-------------------------Six Pages. -------------------To/ The Registrar. Eye Unit.-Kingston Hospital. Kingston Upon Thames.

From/ Isam T Salih 4 Hilditch House.-Richmond-TW 10-6HA. Hospital Number-4082881. N.H.S.Number 488-029-0270.

Dear Sirs. Further to our meeting (Monday/13/sept/2010) I would like to bring your kind attention to the following Thirteen points : 1-My first treatment by your clinic ? The first injection was on (2nd –august 2010)) went Without a Hitch .

2-The second appointment was due on (1st-sept-2010.) But I was refused treatment on the Pretext that my blood pressure was too high! I was given another appointment to come back on the (10thsept-2010.)

3-Again on that day of (10th/Sept)I was refused treatment under the same Pretext! That my blood pressure was too high! ? !

Page Two. 4-To understand this letter its essential to know that on both occasions when I was Turned Down the nurse that was taking the measurements(To see if I was fit for the injection)her behaviour was strange ! First she deliberately kept the readings out of my sight! ? Then when I noticed the readings were normal she Switched equipments at the middle of the measurement Claiming there was an Error?On each appointment ! ! ! ! I thought the nurse did the Switch because the readings were showing normal blood pressure. That is all. 5-This Switch ?This Criminal Trick happened on the appointment of (1stsept-2010) and was Phenomenally repeated on the appointment of (10thsept-2010.)Therefore ir was only natural for me to become suspicious 6-My blood pressure is perfectly normal. Therefore because and only because of my suspicions I bought my own pressure monitor an expensive (The Clinically Validated type .)Instrument. A scientific instrument that does not tell lies! Nor can it ever be accused of Paranoia. And it did register the followings: Saturday 11-Sept-2010.—(Hourly)-174/71-165/80-177/83-145/73150/71-140/72-138/72-150/75. Sunday/12/Sept/2010-Morning-157/86.-Evening-183/82. Monday/13/Sept/2010 -Morning-156/85.-Evening-137/73. All of these Readings were taken Before I started a course of treatment with pressure tablets and had been verified by professional persons also for this very purpose I came to your hospital for these readings to be verified by your good selves but unfortunately you were not there. The monitor has memory that can only store the latest Fourteen readings. 7-One explanation (And I cannot blame you if you find itUnbelievable): That the first injections went without a hitch because it was performed on the spot.i.e without any Postal notifications! While the second was notified to me by Post thus allowing what I call certain circles (of pure evil )Who regularly but Criminally opens all my letters to do just that arranging a sabotage for each treatment Thereafter the very first injections.

Page Three. 8- After I was refused treatment by you I went to St George hospital they made all the necessary measurements, photographs and angiogram (Flourezene) which was looked at by Mr. Hoogan himself! But they did not treat me !They said because I was already your patient and not theirs. 9-Today the 27th/Sept/2010 I went for my latest appointment with your clinic to receive the injections but instead of being called by a nurse to take my measurements as its usual before the injection I was taken to Mr. Hogan himself(The consultant)and he Shocked me by telling me in no uncertain terms that I will not get my injections today ! I accept that !Said I ? But please can you or any of the nurses At Least take the measurements so that I know if there was a good reason for this Arbitrary decision ? I repeated my appeal several times but: He refused point blank ! ? ! Therefore I rushed back to my G.P for him to take the measurements (Within the hour) All readings proved Normal! I am sure my G.P would or should verify this fact. 10-What more Concrete evidence does anyone require to see that: Whatever your reasons for refusing me treatments they were Not Medical Reasons. And whoever was behind your decisions was not guided by any medical criteria. 11-Then he (Mr Hogan)Started telling me about Wasting Of Resources! When it was you who Wasted my time And Yours because all I have had so far one single injection that is all! But you had me chasing my tail for the past Three Months almost on Daily Basis. 12-Then he started accusing me of telling Lies! To St George’s hospital ! ? When it was St George hospital who in The First Place Sent Me A Letter asking me to see them for further investigations (I still have a copy of that letter)and since the letter Carried His Name (Mr Hoogan) I assumed that it was initiated by your clinic possibly due to the locations of different facilities or equipments or whatever . Obviously the man (MR Hogan )have been Pumped by Lies and Venom about me !Blurring his medical judgment. By who? I do not know. Why? I can only guess why.

Page Four. 13Dear Sirs The physical ailment is stressful enough without the psychological degradations that I am being subjected to! Chasing my tail like a dog from one clinic to the other! Ping Ponging me form one Appointment to another Disappointment. If you do not wish to treat me you should just say so? Instead of this intolerable treatment of what is after all supposed to be a patient? Not an Enemy. What I need to know? Am I the Patient or the Enemy??Because this kind of behaviour unknown even in Third World Countries ! What you are doing is Adding Insult To Injury when you are trying to Shift The Blame on to me for your own strange (To say the least) unprofessional behaviour. Decent people not wishing to treat me would have discharged me from this clinic so that I can at least seek medical help somewhere else instead of this Painful Charade. Respectfully yours Isam T Salih Monday/27/sept/2010. Copies to: 1-My G.P. 2-The N.H.S Head Office. 3-The R.H. : M.P.For My District.

Page Five To The Right Honourable: Member of Parliament for Richmond Park . House Of Commons-Westminster. London. S.W1. O A A.Ref: My complaint against Kingston Hospital. Dear Sir Please find enclosed (Sent by post)copies of Two Letters I have had received ? One from My Landlord (L&Q) and the other from my G.P. Please kindly note the following Thirteen points: 1-Both letters arrived Together on Saturday morning the: 9/October /2010. 1- Both were sent out on the same day of : 7/October/2010. 2- Both insinuating that I had Mental Health Problem Of Paranoia. 3- This is the First Time Ever In My Life anyone dared to question my mental health (Not formally at any rate)! 4- It’s Almost unknown in the medical professing for someone who been Sane all of his life to become Insane at my age ! ? ! 5- The reverse is also Rare i.e. for anyone who had been Insane all his life to become Sane in my age! ? ! 6- So which of these two am I ! ? ! 7- Although I had been with this G.P for more than Seven Years !
This is the First Time he ever raised such questions about nmy mental health!

Page Six. 9-Two letters by two unlikely (Unrelated) quarters Synchronised to arrive together insinuating that I was mad! Speaks Thousand Words . 10-For both letters to arrive Only After I Complained about Kingston hospital (Never before) can speak Another thousand words. 11-Obviously those Circles (Of pure evil who open all of my letters ) that I had previously referred to in my original complaint about Kingston hospital. Have got me worked out perfect: Either I sit back and let them dismantle me Physically ! Or if I complain then I must be having mental health problem! ? ! 12-Abusing psychiatry! Always has been one of the Oldest and Dirtiest games in the world! And it isn’t clever? Not clever at all !?!

13-I will be perfectly happy to submit myself for psychiatric evaluation Abroad . But never will I Voluntarily agree to any such assessment inside the U.K. Sir: I am sure! You will kindly agree that it’s Unfair for anyone ending up having to Defend the state of his mental health Only And Only After he had made Legitimate Complains About Genuinely Dangerous Maltreatment. Respectfully yours Isam T Salih