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Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011

oUr CreST
the international Civil Defence triangle features prominently in the crest. the equilateral blue triangle symbolises the three main areas of Civil Defence – fire safety, first aid, and rescue and evacuation. our state shield is set on the triangle, which is garlanded by a laurel of leaves, signifying the formal status of the SCDF as a national organisation. the green laurel, with a red ribbon, represents the honour of service in the Civil Defence. these are supported by a blue banner with the white inscriptions “Civil Defence Singapore”. Blue, the colour of the SCDF, stands for loyalty and dedication to the nation and citizens.

4 Mission & Vision / Core Values 6 organisation Structure 7 SCDF establishments 8 Senior Management 10 Commissioner’s Foreword 12 operational excellence 18 effective public protection 22 engaging our Community 28 organisational excellence 34 Year In Statistics 52 Highlights of Workyear 2010/2011 60 Directory of Facilities

Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011


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care We Care For our people And those We Serve. Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 5 .MiSSion & viSion MiSSion to protect And Save lives And property For A Safe And Secure Singapore viSion to Be A World Class organisation providing Fire Fighting. operational excellence And Service Quality. And emergency Ambulance Services through professionalism. Rescue. core vaLueS Pride We take pride in Saving lives And property.

HQ SCDF SeRVICe SuppoRt unIt. CDA CoMpleX FIRe StAtIon X 16/ IMMeDIAte ReSCue CoMpAnY X 17 ReSCue BAttAlIon X8 CIVIl ReSouRCeS MoB BAttAlIon tRAnSpoRt BAttAlIon MRt SHelteR CoMpAnY X 33 DARt FIRe InVeStIGAtIon unIt SpeCIAl ReSCue BAttAlIon puBlIC SHelteR unItS X 33 CluSteRS Staff Supervisory link Central units nS unit (staffed by operationally Ready nSmen) 6 .organiSaTion STrucTure oRGAnISAtIonAl StRuCtuRe oRGAnISAtIon StRuCtuRe CoMMiSSioner & DepUTY CoMMiSSioner Senior DireCTor (eMergenCY ServiCeS) Senior DireCTor (CorporaTe ServiCeS) opeRAtIonS Dept FIRe SAFetY & SHelteR Dept loGIStICS Dept plAnnInG & CoRpoRAte Dept HAZMAt Dept puBlIC AFFAIRS Dept nCDCC InFo-CoMMS SeRVICeS unIt teCHnoloGY Dept MAnpoWeR Dept pRoVoSt unIt MeDICAl Dept tRAInInG Dept FInAnCe Dept nS peRSonnel Dept CentRAl enFoRCeMent Dept SeRVICe eXCellenCe Dept CIVIl DeFenCe DIVISIonS X4 CIVIl DeFenCe ACADeMY/ CD 5tH DIVISIon BASIC ReSCue tRAInInG CentRe / CD 6tH DIVISIon SeRVICe SuppoRt unIt.

1ST CD DiviSion 1 HQ 1st Division 11 Central Fire Station 12 Alexandra Fire Station 13 Clementi Fire Station 14 Jurong Island Fire Station 15 Bishan Fire Station 16 Banyan Fire Station 1A Boon Keng Fire post 1B Cairnhill Fire post 1C Sentosa Fire post 1D Bukit Merah View Fire post 1e telok Blangah Fire post 1F Clementi West Fire post 1G toa payoh Fire post 2nD CD DiviSion 2 HQ 2nd Division 21 paya lebar Fire Station 22 Changi Fire Station 23 tampines Fire Station 2A eunos Fire post 2B Mountbatten Fire post 2C Marine parade Fire post 2D Geylang east Fire post 2e pasir Ris Fire post 2F Chai Chee Fire post 2G loyang Fire post HQ SCDF HQ Division / BRtC Civil Defence Academy Fire Station Fire post HQ 3RD Div Yishun FS Woodlands Fp Woodlands FS nee Soon Sg Kadut Fp Central Fp punggol north Fp SengKang FS BRtC HQ 4tH Div Choa Chu Kang Fp Bt panjang Fp Bt Batok FS CDA Ang Mo Kio FS HQ 2nD Div Bishan FS teck Ghee Fp tampines FS loyang Fp pasir Ris Fp Jurong east Fp Jurong West Fp tuas Checkpoint Fp Jurong FS tuas FS Bt timah Fp toa payoh Fp Boon Keng Fp Cairnhill Fp HQ SCDF paya lebar FS Geylang east Fp Marine parade Fp eunos Fp Changi FS Clementi FS Clementi West Fp HQ 1St Div Alexandra FS Jurong Island FS Mountbatten Fp Central FS Bt Merah View Fp telok Blangah Fp Sentosa Fp Banyan FS 3rD CD DiviSion 3 HQ 3rd Division 31 Yishun Fire Station 32 Ang Mo Kio Fire Station 33 Sengkang Fire Station 3A nee Soon Central Fire post 3B teck Ghee Fire post 3C Braddell Heights Fire post 3D punggol north Fire Station 4Th CD DiviSion 4 HQ 4th Division 41 Jurong Fire Station 42 tuas Fire Station 43 Woodlands Fire Station 44 Bukit Batok Fire Station 4A Jurong east Fire post 4B Jurong West Fire post 4C tuas Checkpoint Fire post 4D Woodlands Fire post 4e Sungei Kadut Fire post 4F Bukit timah Fire post 4G Bukit panjang Fire post 4H Choa Chu Kang Fire post Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 SCDF eStABlISHMentS Scdf eSTaBLiShMenTS 7 .

Senior ManageMenT
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1. 2.

Comr peter lim
Commissioner, SCDF


Col anwar abdullah
Director, operations Department


Col Chin lai fong
Director, logistics Department

aC eric Yap
Senior Director (emergency Services)


Mr Boo geok Kwang
Director, Fire Safety and Shelter Deparment


Col Yazid abdullah
Director, public Affairs Department


Col Chong hoi hung
Senior Director (Corporate Services)


Col Christopher Tan
Director, Civil Defence Academy

10. Mr r Jeganathan
Director, technology Department


Ms Wong puy Mun
Director, Manpower Department

11. lTC lian Wee Teck
Director, Hazardous Materials Deparment




14 10

15 9 SenIoR MAnAGeMent








12. Mr ivan Chua
Director, Finance Department

16. lTC Sakhubai ramanathan
Director, Central enforcement Department

20. lTC a. razak
Commander, 3rd CD Division

13. lTC lee Bee hong
Director, national Service personnel Deparment

17. lTC ng Chee Kiang
Director, Basic Rescue training Centre

21. lTC ling Kok Yong
Commander, 1st CD Division

14. lTC lee Yam Ming
Director, training Department

18. lTC francis ng
Commander, 4th CD Division

22. lTC ong Yu leong
Covering Director, Service excellence Department

15. lTC Yong Meng Wah
Director, planning and Corporate Department

19. lTC Kadir Maideen
Commander, 2nd CD Division

Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011



While sharing our operational knowledge with our counterparts. SCDF spares no effort to simultaneously bolster our operational readiness. this will strengthen community self-help. to immediately deploy the contingent to the respective countries on the following day. With the nSFs progressing through their nS phase and later returning to the institute for training as oRnSmen. the checklist asks if they have participated in any CD-related training. which is crucial to the SCDF mission to “protect and save lives and property for a safe and secure Singapore”. we conducted a customised International Fire Fighting Course for the united Arab emirates from January to February 2011. Besides having personnel on duty round-the-clock to respond to any emergency in Singapore. if their houses meet the fire safety requirements. For example. When activated. the programme revolves around a checklist for home dwellers to assess their emergency preparedness level as a family unit. while offering our disaster assessment expertise through conducting the Induction Course for the ASeAn emergency Response Assessment team (eRAt). unleashing the deadly tsunami and the specter of radioactive fallout due to damaged nuclear reactors. Internationally. only a trained and prepared community is ready and able to offer an effective first response capability to emergencies. the lionheart mission to Christchuch saw the inaugural deployment of trauma paramedics in the contingent – a select group of SCDF paramedics trained to render effective medical aid under difficult circumstances like collapsed buildings and contaminated zones. thus signifying a higher level of public service provided by the Force. this strengthens the SCDF response capability for emergencies island-wide. capability and efficiency. conducted its 125th international course with the International Disaster Management Course held in May 2010. we constantly revisit our training doctrines to enhance our capability. Among the participants were four pioneer participants from their respective countries. the Civil Defence Academy (CDA). For example. In April 2011. SCDF also provides training consultancy services for our overseas counterparts. A high state of readiness also pervades the daily operations in SCDF. anywhere. in both the Christchurch earthquake on 22 February 2011 and the 2011 off the pacific Coast of tohoku earthquake that hit Japan on 11 March. they will conduct specific hazardous materials. before the arrival of SCDF responders. And to ensure that the individuals in the community have the most updated information on emergency preparedness skills. this is especially true in the wake of the catastrophic magnitude 9 earthquake which hit Japan on 11 March 2011. the Special Rescue Battalion (SRB). we had launched the Fire Safety iphone Application in December 2010 to allow the masses to access such information on-the-go. We also implement new community outreach strategies in keeping with the latest societal trends to inculcate in the population the importance of staying prepared. allowing CDA to achieve the milestone of 100 countries on its CDA World Map. previously housed in BRtC. the current Basic Rescue training Centre (BRtC) will take over the unit training Centre from Civil Defence Academy to form the national Service training Institute (nStI). But if we are well-prepared beforehand. an island-wide initiative known as the “SCDF-pA CD (Civil Defence) Ready Homes programme” will be launched. which includes the 48 emergency preparedness Days held annually in the residential heartlands and the modular Community emergency preparedness programme offered at no cost in our SCDF premises. with the support of the people’s Association (pA). It is with this in mind that SCDF proactively engages the community to be prepared for any eventualities. will be de-centralised into 12 platoons and assigned to the four Divisional Headquarters.Disasters have a way of reminding us that life is fragile. CoMr peTer liM CoMMISSIoneR SInGApoRe CIVIl DeFenCe FoRCe Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 11 CoMMISSIoneR’S FoReWoRD coMMiSSioner’S foreword . with participants from ASeAn members. the increased space and dedicated facilities will allow for the conduct of mobilisation exercises under a single command structure. nStI will be SCDF’s dedicated nS training institution offering one-stop holistic training facilities for both Fulltime national Servicemen (nSF) recruits and operationally-Ready national Service (oRnSmen). Because being ready at all times as a nation is our best insurance and protection against any unforeseen events. nStI will also foster a strong sense of identity and cohesiveness. the map includes some of our strategic partners in different regions of the world. on 1 April 2011. and whether they know their respective Community emergency Response teams. our premier training institution. the formation of nStI involves the optimal deployment of manpower and resources to suit different needs. apart from our operation lionheart Contingent which provides international assistance in search and rescue operation and had already been activated this year. this allowed us. fire fighting or search and rescue operations in support of the Division or its fire stations. the ASeAn-eRAt is deployed for swift assessments of disasters within the region. to ensure our operational readiness. they also force us to re-assess our current state of emergency preparedness. we also have our operation lionheart Contingent on standby for search and rescue operations to countries struck by natural or man-made calamities. we can preserve our wellbeing and increase our chances of survival in some instances. this painful episode is a sobering reminder that disasters can happen anytime. Both the iphone App and CD Ready Homes programme represent constant evolutions of our extensive community outreach framework. so crucial in the face of any disasters.

rising to the occasion 12 .

