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December 25, 2007

Mayor Michael Bloomberg

City Hall
New York, New York 10007

Dear Mayor Mike,

In a little over ten months, you will be the next President of the United States. The only
thing louder than the “noises” coming from Iowa and New Hampshire today are the
snowplows. With the holiday season and primary season in full force, your name is not
mentioned very often these days. The Presidency horse race has begun and like many
horse races the winner will be the candidate who comes from behind and finishes strong.

What will most Americans be concerned about in the months ahead and how can you
capitalize on these concerns?

1. Taxes - Your reputation as a taxing mayor is unfair, but you will need to deflect
this issue and provide a plan that Americans understand and will “buy into”.
2. War - The faster our soldiers are home, the happier voters will be. Your plan will
need to include guarantied security measures so that the troop withdrawal is safe
and the Iraqi government will be able to govern fairly all parties involved. No
timetable needs to be established other than “as soon as possible”. You will
demonstrate that you can manage the military.
3. Mainstream Message – We want a straight-talking, competent and honest
President. We want a President that we can have a “beer with”.
4. Art of Compromise - The real problem is Congress and partisanship. President
Bush, who was successful in compromising as governor of Texas, lost this ability.
You have proven this ability in New York and must communicate this to the
5. Economy – The worse the economy gets, the more the election is yours to win.
Your managerial expertise, your vision and your effectiveness as a leader will be
the characteristics the country will need in order for a strong economy to return.
Families need to feel that their children will have a secure future.
6. Education – This is a tremendous concern for the 25-50 generation. The quality
and cost of education needs a plan that will allow our children to lead us into the
future. You must emphasize your successes in New York. You must provide the
voters with a simple plan that will convince them that education will improve.
7. Health Care – Every voter is concerned about health care. Your plan must be
bold, convincing and workable.
8. Crime – You must emphasize the progress of crime reduction that has been
successful in New York.
9. Religion – Religion is an issue whether it should be or not. Wisconsin has
elected two Jewish Senators and it has been a non-issue. However, as Mitt
Romney discovered, the sooner the issue is dealt with the better off you will be.
10. Race Relations - Emphasize how race relations have improved in your
administration and with the New York legislature. This would best be done with
approval ratings.
11. Pro-Life/Choice – Obviously, you will lose the single-issue voters on this issue. A
clear and succinct message is best on this issue.
12. Pro-Gun/Gun Control – Similar to #11.
13. Internet – My two twenty-something sons receive all of their information from the
internet. You must be the internet candidate that delivers a winning message via
this media by doing something innovative.
14. International Relations - How will you repair our credibility with the world?
With credible people in your administration that you should name prior to the
election. Also, several major speeches that will describe your plan.
15. Party Affiliation - You will lose the votes of the ultraconservative, religious right
and the ultraliberal. Partisan bickering is rampant in Washington as well as in
many State Capitals. By selecting a Bi-Partisan cabinet before the election, this
issue will become a non-issue.
16. Vice-President – High profile with Foreign Policy experience along the lines of
Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice.
17. Third- Party Ballot Access – I am sure that this problem is solved, either with
Unity08 or through your campaign team. You only need to get on the ballots of
the twenty-five states that you can win.
18. Debates – You must be able to participate in the debates. I assume that you have
addressed this issue. You must be Reaganesque or Kennedyesque or Bill
19. Timing, Timing, Timing - As Senator Thompson and Ross Perot discovered,
timing is everything. We have a short attention span and it will be difficult to
maintain the momentum after you make your announcement. It appears that the
deadline for the first state ballot is April 21, 2008. As Street Sense did in the
Kentucky Derby this year, just stay along the rail and wait for the victorious
openings and enjoy the ride and finish strong.
20. 100 Day Plan - This will be the most important part of your campaign. What
will you do in the first 100 Days? Keep it simple, significant and short.

The United States needs a man of action and you are that man. Please decide to run for


Terrence K. Rice