Rose Philippine Duchesne. virgin. November 18 CHRISTIANITY . were to be excommunicated. Tom Seaver is born. 1928. 1893. SCIENCE. The Letter of Leo XIII Providentissimus Deus advances Roman Catholic scripture studies. The inventor of the first photographic process.RELIGION The Dedication of the Churches of Peter and Paul. Delegates meet to form the Woman's Christian Temerance Union. is born. Catholic philosopher. W. reformer. Benazir Bhutto is elected Prime Minister of Pakistan. The last required meatless Friday for American Roman Catholics. 1980. Peter's Church was dedicated on November 18. JESUIT 1759. in his Bull Unam Sanctam. Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre. upholds the doctrine of the two swords. 1626. Memorial in the USA 680. All who had knowledge of the matter and refused to disclose it. apostles. Pope Boniface VIII.

1910. SPORT 1863. At Rome. It is moved to the floor of the sanctuary of the Gesu and remains there for 35 years.J. November 19 CHRISTIANITY . Centurione is elected. Kentucky. Fr. Roy Campanella is named Most Valuable Player in the National League. S. The opening of the 18th General Congregation. Dodger catcher and slugger. 1921. Jesuits in China. concerning the novelty of his mode of life and his teaching. 1953. dies. five days before his death there read a solemn public protestation of the Society s innocence of the crimes imputed to it at the Suppression. Corita Kent is born. Charles Lallemant. JESUIT 1526. Billy Sunday is born. The second translation of the body of St. Edward J.J. artist. 1755. . convokes a general council for 15 March 1545. The birth of the first surviving septuplets.. ART. famed for posters/graphics. Pierre Cazelles. Ignatius before the Inquisition begins. but it is postponed until 13 December. 1830.. SCIENCE. In Paris the death of Fr. Gettysburg Address. The first edition of the Jesuit Yearbook appears. 1899. 1674. He sails from Bordeaux. the second founder of the Missions in New France. At Alcala the examination of St. 1997.RELIGION 1544. Baseball player and then revivalist in Chicago. 1960. imprisoned in Castel Sant Angelo. The oath against modernism is taken at the Curia. Fourscore and seven years ago. Writer. This will eventually be the Council of Trent. IHM Sister. is named first superior of the French Jesuit mission in Canada. 1982. 1587. 1918. then ex-sister. 1862. Alan Tate is born. Poet and critic. HISTORY. Lorenzo Ricci.of all heresy. S. Roy Campanella is born. 1775. Ignatius. A Bull of Pope Paul III. Dunne.

November 20


1704. Pope Clement XI confirms the decree of the Holy Office against the Chinese rites. 1867. Cardinal Patrick Hayes is born. He becomes Archbishop of New York in 1919, and dies in 1938. 1947. The Encyclical Letter of Pius XII, Mediator Dei, on the Sacred Liturgy. 1981. Frank Sheed +. Catholic layman, apologist, publisher.

HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, SPORT 1786. Carl Maria von Weber is born. 1855. Josiah Royce is born. philosopher.

1908. Alisdair Cooke is born. Journalist, broadcaster. His Letter from America, on BBC radio, is the longest running program ever. 1910. The death of Leo Tolstoi, aged 82, novelist and moralist. His last words were to seek, always to seek. 1923. Nadine Gordimer, South African novelist, is born. 1989. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is adopted. 1998. The first major section of the ISS (International Space Station) goes into orbit in a Russian rocket. JESUIT 1581. The Spanish Jesuit, Diego Borasso +. The Philosopher. His class was attended by 500 scholars. At the command of his superior he went and caught a sparrow that sat perched on a bench. 1864. In St. Peter s in Rome, the beatification of Peter Canisius by Pope Piux X. 1968. 28 Al Hikma University Jesuits are ordered to leave Baghdad in five days. Nine months later the remaining 33 Jesuits are expelled from Baghdad College. 1976. Martin D'Arcy, S.J. + 88 years old.

November 21


The Presentation of Mary, Memorial. Day to honor those in Cloistered Religious Life. Rufus, son of Simon Cyrene, chosen by God. New RM 496. St. Gelasius I, Pope. Reigned from 492-96.+ He was from North Africa and strengthened the doctrine of papal power as the two swords. He was the first to be called the Vicar of Christ and was called the father of the poor.

1620. The Mayflower Compact. Freedom of worship. 1768. Friedrich Schleiermacher is born. 1964. Pope Paul VI proclaims Mary to be Mother of the Church. 1970. Apostolic Letter of Paul VI, Ingravescentem aetatem. It decrees that cardinals who have reached age of 80 can't vote for the pope, and bishops must offer their resignation at 75. 1974. Dom David Knowles + Historian. Benedictine who lived outside the monastery. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, SPORT 1694. Voltaire is born. Paris. His family name was Francois Marie Arouet. He was educated by the Jesuits at the College of Louis-le-Grand, Paris. He wrote wit and satires, including Candide. 1896. George Washington Gale Ferris +, age 37. He was the engineer who designed the Ferris Wheel. 1910. Leo Tolstoy + age 82. 1920. Stan Musial B .331 batting average. Hall of Famer. 1964. The Verranzano Narrows Bridge opens in New York City. 1966. The National Organization of Women (NOW) is formed.

JESUIT 1552. At Rome, the arrival of the first students at the German College, one of the foundations especially dear to St. Ignatius. 1858. The Collegio Pio Latino Americano opens in Rome. It has trained over 23 cardinals and 340 bishops. 1921. Francis Aloysius Barnum + Alaskan missionary. He wrote a ry and grammar. He set up Georgetown University s archaeological museum. November 22 CHRISTIANITY - RELIGION Memorial. dictiona

Cecilia, virgin and martyr,

Sts. Philemon and Apphia, disciples of St. Paul. RM 545. Pope Vigilius is kidnapped and taken to Sicily and then Constantinople. He will never see Rome again, as he dies in 555 on his way back to Rome. Emperor Justinian opposed him. 1935. The death of Eberhard Arnold, enemy of Hitler, and founder of the Bruderhof. 1943. Pietro Alessandro Yon +. Organist, composer (Jesu Bambino) served at Xavier parish, NYC, and St. Patrick's and other churches. 1981. The Apostolic Exhortation of John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio, on the Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, SPORT 1643. Robert de La Salle is born. France. As an explorer, he discovered the Mississippi River. 1682. Halley sees the comet that will bear his name. 1869. Andre Gide, is born.

1900. 1916. 1963. 1963. 1963. 1980. JESUIT

Arthur Sullivan + of Gilbert and Sullivan fame. Jack London, author. Died, a suicide in California, age 40. John F. Kennedy + Assassinated in Dallas, Texas. C.S. Lewis +. Author, theologian. Aldous Huxley +. Mae West +.

1633. Frs. Andrew White and Altham leave England to found the mission of Maryland. 1729. Aloysius Gonzaga is declared patron of all students throughout the Catholic world. 1791. Georgetown Academy opens. Its first student, aged 12, is the first student taught by Jesuits in the USA. 1922. Fire destroys the Jesuit College of St. Boniface, in Manitoba. Nine students and one Jesuit brother die. 1987. Roger Filcock and Robert Middleton are among the 85 martyrs declared blessed by Pope John Paul II. Both were hung, drawn, and quartered in England in 1601. 1996. Robert Harvanek, S.J. + age 79, ex-Provincial of Chicago, philosop her. November 23 CHRISTIANITY - RELIGION

Blessed Miguel Augustin Pro, S.J. martyr: optional memorial in the USA. Assassinated in Mexico on this day 1927 by leaders of the persecution of the Church in Mexico. "Viva Christo Rey." He was 36 and ordained two years. Clement I, pope and martyr (the 4th pope; died in 97 AD) and Columban, abbot, optional memorials. 1906. Wilhelm Wrede +. He was a German Lutheran New Testament scholar. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, SPORT 1654. Blaise Pascal has an experience that changed his life. A God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob, not the God of the philosophers and scholars... God of Jesus Christ.. Surrender to Jesus Christ. 1859. Billy the Kid is born. He becomes a famous US outlaw. 1889. The first juke box saloon opens, in San Francisco. 1976. Andre Malraux + writer, intellectual. 1992. Roy Acuff + age 89. Country singer, "Wabash Cannonball," JESUIT 1545. At Rome the entrance into the Society of Father Jerome Nadal, whom St. Ignatius had known as a student at Paris. 1585. The arrival in Rome of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, with letters from his father, to Pope Sixtus V and to Fr. General Acquaviva. He entered the novitiate on November 25. etc.

1979. Edwin Cuffe, S.J. + , NY.

Juniorate Professor at St.

Andrew on Hudson

1983. The national police occupy the Central American University (El ) and spend 11 hours examining every book in the library.


