Program & Project Portfolio

Management Standards
Based on the Project Management Institute Guidelines
Casablanca – Morocco 26-27 January 2012
By Eng. Saadi Adra
General Manager, CMCS Lebanon SAL
OPM3 Professional, PMP, PgMP, PMI-RMP, PMI-SP,
1. Portfolio Management vs. Program Management vs. Project Management
2. The Standard for Portfolio Management Second Edition
3. The Standard for Portfolio Management Third Edition
4. The Standard for Program Management Second Edition
5. The Standard for Program Management Third Edition
6. About CMCS
Portfolio Management vs.
Program Management
and Project Management
Portfolio Management
Doing The Right Things
Project Management
Doing Things Right
Program Management
Getting the Right Results
Portfolio / Program / Project Management
Program Management & Project Management
Project Program
Specific scope & product Wide scope, blueprint & benefits
Minimize change Embrace change
Budget / Time / Quality Benefit delivery / ROI
Manage delivery team Manage by governance
Program Management & Portfolio Management
Program Management Portfolio Management
Includes non-project work Not a project; more an ongoing business
Bounded context Broad strategic focus
Audience defined by program goal(s) Audience is Senior Executive Level
Major Themes Major Focus
•Benefits Mgmt
•Stakeholder Mgmt
•Decision making
• Doing the ‘right’ things
Relation between Project, Program & Portfolio
Strategy and PPP
The Link between Portfolio Management
and Organization Governance
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 8
Governance Context
Portfolio Management
What is a Portfolio?
A portfolio is a collection of:
• Projects
• And/or programs
• And other work
That are grouped together to facilitate the effective
management of that work to meet strategic business
The components of a portfolio can be measured, ranked,
and prioritized.
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 11
The Standard For Portfolio Management
Second Edition
 Includes 14 Processes for managing
Portfolios of Projects and Investments
 Two Process Groups: Align and Monitor
& Control
 Four Processes for managing Portfolio
 ANSI Standard
The PPM Solution: Aligning Project Investments With
Organizational Strategic Goals
Managing Projects Portfolio
Identify Portfolio Risks
Monitoring &
Review and Report Portfolio
Monitor and Control
Portfolio Risks
Benefit Realization
Analyze Portfolio Risks
Develop Portfolio Risk Responses
Portfolio Balancing
Communicate Portfolio Adjustments
Business Strategy Changes
Setting the Methodology
The Standard For Portfolio Management
Third Edition
 Three Process Groups:
 Defining Process Group
 Aligning Process Group
 Authorizing and Controlling Process
 Five Knowledge Areas:
