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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I am Shree Ram Thakur from Nepal.

I have completed my Bachelors Degree in Science from TriChandra Multiple Campus, a Science and Technology institution from Tribhuvan University Nepal. In aforesaid degree, I have studied a combination of three major subjects; Physics, Statistics and Mathematics with specialization in Physics. Now I am interested to study Master of Business Administration from NHH School of Economics. The reason behind this is the NHH School provides excellent research activities and proper environment for needy students in terms of financial assistances. Though it sounds unusual that a science student wants to pursue a management program , I selected MBA as course of selection because I think that I can better utilize the statistical tools what I have learnt in Statistics in the field Management. In addition to that, If I can get MBA skills then I think I can better utilize those managerial skills as well as financial skills to enhance the life style of Nepalese people. In this era of globalization, more than 30% Nepalese people are still below the line of poverty. The one thing that I have noticed that the people are still attracted to cosmic businesses rather than their own domestic . This is only due to unawareness that even a domestic work can make their own economy sustainable. As we have seen that most of the rapidly expanding economy of world like US , India and China are focusing on their own products like USA is focusing on Patent right, India is focusing to service and China is focusing on manufacturing and export, in my view it is high time to focus the developing country like Nepal to focus on its chief domestic business Agriculture. As far as my role to serve my nation is concerned, I think I can strongly motivate the entrepreneurs to invest in Agro-Business to commercialize the Agro-Products and make Nepalese people less dependent on Foreign Investment. This is only possible if I can get the opportunity to learn necessary skill; to perform in real sector.

NB: Although Agriculture is the prime business for Nepal, it is the poorest of poor. Because it is suffering form the lack of investment on one hand, while on the other hand farmers are not aware the huge demand of Agro-products in national as well as international market. I would like to make an outrageous suggestion that at one stroke help to raise the fund for it and make the farming more efficient than traditional method by making it more technical. For all these, number of things can play role. such as .