Music Matters - DAY 0 (23rd MAY 2012)

Music Matters - Day 1 (24TH MAY 2012)

Nokia presents Above & Beyond at the Music Matters Pool Party


A two-time winner at the 2012 Korean Music Awards (Modern Rock Album and Modern Rock Song of the Year), Yi Sung Yol will debut his latest collaboration with electronic DJ Clazzi at Music Matters

Yi Sung Yol, Artist DJ Clazzi, Artist



Jasper Donat, President, Digital and Music Matters and CEO, Branded with Michael Schnieder, CEO Mobile Roadie Graham Perkins, President, Singapore Music Society Danny Loong, Co-Founder, Timbre Group Aarika Lee, Vocalist, SIXX




Troy Carter discusses his work managing the world’s biggest global superstar, Lady Gaga. Troy will also speak about his innovative approach to artist management, thoughts on the current state of the live and digital music industry, and what it takes to break an artist internationally. Troy Carter, Manager, Lady Gaga and CEO and Founder, Atom Factory Interviewer: Michael Schneider, CEO, Mobile Roadie


Understanding consumption of digital music Leading market research firm Ipsos reveal the results from their exclusive Music Matters survey covering the region's latest trends in music consumption

Steve Garton, Managing Director – Media, Greater China, Ipsos


Akazoo is a distinctive social entertainment, music and content platform for web and mobile. InternetQ's VP Apostolos Zervos will give an insight into the rapid growth of Akazoo around the world and its ambitious plans for continued expansion throughout Asia...

Colin Miles, Chairman, MEF Asia and Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, internetQ

Branded  reserves  the  right  to  change  the  speakers  and/or  timings  without  notice  


Gateway Entertainment 11. Haldanes Carter Agar. General Manager. Executive Director. Asia Pacific. Senior Vice President. CEO. President. New media licensing issues in Asia: Where are we now EMI Music Publishing Asia and where are we going? Sami Valkonen. Sony ATV Music Publishing Susanna Ng.20 CAFFEINE MATTERS CANADIAN MUSIC BLAST This Toronto native is an internationally acclaimed rock artist and JUNO Award nominee Manafest. COMPASS MODERATOR: Ruuben van den Heuvel 12.     10.20 THE FINAL COUNTDOWN Launching digital services in Asia • Key considerations when launching a new digital service in Asia • Will the future proliferation of digital services in Asia transform the music industry? • What challenges are specific to this region? • What are the hotpots for growth in this fragmented market? Anthony Zameczkowski.40 WHO’S RIGHTS ARE THEY ANYWAY?: The Publishing Mega Panel • • • • • Guy Henderson. Japan and Korea Baidu The importance of having a global vision and strategy Haji Taniguchi. Omifone Richard Gottehrer. Android. Avex Music as a music publisher Publishing and Chairman MPAJ Possibilities for writers and publishers to work across Joey Carbone. Head of International Areas of opportunity and growth in the region Music Licensing. Sony ATV Music Publishing Interviewer: Ruuben van den Heuvel. Artist 11. MNC Wireless Berhad MODERATOR: Ruuben van den Heuvel. Regional Managing Director. Future of music publishing in China. The Orchard Ben Drury. International. Avex borders and regions – new collaboration possibilities Music Publishing Edmund Lam.25 20/20 VISIONARY SERIES Guy Henderson discusses the evolving role of the music publisher in the today’s digital landscape. Advisor & Artist. Executive Director and CEO. Asia Pacific.40 LUNCH     Branded  reserves  the  right  to  change  the  speakers  and/or  timings  without  notice       . YouTube Asia Pacific David Loiterton. 11. Founder and Chief Creative Officer. 7Digital John McLellan. Where and what are the new and exciting areas of opportunity and growth? Guy Henderson. Partner. Managing Director. Senior Vice President. Google Catherine Leung. International . Sonos Jaan Hao Chung.05 11. Head of Music. CEO. Head of Planning and Development.

