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The family business in tourism and hospitality. Volunteering as leisure/leisure as volunteering: an international assessment.

Consumer psychology of tourism, hospitality and leisure. Destination benchmarking: concepts, practices and operations. Nature-based tourism, environment and land management.
The competitive destination: a sustainable tourism perspective

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Case studies in ecotourism. Service quality in leisure and tourism. Ecotourism policy and planning.
Tourism in destination communities

Ecotourism programme planning. Benchmarking in tourism and hospitality industries: the selection of benchmarking partners. Responsible marine aquaculture. The tourist as a metaphor of the social world. Leisure and tourism policy and planning. Tourism in Western Europe: a collection of case histories. Tourism and the less developed world: issues and case studies. Tourism and the less developed world: issues and case studies. Volunteer tourism: experiences that make a difference. Rural tourism and recreation: principles to practice. Recreational and environmental markets for forest enterprises: a new approach towards marketability
Consumer psychology of tourism, hospitality and leisure. Volume 2

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Consumer psychology of tourism, hospitality and leisure. Volume 2. By Mazanec, J. A. Crouch, G. I. Brent Richie, J. R. Woodside, A. G. 2001 (H ISBN 9780851995359) This volume focuses on consumer decision making for evaluating choice alternatives in tourism, leisure, and hospitality operations. It deals with rese...
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Cultural attractions and European tourism. By Richards, G. 2001 (H ISBN 9780851994406) This book presents the findings of field research undertaken in 1997 under the European Cultural Tourism Research Project managed by the European Asso...
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The encyclopedia of ecotourism. By Weaver, D. B. 2000 (H ISBN 9780851993683) This encyclopedia provides an expert and comprehensive knowledge base of the global ecotourism sector. It is divided into 8 major sections, and contai...
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Tourism ecolabelling: certification and promotion of sustainable management. By Font, X. Buckley, R. C. 2001 (H ISBN 9780851995069) The use of ecolabels and certification schemes in the tourist industry is reviewed. Over 70 schemes are described, from the developed countries of the...
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Trends in outdoor recreation, leisure and tourism. 2000 (H ISBN 9780851994031) This book focuses on the issues and trends in outdoor, nature-based recreation,

leisure and tourism and explores the implications for public policy, p...
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Forests in sustainable mountain development: a state of knowledge report for 2000. Task Force on For By Price, M. F. Butt, N. 2000 (H ISBN 9780851994468) Written by leading international authors, this book presents a comprehensive review of forests in mountain regions, and of their importance for sustai...
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Strategic management in tourism. 1999 (H ISBN 9780851992822) This book contains coverage and analytical discussion of key areas of contemporary tourism management: evaluation of the most important global trends ...
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Leisure education, community development and populations with special needs. 2000 (H ISBN 9780851994444) The results are presented of a Commission of the World Leisure and Recreation Association (WLRA) to examine the role of leisure and education for leis...
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Tourism and development in mountain regions. 1999 (H ISBN 9780851993911) This book discusses the importance of mountain regions and the precariousness of mountain tourism in the context of ecosystem and cultural conservatio...
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Forest tourism and recreation: case studies in environmental management. 1999 (H ISBN 9780851994147) The demand for ecotourism and outdoor recreation is increasing and the pressures on land use are becoming more obvious. A large part of the experience...
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