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Ministerial Regulation Amendment on Structural Design

Sathian Charoenrien Building Control Bureau Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning Thailand


(1) Structural design standards and regulations in Thailand (2) Building control act and ministerial regulations (3) Reasons and Objectives of the amendment (4) Contents of the amendment (5) Conclusions

Structural Design Standards and Regulations

(1) Building Control Act (1979) (2) Engineering Institute of Thailand Standards (3) Model Building Codes and Standards (e.g. International Building Code, ACI 318 Building Code Requirements)

Building Control Act

58 Ministerial Regulations (MR) - Structural design regulation - Mechanical and sanitary design regulation - Fire safety regulation - Open spaces, boundary and interval of the building regulation - etc.

Structural Design Regulations

(1) Ministerial Regulation No. 6 (1987) Structural design regulation (2) Ministerial Regulation No. 48 (1997) Fire safety regulation (3) Ministerial Regulation No. 49 (1997) Seismic building design regulation

Reasons of the MR Amendment

(1) Thai construction technology has been rapidly developed. (2) Model building codes and standards used in Thailand have been dramatically changed. (3) There are few nonuniformity in Thai building standards.

Objectives of the Amendment

(1) To update and improve the regulations for structural design practices (2) To protect all citizens from structure failure (3) To ensure uniformity of Thai building codes and standards

Contents of the Amendment

(1) (2) (3) (4)

Loading regulations Material regulations Design requirements/approaches Construction document

Loading Regulations

Dead loads Amendment: Include dead load regulations (construction unit weight, partition load)

Loading Regulations

Live loads Amendment: - Add more types of live loads - Classified base on occupancy - Reduction of live load

Loading Regulations

Wind loads Amendment: - Simplified procedure - Detailed procedure-base on EIT standards

Loading Regulations

Seismic loads Amendment from MR49: - More provinces to be enforced (Bangkok and its vicinity). - Types of enforced buildings to be revised. - The calculations to be modified. V = ZIKCSW (UBC1985)

Loading Regulations

Other loads Amendment: Include - Impact loads - Crane loads - Lateral soil pressure

Loading Regulations

Load factors and load combinations MR6: Basic U = 1.7DL + 2.0LL Gravity + Wind load: U = 0.75(1.7DL + 2.0LL + 2.0WL) and U = 0.9DL + 1.3WL Amendment: Include more load combinations

Material Regulations

- Material properties - Minimum design requirements - Procedures for satisfying design criteria

Material Regulations

Material - Wood - Brick and masonry - Concrete - Steel - Soil - Other structural material

Material Regulations
Design stress of working stress design of Reinforced Concrete Structures MR6: fc = 0.45 fc ( = 5/6) Amendment: fc = 0.45 fc + Quality control ( The quality control of concrete construction will be referred to the standard issued by EIT.)

Design Requirements

Amendment: Include - Deflection - Connection - Concrete covering - Minimum dimension of structural members

Design Approaches

- Allowable stress design - Limit state design - Other approaches (e.g. Performance-base design) *** Engineering design procedures and details will be referred to the concensus standards issued by the professional association ***

Construction Document

Type of occupancy Loading condition Wind/Earthquake design data Material strength and design stress Foundation information Design approach


The draft of the Ministerial Regulation amendment is now under the consideration of the subcommittee appointed by the Buildings Control Committee. - The amendment will have a large impact on Thai building construction. - The amendment requires the revision of technical guideline and standard.


- Thai structural design regulations will be updated and improved. - The contents of the amendment will include loading, material regulations, design requirements and construction document. - The amendment will have a large impact on Thai building construction.