mit. Tod Machover. The Mobilium Advisory Group 16. as well as Personal Music. Product Head. for which he has invited the entire city of Toronto to compose a new symphony with him (http://toronto. TAG Strategic 15.40 THE J-POP PHENOMENON: An In depth interview with Marty Friedman • Songwriting in the Japanese market • What is the potential market for non-Japanese song writers? • Overview of the different genres of J-POP • Featuring Marty Friedman . Bon Jovi. Love-Da Records Augustine Shen. Music Publishers Association of Japan 14.30 15. Nokia Interviewer: Ted Cohen. Kenny Chesney. Project Manager. Chairman Emeritus & Founder.00 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: TOD MACHOVER “When Music Matters” "Named 'America's most wired composer' by the Los Angeles Times and Finalist for the 2012 Pulitzer Prize in Music. He'll discuss his current massive musical collaboration. Spotify Chee Meng Tan. President and Co-CEO. • How is doing business for an indie label different in the various Asian markets? • What are the advantages and hurdles to being an independent in today’s digital age? • How are large entertainment companies working with Steve Savoca. MEF – Americas and CEO. Director. John Meglen discusses his illustrious career working with some of music biggest stars.     13. Taylor Swift and many more.former Megadeath guitarist and top songwriter in the Japanese domestic and international music scene Marty Friedman. Professor of Music & The Wall Music Colin Goh. Sony Music Publishing (Japan) and Executive Director. and even the hit video game Guitar Hero. Recent AEG tours include Justin Bieber.30 INDIE IN ASIA: Giving a voice to Independent Artists in Asia • Spotlight on several top independent music labels throughout Asia. CEO. ArtistAloud Jeremy Little. musical tools for diagnosing and curing illness. Branded  reserves  the  right  to  change  the  speakers  and/or  timings  without  notice       .media. Head of Global Music Initiatives. Tod will be sharing how his Hyperinstruments originally developed for virtuosi like Yo-Yo Ma and Prince developed into a composing revolution for children (http://www. General Manager/Director. Paul McCartney. Music.45 CAFFEINE MATTERS KEYNOTE INTERVIEW: JOHN MEGLEN Live music industry titan and Concerts West/AEG Live CoCEO. Celine Dion. The Black Eyed Peas. Managing MIT Media Lab 15.hyperscore. Managing Director. Singtel Tommy Chan. Ocean Butterflies Soumini Paul. Artist Interviewer: Ken Ohtake. John Meglen. Head of Global Content.40 20/20 VISIONARIES INTERVIEW SERIES Mike Bebel. Concerts West/AEG Live Interviewer: Ralph Simon. President. where music is specially tuned for each listener.

DFR Asia 17. brands. Senior Vice President. Managing Partner. General Adam Wilkes. and corporate sponsors Music business collaboration in China: Successful business models scene • Live music update and the exploding Chinese festival 18. Music and Touring – Asia. Baidu Siok Siok Tan. CEO.20 CHINA IN YOUR HANDS? • Music and entertainment industry update • Key considerations in this unique market • How should foreign artists market themselves in China • • • and what are the realistic opportunities for international artists in China? Music consumption in China: Key challenges and opportunities in the digital space Showcase the unique relationship between the live music venues.10 PRESENTATION Japan Music Update and Overview Steve McClure. MusicDNA MODERATOR: Rick Myers. musicians.05 CLOSE OF DAY 1 OPENING OF MUSIC MATTERS LIVE 20. Beggars Group Catherine Leung. Zebra Media Group Simon Wheeler.00 – Late PARTY IN THE SQUARE   Branded  reserves  the  right  to  change  the  speakers  and/or  timings  without  notice       . CEO. Kinetic ONE Stefan Kohlmeyer. Director of Digital.     the indie label and artist? Laguna Music MODERATOR: Charles Saliba. CEO and Co-founder. AEG Live Scarlett Li. Editor. Maybe Mars • What are the options for international labels to get distribution in Asia? 17. McclureMusic. CEO and Founder.

