The Joys of Losing,Searching, and Finding <3

by Roselle Carreon on Monday, July 26, 2010 at 8:03pm ·

Have you ever lost something or someone? If yes, how did you feel? What did you do? Did you look for the missing object upon realizing that it is not where it should be? How about losing people? Do we ask them to come back or do we accept the loss? When our loved ones pass away, do we live in sadness knowing that they will never come back? We lose things everyday. We lose time,money, and we even lose weight. For those who are experiencing hardships in life, they lose faith. For those who are stuck in traffic, they lose patience. For those who got their hearts broken, they lose trust that they will ever find true love again. God reminds us, "Tribulations causes perseverance." (Romans 5:3) With these tribulations, we are able to experience the joys of losing,searching, and finding. There is joy in LOSING for in losing things we realize their worth. We learn the lesson of valuing what we have. More importantly, we learn to value people knowing that we might lose them one day. When we lose a pen, let's just think that someone might find that pen and that person might be needing that pen more than we do. When we lose money, we panic and look for it right away. We search our pockets but we cannot find it. Maybe, someone else needed it more than we do. We lose time to watch our favorite show on TV just so we can be with a friend who really needed our time.We have to lose a house just so we could go out of our comfort zones and start a new life and have a new beginning. See? There is still joy in losing. There is joy in SEARCHING because we get to know people who are willing to help us.We realize how much they care and love us because they stay by our side during our search.On the other hand, people are always searching for things everyday. We search for the misplaced car keys when we are getting late for work. We search for good channels to watch on TV. We search for friends online so we can connect with them. We search for peace of mind when we are troubled. Sometimes, people even search for themselves. See? There is joy in searching for in searching we experience God's goodness. We become more patient and we learn to ask for God's help. We learn to humble ourselves and trust that He will lead us to what is good for us. God said, "Ask and it shall be given to you;seek and you shall find;knock and the door will be opened" (Matthew 7:7) There is joy in FINDING because it is the fulfillment of God's promise. After losing and searching, we finally experience joy and peace. We might have lost material things, but we are still able to work hard for it. We lost people who are very dear to us but they taught us valuable lessons which we will never forget. Their presence in our lives contributed to the person that we are today. We might have lost love but love will find us again. Just remember "For I know the plans I have for you,declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you,plans to give you hope and a future" (Jeremiah 29:11) We are losing, searching and finding everyday. I hope that through your loss you may know that you can still search and in the end, you will find the longing of your heart. :) Roselle

The Law of Reciprocity <3

by Roselle Carreon on Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 9:32am ·

Sometimes, we get depressed when the love that we have been giving is not reciprocated. Whether it is at work, in school or in relationships, something is always missing. We find ourselves giving even more than what is needed but still, our hard work seems futile. At work, we give 100% of our efforts. We put our best foot forward to win a boss's approval, to win our co-worker's respect and yet it seems that we can't get the approval and respect that we long for. We work hard day and night and we even stay late just to show how dedicated we are in our jobs but why is it not enough? For example, you have to finish a sales report.Your boss needs it by the end of the day. You give the neat report that you worked hard for and even skipped lunch to finish it and you get a not-so-satisfied look on your boss' face. Where is justice in that? Then, you start to look at yourself and question your abilities. You become negative since you were not appreciated for your efforts. You go home still thinking of how much you suck at work. The next day, you wake up with the same feeling. You feel that you don't want to go to work anymore, but since you need the money, you still get up. You make a report and this time, you get a not-reallysatisfied look on your boss' face. What is wrong here? "I will not give my 100% anymore, anyway, my efforts will just go to waste", you say to yourself. Without you knowing, you are slowly turning into a mediocre person who produces mediocre work. Will you gain approval and respect? I don't think so. It becomes a cycle until you change your outlook.

. You worked so hard on a project without the help of your so-called group mates. You stop finding time in your busy schedule. What is the law of reciprocity? It's simple. "This is so unfair". We give MORE time and MORE effort to win the person's heart and make the relationship last. You simply gave up. care. Will you get the A's that you want? No. If you are in a relationship. in school and in your relationships. You become a freeloader in group projects. sometimes you feel short changed. Why? Becauseyou got tired of aiming high. A seed cannot grow overnight. you receive love but if you plant nothing. and when we get F's we study even MORE. We step-up and take initiative in school tasks. You believe that the love that you are giving was not reciprocated but the truth is. you go to school and you settle for passing grades. patience. and F's. Instead of a growing relationship. you study so hard in order to get straight A's but what do you get? Straight B's. the plant will grow into a beautiful one-and when this happens. don't let the season pass you by. If you plant love. We have to nurture it. you've already pushed it away without you knowing. God bless everyone! .Then. How do we do this in real life? We submit our reports on time. It simply states that you reap what you sow. You stop sending love signals. "What you give is what you receive". your relationship starts to crumble. We smile at our boss. you say to yourself. you become depressed and you feel that it's just another case of unrequited love. We also need to remember this: we need to be patient. Does the one you love notice it? You religiously send messages everyday just to let the person know that you care but do you get replies? You have a busy schedule but you find time to bring the person to the places that would make him/her happy. you'll reap the fruits of your labor at work. In relationships. It means that we have to make a conscious effort to water it and make sure it receives enough sunlight. You find yourself in the last section most of the time. You raise your hand when you know the answer but your teacher calls the teacher's pet while she calls you when you don't know the answer. Start planting good seeds NOW. You believe that you are giving even more than 100% but why are you still stuck in last place. If the person we love cannot see our love. Do you think you will get the love that you want? No. you give the love. These are the givers who nurture the plant by showing unconditional love. care. you are keeping a lifeless one.In school. "I have been pouring my heart out. time. Then. What happens next? You stop caring so much. We are happy when we get B's and become MORE inspired to get A's. but it's no use". There is a proper season for everything. You have been giving your all to make the relationship work but your partner seems to give not even half of what you are giving. you say to yourself. C's. you get nothing. It can be found in the bible too and we knew this since we were young. understanding.. and effort but why is the person clueless about your feelings?Maybe. Cheerful givers are those people who plant good seeds. Will you get your allowance increase? No.we show MORE love. and sincerity needed in order to win the person's heart. You feel unloved and unappreciated. You don't raise your hand anymore even if you know the answer.We become better at work. Where is the truth in this saying when you are not being loved back unconditionally? Then. you say to yourself. and faith. You spend money. you haven't really given 100%. We study hard and we never stop raising our hands until the teacher calls us. In God's perfect time.

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