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09/02/2008 <FNAME> <LNAME> <ADDRESS1> <ADDRESS2> <CITY> <STATE> <POSTCODE> Dear <FNAME>, L & L Design & Production Pty Ltd has

taken on a new, exciting and very experienced Creative Design Manager. As a valued client we would like to invite you to comment on our new mission statement. The statement is intended to emphasise the value we place on relationships with our clients “It’s not just about pretty pictures… it’s about smart people creating smart solutions.” For us, “Creativity” means giving you a competitive edge in the markets you have targeted, or with the audience you need to influence. In other words, creativity is a two-way, collaborative process – not something confined to our design studio. The L & L Team is about excellent performance. We go the extra mile to perform reliably in everything we do for and with you. We value your comments and I will contact you shortly to arrange a meeting to discuss your comments. Yours faithfully,

Imran Teo Creative Design Manager / L & L Design & Production Pty Ltd Ph: 9696 6969 Mob: 0416 696 969