President. Digital & Business Development Asia. make when choosing an artist? Bacardi India How to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership and drive Sri Safitri.Day 2 (25TH MAY 2012) 09. IDP is Indonesia’s hottest star. Lachie Rutherford. or well known as IDP.20 I’M WITH THE BRAND! • • • Souleymane Hamed. President. Lachie Rutherford knows better than anyone what it takes to survive and thrive in the diverse markets of SE Asia and Japan.S.05 11.” Bob Lefsetz presents his views on the current state of the music industry and discusses his thoughts on the future. McclureMusic.30 10.15 ARTIST PERFORMANCE: IDP Indah Dewi Pertiwi. Warner Music Asia Pacific INTERVIEWER: Steve McClure. Coca Cola Indochina Mahesh Madhavan. Senior Vice President and Chief Brand Officer. Chairman. Author.00 BRAND CASE STUDY – “The Voice of McDonalds” Talent Search Andrew Hipsley. Jasper Donat. is the singer behind the highest selling debut album in 12. Sony Music Entertainment Indah Dewi Pertiwi.     Music Matters .E. Editor. McDonald's Corporation 10. Branded Bob Lefsetz.25 SUMMARY OF MUSIC MATTERS DAY 1 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Bob Lefsetz He is the music industry’s most influential and controversial blogger and author of the widely read “Lefsetz Letter. General Manager. Area Director .05 KEYNOTE INTERVIEW: Branded  reserves  the  right  to  change  the  speakers  and/or  timings  without  notice       . Digital and Music Matters and CEO. The Lefsetz Letter Interviewer: Ralph Simon 09. Asia Pacific Middle East and Africa. ADMA 11.20 CAFFEINE MATTERS ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE: In Conversation with an Asian Industry Icon With over 20 years executive leadership in the region overseeing both EMI and Warner Music. Digital & What tools are needed to measure the value such Business Development Australia & partnerships? Executive Vice President. revenue for both artists and brands Telkom Gavin Parry. Senior Manager Marketing. President & CEOPicking your band: What are the key considerations brands South Asia. With ‘Hipnotis’ selling a staggering 2 million copies. PT. Marketing Director. Indah Dewi Pertiwi.Asia. Artist MODERATOR: David Ketchum. Artist 10.

Chief Content Officer. Getty Images MODERATOR: Ted Cohen. Founder and Managing Partner. Entertainment Partnerships & Development. MIchael Chugg. Spotify has clearly transformed the music industry but what does this mean for major and independent artists and labels.25 PANEL INTRODUCTION DIGITAL ENTREPRENEURS: What does it take to go it alone? • Tips from those start ups and established businesses – taking an idea and making it a reality • What does it take to secure funding and what are the steps involved? • How not to jump on the bandwagon – creating an original idea that works Seth Goldstein.35 Alexander Choy. and how has Spotify's various new partnerships changed the way people consume and share music? 12. The Agency Group 14.35 Ken Parks. the world's most influential music blogger. Chairman. Vice President. CEO and Founder. Seth Goldstein. Managing Director. General Manager. Soliton Music Gary Mackenzie.     KEN PARKS WITH BOB LEFSETZ Bob Lefsetz. turntable. Executive Chairman. Rob Lewis. Chairman. TAG Strategic     Branded  reserves  the  right  to  change  the  speakers  and/or  timings  without  notice       .15 14. Spotify Interviewer: Bob Lefsetz LUNCH “I’M STILL STANDING!” Super Promoter and Super Agent Two of the most revered names in live music discuss their experiences working with the world’s biggest acts . Chugg Entertainment Neil Warnock. Valleyarm William Bao Bean. debates the current role of the streaming subscription model with Spotify's Ken Parks. Singtel Innov8 Fund Vince Bannon. Chairman.and how they’ve lived to tell the tale. Not for the faint of heart and expect the “swear box” to overflow. Managing Partner.

