Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) movie script

by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio. First draft, September 1, 2002.
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EXT. CARIBBEAN SEA - DAY A gray, impenetrable wall of fog. From somewhere comes the FAINT SOUND of a LITTLE GIRL'S VOICE, singing, slow tempo, almost under her breath: YOUNG ELIZABETH (O.S.) Yo, ho, yo, ho, a pirate's life for me. Yo, ho, yo, ho, it's a pirate's life for me ... Suddenly a massive SHIP emerges from the grey, the Winged Victory maidenhead looming. It's a British dreadnought, the H.M.S. Dauntless. Formidable, frightening, twenty-five gun ports on the side, and rail guns to boot. EXT. H.M.S. DAUNTLESS - FORECASTLE - DAY ELIZABETH SWANN, strawberry blonde hair, stands at the bow rail, gazing at the sea, still singing -ELIZABETH ... drink up me hearties, yo, ho ... JOSHAMEE GIBBS, who was born old, skin a dark leather, clutches her shoulder, startling her. GIBBS (sotto) Quiet, missy! Cursed pirates sail these waters. You want to call 'em down on us? Elizabeth stares wide-eyed at him. Mr. Gibbs. NORRINGTON

NORRINGTON, a dashing young man, Royal Navy to the core, glares sternly at Gibbs. Standing beside him is GOVERNOR WEATHERBY SWANN, a man of obvious high station, brass buttons on his thick blue jacket. He is Elizabeth's father. NORRINGTON (CONT'D) That will do.

GIBBS She was singing about pirates. Bad luck to sing about pirates, with us mired in this unnatural fog -mark my words. NORRINGTON Consider them marked. On your way. GIBBS 'Aye, Lieutenant. (as he moves off) Bad luck to have a woman on board, too. Even a mini'ture one. He returns to his deck-swabbing duties, surreptitiously takes a quick swig from a flask. ELIZABETH I think it would be rather exciting to meet a pirate. NORRINGTON Think again, Miss Swann. Vile and dissolute creatures, the lot of them. I intend to see to it that any man who sails under a pirate flag, or wears a pirate brand, gets what he deserves: a short drop and a sudden stop. Elizabeth doesn't know what a 'short drop and a sudden stop' means. Gibbs helpfully mimes: a man being hung. SWANN Captain Norrington... I appreciate your fervor, but I am concerned about the effect this subject will have on my daughter. NORRINGTON My apologies, Governor. ELIZABETH Actually, I find it all fascinating. SWANN And that's what concerns me. Elizabeth, we will be landing in Port Royal soon, and beginning our new lives. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we comport ourselves as befits our class and station? ELIZABETH

Yes, father. Chastised, she turns away, to look out over the bow rail. ELIZABETH (CONT'D) (to herself) I still think it would be exciting to meet a pirate ... The fog still hems in the ship; very little of the sea is visible --- but suddenly, a FIGURE comes into view. A young boy, WILL TURNER, floating on his back in the otherwise empty water. There is nothing to show where he came from, or how he came to be there. ELIZABETH (CONT'D) Look! A boy! There's a boy in the water! Norrington and Swann spot him -NORRINGTON Man overboard! ELIZABETH Boy overboard! NORRINGTON Fetch a hook -- haul him out of there! Quick movement and activity on deck. Sailors use a boathook to snag the boy when he passes. Norrington and Swann haul him aboard, and lay him on the deck. Elizabeth sidles in for a closer look. NORRINGTON (CONT'D) He's still breathing. SWANN Where did he come from? GIBBS Mary mother of God ... Attention is turned away from the boy -The sea is no longer empty. WRECKAGE from a ship litters the water ... along with the bodies of its crew. What is left of the ship's hull BURNS, a ragged British flag hanging limply from the stern. The H.M.S. Dauntless slips silently through it all. calls for hushed voices. The scene

SWANN What happened here? NORRINGTON An explosion in the powder magazine. Merchant vessels run heavily armed. GIBBS Lot of good it did them ... (off Swann's look) Everyone's thinking it! I'm just saying it! Pirates! SWANN There is no proof of that. It could have been an accident. Captain, these men were my protection. If there is even the slightest chance one of those poor devils is still alive, we cannot abandon them! NORRINGTON Of course not. (to a sailor) Rouse the Captain, immediately. (to the crew) Come about and strike the sails! Unlash the boats! Gunnery crew ... jackets off the cannons! (to Swann) Hope for the best...prepare for the worst. (to two sailors) Move the boy aft. We'll need the deck clear. They lift the boy. Swann pulls Elizabeth away from the rail, away from the hideous scene in the water. SWANN Elizabeth, I want you to accompany the boy. He's in your charge now. You'll watch over him? Elizabeth nods gravely. Swann hurries away to help unstow the longboat. The sailors lay the boy gently on the poop deck, behind the wheel, they hurry off. Elizabeth kneels down beside the boy. His good looks are not lost on her. She reaches out, gently brushes the blond hair from his eyes -Suddenly, he grabs her wrist, awake now. Elizabeth is startled, but their eyes lock. She takes his hand in hers.

ELIZABETH My name is Elizabeth Swann. YOUNG WILL Will Turner. ELIZABETH I'm watching over you, Will. He clutches her hands, then slips back into unconsciousness. His movement has opened the collar of his shirt; Elizabeth sees he wears a chain around his neck. She tugs it free, revealing -A GOLD MEDALLION. One side is blank. She turns it over -A SKULL gazes up at her. Vaguely Aztec in design, but to her eyes, it can mean one thing only -ELIZABETH (CONT'D) You're a pirate. She glances back at the crew. Sees Norrington, giving orders, moving toward her. She looks back at Will -- comes to a quick decision. Takes the medallion from around his neck. Hides it under her coat. Norrongton arrives. NORRINGTON Did he speak? ELIZABETH His name is Will Turner -- that's all I found out. Very good. NORRINGTON

Norrington hurries off. Elizabeth steals away to the stern of the ship. Examines her prize -- the gold medallion. A wisp of wind, and she looks up -Out over the dea, moving through the fog, silent as a ghost, is a large sailing ship, a schooner -It has BLACK SAILS. Elizabeth stares, too frightened to move, or cry out. The ship is obscured by the fog as it passes -- but not the mizzen-top ... and there hangs the frightening skull and corssbones of the Jolly Roger.

Elizabeth looks from it to the medallion -- the skull on the flag is the same as the one on the medallion. Fog surrounds and closes in on the black ship -- except for the black flag. As Elizabeth watches, the skull appears to TURN and GRIN at her -Elizabeth shuts her eyes tight -EIGHT YEARS LATER INT. GOVERNOR'S MANSION - ELIZABETH'S BEDROOM -- and then snap open again, startled wide with fear. But this is no longer twelve-year-old Elizabeth on the stern of the Dauntless; this is twenty-year-old Elizabeth, lying in bed in the dark. She remains motionless (were the images we just saw a nightmare, or a jumbled childhood memory?) Elizabeth slowly looks as far out the corner of her eyes as possible without moving. Might there be someone in the room with her, looming over her? She turns, ready for anything. She is alone. Elizabeth sits up, turns up the flame on an oil lamp beside the canopied bed. She carries the lamp across the room to a dressing table, sits down. She pulls one of the small drawers all the way out, reaches into a space beneath it and removes -The MEDALLION. She has kept it all this time. It has not lost its luster -- or its sense of menace. She gazes at it as she absently returns the draw to its place -A BOOMING knock on the door; Elizabeth jumps up, startled, knocking over the chair. SWANN (O.S.) Elizabeth? Is everything all right? Are you decent? Yes -- yes. ELIZABETH

She puts on the medallion, throws a dressing gown on as Swann enters, carrying a large box. A uniformed maid, ESTRELLA, follows. SWANN Still abed at this hour? It's a beautiful day!

beautiful.She holds her hair and the medallion (still around her neck) out of the way as the maid cinches her into a corset over her slip... On a bluff at the mouth of the harbor stands FORT CHARLES. May I inquire as to the occasion? SWANN Is an occasion necessary for a father to dote upon his daughter with gifts? Elizabeth happily takes it. SWANN (CONT'D) Elizabeth? How's it coming? ON ELIZABETH -. and displays for her a gorgeous velvet dress. SWANN (CONT'D) Although . don't you think? (no answer) He fancies you. revealing: Beneath a blue sky lies the bucolic town of PORT ROYAL. SWANN (CONT'D) I have a gift for you. I knew it. Estrella has her foot in Elizabeth's . rather. its stone parapets lined with cannons. built on a natural harbor. She lets out an admiring gasp. I did think you could wear it to the ceremony today. Elizabeth peeks around the screen. carrying the box. Elizabeth GASPS. Estrella follows.. ELIZABETH (O. goes behind a screened-off dressing area. Behind the screen. He opens the box..) Ceremony? SWANN Captain Norrington's promotion ceremony.Estrella pulls back the heavy curtains. you know.S. Commodore Norrington . a fine gentleman. ELIZABETH SWANN Or. ELIZABETH It's -.

WILL (CONT'D) Perfectly balanced. looking very out of place. SWANN . SWANN Ah.. He polishes the toes of his boots on the back of his calves.DAY The caller.S. sir.) I'm told that dress is the very latest fashion in London. Elizabeth takes a breath -.and winces. He holds a long presentation case. to say. opens the case. stands in the foyer. with a watchful demeanor that gives him a weight beyond his years. A butler appears in the doorway of the room.back as she pulls the laces tight. That's gold filigree laid into the handle. and knowing it. Swann takes it out reverently. GOVERNOR'S MANSION . Estrella is finished. Inside is a beautiful dress sword and scabbard. SWANN (O. but it doesn't help. The tang is nearly the full width of the blade. BUTLER Governor? A caller is here for you.it is WILL TURNER. dressed in rough clothing. WILL (CONT'D) The blade is folded steel. WILL Good day. INT. Handsome. Swann hurries to him. (holds out the case) I have your order. Mr.. and balances it on one finger at the point where the blade meets the guard. Turner! It's good to see you again! The caller turns -. ELIZABETH Difficult . If I may -He takes the sword from Swann. ELIZABETH (holding her breath) Women in London must have learned to not breathe.FOYER .

and simply nods emphatically. Will's face falls. Will reacts with surprise: "Really?" SWANN Elizabeth. Granted. the dress may be painful to wear. he flips the sword around. how many times must I ask you to call me 'Elizabeth'? WILL At least once more. With practiced ease. Miss Swann.Impressive .. He gives up. Do pass my compliments on to your master. WILL (bows slightly) I shall. this is hardly appropriate -ELIZABETH (ignores her father) About the day we met. ELIZABETH (CONT'D) I dreamt about you last night. ELIZABETH Will! It's so good to see you! Her hand goes to the chain around her throat (the medallion is hidden in the bodice of her dress). and he is proud of it. very impressive. staring past Swann -Elizabeth stands on the stairs. but holy smokes! SWANN Elizabeth! You look stunning! Will tries to speak. As always.. Do you remember? WILL I could never forget it. Commodore Norrington will be pleased. A craftsman is always pleased to hear his work is appreciated -He stops speaking abruptly. but can't. catches it by the hilt and returns it to the case. smiles to himself. . Miss Swann. the work is his. I'm sure. ELIZABETH Will. Clearly.

Mr. WILL He watches as she is helped aboard a carriage by the driver. we must be going. EXT. On the landward face of the sail. EXT. is a man for whom the term 'swashbuckling rogue' was coined: Captain JACK SPARROW. unoccupied gallow. it is only through his efforts that Port Royal has become at all civilized. Swann takes the case from Will. ELIZABETH Good day. Good day. Elizabeth straightens her back. There is a fifth. apparently high in the rigging.Elizabeth is disappointed and little hurt by his responce. bearing a sign: PIRATES . Now. IN THE CARRIAGE: Swann glowers at his daughter. Raises a tankard in salute.HARBOR . gathers her skirts and strides past Will. He gazes keen-eyed at the display as they pass. WILL (CONT'D) (to himself) Elizabeth. SWANN Well said! There's a boy who understands propriety. something below catches his attention.YE BE WARNED The top of a billowing sail passes regally in front of them. still clad in buccaneer rags. PORT ROYAL . Turner.DAY Swann follows Elizabeth out the door. GOVERNOR'S MANSION .DAY The skeletal remains of four pirates. He jumps from the rigging -- . opens the door for Elizabeth. Suddenly. I do hope you demonstrate a bit more decorum in front of Commodore Norrington. After all. SWANN Dear. hang from gallows erected on a rocky promontory.

The HARBORMASTER. The Harbormaster considers. He starts up the dock. it also carries a compass. guides the dory alongside a dock. the whole of Port Royal laid out before him.-. among the parapets of Fort Charles.DOCKS . a long ledger tucked under his arm. but just a small fishing dory with a single sail. and you're going to have to give me your name. Mr. you're either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid. Jack steps back to the tiller. Smith. Dauntless dominates the bay. a small sleek vessel with rail guns and a mortor in the middle of the main deck. The Harbormaster cuts him off.S. besides the scabbard.the Jolly Mon. JACK What do you sat three shillings. steps aside.DAY Smoothly and with no wasted movement. Jack hauls down the sail. is there to catch the line and help Jack tie up. stows it. Looks across the water toward the Interceptor -. Which is why he has the tankard: to bail. The huge British dreadnaught. and we forget the name? He tosses three shillings onto the ledger. HARBORMASTER It's a shilling for the dock space. plowing through the water -. a ceremony is underway -- . HARBORMASTER Welcome to Port Royal. then shuts the ledger on the coins. And it leaks. It is tied up at the Navy landing.M. and using a single sheet to control the sail. Above the Interceptor. at the base of the cliffs below Fort Charles. EXT. PORT ROYAL . Jack gives him a half-salute as he goes past. Interceptor.S. But Jack's attention is on a different ship: the H.M.and that's when we see that his ship is not an imposing three-master. H. pistol and small powder horn.and smiles. starpping on his sword belt. and the Jolly Mon comes around the promontory. HARBORMASTER If you're rolling scuppers in this tub. JACK It's remarkable how often those two traits coincide.

JACK Sorry. and he returns the sword to its scabbard. then winces. pins a medal to Norrington's jacket. MURTOGG This dock is off-limits to civilians. Music drifts down from Fort Charles. flourishes the sword.. out beneath the hot sun.. Swann steps forward. take advantage of what little shade there is on the dock. JACK (CONT'D) Some sort of to-do up at the fort. eh? You two weren't invited? MURTOGG No . Jack looks up. Discretely tries to adjust the corset through the material of the dress. Elizabeth doesn't look so good. and snaps the blade up in front of his face. Ship. FORT CHARLES .NAVY DOCK . Swann removes the sword and scabbard from the presentation case. In the audience. JACK This must be some important boat. their families. MURTOGG and MULLROY. they are immediately on alert. EXT. holds it out vertically to Norrington. She applauds briefly. Backslapping from the Navy men. Another flourish.DAY Two sailors on sentry duty. then resumes clapping. and Swann lets go. trying to hide her discomfort. shields his eyes.dignitaries. I didn't know. held by a uniformed Navy man. merchants. MULLROY JACK . Norrington draws the sword.DAY With choreographed percision. turns again and nods to the audience -. PORT ROYAL . Norrington grasps the scabbard above Swann's hand. The silence is broken loud APPLAUSE. turns smartly and nods to his fellow officers. in full dress uniform.EXT. steps back. But when Jack saunters up. plantation owners. He slides the sword into the scabbard. somone has to make sure this dock stays off-limits to civilians. Norrington nods.

it's not. Commodore.. neigh uncatchable . supposed to be fast.. But it seems to me a ship like that -(indicates the Dauntless) -. MULLOY MURTOGG Commodore Norrington. JACK That so? I've heard of one. MULLROY You've seen the Black Pearl? .Ship. true enough -. I'm sure . JACK That's a fine goal.but there's no ship that can match the Interceptor for speed. He'll use it to hunt down the last dregs of piracy on the Spanish Lake.. the Black Pearl? Mullroy scoffs at the name. MULLROY There's no *real* ship as can match the Interceptor. MURTOGG Oh. MULLROY No. MULLROY You've seen it? MURTOGG Yes. MURTOGG Captain Norrington's made it his flagship. the Dauntless is the power in these waters..makes this one here just a wee superflous. MURTOGG The Black Pearl is a real ship. Right. MURTOGG I've seen it. Yes it is.

MURTOGG Yes.Hey! But Jack's not there. no. The sailors hurry toward the gangplank.. MULLROY Oh. Murtogg and Mullroy look around.. No. MULLROY You've seen a ship with black sails that's crewed by the damned and captained by a man so evil that hell itself spat him back out? . and no ship that's not crewed by the damned and captained by a man so evil that hell itself spat him back out could possibly have black sails and therefore couldn't possibly be any ship other than the Black Pearl. casually examining the mechanism. I have. MULLROY (CONT'D) You! Jack looks over in exaggeratedly innocent surprise. MURTOGG But I've seen a ship with black sails. MULLROY You haven't seen it..MURTOGG Yes. spot -Jack standing at the wheel of the Interceptor. there's no real ship as can match -. MULLROY (CONT'D) . Is that what you're saying? .. MURTOGG MURTOGG MULLROY MULLROY (turns back to Jack) Like I said. No.

MULLROY MURTOGG If he were telling truth he wouldn't have told us. FORT CHARLES . Murtogg and Mullroy consider that point -EXT. You rumbled me. MURTOGG What's your name? Smith. Smith'? MURTOGG And no lies! JACK None? Very well. do a little honest pirating. It's just such a pretty boat. MURTOGG He's not telling the truth. pick up a crew in Tortuga. He may be. and go on the account. no lies. 'Mr. of course. I confess: I intend to commandeer one of these ships. Ship. he knew you wouldn't believe the truth if he told you it.Get away from there! You don't have permission to be aboard there! Jack spreads his hands in apology.DAY . JACK MULLROY What's your business in Port Royal. JACK I'm sorry. The sailors study him suspiciously. MULLROY I think he's telling the truth. MURTOGG I said. JACK Unless.

