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1 build a junkyard go-kart 2 trick out a kart 3 crabwalk in roller sneakers 4 skate backward 5 tailwhip a scooter 6 ollie like a pro 7 bust a feeble grind 8 land a kickflip 9 nail a handstand fingerflip 10 freeze an ice rink 11 skate a back crossover 12 improvise a sled 13 dominate a snowball fight 14 set up a bocce match 15 toss horseshoes 16 head a soccer ball 17 master goalie moves 18 pitch a fastball 19 sink a free throw 20 ride a boogie board 21 bodysurf a wave 22 sail into a swan dive 23 do a jackknife dive 24 be a human cannonball 25 swim a flip turn 26 perform a barracuda 27 do the worm 28 moonwalk in style 29 stand on your head 30 walk on your hands 31 perfect a back walkover 32 ace a cherry drop 33 skin the cat 34 swing a back hip circle 35 bunny-hop a bike 36 pop a wheelie 37 hang a tire swing 38 rig a zipline 39 run a ninja obstacle course


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40 shimmy up walls 41 bounce off a wall 42 do a stuntman vault 43 mess with a computer 44 get cool photo effects 45 form shadow puppets 46 see through your hand 47 make a floating finger 48 build a creepy sarcophagus 49 fake mummy organs 50 serve yourself on a platter 51 paint funny feet 52 draw hand costumes 53 create chin people 54 become a zombie 55 create a fake wound 56 spurt fake blood 57 hear a galloping horse 58 listen to a crackling fire 59 make rolling thunder 60 flap like a bird 61 rip out rude noises 62 make a coin jump 63 bring a dove back to life 64 tie a knot one-handed 65 fake a fall

66 perform a slick hat trick 67 spin a plate 68 dowse for water 69 read a love line 70 interpret a head line 71 follow a life line 72 slice an unpeeled banana 73 fight a marshmallow war 74 blow a nose bubble 75 stick a pin in a balloon 76 walk the dog 77 rock the baby 78 juggle like a pro 79 spin a basketball 80 skip a stone 81 dribble under one leg 82 booby-trap a bathroom 83 secure a bedroom 84 turn drink mix into hair dye 85 make a “platinum” grill 86 fake a cheek piercing 87 sport spiky hair 88 twirl a drumstick 89 do a rock-star jump 90 master the angus spin

tailwhip a scooter


Push off and crouch down.

Straighten up, pulling the scooter with you.

Use your feet to flick the deck sideways.

Tuck your legs as the deck swings around.

Catch it with your feet after a full turn.

Land, keeping your knees bent.

pitch a fastball


sink a free throw


1 in (2½ cm)

Put index and middle fingers on the seam.

Hide your hand to conceal your grip.

Stand at the free-throw line.

Crouch down. Keep your knees loose.

Shift to your back foot. Angle your front.

Wind up using your front leg and arm.

Focus on the backboard.

Put one hand on the ball’s side to guide it.



Release with your fingers over the ball.

Follow through after you throw. Straighten up. Flick your wrists. Swish!


bunny-hop a bike

Crouch low.

Hop up, pulling the handlebars with you.

Point your toes down. Keep pulling up!

Tuck your legs up to raise the back wheel.

Land it!

Don’t have a dirt-bike course nearby? Practice your tricks on the grass to avoid gnarly skinned knees. When you feel confident, move up to the pavement!

Start pedaling slowly.

Push one pedal down hard and lean backward.


mess with a computer

Try these quick computer pranks if you want to drive someone nuts—without causing permanent damage.

Set a picture of shattered glass as the wallpaper.

Turn the brightness down to make the screen black.

Num Lock
Opaque tape on the sensor “blinds” the mouse.

Disconnect the mouse, keyboard, or printer.

This button can temporarily wreak havoc on a keyboard.

rip out rude noises


Inflate your cheeks, then smush them with your fists.
fwwwpt! pthbbbt!

Cover your armpit with your hand, trapping an air bubble. Then raise and lower your arm to really “let one loose.”



Make air bubbles under your knees with your hands, then bend your legs for a rip-roaring effect.


walk the dog


rock the baby

Hook the loop onto your middle finger.

Make a fist. Snap your wrist down hard.

Toss the yo-yo over the back of your hand.

Lift your bottom hand to double the string.

Gently lower the yo-yo.

Stop it at the floor.

Hook the string with your thumb.

Turn your top hand over so that it’s palm up.

The yo-yo will “walk” on its own.

Jerk it back up to your hand.

Lift your bottom hand. Pinch the string.

Let the baby “rock” in the string triangle.

fake a cheek piercing


wire clippers

needlenose pliers

Snip the arm of a safety pin in half.

Put glue on the tip. Secure the loose end.

Bend back the very tip of the pin arm.

Now it’s safe to stick the pin in your cheek.

sport spiky hair


hair gel

hair spray




Put gel in wet hair. Twist into spikes.

Blow-dry on warm.

Set with hair spray.

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Printed in China by SNP Leefung Typeset in Vectora LH

Illustration credits Front cover Liberum Donum (Juan Calle, Santiago Calle, Andres Penagos): horseshoes Otis Thomson: go-kart Gabhor Utomo: feet Tina Cash Walsh: tire swing Back cover Britt Hanson: horse, marshmallow war, showerhead with paint Vic Kulihin: yo-yo, juggling Raymond Larrett: banana Liberum Donum (Juan Calle, Santiago Calle, Andres Penagos): fake wound, bocce, gymnast on high bar Christine Meighan: backward skating, scooter Gabhor Utomo: swimmer, soccer player Tina Cash Walsh: ice rink, handstand, tire swing Mary Zins: shadow puppets Interiors Key: bg = background; bd = border; fr = frames; ex = extra art Kelly Booth: 69–71 Hayden Foell: 62 bd, 63 bd, 75 bg, 77 Britt Hanson: 11 bg, 12–13, 57–60, 62–64 bg, 73, 74 bg, 82–83 Joshua Kemble: 18–19 Vic Kulihin: 38, 39, 76, 78 fr, 80 Raymond Larrett: 65–68, 72, 74 fr, 75 fr Liberum Donum: 3 bg, 4 bg, 5 bg, 14–15, 20–21, 27–28, 32–34, 40–43, 50, 54–56, 78 ex, 79, 81 Christine Meighan: 3 fr, 4 fr, 5 fr, 44, 62 Vincent Perea: 48–49 Bryon Thompson: 6–9, 22–24, 35–36 Otis Thomson: 1–2 Gabhor Utomo: 16–17, 25–26, 46–47, 51–53, 61, 84–90 Tina Cash Walsh: 10–11 fr, 29–31, 37, 63 fr, 64 fr Mary Zins: 45

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