Volodarskaya E. IFF 3-3 Bank Strategy From my point of view, the best strategy for a bank is a client approach.

Realization of consumer orientation strategy begins with understanding of the fact that the client base of a bank is not homogeneous but the set of unique individuals. Formation and the report to the client of the personalized offer of a bank product can become a result. For example, an interest rate of a credit card should be calculated individually under the specific client. Besides sale of products with individual characteristics it is possible to approach individually to servicing. For example, it is possible to define priority in turn often loaded contact center, or to provide to some clients with certain additional privileges, besides, consciously, understanding that they can be interesting to this specific client taking into consideration a certain value and potential for a bank. For realization of this strategy it is necessary to construct technology which is possible to present in the form of the difficult multipurpose conveyor. The staff of CRM division will participate in it with the look-ahead models and methods segmentations, and also the financiers counting profitability of clients. Results of such collective work will be used for selection of individual offers to clients with use of the risk-based and relationship pricing methods. It is important such a conveyor to be powerful and could to process with acceptable speed of the base measured in million clients. Creation of such a conveyor always starts with «a show-window of data to clients» which, actually, becomes its basis. This show-window contains all information on clients which is necessary for the staff of different bank divisions. First of all, it is social and demographic and contact information which can appear in bank from contracts and the demands filled by clients.

It can include the daily remains on accounts according to cards.The greatest volume of data on the client is his behavioral information which appears in bank upon commission of operations and events. quantity and the sums of card transactions in various analytical cuts: type. outlet type etc. duration and the maximum sum of the allowed delay. commission place. factors of utilization of a credit limit.an office application – is a basis of effective functioning of the bank organization. first of all because of their reliability. After all to finish total information on a profile of the client and previously the calculated individual offers (so-called Next Best Offers) to the employee of a bank in operational CRM or to the front . . From my point of view such approach considerably will facilitate introduction of various customized applications with which the staff of various bank divisions work. Behavioral data have the increased value.

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