Alice Dev Team Reinvents the File Storage System Optimizer with its Latest Appli cation: USBMate

Today, Alice Dev Team released USBMate: a new Mac-only accelerator and optimizer application for USB Flash drives, external hard disks and Flash memory cards. I t has a powerful file storage system optimization algorithm, gorgeous design and remarkably simple user interface. Novosibirsk, Russian Federation, May 31, 2012 -- Alice Dev Team has incorporated its user-oriented approach of making extremely easy-to-use yet efficient softwa re solutions into USBMate. USBMate is designed to protect an USB Flash drives, e xternal hard disks and Flash memory cards from junk that eat up their storage sp ace. Don’t let “erased” files consume all the free space in user s drives and memory c ards! USBMate is a powerful but simple weapon to get rid of them! Users don’t even need any programming or system administration skills to use it. It allows users to get the most out of your storage media! To find out more about USBMate, visit: Alice Dev Team - USBMate. When user erase files, they’re only moved to the trash. The data itself isn’t erased . Use USBMate and see how much free space really have left! Numerous features are included, such as: erasing temporary files left by Snow Le opard / Lion or Windows (.DS_Store, .Trashes, .Spotlight-V100, Thumbs.db, etc.), along with a fully functional anti-virus program! No complicated setup is requi red… just install and go. Every time USBMate is launched, the anti-virus automatic ally checks and purges the external drive or memory card’s contents of all AutoRun viruses! With its numerous useful features, USBMate introduces a brand-new and revolution ary way to optimize USB Flash drives, external hard disks and Flash memory cards . The user can avoid manual and boring tracking of junk which eats up storage sp ace. This operation can now be performed with the click of a button. With USBMate, the user can always be assured that external storage media is opti mized, clean and secure! Users will truly appreciate USBMate’s convenience. “Everything started from an idea to create a simple one-purpose application to opt imize and accelerate the use of USB Flash drives, external hard disks and Flash memory cards on Mac computers… which would be accessible to everyone, not only pro fessionals, sysadmins and programmers. We researched what utility apps lacked, a nd found that most of them could be more personal and usable. They’re not perfectl y suited as everyday apps. So we created USBMate — our second application to bring user interface design perfection to the utilities category. USBMate is a simple , fast and fun tool to accelerate and optimize working with USB Flash drives, ex ternal hard disks and Flash memory cards on Macs… a task that was once almost impo ssible.” says Stanislav Kuptsov, CEO, Alice Dev Team. As a software solution, USBMate will satisfy any Mac user looking for truly effe ctive and simple storage media optimization with a user-friendly and simple inte rface. It’s one of the most practical utility apps to use every day with Snow Leop ard / Lion. About Alice Dev Team Headquartered in Russia’s beautiful city of Novosibirsk, heart of snow-covered Sib eria, Alice Dev Team is a premier Mac development company. We design and develop utilities, useful tools, entertainment and social apps for the Mac, iPhone and iPad. Our goal is to create apps that bring you joy, put a smile on your face an d perk up your mood! For more information on Alice Dev Team, visit: Alice Dev Te am.


Contact: Alexander Bondarenko Alice Dev Team 53 Karamzina street Novosibirs, Russia, 630005 +79139122868

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