She takes it. Elizabeth. A rather too long of a silence as Norrington works up his courage. NORRINGTON (CONT'D) (a burst) You look lovely. fans herself weakly. Gone. myself -Elizabeth loses her balance. (working up his confidence to do so) This promotion confirms that I have accomplished the goals I set for myself in my career.and then she vanishes over the wall. oblivious to the music and chatter. The thing all men most require: a marriage to a fine woman. Elizabeth frowns. Elizabeth. ELIZABETH I can't breathe. pale and perspiring. PORT ROYAL . pushes Murtogg aside to see -Elizabeth plummets from the top of the cliff. stumbles away from Norrington. unable to focus. (beat) You have become a fine woman.NAVY DOCKS . NORRINGTON (smiles) I'm a bit nervous. NORRINGTON May I have a moment? He extends his hand. He walks her away from the party.DAY Jack reacts. expression as disapproval. Elizabeth! ELIZABETH EXT. toward the parapet. Norrington mistakes her NORRINGTON (CONT'D) I apologize if I seem forward -but I must speak my mind. But it also casts into sharp relief that which I have not achieved. She reaches a hand out to the parapet to steady herself. It seems to take her a long to reach the sea -- . but it slides off --.Elizabeth.

gasping for air -then a swell rolls over her. JACK (CONT'D) Don't lose these. hands it to Murtogg. GILLETTE The rocks. Murtogg and Mullroy are still in shock from the sight. swims toward Elizabeth. JACK (rolls his eyes) Sailors. And then he dives into the water. He jumps down and runs -EXT. A wave breakes. then hands the belt to Mullroy. JACK (CONT'D) Fine. Norrington looks down -ELIZABETH! NORRINGTON He leaps to the top of the parapet.and it pisses him off.a lieutenant. struggling feebly. AT THE FORT. PORT ROYAL . GILLETTE. Murtogg shakes his head -.and realizes Gillette is right. Elizabeth struggles to keep above water. He pulls a pistol from his sword belt.neither does he.NAVY DOCKS . They are too far away to get to her in time.DAY Jack. prepared to dive -. catches his arm. Norrington and several other men pick their way down the cliffs. narrowly missing the sharp rocks. Above where Elizabeth struggles in the water. He has no choice -. and she is submerged -- . sir! It's a miracle she missed them! Norrington shakes off his arm. JACK Aren't you going to save her? MULLROY I can't swim. looks down -.Elizabeth hits the water. Jack scowls. and then she is washed out away from the cliff.

PORT ROYAL . and they submerge. . The wind dies.. The mangy hound at his side starts BARKING incessantly -ON THE DOCKS: The lines bang against the other sides of the masts. Jack swims toward the dock. IN THE VILLAGE: A weather vane moves slightly in the wind. The current turns her. He wraps an arm around her and makes for the surface. PORT ROYAL . intent on the climb. and all is still. far out to sea. but now blows from the sea toward the land. frowning. blown from an offshore breeze. the wind far stronger now. The wind stops. He stops stroking. and there is silence.UNDERWATER. A shaft of filtered sunlight hits it.and then Jack is there. And then . and the flag goes limp.. FOG gathers -EXT.the wind has picked up again. He pulls at the buttons on the back. frowns when they all suddenly go quit .. He skins her out of the dress. struggling. Beyond him. Turns and gazes at the sky.DAY FORT CHARLES: The British flag flies. and holds steady -. UNDERWATER: Jack realizes that it is Elizabeth's heavy velvet dress that is weighing them down. pauses.VARIOUS . until the SKULL is fully visible. the weather vanes TURNS.CLIFFSIDE . The MEDALLION turns slowly. ON THE EDGE OF TOWN: A CARIBE WOMAN feeds clucking chikens. snapping in the new onshore breeze. PORT ROYAL .DAY UNDERWATER: the medallion hangs below Elizabeth's unmoving form -. Elizabeth drifts down.. EXT. unconscious. and it GLINTS -EXT. ON THE SURFACE. and they give way.. ON THE DOCKS: Wood and metal fittings on the lines bang against masts. Suddenly the wind dies. and the MEDALLION slips loose from her bodice.OCEAN . and . past the rocky point. ON THE BEACH: an OLD SALT pulls a rope line. It is far more difficult than it should be. FORT CHARLES: the British flag flies in the opposite direction..DAY Norrington rushes down.

yanks it away. MULLROY Not breathing. most of her clothes gone.she coughs up water and gasps. looking bright and sharp. JACK (CONT'D) Where did you get this? Before Elizabeth can answer.kicks away from it. Murtogg holds her arms above her head. pumping them. The dress falls like a cloud into darkness -ON THE SURFACE: Jack swims with Elizabeth. And then -. in fact. MULLROY I never would have thought of that. you've never been to Singapore.Murtogg is shocked -Jack slits the corset down the middle. raises the knife -. He pushes past Mullroy. NORRINGTON On your feet. Elizabeth is on her back. Jack is relieved. Jack catches it up in his hand.Jack standing over Elizabeth. The rest of Elizabeth's . exhausted. choking on her first full breath. drawing Murtogg's knife from its sheath. He gets to his feet. Mullroy puts his cheek to her nose and mouth. kneels over Elizabeth. Murtogg and Mullroy are there to help haul Elizabeth out of the water.and that's when he spots -The MEDALLION. Jack steps up. it seems hopeless. much more quickly. JACK Clearly. the BLADE of a SWORD is at Jack's THROAT -. Jack climbs up. Jack flips the knife and hands it hilt-first to Murtogg -. It looks bad -. Murtogg looks down. Elizabeth remains still.Norrington's new ceremonial sword. JACK Move. AT THE DOCK.

Jack nods as best he can with a blade beneath his chin. isn't it? JACK Captain Jack Sparrow. MURTOGG If you . I'm fine -. pirate? The others react in shock.' NORRINGTON (CONT'D) Had a brush-up with the East India Trading Company.exposing a BRAND on Jack's inner wrist: a large 'P. Elizabeth! SWANN Are you all right? He strips off his jacket. do you intend to kill my rescuer? Norrington looks at Jack. Jack takes Norrington's hand gingerly. Norrington sheathes his sword. Norrington notices something else -. men. Jack Sparrow. Gillette. did you . NORRINGTON (CONT'D) Well. still holding the corset... please.. including Swann.Captain. but the sailors are well-trained -in an instant.yes. half a dozen pistols are aimed at Jack. fetch some irons. NORRINGTON I believe thanks are in order.erstwhile rescuers reach the scene.. NORRINGTON (CONT'D) Keep your guns on him. ELIZABETH Yes -. then tears back the sleeve of Jack's shirt --. yanks Jack's arm toward him. He stands there. well. Norrington looks out at the bay. drapes it around her. They shake --.and Norrington tightens his grip.below the 'P' brand is a tattoo: a small bird in flight across water. NORRINGTON I don't see your ship -.Commodore Norrington. and extends his hand.

Norrington takes the pistol. NORRINGTON (CONT'D) It doesn't bear true. He slides it back into the scabbard. Jack shrugs. this man saved my life. but you have heard of me. Norrington returns the compass to the belt. opens it. JACK Ah. sir. ELIZABETH Commodore. NORRINGTON (CONT'D) Taking stock: you've got a pistol with only one shot. but he is intent on putting it back on her. NORRINGTON Carefully. Pirate or not. a bit embarrassed. (currying favor) These are his. Moves the compass this way and that. Elizabeth steps forward. He holds out Jack's pistol and belt. and no ship. . You are without a doubt the worst pirate I have ever heard of. MULLROY (to Murtogg) I told you he was telling the truth. a compass that doesn't point north . Gillette returns with shackles. examines it. lieutenant. I must protest.. keeping it parallel to the ground.He said he'd come to commandeer one. Jack looks away. Draws the sword half from the scabbard. hands it to Mullroy. notes the powder horn on Jack's belt. NORRINGTON (to Jack) Extra powder. He frowns at the reading. approaches Jack. but no additional shot.. Swann's jacket slips off her. NORRINGTON (CONT'D) I half-expected it to be made of wood. Norrington unhooks the compass from the belt. She is unconcerned.

JACK Lightning-quick. The pistol sails into the water. my pistol and belt. if you'll be so kind? She takes the belt and pistol from Norrington -. ELIZABETH JACK Miss Swann. toward land) Commodore Norrington . but now Elizabeth serves as a shield. he snaps the corset around the hand and wrist of the man holding the pistol and yanks. Miss Swann. and takes the pistol from her. Now that Jack is safely chained. Before anyone can react to that. JACK But it seems to be enough to condemn him. and two step forward -Finally. Jack has the manacle chain wrapped around Elizabeth's throat. JACK (CONT'D) (backing away. He jerks her around .it is Elizabeth? Elizabeth is more angry than frightened. All but one stow their weapons. please...NORRINGTON One good deed is not enough to redeem a man of a lifetime of wickedness. Norrington hesitates.Jack's quicker than she is. Norrington nods to his men. Norrington holds them out to Jack. JACK (CONT'D) Elizabeth -. balls his fists in frustration. Pistols are drawn again. JACK (CONT'D) Commodore! Mullroy hands the pistol and belt to Norrington. Norrington raises a cautioning hand to his men. NORRINGTON (smiles) Indeed. Gillette snaps the manacles closed on Jack's wrists.

. Done.slides down the line --. and then backs up until he bumps against the cargo gantry.so she is facing him.. JACK (CONT'D) Now. His shot tears the rope --. bring a squad down from the fort! (to Elizabeth) Elizabeth. Go Norrington's taken aback by her ire. He runs. if you'll be very kind? She figures out what he wants: put the belt on him. leaping to another ship. and wisely hurries away. JACK (CONT'D) Gentlemen . Norrington has held his shot. out. m'lady . He shoves Elizabeth away.and miss. he snaps the length of the manacle chain over the line and grabs hold of the far loop -.. you will always remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow. now you've saved mine. . out. Swann drapes his coat around Elizabeth. I'm all right. I'm fine! capture him.as Jack plummets past one of the gantry's guy lines. are you -ELIZABETH Yes. He turns her again.a counterweight drops and Jack is lifted up to the middle of the gantry. away from and around the gantry.. belly to belly. then out of sight -NORRINGTON On his heels! Gillette.drops to the deck of a ship. where he grabs a second rope -Pistols fire -. he tracks Jack's trajectory -Jack drops from the rope even as Norrington FIRES. grabs a rope and pulls free a belaying pin -. Jack swings out. We're square. JACK I saved your life. With careful aim. ELIZABETH (as she works) You are despicable.

ALLEY . dear .where a THICK FOG moves across the top of the water. BLACKSMITH'S FORGE . But she accepts his comforting embrace. He still wears the manacles. One SHATTERS. An armed search party moves along the street. Satisfied. Jack sweats. plunges his . She takes the jacket. and then Jack drops from his hiding place beneath the eaves of a building. The chain begins to GLOW. a pass-thru door set in the middle. he holds his right hand over the furnace. in a blacksmith's apron.. Glances out at the bay --. the chain down in the embers. Father . Across the street is a shop with barn doors.. brings the sledge down with a fast.. finding suddenly that she is cold. lit by lanterns. Jack sheathes his sword. PORT ROYAL . grimaces at the pain -Moving quickly. and let that be the last of your fashion advice. casting an eerie twilight pall. takes a short-handled sledge from its place on the wall. A moment. he wraps the chain around the nose of an anvil. INT. turns away. pipes -. But every tool is in place. please. The men nod to each other. Jack drops the sledge.TOWN . Jack is startled by a noise: MISTER BROWN. The forge is dark.. Another. takes a look around: No windows. Elizabeth shivers. wrought iron gates.DAY The fog creeps through. Above is a sign with a black anvil. EXT. you should wear this. the workbench is tidy and neat. They glance down an alley -On the far side is another search party. snores in the corner. Work-inprogress is scattered about: wagon wheels. Slowly..even a cannon with a crack in it. continue on.DAY Jack slips through the door. hard stroke on the glowing links. cradling a bottle.. ELIZABETH Thank you.SWANN Here. Moves to the glowing coke furnace in the middle of the room. Brown snorts. Jack gives him a hard poke.

.but his hands are free. The SOUND of the latch on the door -. WILL Right where I left you. Have I ever threatened you before? WILL I've made a point of avoiding familiarity with pirates. He moves casually toward the sledge. Then it would be a shame to put a black mark on your record. Beside the door is a grindstone. then frowns.manacled hand in a bucket of water.. So if you'll excuse me . Jack stands there. The *pirate*. regards Will.. boy? Crossing blades with a pirate? WILL You threatened Miss Swann. Will has it in hand. sword leveled at Will. Steam billows. Will jumps back. Jack acknowledges it with the tip of his head . Will glares at him. JACK Ah.. shuts the door behind him. toward the door. WILL (CONT'D) (voice low and tight) You're the one they're hunting. Before Jack can react. WILL (CONT'D) (under his breath) Not where I left you. The grabs for it -. . Will enters the forge.. Blisters form beneath the manacle -. He backs Will up. Spots the drunken Mister Brown in the corner. a sword resting in the honing guide. flexes it. JACK You look familiar . The sledge lying beside the anvil.but the flat of a sword blade slaps his hand.. Jack pulls his hand out.Jack dives for cover. JACK (CONT'D) Do you think this is wise. Something catches his eye: an empty peg on the wall.

trading feints. Will registers with angry surprise -.. you step again . (continuing to step around the circle) And so we circle. Jack attacks.. unhappy to see Will knows what he's doing. but when he turns back to Will.. just above the latch. The two men stand in one place.but then he leaps forward. he throws his sword --. then pulls on the latch. . Excellent form .. Jack slumps in dismay -. JACK (CONT'D) That's a good trick. maintaining his relationship with Jack. Will assumes an en garde position. barely missing Jack. almost impossible to follow. In responce. like dogs we circle .the sword buries itself into the door. Jack appraises him. Tugs on the sword a few times -. Will steps the other way.JACK Only a little. once again. circle. JACK (CONT'D) Very good! And if I step again.. he's smiling. I'll give you that . Jack mouths a curse. now directly behind him.and then with a vicious overhand motion. but it won't move up -.. Jack registers it. Eyes on Jack.it is really stuck in there. But how's your footwork? If I step here -He takes a step around an imaginary circle. They are now exactly opposite their initial positions. Will simply picks up a new sword from an anvil. you are between me and the way out.the sword is in the way. Except. (points his sword at the back door) And now you have no weapon. Ta! JACK (CONT'D) Jack turns and heads for the door. Jack rattles the latch. thrusts and parries with lightning speed. Will has no trouble matching Jack... JACK (CONT'D) You know what you're doing.

Their blades flash and ring. Jack's chain wraps around Will's sword. then a second. (Will sets his jaw) Or maybe the reason you practice three hours a day is you've found one -.Will and Jack duel. I practice three hours a day so that when I meet a pirate . Will drops his sword. Not good. Jack grabs the chain. Then Jack's chain smashes across Will's sword. Jack uses his full weight. At least three hours a day. Will twists the handle of his guard through a link. I can kill him.and Will coils even more tightly with anger. Jack swings the chain still manacled to his left hand at Will's head. yanks the sword from the ceiling. knocking Will back. Hurls a wooden mallet at Will. gets up -Jack's pistol is aimed directly between Will's eyes. Suddenly. And I practice with them. WILL No.and attacks Jack. and stabs the sword up into the ceiling -So Jack's manacled left arm is now suspended from the ceiling. Glares. comes up wide-eyed. Will ducks it. . falls down. He parries using one hand. twisting and dodging around the furnace -Jack compresses the bellows. Will quickly picks up another sword.. Jack becomes aware that the entire room is filled with bladed weapons: swords.. JACK (CONT'D) Who makes all these? WILL I do. boarding axes in various stages of completion. kicks with his feet. blowing a SHOWER OF SPARKS into Will's face. disarming him. knives. hitting Will on the wrist. Will steps back. directly in front of the back exit. uses his foot to bring his dropped sword into the air. causing a sword to fall into his hand. He explodes: kicks a rack. hoists himself up.but can't get her? A direct hit -. rubs his wrist gingerly. catches it -. JACK You need to find yourself a girl. Jack parries with sword and chain. both blades flashing.

Will steps back. The front and back doors smash open. Norrington's men haul Jack away. Jack cocks the pistol. I can not just step aside and let you escape. sees Jack on the ground. JACK You're lucky. NORRINGTON I believe you will always remember this as the day Captain Jack Sparrow almost escaped. smiles. Jack crumples to the ground. WILL JACK . reassesses Jack -Suddenly. JACK (smiles. The stand-off lasts a long moment. Will stares back. Move! WILL No. No. BROWN Just doing my civic duty. what did you expect?) Pirate. Brown looks at his bottle -. Jack steps forward. You've aided in the capture of a dangerous fugitive.broken.this shot's not meant for you. Mister Brown SLAMS his bottle against Jack's skull. Norrington pushes forward. Will watches them go. boy -. fully blocking the door.WILL (CONT'D) You cheated. Mister Brown. and SAILORS fill the room. Jack uncocks the pistol. NORRINGTON Excellent work. Jack groans. Norrington stands over him. JACK (CONT'D) Move away. Will is surprised.

INT. just below the stone parapets of the fort. A waxing moon shines. One holds a loop of rope. high on the bluff. heats an iron ingot at the furnace.NIGHT A maid removes a bed warmer from the fireplace. like a shark fin slicing through water: the TOPMAST of a ship. Above the Fort is a clear black sky sprinkled with stars. Estrella. Three seedy-looking prisoners try to coax the dog to their cell door.nothing but fog. The maid nods. visible briefly deep in the fog.ELIZABETH'S BEDROOM . it has a satisfying weight in his hands. CELL BLOCK . BLACK SAILS billowing. begins reading. like a tall ship sailing a sea of grey. He opens the shutter and peers out -. EXT. Flying from the mast is a flag with white Aztec skull. The lamp flame begins to diminish. PRISONER .NIGHT CLOSE ON: A mutt of a dog. Almost without noticing. The Black Pearl has come to Port Royal. another waggles a bone.FORT CHARLES. holding a ring of keys in his mouth. ANGLE . His attention is drawn to the window. PORT ROYAL .NIGHT The thick fog blankets the entire bay now. The dog just sits and cocks his head. toying absently with the medallion chain around her neck. shirtless.he stops. INT. Elizabeth opens a book. BLACKSMITH'S FORGE . Takes it down. INT. he reaches for a broading axe hanging on the wall. The only structure visible is Fort Charles. wearing a leather apron. No good. and the town.BROWN That ratter broke my bottle. hammers it flat -. giving both Fort and fog an eerie glow. ELIZABETH Nice and toasty. Elizabeth tries to turn it up.NIGHT Will. and the room is black. Thank you. exits. GOVERNOR'S MANSION . The flame goes out. slides it between the sheets at the end of Elizabeth's bed.

