1- it means there is sludge accumulation in the service tank 2- changeover m/e,g/e suction to high and boiler suction to settling tank

3- check the purifier for its proper functioning( check the size of gravity disc for the corresponding density of fuel) 4. check the condition of filters and clean them frequently. Keep an eye of the viscosity of the fuel. 5. reduce interval of discharge of auto backwash filter 6. drain the mixing column at regular intervals. 7. start purification from service tank to service tank 8. reduce the head of the tank and make a connection for air and connect it with the drain valve and start clearing the valve by blowing air. 9. once the drain is clear temporarily we can drain the service tank till the next port or anchorage where we can clean the service tank 10. before reaching to the anchorage change over m/e and g/e on diesel oil. 11. stop the heavy fuel oil purifier 12. shut the heating of the tank. 13. Drain the service tank as much as possible to the overflow tank. 14. once you make sure that the tank is free of oil by taking manual sounding and below the manhole door start opening the manhole door (all the safety issues must be discussed for tank entry) 15. remove sludge from the tank, once the tank is cleaned also dismantle the drain valve and pipe to overhaul and clean it. Like · · Follow Post · December 23, 2011 at 8:11pm

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