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5. Beauty product. 12. Household cleaning Products Soap. 13. 10. Body lotion. Conditioner. Air-freshner. Hand Wash Liquid. Furniture cleaner and polish. 9. 7. Hair Oil & shampoo. Mosquito repellent.Manufacturing and selling Above Household product: 1. Hand Sanitizer. 4. 3. . 6. 11. Car Shampoo and Cleaner. Laundry Detergent. 2. 8.

22. 17. 24. . Scents and perfume. Rose Water (Gulab Jal). 16. 28. Beer. Candle. 15. 23. Lemon Cleaner. 18. Aftershave. 26. 20. Furniture and Metal Polish. 25. 27. After Shower Body Oil. 29. 19. Scented Body Spray. 21. Chocolate.14. Mouthwash Massage Oil . Envelope. Ice Cram. Toilet Cleaner. Toothpaste. Wine.

38. 44. 31. 37. Soya Milk 35. 43. Amla Hair Oil.Brahmi Hair Oil and Hot oil for hair 36. 39. 33. 32. CD Cover Home Made Glue Lubricating Oil Perfume Body Powder Herbal Oil Moisturizer Cream Hand Cream and Skin Lotion Talcum Powder Homemade Ink .30. Herbal Deodorant Foot Cream Body Cream Insect Repellent and many more. 42. 40. 41. 34.

Lipstick 48. Top Online Business Idea 52. Small Online and Offline Business Plans 53. Shoe Polish 51. Shaving Gel 50. Lip Balm 47. Beauty Parlor secrets There are more than 100 "how to's" and formulas out there for manufacturing Household Product manufacturing for starting your part time business from home and 50 Top business Ideas /Plans which can be start with less investment. T-Shirt Printing Business 55. Homemade Ketchup 49. Herbal Juice 54.45. Dishwashing Powder and Liquid 46. .

This book is specially designed for Indian people and you can benefit immediately from it.  You sell your products at your own convenience.  Your products cannot be copied.  After your initial startup. but extremely powerful. Start up costs is low. .  It is a sound business. easy to get started with. you only replace what you use.Part Time Money Making Business E-Book for Indian people This is an excellent Book. with unlimited growth potential. high profit industry.  Raw materials are readily available anywhere.  Products are easy to manufacture at home.  The local market will never be saturated. one of a kind book in a low risk. You can jump start you business for less than 1000Rs.

plans/ideas. . + Bonus Offer: On purchasing this E-book you will get these 11 Money making E-books Free. Entrepreneur. There is no need to invest huge amount of money to start your part time income. Executives and those who want to earn part time income can do this job. and have all information just by spending one time payment of Rs 500 only. Who can start this part time business? Students.A Complete Step by Step E-book specially designed for Indian People This E-books having more than 100 Top secret formulae for small household items manufacturing and Top 50 part time business Plans/Ideas and to set up your Profitable Part Time home Business with a very small investment. Housewives. Businessman. Retired Persons. you can learn all these formulas.

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