November 24


St. Andrew Dung-Lac, Priest and Martyr, and his companions, Obligatory Memorial. 1572. John Knox + Scottish reformer> He had been a Roman Catholic priest. 1713. Junipero Serra is born. 1848. Pope Pius IX flees Rome in disguise, and heads for Gaeta. 1917. The Military Archdiocese of the USA is created. Bishop Patrick Hayes of New York is the 1st military bishop. 1924. Sigrid Undset is received into the Catholic Church. 1995. Cardinal Dominic Ekandem + in Ikot Ekpene, Nigeria. He was the first Nigerian Cardinal. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, SPORT 1632. Baruch (Benedict) Spinoza is born. Amsterdam. 1864. Henri de Toulouse Lautrec is born. Painter. 1868. Scott Joplin is born. Pianist, composer. 1938. Oscar Robertson B Basketball superstar. 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin of President Kennedy, in police custody, is himself killed by Jack Ruby. 2003. Warren Spahn dies, age 82. Baseball pitcher with 363 wins, the most for a left-handed. JESUIT 1665. Simon Le Moyne, S.J. + in Canada.

1678. Claude La Colombiere is arrested for treason. 1775. Laurence Ricci + in Castel S. Angelo. He was the 18th and last General of the Old Society. He was imprisoned for over two years, and not allowed to write or to celebrate Mass. 1938. Genevieve Brady Macaulay + Philanthropist. She was a major benefactress to Wernersville and Innisfada. 1963. John LaFarge, S.J. + writer. He was a pioneer advocate of racial justice in the US. 1985. Opening of the Synod on the Second Vatican Council. 44 Jesuits

participate; 10 members, 7 experts, 13 journalists, and 14 ors. November 25 CHRISTIANITY - RELIGION


St Catherine of Alexandria, 3-4th Century. Traditionally she has been the patron saint of Jesuit scholastics studying philosophy. Also patroness of librarians. Optional Memorial. 1535. Foundation Day of the Ursuline Order, under Angela Merici: a novel, apostolic teaching association of women. 1748. Isaac Watts + hymnwriter.

1881. Pope John XXIII is born. 1976. Norman Perrin + New Testament scholar. From Britain and then teaching and writing in the USA. HISTORY, SCIENCE, ART, SPORT 1846. Carry Nation B She was a temperance leader who wrecked saloons in Kansas. 1914. Joe DiMaggio is born. Lifetime batting average of .325.

1952. The Mousetrap, a play by Agatha Christie opens in London and ran for about 50 years. JESUIT 1584. At Rome, the solemn consecration of the magnificent Church of the Gesu, built for the Society by Cardinal Alexander Farnese. 1585. Aloysius Gonzaga enters the novitiate of Sant Andrea, Rome. 1984. Philip Hurley, S.J. + He was a strong advocate of civil rights and justice for the poor, of the New York Province.

November 26


1842. The University of Notre Dame is founded by Fr. Edward Sorin, CSC. 1883. The death of Sojourner Truth, age 86. She was a Black evangelist, activist, and reformer for human rights. 1892. Cardinal Lavigierie +. He was the founder and pioneer White Father missionary to Algeria and East Africa. He was Primate, and the first Cardinal of Africa. He also founded the White Sisters.

ART. Catherine Laboure has a vision of Mary. preaches. 1922. Virgil Michel. James Alberione + age 87. He was a band leader and trombonist. 1921. The Rocky Mountain Mission. Philosopher and Theologian. Cartoonist. At Rome. pray for us who have recourse to thee. 1701. This is the origin of the Miraculous Medal. SCIENCE. He gave his name to the thermometer. . St. 1681. Bernard Lonergan. Swedish scientist. OSB +. Pope Urban II. An attempt is made on the life of visiting Pope Paul VI at the airport. JESUIT St. General Ledochowski is issued on religious modesty after the example of John Berchmans. Korean cease fire agreement. Paul and of the Daughters of St. The Jesuits in France were suppressed by the Bourbons. Manila. 1906. He was the founder of the liturgical movement in the USA. Paul. Tommy Dorsey +. 1678. 1951. President Teddy Roosevelt returns from Central America. He was the founder of the Society of St. He was the first US President to travel abroad while in office. He was a widely admired preacher. End of the Korean War. He was released after five weeks and banished. conceived without sin. A Letter of Fr. the death of Fr. 1764. SPORT 8.RELIGION 1095. is erected. The first celebration of Thanksgiving Day in the US. HISTORY. Peanuts. November 27 CHRISTIANITY . based in Spokane. John Paul Oliva. 1956. John Berchmans. S. In London the arrest and imprisonment of Claude la Colombiere. SCIENCE. 1938. the eleventh general of the Society. 1830. 1984. 1971.J. Anders Celsius. religious. Raissa and Jacques Maritain married. Charles Schulz is born. "O Mary. 1930. issues a call for the 1st Crusade. ART. Quintus Horatius Flaccus born. HISTORY. SPORT 1789. BC. +.1904." 1970. Memorial.

J. London. November 28 CHRISTIANITY . he thought of leaving the Society. but especially a leader in science and archeology. but was threatened by St. 1982. Philibert Randriambololona. JESUIT 1617.who invented the magic lantern in the 17th century. 1981. Ignatius. Being tempted to desire the priesthood. Twice Provincial. He was a theologian. 1680. and Churchill meet at Tehran. He invented the magic lantern and developed the mercury thermometer. He would crown Pius XI with papal tiara. Last words. Japanese lay brother. 1943. and then to others. Tarrytown.J. he was also Fr. John Bunyan is born. but being carried to our Lady's altar. . San Andrea Quirinale was his favorite creation. SCIENCE. sculptor. Our Lady appears in Kebeko. 500 friends and alumni/ae of Holy Cross and Boston College perish. Fr. Blessed Leonard Kimura. Louis Billot. Rwanda. mystic. S. a Belgian lay brother. Stalin. 1911. playwright + Boston. In 1927 he resigned from the College of Cardinals. As a scholastic he was dull and sickly. he was suddenly cured and endowed with extraordinary talent. Opus Dei is made a personal prelature by Rome with 70. and professor. "When will this end?" 1942. +.Kircher . He died a martyr of charity. Cocoanut Grove Fire. disciple of Paul. 1859. was made a cardinal. NY.RELIGION St. Pilgrim s Progress. Athanasius Kircher + A universal genius.1953. 1988. William Blake is born. architect. Poet. In Madagascar. General s Assistant for Africa and Madagascar. artist. SPORT 1757. to Alphonsine Mumureke. ART. HISTORY. died a glorious martyr by fire. is ordained Coadjutor Bishop. Washington Irving + age 76. He was a friend and benefactor of the Society. mentioned in his letter to the Corinthians. Cecil B. deMille said that the real pioneer of movies is a Jesuit . At Nagasaki. FDR. 1680. The death of Mathias de la Saulx. Sosthenes. JESUIT 1629. S. Gian Lorenzo Bernini.000 members. age 55. RM 1628. Eugene O'Neill.

the Order of the Rising Sun. Clement Armitage. Lewis B in Belfast. She died with a clear conscience. The Jesuits of White Russia request the Empress Catherine to allow the Brief of Suppression to be published. She bids them lay aside their scruples. Joseph Pittau. HISTORY. Composer. S. She began the Catholic Worker.J. C. Dorothy Day +. 1980. 1984. Fr. Pius V. received Japan s highest honor. Most important laywoman in USA history. including The Long Loneliness. She was an abolitionist and writer. + age 89. S. One month after the Wall Street Crash. General Counselor.J. apologist. ART. He was married. Martin Scott. Fr. as well as other changes made in the Institute. Writer. He worked at Jesuit Mission magazine from 1947-1980. promising to obtain the Papal sanction for their remaining in statu quo.RELIGION 1643. 1954. JESUIT 1572. and later became a priest. Louisa May Alcott is born. Twenty Fathers and 192 Scholastics set sail from the Tagus for exile. . SCIENCE. 1980. 1898. On the death of St. 1855. Answer Wisely. according to an editorial in the New York Times. John Baptist Hus is appointed superior of the New York Canada Mission. SPORT 1832. He wrote more than 25 books.1759. for his contribution to education. and wrote several books. 1773.S. Two were to die on the voyage to Genoa and Civitavecchia. Gregory XIII ascended the Papal throne and abolished the choir imposed on the Society by his predecessor. the University of Chicago inaugurates Robert Maynard Hutchins as the youngest president of a major university. 1929. Fr. Claudio Monteverdi + Venice. November 29 CHRISTIANITY .