The other prisoners crowd around their window as well.. there is a BOOM -SWANN What was that? -. JACK You can keep doing that forever. There are more BOOMS -JACK I know those guns! He peers out through the bars of the window. ..NIGHT Jack sits up. Norrington and Swann walk along the far wall. SWANN Well.. PRISONER Excuse us if we ain't resigned ourselves to the gallows just yet. EXT. Jack lies on a pile of straw. Bleak. that dog's never going to move. JACK (CONT'D) It's the Black Pearl. Want a nice. she had a very taxing day. SWANN Has my daughter given you an answer yet? No.Come here. CELL BLOCK . NORRINGTON She hasn't. boy . FORT CHARLES .. Ghastly weather tonight. juicy bone? In an adjoining cell.and then the WHISTLE of an incoming ball -NORRINGTON Cannon fire! He tackles Swann as the wall of the parapet EXPLODES -INT. >From the distance.NIGHT A noose hangs from a gallows in the courtyard. NORRINGTON Very bleak.PARAPETS .

Cannon fire continues to rain down.. He picks up a second axe and a sword.NIGHT Streets. Will slides back the doors of the forge -A woman runs past.long boats emerge out of the fog. buildings. Will backhands the axe square into his chest. If this is not hell on earth.PRISONER (frightened) The Black Pearl? I've heard stories . He puts a dirk in his belt. a handsome blond man with gold earrings. EXT. and never leaves any survivors. INT.. . dodge flying debris as best they can..HARBOR . PORT ROYAL . FORT CHARLES .NIGHT The moon is obscured by smoke rising from the burning gallows and wooden roofs. Will heads out.KOEHLER.but finds himself face-to-face with a pirate -.NIGHT The Black Pearl still cannot be seen -.but the fog lights up around her with each boom of her guns. a deadly blow..PARAPETS . striking down villagers indiscriminately and setting fires. docks and ships shatter and explode beneath the onslaught. then it's about to be --. up the street -EXT. BLACKSMITH'S FORGE . They swarm from the boats. she's been preying on ships and settlements for near ten years . run for cover. She's firing on both sides now. then a second and a third. carrying ARMED PIRATES. hammering both the fort and the town. Villagers panic.NIGHT Will slips the boarding axe into his belt at the small of his back. EXT. but the fort's own cannons return fire. PORT ROYAL . chased by a ONE-ARMED PIRATE wearing a yellow bandana. JACK There are a lot of stories about the Black Pearl. NORRINGTON Governor! Barricade yourself in my office! (Swann hesitates) That's an order! Swann turns to go -.TOWN .

and cries out. Koehler grins and raises a cutlass --. Cannon fire ECHOES. How could he know she was there? Up there! PINTEL The pirates rush for the stairs. and locks eyes with Elizabeth. a sallow-looking pirate with a bald head. there is a BOOM of a gun. and ships burn in the harbor. NORRINGTON (CONT'D) They've flanked us! Men! Swords and pistols! The battle is joined -INT. The pirates scan the foyer. Elizabeth bolts from her room -INT.too late. GOVERNOR'S MANSION . searching. more pirates come up over the far wall. just as the butler opens the door -. SECOND FLOOR HALLWAY .NIGHT Elizabeth looks out a window at the scene below: even through the fog.NIGHT She reaches the railing overlooking the foyer.NIGHT Elizabeth shuts the door. peering through the balusters. listens as the pirates pound up the stairs -ESTRELLA Miss Elizabeth? Elizabeth jumps. Suddenly Pintel looks up.ELIZABETH'S BEDROOM . miss? The daughter of a governor would be very valuable.Beyond Koehler. multiple fires are visible. Shouts and cries of pain. and the butler crumples. SITTING ROOM . locks it. She notices movement directly below her window: two SHADOWY FIGURES. Elizabeth ducks down in horror. terrified.Norrington's sword blocks Koehler's slash. approaching the house -.pirates. Estrella is right behind her. They whisper: ESTRELLA (CONT'D) Are they come to kidnap you. . The leader is PINTEL. Elizabeth scrabbles back into the nearest room -INT.

Pintel goes for the stairs. on the stairs.NIGHT .he lets go of her hair -.hot coals spill on his head.Elizabeth doesn't slow -. runs for the hall. SECOND FLOOR HALLWAY/FOYER . Elizabeth follows -The second pirate lands between Elizabeth and the front door. and first chance.CONTINUOUS . and run for it -INT. His face is BURNED. DINING ROOM .it gives a bit -Elizabeth shoves Estrella into the corner. Dashes for the side door. holding his nose -INT. grabs her by the hair -. and the maid cannot be seen. belly-first. Estrella -. Estrella nods. but he catches it by the handle -.he reaches -Elizabeth pulls up short.NIGHT Estrella breaks cover. ELIZABETH'S BEDROOM . grabs Pintel's arm with both hands and pulls him hard. but the second pirate vaults over the handrail -Estrella registers the butler's body. BANGING the second pirate -.they haven't seen you. unnoticed. into the cap of the newel post -. Another SLAM at the door -.Elizabeth can't jerk it free.he staggers back. it slams into the wardrobe. run for the fort. but continues out the still-open front door at a dead run. When the door smashes inward.Elizabeth swings the bed warmer at the second pirate. ELIZABETH Listen. SITTING ROOM .the pan lid swings down. sizzling. There is the SLAM of a body against the door. his hair SMOLDERS -. ELIZABETH'S BEDROOM . INT. Hide. The pirates run in -. so she wrenches it over -.she spins.Elizabeth keeps going -INT.Elizabeth realizes she's right.NIGHT -. Elizabeth dashes for the hallway stairs -INT. runs the other way -Pintel. between a tall wardrobe and the wall. and gets the pan of the bed warmer in the face for his trouble -.spot the open side door.NIGHT Pintel is the first through.NIGHT The pirates burst from the bedroom -.

Smoldering Pirate gives him a look -.CONTINUOUS . cheese and bread. PINTEL We know you're here. it has a round point.the pirates will be through soon -.Elizabeth looks up through the gaps -Pintel leers down at her. The interior shutters are closed over the windows. Elizabeth grabs the knife from the platter -Like any bread knife. . the pirates charge through -INT. poppet .she pulls out the medallion. poppet. she grabs one of the swords by the hilt and pulls -.but it won't come free. This is their objective. Double damn! The blade of a broading axe breaches the door -. Come out and we promise we won't hurt you.NIGHT Empty.the pirates are relentless -On the table is a platter with fruit. Elizabeth nowhere to be seen. I'm lying. Elizabeth jabs it into her palm -. Elizabeth climbs on the firebox.he wants to hurt her plenty. DINING ROOM . Damn! A SMASH from the doors -.Elizabeth slams the double doors shut. Light spills into the box through gaps in the top as the door above is slide open -. FIRST FLOOR HALLWAY . Above the fireplace are two crossed swords. rubs the gold with her thumb. and it calls to us! INT..S.' PINTEL (CONT'D) We will find you.it's useless as a weapon. Both swords are securely attached to the wall.) The gold calls to us! Elizabeth registers that -. under the table.NIGHT Elizabeth hides in the dumbwaiter box. wrapped around the double pulley ropes that go through the center. DUMBWAITER . throws the bolts.Elizabeth looks around -INT. You've got something of ours. PINTEL (O. Pintel shakes his head: 'Don't worry.. Pintel and Smoldering Pirate search. behind draperies.NIGHT The doors give way.

and the dumbwaiter box PLUMMETS -INT. crushing Elizabeth's forearm. holds the bread knife to ward them off. and a desperate idea occurs to her. and can barely stand. The sound of the running FOOTSTEPS gets louder . and a cloud of dust. you must take me to your Captain! PINTEL I know the code. ELIZABETH Please. Elizabeth tries to stop it -. no . you . She leans over the table. Tears of pain on her face. he's stronger. Elizabeth touches the chain of the medallion . Elizabeth works the ropes to lower the box. ELIZABETH If an adversary demands parlay.. Parlay! Pintel can't believe his ears. Elizabeth backs away. KITCHEN . set down by the pirates Morgan and Bartholomew. poppet. The door slides open. but the box stops. she is streaked with dirt. She saws at the rope with the bread knife. The pirates burst through the doors... PINTEL What? ELIZABETH Parlay! I invoke the right of parlay! According to the Code of the Brethern... Pintel pulls the other way. They come around either side of the table.. and Elizabeth clambers out.wraps her left forearm through the rope and lets it jam against the top of the box... Her head is cut.PINTEL (CONT'D) Hello. Smoldering Pirate helps pull the rope.NIGHT >From behind the door of the dumbwaiter comes a CRASH. she keeps sawing -The rope parts. and the box rises. trying to recover. Elizabeth gasps at the pain. stalking her -ELIZABETH (gasps it out) Par.

Will hesitates -. PORT ROYAL . Jack pulls himself out from under the rubble. Praise be! PRISONER . Will hurries forward -Suddenly a PIRATE jumps out from the shadows.didn't he already kill this guy? The hesitation is just enough for another PIRATE. SMOLDERING PIRATE To blazes with the code! He steps forward. Beyond it: freedom. The part of Jack's cell that is gone is too small for a man to slip through.NIGHT Will races along. dirk drawn -. forced by the two pirates. hands it to One-arm. He looks to Elizabeth: 'right?' Elizabeth nods. On the ground. setting fires as they go. Will defends himself. they hoot with delight and head off. He grabs Elizabeth roughly by the arm -EXT. INT. slashes. to SLAM Will in the head from behind. swinging a flaming torch.NIGHT The wall of the cells EXPLODES inward. Smoldering Pirate concedes the point. There are FIGURES moving away from it -. Will doesn't move. He spots the Governor's Mansion in the distance. But it is centered on the other cell.Pintel stops him. so do you. Will crumples. PINTEL It would appear. The pirate has one arm and wears a yellow bandana. and she'll go without a fuss.CELL BLOCK . PINTEL She wants to be taken to the Captain. The pirate lights a second torch. sheaths his dirk.can do them no harm until the parlay is complete. momentarily free of the pirates. Moonlight spills in through the gaping hole created by the cannon ball.Elizabeth. PINTEL (CONT'D) We must honor the code.STREET . FORT CHARLES .

and tries coax the dog forward. whining. he picks up the bone from the other cell. Rover. The door to the cell block bursts open. then out through the breached wall -. you were all alone on a God-forsaken island.. It's Captain Sparrow. The dog cowers under a long bench. TWIGG This isn't the armory. shrinking into the distance.. GROWLS. friend -. He turns to go. Jack sighs -. disappearing from view.. Fido? To his surprise. boy. JACK (CONT'D) What's the matter.you've no manner of luck at all! The three descend the rocks beyond.resigned. into the cell. He BRISTLES.taking the keys with him. come here.. doggie . Last time I saw you. JACK It's all right. Come here. key ring still in his mouth. Jack continues to coax him closer. PRISONER (CONT'D) (back to Jack) My sympathies. He backs away from the door. through the bars. A pair of pirates step in: KOEHLER and TWIGG. well . Jack is alone. the dog's attention goes to the door into the cell block.He and the other two scramble through. Look what we have here. TWIGG Huh. I'd heard you'd gotten off. but Koehler has spotted Jack. but I didn't believe it. KOEHLER (Dutch accent) Well. occasional hits shaking the fort. Twigg.suddenly. Cannon fire continues. KOEHLER Did you sprout little wings and fly away? . boy? The dog bolts. the dog crawls out from under the bench. The key ring is nearly within Jack's reach -. Spot.

Jack's eyes go wide -. And then they're gone. Smoke . no moon is visible beneath the fog. grabs Jack by the throat through the bars. Jack stares. The fog parts...NIGHT Lit by lanterns. and mutineers.MAIN DECK . shoves Jack bakwards. EXT. Now out of the moonlight. BLACK PEARL . The lowest circle of hell is reserved for betrayers . This puts him in a spill of moonlight. KOEHLER You know nothing of hell. He steps forward.he is holding a skeleton arm. looks down -Where they enter the moonlight. a tall galleon. Jack doesn't.NIGHT Amid the thunder of cannon fire. Looks back. EXT. JACK (CONT'D) You are cursed.TWIGG His fortunes aren't improved much. Jack clutches the pirates wrist. his hand is normal. JACK Worry about your own fortunes. He is tight with fury. Koehler lashes out. The two laugh. At the bow is an ornately carved figurehead of a beautiful woman. Koehler sneers. Elizabeth looks up to see -The Black Pearl. PORT ROYAL . Koehler ushers Twigg toward the door. Koehler and Twigg don't like hearing that. Elizabeth sits in the prow. close to the bars. its black sails looming high above her. arm held high. realizing -JACK (CONT'D) The stories are true. a small bird taking wing from her outstretched hand. Koehler's wrists and hands are skeletol. a longboat slips through the fog. Columns of water from the cannon balls geyser up around the boat. hard. The longboat makes for a pair of lines dangling from a winch.

smiles -.it shows both gold and silver teeth. more terrified than ever. with Captain Barbossa. BARBOSSA And you'll not lay a hand on those under the protection of parlay! Aye. BOSUN I didn't know we was taking captives. She takes it and steps down. She huddles. Elizabeth's longboat is raised above the deck rail -. Elizabeth. The silhouetted figure moves toward the stairs.. One polite fellow steps forward to offer his hand. definitely not a man you'd want to meet in a dark alley -. before you were so rudely interrupted? ELIZABETH .an imposing FIGURE in silhouette stands by the wheel.pirates spot her. miss. BARBOSSA My apologies. selfconscious in her nightgown and dressing robe. for that matter. as if he skipped the stairs. Turns to Elizabeth. PINTEL She's invoked the right of parlay . cannot look away from his eyes. Despite the bright colors of clothing.by Barbossa.painfully -. BOSUN You'll speak when spoken to! His wrist is grabbed -.hangs heavy above the deck. and stare. A cloud of SMOKE obscures him -. too far away to have heard Pintel's words. As you were saying. ON THE POOP DECK -. he strides out of the SMOKE on the main deck -This is BARBOSSA.or anywhere.and then.. But his head turns at the mention of his name. BOSUN Barbossa releases him. sir. But she musters her courage -ELIZABETH I am here to -Bosun SLAPS her.

ELIZABETH (CONT'D) I'll drop it! BARBOSSA My holds are bursting with swag. The pirates go quiet.. Barbossa and the pirates laugh. I saw it eight years ago.. now? Elizabeth glares at him. BARBOSSA There was a lot of long words in there. . come back. darts to the side of the rail.. I have come to negotiate the cessation of hostilities against Port Royal. and we're not but humble pirates. You've been searching for it for years. Why? ELIZABETH Because it's what you're searching for. That bit of shine matters to me . Barbossa is both impressed and amused.' Very well. when we made the crossing from England. dangles it over the side of the ship. miss. What is it you want? ELIZABETH I want you to leave. She's getting nowhere. ELIZABETH And never She quickly slips the medallion off. I recognize this ship. (helpfully) Means 'No. BARBOSSA (interested) Did you.Captain Barbossa . ELIZABETH Fine. BARBOSSA I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request.. I suppose if this is worthless. there's no reason to keep it.

no. The other pirates surreptitiously exchange glances and nods. BARBOSSA And how does a maid come to own a trinket such as that? A family heirloom. sir. (embroidering) I'm a maid in the governor's household. perhaps? ELIZABETH Of course. missy? ELIZABETH Elizabeth -(stops herself from saying "Swann". smiles at him triumphantly.She flips the medallion up. (offended) I didn't steal it. for a maid. ELIZABETH Can I trust you? BARBOSSA It's you who invoked the parlay! Believe me. (comes to a decision) Very well. if that's what you mean. You hand that over. (curtsies) Barbossa reacts to the name Turner: it confirms what he has suspected. we'll put your town to our rudder and ne'er return. BARBOSSA (CONT'D) You have a name. BARBOSSA No. Miss. BARBOSSA You've got sand. off her finger -BARBOSSA NO! She catches it by the chain. you'd best hand . ELIZABETH (curtsies again) Thank you. then) Turner. nothing like that.

but then nods to Bosun. Your return to shore was not part of our negotiations nor our agreement. ELIZABETH Wait! You must return me to shore! According to the rules of the Order of the Brethen -Barbossa wheels on her.STREET . (grins gold and silver) Welcome aboard the Black Pearl.. set the flags. clutches it in his fist like hope. Secondly: you must be a pirate for the pirate's code to apply.? Barbossa grins devilishly -. still where he fell. Elizabeth is surprised -. the code is more what you'd call guidelines than actual rules.and relieved. He grabs it. turning to light mist. And you're not..PRE-DAWN As the Black Pearl turns out to sea. PORT ROYAL . She holds out the medallion. BARBOSSA First. and stow 'em! Signal the men. or these be the last friendly words you'll hear! Elizabeth hesitates. and so I 'must' do nothing. The pirates hustle to follow orders. Barbossa turns away. Elizabeth stares in speechless terror -EXT. BOSUN Still the guns. the BOOMING of the guns ceases. the Black Pearl makes for the scarlet glow of dawn.HARBOR . EXT. PORT ROYAL . Elizabeth is led back along the deck to the captain's cabin. and make good to clear port! For the first time since the attack began.it over.. And thirdly .. through it. now . Miss Turner. The fog starts to dissipate. gets to his feet. He takes in the devastation of Port Royal: the harbor is dotted .PRE-DAWN Will comes to. but she has no choice.. ELIZABETH Our bargain.

tell me! (Will is silent) Leave.and save her! Swann's worry has made him short-tempered. fallen bookshelf -INT. WILL They've taken her! Elizabeth! They've taken A group stares at him: Swann. Turner.MORNING Will races past the smashed doors. NORRINGTON We're aware of the situation. gathered around a map. buildings are razed and still smolder. Calls out: Miss Swann! WILL Elizabeth! A terrible silence answers him. is more what he did. and runs for the Governor's Mansion. MURTOGG Still -- . SWANN Where do you suppose we start? If you have any information that concerns my daughter. Will turns. Murtogg has remembered something. He spots an overturned chair. Mr.. Norrington. still armed with sword and boarding axe.MORNING Will bursts in. FORT CHARLES . INT. He ventures it warily: MURTOGG That Jack Sparrow . MULLROY Mentioned it. into the foyer. the far end supported by a chair. The aftermath of hell on earth. then share it! If anyone does. he talked about the Black Pearl.with burning and sunken ships. GOVERNOR'S MANSION . and Gillette among others.NORRINGTON'S OFFICE .. The map is so large it drapes over the Governor's desk. WILL We have to hunt them down -.