Serving with utmost Passion Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 13 .

3 magnitude tremblor hit Christchurch. SCDF conducted safety inspections on more than 6. operaTion lionhearT DeploYMenT To ChriSTChUrCh earThqUaKe on 22 February 2011. which will enhance the quality of medical care provided to trapped victims to boost their survivability in critical cases. comprising 10 Residential Halls within the nanyang technological university campus. the contingent. a devastating 6. they are also trained to execute medical intervention during confined space rescue and height rescue operations. SCDF provided emergency coverage for all the young athletes and 320. leading up to the YoG were the two-year-long preparatory and planning stages which involved multiple ministries. In response. as the trauma paramedics are trained to operate under the conditions which they can expect to face at the disaster sites. to prepare for anticipated visits by the foreign patrons. Consequently. the contingent’s medical element is strengthened. Additionally. As the regulatory authority for the Fire Safety Act. SCDF forces were deployed in three main sectors – the Float@Marina Bay. including SCDF. SCDF assisted the YoG organising Committee in getting the temporary YoG competition venues to comply with fire safety measures in addition to the requirements laid down by the International olympic Council. the second largest city in new Zealand. paramedics who successfully complete the training are awarded the “trauma paramedic” tabs to be worn on their uniforms.000 spectators. the paramedics put on the Chemical Agent suit to undergo endurance training and scenario exercises. management of crush injuries and amputations now form part of the curriculum. the overall SCDF ground deployment of more than 600 personnel and 62 appliances during YoG contributed to the safety and success of this inaugural event. which acclimatise them to operate in a contaminated environment. housed the athletes and team officials. the latter. the 18 competition venues and the Youth olympic Village (YoV). agencies and organisations.oPeraTionaL eXceLLence Singapore’S involveMenT in Yog 2010 Singapore successfully hosted the inaugural Youth olympic Games (YoG) from 14 to 26 August 2010 which saw the participation of about 5. During the 23-day YoG event. UpgraDing of The paraMeDiC SKillS SeT A review of the existing Basic paramedic Specialist Course identified the need to enhance our paramedics’ skills in trauma management and treatment to enable them to render effective medical aid in difficult environments. which 14 . topics like on-site pain management. With an upgraded competency to perform a more direct role during on-site rescue operations. these include additional topics on uSAR (urban Search and Rescue) and CBRe (Chemical. Radiological and explosives) rescue incidents.000 athletes and officials from the world over. a 55-strong SCDF rescue contingent codenamed “operation lionheart” was immediately deployed to Christchurch the next day to assist in the search and rescue operations.000 public entertainment outlets and other popular tourist spots. Biological. these trauma paramedics will bolster the SCDF operation lionheart Contingent in its international disaster relief missions.

these rescue missions saw the deployment of four search dogs and the use of sophisticated heavy rescue equipment. with the completion of the rescue missions. conducted operations at more than 60 sites such as collapsed buildings.included a medical team of two medical doctors and four trauma paramedics. four were part of the operation lionheart Contingent that had just returned to Singapore on 6 March from the Christchurch deployment. the most powerful quake ever recorded in Japan. the first batch of contingent members and four search dogs returned to Singapore. causing explosions several days later. the disaster also damaged nuclear reactors. of these five specialists. SCDf aSSiSTanCe To The 2011 off The paCifiC CoaST of TohoKU earThqUaKe A massive 9 magnitude earthquake rocked Japan on 11 March 2011. triggering deadly tsunamis and huge aftershocks measuring magnitude 6 or greater. Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 15 opeRAtIonAl eXCellenCe . SCDF sent five Search Specialists with five Search Dogs to assist local authorities in the search efforts. on 6 March 2011. the second batch remained at Christchurch at the request of the new Zealand government to assist in recovery operations and returned a week later on 13 March. the assistance rendered to Japan represents the 13th overseas operation to be undertaken by the contingent since 1990 and the fourth since it attained the International Search and Rescue Group (InSARAG) Heavy urban Search and Rescue (uSAR) team status in January 2008. the SCDF contingent also collaborated with the new Zealand Fire Service and international rescuers in joint missions. on 12 March.

Going forward. while it also meets the euro IV emission standards for lower pollution standard. SeCUriTY SenSiTive MaTerialS DaTa hUB the Security Sensitive Materials (SSM) Data Hub provides a consolidated platform with specific SSM information on the licensees. the SSM Data Hub assists SCDF to identify high-risk licensees for additional enforcement checks on their premises to ensure strict compliance with fire safety regulations. the result was the Red Rhino 2. With so much rich information stored in the Data Hub. allowing responders to immediately mitigate the incidents when they arrive at the incident site. the engine performance and vehicle handling are further improved.0 became operational on 15 April 2010. reD rhino 2. the 3-wheeler bike is able to stop and park without using a motorcycle stand. Compared to the traditional 2-wheeler bikes. the 3-wheelers provide enhanced safety and stability. while improving its overall safety and environment efficiency. the Red Rhino 2. thus facilitating a safe operation. allowing it to be more agile and be deployed closer to any fire or rescue incident site. this not only effectively extinguishes the fire. trauma and other medical cases. the innovative light Fire Attack Vehicle (lFAV). and is thus more environmentally friendly. the map interface of the Data Hub informs SCDF responders of the risks surrounding the affected areas. this also marks the SCDF foray into CAF system. In 2009. it can facilitate more usage permutations by all the nAs in the future. they will replace the 2-wheeler bikes currently used by our Fire Bikers for incipient and minor fires and Fast Response paramedics for collapse. and Singapore police Force (SpF)]. the Red Rhino underwent a re-design to enhance its accessibility to even tighter and narrower spaces.0 First introduced in 2000. during an incident. which is a breakthrough for our fire fighting equipment. the 3-wheeler FRp Bike carries an Automatic external Defibrillator for cardiac cases. in order to ensure a safer and more secure Singapore. this fire vehicle is more than able to deliver the same performance. storage and transportation of 16 petroleum and flammable materials. this information. the CAF system will be fitted unto our future fire engines (known as pump ladders) for a quicker break-down of fires. allowing the Fast Response paramedics to perform critical on-site medical intervention on the patient where necessary. It can also park on uneven terrain due to a unique patented suspension system.0 that is 10% smaller and 40% lighter than the earlier version. anD The DeploYMenT of The CoMpreSSeD air foaM on 27 September 2010. for example the Health Sciences Authority. is now consolidated under a single SSM Data Hub which became operational in workyear 2010/2011. inspection reports and maximum allowable storage quantities in Singapore. Although smaller and lighter. this is useful to SCDF as we regulate the import. Similar to a car. two 3-wheeler Fire Bikes and two Fast Response paramedic (FRp) Bikes became operational in SCDF. storage locations. or Red Rhino. previously kept by the respective national Authorities [or nAs. was specially designed to be more compact than a traditional fire engine. national environment Agency (neA).3-Wheeler BiKeS. but also uses less water. . the 3-wheeler Fire Bike on the other hand is equipped with a Backpack Compressed Air Foam (CAF) system which produces and propels a high quality mixture of foam and water mist up to 18m. Additionally. especially during wet weather. Information in the Data Hub harvested from the other nAs provide valuable inputs to SCDF when processing applications for licenses to store flammable materials.

Fast Response paramedic Bikes and private Ambulance operators engaged by SCDF were equipped with the Digipen. Besides SCDF responders. SCDF has developed the Digipen concept to capture patient information. at the pS21 exCel Convention held at the School of the Arts from 2 . the FtX also involved personnel from the related agencies such as the Ministry of Home Affairs HQ. this project bagged two awards in 2010. the exercise allowed the participating agencies to validate and assess the effectiveness of the national “Dirty Bomb” response plan for radiological incidents.fUll Troop DeploYMenT exerCiSe for “DirTY BoMB” SCenario A Full troop Deployment exercise (FtX) was successfully conducted on 30 March 2010 at the Changi exhibition Centre (CeC). It also received a Certificate of Recognition for the Best pS21 project. forensics investigations and on-site decontamination.3 november 2010. the paramedics had to manually record the patient’s information while attending to an ambulance case. Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 17 opeRAtIonAl eXCellenCe . a patient’s details are captured and recorded real-time in the system. However. under the previous system. all SCDF ambulances. this has shortened the process from the current 20 minutes to just five minutes. this was also timely to keep abreast with the latest trends in radiological threats. eliminating the need for double entry. SpF and neA (both its pollution Control Department and the Centre for Radiation protection and nuclear Science). It won the Home team product Innovation of the Year (Gold Award) at the Home team InnoFest (Innovative Festival) held at Ite College West on 29 october 2010. the observations and learning points surfaced during the exercise were developed upon to enhance the current action plans and Standing operating procedures amongst the respective key related agencies. based on a “dirty bomb” scenario. monitoring. the FtX served to ensure the operational readiness of all the agencies involved in radiological response and mitigation. Ministry of Health. with iSAVe. iMpleMenTaTion of iSave – The MeDiCal DigiTal pen proJeCT under the project title of iSAVe. before transferring the records to the main system after they have returned to their respective fire stations or fire posts. on 2 December 2010.

effective Public Protection 18 .

comes with dedication and determination Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 19 .

the new guidelines take effect on 1 november 2011. After a 10-month period. which is a temporary safe spot for pWDs awaiting evacuation assistance. After the committee drafted the provisions. Calibrated based on the principle that fluids have different viscosities at different temperatures and that sound travels at different speeds through each fluid. SCDF is now enhancing the library of detectable liquids in the detector to bolster its operational capability. and will apply to all building projects that have obtained formal planning permission from the urban Redevelopment Authority on or after the effective date. fire lift p. feedback was sought from the relevant stakeholders such as the Real estate Developers’ Association of Singapore. proper evacuation plans for pWDs and unobstructed escape routes for pWDs. Singapore and land transport Authority. which includes storage manifests declared by p & FM licence holders. the Society for the physically Disabled and the Handicaps Welfare Association. Singapore Institute of Architects. proCUring of paSS DeTeCTorS for effeCTive enforCeMenT to enhance detection of tankers and other modes of transportation which infringe the regulations on petroleum and Flammable Materials (p & FM). the detector is a useful complement to the other enforcement methods currently being used. .l pWD holding fire fighting lobby Minimum 500mm point Minimum 1200mm An example of a PWD Holding Point. on 21 January 2011. this equipment assists SCDF officers to detect unknown chemicals within the storage device. SCDF officers have been deploying the pASS Detector when they attend to cases of possible p & FM violations. among others. SCDF procured two sets of the pASS (product Acoustics Signature System) Detector. these include continuous handrails within a protected staircase. 20 Since 1 october 2010. SCDF established a committee comprising representatives from the Building and Construction Authority.effecTive PuBLic ProTecTion fire SafeTY reqUireMenTS for perSonS WiTh DiSaBiliTieS to formulate requirements for effective fire safety features and emergency evacuation for persons with Disabilities (pWDs). SCDF issued new guidelines to the industry detailing the new Fire Safety Requirements for pWDs. location of the evacuation lift. Institution of engineers. the pASS Detector accurately identifies the contents within the sealed container. the relevant type of pWD Holding point. is also a must for buildings.

