Kentucky Courts – A No Win Situation

Justitia, the Roman Goddess for Justice, also known as Lady Justice is recognized as being blindfolded, holding the scales of equality in one hand and carrying a double-edged sword in her left hand, symbolizing the power of Reason and Justice, which may be wielded either for or against any party. In Kentucky, the only blind justice resides in the courts themselves. This systemic epidemic of blindness is laced through the fabric of the Kentucky judicial system from the very core to the tip top of the mountain. The double-edged sword has its’ own set of irony. Fight the courts, pay the price. If you disagree with a judge in Kentucky, the best medicine is to swallow the giant “humility” pill the court administers and do not dare call for a second opinion, hence the double-edged sword, Lady Justice wields. The judicial system in Kentucky is known as one of the worst in the nation. The very people that took oath to serve the people of the Commonwealth have fallen victim to “good ole boy” politics and have forgotten or ignored their solemn oath to the people. This way of life in Kentucky is condoned and practice throughout the entire state, in every court and begins at the top with Chief Justice John D. Minton Jr., who is the chief judicial officer in Kentucky. When poorly run companies, such as Enron, Fannie May, Freddie Mac, Chase Bank and other well known debacles in the business world are chastised for their incompetency, it is the CEO’s and CFO’s that lead these companies that lead to these inadequacies and shady dealings. If it is acceptable for the boss to engage in lazy, half-hearted or else shotty work, then it is ok for the underlings to engage in it too. Not only is the judicial system in Kentucky recognized as one of the worst in the U.S., so is the level of public corruption. From 2001-2010, Kentucky had 281 public servants convicted of corruption and sentenced to prison. This ranks 2nd in the nation next to Louisiana. No wonder the courts are corrupt! They cloak themselves in a gown, sit behind a desk and disguise themselves as justices but still elected to those chairs. This makes them politicians! Less we not forget that. Recently, I contacted “Citizens for Better Judges”. A man named Daryl Durham, an attorney with stockholder status with Weber & Rose Law firm in Louisville, Kentucky to inquire

how I, a private citizen could be involved in their group. Better judges would benefit everyone, was my thinking. Mr. Durham informed me that they have a “citizens review board” that has no decision making authority or input authority whatsoever into his group. Candidates that are running for open judicial jobs are interviewed by attorneys, who make up the “Citizens for Better Judges” and the attorneys solely make the endorsements. Recently, they endorsed Judge James “Jim” Shake for the Kentucky Court of Appeals. What is important to note here, is that Mr. Durham’s firm, Weber & Rose, defended Dr. Jim Shields, a corrupt psychologist that I sued and his buddy, Louis Waterman, a corrupt attorney and former judge, who was represented by Scott Zoppath, a otherwise stand up guy. In this suit, I pointed out to Judge Shake that he should recuse himself of the case due to the fact that Louis Waterman and Scott Zoppath, had contributed $650 to his campaign two years before. He denied that request and then dismissed my case against these two maggots, even when I had Dr. Shields admitting on audio that Waterman had illegally obtained records from him. This was a slam dunk case, which is why Judge Shake never explained his dismissal. Now, Daryl Durham of Weber Rose, who represented the psychologist, endorses Judge Shake for the Court of Appeals?!?! Come on man! To believe that Judge Jim Shake dismissed my case against the attorney and psychologist for any other reason than they gave to his campaign and/or endorsed him in his next campaign is asinine! Until the Federal Government or some fresh politician with down home values works to change the laws and hold OUR public servants accountable for their actions, nothing will change and Kentuckians, passionate about this great state and all of its’ beauty will remain the butt of jokes concerning “good ole boy” politics for years to come.

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