 Portfolio Strategic Management
 Portfolio Governance Management
 Portfolio Performance Management
 Portfolio Communication Management
 Portfolio Risk Management
Establishing a Portfolio Management Process
1. Assessment of Organizational Maturity and Strategic Fit – OPM3
2. Portfolio Management Initiation & Setup - PMO
3. Portfolio Management Continuous Improvement – Methodology + OPM3
4. Portfolio Management Process Cycle - Methodology
5. Portfolio PMIS
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 17
Assessment of Organizational Maturity and Strategic Fit
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 18
Portfolio Management Initiation & Setup – Strategic PMO
© 2011 CMCS
Portfolio Management Process Cycle – Methodology /
Standard Operating Procedure Manual
Defining Process Group
1. Develop Portfolio Strategic Management Plan
2. Develop Portfolio Charter
3. Define Portfolio Roadmap
4. Develop Portfolio Management Plan
5. Define Portfolio
6. Develop Portfolio Performance Management Plan
7. Develop Portfolio Communication Plan
8. Develop Portfolio Risk Management Plan
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 21
Aligning Process Group
1. Manage Strategic Change
2. Optimize Portfolio
3. Manage Supply and Demand
4. Manage Portfolio Value
5. Manage Portfolio Information
6. Manage Portfolio Risks
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 22
Authorizing and Controlling Process Group
1. Authorize Portfolio
2. Provide Portfolio Oversight
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 23
Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas
1. Portfolio Strategic Management.
2. Portfolio Governance Management
3. Portfolio Performance Management.
4. Portfolio Communication Management
5. Portfolio Risk Management.
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 24
Portfolio Strategic Management KA
1. Develop Portfolio Strategic Management Plan
2. Develop Portfolio Charter
3. Define Portfolio Roadmap
4. Manage Strategic Change
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 25
Portfolio Governance Management KA
1. Develop Portfolio Management Plan
2. Define Portfolio
3. Optimize Portfolio
4. Authorize Portfolio
5. Provide Portfolio Oversight
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 26
Portfolio Performance Management KA
1. Develop Portfolio Performance Management Plan
2. Manage Supply and Demand
3. Manage Portfolio Value
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 27
Portfolio Communication Management KA
1. Develop Portfolio Communication Plan
2. Manage Portfolio Information
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 28
Portfolio Risk Management KA
1. Develop Portfolio Risk Management Plan
2. Manage Portfolio Risks
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 29
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Project Codes
Portfolio PMIS
Portfolio PMIS
Program Management
The Standard for Program Management
Second Edition
 47 Processes for managing
successful programs
 Managing sustainability, Interfacing,
Funds, Resources and Benefits
 Recognized as an ANSI standard
© 2011 CMCS
What is a Program?
A Program is:
“A group of related projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and
control not available from managing them individually.”
Program Integration Management KA
The program deliverables should be integrated, as appropriate with:
 Ongoing operations of either the performing organization or the customer’s
 Long-term strategic planning that takes future problems and opportunities into
Program Scope Management KA
Identify the deliverables, estimates the major risks, and establishes the relationship
between program benefits and program scope, while setting standards for clear
achievable objectives.
Program Time Management KA
Program Time Management involves processes for scheduling the defined program
components and entities necessary to produce the final program deliverables. It
 Determining the order in which the individual components are executed
 Critical path for the program
 Milestones to be measured to keep the overall program on track and within the
defined constraints.
Program Communication Management KA
Ensuring timely and appropriate generation, collection, distribution, storage,
retrieval, and ultimate disposition of program information.
What do you mean we don’t
Just yesterday I left a voice message in
response to your e-mail regarding the fax I
sent you....
Program Risk Management KA
Programs risks arise from the program components and their interactions with
each other, from technical complexity, schedule and/or cost constraints, and with
the broader environment in which the program is managed.
Program Procurement Management KA
Thorough careful analysis and planning is utilized to determine the economies of
scale that can be obtained in procurement for the components of the program, to
ensure overall quality and integration of components and activities throughout the
program. For these reasons, well-documented and designed procurement
processes are required.
Program Financial Management KA
Program Financial Management includes all of the processes involved in identifying
program’s the financial sources and resources, integrating the budgets of the
individual program components, developing the overall budget for the program,
and controlling costs throughout the life cycle of both the component and program.
Program Stakeholder Management KA
© 2009 CMCS FZCO 42
Program stakeholder management identifies how the program will affect
stakeholders (e.g., the organization’s culture, the local population, current major
issues, resistance or barriers to change) and then develops a communication
strategy to engage the affected stakeholders, manage their expectations, and
manage acceptance of the objectives of the program.
Program Governance KA
© 2009 CMCS FZCO 43
Program Governance ensures decision-making and delivery management activities
are focused on achieving program goals in a consistent manner, addressing
appropriate risks and fulfilling stakeholder requirements. Governance for programs
is different than governance for most projects, because the scope and impact of a
programis typically complex.