this also represented the first time that such a prohibition order had been issued. SCDF officers conducted checks twice a day to ensure that the bazaar strictly upheld fire safety standards. Special attention was paid to popular belts such as Chinatown. these included shopping centres which converted their car parks into storage areas without prior approval from SCDF. the order effectively deterred the management from repeating the fire safety violations. Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 21 eFFeCtIVe puBlIC pRoteCtIon . for adequate protection of the festive crowd. no retail activities were allowed on the first floor of the shopping centre. For the previous three years. 30 Fire Hazard Abatement notices (FHAn) and five notices of Fire Safety offence (nFSo) were issued to building owners for flouting fire safety regulations. shopping complexes and entertainment outlets.annUal enforCeMenT BliTz DUring feSTive SeaSonS SCDF and the Singapore police Force conducted the annual joint enforcement blitz on 10 December 2010. the management had been fined a total of SGD6. for effective public protection of shoppers. SCDF applied for a Fire Hazard order (Abatement order) from the Magistrate’s Court against the management of Mustafa Centre. with specific instructions to eradicate the fire hazards and comply with fire safety regulations. where the narrow streets were temporarily converted to accommodate stalls selling festive wares and food stuff. For a 40-hour period from 1600hrs on 8 April to 0800hrs on 10 April 2010. which was granted by the Court. In an unprecedented move. During the operation. Civil Defence Auxiliary unit enforcement officers were deployed for the first time alongside regular SCDF officers during the raids. the operation sought to heighten fire safety awareness amongst both the building owners and the public prior to the year-end festive shopping season. SUCCeSSfUl enforCeMenT regiMe againST fire SafeTY offenDer on 5 January 2010. they also implemented effective crowd measures to curb overcrowding on the first storey. targeting buildings island-wide such as hotels. SCDF applied for a Fire Hazard order (prohibition order) against the management of Mustafa Centre. and effectively augmented the regulars. SCDF also conducted enforcement checks in the month leading to the Chinese new Year. they are volunteers vested with the same power of enforcement. However. at the night bazaars and shop front extensions where temporary permits had been issued to the operators for the festive period.600 for 37 counts of fire safety violations in their premises. it was observed that the violations continued.

evolving outreach Platforms 22 .

for effective Public education Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 23 .

sg. recruitment drives and sending alerts during crises to provide crucial information updates. as well as advisories on earthquakes and typhoons for those travelling overseas.000 Facebook fans. the cartoon will be screened in all the local primary schools in 2011. these apps will demonstrate emergency procedures via interactive and step-by-step animation and videos. peacetime emergencies and handling the terrorist threat. like the previous editions. this edition is available in all the four official languages. search for “SCDF fire safety” in the itunes store. oS 4. with the SCDF linkedIn Group created in June 2010. while teachers were provided with visual slides on fire appliances and fireman’s gear as supplementary teaching materials.000 this new media outreach allows SCDF alternative avenues for public education. the second app on basic first aid was launched in February 2011. 2011 will cover cardiopulmonary the big book comprises two parts. neighbourhood police Centres and police posts. we had also set up corporate accounts in Facebook. to produce an animated video on fire safety. twitter.000 times. the first of the four-part series of iphone apps was launched on 4 December 2010 in tandem with the launch of the CD emergency Handbook. Community Clubs and Hometeam nS Clubhouses. this 2010 edition features new topics such as basic first aid for sprains. Members of the public can pick up copies of the emergency Handbook from all Civil Defence establishments. It was launched on 1 March 2011 at Anchor Green primary School by Minister of State for education and Home Affairs Mr Masagos Zulkifli Bin Masagos Mohamad. All these SCDF social media websites are linked to the SCDF website at www. Collectively. fighting car fires. As of February 2011. targeted at primary school students. Senior Minister of State for law and Home Affairs. SCDF also collaborated with a group of final-year students from the School of Interactive and Digital Media in nanyang polytechnic. to download the apps. while we received more than 60. fire SafeTY appS for iphone anD ipaD A new series of applications for both the iphone and ipad was produced by SCDF. to reinforce the message.000 views on our Wordpress Blog. SCDF tweeted 2.0 is required to run the apps.scdf. Moe also developed guidelines for the teachers to facilitate the use of “the Angry old Woman” in classroom teaching. on 4 December 2010 at nee Soon east Community Since the SCDF Youtube Channel was established in December 2008. our Youtube videos were viewed 127. SCDf preSenCe on The neW MeDia the fire safety apps represent the latest SCDF outreach strategy on the new media to reach out effectively to the tech-savvy new generation. Incorporated into the existing primary two english curriculum in 2011. in conjunction with the handbook’s 20th anniversary in print. it featured topics ranging from operating fire extinguishers to evacuation from smokelogged rooms. 2010 eDiTion of The Civil DefenCe eMergenCY hanDBooK the seventh edition of the Civil Defence (CD) emergency Handbook was launched by Associate professor Ho peng Kee. the subsequent apps to be launched in 24 . besides facilitating meaningful discussions between SCDF officers and the community. Wordpress Blog and linkedIn. the first part entitled “the Angry old Woman” is adapted from a popular supplementary reader with a fire scene storyline. the cartoon is available on the SCDF Youtube channel www. some of whom then “retweeted” our messages to their own followers. which allows the mobile masses to conveniently access important emergency preparedness knowledge on-the-go. We have 5. they represent a powerful tool for SCDF messages to reach a large audience within a very short time frame.engaging our coMMuniTY ChilDren’S Big BooK – “The angrY olD WoMan” SCDF collaborated with the Ministry of education (Moe) and national Fire and Civil emergency preparedness Council in 2010 to produce a new Children’s Big Book on fire safety. the second part contains visual illustrations of emergency preparedness advisories on topics like fire safety awareness and evacuation procedures.400 tweets to our 3. stroke and fits. children’s firemen bunker gears and helmets were distributed to the schools for follow-up activity.

the new Ite-CD lionhearters assisted in the ep Days at Marine terrace and parkway parade Shopping Centre in the latter part of 2010. RSS subscriptions alert our readers of updates to the website. It also features a text-size editor to facilitate surfing by the visually handicapped via a screen-reader software. the project saw fruition with the establishment of the inaugural CD lionhearter Club at Singapore polytechnic (Sp) on 27 october 2009. incorporating new and useful features. on 13 october 2010.Civil DefenCe lionhearTer ClUB aT iTe College eaST the Civil Defence (CD) lionhearter Club was a project launched by SCDF in 2009 to engage tertiary students in emergency preparedness (ep) skills and to discover more. the design layout underwent a complete change. this includes a tabbed layout at the homepage feature to enable users to access popular pages on the website with a single Furthermore. they will also serve as Community engagement Ambassadors to mitigate campus communal tensions. SCDF launched its revamped corporate website. the second CD lionhearter Club was officially launched at the Institute of technical education (Ite) College east. while social bookmarking allows them to share the website with their family and friends over Facebook. Wordpress Blog. or be attached to non-Government organisations for overseas humanitarian relief missions. Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 25 enGAGInG ouR CoMMunItY . a neW looK for The SCDf inTerneT on 5 July 2010. twitter and Youtube. and thereafter to involve them in the SCDF ep Days and community involvement programmes. Visit the SCDF website at www. Its success laid the foundation for the expansion of the project.scdf. it now packs more social media features such as RSS (Really Simple Syndication) bookmarking and social bookmarking tools.

Civil DefenCe DaY 2010 anD The inaUgUral inTernaTional eliTe reSCUerS exChange WorKShop on 15 September 2010. Mr K Shanmugam. pA has Community emergency Response teams (CeRts) in all the constituencies for effective. Malaysia. confined space rescue incidents and natural disasters. then Minister for law and Second Minister for Home Affairs. an annual event where international and local rescuers. and gave out the awards to the deserving winners. compete in different types of rescue scenarios. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR). the participants also pitted their rescue efforts against one another at the 16th Civil Defence Skills Competition held on 17 September. the philippines and thailand. including operationallyReady national Servicemen. localised outreach. topics of discussion included response to major transportation accidents. attended the workshop which facilitated sharing. was the Guest of Honour for the event. the following eight CeRts received their awards during the Civil Defence Day parade 2010 held at the Basic Rescue training Centre on 15 September 2010: • • • • • • • • Haig Road Market CeRt Joo Seng (Geylang Serai) CeRt Aljunied Hougang Zone 5 RC CeRt Aljunied Hougang Zone 1 RC CeRt Rivervale Court RC CeRt toa payoh Central C2e CeRt toa payoh east C2e CeRt toa payoh Central Zone 3 RC CeRt 26 . inaUgUral pa-SCDf CerT aWarD SCDF collaborates closely with the people’s Association (pA) to educate the population in emergency preparedness. the exchange of ideas and best practices. Macau SAR. thus making good use of their life-saving skills taught by SCDF and displaying true community self-help. SCDF celebrated the Civil Defence (CD) Day with a parade at the Basic Rescue training Centre. an annual event during which SCDF personnel gather to reaffirm their pledge of allegiance and dedication to both the Force and nation. CD Day also serves to remind the population of the importance of civil defence. 35 international participants from the fire and rescue departments of Brunei. the inaugural pA-SCDF CeRt Award was launched on 15 September 2010 to recognise the CeRts which had rendered effective assistance during fire and other incidents. He announced the launch of the inaugural pA-SCDF CeRt (Community emergency Response team) Award to acknowledge CeRts for their effective community work. the Civil Defence Academy also conducted the inaugural International elite Rescuers exchange Workshop from 13 to 16 September 2010 in conjunction with CD Day.

cdau. public education and community involvement. with pre-determined items and equipment stored at the Ci Yuan Community Centre located at Block 662 Hougang Avenue 4. the group comprised Members of parliament. while the CARe (Caring Action in Response to emergency) training will be extended to all members who hold secondary appointments as CARe officers and paracounsellors. the ACCoRD members held their quarterly meeting.The CoMMUniTY reSponSe anD oUTreaCh vehiCle the Community Response and outreach (CRo) Vehicle is a collaboration by Visit the SCDF website at www. Mr Yeo Guat Kwang. employers and members from the private sector. new CDAu vocations such as enforcement officers for fire safety inspections and CD Heritage Gallery Guides broaden their level of involvement.scdf. inaUgUral aCCorD viSiT To Civil DefenCe aCaDeMY Members of the Advisory Council for Community Relations in Defence (ACCoRD) made their inaugural visit to the Civil Defence Academy on 7 July 2010. these volunteers are trained and appointed in one of these fields. they may also be deployed within the constituency for public education campaigns or community events to spread fire safety measures. on 10 october 2010 at the Multi-purpose Hall along Hougang Street 61. this project is an invaluable contribution to the constituency’s emergency preparedness. During activation. they then went on a tour of the CDA facilities to experience how the modern training simulators were used to inject realism into our fire fighting and rescue training. emergency ambulance services. these vehicles will be converted to CRo Vehicles to provide basic immediate response to incidents prior to the arrival of SCDF personnel. was reviewed in 2010 to foster a stronger sense of partnership between SCDF and our CDAu members. enhanCeMenTS To The CDaU SCheMe the Civil Defence Auxiliary unit (CDAu) is a voluntary uniformed unit that provides an avenue for ex-SCDF personnel and members of the public to volunteer their time for the noble cause of saving lives and making Singapore a safer place to live in. the scheme Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 27 enGAGInG ouR CoMMunItY . which may involve first-aid coverage or fighting incipient fires. the enhancements are broad-based. namely fire fighting and rescue. and Comr peter lim. while the oRnSmen employers were briefed on operational readiness in SCDF. Senior Minister of State for law and Home Affairs. operationally-Ready national Servicemen. led by ACCoRD chairman Associate professor Koo tsai Kee. It was launched by the Member of parliament for Aljunied Group Representative participation in station drills with firefighters ensures their competence. they were hosted by both Associate professor Ho peng Kee. Minister of State for Defence. the concept revolves around pre-identified vehicles belonging to CeRt members. Singapore police Force and the people’s Association which leveraged on an initiative by the CeRt (Community emergency Response team) in the Aljunied-Hougang Constituency. CDAu members can look forward to operational standbys for high-key events as well as deployments for emergency preparedness Days. do to find out more.

discipline and drive 28 .