Memorial. 1900. martyrs. 1874. He engraved. On the Mercy of God. Andrea Pozzo at Trent. Mark Twain B (With Halley's Comet in the sky) Florida. Patron of Scotland and Russia. APOSTLE CHRISTIANITY .J. Donald Thorman +. 1628. Etty Hillesum died in Auschwitz. Father General Laurence Ricci ordered the Litany of Loretto to be added daily to the Litany of the Saints. and wood engraver for the Catholic Worker. in London. Winston Churchill is born. Blessed Sr. He died of hepatitis after a journey to the Far East. Dives in Misericordia. and wrote her journal. editor. 1980. famous for his Call for Philip Morris cigarette advertisement. age 29. + in Paris. 1930. Mother Jones. She was a Jewish mystic. priests. at Tyburn. dies around the age of l00. S. 28th Superior General. 1964. John Bunyan B Pilgrim's Progress. RM. 10 Jesuit saints and 18 Jesuit blesseds .Ignatius so that it would look as though there were a dome above. 1998. He was the Founder and First Editor of America magazine. Wynne. including Margaret Clitheroe.age 46. John J. 1928. 1943. because of the calamities threatening the Society. Also editor of the Catholic Encyclopedia and vice postulator for the North American Martyrs. 1990.RELIGION Sts. Encyclical Letter of John Paul II. aged 41 and Alexander Briant. On this day. bellboy. SPORT 1835. His work is still on view. HISTORY.J. He was 89. S. SCIENCE. December 1 CHRISTIANITY . l909-10. +. JESUIT 1642.RELIGION Feast. is born. labor organizer and activist. who was called to Rome in 1681 to paint the flat ceiling of the Church of St. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach.November 30 ANDREW. Among his many awards was the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953. ART. entitled An Interrupted Life. Campion. aged 27. Edmund Campion and Robert Southwell (age 33). Clementine Annuarite + in Zaire. for example. Oscar Wilde. Christ at the Breadlines. The birth of Br. an artist. crusader. Writer. are martyred. 1948. The prophet Nahum. The death of Johnny Roventini. in a hotel. There had been a plan for a dome but there was no money to build it. 1761. 1977. Fritz Eichenberg + He was a Quaker. National Catholic Reporter. and their companions . Mo. She was a martyr of .

Roosevelt. Lee Trevino is born. Educator. Ignatius encourages the inauguration of colleges. Pope John Paul II meets Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. 1764. theologian. 1984. He was an Old Testament Scripture scholar. SCIENCE. Dr. Pope Paul VI travels to India for Eucharistic Congress. Apostolic Exhortation of John Paul II. and Churchill pledge to defeat Nazism. Louis XV declares that the Society of Jesus ceases to exit in France. S. Elsewhere Hospital of TV fame. The Antarctic is to be used for peace only. ART. USA missionary women are martyred in El Salvador. 1958. George Ruggieri. he served as director of the NY City Aquarium and Osborne Laboratories from l976 until his death. appears with Marilyn Monroe in the center. S. Reconciliatio et Poenitentia. Golf shot and money maker. Isaac Hecker + Ecumenist. Blessed John Ruysbroek + Flemish RC mystic. 1959. The theological faculty of the University of Paris condemns the Society of Jesus in a ringing public declaration. Fire claims lives of 95 children and 3 nuns at Holy Angels school in Chicago.chastity. Maura Clarke. Eventually this leads to many changes and reforms. + North Africa. 1554. aged 36. visits Pope John XXIII in Rome. Woody Allen is born. A marine biologist.J. destructive of monastic life. ART. Bruce Vawter +. 1955. The International Antarctic Treaty is signed. a disturber of the peace of the Church. is machine gunned to death in Chad. 1917. The new Ordo Penitentiae is promulgated. SPORT World AIDS Day. in the 7th century. It stress a faith that does justice. He was the founder of the Paulist Fathers. The Teheran conference ends. Little Brothers of the Poor. by Hugh Hefner. Archbishop of New York. JESUIT 155l. Her feast in the new RM St. Rosa Parks refuses to move to the back of the bus. HISTORY. 1939. December 2 CHRISTIANITY . in Montgomery. and writer. 1916.RELIGION 1381. offering varying forms for the administration of the sacrament of penance/reconciliation. 1943. Geoffrey Fisher. SPORT . 1960. calling it a danger to the family. +. and destined to cause harm rather than education. Gone With the Wind premiers in New York. The first edition of Playboy. Father Flanagan opens Boys Town. Alabama. Brother Alfredo Perez Lobato. 1973. Charles de Foucauld. and the unity of hearts and minds. Letter of St. on Reconciliation and Penance. Fr. 1989. 1974. 1980. More recently linked with St. 1967. 1888. 1939. Cardinal Spellman +. 1986. the Archbishop of Canterbury. 1964. 2002. 1973.J. Ita Ford. Eligius who was a bishop in France. 1935. 1987. age 76. and Dorothy Kazel. Stalin. Comedian and film rayed and shot by Senoussis among the Tuaregs. 1953. The 32nd General Congregation opens. HISTORY. SCIENCE. Jean Donovan. Ivan Illich dies. the first meeting of the Archbishop of Canterbury with the Pope since the Reformation.

1859.1814. A theologian. off the coast of China. He was the composer of Appalachian Spring and many other compositions. Author. The first heart transplant is performed by Christiaan Barnaard. 1990. 1973. Abolitionist John Brown is hanged after his famous raid on the arsenal at Harper's Ferry. Mary Baker Eddy +. RM 1586. JESUIT 1552. Pope Sixtus V fixes the number of the college of cardinals at 70. In Bhopal. speaks to scholastics at the house of studies in France and founds the Apostleship of Prayer. 1833.J.200. Francis X. In Judea. Benedict XIV issues the first encyclical of modern times. 1910. 1942. 1823. The Model "A" Ford. S. Rome. the Institute of the Society was approved by the assembled Fathers.000 in India. December 3 CHRISTIANITY . the holy prophet Zephaniah. He is said to have converted more than 1. India. Archbishop John Carroll + in Baltimore. declaring no more colonization on the American continents. age 74. S. the first co-education college opens its door. in Samoa. 1740. A Letter of Fr. Roothaan on desire for the missions. +. HISTORY. Ignatius Church. and assistant in Rome. 1815. He was the first American bishop in the USA and the greatest churchman of the American Catholic Church. Ubi Primum. JESUIT 1563. 1844. Francis Xavier + on the island of Sancian. 1967. Daniel Day Williams. ART. The Monroe Doctrine is promulgated. toxic fumes kill over 2000. 1894. 1912. Gautrelet. The first sustained nuclear reaction takes place at the University of Chicago. Piet Fransen.J. age 44. engineered by Enrico Fermi. 1847. Foundress of the faith known as Christian Science. at Stagg Field. +. 1857. Joseph Conrad is born. priest Feast The Patron of the Missions. theologian +. Marquis de Sade + in a mental asylum near Paris. S. 1983. Oberlin.RELIGION Francis Xavier. costing $385 succeeds the Model T. SCIENCE. tertian instructor. he wrote especially on the theology of grace. At the Council of Trent. caused by fumes arising from the Union Carbide plant. Aaron Copland +. Maurice Meschler. Robert Louis Stevenson + of apoplexy. 1984. representing the Old Testament elders. Shouts "Death to the Jesuits" are heard outside St. 1927. novice director. SPORT 1833. The Atomic Age begins. at the news of the Protestant electoral victory in Switzerland.J. He was an ascetical writer as well as provincial. .

1984. Francis X. who was a politician too. It had become a mission in 1831. S. The Missouri Vice-Province is erected into a Province. Pere Marquette. SPORT 1875. The Historical Institute of the Society is opened in Rome. 1848. +. . 1930. The Vatican approves the rhythm method of birth control. 1957. December 4 CHRISTIANITY . is HISTORY. originally named Nicholas Breakspeare.J. ART. General Manuel Noriega of Panama takes refuge in the Vatican embassy. John Damascene. He was editor of America magazine from 1936-44. Poet. JESUIT 1674. Benjamin Britten + composer. NY. due to declining numbers. The five Italian Jesuit provinces are reduced to one. 1154. and Saint Among the Hurons. He will re-enter the Society in 1996. Rainer Maria Rilke is born in Prague. which place later becomes the city of Chicago. The Vice Province of Central Africa is erected. 1642. Monroe.RELIGION optional memorial. Two Jesuits land in Australia and begin our work there: Fr. SCIENCE. The monogram of the Society over the main entrance was effaced. Fernando Cardinal. priest and doctor. S. John Magan. and wrote Saint Among Savages. In his later years he was a missionary in Zimbabwe. 1978. 1953. erects a mission on shores of Lake Michigan. The death of Cardinal Richelieu. 1989. He launched the Catholic book Club and Thought magazine. The Second Vatican Council Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy approved. 1563. The Roman College. to hold the office. He was a founder of the youth or high school retreat ministry at Gonzaga Retreat House. was reopened as a state Liceo. Kranewit ter and his companion. It had opened in l545. 1870. appropriated by the Piedmontese government that had invaded Rome. 1963. Talbot +. 1931. The Mission of Jamaica is assigned to the New England Province.1863. the Nicaraguan Minister of Education. He is the only Englishman. To escape US troops.J. attached to the Belgian Province in 1836 and created a vice-province in 1840. 1976. and then a counselor for those addicted to drugs. The Council of Trent closes. 1928. Fr. 1989. receives the document dismissing him from Society of Jesus. Adrian IV is elected pope.