The Standard for Program Management
Third Edition
 Strategic Program Management
 Program Management Lifecycle
 Initiating
 Planning
 Executing
 Controlling
 Closing
 Benefit Management
 Stakeholder Management
 Governance
© 2011 CMCS
Strategic Program Management
 Perform an initial program assessment
 Establish a high-level road map with milestones
 Define the program mission statement
 Evaluate the organization’s capability
 Identify organizational benefits
 Evaluate program objectives
 Obtain organizational leadership approval for the program
 Identify and evaluate integration opportunities and needs
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 45
Program Life Cycle – Initiating the Program
 Develop program charter
 Program Scope statements
 Develop a high-level milestone plan
 Develop an accountability matrix
 Define standard measurement criteria for success
 Conduct program kick-off
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 46
Program Life Cycle – Planning the Program
 Develop a detailed program scope statement
 Develop program WBS
 Establish the program management plan and schedule
 Optimize the program management plan by leveling
resource requirements
 Define project management information system (PMIS)
 Identify and manage unresolved project-level issues
 Develop the transition/integration/closure plan
 Develop key performance indicators (KPIs)
 Monitor key human resources for program and project
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 47
Program Life Cycle – Executing the Program
 Charter and initiate constituent projects by assigning project
 Deploying uniform standards
 Establish a communication feedback process
 Lead human resource functions
 Review project manager’s performance
 Execute the appropriate program management plans
 Consolidate project and program data
 Evaluate the program’s status
 Approve closure of constituent projects
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 48
Program Life Cycle – Controlling the Program
 Analyze variances and trends in costs,
schedule, quality, and risks.
 Update program plans by incorporating
corrective actions.
 Manage program level issues.
 Manage changes.
 Conduct impact assessment.
 Manage risk.
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 49
Program Life Cycle – Closing the Program
 Complete a program performance analysis report
 Obtain stakeholder approval for program closure
 Execute the transition and/or close-out of all program and constituent
 Conduct the post-review meeting
 Report lessons learned and best practices observed
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 50
Benefits Management
 Develop the benefits realization plan and its measurement criteria
 Identify and capture synergies and efficiencies
 Develop a sustainment plan
 Monitor the metrics
 Verify, close, transition, and integration of constituents plans
 Maintain a benefit register
 Analyze and update the benefits realization and sustainment plans
 Develop a transition plan
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 51
Program Life Cycle and Benefits Management
Stakeholder Management
 Identify stakeholders, including sponsors
 Perform stakeholder analysis
 Negotiate the support of stakeholders, including sponsors
 Generate and maintain visibility
 Define and maintain communications
 Evaluate risks identified by stakeholders, including sponsors
 Develop and foster relationships with stakeholders, including sponsors
© 2011 CMCS FZCO 53
 Develop program and project management standards and structure (governance,
tools, finance, and reporting)
 Select a governance model structure including policies, procedures, and
 Obtain authorization(s) and approval (s) through stage gate reviews
 Evaluate key performance indicators
 Develop and/or utilize the program management information system
 Regularly evaluate new and existing risks that impact strategic objectives
 Establish escalation policies and procedures
 Develop and/or contribute to an information repository
 Identify and apply lessons learned
 Monitor the business environment, program functionality requirements, and
benefits realization
 Develop and support the program integration management plan
PMO for Government
Program Management Process Chart
   Our Vision
1o be the number one enterpr|se portfo||o pro[ect and r|sk management so|ut|on prov|der
wherever we ex|st |n the Wor|d.
   Our Mission
1o des|gn, deve|op and |mp|ement va|ue for money enterpr|se portfo||o pro[ect management
so|ut|ons that w||| enab|e our c||ents to bu||d the|r enterpr|se pro[ect management capac|ty,
competency and know|edge enab||ng them to se|ect the r|ght pro[ects and de||ver them r|ght
from the f|rst t|me.
   About CMCS
CMCS |s a pro[ect management capac|ty, competency and know|edge bu||der for pro[ect-dr|ven
organ|zat|ons to enab|e them to se|ect the r|ght pro[ects and de||ver them r|ght from the f|rst
When we bu||d an organ|zat|on's enterpr|se portfo||o pro[ect management capac|ty, CMCS
enab|es them to do more pro[ects w|th fewer resources by becom|ng an Lff|c|ent Crgan|zat|on,
wh|ch |n turn reduces the cost of execut|ng pro[ects.