Make for a Progressive organisation Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 29 .

nVpC expanded the awards categories to recognise outstanding individuals and public sector organisations for their efforts. among which are the Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore and the Darul Ihsan lilbanin and lilbanat orphanages. Additionally.organiSaTionaL eXceLLence SCDf reCogniSeD for volUnTeeriSM the annual national Volunteerism and philanthropy Awards is presented by the national Volunteer and philanthropy Centre (nVpC) in recognition of the best practices in community involvement such as employee volunteering and corporate philanthropy. then-Director Service Quality Department. In 2010. Minister in the prime Minister’s office and Second Minister for Finance and transport presented the award to Col Chong Hoi Hung.493 man-hours were committed to community work from April to December 2010. ConTinUoUS SCDf qUeST for exCellenCe SCDF first achieved the Service Quality Award (SQA) 2005 for excellence in service quality. to encourage the spirit of giving in Singapore. the I-Class programme provides organisations with a standard that covers the management systems required to develop and sustain innovation. there is the “our Waters programme” where SCDF personnel periodically clean up our adopted waterways like Kallang River and MacRitchie Reservoir. SCDF initiated its community involvement activities in 1998 by adopting a group of identified charities. and is based on broad categories like 30 .200. aTTaining The pUBliC ServiCe preMier aWarD SCDF was awarded the public Service (pS) premier Award 2010 on 21 May 2010 at the excellence in public Service Awards Ceremony. Senior Director (Corporate Services). A total of 6. SCDF also conducts special programmes for them including hosting visits to our fire stations. Regis Singapore. In 2010. this adds to the SGD65. SCDF conducts internal and external fundraising activities for charities that support the underprivileged and disabled. the Guest of Honour Mrs lim Hwee Hua. Deputy prime Minister and Minister in-charge-of Civil Service.400 raised from April to December 2010 to support other charities. SCDF successfully renewed the SQA certification for another five years. At the same ceremony. For the president’s Challenge 2010 fund-raising drive. signifying our quest for excellence. Singapore Innovation Class (I-Class) is the certification for the business excellence standard for innovation. SCDF managed to raise SGD160. Apart from regular visits and assistance to these beneficiaries. SCDF met the qualifying criteria by attaining the Singapore Quality Award and four Class-level standards – the people Developer Standard. held at the Sheraton towers Hotel. on 9 november 2010 at the Business excellence Gala Dinner held at the St. Mr teo Chee Hean. Comr peter lim received the award from president S R nathan at the awards ceremony held on 3 December 2010 at the Istana. Col Yazid Abdullah received the award from the Guest of Honour. Grand Ballroom. Singapore Innovation Class and ISo 9001 certification for six core departments. SSG Md Ambari Bin Ghazali from Sengkang Fire Station was conferred the prestigious pS21 Star Service Award which recognises and rewards public officers who have consistently demonstrated service excellence. the award recognises public organisations for achieving business excellence standards administered by SpRInG Singapore. Singapore Service Class. SCDF was the first recipient of the new award – the public Sector Volunteer of the Year Award under the Corporate and public Sector Category.

In his speech. Mr K Shanmugam built on the momentum by announcing the key SCDF projects in Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 31 oRGAnISAtIonAl eXCellenCe . at the presentation ceremony at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. Cpt Mohamed Yusof Bin Ismail. highlighting upcoming projects. Wo2 Soh Hoe Hin. HQ SCDF succeeded in meeting the certification criteria. Chief executive officer of the Building and Construction Authority. In 2007. “planning” and “processes”. The exCellenT ServiCe aWarD 2010 anD The MiniSTrY of hoMe affairS STar ServiCe aWarD 2010 the excellent Service Award (eXSA) is an annual award administered by SpRInG Singapore that recognises outstanding individuals who have delivered exemplary customer service. promoting effective recycling and waste management. Wo1 tay Ai Meng Joey. He briefly reviewed SCDF’s achievements in the past year such as the opening of Banyan Fire Station before giving the audience a glimpse into the future. SSG Shahiar Bin Mohamed Salleh and SGt Muhammad Kamil Bin Mohamed Yasin. which was graced by then Minister for law and Second Minister for Home Affairs. they were Cpt lee Chui leng. Reuse and Recycle. and supporting environmentallysustainable programmes. In his opening address. HQ SCDF. In october 2010. 14 Gold Award winners and 62 Silver Award winners. presented the eco-office label Certificate to MAJ ng Soo Beng. Commander Service Support unit. hq SCDf aTTainS The eCo-offiCe laBel the eco-office label is a certification that is administered by the Singapore environment Council and awarded to organisations that demonstrate their commitment toward environmental protection. In 2009 HQ SCDF embarked on the eco-office project with focus on the 3Rs – Reduce. SSG Mohamed Hidier Bin Mohamed Yasin. A “live” video feed was also beamed to SCDF staff at the Basic Rescue training Centre. SCDF won 97 eXSA Awards. Mr K Shanmugam. with 21 Star Award winners. SCDf WorKplan SeMinar anD CoMMUniTY BonDing DaY 2010 the SCDF Workplan Seminar was held at the Civil Defence Academy (CDA) on 9 April 2010 with the theme “Service and excellence through Innovation and Collaboration”. on 16 February 2011. this is a 60% increase in the number of SCDF winners compared to 2009.“leadership”. 700 invited guests attended the event. In 2010. the Guest of Honour Dr John Keung. Comr peter lim warmly welcomed all the guests to the event. A three-pronged approach was adopted. SCDF attained the I-Class. which included ensuring energy and water efficiency. the Ministry of Home Affairs Star Service Award is a separate annual award that recognises Home team officers who provided a quality service to delight their customers. seven SCDF officers won the award. the I-Class was successfully renewed for another three years. which was also his inaugural one as Commissioner SCDF. For 2010.

SCDF conducts and manages four specialised fire safety modules. with “Care for the Community” as the theme. SCDf anD ngee ann polYTeChniC offer JoinT DiploMa on 25 March 2011. SSG Shahiar Bin Mohamed Salleh. this partnership seeks to enhance the professionalism and competence of the local fire safety practitioners. it revamped its lecture Room with 3D illustration of its operational highlights and station activities to foster bonding within its ranks. namely “fire science”. Senior Minister of State for law and Home Affairs. including the use of simulators which closely resemble ground conditions. were Cpt Mohamed Yusof Bin Ismail. Apart from encouraging ownership of CDtv. this exhibition received more than 9. the new course is the result of changes introduced to the previous Diploma in technology (Building Services) offered by ngee Ann polytechnic. For the joint diploma. in which every division produces newsworthy information. like the 3-wheeler Bike and the unmanned Surface Vessel. Comr peter lim and the principal of ngee Ann polytechnic Mr Chia Mia Chiang graced the launch of the part-time Joint-Diploma in technology (Building Services and Fire Safety). and lCp Mohd Saifullah Bin Hanafi tay. Yishun Fire Station topped the “My Station. 32 .000 visitors on 10 April 2010. “fire safety legislation and regulation”. this approach also ensures a constant creative stream of information to strengthen the bond within the Force. SSG Mohamed Hidier Bin Mohamed Yasin. Content for the CDtv programme is generated via a bottom-up approach. laUnCh of CDtv the Civil Defence television (CDtv) is a new internal communications platform that was launched on 30 July 2010 to broadcast information to all SCDF personnel.the pipeline. An interactive exhibition segment was also assembled in the CDA parade Square to showcase SCDF’s innovations and developments. My pride” Competition organised in the previous workyear to entrench the values of pride and Care in fire stations. upcoming events to lifestyle issues like sporting activities. priDe anD Care 2010 the SCDF pride and Care Dining-In 2010 was held on 15 April 2010 at the Suntec Singapore International Convention and exhibition Centre. the Guest of Honour. Classes will commence in April 2011. Associate professor Ho peng Kee. 1st CD Division won the unit pride and Care Star Award for achieving the highest number of pride and Care Award winners. which was the SCDF Community Bonding Day – an annual event for the public to learn emergency preparedness knowledge and skills. presented the awards to the recipients in several categories. the 2010 winners of the SCDF pride and Care Star Awards which are awarded to individuals who are worthy role models. CDtv leverages on the Digital Signage System – a media broadcast network system that allows us to disseminate information electronically and simultaneously to all SCDF workplaces to maximise the outreach and viewership. providing a realistic yet safe training environment for officers. and is therefore a significant SCDF milestone. it complements the other existing platforms which include newsletters and email broadcasts. “fire operations and investigation” as well as “performance-based fire safety design”. this is the first diploma that SCDF is jointly offering with a local educational institution. held at the polytechnic premises. SGt Muhammad Kamil Bin Mohamed Yasin. these range from official news.