SCIENCE. SPORT 1791. Pope Innocent VIII issues the bull Summis Desiderantes ordering the Inquisition in Germany 1848. This was a breakthrough due to the letters of Pius X.December 5 CHRISTIANITY . are granted permission to receive Communion daily. Andrew on Hudson. by drinking lysol. ART. S. 1584. bishop optional memorial. HISTORY. S. 1967. after Portugal. concern for social justice. December 6 CHRISTIANITY . is martyred at the hands of an Indian renegade. The Sodality of the Roman College had begun in 1564. 1933. superior. General. 1906. He wrote the words for Stille Nacht. JESUIT 1551. Prohibition ends as the 21st Amendment is ratified. age 52. Spain. 1273. St. I can do no more. Lost Squadron. John Paul II visits the Gregorian University and the Biblical Institute. He had been a missionary. John Hurley. 1590. 1931. He is a famous Flemish painter of insects and flowers. and India. 1945.RELIGION 1484. Novices at Jesuit Novitiate. and imprisoned in the Philippines. 1979. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart +. Such things have been revealed to me that everything I have . priest.J. +. Poet. It is the fourth province of the Society. S. Brother Daniel Seghers.J. The Italian Province is constituted. Gregory XIII issues a bull Omnipotentis Dei establishing the Sodality of the Roman College as the first sodality in the world (Primaria) and places all sodalities under Fr. Five planes disappear in the Bermuda Triangle on a training flight. Vachel Lindsay + of suicide.RELIGION Nicholas. Noel Chabanel. from Cologne. 1649. is born. Joseph Mohr +. Thomas Aquinas has a vision and explains: "Reginald. Blessed Adolph Kolping. Genius composer. NY. Paschal Broet is named Provincial.J.

1598. Ex-Josephite priest. painter. for example.J. is born. Cullen. 1942. Originally from Martinique. He was banished from one of our colleges. architect. SPORT 1883. 2002. and a public pledge be taken to defend that doctrine. The death of Maude Dominica Petre. friend of modernists. In Haiti's first democratic election. 1990. In Paris Father Busembaum's Medulla Theologiae Moralis was publicly burned by order of Parliament. on the ground (false) that it favored tyrannicide. 1921. DC. he designed the colonnade of St. 1965.J. Redemptoris Missio.327 lifetime batting average. 1757. A Common Declaration of Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras I at the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council withdraws the mutual excommunication of the churches of Rome and Constantinople. Frantz Fanon +. With a . Honus Wagner +. he was a voice for the liberation of the oppressed. This was regarded as a novelty not to be encouraged. age 36. ART. age 79. as he sets up the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. I. . On this day he was ordained bishop of Milan. December 7 CHRISTIANITY . the Jesuits were blamed for proposing to the Viceroy that a solemn feast should be held in honor of the Immaculate Conception. 1992. Wreck of the Deutschland. Blues legend. But a military coup will oust him in the near future. He returns and then is ousted again. JESUIT 1618. New Jersey. Lebanon. SCIENCE. The Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World" is promulgated at Vatican II 1965. Balthasar Gracian. 1990. An Encyclical of Pope John Paul II On the Missionary Activity of the Church. pacifist. Joyce Kilmer. Memorial. Phil Berrigan dies. The Total Abstinence Society of the Sacred Heart. S. Author of The Compleat Gentleman. Poet. The Motu Proprio of Paul VI. + He was the founder of the Pioneers. on March 7th). Integrae Servandae. HISTORY. In Naples. The Art of Worldly Wisdom. Jean Bertrand Aristide is elected President by a landslide. etc. Peter's. Five Franciscan sisters are drowned and it inspires Hopkins to immortalize them in poetry. activist. 1965. 1875. bishop and doctor. 1949. that one should so trust friends as if tomorrow they could be fiends. Gian Lorenzo Bernini is born. and was a friend and benefactor of the Society of Jesus. This is a guide to the ethics of worldly life. the first in almost five centuries. frequently in prison. (He Kahlil Gibran is born. in Washington. Huddie Leadbelly Ledbetter. S. He wrote. . Writer on mysticism. Evelyn Underhill is born. I must await the end of my life. The new Catholic Catechism is issued. It is actually issued in early 1991. dies.RELIGION Ambrose. 1961.A. +. begins the reorganization of the Curia.written now seems to be straw. 1886. 1658. would die in four months. 1955. Sculptor. Fr. 1875. he is one of the first five to enter the Baseball Hall of Fame.

JESUIT 1549. ART. James Thurber is born. Mary Gordon B Novelist. 1930. 1st African cardinal in modern age. 1688. 744 bishops. SPORT 1542. Rev. It was solemnly proclaimed on this day. Pater Leppich dies. Rube Goldberg +. l969-74. At Rome the death of Fr. etc. An earthquake in Armenia results in more than 25. and a great scientist. 1876. The First Vatican Council opens. Evangelii Nuntiandi. 1856. Columbus. Willa Cather is born. 1932. Ohio. 1978. DC 1949. Virginia. 1854. Peter Codazzo. Washington crosses the Delaware. Ars Poetica. More than 2. The Second Vatican Council closes. 1649. Cardinal Rugambwa +.HISTORY. John Anyogu. in Burundi. Charles Garnier. Ineffabilis Deus. 1980. The Catholic Institute of West Africa officially opens in Port Harcourt. The first Nigerian to be ordained a priest. Famed preacher Pater Leppich Spricht. JESUIT . Lainez discourses at the Council of Trent on the Mass as a sacrifice. Golda Meir +. SCIENCE. Basketball superstar and Hall of Famer.000 deaths. December 8 CHRISTIANITY RELIGION IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. the first Italian to join the Society and the man who gave to Ignatius the church and property of Santa Maria della Strada. by Pius IX. Pearl Harbor is attacked by the Japanese. SPORT 65. The Apostolic Exhortation of Paul VI. He and 5 others die in Africa 3 years later 1869. 1776. is ordained by Bishop Shanahan in Onitsha. 1975.400 are killed. At Rome died Father Honoratus de Fabri. Johnny Bench is born. 1551. 1970. He taught the circulation of the blood before Harvey's book was published. Solemnity. 1985. is sentenced with some laypersons to four years in prison for opposition to the government. She wrote My Anthonia. 1997. She was the Israeli Prime Minister. ART. Queen of Scots is born. in Apostolic Constitution. 1988. S. John Lennon is shot and killed in New York City. and Death Comes for the Archbishop. 1965. 1865. Nigeria. 1956. Bishop de Bressilac founds the SMA (Society of African Missions) in Lyon. A day that will live in infamy. 1941. cartoonist on technology. 1947. Baseball superstar.J. including 46 from USA. SCIENCE. Gabriel Barakana. 1992. 1894. Mary Stuart. Larry Bird is born. Sibelius is born. On the Evangelization of Peoples. Horace is born. grand penitentiary. + at the hands of the Iroquois. Hunger March in Washington. BC. 1981. HISTORY.

Noel Chabanel + a martyr. He led a harsh life as a missionary. The Irish Province was erected by Father Beckx. New Custom Book of the American Assistancy is promulgated. +. 1984. 1872. 1986. Thomas More. He was a famed botanist. A Letter of Fr. The first Mass is celebrated by the Jesuits at St. He is the author of the famous Abandonm ent to Divine Providence. S.1649. Two Austrian Jesuits arrive in Australia to begin our work there. S. and the Australian Mission annexed to it. 1661. 1751. General Ledochowski to the Provincials of Italy on the Missa Recitata and the liturgical movement. and was officially declared dead in 1947. He dies at the hands of a renegade Huron. At Watten.J. a grandson of St. He was in a Russian detention camp from 1939 to 1963. He had been Provincial. "The Characteristics of Jesuit Education. 1980. Lorenzo Uribe + in Columbia." 1987. 1937. New York City. . 1932. persevering despite language/cultural difficulties. 1860. John Paul II is the first Pope to visit the Oriental Institute in Rome. 1848. and He Leadeth Me. +. He is the author of With God in Russia. Publication of the document.J. Walter Ciszek. the death of Father Henry More. He exhorts the faculty and students to be "strong oarsmen " in the Bark of Peter. Joseph s Church on Ward Island. Jean Pierre Caussade.