Turner.MORNING Jack strains. WILL That's not good enough! Elizabeth's life! This is Norrington is quick to react. Even with the damage from the cannon ball. Will's face sets in resolve. The pirates who invaded this fort left Sparrow locked in his cell. Ergo. this is not the time for rash actions. he throws a strong arm across Will's back. and therefore of no value. and Will slips in. Will marches straight up to the bars.WILL We can ask him where it is -.maybe he can lead us to it! SWANN That pirate tried to kill my daughter. and guides him roughly to the door. INT. (low) Do not make the mistake of thinking you are the only man here who loves Elizabeth. and he leaves. and then turns away. and launch a search mission that sails with the tide. He hears the sound of the door latch -The door opens. We could never trust a word he said! WILL We could strike a bargain -NORRINGTON No. (firm) Now. trying to budge one of the bars. Jack lounges on the floor of his cell. NORRINGTON Mr. Looks around. he is not their ally. (through with Will) We will determine their most likely course. FORT CHARLES . Will watches him walk back to the desk. Will slams the boarding axe into the desk. apparently relaxed and unconcerned.JAIL CELLS . it won't move. go home. WILL Are you familiar with that ship? . He opens the door. through the map.

makes a decision. Well. WILL I can get you out of here. WILL The ship's real enough.. Jack is surprised at the outburst.The Black Pearl? Somewhat. if you're intending to brave all and hasten to her rescue and so win fair lady's heart. JACK (he was right) So it is that you found a girl.. So its anchorage must be a real place. WILL (examines his cell) . (beat) They took Miss Swann. Will thinks . JACK And you want to turn pirate yourself? WILL Never. Where is it? JACK Why ask me? WILL Because you're a pirate. an island that cannot be found -except by those who already know where it is. How? JACK The key's run off. I see no profit in it for me. Will slams his fist against the bars in furstration.. JACK WILL Where does it make berth? JACK Surely you've heard the stories? The Black Pearl sails from the dreaded Isla de Mureta .. you'll have to do it alone.

I'll take you to the Black Pearl.I helped build these cells. still smiling. WILL Agreed. cupboards. and levers the long bench under the door. CRASHING down on the bench and chair. Jack grins. You spring me from this cell. Agreed! JACK WILL Will Turner. Turner. Will shakes it. figures out what he needs. Jack searches the desk. The proper application of strength. Jack is impressed. and on pain of death. Will gives him a puzzled look.. Jack keeps his hand out. (sticks out his hand) Do we have an accord? Will gives him a suspicious look. Yes. Will looks around.Will is the spitting image of someone he's known in the past. Hurry. JACK Not without my effects.but the cell door rises. Mr. JACK Will Turner.it's hard work -. Just calls for the right lever and fulcrum .. the door'll lift free. WILL . JACK You're name is Turner. Jack watches Will as he speaks. He steps out of the cell. I've changed my mind. (he stands) I'll tell you what. The deal seems too good. Pushes down -. WILL Someone will have heard that. and it dawns on him -. Will heads for the door. and then falls forward. He makes a chair his fulcrum.. Those are hook-and-ring hinges..

and there's no predicting 'em.) Ah. JACK (CONT'D) I knew the Harbormaster wouldn't report her.MORNING The Jolly Mon. checks the shot in his pistol. staring at the boat in dismay.S. Straps on the belt. (regards the boat) It's been a sound policy. (joins Will at the door) This girl -.what does she mean to you? How far are you willing to go to save her? WILL (no hesitation) I'd die for her. four inches of water in the bottom. As for your business -. JACK (CONT'D) Come aboard. Jack notices that Will is standing. sword belt. JACK EXT. Prepares to make way. PORT ROYAL . when the ship I was on exploded. or there's no use going. frozen on the dock. Good. JACK (O.. and compass. WILL (CONT'D) Why are brothering with that? JACK My business. now there's a lovely sight! Jack hops down into the boat. creeking on its lines. heeled to one side.. squats low in the water.one question. .DOCKS . But you can always trust a dishonest man to stay that way.We need to go! Jack finds his pistol. Honest men are slaves to their conscience. WILL I haven't set foot off dry land since I was twelve. Will.

The Jolly Mon nears the rudder of the much larger ship -EXT. Face it. Nautical term. He nods toward the H.M. WILL It's still against the law.MORNING There's been a breakdown in discipline. She's far more likely to rot out from under us. WILL This is either crazy.S. We're going to commandeer a ship.MAIN DECK . H. Jack hoists the sail. Jack and Will jump out.M.MORNING The Jolly Mon bobs its way across the bay.S. or brilliant. dwarfed against the H. we are about to better our prospects considerably. DAUNTLESS . Dauntless.brandishing pistols. Will holds a stay line with iron fists. but you're off to a rip-roaring start. EXT. (smiling) My advice -. Will: you may say you'll never be a pirate. JACK (CONT'D) Besides. looming in the harbor. Dauntless.M. . JACK Remarkable how often those two traits coincide. Will steels himself. PORT ROYAL . steps into the boat as if it's going to capsize with the slightest movement. into the open -. Will whiteknuckles the gunwales.smile and enjoy it. WILL We're going to steal a ship? ship? That JACK Commandeer. Suddenly. about a dozen Navy sailors are gathered together on the main deck. playing dice. JACK So's breaking a man out of jail. Murtogg and Mullroy among them.JACK No worries there.S.

The sailors all look at them -. over the ship! WILL (a beat) Aye! Avast! We're taking Jack gives him a look. (calling) Will. steps forward. Jack moves his pistol across. You'll never make it out of the bay.Gillette holds up a hand. GILLETTE (a curt nod) Agreed. shake their heads. They grin.but his gun is still level. Jack stands there. You have the momentary advantage. GILLETTE You're serious about this. grinning with them -. But I will see you smile from the yard arm. sir. JACK Dead serious. we've got ourselves a ship! . GILLETTE Sir.and then burst out LAUGHING. GILLETTE You understand this ship cannot be crewed by only two men. sir. shakes his hand: don't do that. so you can all get back to shore. GILLETTE. JACK Fine by me. short up the anchor. The Lieutenant. points it at Gillette. I'll not see any of my men killed or wounded in this foolish enterprise. We brought you a nice little boat. hands on swords -. JACK We'll see about that. JACK As likely as not. More guffaws from the crew.JACK Everybody stay calm. safe and sound. A couple sailors more forward.

DAUNTLESS . It luffs and billows out. The huge ship inches forward slowly.DOCK . either. Jack's pistol is on them the whole time..albeit slowly -.STERN . concentrating on a manifest. DAUNTLESS . JACK A little help? Gillette shrugs. GILLETTE (over his shoulder. bringing Mullroy into view. The three men throw their weight into the windlass. The windless turns some more. Jack grins. Beyond that. PORT ROYAL . mate! underway! EXT. gestures to Murtogg and Mullroy. the anchor is too heavy for one man. and it turns.FORECASTLE . Alongside him is Governor Swann. boy.MORNING Sailors make their way down a rope ladder.DAY Jack and Will crank a capstan.. who glances over -Sees the tiny Jolly Mon headed toward them. Will pushes hard against the windlass. Jack notices. riding low in the water. to no avail . and there's Gillette. the Dauntless sails -. overloaded with sailors. MURTOGG I can't believe he's doing this. The windlass turns. WILL EXT. pulled by just the one sail. MULLROY You didn't believe he was telling the truth. what you're doing? Another quarter turn -No.DAY Norrington moves along. crowd onto the Jolly Mon. SWANN Commodore -We're . JACK Lookee there.for open waters. raising the forward jib sail.EXT. to Will) Do you have any idea.

NORRINGTON A moment. But -Please. SWANN Dammit, man, it appears someone is stealing your ship! Norrington glances out at the bay. Sure enough, the Dauntless is on the move. Norrington takes a brass telescope from his belt, opens it, trains it on -The main deck. He picks out Will -NORRINGTON Rash, Turner, too rash. -- then spots Jack, at the wheel. Lowers the telescope. NORRINGTON (CONT'D) That is, without a doubt, the worst pirate I have ever seen. EXT. H.M.S. DAUNTLESS - DAY Out in the open sea, Jack leans on the wheel, relaxed; not much sailing to do with a following wind. Will looks back -WILL They're coming! He points: the sails of the Interceptor fill out, and the ship cuts through the water toward them -EXT. H.M.S. INTERCEPTOR - DAY Norrington's smaller ship quickly comes alongside the slowmoving Dauntless. Its decks appear empty. Grappling hooks are thrown, and sailors draw the two ships together. Norrington's men swarm across. NORRINGTON Search every cabin, every hold, down to the bilges! PULL BACK, away from the Dauntless, and past the railing of the Interceptor, where a single SENTRY stands watch -- and we find a soaked Jack and Will as they climb up over the side of the smaller ship, unseen. SWANN NORRINGTON

Jack tackles the Sentry from behind, covers his mouth. JACK Can you swim? (the man struggles) Can. You. Swim? Jack removes his hand. SENTRY Of course, sir. Like a fish. I grew up summers living in Dover, with my uncle -JACK Good. Jack lifts the man up, throws him overbroad. Quickly unties the ropes to the grappling hooks. Will cranks the capstan bars, raising the foresail -EXT. H.M.S. DAUNTLESS - DAY Norrington emerges from a gangway -- and sees his other ship moving away. Sailors! NORRINGTON Back to the Interceptor!

But the distance is already too great. One brave sailor tries to swing across on a rope, Errol-Flyn style, but falls short with a splash. Jack waves, and shouts across the distance -JACK Thank you, Commodore, for getting our ship ready to make way! We'd've had a hard time of it by ourselves! Norrington seethes, but his order to Gillette is measured: NORRINGTON Raise the sails. GILLETTE The wind is quarter from astern ... by the time we're underway, we'll never catch them. NORRINGTON We need only to come about, to put them in range of the long nines.

Gillette looks surprised at the order -- but relays it. GILLETTE Hands! Come about! Jackets off the cannons! (to Norrington) We are to fire on our own ship? NORRINGTON Better to see it at the bottom of the sea than in the hands of a pirate. The STEERSMAN turns the wheel. The Dauntless' course does not change one whit. STEERSMAN Captain, there's a problem. The Steersman spins the wheel. It goes round and round, with no signs of slowing. STEERSMAN (CONT'D) He's disabled the rudder chain, sir. NORRINGTON So it would seem. The Interceptor dwindles with distance. Gillette watches it go, with some degree of admiration. GILLETTE He's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen. Norrington reaches out, stops the spinning ship's wheel. NORRINGTON So it would seem. The Interceptor makes for the horizon line. A SLOW DISSOLVE and with the time passage, the ship is gone; the sky turns a deep twilight blue -EXT. CARIBBEAN SEA - EVENING -- with the fat white moon riding just above the horizon. Suddenly, the edge of a black sail cuts into the foreground, accompanied by the ROAR of the wind and the SNAP of canvas -INT. BLACK PEARL - CAPTAIN'S CABIN - EVENING Elizabeth stalks the cabin. Pintel enters, carrying a black silk dress.

lovely. Please dig in. Elizabeth holds out her hand. and you'll be naked. and no call to impress anyone. devours it. and he requests you wear this. ELIZABETH Tell the captain that I am disinclined to acquiesce to his request. PINTEL (CONT'D) (hands it over) Fine. Pintel's grin fades. PINTEL (happy) He said you say that! He also said if that be the case. table setting. Elizabeth does. and begins to eat like it. The table is set. Elizabeth stands at the small table in the dress -. He exits. pouting. Elizabeth examines the dress -INT. Barbossa watches her intently. etc. wine. BLACK PEARL .CAPTAIN'S CABIN . she tears off a hunk of bread. ELIZABETH Dare I ask the fate of it previous owner? BARBOSSA Now. . you'll be dining with the crew. BARBOSSA (CONT'D) No need to stand on ceremony. BARBOSSA Maid or not. Angry. followed by PIRATES carrying trays of food. You must be hungry. Elizabeth drops the pretense: she's starving. eats it daintily. cuts a tiny piece of meat. a huge swig. none of that.PINTEL You'll be dining with the Captain.NIGHT Barbossa enters. BARBOSSA (CONT'D) Try the whine. it fits you. Elizabeth sits.

then? ELIZABETH It's a pirate medallion.the Captain's chest. Cortes being Cortes. Puts a key to a medium-sized polished wooden box -. BARBOSSA Ah. he didn't. with one condition: that he spare the people's lives. Miss Turner.stops. He produces the medallion. intrigued despite herself.and that he is not eating. Elizabeth gives an infinitesimal shrug. lets it dangle from his fingers. Back when Cortes was cutting a great bloody swath through the New World. She starts to bite into the apple -. that one.one of those next.BARBOSSA (CONT'D) And the apples -. Opens it. She is suddenly aware of Barbossa's gaze -. Barbossa stands. . there would be no sense in killing you. Of course.and takes the opportunity to palm her knife. ELIZABETH It's poisoned! She shoves her plate away -. moves to a shelf. Barbossa LAUGHS. BARBOSSA (CONT'D) Do you not know what this is. a high priest gave him all the gold they had. BARBOSSA It's a piece of the treasure of Isla de Muerta. (nods) He'd've made a great pirate. so you don't know as much as you pretend. BARBOSSA Oh. ELIZABETH Then why aren't you eating? BARBOSSA Would that I could.

save one. every man aboard dead. and put on the gold a curse. something went wrong. with his dying breath. we found the gold. BARBOSSA You idiot girl! It's no makebelieve! My crew and I. and no amount of pleasant company could ease our torment. ELIZABETH That's all very interesting. Miss Turner. If anyone took so much as a single piece. a sextant -. An island of death. we took it all.. and we did more than take one piece. sweeps the food off the table. called on the power of the blood of his people. sets them on the table. But we found out: the drink could not sate us. but I hardly believe in ghost stories anymore. He survived long enough to hide the gold ashore. He stands. the treasure ship carrying the gold . and the food turned to ashes in our mouths. involved in the story -but feigns a dismissive attitude. making it a cursed island. as he was compelled by greed. Pours over them. Barbossa is angry. Rich men we were and we spent it and traded it and gave it away in exchange for drink and food and pleasant company. Gold calls to . the dark magic of the curse seeped into the place. BARBOSSA (CONT'D) Within a day of leaving port for Spain. The ship run aground. (regains his composure) We are cursed men. pieces of tree bark inscribed with Mayan glyphs. (beat) Over time. Barbossa removes them carefully. Inside the chest are charts. He looks up.. some gold.BARBOSSA (CONT'D) So the priest. condemned. Isla de Muerta. by greed he would be consumed. to be forever consumed by our own greed. Elizabeth has been rapt.and a few pages of a Mayan CODEX.

whirls and barrels out the door -EXT. Apple? BARBOSSA (CONT'D) Elizabeth slowly reaches for the apple -. He opens his shirt to get a better look at the knife. Crushes them in his fist. to the hilt -Barbossa is completely unaffected.. All of the scattered pieces of the treasure must be restored in full. (pleasant. what is it you were planning to do next? Elizabeth backs away. always.. Barbossa picks up the priceless Codex. trying to scream but unable to -- . Barbossa flips an apple up off the floor. that's what we have for you. always. and the blood repaid.and then comes up out of her chair. trying to run around Barbossa. extends it to Elizabeth. BLACK PEARL . BARBOSSA (CONT'D) I'm curious -. Yet. BARBOSSA (CONT'D) There is but one way to remove the curse.MAIN DECK . to find more. Elizabeth stares at him.NIGHT -. and add it to the treasure. and then suddenly he shoves her away -Elizabeth's stolen KNIFE is buried in Barbossa's chest. finally getting to his point) And that's why there's no sense killing you.US. She stares.Elizabeth comes to a dead stop. horrified. and we are driven. (holds up the medallion) And as for the blood repaid . her jaw working. They struggle briefly. but none anywhere else. pulls it out with little effort. There is BLOOD on the blade.after killing me.save for this. catches it. (he throws the pages aside) We've recovered every piece -. Using the toe of his boot.

