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“You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. “
~Desmond Tutu


MAY 2012

Volunteer Austin leaving us in June!
It's hard to believe that my time here in Ocean View is coming to an end. After almost 9 months of living here, knowing that I'll be getting on a plane next week is almost surreal, and definitely bittersweet. More and more I realize that my time in South Africa has been as rich as it has been because I've lived in such a vibrant community like Ocean View. A community packed full of joys and struggles and friendships. It really is sad to think I'm moving away from everybody here in OV. I've absolutely loved my time with everyone here and I know ill be trying my absolute best to keep up with them once I'm back home!

Kieren is getting VERY excited to meet her little brother Keller!
Life is moving quickly as it usually does – although now we are extremely aware that we are moving towards a world changing moment as Keller is due in June! Casey is in the middle of a strong Ubuntu soccer season, we are hosting SEVEN American volunteers right now, and Sarah is finishing up ministry for her upcoming maternity break. AND in May we celebrated Sarah’s 32nd birthday and Casey and Sarah’s TEN YEAR anniversary! Whew! So much to be thankful for and still the BEST is yet to come!!

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MAY 2012

Keller Celebrations!
Some sweet friends hosted a small baby shower to welcome and prepare for Keller James’ entrance into our world

My Ocean View Family
It was a great mix of friends from all over the city, and always special to have my Ocean View ‘family’ with me there. These amazing ladies will surely be there welcoming Keller in his first moments and days in the ‘View! He has no idea the love that is coming his way from these people!

My Lovely Friends and Hosts
These sweet ladies are all American friends now living in South Africa and are so incredibly dear to me. We walk through every high and low of life together and I am so thankful for deep friendships that make the journey richer!

Things have been developing fast and crazy here. We are seeing major developments with the boys. They are settling more at school and about 6 of them recently made a decision to commit their lives to Jesus after a recent practice. It’s amazing to see those seeds finally starting to sprout. The challenge now is to disciple them to greater faith. They are also having great success on the field. The group that plays as U13s recently beat Ajax CT, who are recognized as our city’s best development program. They are drawing boys from all over the city and our little group from the Valley took it to them. It was an awesome measure of the progress we are making on the field as well. All here is not easy though, so we continue to treasure your prayers. The boys sometimes struggle with some behavior issues at school and bring that to training. Christ is the only thing that can change them, so continue to petition Him!

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