He founded the Taipei Ricci Institute in 1966 and directed it until 1996. Jefferson Davis +. 1951. among them being Voltaire. Romanian uprising overthrows the communist government. 1989. .J.RELIGION Saint Juan Diego. Bishop Fulton J. Christian-Jewish relationships. S. He is the American Indian who received the vision of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Life is Worth Living was seen from l951-57. Sheen +. 1990. December 10 CHRISTIANITY . The Russian Center at Fordham University opens. 1808. 1889. +. Franz Rosenzeig dies. 1934. on this day in 1531. Optional Memorial in USA. SPORT 1608. His TV show. 1828. 1929. The field was icy so the Giants used sneakers in the second half and won the game. Expert on Chinese religion and spirituality. always felt an affectionate regard for his old master. New York State law protects the seal of confession. HISTORY. At Paris the death of Father Charles Poree. 1979. ART. He was a member of the restored Society in the USA. 1998.December 9 CHRISTIANITY . in spite of his impiety. as a result of the case and trial involving Fr.J. The Giants faced the Bears in the classic Sneaker football game. who. SCIENCE. S. a famous master of Rhetoric. JESUIT 1741. The death of Yves Raguin. Nineteen of his pupils were admitted into the French Academy. Melchiades (Miltiades) of North Africa.RELIGION St. He served as Pope from 311-14. Lech Walesa is elected President of Poland. Martyr. Milton B Cheapside. Robert Molyneux. He was also a famous writer and preacher. Anton Kohlmann.

Emily Dickinson B Amherst. Teacher who organized first free school for the deaf. JESUIT At Loretto in Piceno. 1939. Fernando Cardenal is expelled from the Society. The General of the Dominicans wrote in defense of the Society of Jesus on seeing it attacked in Spain by the great Dominican theologian. 1908. is born. 1968. to be the chief Patroness before God of all airmen. Bishop Desmond Tutu receives Nobel Peace Prize.} 1548. 1981. One of the greatest theologians of the century. 1984. 1787. SCIENCE. 1965. He will re-enter the Society in 1996. he was in charge of Occidental Oil. Thomas Merton +. 1984. Thomas Merton enters the Trappists. age 53. RM (This is also a traditional privileged feast of the Society of Jesus because we had been assigned as penitentiaries to this sanctuary. ART. Murrow +. 1918. United Nations Declaration on Human Rights is adopted in Paris. to continue his work as Minister of Education in Nicaragua. under the title of Loretto. Hector Berlioz is born. He wrote the words to "Silent Night. and others. and George VI succeeds. 1830. King Edward VIII abdicates to marry Mary Wallace Simpson.RELIGION optional memorial is born. . International industrialist." HISTORY. Melchior Cano. UNICEF is founded. 1896. 1990. Alfred Nobel +. Armand Hammer + aged 92. Cesar Franck is born. 1976. critical studies of the saints. 1882. ART. S. MA. 1968. 1822. Belgian composer.J. First publication of the Analecta Bollandiana. Gave funds for the Nobel Peace Prize and was the inventor of dynamite. famed US broadcaster and journalist. composer. 1948. Marcel Matungulu Otene. Alexandr Solzhenitsyn 1946. SPORT HUMAN RIGHTS DAY. dies. HISTORY.1941. He was the African Assistant and had been provincial of PAC. US trained Salvadoran troops massacre up to 1000 at El Mozote. and the Pontifical Commission on Justice and Peace. Bishop Desmond Tutu receives the Nobel Peace Prize. 1999. December 11 Damasus I Pope 1792. Karl Barth +. wherein the Word was made flesh. the Translation of the Holy House of Mary the Mother of God. Olivier Messiaen is born. SPORT 1803. Edward R. Joseph Mohr CHRISTIANITY . SCIENCE. Pope Benedict XV declared the same Blessed Virgin Mary. Paul VI makes permanent the Pontifical Council for the Laity. 1984. Gallaudet is born.

+. Old Blue Eyes. sociologist. SPORT Geminid meteor shower on or around this day. She is the foundress of the Madames of the Sacred Heart. Independence Day. especially that of the Southwest USA. and so that becomes the official new capital. England to Newfoundland. In Paris Denis Petau (Petavius) +. 1915. He wrote 50 books on Jesuit History. Crooner. ART. The first morse code is sent by radio wave. Kenya achieves independence from the UK. Madelein Sophie Barat was born. +. influential philosopher and writer on psychology. 1991. HISTORY. by Marconi. She died on December 13. 1991. A letter of Fr. President Babangida of Nigeria moves to Abuja from Lagos. SCIENCE. Jane Frances de Chantal. Donald Campion. Robert Browning + poet. 1779. 1886. patristics. 1641. 1963. 1944. The death of Joseph Marechal. religious optional memorial. At Rome the death of Cardinal John Bapt. (In the USA her feast is August 18). S. S.J. . 1988. December 12 CHRISTIANITY . He was the editor of America magazine from 1968-75 and later director of the Press Office at the Curia. 1889.J. Franzelin a renowned theologian. from Cornwall. JESUIT 1558. Frank Sinatra is born. General Lainez to the Society in India on the religious vocation and perfection. and the development of doctrine. Ernest Burrus.RELIGION Our Lady of Guadalupe. Memorial (for USA). 1901.JESUIT 1652. On this day in 1531 she appeared to Juan Diego for the second time. one of the most important theologians in the areas of positive theology.

1294. 1686. JESUIT 1545. the 12th General..588. she finally had a sword driven through her throat and thus completed her martyrdom. causing great excitement among the Gallicans and Jansenists. makes the cover of Time magazine. Paolo Dezza. where he was held captive. 1784. 1965.) 1901. RM 1204. Fr. Paris. He fought against the Jansenists. He attends six General Congregations and was Vicar General in 1983 and later created a Cardinal. The Council of Trent opens.. and where he dies two years later. either with ropes or by means of many yoke of oxen. Grandma Moses + 101 year old artist and painter. On June 2lst. John Courtney Murray. Samuel Gompers + He was the first President of the American Federation of Labor (AFL). Pope Saint Celestine resigns at Naples after 5 months. Aloysius. SPORT Peak Night for Geminid meteor shower. He was a much loved and admired expert and teacher of Arabic at his center for Arabic studies.1661.. A response of Fr. They should be seldom. +.. S. in he year 1313. the Society grew from 26 to 50 provinces. He was a poet and journalist. resin. HISTORY. .RELIGION Lucy. In the College of Clermont. 1632 he was miraculously cured of calculus by St. Carlos de Noyelle. He was a Benedictine and his reign was disastrous. aged 76. Ledochowski expresses caution on the use of motion pictures in a college. 1922. because they might strain and irritate the nerves of young people. James Caret publicly defended the doctrine of papal infallibility. but when they attempted to lead her away they were not able to move her. 1924. and those on missions from 971 to 3785.J.J. he is canonized.she was delivered to profligates. Dr. Samuel Johnson + age 75. in a cover story on Church and state issues. Moses Maimonides + medieval Jewish scholar. 1637. The death of Andre D Alverny in Lebanon. Five Cardinals and 31 Bishops are present. and should be previewe d. is born. 1942. During his tenure. ART. S.. membership grew from 16. and burning oil applied to her body without being injured. His coffin was reopened so Scouts could see him and place a scout scarf about his neck. December 13 CHRISTIANITY . At Syracuse. He goes to a monastery.946 to 26. A few years after that. having not pitch. 1797. The death of Father William Fleck. Then. (Calculus is Latin for stones. SCIENCE. General Vladimir Ledochowski + in Rome. Heinrich Heine B Dusseldorf. virgin and martyr Memorial. Fathers Laynez and Salmeron are present as Papal theologians and Father Claude Le Jay as theologian of Cardinal Otto Truchsess. Fr. Martin Luther dies two months after the Council opens. 1960. 1961.

HISTORY. the twelfth and last man on the moon. 1972. Ronald Amundsen is the first to reach the South Pole. the composer of O Little Town of Bethlehem. 1911. including ministry to those addicted to drugs. Max Planck of Berlin reveals his quantum theory. age 71. Riccardo Lombardi. 1974. SPORT 1546. 1959. 1900. Fr. 1979. Nostradamus. 2003. December 14 CHRISTIANITY .. astronomer 1799. He was the Founder of the Better World Movement. priest and doctor. The death of Catherine de Hueck Doherty. 1503. S. of a ducal family. founder of Madonna House. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith says that Hans Kueng . Saddam Hussein is captured in a hole near his home by US troops. Fr. He was engaged in social ministries. Thomas Gafney.J. George Washington +." December 15 CHRISTIANITY . ART. and a famous preacher. Dr. age 65. departs from the moon. is born. Walter Lippman + political commentator. 1979. He died on this day in l591. is born. is murdered in Nepal on this night. a Cardinal. French astrologer and prophet. "the microphone of God. Tycho Brahe.RELIGION 1830. For eighteen years he wore an old ragged inner vest. JESUIT 1615. The birthday of Lewis Henry Redner. 1990.RELIGION Memorial. A missionary from Cleveland. died. Friedrich Duerrenmatt + Swiss author.. prayer house. 1985. Poustinia. Scripture scholar. John of the Cross. He is 35 days ahead of Captain Scott.1997. "Jack" Schmitt. At Rome died Father Peter Anthony Spinelli. Pope John XXIII makes Augustine Bea. SCIENCE.