(reaches toward Elizabeth) .. Because now you're in one. coiling lines.Elizabeth shuts her eyes -Look! BARBOSSA (shakes her) LOOK! The moonlight shows us for what we really are! We are not among the living and so we cannot die -He spins her back around to face him -. drenching his clothes.CAPTAIN'S CABIN ..he leans forward. Miss Turner. It drops away -. uncorks it with his teeth. BLACK PEARL . navigating the ship.The pirate crew works at their stations... Elizabeth darts around him. INT. putting his face in the moonlight. He tilts the bottle and drinks -..he takes a bottle of wine from the opened case beside the cabin door. Barbossa hurls the bottle away.but neither are we dead! We have all the desires of the living. Not the wind on my face. through his rib cage. raises it -BARBOSSA (CONT'D) You'd best start believing in ghost stories. but cannot satisfy them! Ten years I have parched of thirst. terrified.and haven't died! (raises his hand) And I have not felt anything for ten years . .. He grabs her roughly by the shoulders and jerks her back around -. and able to quench it! Ten years. they are naught but SKELETONS. I have been starving to death -.it runs over his jaw. and shuts the door.NIGHT Elizabeth huddles in the far corner of the cabin. turning it into a gleaming SKULL with gold and silver teeth -BARBOSSA (CONT'D) -. swabbing decks -.. nor the flesh of a woman .. nor the spray of the sea . Elizabeth turns away from the sight -Barbossa stands just inside the doorway. out of the moonlight.but where the moonlight falls across their bodies. back into the cabin. Elizabeth flicnhes away from the skeletal hand.

it was only after you learned my name that you agreed to help me.MAIN DECK .. Probably one of the few he knew him as William Turner. Jack at the wheel. moves back astern. you're a quick study. WILL (CONT'D) I'm not a simpleton. (an attempt at guile) After my mother passed. WILL I worked passage from England as a cabin boy. CARIBBEAN SEA . Will tightens a line.DAY The Interceptor cuts across the waves. Most everyone just called him Bill. And clever -.. I didn't press the matter. or 'Bootstrap' Bill. (a smile) Since that's what I wanted. EXT. But now-(an accusation) You knew my father. Is that so? My father. WILL 'Bootstrap?' JACK Good man.EXT.settles on 'truth'. When you were puzzling out that . JACK For a man whose made an industry of avoiding boats..DAY Will sharpens his sword with a whetstone: shhhk -. INTERCEPTOR .shhhk . At the jail -. Will has lost his patience for guile. I came out here . JACK I knew him.I never met anyone with as clever a mind and hands as him. JACK WILL William Turner? Jack says nothing.. Jack considers his relpy -. Good pirate. looking for my father.

It's not worth getting beat again. JACK Figured you wouldn't want to hear it. JACK I swear. You ignored the rule of engagement. sighs. WILL It's not true my father was a pirate.his family -. WILL You didn't beat me. WILL My father -. Will. and then going off to do another? There's quite a few who come here. JACK Sure -.as a burden. hoping to amass enough swag to ease the burdens of respectable life. you look just like him. telling folk one thing. And they're all 'merchant marines. it was like seeing his twin.a pirate! Will's sword is out. In a fair .because he could always go pirating.' WILL My father did not think of my mother -. WILL He was a merchant marine! He was a respectable man who obeyed the law.was not -. Jack gives him a disbelieving look. JACK Put it away. WILL (angry) That's not true. and followed the rules-JACK (laughs) You think your father is the only man who ever lived the Glasgow life. levelled at Jack.cell door.

JACK Then that's not much incentive for me to fight fair.. Will handover-hands away from the blade. Will turns and strides to his spot on the deck.sweeping him off the ship. (Will looks alarmed) But I can't just let you drown. I'd kill you. Will looks away. sits down. Now me. And what a man can't do.. Notices his shaking -he takes the wheel. by myself . do.. considers what he'll do next. where the tides seem to have swept . Jack holds the hilt of the sword out. Must. The sail boom whips around and slams Will in the chest -..did I forget to mention that? EXT. should. There are only two absolute rules. (ticks them off on his fingers) What a man can do. Jack slips a loop of rope around the wheel to hold the course. JACK (CONT'D) As long as you're just hanging there. don't. pay attention. or you can't.shhhk .. His sword clatters onto the deck.and pokes at Will with it.. Will takes it. WILL Tortuga? JACK Oh -.fight. Picks up the sword -.shhhk -.DAY A dank and dirty port. JACK (CONT'D) For instance: you can accept that your father was a pirate and still a good man . shall not -. Will drops to the deck. shall. TORTUGA . Jack watches him coolly. Jack breathes a silent sigh of relief. I can sail this ship to Turga. Glares at Jack. is it? He kicks a lever on a wench. Jack swings the boom back in. Will dangles above the water. and resumes sharpening his sword: shhhk -.those are just mere suggestions. to the end of the boom. not interested.

it is populated with slightly higher class of scum. rotting docks. smiles. she didn't spill a drink off her tray. prostitutes. Will ignores her.she has noticed Jack. moves forward --. Jack pulls open the door. tough. -. heads for the bar. ANAMARIA You stole my boat. They take in the place -. hard. tall.and is suddenly DECKED by a waitress.a donkey.together the sum of the Caribbean -. We can manage the ship between islands. cursing something in Chinese. JACK We need a crew.there! Jack leads Will toward the pub: the Faithful Bride. Will goes inside passing a pretty ASIAN woman coming out -. the emblem over the door a politically incorrect painting of a smiling woman holding a bouquet in her chained-and-manacled hands. weatherbeaten buildings. JACK AnaMaria! Have you seen Gibbs? need to put together -I She SLAPS him again.it is far less civilized than Port Royal. joins Will. With its cantered. theives.she sees Jack and immediately SLAPS him. JACK (rubbing his jaw) Don't worry. A REDHEADED woman turns her head -. Jack and Will move through the crowd. she turns and strides off. etc. Jack spots a BARTENDER. I've already got a Quartermaster -. Jack backs away -INT. Will shakes his head.pirates. WILL Just do it quickly. JACK (CONT'D) Borrowed. chickens. (off her look) . and drunkards. that's another matter -Suddenly the Redhead SLAPS Jack. FAITHFUL BRIDE . Borrowed your boat.DAY Jack closes the door on the woman. privateers. Satisfied. but the open sea. This is ANAMARIA. strong. and odd assortment of livestock running free -. Jack gets up.

(recognizes Jack) Mother's love.comes back for one more SLAP! Jack! WILL Over here! Or one better. My dory.and Jack takes the bucket. Jack and Will exchange a look -. AT THE BAR. it? ANAMARIA The Jolly Mon. FAITHFUL BRIDE . a PATRON calls for his food. Jack. ANAMARIA (a threat) I will.' Then nods 'out back. A sudden SPRAY OF WATER splashes across his face. Away from them. AnaMaria scowls at Jack. She chases him around the table. rubbing his chin. Jack arrives. AnaMaria charges. With the ANAMARIA That boat is my livelihood! JACK You'll get it back. Royal Navy. still carrying the tray. He wears an old tattered Navy jacket. Where is JACK Safe! At Port Royal. puts a table between them.' Then produces a water bucket from behind the bar. Will has spoken to the Bartender. having a friendly conversation with two pigs. revealing: this is JOSHAMEE GIBBS (the man who told pirate stories to Elizabeth when she was a child). you slackjawed idiot. moves away -. Jack backs away. He sputters and roars: GIBBS Curse you for breathing. EXT. you know better than to wake a man when he's sleeping. It's bad luck! .DAY A drunken man lays in the mud.REAR .Without permission. WILL (CONT'D) He knows Gibbs. The Bartender nods 'yes.

at the door. GIBBS Aye. Now. Jack. Will stands there with the bucket. GIBBS (CONT'D) Blast it.JACK Well. hand on sword. I'm already awake! I know. Jack helps Gibbs to his feet -. would they have gotten that idea? Gibbs evades answering him by taking a long sip. I wonder.and then Gibbs is hit with a second wave of water. keeping a look-out.seem to think you're a jinx. Gibbs pauses. Most of the decent pirates in town won't sail with you -. He takes a dainty sip. JACK (CONT'D) . Jack leans forward. fortunately.have you found me a crew? GIBBS Oh. Will is away from them. and the man who was sleeping it drinks it while listening to a proposition.DAY Jack and Gibbs sit at a table in the shadows. I know how to counter it. WILL That was for the smell. JACK Now where. that'll about do it. a single candle illumining them. GIBBS Make it last. FAITHFUL BRIDE . INT. A tankard is set down. what's the nature of this venture of yours? JACK First -. Gibbs leans forward. Gibbs lifts it to take a swig -JACK Just the one. there's a hard tale. then. The man who did the waking buys the man who was sleeping a drink. speaking in hushed voices.

Then smiles. Gibbs' eyes widen over the edge of the tankard.behind him. Jack. He reaches for the drink as if to down it -. All I is a crew. (considers. it's a fool's errand: You've heard the tales they tell about the Pearl. JACK Back there. Peers at Will. guarding the door is the son of old Bootstrap Bill Turner. . He leans forward again. and I'm going to take it. nods) There's bound to be sailors on this rock crazy as you. Gibbs straightens up like he's been hit. GIBBS And you've got that. GIBBS Jack. and shifts his eyes -. Say again? GIBBS JACK I'm going after the Black Pearl. with more missing teeth than good ones. GIBBS Well.but then sets it back down. I'll find some men. Will. He stares. Jack has not moved. lookee there. it's know need JACK and that's why I know where going to be. as he smiles enigmatically. still on guard. have you? ANGLE ON: Jack. JACK Not if the fool has something Barbossa wants.I'm going after the Black Pearl. Aye. and that's why I what Barbossa is up to. GIBBS (shakes his head) A fool's errand. I'll allow you may be onto something. I know where it's going to be. Something he needs. glares a sailor away from the table.

Jack is not happy with his choices. making his point) -. another thin and sickly. One sailor is quite fat. TORTUGA . GIBBS Kid's a bit of a stick. a short sailor with a large. Poor devil had his tongue cut out -Cotton opens his mouth to show this -. Jack holds up a hand -. GIBBS (CONT'D) -.LATER .and crazy. Nobody knows the parrot's name. every one worth their salt -(sotto. neither. GIBBS Cotton here is mute. Cap'n. All of 'em good sea-faring men. faithful hands before the mast. Cotton. nobody knows how.so he went and trained the parrot to do the talking for him. Then he notices AnaMaria in line. Jack raises an eyebrow. Jack nods. He stops in front of COTTON.DAY On the docks. JACK Do you have the .enough.' Jack decides to test this. He raises an eyebrow. GIBBS Feast your eyes. He moves down the line. Will reacts to the sound. so we just call it 'Cotton's parrot.Gibbs downs the drink.Jack grimaces. draws both sword and dagger. Mr.DOCK . SLAMS the tankard on the table. Gibbs at his side. dressed like a man. EXT. a disheveled. sir. colorful PARROT on his shoulder. to boot. continues. motley and weather-beaten group of about a dozen swabs stand in a ragged line-up. and whirls on anyone who moves. ANAMARIA You owe me a boat. kicks over a table for cover. isn't he? JACK That he is.

Gibbs staggers along the deck. WILL Shut up. raises it -COTTON'S PARROT Wind in your SAILS! Wind in your SAILS! GIBBS Mostly. Steps back. INTERCEPTOR . followed by more. it takes everything they have to keep the ship afloat. (glances at the sky) And we're going to need them -EXT.and AnaMaria. then another.S. climbs up the other side. pulling lines and trimming sails. before you lose them all! JACK These are the only ones worth having. The canvas of every sail is stretched taut. Soon just a half dozen are left. Jack shakes his head. lowers the parrot. turn and run.M. On board. GIBBS That fool will have us lose the .DAY A FLASH of lightening and the CRACK of thunder. first one. that seem to mean 'yes.several potential crew members back away in fright. and it goes silent.' Cotton nods vigorously. to rescue the daughter of Governor Swann. in the face of danger. and almost certain death? Cotton lifts the parrot off his shoulder. An equal share of the reward shall be-Jack hears movement.courage and fortitude to follow orders and stay true. including Cotton (with parrot) -. H. AnaMaria is at the helm. Excellent sailors. the new crew members scurry about with their tasks. (turns away) For we are to sail for the Isla de Muerta. The ship rocks as it drops into the valley of huge swell. JACK That goes for the rest of you! Danger and near certain death. looks back -.

hesitant.then suddenly stops. Barbossa moves to the rail. not too close. On the horizon is a dark. Barbossa grasps the rail with both hands. gazes up. The wind picks up. It is surrounded by a slate grey sea. GIBBS (shouts) What's in your head to put you in such a fine mood? JACK (shouts) We're catching up! Jack turns back to the sea. eyes intent on their course.DAY The sound of RAIN pounds down on the deck above -. INT. Captain? BARBOSSA Bring her in. wondering -EXT.DAY High on the main mast. Jacoby approaches. howling. omnious shape: ISLA DE MUERTA. enjoying himself. not until . a ROARING wind blowing back his hair. his expression a mixture of loathing and fear. Mostly sheer unfriendly cliffs that shoot straight into the water.no escape there. Twigg cups his hands to his face. JACOBY Orders. Jack smiles. The storm clouds are breaking up. BLACK PEARL . sir! JACK She can hold a bit longer.CAPTAIN'S CABIN . looks out at the rolling sea below -. She hears the sound of a VOICE calling. Elizabeth moves to the stern windows. and the masts besides! On Jack. BLACK PEARL . I won't brave the reef. off the port bow! ON DECK. Gibbs climbs the tilted deck toward him. GIBBS (CONT'D) We'd best drop canvas. Gibbs stares at him like he's a crazy man.canvas. calls down: TWIGG Isla de Muerta! Isla de Muerta.CROW'S NEST .

DAY CLOSE ON: Jack's compass. and the ship responds. reverses.almost like he's praying. glorious.the face shows old-fashioned rose petal style direction markers below a quivering indicator that settles on -. Barbossa continues to stare -BARBOSSA (CONT'D) . backs away. Jack leans over and studies it -. Will has had enough. The ship leans into the new direction. settles on -. ON THE COMPASS -. The ship shifts course again.DAY The Interceptor.where the indicator spins.M. on open waters. JACK Bear three points starboard. turns the wheel back. GIBBS Left-handed ropes are coiled against the sun. cradled in both hands. coiling a rope -. dark. or it's bad luck! (twirls a finger) Anty-clockwise.northeast. but follows the order.S. clearly not happy. that is. AnaMaria turns the wheel. if it first doesn't sink back down to hell from where it came. H.southeast. WILL How do we expect to find an island no one can find -. We lay anchor before Jacoby nods. adjusting course. EXT.. Gibbs hobbles up. Jack looks down -ON THE COMPASS -. CARIBBEAN SEA . her white sails set wing-to-wing.but he watches Jack and AnaMaria.with a compass that doesn't work? .high tide. Will works on deck. Gibbs takes over the task.. JACK (CONT'D) Six points port! AnaMaria frowns. INTERCEPTOR . EXT.

GIBBS (CONT'D) Jack gave hisself up for the sake of his loyal crew. that should mean the location of the island. too. GIBBS I'll tell lee. lad. See. WILL How did he get off the island? (loud) JACK . (shakes his head) That night. Somehow he came by the money to commission the Pearl. they're forty days out. (voice low) That compass gives bearings to the Isla de Muerta. so Will has to lean closer. then. there was a mutiny. This was when he was Captain of the Black Pearl -What? WILL He never told me that. Plays things more close to the vest.. Hired himself a crew. promised each man an equal share. and that's where the whole problem starts. Now. WILL Really? (moves closer) So .. Gibbs' voice is a whisper. just because it don't point north don't mean it don't work. Jack was a cartographer. He was marooned on an island. wherever it may lay. everything's an equal share. happy to have a willing listener. Jack Sparrow has an honest streak in him. back in Old England. left there to die. and the First Mate says.GIBBS Now.he's learned. what's the story on the pistol? Gibbs settles in. GIBBS Ah -. now. So Jack gave up the bearings. (lowers his voice) So.

head-to-toe. Slowly he TRANSFORMS. Jack laughs.the option of that pistol begins to look good.nods. My mutinous first mate-Barbossa. in front of a dark cave opening. raises it. He starts off. GIBBS How did you get off the island? JACK Ah. Will. JACK (CONT'D) But I survived.EVENING On Barbossa. Elizabeth among them. And I still have that single shot. on a hillock. It's meant for one man. JACK (CONT'D) My body's still there.I didn't! Will and Gibbs jump. Jack lets this sink in. their total lack of movement disconcerting. No expression in his eyes.CAVE ENTRANCE . No good for hunting. ISLA DE MUERTA . WILL Jack shoots a glance at Will -. that's a dark and unpleasant tale. He pulls out the pistol. rotting away. and I am but a ghost! Will and Gibbs aren't sure what to make of that. the pirate Koehler gazes out toward the horizon. Their faces look upward. face upturned. When a pirate is marooned. rising large and . Above the cave. But after three weeks of starvation and thrist -. really. or surviving. from pirate to SKELETON -The MOON has climbed free of the storm clouds. Jack is right there beside them. he's given a pistol with a single shot.what about the pistol? JACK The pistol. WILL Wait -. Around him a group of pirates. EXT. best left untold. and moves away. stand as still as stones.

and moves on. jumps onto the rigging for a better look.and just the edge of a mound of coins. The pirates follow. He takes a torch. but the rest is lost in darkness. INT. Moves into the cave. From the echoes and shadows.NIGHT Cotton pulls a sail line. strokes it along the back.full on the horizon. Hah! BARBOSSA First night of (to the pirates) Be mindful of pits and crevasses. mate.CAVES . it's clear the cave system must be huge. moves a few feet away from the group. Clearly there is more.S. Barbossa grabs him as he nears a chasm. ISLA DE MUERTA . the faint outline of Isla de Muerta is in the distance on the port side. but always down -EXT. Fall down there. excited. Barbossa lets go. gazing upward in wonder. stares at Cotton.NIGHT The group keeps together under the firelight. twisting and turning. ANAMARIA How does he do that? JACK They'll be anchored on the lee . you'd die and miss Judgement Day -for not even the Lord himself'll come look for you here. Stay together. Will stands. The path leads between boulders on a slope downhill.sees something. Elizabeth glances over -. and the parrot. But AnaMaria. at the helm. descending down. He lifts the parrot off his shoulder. The skeleton turns -KOEHLER Moonrise. BARBOSSA Careful. Twigg. H.M.the torches illumine caverns off to the side -. INTERCEPTOR . Land HO! ho! COTTON'S PARROT Land HO! LAND ho! LAND Indeed. Captain! full. looks out -.