the Superbounce gift aids the fire division in its school outreach programme to raise awareness for fire safety and prevention. cycling. there is a need for a continued. By stressing the importance of being properly equipped. forging CloSer CollaBoraTion WiTh STraTegiC parTnerS SCDF inked formal agreements with strategic international partners in 2010 to further strengthen bilateral collaboration and networking. SGt Avinash Reddy and Cpl Kelvin Ho. Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 33 oRGAnISAtIonAl eXCellenCe . before joining the Field Investigation team for on-site fire investigation during incidents. SGt Francis tan. eight SCDF personnel were selected to represent SCDF for this WFG – team leader Cpt ellena Quek. four SCDF firefighters and four paramedics were attached to HKFSD. SoUTh Korea SCDF participated in the biennial World Firefighters Games (WFG) 2010 held in Daegu. to buttress this symbiotic relationship. the theme was “Working together to Manage the CBRne threat for a Safer Southeast Asian Region”. Arising from the Memorandum of understanding signed by SCDF and the Hong Kong Fire Services Department (HKFSD) on 15 December 2009 to facilitate sharing of expertise and training collaboration. SGt Muhammad Zahid Bin Rosli. SWo Mohammad Zainuddin Bin Ahlip. badminton. on 26 May 2010. an attachment programme was effected. SCDF and the French Department of Civil Security (Direction de la Securite Civiles) signed a Document of Co-operation which expressed a willingness to improve WorlD firefighTer gaMeS 2010 in DaegU. Cpt Mohamad Faizal Bin Mansa. the medal haul bettered the three silvers and two bronzes from the previous WFG 2006 held in Hong Kong. Director of the Hanoi police Department which oversees Hanoi Fire Division. the signing ceremony was witnessed by Deputy prime Minister and then Minister for Home Affairs Mr Wong Kan Seng. the SCDF team managed to win 20 medals – eight golds. SCDF collaborated with the International police Co-operation Service of the French embassy in Singapore to organise a regional seminar on Chemical. Biological. Held from 25 to 27 May 2010 at Civil Defence Academy. SCDF hosted four HKFSD officers in March 2011 for a one-week attachment to the Fire Investigation unit (FIu). Apart from study visits to the training schools. marine division and hospitals. concerted effort amongst the ASeAn (Association of Southeast Asian nations) members to work closely to handle the terrorist peril. five silvers and seven bronzes. SSG nur nadiah Binte norman. Speakers from SCDF and the various French agencies shared the two countries’ experiences in dealing with CBRne consequence management issues. Competing in 24 team and individual events ranging from track and field to triathlon. South Korea from 21 to 29 August 2010. Comr peter lim signed a letter of Co-operation with the Hanoi Fire Division which facilitates the exchange of information and best practices in fire fighting and urban search and rescue. the seminar served to heighten the region’s operational readiness to unconventional CBRne incidents. During his trip to Vietnam from 5 to 7 April 2010. to enhance regional safety. co-operation in establishing staff exchange as well as exchange of scientific and technical information on equipment and doctrine development. Radiological. squash and treasure hunt. Comr peter lim presented the Superbounce gift to Maj-Gen nguyen Duc nhanh. they were also attached to the fire stations for operational response. exchange programmes and the development of public education campaigns are also in the pipeline. From 22 november to 3 December 2010. they were briefed on the FIu setup and toured the laboratory. to this end. nuclear and explosives (CBRne) threats. In return.regional SeMinar for ManageMenT of CBrne ThreaTS the terrorist threat is transnational in nature.

34 .

Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 35 .

As shown in table 1. 2. Since rubbish fire is often the smouldering type.549 in 2009 to 3. commercial and industrial sectors have been useful in forging a more fire safety conscious community 5. emergency preparedness (ep) Days. Community emergency and engagement Committees (C2e). the public is urged to be more fire safety conscious when throwing rubbish into chutes. a decrease of 12% from the 5. outreach programmes in schools.241. grassroots leaders.236 fires in 2009. the number of rubbish chute fires in HDB residential estates fell by 3% from 1. constituting 38% of the total number of residential fires. For instance. 6.285 644 517 Jan–Dec 2010 1. large amount of smoke will be generated before the fire is fully developed.285 to 1. the results of the study showed that with a push button installed at the common area accompanied with clear instructions. SCDF. pressing the button will activate the flushing system and cause water to flow down the chute and put out the fire. the high percentage of such fires also places unnecessary strain on emergency resources. residents will be able to activate the flushing system in case of fire in one of the chutes. lighted cigarettes must be extinguished before disposal. all rubbish chutes in HDB high-rise blocks are equipped with a flushing system for cleaning purposes. oil and kerosene must not be thrown down the chute. Although rubbish chute fires do not pose a serious threat to the life of residents or cause significant damage to property. please see table 1 for the three main types of residential fires. Although rubbish chute fires have decreased. Fire outbreaks in residential premises decreased by 8% from 3.267 in 2010. the tanjong pagar town Council.540 cases. and the community at large. this includes the national Fire and Civil emergency preparedness Council (nFeC). there is a push button at the 1st storey that can only be accessed by the refuse collector. rUBBiSh ChUTe fireS reMainS largeST CoMponenT of reSiDenTial fireS 4. the flushing system generally consists of valves and a control panel to control the water supply to the chutes. except for 2003 which registered 4. the resultant smoke emitted can be a source of irritation to other residents. HDB and nFeC carried out a joint project to explore how the existing flushing system in rubbish chutes can be used to extinguish incipient fires. 36 . presently.600 fires in 2010. With 8.Year in STaTiSTicS fire inCiDenT STaTiSTiCS (JanUarY – DeCeMBer 2010) leSS fire oUTBreaKS in reSiDenTial preMiSeS 3. this is the lowest number of incidents in the last 10 years. charcoal embers must be doused with water before disposal and flammable substances like paint.241 801 474 absolute Change -44 157 -43 % Change -3% 24% -8% refUSe ChUTe WaTer SpraY SYSTeM To BeTTer Manage rUBBiSh ChUTe fireS (a piloT proJeCT) 7. Rubbish chute fires are usually caused by the poor social habits of some residents who indiscriminately dispose lighted materials such as embers from charcoal. 9. enCoUraging Drop in nUMBer of fireS SCDF responded to a total of 4. it continues to form the main bulk of residential fires. Table 1: fires in residential premises (top three types) Types of residential fires Rubbish Chute Fires Discarded Items Fires (at common spaces) total Jan–Dec 2009 1. the overall downward slide in the number of fires over the years can be attributed to greater public awareness on fire safety and the concerted public education efforts by SCDF and its community partners. to better manage rubbish chute fires in residential premises. cigarette butts and lighted incense materials into rubbish chutes. nationwide programmes such as Community emergency preparedness programmes (Cepp).

lift lobbies. the number of unattended cooking fires declined by 8% from 517 in 2009 to 474 in 2010. In September last year. About 1. Residents are advised not to discard items outside their homes or at the common areas such as corridors and lift lobbies as these can fuel fires when lighted materials are indiscriminately thrown onto them. the number of fires for this category increased from 644 to 801. fires involving discarded items and unattended cooking fires). 15. the decrease can be attributed to the untiring efforts of building owners and fire safety managers in ensuring a high level of fire safety standards to keep their buildings safe from the threats of fires. Another area of concern is fires involving discarded items at common spaces in public housing estates such as corridors. Such fires have the potential to be more serious in nature due to the high fire load present. the display of the fire safety banners at the residential heartlands which was implemented since 2009. they are now more aware of the dangers and that leaving cooking unattended even for a short while can result in fire outbreaks that cause significant damages to the house or even compromise the safety of the occupants. the number of unattended cooking fires in 2010 plunged to a 10-year low as shown in table 2 below. nFeC and the town Councils to help residents identify potential fire hazards in their homes. Companies are now taking a greater interest and attention in the areas Jan–Dec 2009 Jan–Dec 2010 309 absolute Change -22 % Change -7% Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 37 YeAR In StAtIStICS this system. will be displayed at prominent locations within the housing estates. hence reducing any damages and saving emergency resources from SCDF and the police. Table 3: fires in Commercial premises Description Commercial premises Fires 331 loWer nUMBer of fire inCiDenTS aT CoMMerCial preMiSeS 16.500 people participated in the mass evacuation drills. 17. 13. which is very encouraging. From February 2011. 32 commercial premises in Singapore worked closely with nFeC and SCDF in conducting mass evacuation drills and engaging the public on fire safety awareness. Besides. such fires can hinder the smooth evacuation of occupants. shopping complexes. is a joint effort by SCDF. the number of fires at commercial premises (including offices. . UnaTTenDeD CooKing fireS plUngeD To 10-Year loW 12. In fact. the drop in the number of unattended cooking fires is encouraging and indicates that households are increasingly more cautious when preparing meals.200 tenants and 3. For example. Information about the pilot project will be released in due course. as shown in table 3. fire safety banners highlighting the number of fires for January to December 2010 for the three main categories of fires in residential premises (rubbish chute fires. accounting for 25% of the total number of residential fires. three additional Fire Safety Manager (FSM) briefing sessions were organised last year due to the overwhelming demand by FSMs. places of public recreation/entertainment) fell by 7% from 331 to 309 cases. Table 2: Unattended Cooking fires in residential premises Description unattended Cooking Fires 2001 606 2002 585 2003 568 2004 529 2005 549 2006 509 2007 546 2008 533 2009 517 2010 474 SpreaDing The fire SafeTY MeSSage ThroUgh BannerS 14. of fire safety and emergency preparedness. As shown in table 1. 11. Fires involving discarded items form the second biggest component of residential fires. residents can activate the system once they spot the smoke and the fire may be easily put out at an early stage.inCreaSe in fireS involving DiSCarDeD iTeMS 10. hotels. Residents should make arrangements with the town Councils for removal of bulky items. staircases and void decks.

1 the Wildfire task Force Committee comprises representatives from SCDF.395 632 Jan–Dec 2010 2. See table 6. the number of fire injuries for 2010 increased from 127 to 143 people. it is encouraging to note that the figures for both these categories for 2010 decreased when compared to 2009. the next highest contributing cause of fire is the overheating of food at 12%. MInDeF/DStA. keeping the land moist as well as to create sufficient fire break buffers and barriers to prevent fire spread. the number of non-building fires plunged by 28% from 1. SCDF crews also patrolled fire hot spot areas during the dry spell between January to March 2010. neA and nparks.550 543 absolute Change -845 -89 % Change -25% -14% no fire faTaliTieS for laST Three YearS 21. as shown in table 4. In fact.SignifiCanT Drop in vegeTaTion fireS 18. However. please see table 5 for the breakdown. there have been no fire fatalities for the last three years since 2008. “Dropped light” includes un-extinguished cigarette butts. 19. HDB. SlA. the marked decrease can be attributed to the significant drop in vegetation fires from 518 cases to 314 cases. Table 4: vegetation fires Description Vegetation Fires Jan–Dec 2009 518 inDiSCriMinaTe DiSpoSal of lighTeD MaTerialS reMainS Main CaUSe of fireS 20. Jan–Dec 2010 314 absolute Change -204 % Change -39% Table 5: Causes of fires (top 2 causes) Description Dropped light overheating of Food Jan–Dec 2009 3. However. Table 6: number of fire Casualties Description number of Fire Injuries Table 6: number of fire Casualties Fatalities Jan–Dec 2009 127 0 Jan–Dec 2010 143 0 absolute Change 16 0 % Change 13% - 38 . embers from charcoal. lit incense sticks and lighted matchsticks. puB. there were no fatalities due to fire incidents in 2010.036 cases in 2009 to 743 cases in 2010. other measures include increasing the frequencies in trimming the vegetation. SCDF which chairs the Wildfire task Force Committee1 has been working closely with the related agencies to adopt preventive measures at the respective lands under their jurisdiction. Similar to last year. “Dropped light” remains the highest contributing cause of fires at 55%.

