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Football has more full ride, partial scholarships and grants available than any other college sport. However, the competition to play at the next level is quite fierce -- only about 17% of high school players make it. Successfully landing an athletic scholarship requires an intense game plan executed by a committed athlete -- and the sooner the better. This book is intended to help you get on the right track to play college football to your best ability level and personal academic achievements.

What you will learn from this book
How to stand out and effectively market yourself to recruiters How to establish and manage relationships with coaches throughout the entire recruitment process What the NCAA academic and recruiting requirements are and how to meet them How to assess your abilities and place yourself in the best position to play football at the level and school best suited for you

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is the governing body for collegiate sports programs in the United States and Canada. The NCAA sets the rules that determine eligibility, academic and recruiting guidelines for all colleges and universities in Division I, Division II and Division III athletics. To find out more about NCAA, please visit and

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HOW TO land a COLLEGE FOOTBALL scholarship



Early in the spring, you should begin planning your schedule for camps you want to attend over the summer. Most college and sponsored showcase camps happen in the summer, but they announce the schedules online in March and April.

Think about colleges where you can see yourself playing. Those are the schools you want to establish a long term relationship with their camps and coaches. Add these schools to your preferred list.

If you have been contacted or received an invite from a college on your preferred list, make sure they’re included in your selections as they have already singled you out. Make sure you contact the coach who reached out to you and inform them that you will be attending the camp. That way they will go out of their way to meet you and establish a one-on-one relationship which will set you apart from other camp goers. Even if you have not received any mail, school contact or invites - that’s fine. That’s what these camps are for. To get noticed! We suggest attending at least 3-5 camps or showcases per summer. Over 90% of camp goers are from the local areas of the school’s camp. Try venturing off to see out-of-state and out-of-area camps as well. Maybe even going down or up in division levels when selecting your camps to attend -- just to give yourself more flexibility in the coaches that will come in contact with you.


There are multiple camps to select from, among them - college camps, sponsored showcase camps, satellite camps, and daily and overnight. If you feel you’re better suited for a specific position, plan to attend camps specializing in improving skills for that position. Do your research ahead of time, so you’re spending time at the camp best suited for your goals.

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