ISLA DE MUERTA . that's a waterfall that spills over at high tide. The RUSH of a waterfall grows louder. Jack and Will row away from the large vessel in a small longboat. On what? WILL JACK On whether the stories are all true. mirrors and swords -.NIGHT Flickering torchlight.NIGHT The Interceptor lies at anchor in the distance. and they are sucked in -JACK (CONT'D) . And not a bit of it any use to us. EXT. jade and ivory. ISLA DE MUERTA .) Aye. Elizabeth can't help but gaze in wonder. with a short drop to an underground lagoon. brightly colored silks. only hoarded. Pirates stoop low to enter a cavern --. Elizabeth pauses. Closer.and then is pushed along by the pirates. right at water level.anything and everything of value that might be carried by ship.side. the moving water tugs on the longboat. objects d'art.and revealed is the spectacular treasure of Isla de Muerta: overflowing chests of coins. The pirates move through. jewels and pearls. and keep to the weather of the island -INT. staring at herself in a jewel-encrusted mirror -. Will looks: ahead of them is a black CAVE MOUTH.LAGOON . ELIZABETH The curse drove you to gather this? BARBOSSA (O. jewelry. gold and silver ingots. If not -By now. toward the rocky shore. But it will drive us no longer. If they are. Haul your wind. furniture. is here.CAVES .S. WILL What's that? JACK Depends.

it demands blood in return. CAVES . JACK Chalk one up for the stories. and drips down onto the . A sharp stone knife lies on top.NIGHT -.well. and then very carefully. Pintel grins. Won by blood.. plunges into darkness -INT.. floats lazily toward a sandy shore.NIGHT -.and then emerge into the largest cavern of all. approaches her. She turns her head away. Pintel takes the stone knife from the chest. including several mountains of gold coins that reach the ceiling. which illumines: A stone chest. pulls the boat ashore -INT.-. daintily. filled with gold coins identical to Will's medallion... uses just the sharp tip of the knife to juck prick! Elizabeth's finger. BARBOSSA Here we stand before the cursed treasure of Cortez himself.UNDERWATER LAGOON .. decorated with carved Aztec glyphs. judging by the sword in its back. Will leaps out into the water. A hole in the ceiling lets in a column of moonlight.and this one doesn't look like it's going to move ever again.MAIN CAVERN .onto Elizabeth. shuts her eyes. but is held by two other pirates. In front of it. The boat rushes forward. A crab scurries away from it as the group approaches. buried in the sand is a skeleton -. but then lands safely in a gorgeous underwater lagoon. Treasure everywhere -Except for one spot in the center. .the longboat takes a harrowing drop over a short waterfall . Elizabeth shrinks back.NIGHT The pirate group reaches the end of a small chamber of mostly jewels and pearls piled around a large bed -INT.BED CAVERN . Grabs her by the wrist.. One tiny red drop of blood appears. too late. lid pushed back. All eyes turn -. Pintel raises the knife . also crammed with treasure. CAVES . CAVES .

shining in the beam of moonlight. grabs his chest . let blood now end! He tosses the gold medallion onto the others. surprised. look at themselves.. KOEHLER You're not dead. grins at Elizabeth. The pirates laugh. and SHOOTS the pirate next to him -. KOEHLER Did it work? DEADEYE I don't feel no different. JACOBY How can we tell? Barbossa frowns.. JACOBY No. Jacoby reacts in shock.medallion.. but doesn't die. BARBOSSA (CONT'D) What was begun by blood. A long beat. turns to Elizabeth. They all look at each other.square in the chest. Nothing happens. right and proper. Barbossa approaches the chest. (realizes) He shot me! TWIGG It didn't work! The curse is still upon us! Barbossa searches his mind for an answer . Elizabeth opens her eyes. draws his pistol.. Barbossa takes the medallion. The pirates tense.Jacoby -. PINTEL What did you expect? We're all gentlemen here. . waiting. BARBOSSA You know the first thing I'm going to do after the curse is lifted? (grins) Eat a whole bushel of apples. expectant.

BARBOSSA Where's his child? The child that sailed from England eight years ago. the child in whose veins flows the blood of William Turner?! Where? Barbossa SLAPS her hard across the face. watching the pirates argue. She said her name was Turner! TWIGG (to Barbossa) You brought us here for nothing? Barbossa whirls on him -BARBOSSA If you have sailed with Morgan for ten years like I have. Reaches back. the child who is the real owner of that medallion. sending her sprawling. Elizabeth quickly leans forward. takes the bloodied medallion from the pile. a scabbard comes down. for a moment unnoticed. What was his name?! (grabs her roughly) Was your father William Turner?! Elizabeth takes time to smile before answering: ELIZABETH No. Your father. getting his rage under steely control. The pirates cry out in alarm. grabs the scabbard. Will pulls her up -- .BARBOSSA You. Suddenly. JACOBY (to Pintel) You brought us the wrong person! PINTEL She had the medallion! She's the right age. right above her. Maid. you'd know not to question me! Elizabeth sits up. Startled. Barbossa gathers himself. Elizabeth looks up --.Will is at the top of a mound of coins. reaching down with his scabbard for her to grab onto.

ATOP THE STACK. let him speak! Any more talk. I'm -. loose coins from their slide come down in an avalanche.rescuing you. ELIZABETH You?! Will gains his footing in the rubble. ready to swing -Jack catches her before she can do any damage. toward a bit of moonlight -INT.NIGHT . flings them forward -. sees Will and Elizabeth at the top of the treasure stack. Elizabeth can't comprehend that one. Elizabeth jumps up. He looks up.the two ride down the mountain of coins on the far side.SMALL CAVERN . ISLA DE MUERTA . WILL Miss Swann! We're here to rescue you! (sounds of pursuit. ELIZABETH You?! Me! JACK ELIZABETH You're in league with Barbossa! JACK No. approaching) It's going badly! JACK This way! They race off. silver platter in hand. ISLA DE MUERTA .BARBOSSA (CONT'D) If any coward here dare challenge me. Will grabs a large shield. sealing the entrance. slide through a small opening -INT. They recognize each other.NIGHT Behind them.coins falling. I'll chain ye to a cannon and send ye to the watery depths! A sound catches his attention -.

Will and Elizabeth stare at him. Maybe I can balance the scales a little. the sounds of pursuit close behind. No. it's getting away.now Jack has .. ELIZABETH Come on! JACK This won't work. ISLA DE MUERTA . hesitates . You go on. they hear the yells of pirates. ELIZABETH Truthfully -. and signal the ship. JACK The trick isn't getting here. Suddenly Jack stops. coming closer. No. I'll keep 'em busy. As if on cue. (a quick decision) I'll stay behind. They take off -EXT. helps her. WILL Are you sure? Jack -.. there are debts that must be paid.The three climb up a dark crevasse that leads out onto the island.NIGHT The three race through the rocks. gives Jack his sword -.you were a bit late. WILL I'm glad we got here in time. WILL JACK I'll lead them away.CLEARING . and fight them.this is not something you have to do. Will nods. JACK (CONT'D) Go to the opposite end of the island. JACK I'm sure. Will takes Elizabeth's hand. The sounds are closer. When you've led the kind of life that I have.

to end the curse. or I slit your throat. JACK No you won't. BARBOSSA Say the name. if you don't lose that grin from you're face. set down down by the pirates Morgan and Bartholomew. BARBOSSA I'm inclined to kill you now. without so much as a word. did it? Barbossa hesitates. Jack's smile widen. and are gone.and Barbossa doesn't like it. turns to face the pirates. Elizabeth gives him a quick kiss. surrounded by pirates. Will and Elizabeth race away. Jack's smile remains. cutlasses drawn. Now? (nods) PINTEL BARBOSSA Now. A group of pirates round a corner. He sticks the two swords in the ground. one for each hand. ready to fight -. Jack Sparrow. Jack has a wide smile on his face -. . JACK (CONT'D) I know whose blood you need. puts a blade to Jack's throat. crossed. ISLA DE MUERTA . EXT. Barbossa nods.two.. JACK (CONT'D) I invoke the right of parlay. according to the Code of the Brethren. Pintel steps forward..but Jack raises his hand. Leans casually against a rock. Barbossa puts a hand on his cutlass -JACK The woman's blood didn't work. Jack watches them a moment.NIGHT Jack stands before Barbossa.

Surprised. I have something you won't more than anything.. a sort of curse. trust you? The pirates laugh. you who you need. BARBOSSA I'll torture it out of you. BARBOSSA That's your offer? You. .(Pintel grins) No. BARBOSSA The Pearl? (laughs) Oh. BARBOSSA (CONT'D) Allow me the humor of listening to your terms. incredulous. Oh. Then I tell Barbossa stares at him.. JACK I'm a man of my word. Pintel lowers his cutlass. JACK Simple. I've got this honest streak in me -. JACK (CONT'D) You see. Jack's expression hasn't changed. and there's the fact that you have no choice.in its own way.more than anything. and all I have is a name? JACK That's right. don't kill him. And just how do you expect this to work? JACK You give me the Pearl. BARBOSSA I'm supposed to . that's fine. You have something I want -. The pirates laugh louder. The way to free you from the curse of the treasure. sailing away nice and pretty with the Black Pearl.

. you're a pirate at heart. you and I. Barbossa sees his options dwindling. The pirates are amazed at how the tide has turned. smiles) We might just have to sign articles.JACK You left me on a desert island -what worse can you do? Jack is still smiling. JACK See. What would you do? BARBOSSA Track you down and -He sees where Jack is headed. I'll give you that. and that's a fact. to do what it takes to get what you want. you with the ship. BARBOSSA Jack. Jack. I don't trust you. Barbossa has gone past considering the idea. intentionally smug now. you become. I trust you . begins to pace. . and might even do it. BARBOSSA I'll throw you in JACK Wait as long as you like. Never trust a smiling man. Blast you! prison. that's certain. that's where we're different. and you won't come near me because you know I'd kill you. Barbossa hesitates. BARBOSSA You're playing this as close to the edge as any man. and me with nothing more than your word! JACK Let's say I tell you the wrong person. (decides. JACK And if I tell you the truth.. you can lay to that. BARBOSSA You're setting me up for a double cross.

. so I took the medallion..shakes his head.. set sail.. EXT. Jack -.Jack nods. and is taken away. talking alone on the forecastle -. that they needed my blood. you were in danger . And it didn't work. nice and fine . INTERCEPTOR . Elizabeth holds the medallion. BARBOSSA Pintel .. If this fool plan is to work.. Jack nods. BARBOSSA Bosun! Set up Mr. She hands him the medallion. his smile fades. You be careful around her.. And I've kept it ever since. a smile) Meaning no disrespect. Gibbs glances at Elizabeth and Will.she's pretty enough. of course. For the first time. Barbossa stares after him. we'll need the medallion. JACK What -. GIBBS Two women on board? A man don't have to be superstitious to know that's trouble. WILL . not hiding his mistrust.but pure evil inside. she'll steal your heart -.DAY At full sail. JACK I'll watch my back. They thought I was you.you don't have the medallion? BARBOSSA That fool woman took it.. Jack is completely caught off guard. (to Jack. and finishes her tale: ELIZABETH . in the brig. and that means catching the ship which brought 'em here. Sparrow's quarters. headed out to sea.

GIBBS Shift your heading. WILL I can't believe he would make such a sacrifice for us. EXT.Why would my father send this to me? ELIZABETH To keep it away from them? No pirate would sail to London. CARIBBEAN OCEAN . They hold each other's gaze a moment. securing a halyard. scanning the horizon. Make for the reef. Will glances at her. Gibbs and AnaMaria appear. takes off. On the aft deck. lands on the starboard bulwark. Looks out to sea. Suddenly Cotton's parrot flaps its wings. for fear of Execution Dock. Will nods. AT THE HELM. squawking -COTTON'S PARROT Dead men tell NO tales! Dead men tell NO tales! Dead men tell NO tales! Cotton looks up -.on the horizon. Gibbs peers forward. WILL If I had known -ELIZABETH (anticipating him) -. leans on the rail. following: black sails. Fifteen degrees starboard. steer clear of that island.DAY . Will turns away first. back the direction they came. Cotton concentrates on his work. and see the ship. ANAMARIA Can we outrun them? GIBBS Not a chance.then we never would have met. and nods. There is a tiny island in front of them. ELIZABETH I guess you can never truly know someone else's heart.

CARIBBEAN SEA . the metal chain jumping and twisting on deck. JACK Don't hit my ship! I mean.BRIG . BLACK PEARL .Miles of blue water.DAY Barbossa and Pintel eye the Interceptor. The chain stops. The Interceptor tacks. BLACK PEARL . . PINTEL What's he doing? Is her going to run her aground? EXT. two hounds chasing the fox.gaining. and the Sailor locks it -EXT. here. pivoting around the anchor. INT. EXT. the Interceptor makes to turn quickly. acting as a guard.DAY Jack sees what he can out the porthole.DAY With its forward momentum and the anchor down. and cannonballs rain down. Twigg just stares.DAY The Black Pearl is now close behind the Interceptor -. the Interceptor has the advantage. kill the lying scoundrel -(to Twigg) I'm a little conflicted. and takes it: its cannons boom.DAY Barbossa and Pintel watch as the huge ship brings its cannons to bear right in front of them. and the ship's anchor races down into the water. EXT.and the Interceptor is headed for the island. leaving a long white wake. BLACK PEARL . All hands! BARBOSSA Prepare to come about! But for now. The Black Pearl matches it -. In the cell with him is Twigg. INTERCEPTOR . GIBBS Drop the forward anchor! A SAILOR at the stern of the ship pulls a release.

It hits the main mast dead on! A CRACKING. INTERCEPTOR . preparing to board.she's raised the Jolly Roger. There'll be torture as well. Sailors dive for cover.it'll go worse for us -- . The Black Pearl fires again. A barrage of shots follow. Cotton. leaving their cannons. He looks to Gibbs for an explanation: GIBBS (CONT'D) It's a signal.DAY Another round of fire. BLACK PEARL . clearly they are overmatched. it won't just be death. GIBBS There -. even Elizabeth -.EXT. most find their mark. Gibbs. WILL We can at least fight -. BARBOSSA Strike your colors.PORT SIDE . AnaMaria. upside down.DAY Barbossa laughs. loud RUMBLE of two dozen cannons firing as one. Will doesn't. ANAMARIA Looks like they mean to send us under.all know what this means.we might be able to kill a few-GIBBS Will -. INTERCEPTOR . you bloody cockroaches! EXT. falls to the deck. The Interceptor is hit. SPLINTING sound as it breaks. Barbossa shows no mercy. a double-ball shot with a chain connecting the two. EXT.DAY Elizabeth watches as the Black Pearl comes about -. WILL We're not going to just surrender! GIBBS That we are.and then there is the low. If we resist. Barbossa moves his ship alongside.

make pretending and all.S. He leans out over the ocean. EXT. Boys. are brought before Barbossa -. show her some hospitality! He shoves her into a group of pirates. BLACK PEARL . grabs a pistol. waves it at the pirates.for Elizabeth. Points the pistol at Barbossa.and see that Jack stands beside him. especially -. Goes. .as Will and Elizabeth. You can't. Will stares -.and we can't die.if we fight. boy? She. held by pirates. Gibbs. I hope your stay this time is more pleasant. they yell their approval. BARBOSSA You've got one shot -.MAIN DECK . She is pushed from one to another. The deck slants. the ship is sinking. manacled.DAY The top masts of the H. and take control of the Interceptor. Interceptor sink into the smooth crystal waters of the Caribbean --. He steadies himself with a hand on the rigging. WILL Free. But his expression is still defiant.and nods. BARBOSSA Welcome back. Pirates swarm across on ropes. Last time on board. WILL She goes free! Will leaps onto the ship's rail. AnaMaria and Cotton and the other crewmembers huddle together. you played me right clever. Miss. He head-butts the pirate behind him.M. WILL I can. This goads Will to action. BARBOSSA What's in your head. Barbossa's wrath falls on Elizabeth.

And on my word I will pull this trigger. Even talks the same! Jack drops his head. BARBOSSA Enough of that! (to Will) Name your terms. and sink all the way down to Davy Jones' Locker! Pintel squints at Will.he's the spittin' image of Old Bootstrap. then . ELIZABETH JACK Will -. his crew waits. Finally -- . Barbossa considers.. His blood runs in my veins. If you agree .. and you! Barbossa steps forward. I will remain with you. And the crew. A curse on him.No! Jack pushes forward. (raises the gun to his head) You need my blood. PINTEL And he's got Old Bill's courage. Anything else? WILL And Jack. the son of Bootstrap Bill Turner. TWIGG It's true -. BARBOSSA Looks like your back to having nothing to offer. WILL Elizabeth goes free! BARBOSSA We got that part. the pirates murmur surprise... Barbossa grins at him.don't do anything stupid! Don't say anything stupid -WILL My name is Will Turner. Free and unharmed.