Europe & Asia. CEO and CoFounder. President.10 CAFFEINE MATTERS CANADIAN MUSIC BLAST: USS High energy dance beats with a jungle-rave vibe. Get ready to dance! USS. Writer/Publisher Relations.A. Head of Content. Times Music 16. Broadcast Music Inc. On Mobile Prashant Bahadur. Talent Booker. Director.15 THE RISE OF THE ASIAN MUSIC FESTIVALS: Challenges and opportunities in the coming year What are the opportunities for expanding the Live Music market in Asia? • What are the keys to success – why do some succeed while other festivals fail? • The next big thing: What’s next? • Home grown talents vs imported talents: What • Branded  reserves  the  right  to  change  the  speakers  and/or  timings  without  notice       . Hungama Brandon Bakshi. Artist Alan Ridgeway. Chief Operating Officer. Hong Kong) Martin Elbourne. President. Jungle Entertainment Bernie Cho.I.10 K-POP: The Hip Hype Reality Behind the Korean Wave • Current trends in the Korean music industry • Why is K-Pop breaking out across and beyond Asia? • How is K-Pop breaking through to North America and Europe? • What are the lessons learned from K-Pop expansion overseas? • Is the K-Pop export model unique or applicable to other Asian music markets? Tiger JK Korean Hip-Hop Artist. Wizcraft International Entertainment MODERATOR: Mandar Thakur. Zebra Media Group Paul Dankmeyer. Live Nation Entertainment Scarlett Li.55 COMBATING DIGITAL PIRACY IN INDIA An Industry Update Vijay Lazarus. Viki. The Orchard Sabbas Joseph. DFSB Kollective Chan Kim. Music Director. 17.K) Rob Schwartz. President/Founder. President International and Emerging Markets.05 INDIA ON THE MOVE: Indian music in the new world order Indian music reaching world audiences: What are the avenues of global distribution? • How to effectively rebrand Indian music for an international audience • How are new revenue streams being created across the globe? • How is the Indian entertainment community expanding their reach and influence outside India? • Shridhar Subramaniam.     15. (BMI) Atul Churamani. CEO. CEO and Found. Java Jazz Festival and Java Rockin Land (Indonesia) Justin Sweeting. Sony Music India and Middle East Siddhartha Roy. Vice President. IMI/PPL IMI/PPL President and Indian music industry icon Vijay Lazarus presents key initiatives to combat digital piracy in India. Tokyo Bureau Chief. COO-Digital and Consumer Business. Executive Director. 15.40 17. Festival Director. Billboard Razmig Hovaghimian. Untitled Entertainment (Clockenflap. Record Label Industry Association (L. 16. Fluxus Music and Chairman.

45-19. and digital media space. Bob will also discuss his pioneering work in the live performance. MEF – Americas and CEO. 18. and Alice Cooper and many more.45 CLOSE OF MUSIC MATTERS 18. South By South West (USA) MODERATOR: Vijay Nair.00 KEYNOTE INTERVIEW: BOB EZRIN Legendary producer Bob Ezrin discusses his work on some of rock’s greatest albums by Pink Floyd. Lou Reed. Chairman Emeritus & Founder. Only Much Louder Entertainment (NH7 Weekender. India) Bob Ezrin. film and TV production. The Mobilium Advisory Group • 18. Kiss. Director. Creative Director. Nine Inch Nails.     types of acts sells tickets? • tale The oversaturation in the west – A cautionary Predictions on the future and continued growth Glastonbury Festival (UK) Brent Grulke.45 THE TRACE TV MUSIC MATTERS CLOSING COCKTAIL 20:00 MUSIC MATTERS LIVE CONTINUES Branded  reserves  the  right  to  change  the  speakers  and/or  timings  without  notice       . Peter Gabriel. Music and Entertainment Producer Interviewer: Ralph Simon.

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