NIIT Foundation- Accreditation Program

About NIIT Foundation
NIIT Foundation (NF), , is a not for profit education society setup by promoters of NIIT. NF has the long term objective to impact the unreached and uncared for by providing for livelihood skills. NF leverages the 30 year experience of NIIT in training development and delivery.

The Accreditation Program:
The program envisages accreditation to a partner center to run a Basic IT course provided by NIIT Foundation under the NGO Accreditation Program. NF and the partner will enter into an agreement for this purpose.

Responsibilities under the program:
Under this program, partner would be responsible for setting up the infrastructure, provide trainer and mobilize community. NIIT Foundation will provide training and certification to the trainer(s), provide industry accepted structured courseware, session plans, final assessment and certification to the qualified candidates. Partner will be responsible to make payments to NIIT Foundation for providing these services as per the agreement.

Program Duration:
Under this program, each batch will have a course duration of 72 hours divided as 1 hour per day, 6 days a week for 12 weeks (1hr*6days*12 weeks). Two internal assessments are required at the end of 24 hours and 48 hours into the program. After the 72 hours duration is covered, students are eligible to take the final assessment. As many batches as possible based on infrastructure, time and trainer availability can run during the agreement period, however, each trainer, training a batch shall be trained and certified by NIIT Foundation.

Curriculum and Course Objectives:
The Basic IT course will cover the following curriculum during the program duration: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Typing and keyboarding skills. Basics of a computer. Storage and Retrieval of Data. Using MS Word 2007 Using MS PowerPoint 2007 Using MS Excel for data manipulation Internet and Email

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saving. 8. The trainers are expected to take trainees through the taxonomy of Knowledge.arora@niit.At the end of the program. The program intends to take care of the issue by providing a 20-hour training and certification program (part face-to-face.3. Creating. Train-the-Trainer Program The Basic IT Train-the-Trainer program has been designed and modified based on the feedback Page 2 . Creating. Using Computer peripherals. animating a powerpoint slideshow 6. Written text with 40 words per minute speed and 99% accuracy. part online and assignment based). 5. As we expect the partners to impact at least 160 students across the year. Using formulae and function to manipulate large data on a spreadsheet. retrieving and organizing files and folders on a computer. Creating. saving. Search engine usage. the following objectives will be achieved: 1. 3. Trainers are also required to undergo periodic skill assessments to ensure updated knowledge Course Methodology The program will follow an objective-driven learning methodology. tabulating a word document. Queries All queries regarding this proposal and program need to be addressed to Amit Arora at amit. saving. formatting. Comprehension and Application across all the objectives. b. face challenge in effective delivery and usage of apt learning techniques for their trainees. Payments The partner will make payments for the admin costs to NIIT Foundation as per the ‘Annexure I’ below. 7.niitfoundation. the full payment for first batch of 40 students and trainer fee is to be made with the agreement. designing. Creating and email account and using email account to NIIT Foundation http://www. they however. Given that most trainers know the Basic IT content. 4. query search. The program now focusses on training delivery. Spoken text with 30 words per minute speed and 95% accuracy. Typing: a. 2.

org Page 3 . Boarding & Lodging for NF Representative At Actuals At Actuals To be paid within a week of visit. Courseware Fee: With the students list. NIIT Foundation http://www.niitfoundation. Assessment & Certification: Within 10 weeks of the batch (for which courseware fee has been paid) Rs 350 (Rs 150 + Rs 200) Service tax chargeable on Rs 200 Courseware fee: Rs 150 per student Assessment & Certification: Rs 200 per student + service tax start date. Travel.Annexure I From 2 nd batch onwards Fee Head Train-the Trainer Program Basic IT Fee per participant (Rs) Rs 1500 + Service Tax Payment Structure Payable at once Fee Schedule Within a week of date confirmation for Train-the Trainer program.