It is also not advisable to leave candles burning in a room b. Keep cooking appliances including the stove-top. 2. 5. Decorations made of light tissue paper or cardboard burn easily. 2. so as to enhance fire safety standards in buildings. 3. lit candles should be placed in stable holders on heat-resistant surfaces. replace them with new ones immediately. 2. ensure that cigarettes and cigars are fully put out in ashtrays before they are discarded. Follow the safety instructions as stated by the manufacturer. petrol or kerosene should not be used to start a barbeque (BBQ) fire – they can flare up unexpectedly. 3. eleCtRICAl ApplIAnCeS never leave the BBQ fire unattended. Do not attach them to lights or other heat sources. ensure that you look out for the nearest exit door or staircase. During a BBQ. decorative lighting fixture is also a Controlled Goods under 3. such as blown bulbs and frayed wires. Always unplug the appliances when they are not in use. 2. so that they will not fall over. 4. Indoor lighting fixtures should only be used indoors to avoid electric shocks and short circuits. never overload electrical outlets with electrical appliances. 3.general fire SafeTY TipS CooKInG 1.nfec. the Consumer protection (Safety Requirements) Registration Scheme. which teaches users important life-saving skills in fire prevention and safety. 2. ensure that all unwanted furniture and items which are combustible in nature. If you are in any public premises. Check decorative lighting fixtures before use and regularly afterwards. Ideally. Frayed or cracked cords should be replaced or repaired by licensed electricians. the following websites provide fire safety tips: a. turn off the gas supply and cooking appliances whenever they are not in use. 2. are discarded properly. Contact your local town Councils or Management office if you require assistance in the disposal of unwanted bulky items.scdf. DeCoRAtIonS AnD lIGHtInGS 1. When a sparkler goes out. It is also important to observe other fire safety requirements. 4. Check the condition of wires regularly. use fire-starters instead. check for smouldering cigarette butts around and under the sofa. Keep matches. do not immediately touch the hot end for it could still burn. Do not leave decorative lighting fixtures. foliage. Smouldering charcoal and embers should not be thrown into rubbish chutes/bins which may lead to rubbish fires. Members of public can also download SCDF’s iphone app “SCDF Fire Safety”. Children playing with sparklers must be supervised by parents/adults. Charcoal should be doused with water when cooking is done. put the hot end in a bucket of water to fully cool it down before disposing it safely. use decorative lighting fixtures which carry the SAFetY Mark. never store combustibles near heat sources. 2. fire SafeTY TipS – CoMMerCial BUilDingS 1. including the lit Christmas trees. fire SafeTY TipS – on-line 1. using the service of licensed electricians for repairs if necessary. switched on when leaving home or when going to bed. YeAR In StAtIStICS 4. lit candles should also be kept away from Christmas trees. Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 39 . pReVentInG CHIlDRen FRoM StARtInG FIReS 1. keep a bucket of water or a garden hose nearby in case of emergencies. lighted sparklers should never be thrown at combustible materials. When being used. 3. 3. including the approved occupancy load for premises (to avoid overcrowding). it should be lit at arm’s length and only one at a time. never leave cooking unattended as it can result in fires. Keep wires away from hot surfaces. educate children on the dangers and hazards of fires. which is administered by SpRInG Singapore. www. chair cushions and carpets. in the event that you need to evacuate during an emergency. 4. 3. HouSeKeepInG 1. Do not run wires under carpets or mats – run them behind furniture instead. After parties or gatherings. cooker hoods and ovens clean and free of grease. like other electrical appliances and accessories such as fans and adaptors. escape passageways should be free of obstruction and fire exit doors should be kept unlocked for use during emergencies. HAnDlInG SpARKleRS 1. paper or cardboard decorations. lighters and candles out of children’s reach. Sparklers should be kept in a closed box and away from flames. curtains and furnishings. If there are wear and tear problems. 2. and always keep them away from candles.

40 .

Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 41 .

Arising from the 11. which saw a slight increase of 4% in 2010. enforcement actions are also taken when feedback is received from the public.177 nFSos issued for unauthorised change of use. enhancing our fire safety environment. the Fire Hazard Abatement notice (FHAn) is a warning given to building owners and management to remove the fire hazard. A total of 2. Such public feedback shows the fire safety consciousness of our community and more importantly helps to keep offenders on their toes.661 nFSos issued in 2009. through e-mails. the main contributing offence for the increase in nFSo was unauthorised change of use.134 Jan–Dec 2009 Jan–Dec 2010 1. detected during our inspections. Table 1: fire hazard abatement notice fire hazarD aBaTeMenT noTiCe (fhan) SCDF conducts enforcement checks on a regular basis to ensure that fire hazards are detected and rectified. letters and hotline calls. A notice of Fire Safety offence (nFSo) is issued when there is direct contravention of the Act. Description non-maintenance of fire fighting equipment (Hose reel/Fire extinguisher) 733 Jan–Dec 2009 Jan–Dec 2010 607 absolute Change -126 % Change -17% UnaUThoriSeD Change of USe reMainS Main ConTriBUTing faCTor for noTiCe of fire SafeTY offenCe (nfSo) 4. an increase of 31% from the 1.Year in STaTiSTicS fire SafeTY enforCeMenT STaTiSTiCS (JanUarY – DeCeMBer 2010) 3. SCDF issued 3.252 checks conducted in 2009.017 Fire Hazard Abatement notices (FHAn). it is encouraging to note that there is a drop of 17% from the number of FHAns issued in 2009. Such fire safety violations may have serious consequences. this is a decrease of 8% from the 3. as shown in table 1. poorly maintained fire extinguishers and hose reels can affect early mitigation of fires by occupants. a decrease of 1. for example. last year. absolute Change 43 % Change 4% 42 .183 nFSos were issued in 2010. SCDF conducted 11.682 from the 13. It carries with it a composition fine of between $300 and $500. affecting the early mitigation of fires and impeding evacuation in case of fires. During fire outbreaks.570 enforcement checks. Although the number of FHAns for this offence continues to be high.177 5. the most common fire hazard resulting in FHAns was the poor maintenance of hose reels and fire extinguishers. for example.570 enforcement checks in 2010. Table 2: notice of fire Safety offence Description unauthorised change of use 1. 2. of the 1. when unauthorised fire safety works are carried out.288 FHAns issued in 2009. the types of enforcement actions taken against fire safety offenders are shown in Annex A. a large proportion was due to the conversion of carpark areas at multi tenanted industrial premises for storage and processing of goods.

SCDf TaKeS firM aCTion on fire SafeTY violaTionS 6. Between January to December 2010. part of the fifth storey of the people’s park Complex multi storey carpark had been illegally converted into storage areas. For general fire safety violations. When the offence is of a more serious nature. on 22 June 2010. the building management can be fined up to $50. the nFSo carries with it a composition fine of between $300 and $500. the maximum penalty can be up to $10. offenders who fail to rectify the violations after being issued with FHAns will then be served with a fine termed noC of between $300 and $500. In extreme cases. of the 149 court actions.000 and/or jailed for a term not exceeding 12 months. Table 3: Court action Type of offence unauthorised change of use Jan–Dec 2009 16 Jan–Dec 2010 102 absolute Change 81 7. M/S Grand City Investment. the maximum penalty can be up to $10. For carrying out unauthorised fire safety works. a nFSo is issued. SCDF takes violations of fire safety requirements seriously and will not hesitate to take firm actions against building management who do not promptly take action to rectify fire safety violations despite warnings and fines. Court action will be taken for serious cases. annex a enforcement action Description under the Fire Safety Act. 68% (102 cases) were for unauthorised change of use.000 and/ or jail term not exceeding 6 months. 149 charges were filed for court actions against fire safety offenders. the FHAn is a warning given to building owners and management to remove the fire hazard. the carpark operator of people’s park Complex was fined a total of $60. SCDF is empowered to effect temporary closure of premises. For general fire safety violations. and b) change of use without approval. Court action will be taken for serious cases. Fire Hazard Abatement notice (FHAn) notice of Composition (noC) notice of Fire Safety offence (nFSo) Court Action Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 43 YeAR In StAtIStICS .000 and/or jail term not exceeding 6 months. Most common fire hazards spotted resulting in FHAns are poor maintenance of hose reels and fire extinguishers and obstructed exits. the building management can be fined up to $50. for example carrying out unauthorised fire safety works. Majority of the charges were for unauthorised change of use.000 and/or jailed for a term not exceeding 12 months. the illegal structures rendered existing fire safety provisions inadequate and also hindered containment and fire extinguishment efforts by our fire fighters during the fire on 21 April 2010. For carrying out unauthorised fire safety works.000 for two counts of fire safety infringements: a) carrying out unauthorised fire safety works. 8.

44 .

Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 45 .

media briefings.9% of the total calls responded.720 899 -4% Medical (emergency) 80.603 calls in 2010.474 cases in 2010.131 -185 -8% False Alarms 3. unconsciousness and cardiac arrest) constituted 72% of the total emergency calls. emergency calls rose by 6% from 113. constituting only 1.284 cases in 2009 to 120.4% were false alarms.474 7. the number of non-emergency calls registered a heartening drop of 8% from 2.316 2. the SCDF has constantly been working with its community partners in educating the public on the use of its eAS through various means such as exhibitions. etc.190 6% eMergenCY aMBUlanCe ServiCe (eaS) CallS ConTinUe To riSe SCDF’s emergency Ambulance Service (eAS) responded to 125.316 in 2009 to 2.691 6% Table 2: Breakdown on emergency ambulance Calls Description 2009 2010 absolute Change % Change trauma-Road traffic Accidents 11.551 12.912 86.284 120.998 -314 -9% Total 118. this is an increase of 6% from the 118. Medical cases (e.Year in STaTiSTicS eMergenCY aMBUlanCe ServiCe STaTiSTiCS (JanUarY – DeCeMBer 2010) Table 1: number and Type of ambulance Calls Description Jan–Dec 2009 Jan–Dec 2010 absolute Change % Change emergency Calls 113. where the service of non-emergency ambulance operators can be engaged.190 6% non-emergency Calls 2. emergency calls made up 95.131 in 2010. this will allow more emergency resources to be channelled to handle life–threatening cases. perCenTage of non-eMergenCY CallS hiT all-TiMe loW 3.432 881 8% other trauma 20. We are glad that the public has been cooperative in this aspect and we hope that the public will continue to call 1777 for non-emergency cases. the remaining 1.322 5. the percentage of non-emergency calls in 2010 hit an all-time low. 46 .912 calls in 2009. 4.g.312 -2.284 120. cases involving chest pain.474 7. distribution of posters/leaflets.410 7% Total 113. Both the non-emergency calls and false alarms saw a significant drop from last year.7% were non-emergency situations and another 2. the breakdown for emergency cases is shown in table 2 above.603 6. See table 1 for the breakdown on type of calls: 2.821 21.8% of the total ambulance calls that SCDF responded to.912 125. breathlessness.

