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Easy Cloud Business Management

MyWorld - Cloud Management Software Forts cloud computing management software provides an intuitive business tool which enables the data center or cloud infrastructure provider to design, price, license, deliver, bill, manage and up sell cloud solutions to their client base.

The Business Lifecycle Managed

Forts cloud computing management software provides an intuitive business tool which enables a data centre, systems integrator or service provider to design, price, deliver, license, bill, manage and up sell cloud solutions to their client base. The software automates the supply of complete IT environments from virtualised platforms including networking and security with the most intuitive management interface around. This gives the operator a one stop shop to manage the complete commercial and technical engagement with clients, turning IT infrastructure into an attractive and very easy to use and manage, cloud service - not just provisioning but the complete business lifecycle management The total software application experience becomes a complete business lifecycle management tool: The most intuitive and easy to use cloud business management software Enabling data centres manage cloud business and operations more efciently The most congurable cloud solution Custom built to enable service providers succeed in the cloud Maintains service provider independence and client ownership Provides a continuity of experience from presales engineering to live solution management Lowers the Total Cost of Ownership Creates stepping off point to upgrade services to the client Enables white labelling of the portal by the user

Channel & Customer Base Management

Using a three tier (Platform provider, reseller and end user) approach Forts management software enables the delivery and management of entire customer bases including end to end partner channels on their own infrastructure.

Business Lifecycle





service agreements

monitoring management


Customer Service & Support

Forts MyWorld application provides support features including monitoring, ticketing, partner channel management, portal views, self service and quote production.

Partner Portal View

View of all customers or partners, rolled up monitoring, backups and ticketing.
The portal page can be a partner portal or a customer portal for multiple sites. The central panel lists customer and/or ofce locations with icons that indicate which of these clients or sites currently have an active solution and its current status The right hand panel provides a global view of important management information such as monitoring, ticketing and backup. This at a glance provides key alerting data that highlights any technical issues, backup completion status and current open tickets. The bottom panel provides a complete ticketing history. Also from this page, through the top toolbar, you can add a new customer, edit a customer, deactivate a customer, raise a ticket, run reports, or access the resource centre or customer settings such pricing, margin and billing.

Commercial Benets:
Provides a commercial context in which a service provider can sell, deliver and manage an entire cloud offering from a single interface Unique 3 tier channel model complements the traditional structure of the IT industry. For data centers and cloud infrastructure providers - transformation into a distributor of cloud services For channel includes the reseller in the delivery of cloud services For end customers The safer way to cloud through their traditional trusted advisor Granular margin settings by customer or component White label for service provider and individual resellers in 2 minutes Shortened sales cycle, quicker move to billing Disruptive technology providing an opportunity for data centres and cloud infrastructure providers to out manoeuvre competitors Unique drag and drop interface makes designing and building environments easy for non technical people - Self provisioned services in 40 minutes Real-time pricing and quote functionality delivers proposal in 10 minutes Commercial feature set facilitates sales, pre-sales, pricing, billing and licensing

Technical Features:
Interactive management console provides central management for all assets including private and hybrid clouds Operational and technical needs enabled including networking, ticketing, billing and monitoring integration Easily congurable partner and end user management of all services including pricing, margin, service offerings and capacity allocation Deliver hybrid cloud solutions and extend into on premise client equipment and SaaS services Ability to integrate an innite range of infrastructure components, applications and appliances - Such as servers, switches, rewalls, load balancers, operating systems and business applications Integrate SaaS offerings in days not months Increased productivity lowers management cost overhead Accurate license management including Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement

Designer View
Drag and drop CPU, RAM, storage, switches, servers, operating system, business applications and external SaaS services on to the pallet and link devices together. As you build, it gives a real time budget of what this solution will cost per month. Choose save to keep the design for client approval or by pressing build it the design is provisioned without any human intervention including networking and security on your platform and login details are issued within minutes.

My World Central Management Console

Once built you are provided with a management screen for that environment where you can login to individual servers and work on them or access monitoring, reporting and ticketing. At any time this live solution can be edited to upgrade the services been delivered. A server type of entire network design can also be saved as a template, which then appears as a drag and drop item in the designer.

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