Bill of Rights Day. At Naples. and then clubbed to death by his relatives." The Document was dated December 15. SPORT 39. AD. Ludwik Zamenhof. receives Germany s Knight Commander s Cross of the Order of Merit. nor function as such in a teaching role. he was a disciple of Marechal and wrote on philosophical psychology. Joseph Donceel + at Fordham University. age 90. 1979. He wrote the Compleat Angler. Two weeks later. In gratitude several colleges were opened. Pope John Paul II makes a special visit to the Gregorian University. for fostering relationships between Germany and the US. 1998. Louis de San +. 955. ART. SCIENCE. the Catholic modernist. She is buried next to Fr. 1942. Called a libertine. Ludwig von Beethoven is born. at the age of 20. creator of Esperanto. the Jesuit Fathers displayed heroic charity. JESUIT 1631. Leo O Donovan. 1994. born on this day. He was a great theologian of the restored Society. John XII becomes Pope. SCIENCE. Nero is born.RELIGION The Prophet Aggai. Belgian born. The death of Maude Petre. 1961. He is famed for his tower in Paris. This is the beginning of a period of decay in the papacy. Fr. Polish linguist. Nazi. ART. HISTORY. + at Winchester. 1939. 1904. Izaak Walton. He was reputedly poisoned."can no longer be considered a Catholic theologian. The American Psychological Association says that homosexuality is not a mental illness. December 16 CHRISTIANITY . Alexander Eiffel is born. Fr. Nylon is first produced commercially. In Louvain. 1832. but returned. and was eventually killed. the Rector. and released on the 18th. Martini is appointed Archbishop of Milan. HISTORY. He was deposed. is found guilty and sentenced to death. Pope John VIII is the first pope to be assassinated as an old man in office. 1791. during an earthquake and eruption of Vesuvius. Tyrell. the Lateran became a brothel. 1973. She remained Catholic and edited the works of Tyrell as his literary executor. Adolf Eichmann. 1683. President of Georgetown U. SPORT 1770. The bill goes into effect on this day. 1859. . New RM 882.

1843. blessed Lazarus the brother of the Saints Mary Magdalen and Martha. He was Apostolic Delegate to the USA from 1933-58 and Vatican Secretary of State.RELIGION At Marseilles in France. Michael Le Tellier is born. novelist. 1965. North Carolina. 1962-69. Procurator General. 1859. Francis Sacchini. He also organized and developed the Society of Jesus in Germany. The death of Felix Restrepo in Bogota. 50 patriots dump 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor. George Santayana B B poet. 1775." 1643. Simon Bolivar +. A Christmas Carol. Madrid. 2003. Pietro Boetto is made a cardinal. he is said to have often had them coming to his room to ask for prayers. an early historian and secretary of the Society.1773. John Greenleaf Whittier B Quaker poet and abolitionist. Pointing to an aged muleteer he said: "That is my father. of whom we read in the Gospel that our Lord called him His friend and raised him from the dead. Aristide is elected President of Haiti for the first time. SCIENCE. He was one of the most important Jesuits in the generalate of Father Aquaviva. RM 1538. poet. 1990. 1830. December 17 CHRISTIANITY . philosophy. 1973. A decree of the President honored him at his death. who at almost every step he took . The Battle of the Bulge begins and lasts until December 25th. He never wasted a moment of time. Colombia. consisting of a flight of 12 seconds and 120 feet. and an enemy of the Jansenists. At Ingolstadt died Father Paul Hoffaeus. JESUIT 1608. and Assistant for Italy. Jane Austen is born. HISTORY. 1935. Charles Dickens. history. and linguistics. At Rome died Fr. ART. The Boston Tea Party. scholar. at Kitty Hawk. Philosopher. Being very devout to the souls in Purgatory. The Wright Brothers first flight. He had been provincial. Cardinal Amleto Giovanni Cicognani +. Francis Thompson 1863. 1903. is published. 1625. writer on literature. 1944. 10 consecutive years played for the National Championship. Cleveland Brown Quarterback. At Alcala died Father John Suarez. Pope Paul III excommunicated King Henry VIII. as a Christian humanist. JESUIT 1624. He was a Provincial and a confessor to Louis XIV. SPORT 1807. Otto Graham dies.

S. Composer of Pange Lingua. into English. He became blind after a laboratory accident at Canisius College. S. Isaac Hecker is born. He was the 18th child in the family. Charles Wesley is born. December 18 CHRISTIANITY . who. NY. preferred to surrender his military insignia rather than offer grapes to Bacchus.. the apparition of St. 1707. With his brother John. is born. HISTORY. Ty Cobb B lifetime batting average of . and a convert to Catholicism. bishop. worked for the Holy Office. 1812. He was a philosopher and expert on the Spiritual Exercises. Francis Geronimo is born. and as the Delegate of the Holy Father led the Society. Tireless preacher.J. and Vexilla Regis. being at first a soldier under Licinius. Action Francaise. seven years earlier. JESUIT 1594. Auxentius. He was a Professor at the Gregorian for 22 years.made an act of the love of God. 1904. St. + theologian.RELIGION The prophet Malachi.367 1983. . SCIENCE. Paul Klee is born. 1999. eventually teaching at the University of Chicago.J. 1642. The Jesuits prepared to meet this new enemy. after his expulsion he taught physics and astronomy in Madagascar for 20 years.. S. Mary Magdalen de Pozzi. he was the co-founder of Methodism.J. 1957. At the request of Rome. age 98. Beuno s. RM St. because of his support of the French ultra-nationalist movement. Dorothy Sayers +. 1932. A missionary to China. 1886. 1931. he translated Rodriguez. Philosopher and theologian. 1977. He had taught at Louvain for 16 years. +. It goes into effect. 1865. He had been pressed to resign from the college of cardinals by Pope Pius XI four years earlier. Louis Billot. SPORT 1859. 1819. 1978. He attended six General Congregations. and was ordained with a special rescript. Bernard Lonergan. 1917. Henry Wessling is ordained. Francis Thompson B poet. She was a writer of novels and a Christian apologist. Venantius Fortunatus. ART. The death of Maurice Burgaud. Poet. Joseph Rickaby. and was a member of the International Theological Commission. in new RM St. The Protestant Bible Society entered Russia with the sanction of the Government. The Practice of Christian Perfection. Ratification of the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery is completed. Ignatius to St. a record. Victor Turner +. Cardinal Paolo Dezza dies. Edouard Dhanis +. At Florence. based at St. 1879. He found this task difficult because of the content of the work. He was an anthropologist.

was appointed Rector of the Roman College. 1761. He did more in 20 months in New France than most could do in 20 years. He was the son of Pope Anastasius I. she was known as the Little Sparrow. under pressure from the French crown and French bishops. an Italian Jesuit. 1955. and succeeded his father in the papacy. At Rome Father Robert Bellarmine. December 20 CHRISTIANITY . Thomas Munzer is born. He is formally recognized as Righteous among Gentiles. Peter Lippert. The death of August Valensin. S. Rector and chaplain in Bielorussia. He risked his life giving refuge to Jewish children and adults. directed against the authority of the Holy See. 1996. age 72. Pietro Boetto. December 19 CHRISTIANITY . HISTORY. The execution of Fr. . He was a radical German reformer. His feast day now is July 28th. This is his traditional feast.J.RELIGION 1488. 1915. signed a declaration that they would teach the four Gallican Articles. ART. philosopher and friend of Teilhard. Premier broadcast of the BBC. Marcello Mastroianni +. He was a writer on Jesuit spirituality. He was pope from December 21 401 to March 12. Innocent I. Edith Piaf is born. by Holocaust martyrs in Jerusalem. In Quebec. Carl Perkins records "Blue Suede Shoes" in Memphis. the future Cardinal. 417. Emily Bronte + age 30. Parisian singer.1936. More than 100 Jesuits. Adam Sztark. called another John Francis Regis. He was an actor and worked with Federico Fellini. 1953. died Francis Guesner. 1935. SCIENCE. 1932. +. 1942. SPORT 1848. 1734.RELIGION Pope St. is created a Cardinal by Pope Pius XI. JESUIT 1593.