Cotton and the rest are led away under guard. GIBBS (dejected) Amen to that . WILL You must swear by the Holy Bible. (loudly) Men. struggles with captors. Barbossa looks out to sea. Chain them in the galley. toward the islet. Will lowers his gun . I do swear. BARBOSSA (CONT'D) Hah.BARBOSSA Agreed. Look there. steps downs -. AnaMaria. you learn to trust the signs fate sends your way. Will realizes what Barbossa intends to do.the pirates surround him. BARBOSSA Eh? You have my word..you can't trust him. No! WILL You gave your word! BARBOSSA ..on the Good Book. break out the plank! A CHEER goes up from the pirates. Barbossa crosses himself.. BARBOSSA Jack. I'm a man of my word and you're to be set free. then -. You have my word. and teach 'em how to row. They snatch away the pistol. as do many of his men.. as a gentleman of fortune -ELIZABETH Will -. That's the very same island we made Jack governor of on our last trip.. BARBOSSA (CONT'D) Boatswain! Take your captives belowdecks. (nods) When you sail the open sea as long as I. and the Lord spare my worthless soul.. right quick. Gibbs. Elizabeth .

stands in the classic 'walking the plank' pose. The pirates mutter agreement. No good can come of it. Barbossa smiles.DAY Jack. BLACK PEARL . sir. JACK It's pure evil to make a Captain walk the plank of his own ship. and you can't hope for better. with one shot. nor where. Points it at Jack. (nods) I agreed to set them free. JACK The last time you do this. EXT.MAIN DECK . then. closer now to the islet. you left me a pistol.. CARIBBEAN SEA . It's a square deal all around. BARBOSSA You'd best take a swim. or you'll lose your tongue. Jack. Those as know me know I wouldn't cross my word. boy.. I didn't when . according to the code. and bring down bad luck on the ship.Quite. you're right! (turns around) Where's Jack's pistol? Who's got it? Bring it forward! JACK .DAY The Black Pearl lies at anchor. twice in one lifetime. Pirates crowd the ship's rail to watch. JACK Someone needs to cut these bonds. EXT. Jack. shows a pistol. wrists still bound. BARBOSSA Now. Elizabeth is next in line. PINTEL That's proper. BARBOSSA By the powers. That reef is less than a league distant.

and down into the water with a splash. The pirates laugh. takes a step out. nods. BARBOSSA Tell you what. Jack plunges down into the water. floundering. .A gentleman might give us two pistols. and shoot the lady. and starve to death yourself! (grins) That is. Reaches the end of the plank -. seeing as there are two of us. Elizabeth hesitates . ELIZABETH Here -. grins. Appears on the surface. BARBOSSA That's fair. I'll give you one pistol.but over his head. But first. BARBOSSA (CONT'D) So how did you get off that island. Jack glares at Barbossa.. leaving her in a silk slip. Then he's prodded with a cutlass. anyway? JACK You can go to your grave not knowing. You'll have to throw me in! Barbossa raises an eyebrow. She throws it at him. A pirate hands Jack's pistol to Barbossa. this time. struggles to stay afloat. and let you be the gentleman. presuming you're not both drownded. Will and Elizabeth exchange helpless looks. there is nothing they can do. ELIZABETH (CONT'D) I will not walk into the ocean.. I'll be wanting that dress back. if you please.it will go well with your blackheart! Barbossa indicates the plank.steps off. BARBOSSA The lady's next. then strips it off. Barbossa tosses Jack the pistol -.

EXT. Jack hesitates. ball and powder dry on his scarf.BARBOSSA Have at her. toss her over the rail -. sucking in air. going in the same direction. Jack swims the other way.DAY CLOSE ON: The surf line.) Not all that big. He shows what he went after: his pistol. Elizabeth's feet leave prints in the sand . looks around. and swims after Elizabeth. He has dismantled his pistol. And then.with a scream she falls -EXT.. sinking. CARIBBEAN SEA . and then meet up with matching footprints she made earlier. he stares at it. Blue and clear. Inexplicably. He turns away. JACK (O.. is it? Jack lays on the beach. The Black Pearl is already underway..BEACH . EXT. JACK That's the second time I've had to watch that man sail away with my ship.S. further down into the depths. and a lovely young woman in a silk dress . ISLET .. Lift her up.UNDERWATER .DAY Elizabeth breaks the surface. the parts. He tucks it into his shirt.. unties his bonds. lads! The pirates rush to comply.DAY We follow Elizabeth amid foam and bubbles as she PLUNGES down through the water. below her now. bright coral and tropical fish. ELIZABETH You went back for that? head for the reef! We need to She starts swimming. if it weren't for the mortal danger. Elizabeth starts for the surface. with streaks of sunlight cutting down. Elizabeth spots Jack. She has walked all the way around the island. She swims down . the scene could be described as gorgeous. CARIBBEAN SEA .. struggling. finally Jack appears. ELIZABETH Has it changed since the last time you were here? .

Jack's face falls. all covered with dust and cobwebs. He sets about re-assembling and loading his pistol. long abandoned. JACK Ask me again in a few Elizabeth can't believe it. Jack has finished putting his pistol back together. revealing a pit.. walks off. ELIZABETH Captain Sparrow! We have to get off this island -. He climbs up toward a clump of palm trees. cracks open a bottle of rum. Jack checks to see if the pistol parts are dry. Inside are barrels and bottles of rum . ELIZABETH I hope you have no intention of using that. JACK It won't.immediately! JACK Don't be thinking I'm not already working on it. Not yet. weeks. and so we He jumps down into the pit. ELIZABETH (CONT'D) What? What's wrong? How will this help us get off the island? It won't.JACK The trees are taller. takes a swig.. they are. Digs for something beneath the sand. you did it before! time -Last JACK Last time. He finds it: a large iron ring.. He shoves it in his belt. ELIZABETH But .. I was here a grand total . ELIZABETH What is that? Is there a boat under there? Jack heaves the trap door up and over. won't.

He drinks -. We've got some food on the trees.and difiantly returns Elizabeth's angry gaze. and I bartered passage off. Elizabeth. Last time. Will Turner. We can stay alive a month.of three days. And we've got rum. JACK (CONT'D) Don't be thinking I'm happy about this. But I see no use in wailing and gnashing my teeth over that which I can do nothing about. love. ELIZABETH A month? Will doesn't have a month! We've got to do something to help him! JACK You're right. thank the Lord. But from the looks of this. heads for the beach. at least. Keep a weather eye open for passing ships. sits down. ELIZABETH Not when you can drink instead. maybe more. . (hoists the bottle) Here's luck to you. and so that won't be happening again. He gathers up a few bottles. they've been out of business. JACK (CONT'D) You should look at our contretemps this way: we've got shade trees. praise the Lord. (takes another swig) We probably have your friend Norrington to thank for that. But then turns away. the rumrunners who used this island as a cache came by. and our chances are fair. ELIZABETH So that's it? That's the secret grand adventure of the infamous Jack Sparrow? You spent three days on the beach drinking rum? JACK Welcome to the Caribbean. thank the Lord again.

. no .. JACK I know a lot of songs about pirates.Jack tosses her a bottle. yo ho . Back in England we didn't know a thing about pirates. They seemed so romantic and daring -Jack likes the way that sounds. but it goes down -. it's silly. JACK What was that? (Elizabeth smiles) Something funny. but none I'd teach a child.. A song about pirates.. of course. Just . ELIZABETH (CONT'D) (under her breath) Drink up me hearties.... ELIZABETH Oh. JACK Now I must hear this song. An authentic pirate song. Let's hear it. It goes down rough. ELIZABETH And you will call me Miss Swann. really... What? ELIZABETH Nothing . it's nothing.. with a bit more . gives Jack a sidelong glance. Comes to a decision. She unseals the bottle. Have at it.and the second swig goes down easier.. perhaps . Elizabeth considers. Elizabeth studies her bottle . They sit in silence for a bit. JACK Try it.. Jack toasts her: you got it. takes a swig.. Back to her bottle . please. ELIZABETH (CONT'D) (looks at him) That was before I met one. I'm reminded of a song I learned as a child. ELIZABETH Well. Miss Swann? Share..

Drink up me hearties. ELIZABETH (CONT'D) We kidnap and ravage and we don't give a hoot. yo ho -EXT. JACK More to drink! He gathers two more bottles. I'm going to teach it to the whole . we rifle. yo ho! (gives it a touch of Irish ballad) Aye but we're loved by out mums and our dads. Opens it. yo ho! They hoist their bottles. JACK When I get the Black Pearl back. we loot. Drink up me hearties. Well? JACK (CONT'D) Elizabeth clears her throat. singing the song all the way up to the stars -JACK/ELIZABETH Yo ho. ISLET . He drains the bottle.. we plunder. She drops her half-finished bottle to catch it. yo ho. then tosses it away. He does. yo ho. ne'er do well cads. I might .LATER . A fire BLAZES. She gestures for him to drink.. takes a sip. Drink up me hearties. a pirate's life for me! JACK I LOVE this song! (sings) Yo ho.NIGHT The middle of the night. arm in arm. but only Jack drinks. becoming stronger as she goes on. Jack and Elizabeth are roaring drunk.to drink. yo ho. Drink up me hearties. yo ho.BEACH . ELIZABETH We pillage. a pirate's life for me! Yo ho. tosses one to her. a pirate's life for me! We're beggars and blighters. begins to sing self-consciously.

you know. They tap the bottles together. then settles shakily to the ground.. Jack doesn't have a bottle to salute back. well ... the company is better than last time. JACK We've got a few bottles left . ELIZABETH JACK To the Black Pearl. ELIZABETH Jack. Elizabeth feigns a drink as he chugs. . She hands him hers. we go. Not just a keel and a hull and a deck and sails.. She picks up the empty bottle from the ground. The whole ocean .crew. JACK Ah. Elizabeth lays her head on his shoulder.but promising -.. to be trapped here on this island. ELIZABETH (coy) Mr. all over again. He drinks. She laughs.. That's what a ship needs . and we'll sing it all the time! ELIZABETH You'll be positively the most fearsome pirates to sail the Spanish Main. Elizabeth shrugs with a sleight -. Elizabeth sits beside him. holds it up. Elizabeth salutes the idea with her bottle... To freedom.smile. Wherever we want to go. it must be so terrible for you. That's what a ship is. JACK Not just the Spanish Main. is freedom. And the scenery has definitely improved. the whole world.. but what a ship is -what the Black Pearl really is . Sparrow! I'm not sure I've had enough rum to allow that kind of talk. and we've yet to tap the kegs.. He taps his bottle against hers again.

it starts to BURN merrily. The entire Royal Navy is out to sea looking for me -. for a one-time chance at being spotted? ELIZABETH . A bit of SMOKE drifts by. He sees Elizabeth. the rum is gone. the shade -.do you think there is even a chance they could miss it? JACK You -. JACK What are you doing? You've burned our food. Jack can't believe his eyes. lying in the sunlight. Jack GROANS and sits up. looks over --.BEACH . dowsing a scrub brush at the base of a palm tree.feigns another drink -EXT. It goes up in FLAMES.JACK'S FACE. Jack leaps to his feet. His nose twitches. She rolls the barrel forward -. dead asleep. She wipes her hands together. which means it can be seen for two hundred leagues in every direction. Two -She points to the sky. One of the rum barrels in the fire EXPLODES. ISLET . Smoke rises high up into the clear blue sky. His eyes open.all of the foliage in the middle of the island is ON FIRE.the rum! ELIZABETH Yes. His nose twitches again. as she pours out the last of the rum. He rubs his head. ELIZABETH (CONT'D) That signal is over a thousand feet high. Why? JACK ELIZABETH One. because it is a vile drink that turns even the most respectable men into scoundrels.you burned up the island.MORNING CLOSE ON -.

In an hour. H. JACK They'll be no living with her after this. scans the water. JACK (she's right) We had time to get to know each other.S. Jack stops -.DAY At the crest of the dune.M. DAUNTLESS .S. keep a 'weather eye open' and you'll be seeing white sails on that horizon! She sits down.MAIN DECK . maybe two. EXT. white sails glorious against the turquoise waters. is the H. Jack is speechless. ISLET . A longboat is already being rowed toward them. incredulous. Captain. NORRINGTON Elizabeth. Dauntless.and stares. anchored on the other side of the island. searching.Exactly.DAY Norrington gives Elizabeth a hand disembarking from the raised longboat. I'm relieved you're safe. . He throws up his hands. And behind his back this time. just to get away from her.LEEWARD SHORE . waiting.but I doubt he'll be willing to help us from the brig. stalks up the sand dune. Elizabeth turns toward the sea. you can't do that! NORRINGTON You're speaking up for him again? ELIZABETH He can locate Isla de Muerta -. EXT.M. Shields her eyes. (re: Jack) Clap him in irons. ELIZABETH (CONT'D) Just you wait. determined. Jack shakes his head. ELIZABETH Commodore. We come around to see what he is looking at -Past Jack.

. Gillette unlocks Jack's manacles.NORRINGTON We are bound for Port Royal. Norrington considers. the last pirate threat in the Caribbean. He'll give you our heading. Turner? ELIZABETH Not as a condition -. Jack raises an eyebrow.. please! JACK Norrington. think about it .. the Black Pearl. ELIZABETH Commodore. But so was his decision to engage in piracy.. Sailors go about their . As a wedding gift.a request. JACK Congratulations. for me. its captain and crew .. ELIZABETH Commodore.please do this . How can you pass that up? NORRINGTON By remembering that I serve others.. sir. ELIZABETH The pirates have taken Will -- NORRINGTON Your father is frantic with worry. Crew men lead Jack toward the bridge. and prepare to come about. That is what we shall do. NORRINGTON I am to understand that you will accept my marriage proposal on the condition I rescue Mr. To Gillette: NORRINGTON Free Mister Sparrow. I beg you -. No. not only myself. not Isla de Muerta. Mr. Turner's fate is regrettable. Our mission was to rescue you and return home.

NORRINGTON You may seclude yourself in my cabin.but that's because Will is hanging from the rafters. NORRINGTON Elizabeth.. What? ELIZABETH NORRINGTON I know where your heart truly lies. as well. and find her some trousers. take our guest below.BRIG . I'm afraid we do not have any ladies' clothing aboard. Elizabeth smiles. ELIZABETH Then I can wear men's clothing. NORRINGTON Murtogg. and the ship begins its slow turn. Elizabeth looks at Norringtom.she's not going to change. NORRINGTON That would hardly be proper. INT.. I hereby withdraw my proposal. where yours does. THE BLACK PEARL . It appears empty -. but then can't help but grin -.this is exactly why he loves her.tasks. seeing him in a new light. I am not going to stay hidden in some cabin. Norrington watches her go . Norrington looks away. or I suppose it's going to be heaving bosoms and bare for the remainder of the voyage! Norrington is exasperated. ELIZABETH And now I know . They gaze at each other a moment.. PINTEL . then turns his gaze to the sea. and a shirt. allows herself to be escorted away. ELIZABETH Well. She grins back at him -.DAY Pintel enters the cell. trying to shove up the ceiling planks with his legs..

last I saw of Bootstrap Bill.. flanked by several others pirates. And he's hiding out someplace where you haven't been able to find him. That's what you call ironic. the gun deck above yea. That's why he sent off a piece of the treaure -to you. PINTEL That's a nice thought. as it were: so it would never be recovered. we found out we needed his blood to solve the curse. and so cursed we remain. so he chained a cannon to his legs and dumped him over. then: Bring him. PINTEL Yep. He threw in with us after we relieved Jack Sparrow of his captaincy. That's Will drops lightly to the deck. But. Suddenly: WILL What happened to William Turner? PINTEL Ah. it never sat well with him -particularly after we found Cortes' treasure. William Turner. no. didn't sit too well with Captain Barbossa . for leaving ol' Jack to the fate we did. Stupid blighter. but turned out.. and I wager your da wishes he'd thought it hisself. as he sank down to the crushing black oblivion of Davy Jones' locker. Barbossa appears behind Pintel. Will reacts with shock at the account of his father's fate. (sighs) It was only after. and its peculiar condition. to be sure. BARBOSSA . He regards Will for a moment. what he'd done. He thought we deserved to be cursed. was his face looking up. See.That ain't going to work. WILL And then he ran.

ELIZABETH What's your plan? LOOKOUT (O. and that would be too late. H. pretending to look out at the sea. I will not put my men . DAUNTLESS .S. I noticed... Norrington gazes through his spyglass. Exactly. dressed in sailor's clothes to excellent effect. and make sure she stays there.) LAND HO! Isla de Muerta lay dark and menacing on the horizon. I will not compromise your safety. and one-sided. ELIZABETH You didn't tell Commodore Norrington everything. JACK Nor did you. joins him. he turns away. The island is riddled with caves. Jack watches with some amusement as Elizabeth is escorted away. then any battle will be decidedly brief .MAIN DECK . JACK ELIZABETH These men will be facing an enemy that seemingly cannot be killed. If it succeeds. ELIZABETH He might delay the rescue .EVENING Jack goes to the rail and waits.. at the island.S. She starts to speak.M..EXT. Elizabeth. NORRINGTON (CONT'D) I don't like the situation. NORRINGTON (CONT'D) Lieutenant. escort Elizabeth to my quarters. Mister Sparrow. JACK I have a plan. NORRINGTON Elizabeth -.below decks.

into the caves. and you'll be free to blow holy high heaven the whole lot of them.EVENING Torches are lit. If you're steersman's good enough. The crewmen release the lines. I was thinking along those lines. DAUNTLESS .M. and while you're setting up an ambush. I'll trick the pirates out to you. NORRINGTON You would do that? JACK They left me stranded. and the boat drops -INT. Will moves along unwillingly. How about you let me go in alone.MAIN DECK . JACK That chart I drew up'll get you past the reefs. JACK (smiles) I knew you'd listen to reason! EXT.CAVE ENTRANCE .NIGHT A longboat is prepared to be lowered over the side. ISLA DE MUERTA .NIGHT The pirate group moves deeper into the caves.at a disadvantage.S. INT. guarded by Pintel and a band of pirates. Twice. that is. Jack wraps his pistol securely in an oilskin pouch. . Barbossa leads Will. JACK I'll slip in. H. NORRINGTON I'll be at the wheel myself. ISLA DE MUERTA . What have you got to lose? NORRINGTON (looks at him) Nothing I wouldn't be please to be rid of. talk them into to come out. JACK Funny.CAVES .

and drops into the ravine. EXT. She turns away from the porthole. widening into a ravine.Will continues forward. and the whole damnable line! Fan out! Find him! INT. and tumbles down. now. ISLA DE MUERTA . It's just a prick of the finger and a few drops of blood. Will hits it. ISLA DE MUERTA .NIGHT Elizabeth looks out the Captain's small porthole -. swings him into the wall of the cave.NIGHT The Dauntless drifts into the lagoon. You could fall in and still be wonder'n when you'll hit dirt. WILL You deserve to be cursed -. (grins) Best play it safe. BARBOSSA Careful.CAVES .CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS . Pintel shoves him forwad -. The wall of the ravine becomes a loose gravel slope.NIGHT Lit by torchlight.PINTEL No reason to fret. INT. Catches the pirate's torch. BARBOSSA Turner blood doesn't flow pure in his veins. and uses it to ward off the others. Suddenly there is a flutter at the window -- . PINTEL I guess there is a reason to fret. grabs the pirate in front of him. Will notices: a crack runs between the floor and the wall of the cave. and his father. BARBOSSA Blast him! A pox on him.and remain cursed! He steps to one side -. wishing there was something she could do. and spill it all.sees boats laden with Navy men headed for shore. Will makes a decision. He intentionally stumbles. disappeats into black. Norrington and his men prepare to go ashore. DAUNTLESS .

and stops. WILL Are you certain this is the right way? JACK It's the right way. INT.and runs straight into Jack. sparkling.and there. fastened to the stern of the ship. COTTON'S PARROT Drink UP me hearties yo ho! UP me hearties yo ho! Drink The bird flutters off. EXT. CAVES . seemingly endless. heads for it. Just follow me. Jack Sparrow.NIGHT Jack leads Will out of a narrow passage -. These caves magnify sound. and spread out.CAVES . Will joins him -. Will is a few steps behind. glowing. They silently take up positions around the main cave entrance. turns a corner --. At the center is the moonlit clearing. is a small rowboat. Elizabeth races to the porthole.and sees what Jack is staring at: Treasure piled on treasure. He sees a light ahead. She looks down -. JACK Do you have any idea where you're going? WILL Jack! JACK Don't talk. ISLA DE MUERTA . turning this way and that. BARBOSSA Thank you. and the stone Aztec chest. ISLA DE MUERTA . and then to the stern window to see it fly away.NIGHT Will races forward. staring.NIGHT Norrington and men land on the beach. . INT.THE BEACH .Cotton's parrot is there.