8% 2004 6.7% UpDaTe on privaTe aMBUlanCe operaTorS 5. each pAo has five operational ambulances. this allows the call-taker to systematically diagnose the patients’ conditions and provide useful pre-arrival instructions to aid the caller prior to the arrival of the ambulance.5% 2003 5.131 1. the call-taker is supported by a template of pre-approved medical questions pertaining to the chief complaints of the caller.6% 2006 5. With the MpS.9% 2008 2.233 8.1% 2009 2.316 1.046 7.260 11. 7. the 10 pAo ambulances are stationed at 10 different Fire Stations from 8am to 8pm from Monday to Saturday.9% in 2008 to 85.485 11. the Medical protocol System (MpS) was introduced in March 2009 to further improve SCDF’s call-taking framework for its eAS.4% 2005 6. SCDF has been gathering feedback on the MpS through the conduct of a random survey of 20 cases per day.Table 3: number of non-emergency ambulance Calls (2001 to 2010) Description number of Calls % of Calls 2001 8. there has been an improvement in our 11-minute response time from 80.1% in 2010.4% 2002 7. SCDF engaged two private ambulance operators [lentor Ambulance pte ltd and unistrong technology (S) pte ltd] to augment our pool of emergency ambulances in June 2009. to meet the increasing demand for the emergency ambulance service.2% 2007 4. Feedback is sought from the callers on the quality of the instructions provided by the operators over the phone.841 7.462 6. inclusive of public Holidays. UpDaTe on MeDiCal proCoTol SYSTeM 6. Based on the findings.281 3. the patient information captured is also given to the paramedic enroute to the incident site. Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 47 . about 90% of the respondents gave positive feedback and have no difficulties carrying out the instructions provided by the call-taker.482 2. thus better preparing him to manage the patient. Since the pAos came on board.9% 2010 YeAR In StAtIStICS 2.

48 .

Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 49 .

Year in STaTiSTicS eMergenCY applianCeS (aS aT 31 DeCeMBer 2010) fire fighting Aerial ladder (52m) Breathing Apparatus tender Chemical tender Combined platform ladder (32m) Combined platform ladder (52m) Damage Control tender Fire Bike Foam tender Hose laying truck large Monitor Vehicle light Fire Attack Vehicle pump ladder tracked Fire fighting Vehicle Ventilation Vehicle Water tanker 1 3 2 15 2 4 37 4 2 3 56 39 4 2 2 Medical Ambulance Fast Response paramedic Bike Station With Immediate First-Aid treatment (SWIFt) 54 20 7 hazMat Foam pod HazMat Decontamination pod HazMat pod HazMat Support Vehicle HazMat Chemical Agent pod HazMat Control Vehicle personnel Decontamination Vehicle Special Decontamination Vehicle 16 4 4 4 2 2 13 6 Support Command Vehicle rescue Heavy Rescue tender Rescue Dog tender Rescue tender Skid loader Special Rescue tender 1 3 4 2 1 Forward Command Vehicle HazMat enforcement Vehicle lighting tender Rescue Vehicle Fire Investigation Vehicle Fast Response Vehicle Sports utility Vehicle pod Carrier 5 6 4 2 1 2 18 6 18 50 .

Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 51 .

52 .

Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 53 .

the addition of pioneer participants from Cameroon. but delivers the same performance. Comr peter lim signed a letter of Co-operation with the Hanoi Fire Division to facilitate exchange of information and best practices. is more environmentallyfriendly and can access even tighter and narrower spaces during operations. the CDA parade Square held an exhibition to showcase SCDF’s innovations and developments. 8 – 10 april 2010 SCDF applied for and was granted by the court to enforce a Fire Hazard order (prohibition order) against the management of Mustafa Centre. Red Rhino 2.000 visitors on 10 April. became operational. Commissioner also presented the Superbounce gift to his counterpart. Mr K Shanmugam.0. this exhibition attracted more than 9. also known as the light Fire Attack Vehicle (lFAV) 2. Saint lucia and trinidad and tobago enabled CDA to reach the milestone of 100 countries on its CDA World Map. For 40 hours from 1600hrs on 8 April to 0800hrs on 10 April 2010. graced by then Minister for law and Second Minister for Home Affairs. 3 – 14 MaY 2010 CDA hosted the International Disaster Management Course with 24 international participants. which was the occasion for the SCDF Community Bonding Day. An improvement on the earlier version introduced in 2000. 20 april 2010 nine officers from tuas Fire Station were presented the ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority) Commissioner’s Commendation Silver Award for their excellent teamwork with ICA counterparts on 12 June 2008 in foiling an attempted smuggling of 375 cartons of duty-unpaid cigarettes into Singapore at the tuas Checkpoint. 9 april 2010 the SCDF Workplan Seminar was held at the Civil Defence Academy.0 is 10% smaller and 40% lighter than the earlier version. Deputy prime Minster and then Minister for Home Affairs Mr Wong Kan Seng witnessed both events. After the keynote speeches. 54 . Grenada.highLighTS of worKYear 2010/2011 5 – 7 april 2010 During his Vietnam trip.0. 15 april 2010 the Red Rhino 2. for their repeated fire safety violation. no retail activities were allowed on the first floor of the shopping centre.

held at the Sands expo and Convention Centre within Marina Bay Sands. the award recognises public organisations for achieving business excellence standards administered by SpRInG Singapore.14 MaY 2010 SCDF was awarded the Institute of public Relations Singapore pRISM Award for “Best Crisis and Issues Management” at the pRISM Awards 2010 ceremony. for his service to his patients and the community which demonstrated a noble healthcare worker’s selflessness and compassion for humanity. featuring new features like social bookmarking tools and a tabbed layout to facilitate quick surfing within a single click. 21 MaY 2010 SCDF was awarded the public Service premier Award 2010 on 21 May 2010 at the excellence in public Service Awards Ceremony held at the Sheraton towers Hotel. the CDtv (Civil Defence television) was launched. president S R nathan conferred the Healthcare Humanity Award 2010 on paramedic SSG Md Iskandar Bin Md Ibrahim from Bukit Batok Fire Station. Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 55 HIGHlIGHtS oF WoRKYeAR 2010/2011 . 5 JUlY 2010 SCDF launched a revamped corporate website. 24 MaY 2010 At the ntuC Business Centre. 9 JUlY 2010 SCDF welcomed the inaugural visit by members of the Advisory Council for Community Relations in Defence (ACCoRD) to the Civil Defence Academy. 30 JUlY 2010 A new internal communications platform. 26 MaY 2010 SCDF signed a Document of Co-operation with the French Department of Civil Security (Direction de la Securite Civiles) which expressed willingness for staff exchange and sharing of relevant scientific and technical information. It leverages on a media broadcast network system – the Digital Signage System – to disseminate information electronically and simultaneously to SCDF workplaces to maximise the outreach and viewership.

with a record haul of eight golds. South Korea. five silvers and seven bronzes. SCDF also conducted fire safety inspections of public entertainment outlets leading up to the event. this initiative aims at equipping heartland residents with basic emergency preparedness skills.highLighTS of worKYear 2010/2011 9 aUgUST 2010 SCDF took part in the national Day parade 2010 Mobile Column. 21 – 29 aUgUST 2010 the SCDF team returned from the biennial World Firefighter Games 2010 held in Daegu. 14 – 26 aUgUST 2010 SCDF deployed more than 600 personnel and 62 appliances at various venues to support the inaugural Youth olympic Games (YoG). Deploying a fire extinguisher simulator. H. Mr Jyri Jukka Häkämies. 7 SepTeMBer 2010 SCDF partnered the national library Board to launch the emergency preparedness Awareness training programme at Jurong West public library. then Minister for law and Second Minister for Home Affairs. CDA conducted the inaugural International elite Rescuers exchange Workshop where 35 international participants from regional fire and rescue departments shared and exchanged information and best practices on mitigating major accidents and disasters. 13 – 16 SepTeMBer 2010 In conjunction with Civil Defence Day.e. graced the occasion and launched the inaugural pA-SCDF CeRt (Community emergency Response teams) Award to recognise the CeRts which had rendered effective assistance during fire and other emergencies. 16 SepTeMBer 2010 Comr peter lim hosted a visit by the Defence Minister of the Republic of Finland. Mr K Shanmugam. 15 SepTeMBer 2010 SCDF celebrated the Civil Defence Day with a parade at Basic Rescue training Centre. 56 . and his delegation to HQ SCDF.

with 17 participants from eight ASeAn members. 29 oCToBer 2010 At the MHA InnoFest (Innovative Festival) held at Ite College West. the 3-wheeler Fire Bike is equipped with a Backpack Compressed Air Foam (CAF) system that effectively extinguishes fires using less water. Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 57 HIGHlIGHtS oF WoRKYeAR 2010/2011 . 18 – 22 oCToBer 2010 CDA conducted the inaugural Induction Course for the ASeAn emergency Response Assessment team (eRAt). a breakthrough in our fire fighting technology. this marked the SCDF foray into the CAF system. 5 oCToBer 2010 Comr peter lim delivered the opening-speech-cumkeynote-address as the Guest of Honour at the two-day IAeM (International Association of emergency Managers) Asia-oceania Resilience 2010 Conference. the detector accurately identifies unknown chemicals contents within sealed containers. they will replace the 2-wheeler bikes currently used by our Fire Bikers and FRps. 1 oCToBer 2010 SCDF officers started deploying the pASS (product Acoustics Signature System) Detector when they attend to cases of possible violations of petroleum and Flammable Materials regulations. 7 oCToBer 2010 At the national Infocomm Award gala ceremony at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. the ASeAn-eRAt responds to disasters within the region by conducting rapid on-site disaster assessment and providing humanitarian assistance. under its project title iSAVe. iSAVe also received a Certificate of Commendation for the Best pS21 project. while the 3-wheeler FRp Bike carries an Automatic external Defibrillator for cardiac cases. which was held at the pARKRoYAl on Kitchener Road Hotel. SCDF won the Home team product Innovation of the Year (Gold Award) for its Digipen system. SCDF won a merit award for the Most Innovative use of Infocomm technology (public Sector) Category for our HazMat Incident Management System (HIMS).27 SepTeMBer 2010 two 3-wheeler Fire Bikes and two Fast Response paramedic (FRp) Bikes became operational in SCDF.

