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1. Max number of allowed dimensions for inserting members of evDRE is seven. 2. Dimension name in the EVDRE expansion options (Dimension, MemberSet) should be upper case regardless of whatever this dimension looks like in Admin console. 3. Member ID in MemberSet is case sensitive. 4. Fully qualified member is required when it's duplicated members. For instance, the actual member is maintained for the dimensions of category and account, it should be specified as CATEGORY:actual or ACCOUNT:actual. 5. SuppressDataRow and SuppressDataCol, see Note 1475722. 6. Corrected Usage on Formatted Member Set,see Note 1533070 7. The rows or columns hidden by the option of "HideColKeys" or "HideRowKeys" won't be unhidden unless users unhide those lines manually or they remove the mark of both options. Therefore, if there are multiple evDres that defined vertically or horizontally at the same worksheet, user may meet some lines of data range hidden. We recommend evDre with multiple RowKeyRange or ColKeyRange instead of multiple evdres with option of "HideColKeys" or "HideRowKeys" marked at the same sheet. 8. BPC excel heavily bases on Microsoft office, and it has very complicated logic to render request to back-end to read data from back-end, display data, apply correct formulas, formatting..., most excel feature should work, but NOT ALL work as expected. a) "UNDO" is not expected to work after BPC activies. For instance, it doesn't work after "Expand All". b) Native excel functions might get unexpected value if they refers dynamical region that populated by BPC function in another worksheet. For instance: 'VLOOKUP', an evDre is defined at 1st worksheet, and at second worksheet, 'VLOOKUP' is at the pagekeyrange of an evDre, the table_array parameter of 'VLOOKUP' refers dynamical region populated by the evDRE at first sheet, it can work with office2003 but not work as expected in office2007, this is a limitation of office2007. If the order of both sheets is changed , the evDRE with 'VLOOKUP' doesn't not work as expected with both MS office2007 and office2003 version. Workaround is that the table_array parameter of 'VLOOKUP' referring to static region c) Copy&Paste For following scenarios, it doesn't work as expected. When user tries to copy something into the data range of evDre with advanced formatting , and it has 'CHANGED' criteria applying to data range, BPC would apply format just after copying, then the button of "paste" turns grey. EXCEL has the same behavior if formatting is applying just after copying. Workaround is to turn on the excel clipboard, then click the content to activate it in the clipboard, then paste is working. Please see attachment for how to open Excel clipboard for Office2003 and Office2007. When user is working on a BPC protected template, the button of "paste" turns grey after rightclicking mouse. BPC has to unprotect this workbook to read dependent formula of current cell to check if "drill down"&"drill through" need to be enabled at the menu of right-click, then protect workbook again. EXCEL has the same behaviour for pasting if user tries to unprotect & protect a workbook just after copying.

Workaround is to copy&paste it with short-cut CTRLC & CTRLV or turn on the excel clipboard.

9. For the application with over 10 dimiensons, if the dimensions defined in RowKeyRange or ColKeyRange of evDre count over 10 in total, or there are more than 10 dimensions referred in evGTS or evGET, user may meet issue to read data. it may due to the limitation of mdx. a) There is a maximum of 10 different hierachies in the drilldown (constant rrk1_c_setxx_max_sid_hindex). If more than 10 hierarchies are used in a drilldown, then the error 'SID_INDEXH' will be returned. b) Details refer to Note 820925(MDX - Restrictions)

1) EvGET is the original function that was used to retrieve data from the database. To increase performance, an enhanced formula, EvDRE, was developed. An EvGET formula always creates an MDX query, which queries the application. 2) An EvDRE formula creates an MDX query, a SQL query, or both, depending on the type of members being retrieved. By default, a SQL query is faster than a MDX query. However, sometimes EvDRE creates SQL queries that turn out to be less efficient than an MDX query. 3) EvDRE does not always perform better than an EvGET function in all cases. However, to be completely sure which formula is the best, you should try both and measure the query time.