. 1375. age 53. Daley + in Chicago. 103 passengers made the 63 day journey..RELIGION The prophet Micah. 127 Jesuits sail from Goa to Lisbon and are then put into dungeons by order of Carvalho. takes title of the Louisiana purchase from Napoleon. HISTORY. The Pilgrims arrive and land at Plymouth. St.S. 1760. galaxies. 1996..J. Petersburg and Moscow. 1976. Joseph Grimmelsman +. SPORT 1803.. Peter Canisius is celebrated on this day. "Deo Gratias. She was the wife of Martin Luther. Carl Sagan + age 62. Giovanni Boccaccio is born. in the new RM According to the General Calendar of the Church. He had been President of three Jesuit colleges. SCIENCE. the celebration occurs on April 27th. Mayor Richard J. Thomas Holland was condemned to death. ART. The Mayor. as well as provincial. " JESUIT 1562. Philip Hartnett. aged 73 in the year 1589 in the city of Freiburg. A ukase of Czar Alexander I was published banishing the Society from St. HISTORY. 1642. On hearing the sentence he exclaimed. SCIENCE. He was an astronomer and author of over 20 books. Forefather's Day. U. On TV he spoke of ". 1620. At Goa died Juan Nunez Bareto. 1815. December 21 CHRISTIANITY . 1996. 1968. on the pretext that they were troubling the Russian Church. That same night the Fathers left the capital for Polotsk.1552. He had been Provincial and Head of the European Conference of Provincials.billions and billions of stars. + in Dublin. S. He died on this day." and recited the Te Deum. Katherine von Bora died. John Steinbeck + in New York City. ART. 1918. Age 66. . In London Fr. SPORT Winter Solstice in proximity to this day. In the Society of Jesus however. a Portuguese Jesuit and the first Jesuit to be a bishop.

Alfred Dreyfus is condemned for treason. 1911. 1989. +. Dostoevski is led out to execution. JESUIT 1576. a man of wonderful innocence and simplicity. S. 1977. Ignatius. After a 46-0 loss. Tennis star. Vincent de Paul. and he founded New College in California and Old College in Nevada. Called a modern St. The death of Jean Lafia. HISTORY. She opened over 60 hospitals and orphanages. and expert in Ignatian spirituality. December 22 CHRISTIANITY . 1917. Dwight Moody + He was the founder of the Paulists. 1849. F. 1913. In Rome the death of Father Juan de Polanco. Robert McNally. S. in Belgium. Scott Fitzgerald + age 44. + Church Historian. a Brazilian worker is killed because of his protests against the destruction of the Amazon rain forest. Chris Evert is born. in the NY Sunday World newspaper.1879. he lived and worked with the poor and with youth for 45 years. Jean-Baptiste Racine is born. 1577. John P. Patristic scholar. ART. and pardoned at the last moment. Leary died. age 94. 1993. 1968. SCIENCE.RELIGION 1216. Samuel Beckett + Irish writer. 1954. Waiting for Godot. The first crossword puzzle appears. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1972. aged 74. At Cordova the death of Father Francis Gomez. Moody Bible Institute. . President Hutchins of the University of Chicago calls for the end of football. 1988. 1965. Isaac Hecker + 1899. 1894.J. 1888. He had been President of Gonzaga University. secretary to the Society in its first years. Josef Stalin is born. St. Chico Mendez. Heinrich Böll B Cologne. He dies a martyr for ecology. Pope Honorius III officially approves the Order of Preachers. 1939. very dear to St. He was most influential i n the drawing up of the Constitutions. Sacra Tridentina Synodus permits daily communion for the Catholic faithful. Frances Cabrini + in Chicago.J. 1940. 1905. on whose head a white dove is said to have alighted during Mass one Whit Sunday. Los Angeles. Hugo Rahner. SPORT 1639.

1933. a French Egyptologist decoded the Rosetta Stone. she was 1777. December 23 John of Kanty. Carvalho orders a strict search for arms and ammunitions at the Jesuit College in Lisbon. 1888. 2001. Canadian born. 1642. SPORT 1790. At London the he declared to lay down gold crowns martyrdom of Fr. Chief Bola Ige. 1889. and translated the New Testament and parts of the old into Shona. 1972. The first transistor is built or created at the Bell Laboratory. is named Rector Magnificus of the Gregorian University. He wrote of the Scriptures as God in Search of Man. Xavier is appointed Provincial of the newly erected Province of India. Emil Brunner B Swiss neo-orthodox theologian. Six Jesuits from Lyon land at Reunion and begin the evangelization of Madagascar. is assassinated. the death of Michael Hannan. 1977. The BBC begins daily news broadcasting. 1947. 1758. ART. JESUIT 1549. He is the founder of modern Egyptology. 1844. Thomas Holland. Attorney General of Nigeria. HISTORY.RELIGION optional memorial. Jean Francois Champollion. Vincent McCormick.JESUIT 1588.J. SCIENCE. an ecumenist and advocate of justice. In Rhodesia. priest CHRISTIANITY . 1922. S. Vincent Van Gogh cuts off his ear after a quarrel with his brother Paul. He gave two to his executioner. After his sentence himself a priest and a Jesuit and said that he was ready his life 100 times and more for the Faith. At Ghent the parish priests complain to the Bishop because the Jesuits had told those under their direction that they were not bound sub gravi to hear the Sunday Mass specifically in their parish church. He published the first complete dictionary of Shona. . In Transylvania the Protestants agitate for the expulsion of the Society. Abraham Joshua Heschel + in New York. Blessed Marie Margaret d'Youville + Foundress of the Grey Nuns. He was a teacher and a prophet. 1631.

to Fordham. General Franz Xaver Wernz orders the Woodstock faculty to be moved to New York." JESUIT 1491.December 24 CHRISTIANITY . 1968. Confederate veterans group forms the KKK. Apollo VIII circles the moon. December 25 CHRISTMAS CHRISTIANITY .. 1914. 1910. Fr. 1603.RELIGION THE HOLY ANCESTORS AND FOREFATHERS OF JESUS CHRIST. 1567. He predicted that Fr. ART. 1951. "In the beginning. Matthew Arnold is born. Kit Carson is born. HISTORY. 1818. The leaders of the Paris Parliament presented to King Henry IV a long list of accusations against the Jesuits. The Codex Sinaiticus (Manuscript of the Bible in Greek) arrives in London from St. 1865. The first Jesuits arrive in Cartegena. Rudolf Goethe. who was a married Lutheran pastor is ordained a priest in Mainz Cathedral.. . He is the first married priest in the Western Roman Catholic Church in recent times. In the New Roman Martyrology. SPORT 1809. Catherine s Monastery in the Sinai. 1587. SCIENCE. 1822. He was a poet and critic. Frank Borman reads Scripture. Ignatius Loyola is born. The King replied by refuting them and making a strong defense of the Society. John Muir + naturalist. God. missioned by Francis Borgia. Fr. Acquaviva would be General and hold that office for a long time.RELIGION Solemnity. highly esteemed by King Henry III. 1933. The death of Claude Matthee. Franz Gruber on his guitar composes the tune for the poem "Stille Nacht" and it is sung for the first time.

where he encouraged the building of mission schools. 1989. 1902. In Rome Peter Ribadeneira. FIRST MARTYR. Sir Isaac Newton is born.NATIVITAS DOMINI NOSTRI JESU CHRISTI. ART. Isabel Roser pronounces her vows as a Jesuit. 1968. 1943. The Novitiate of St. General Ledochowski. President Ceausescu of Romania is executed. SPORT Good King Wenceslaus looks out. SCIENCE. Charlemagne is crowned. He was a pioneer missionary bishop to Eastern Nigeria. Mary Major. He had been ordained more than a year. St. CHRISTIANITY . Poughkeepsie. by Pope Leo III. 1977. at the altar of the Holy Crib. Washington crosses the Delaware near Trenton. according to the flesh. The death of Samuel de Champlain. Rev. The Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. 1545. aged fourteen. Ignatius celebrates his first Mass in the basilica of St. The Vice Province of Central Africa becomes a Province. An ordinance on community litanies is promulgated by V. Bishop Joseph Shanahan +. 1642. began his noviceship. in the presence of St. The first building of Westminster Abbey is dedicated. JESUIT 1538. friend of the Hurons and Jesuit missionaries. SPORT 800. Ignatius at Santa Maria della Strada. She is the founder of the American Red Cross. . together with Lucrezia di Brandine and Francisca Cruyllas. 1635. Charlie Chaplin + in Switzerland. 1821. Andrew on Hudson. opens. HISTORY. Kenneth Scott Latourette + He was a church and mission historian and taught at Yale University. 1540. HISTORY. 1776. December 26 STEPHEN. SECUNDUM CARNEM.RELIGION Feast. New York 1941. ART. Clara Barton is born. after making the Spiritual Exercises. 1065. Rome. SCIENCE. 1961. Astronomer and mathematician. Fr.