A new series of both iphone and ipad Applications produced by SCDF was simultaneously launched to facilitate easy access to emergency preparedness information via mobile phones. 9 noveMBer 2010 SCDF successfully renewed and was awarded the Service Quality Award (SQA) certification for five years. Minister for Inter Government Relations of the Independent State of papua new Guinea. 22 noveMBer – 3 DeCeMBer 2010 Four SCDF firefighters and four paramedics were attached to Hong Kong Fire Services Department (HKFSD). 2 DeCeMBer 2010 All SCDF ambulances. Senior Director (Corporate Services). SCDF was the first recipient of this new award which recognises the best practices in community involvement to encourage the spirit of giving. Fast Response paramedic Bikes and private Ambulance operators engaged by SCDF were equipped with the Digipen. 58 . launched the seventh edition of the Civil Defence emergency Handbook at nee Soon east Community Club. this was also the handbook’s 20th anniversary in print. In return. Senior Minister of State for law and Home Affairs. such as corporate philanthropy. at the Business excellence Gala Dinner held at the St. Job pomat. 20 noveMBer 2010 ltC Yong Meng Wah handed over the command of 1st CD Division to ltC ling Kok Yong. Civil Defence Auxiliary unit enforcement officers were deployed for the first time alongside regular SCDF officers during the raids. which is a real-time. 10 DeCeMBer 2010 SCDF and the Singapore police Force conducted the annual joint enforcement blitz during the festive season to heighten fire safety awareness. SCDF hosted four HKFSD officers in March 2011 for a one-week attachment. eliminating the previous manual data entry system. 4 DeCeMBer 2010 Associate professor Ho peng Kee. Regis Singapore. 3 DeCeMBer 2010 Comr peter lim received the public Sector Volunteer of the Year Award from president S R nathan at the national Volunteerism and philanthropy Awards ceremony held at the Istana.highLighTS of worKYear 2010/2011 1 noveMBer 2010 Col Chong Hoi Hung. hosted Hon. and his delegation when they visited both CDA and Bukit Batok Fire Station. based on the Memorandum of understanding signed between SCDF and the HKFSD on 15 December 2009 to foster closer collaboration. electronic patient data system used by the paramedics.

the certification is awarded to organisations that demonstrate a commitment toward environmental protection. entitled “the Angry old Woman”. these new guidelines take effect on 1 november 2011. new Zealand on 22 February. Administered by the Singapore environment Council. unleashing a wave of deadly tsunami and triggering a radioactive crisis due to damaged nuclear reactors. 1 MarCh 2011 Minister of State for education and Home Affairs Mr Masagos Zulkifli Bin Masagos Mohamad launched a new Children’s Big Book on fire safety for primary two students. Chief executive officer of the Building and Construction Authority. SCDF deployed five Search Specialists and five Search Dogs to Japan the next day. 23 feBrUarY – 13 MarCh 2011 In the aftermath of a 6. 12 – 17 MarCh 2011 A devastating 9 magnitude temblor hit Japan on 11 March. SCDF deployed a 55-man operation lionheart Contingent the following day to assist in search and rescue operations. presented the eco-office label Certificate to MAJ ng Soo Beng. 16 feBrUarY 2011 Dr John Keung. HQ SCDF. Commander Service Support unit.21 JanUarY 2011 on 21 January 2011. this represented the 13th overseas operation to be undertaken by the operation lionheart Contingent since 1990. the Ministry of education (Moe) and national Fire and Civil emergency preparedness Council. the project was a collaboration between SCDF. Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 59 HIGHlIGHtS oF WoRKYeAR 2010/2011 . 25 MarCh 2011 Comr peter lim and the principal of ngee Ann polytechnic Mr Chia Mia Chiang launched the part-time Joint Diploma in technology (Building Services and Fire Safety) at the polytechnic premises.3 magnitude earthquake which jolted Christchurch. it was the inaugural deployment of trauma paramedics trained to operate under different environments. SCDF issued new guidelines to the industry detailing the new Fire Safety Requirements for persons with Disabilities (pWDs). at Anchor Green primary School.

direcTorY of faciLiTieS hq Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe 91 ubi Avenue 4 Singapore 408827 tel: 6280 0000 Fax: 6848 1738 Civil DefenCe aCaDeMY 101 Jalan Bahar Singapore 649734 tel: 6794 5503/4 Fax: 6794 5505 BaSiC reSCUe Training CenTre 1 Jalan Bahar Singapore 649735 (CDA Complex) tel: 6794 5723/4 Fax: 6794 5725 hq 1ST CD DiviSion 3 Queensway Singapore 149073 tel: 6471 7421/2 Fax: 6471 7492 CenTral fire STaTion 62 Hill Street Singapore 179367 tel: 6332 3000/9 Fax: 6339 4589 Boon Keng fire poST Blk 4 Boon Keng Road #01-98 Singapore 330004 tel: 6391 1078/9 Cairnhill fire poST 1 Anthony Road (Cairnhill Community Club) Singapore 229944 tel: 6732 2104 alexanDra fire STaTion 3 Queensway Singapore 149073 tel: 6471 7481/2 Fax: 6471 7487 SenToSa fire poST 37 Artillery Avenue Singapore 099957 tel: 6274 8951 Fax: 6274 8950 BUKiT Merah vieW fire poST Blk 121 Bukit Merah View Singapore 151121 tel: 6377 7210/2 Fax: 6377 7211 TeloK Blangah fire poST Blk 75 telok Blangah Heights Singapore 100075 tel: 6377 7200/1/3 CleMenTi fire STaTion Commonwealth Ave West (off Clementi Service Road) Singapore 129557 tel: 6341 1100/9 Fax: 6776 4480 CleMenTi WeST fire poST Blk 715 Clementi West St 2 #01-165 Singapore 120712 tel: 6874 7627/8 BiShan fire STaTion 1 Marymount lane Singapore 574029 tel: 6355 5031/2 Fax: 6252 3294 Toa paYoh fire poST Blk 46 toa payoh lorong 5 Singapore 310046 tel: 6478 2657/9 JUrong iSlanD fire STaTion 70 Jurong Island Highway Jurong Island Singapore 627880 tel: 6276 4712/3 Fax: 6267 4717 BanYan fire STaTion 15 Banyan Road Jurong Island Singapore 627642 tel: 6515 8616/7 Fax: 6515 8614 hq 2nD CD DiviSion 1 tampines Industrial Avenue 3 #01-01 Singapore 528777 tel: 6587 8347/8 Fax: 6587 4536 TaMpineS fire STaTion 1 tampines Industrial Avenue 3 #01-01 Singapore 528777 tel: 6587 8344/5 Fax: 6587 8346 paYa leBar fire STaTion 91 ubi Avenue 4 Singapore 408827 tel: 6848 1850/1 Fax: 6848 1860 paSir riS fire poST Blk 105 pasir Ris Street 11 Singapore 510105 tel: 6582 2170 MoUnTBaTTen fire poST Blk 12 Kampong Arang Road #01-01 Singapore 431012 tel: 6346 2176 Marine paraDe fire poST Blk 15 Marine terrace #01-34 Singapore 440015 tel: 6446 7031 geYlang eaST fire poST Blk 133 Geylang east Avenue 1 Singapore 380133 tel: 6848 3215 eUnoS fire poST Blk 842 Sims Avenue Singapore 400842 tel: 6848 3721 Changi fire STaTion 491 upper Changi Road Singapore 486965 tel: 6543 3900/6542 4988 Fax: 6545 2011 Chai Chee fire poST Blk 45 Chai Chee Street Singapore 461045 tel: 6446 7061 loYang fire poST 5 tanah Merah Besar Road Singapore 498836 (next to Changi Women’s prison DRC) tel: 6546 7378 60 .

hq 3rD CD DiviSion 533 Yishun Industrial park A #01-01 Singapore 768774 tel: 6852 2888/588 Fax: 6852 2988 YiShUn fire STaTion 533 Yishun Industrial park A #01-01 Singapore 768774 tel: 6852 7995/8995 Fax: 6852 8895 nee Soon CenTral fire poST Blk 635 Yishun Street 61 #01-72 Singapore 760635 tel: 6257 2271 Fax: 6257 2276 ang Mo Kio fire STaTion 2874 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 9 Singapore 569783 tel: 6484 3101/2 Fax: 6484 0277 TeCK ghee fire poST Blk 463 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 #01-1132 Singapore 560463 tel: 6553 5010 Fax: 6553 5012 SengKang fire STaTion 50 Buangkok Drive Singapore 545064 tel: 6312 7002/3 Fax: 6312 7012 pUnggol norTh fire poST Blk 176A edgefield plains #01-158 Singapore 821176 tel: 6315 8650 Fax: 6315 8651 BraDDell heighTS fire poST Blk 203 Serangoon Central #01-70/72 Singapore 550203 tel: 6382 2148 Fax: 6382 2149 hq 4Th CD DiviSion 80 Bukit Batok Road Singapore 658072 tel: 6314 6906/7 Fax: 6314 6937/8 JUrong fire STaTion 25 Boon lay Drive Singapore 649922 tel: 6267 4700/1 Fax: 6261 5614 JUrong eaST fire poST Blk 318A Jurong east Ave 1 #01-308 Singapore 600318 tel: 6665 5133/4 JUrong WeST fire poST Blk 712 Jurong West Street 71 Singapore 640712 tel: 6792 5129/30 TUaS fire STaTion 7 tuas Road Singapore 638482 tel: 6865 4180/1 Fax: 6862 2344 TUaS CheCKpoinT fire poST 501 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim Singapore 639937 (tuas Checkpoint 2nd link) tel: 6865 4723 WooDlanDS fire STaTion 1 Woodlands Industrial park D Street 2 Singapore 738799 tel: 6884 1350/1 Fax: 6269 3626 SUngei KaDUT fire poST no. 8 Sungei Kadut Street 3 Singapore 729154 tel: 6884 1771/2 Fax: 6884 1766 WooDlanDS fire poST Blk 855 Woodlands St 83 #01-72 Singapore 730855 tel: 6365 1172/3 Fax: 6365 1135 BUKiT BaToK fire STaTion 80 Bukit Batok Road Singapore 658072 tel: 6314 6931/2 Fax: 6314 6941 BUKiT panJang fire poST Blk 126 pending Road #01-306 Singapore 670126 tel: 6767 1045/6 Fax: 6767 1048 BUKiT TiMah fire poST 20 toh Yi Drive Singapore 596569 (Bukit timah Community Club) tel: 6464 5291/2 Choa ChU Kang fire poST Blk 281 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 3 Singapore 680281 tel: 6767 1042/4 naTional Civil DefenCe CaDeT Corp Blk 12B #02-95 Home team Academy 501 old Chua Chu Kang Road Singapore 698928 homeTeamnS @ BUKiT BaToK 2 Bukit Batok West Avenue 7 Singapore 659003 tel: 6665 4600 Fax: 6569 4453 homeTeamnS-JoM @ BaleSTier 31 Ah Hood Road Singapore 329979 tel: 6353 3131 Fax: 6256 7005 homeTeamnS @ ChinaToWn 31-35 Smith Street Singapore 058945 tel: 6325 9248 Fax: 6536 6056 homeTeamnS @ Ue SqUare 81 Clemenceau Avenue #03-17/18 ue Square Shopping Mall Singapore 239917 tel: 6835 8250 Fax: 6235 7209 homeTeamnS @ SeMBaWang 301 Canberra Road Singapore 759774 tel: 6757 7100 Fax: 6754 0411 homeTeamnS @ paSir riS 125A-125H pasir Ris Road Singapore 519121 tel: 6581 9149 Fax: 6581 9149 Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 61 .

Andy ltA Carolyn low ltA Goh Kim leng ltA Christopher ooi Mr Isaac Yong Ms Charlotte loh Mr tan Chek Hwang. Zach Mr David Zhang DeSigneD anD proDUCeD BY Siliconplus Communications 62 .ediToriaL coMMiTTee aDviSor Comr peter lim ChairMan Col Yazid Abdullah viCe-ChairMan MAJ leslie Williams eDiTor Mr lam Sin How ConTriBUTorS ltC ong Yu leong MAJ Brandon ong MAJ Hairi Zainal MAJ tan teck Ming Cpt Roger Koh Cpt Mark Choo Cpt tan Weisheng.


scdf.Singapore Civil DefenCe forCe .gov.

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