Note : Don’t use any medicine without consulting Homoeopathic physician. ACONITE: [ It is one the Trios of Restlessness, others are: Ars. and It is one of the Trios of Pain Remedies, others are : Chamomilla and coffea. It is the one of clarke’s A,B,C Nurseries ,others are : Bell ,Chamomilla Aconite is the acute of sulphur] Aconite is short and quick acting remedy for acute conditions It is indicated in the first stage of any acute case with sudden and violent onset. Asthma after emotions; after suppression of an acute rash; feeling of a band around chest; muscles of. the chest are rigid. Asthma from active hyperremia of the lungs and brain. . After the paroxysm the sputa are yellow or blood streaked. ; face red, eyes staring; can talk but little at a time. occasionally vomiting; urine scanty and dark. Tension is the keynote of Aconite. Mentally Patient has great fear and anxiety of mind. Predicts the date and the hour of death. Don’t give aconite when there is mental calmness. There must be mental uneasiness. Excessive sensitiveness to the least touch.Unquenchable Thirst for large quantity of cold water. Modality:

< At night, evening > Open air , Uncovering.

IPECACUANHA: [It is a short acting medicine.] Violent contraction and constriction in throat and chest. Suited to the person having history of epistaxis and other form of blood loss. Spasmodic form of attack There is asthma in stout persons of lax fibre. Sensation of constriction in chest, worst from least motion; cough and rattling of mucus in chest, wheezing is present, yet none is expectorated .Cold extremities; cold perspiration; cough sometimes followed by vomiting .Peculiar panting sound. Difficulty in expiration, gasps for air at the open window, face pale. Threatened suffocation from constriction. Nightly suffocative fits. Tetanic rigidity of body with bluish redness of face.


< by motion.
Concomitants: Clean tongue with no thirst. Nausea ,Vomitting.

ARSENICUM ALB: It is suited to the person who is lean, thin, having Hippocratic face. Chilly person Dirty and waxy look of face. Chest feels as if too narrow; throat and chest feel as if bound together. Asthma from fatigue from emotions, from suppressed itch; worse after coughing. Wheezing respiration with cough and frothy expectoration. Loss of breath immediately on lying down, must sit or bend forward and adduct arms for relief. Must spring out of bed, especially about midnight, in order to breathe; increasing dyspnoea with despair and anxious sweat all over. Whistling sound due to Constriction of trachea .Periodical asthma. Darting pain through upper 1/3rd of right lung < after cold food and cold drink. Asthma of senility, after suppressed coryza and coexistence of emphysema and cardiac affections. Mentally there is fear of death and restless. Modality:

< from 12-2a.m/p.m > Heat in general.

NAT.SULPH: Asthma is of sycotic origin, often inherited; from exposure to damp cold wet weather .Suited to person having hydrogenoid constitution. Humid asthma with every change of weather especially in children .Chest filling up with rattling mucus, expectoration of large quantities of white &greenish, tenacious mucus. sharp,shooting stitching pain in the left chest. Has to sit upon bed and hold chest with both the hands .Greenish, gray or brownish,dirty coating on the tongue.Asthmatic breathing in children or young subjects; worse from 4-5 a.m in damp or rainy weather, from living in basements or cellars. Constant Mentally the patient is sad , depressed, not like to speak. Modality:

< Rainy weather, in the early hour of the morning.

Concomitant: There is early morning diarrhea.

LOBELIA INL: Excellent remedy for asthma. Feels as if heart will stop. There is shortness of breath. Sensation of pressure or weigh in chest, > by rapid walking. Bronchial and septic asthma. Asthma with a weak sensation in epigastrium, Spreading up into the chest. There is Feeling as of a lump in stomach. Asthma preceded by prickling all over, even to fingers and toes. Convulsive asthma from pulmonic irritation of effused serum. Nervous asthma. Pricking sensation all over the body which precedes attack of asthma. White coated tongue. Cramp, ringing cough. Modality :

< Exposure to cold, going up or down stairs. > Rapid Walking, warmth.

ARS. IOD: Asthma from 11p.m until 2 a.m. Suffocating, spasmodic cough. Dry, hacking cough with little expectoration. Occasional asthmatic attacks in phthisical and Psoric patient, < at night. Must Sit up to breathe. Person is sensitive to heat and cold.General feeble expiration, accompanied by great debility and burning in chest. Modality: < Motion, warm room

AMMONIUM CARB: Dyspnoea with short cough and palpitation after any exertion. Chronic asthma, especially when attended with disposition to hydrothorax, with shortness of breath, especially when ascending even a few steps, better in open air. Dares not come into a warm room, where he turns deathly pale and must sit quiet;

BROMIUM: [ it is Deep acting ,constitutional,polychrest medicine] ‘SAILOR’S ASTHMA’. Asthma as soon as they go a shore; asthma coming on at or near the seashore; patient feels as if he could not get air enough into his lungs, expands his chest to the atmost and breathes very deeply, as air does not go in enough on account of the narrowness of the opening in the larynx or constriction of the glottis. Sensation as if air-passages were full of smoke .Dyspnoea, must sit up in bed at night. Sensation of weakness and exhaustion in chest, sensation of constriction impedes breathing, with dry, tickling cough.

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