8u||d|ng an organ|zat|ona| portfo||o pro[ect management competency w||| enab|e the company to
do pro[ects r|ght from the f|rst t|me, becom|ng a ke||ab|e Crgan|zat|on, wh|ch w||| reduce wasted
funds spent on redo|ng pro[ects.
I|na||y, we ass|st compan|es |n bu||d|ng the|r portfo||o pro[ect management know|edge by
transferr|ng the|r - and other - best pract|ces |nto reusab|e organ|zat|ona| assets to be used on
future pro[ects. A know|edgeab|e Crgan|zat|on |s an organ|zat|on w|th an |ntr|ns|ca||y h|gh va|ue.
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Þro[ect Þ|ann|ng and Schedu||ng - kesource Þ|ann|ng
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Larned Va|ue Management
DLL1Lk Cobra, DLL1Lk wIns|ght
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Þro[ect V|sua||zat|on
nard Do||ar Cost Management System
Cap|ta| 8udget|ng and I|nanc|a| Management
LcoSys I|nanc|a| Management
D|str|buted Þro[ect Management
Þro[ect Þ|ann|ng and Schedu||ng - Schedu|e Ana|ys|s
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Rewards and Recognitions
   Hard Dollar
2009 nard Do||ar Þ|oneer Award
   Oracle Primavera
2008 1op Þerformer New L|censes - Internat|ona|
2008 Þr|maC|ub In kecogn|t|on of ach|ev|ng 100¼ + of Þ|an
2008 Iour M||||on Do||ar C|ub
2007 1op Þerformer New L|censes Internat|ona|
2007 1hree M||||on Do||ar C|ub
2007 Þr|ma C|ub In recogn|t|on of ach|ev|ng 100¼ + of Þ|an
2007 1op Þerformer 1ota| kevenue Internat|ona|
2006 1wo M||||on Do||ar Award
2006 Þr|maC|ub
2006 1op Þerformer New L|censes Internat|ona|
2006 20 ¥ears of Support & Serv|ce
200S M||||on Do||ar C|ub
200S Þr|maC|ub
200S 1op Þerformer LMLA
2004 M||||on Do||ar C|ub
2004 Þres|dent's C|ub
2003 na|f M||||on Do||ar C|ub
2003 Largest Lxped|t|on Sa|e
2002 ÞAk of the ¥ear LMLA
2002 Largest Lxped|t|on Sa|e LMLA
2002 na|f-M||||on Do||ar C|ub LMLA
2001 na|f-M||||on Do||ar C|ub LMLA
2001 Cver-Ach|evement Award
2000 n|ghest Annua| Growth
2000 S|gn|f|cant Lxped|t|on Ach|evement
2000 n|ghest Annua| Internat|ona| Lxped|t|on Sa|es
2000 na|f M||||on Do||ar C|ub
2000 Largest Lxped|t|on Sa|e
2000 Lxped|t|on Cver-Ach|evement Award
2000 n|ghest Annua| Growth
1998 Þres|dent's C|ub
1998 na|f M||||on Do||ar C|ub
1998 Largest Concentr|c Sa|e
1998 Cver Ach|evement Award
1998 n|ghest Annua| Growth
1998 S|gn|f|cant Lxped|t|on Ach|evement Award
1998 Largest Lxped|t|on Sa|e
1998 n|ghest Lxped|t|on Sa|es
1997 Þres|dent's C|ub
1997 na|f M||||on Do||ar C|ub
1997 n|ghest Lxped|t|on Sa|e
1996 10 ¥ear M||estone Award
1996 Þres|dent's C|ub
1996 n|ghest Lxped|t|on Sa|e
1996 S|gn|f|cant Ach|evement Award
199S Þres|dent's C|ub
199S S|gn|f|cant Ach|evement Award
1994 1op Lxped|t|on Sa|es
1992 Þres|dent's C|ub
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