which led to his conversion. and was the main writer of the encyclical of Pope John XXIII. ART. . Catholic author. 2002. of Belmont. 1937. Louis Pasteur is born. Cardinal Pietri Pavan + at age 91. Simao Rodriguez. Kepler. HISTORY. +. 1978. 1972. Switzerland. Heinrich Schliemann + archaeologist. Gerhard Pieper. The death in Rome of Gilles Henry.J. JESUIT 1569. S. the Beagle. 1649. in Wurttemberg. Later he was dismissed by his brother James Lainez in August 1559. The President from Missouri. Anne Fremantle dies. 1979. He was an astronomer who discovered that the Earth and planets travel about the Sun in elliptical orbits. He was a cardinal but not a bishop.. with Wanderlust. 1831. SPORT 1571. 25 or 26) Thomas Pounde. The Portuguese Provincial. JOHN. fell and was jeered at by her Majesty. is shot to death in Zimbabwe. as the new constitution takes effect. a canon lawyer and teacher of canon law.. a member of the NY Province. Harry S. SCIENCE. APOSTLE AND EVANGELIST. He had made his own coffin and kept it in his room. Peter Canisius + in Freiburg. Ignatius. librarian. Spain becomes a democracy after 40 years of dictatorship. aged 38.1890. a missionary in the Caucasas and Greek archipelago. John Reed. Truman +. 1551. He was problematic. JESUIT 1547. S. He served as an expert at Vatican II.J. died immediately after making a general confession of his whole life.RELIGION Feast. age 93. Johannes is born. Pacem in Terris. 1856. 1978. He was a friend of the Jesuits 1822. dancing before Queen Elizabeth. Maurice Ravel +. December 27 CHRISTIANITY . is removed by St. but was ordained. 1994. a German lay-brother. Charles Darwin sets sail in his ship. Ignatius admits Cristobal Lainez into the Society. At Ratisbon Mark Grandl. Fr. 1597. (Dec.

ecumenist. St. Poughkeepsie.J. HISTORY. NY. Peter Verhaegen is appointed as the first President. An Instruction of Fr. . Frances de Sales +. Sicily. 1832. The death of Fr. It is the first Catholic University west of the Allegheny Mountains. acquitted. is killed in an accident at the factory where he worked. a move towards ending distrust and hostility between Christians and Jews. a man of great zeal. and preacher. and austerity. 1967. He is the founder of the Maryland Mission. Feast. The Society recalls its worker priests in France. +. It was affectionately called. 1836. Francis Maria Grimaldi. He was a noted astronomer who did research on the refraction of light. 1834. An earthquake kills 75. Roothaan to the restored Society on the Spiritual Exercises is issued. yet banished from England. SCIENCE. 1987. 1900. engineer. 1927. Pope Pius VII allows Fr. of Eiffel Tower fame. 1923. +. General approves the sale of slaves owned by the Jesuits. The Blessing and laying of the cornerstone of Novitiate of St. 1908. 1937. SPORT 1869. a priest worker. 1953. S. Andrew White. General Janssens on the use of modern means of communication. Louis University receives its charter. Egide Van Broeckhoven. with six conditions. Special feast for Jesuit Novices. The Catholic Medical Mission Board is incorporated in the laws of the State of New York.1656. The Vatican and Israel forge full diplomatic ties. MARTYRS. Joseph Sittler +. 1993. A noted Lutheran theologian.000 in Messina. fervor. JESUIT 1663. The Rock. 1622. Maurice Ravel +. He is called the "Apostle of Maryland. General Gruber to affiliate the English Jesuits to the Society of Jesus in Russia. Fr. Gustave Eiffel.J. A very influential Letter of Fr. Chewing gum is patented. 1955. Servant of God. Andrew on Hudson. Isaac Newton made use of his work. December 28 CHRISTIANITY . S. ART." He was sent back to England from the colonies in chains and tried for treason. It would be ready in September 1902.RELIGION HOLY INNOCENTS. 1802.

1926. Catherine Laboure +. Publication of the decree of beatification of the English martyrs. When Rector of the College he gave his own clothes to the poor. S.. At Jerusalem. S. its property confiscated. Rainer Maria Rilke. 1651. December 29 CHRISTIANITY . Because he had been educated at the Jesuit College de Clermont. Fr. . SPORT 1890. In Moravia the death of Frantisek Nemec who had been interned in Dachau and then lived in Moscow as a scientist who also taught catechism to children. age 43 + of AIDS. St. optional memorial. king and prophet.RELIGION Thomas Becket. At Prague died Father Bernard Oppel. in Oregon. JESUIT 1594. The Miraculous Medal was revealed to her.1983. ART. At Paris the execution of Jean Chatel for the attempted execution of King Henry IV. the Society was exiled. December 30 CHRISTIANITY .J. Francis Xavier Chu.RELIGION 1876. SCIENCE. Peter Davis. bishop and martyr. He was murdered at Canterbury Cathedral. Wounded Knee Massacre. and one of its members executed. 1975. A Papal Bull of Pope John Paul II nominates Carlo Martini. 1886. British Prime Minister. The first YMCA in the USA is organized in Boston. as Archbishop of Milan. New RM 1851. 1979. and melted down the church plate to relieve the plague-stricken. poet. S.J. 1986. 1988. Harold Macmillan +. + in a work camp in China. The last major battle between the Indians and US troops. HISTORY. Fr. + in Switzerland.J. at the altar by four knights in 1170. holy David.

Eton). nationalist. JESUIT 1582. whose Latin grammar was used for centuries in school. Charles Lindbergh visits St. Two Jesuits are in attendance. December 31 Sylvester I. SCIENCE. 1927. 1900. bible translator. S. He was a British clergyman and scholar. Stephen Neill is born. immigration depot in New York. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907. Ellis Island. He was Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. He was a Philosophy professor. He was President of Georgetown University from 1976-89. Sollicitudo Rei Socialis. opens. Alfred North Whitehead + Philosopher. l968-81. It is given this date. SPORT 1865. Sandy Koufax B Dodger pitcher. 1916. David Stanley. expert on Descartes. an ecume nist and missionary. He was the Director of the NY Public Library until his death. +. liberator of the Philippines. 2000 John Hardon. SCIENCE. 1947. Timothy Healy +. John s College. Belize as part of a good will tour.J. Catherine Laboure +. 1906. is executed in Manila. of the Maryland Province. 1876.J. The left leg of Fr. 1930. Rupert Mayer is shattered in battle during World War I. This leads to the end of Spanish colonial rule. Chicago Province. He had been trained by Jesuits and returned to the church before his death. Encyclical Letter of John Paul II. ART. Jesuit and non-Jesuit alike (for instance. Cardinal Franjo Seper +. John Wycliffe + English reformer and theologian. 1891. Rudyard Kipling B in Bombay. SPORT 1869. 1996. Manoel Alvarez. age 86. Matisse is born. He had already won the Iron Cross. 1992. 1384. James Conway. 1962.RELIGION optional memorial. dies. + in Canada. H. He was a Scripture scholar and also wrote several books on Scripture and the Spiritual Exercises.J. ART. prolific writer. . pope CHRISTIANITY . Casti Connubii. 1916. on Christian Marriage. HISTORY. Rasputin is assassinated by Prince Yusupov and others.1981. Jose Rizal. HISTORY. At Evora in Portugal died Fr. The Encyclical Letter of Pius XI. but was issued a few months later. 1935. S. S. Col. 1987. St. aged 35.

is shot and killed by the Communists. He was a writer and apologist. My Daily Bread sold over 1. the Secretary of the Society. 1985. He was a major leaguer in many respects. and served as the editor of Etudes. . In Canada. tradition from the 17th century. 1618. St. Leonce de Grandmaison.3 million copies. John Francis Regis +. A 1551. S. 1990. until 1983. the Mother Church of the Society. 1640. He was a missionary to towns and villages in southern France. the death of Louis Laurendeau. a missionary to China. 1980. Xavier left Sancian for Malacca and Goa to prepare for his journey to China. His book. St. 1940.1972.J. S. A few days later he moves to and joins the scholastics at the Roman College. General Vitelleschi. with the Pope usually in attendance. Marshall McLuhan + "The medium is the message. Saints Aloysius Gonzaga and Stanislaus Kostka are canonized by Benedict XIII. Washington. + New York Province. for 13 years. John Berchmans arrives in Rome to begin philosophy and is received by Fr. Roberto Clemente + in a plane crash helping Nicaraguan earthquake victims. Charles Simons of the California Province. 1996. 1868. is born." JESUIT The Annual Te Deum at the Gesu.J. Anthony Paone. Bishop Carlos Sevilla who had been an auxiliary Bishop in San Francisco is appointed Bishop of Yakima. 1726.

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