WILL You did know where you were going! You did lead us directly to them! (Jack's silence confirms it) Why? Jack looks away -. BARBOSSA Why don't I want to do this? JACK Because. . Nearly the entire crew of the Black Pearl is there. but Jack does not fight at all. He picks up the stone knife.They jump -. dragging Will and Jack with them. He steps out of the moonlight. Will struggles. The pirates grab Will and Jack. the H. Barbossa pretends to think about his words. Dauntless is lying in wait in the harbor.as Will is manhandled toward the chest.M. let blood now end! He raises the knife to Will's throat -JACK You don't want to be doing that. The trio whirl to run -. I really think I do. BARBOSSA No. The pirates follow.more pirates emerge from hiding. BARBOSSA (CONT'D) You couldn't have led him back more directly if you knew exactly where you were going. BARBOSSA What was begun by blood. JACK (shrugs) All right then.Barbossa is standing right behind them. right about now. He laughs. flanked by his men.S. Barbossa steps up to him (becoming skeletal in the moonlight) and puts the medallion around Will's neck. That makes Barbossa pause. and moves toward the stone chest.

it didn't end well for you. BARBOSSA I can't help wondering.Jack! WILL JACK -. and the chest of coins. Jack scoops up a handful of coins from the chest. Every . Last .. JACK You've no hope of surviving Norrington's attack ... that is. JACK (CONT'D) (drops the coins oneby-one back into the chest) Like after you've killed ...and its guns and crew will cut you and your men to pieces the moment you step outside these caves. Jack... Wait for a more opportune moment. of Norrington's men. A buzz of apprehension sweeps through the pirates. if you're mortal.. JACK Simple. listening to every word he says. One . He us genuinely angry. JACK The situation has changed. BARBOSSA What're you suggesting? Jack shakes off the hands holding him. PINTEL Do you believe him? No. Will. why you're being so helpful and all? Last time you did that. Don't kill the boy yet. strolls toward Barbossa. Will glares. BARBOSSA (indicates Will) But him I believe.. BARBOSSA ..

you can rule the seas. Dauntless.. See.That so? JACK Aye.. LAGOON . and with it. another exit? BARBOSSA Aye. and what to do? Of course you'll decide you deserve the bigger one. select five men to stay here. not through the caves... you'll have a bit of a problem: the H. and who's to argue? The Dauntless a firstrate ship-of-line. this he hadn't planned for. Take the rest of the men out . and you get to introduce yourself at tea parties and brothels as 'Commodore Barbossa.M.S. right? Men! BARBOSSA Are you up for it? The pirates yell to the affirmative. There you'll be. who's left for the Black Pearl? Jack smiles and spreads his hands: me. It's tempting . with two lovely ships on your hands. JACK (CONT'D) Now. JACK There's . I give you fifteen percent of my plunder.' (sticks out his hand) Do we have an accord? Barbossa licks his lips. EXT. you can take care of the Dauntless. BARBOSSA (CONT'D) Mr. Pintel. after you're done with the Royal Navy.. for us there is. Jack's expression falters.UNDERWATER .. JACK (CONT'D) I sail for you as part of your fleet. (beat) But if you're Captain of the Dauntless.NIGHT .

staring with upturned faces.Moonlight shines down into the shallow waters.S. starts to crawl up the iron rings. Dauntless. Cotton's parrot is nowhere to be seen. silhouetted by moonlight. the heavy chain leads to the giant bottom hull of the H. The Pintel-skeleton puts a knife between his teeth.he TRANSFORMS. And then FIGURES appear in the distance. Pintel breaks the surface near the Dauntless.DAUNTLESS . The LEAD PIRATE glides forward -And stops next to a huge iron ANCHOR -. and soon the anchor-chain is clustered with skeletons -EXT.NIGHT Elizabeth has the small boat out.NIGHT Two SAILORS. They scuffle forward. There is a scurrying sound -. and we see that it is Pintel. Other pirates crowd forward. Suddenly all the fish SCATTER. the waters are empty. intent on climbing the anchor. brightening coral. EXT. and rows away from the Dauntless. LAGOON . even buried halfway into the sand. LAGOON . The tatters of their clothing drift in the water.bones scraping against wood -- . sparkling over the rippled sand floor. In the distance. Their skull heads are fixed in an endless grin.M. stare out toward shore. swords glinting. A heavy CHAIN with barrel-sized links climbs up toward the surface -A SHADOW falls across the Lead Pirate -. kicking up clouds of sand -The figures resolve into the skeleton PIRATES. seeming to waver in the shifting current. The huge shift drifts. The island reveals nothing but blackness. and Pintel continues his climb. again spilling moonlight below -And the pirates gathered around the anchor are once again SKELETONS. he looks over -Just as Elizabeth rounds the point. Briefly. He looks up -Above. looking ahead over her shoulder. alert and vigilant. and rocks obscure the small longboat from view. moving silently across the lagoon floor.twice his height. More skeleton-pirates appear.

They turn back toward the island. continue their vigil. hit the water with a splash.SIDE . anchored in the neighboring cove. the two sailors at the rail are well-lit by a lantern.MAIN DECK . SHORT SAILOR (CONT'D) Taste all right.NIGHT Four PIRATES -. Tosses it. Puts away his knife. LAGOON . A long pause. biscuits -. as it darts through a porthole. A fleck of color -. intently -. EXT. and set your aim. skeletons. silently approaching the ship. climbing up the sailor's backs.all the food on the ship.NIGHT Pintel looks down into the water. Train the starboard guns on the beach. along apples. >From behind. Notices.and the sailors JUMP. TALL SAILOR Big ones. PINTEL Be quick. Ship rats. though. MOVE CLOSER and then the skeletons appear.nothing.NIGHT Two bodies are tossed out over the rail. Wait for my signal. DAUNTLESS .the two sailors are grabbed from behind -EXT. and sees: the Black Pearl. we don't want to spook them. Turns to the others.Cotton's parrot.instead have gathered wine bottles and rum casts into a pile.SIDE . Elizabeth slows her efforts. reaching -. SHORT SAILOR (nods) Hate those things.BLACK PEARL . TALL SAILOR That they do.who really ought to be keeping watch -. . BLACK PEARL . The pirates hurry to comply -EXT. now.NIGHT Elizabeth rounds the point further. EXT. pulls out a long piece of seaweed from his rib cage. satisfied. Suddenly shadows appear. They listen. DAUNTLESS .

did I really seem that clever? . guarded by pirates.a hideous sound that wheezes through their bones. Jack takes the opportunity to move toward him. Cannonballs hit the shore.They act out a mock-feast. JACK Oh. in anticipation of the curse being lifted. or wine? BIG-BONES I believe I'll have a spot o' rum.NIGHT Will. A SKINNY skeleton offers two bottles to a BIG BONES skeleton. running low behind a line of rocks. disappearing into the darkness of the ship. if you don't mind. WILL You've been planning this from the beginning.BEACH . Elizabeth peeks catiously around a corner. to fire. Behind them. Since you learned my name. sir. please -. Men! NORRINGTON (CONT'D) Take cover! The sailors scramble to find refuge -INT. good sir -. EXT. Ready NORRINGTON Wait for my order -.NIGHT Gillette crouches. ISLA DE MUERTA . down a gangway.rum. He reports to Norrington: GILLETTE All the men in place.coming from the Dauntless. unnoticed. men cry out in anguish. ISLA DE MUERTA . SKINNY Which would you prefer first.MAIN CAVERN . and thank'ee kind sir! They burst out laughing -. glares at Jack.what the blazes is that? It's the sound of cannon fire -. She picks her moment and sneaks past quickly.

ISLA DE MUERTA . and engage the enemy. Royal Navy against Skeleton Pirates -The Navy men are driven back. LAGOON . fists. AnaMaria and Cotton. coming around the point. . men! Remember -. Jack smoothly slips the sword from a Pirate's scabbard -. acrobatics and anything within reach to survive.I was actually beginning to like you! Swords are drawn. GILLETTE They're on our side! men! Take heart. He draws his own sword -. in the midst of of a swordfight. glissades and dissarms with lightening fast and perfect form.Before Will can answer. each with his own style: Will parries. ISLA DE MUERTA . who catches it despite his sursprise.tosses it to Will.several men are struck down -NORRINGTON Steady.NIGHT It's the Black Pearl.we're the Navy! The sailors recover their nerve. while Jack uses his blade.BEACH . Barbossa and the other pirates stare in shock -BARBOSSA Confound it. and the Pirates attack.BEACH . It's a full on battle. manned by Gibbs. cannons blazing -EXT.NIGHT The sailors charge. Jack -. tries to see -NORRINGTON (CONT'D) What is happening out there? EXT. JACK (CONT'D) Use it well.NIGHT Gillette sees the Black Pearl firing on the Dauntless. EXT. Jack and Will take on multiple opponents. and captained by Elizabeth. Norrington. surrounded -Suddenly there is a massive BOOM of cannon fire. The moon emerges from behind a cloud -Suddenly an army of SKELETON PIRATES rise up from the sea.and clobbers the Pirate. and charge the stunned sailors -.

Jacoby rounds on Will.MAIN CAVERN . Will battling Jacoby. reverses it --. It's a curse. BARBOSSA Just so you know. Jack drives him back.when he steps into the moonlight. locked in epic battle until the trumpets of . WILL Jack! Jack stares down at the sword jutting from his chest. Barbossa twists the sword from Jack's grip. Skeleton Jack pulls the sword from his chest. sees it -.I don't think you're that clever. A mortal fool.NIGHT Only two pirates left: Barbossa and Jacoby. He takes a few steps backward.and catches Jack's sword with both hands. he drops his own sword -. toward the Aztec gold -. Jack Sparrow? Are we to be two immortals. Jack. CAVE . Barbossa grabs up his sword.The Royal Navy stand their ground and fight -INT. two skeletons in pitched battle. and rushes Jack. crumpling him. JACK Remarkable how often those two traits coincide.AND DRIVES THE SWORD INTO JACK'S CHEST. To prove his point. Both men are in moonlight now.he smashes Jacoby in the jaw. I guess. making Barbossa laugh. Barbossa faces off against Jack. JACK (CONT'D) They're so pretty. JACK BECOMES SKELETAL. Jack -. isn't that interesting. He pulls something from his pocket: one of the Aztec coins. I think you're a fool. JACK Well. BARBOSSA So what now. I just couldn't resist stealing one. BARBOSSA You can't beat me. Jack can't free it.

tosses it away. Ten years you carried that pistol.BEACH .Judgement Day? JACK Or you could surrender. Barbossa stares. still aimed at Barbossa.LAGOON . Mullroy runs through another pirate with a sword. They set their weapons down in surrender. holding his smoking pistol. ISLA DE MUERTA . Jack blows the smoke from the barrel of his pistol . BARBOSSA Or I could chain you to a cannonball and drop you in the deepest part of the ocean.the medallion. and quickly realize their peril. Blood blossoms on his shirt around the bullet hole. Barbossa falls heavily to the ground. holding a bloody sword. his face registering pain for the first time in years. drops from his hand. EXT. EXT. He shoves Barbossa back.. his attention focused on Jack. dead. Barbossa stalks the room. then looks down at his chest.. Barbossa charges -A SHOT RINGS OUT -Jack stands out of the moonlight. screams in pain. Will stands over the Aztec chest. He opens the fist --. out of the moonlight. revealing the cut in his palm. WILL He didn't waste it. ISLA DE MUERTA .NIGHT . flesh and blood again. and you end up wasting your shot.NIGHT Murtogg FIRES a pistol at a pirate. and crumples to the ground. BARBOSSA (CONT'D) Hah. Barbossa clutches his chest. his left hand in a fist. blood covering it. It spreads quickly. The pirate is hit. The pirates react to the sight. where you can contemplate your folly forever.

ISLA DE MUERTA .NIGHT Will wraps a cloth around his palm. you're the worst pirate I've ever heard of.which of them . (beat) On the other hand.. Jack releases the coin. Jack joins him near the chest. and Jack's crew swarm across. maybe I'm a man who can't pass up a chance for revenge against the black-hearted bastard who stole my ship and left me to die in the middle of the ocean -. grips the coin he stole above the chest . Suddenly. An awkward moment -.LATER Jack.MAIN CAVERN . and who can't betray his friends. overwhelming the pirates. ISLA DE MUERTA . What kind of pirate is that? JACK (admits it) The worst.CAVE .The Black Pearl comes alongside the Dauntless..and who knows how to get what he wants.BEACH . WILL Let's get out of here. (smiles) You're a man who can be trusted. Elizabeth stares at it. Will looks at him . the lid of the chest. Jack cuts his palm. Elizabeth calls out: ELIZABETH You're all right! The three men turn as one. INT. Will and Norrington gather together on the beach. Now that's a great pirate.NIGHT . EXT.. and CHEER. SLAMS SHUT. all on its own. The sailors on the beach see it.twice! -. and then hesitates. WILL Well. It lands in the chest beside the other bloody coin. who can be counted on..

Will sweeps her in his arms. staring forward. She throws her arms around his neck in a hug. I am wearing trousers.DAY Close on: Will's face. EXT. . decisively kisses him. I think it doesn't matter that we are of a different class -ELIZABETH It doesn't! WILL -. she steps away from him. Around him are members of the Royal Navy.FORT CHARLES . ELIZABETH Yes. that's a grand adventure.but that was not a proper kiss. PORT ROYAL .and straight to Will. JACK I was rooting for you. Indignant. standing before for a group of witnesses from town. WILL Miss Swann -. She reaches a hand behind his neck. leans her back. And as for how we got off the island -ah. toward them -. And don't you dare tell me that wasn't a proper kiss! WILL Elizabeth.does she mean? Elizabeth races across the sand. Tough luck. ELIZABETH There. but now is not the time to talk about it. stoic.are you wearing trousers? And how did you get off the island? Elizabeth can't believe that's what he noticed. and kisses her long and well -Jack puts a hand on Norrington's shoulder. He stands straight and unmoving. Pure consternation on Elizabeth's face -WILL (CONT'D) This is a proper kiss.

The penalty for piracy is death by hanging. you? No. Sure enough. NORRINGTON ... Suddenly Jack appears. Elizabeth squeezes the hand of her father. GILLETTE (CONT'D) Jack and his crew have escaped! (gasps from the crowd) There was no damage to the cell . not me either! Swann notices something on the parapet. The ship cuts through the waters very close to the point --.It is the courtyard on top of Fort Charles. Gillette stands at the top of a stairway. I intend to grant a pardon to -Sir! GILLETTE All eyes turn. across and down onto the ship's rigging as it passes. at great personal risk... I wish to speak on behalf of the boy. that in rare occasion where the right course is committing an act of piracy. he swings off the one empty gallows. on the point. points -SWANN The Black Pearl! People rush to the parapet. Swann.with Will as the defendant.where the gallows of the pirates are. It seems to me. Will and Elizabeth exchange looks. In the crowd. GILLETTE Sir! Shall I break out the cannons? . SWANN By your leave. then an act of piracy is the right course! (cheers of approval) So in my capacity as Governor. You? Not me. She lets go as Swann stands. they must have been set free. the law is clear. and though I do say so with regret. (a glance at Elizabeth) It is clear that these deeds were performed out of a sincere desire to do good. A trial is underway -. below in the bay are the distinctive black sails of the Pearl.

. Norrington raises his hand . and all is right with the world. He enjoys it. It feels good -. a pirate's life for me . executes a salute. Gibbs. twirls a key on his finger..STERN DECK .NORRINGTON I don't think that will be necessary. That's all he gets. JACK AnaMaria. Will..you and Cotton. Jack stands at the wheel: he's got his ship back. trim the mainsail! ANAMARIA Aye.. BLACK PEARL .the Black Pearl is yours! Jack runs a hand lovingly along the rail. and we FADE UP large words in script: THE END FADE OUT and CREDITS ROLL . He begins to unconsciously hum: "Yo.. organize a cleaning detail -.. ho. NORRINGTON (CONT'D) A day's head start. ANAMARIA Capatin Sparrow -. the orchestra takes over as the Black Pearl sails for uncharted waters . ho.in his hands. then takes the wheel. aye." He realizes what he's doing and smiles. Elizabeth and Swann look out toward the ocean -EXT. yo.DAY Jack monkeys down the rigging. sir! JACK Mr.right -. AnaMaria is at the wheel. I want every inch of the Pearl spic-andspan and ship-shape! Gibbs actually stomps the deck. and then shifts to 'Captain' mode.

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