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Professor Tran Van Nam brief biography 1.

personal information: Full name: Tran Van Nam Gender: male Date of birth: 10/4/1958 Place of birth: Quangnam province,Vn Marital status: married Nationlaty: Vietnamese Address: 98 quang trung st, danang city,vn Work address: Danang University

Tel: + 84 511 3837 567 Fax: + 84 511 3823 683 E-mail:;
Home address: 98 Quang Trung Street, Danang City Tel: + 84 511 3826 444, Cell Phone: +84913477045 2. Education Level 1997: Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, University of Da Nang, Vietnam 1992-1993: Internship in technical association of global scholarship (AOTS), Kubota Corporation, Japan 1992: Master in mechanical engineering (combustion engines), Osaka University (Osaka, Japan Certificate / diploma awarded: Master of Science 1981: Engineer in mechanical engineering, University of DaNang, Vietnam 3. Function -2010 to present: Director of the University of Danang (UD) -2006-2010: Director of the University of Technology, the University of Danang (UD) Director of Research Center for Environmental Protection (EPRC) -1994-2006: Head of research, development and graduate -Since 1981: Lecturer, University of Danang, Research Center for Environmental Protection (EPRC) -Member of the National Committee of Vietnam on Community of automation engineers Member of National Committee of Vietnamese Society of Automobile Engineers (from 1994) 4. Countries visited: -1989-1993: Study and practice in Japan -1995-2010: Discuss exchange and cooperation ties with universities in the United States, China, Japan, Taiwan, France, Germany, Belgium, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, South Korea ... 5. Research areas: - pollution caused by motor vehicle -combustion chamber compartment in internal combustion engines -Modeling combustion of polluting combustion engines

-Waste treatment, ... -Mechanical Engineers

6. Published works 4.1. Books: (with others) - "The model of combustion in internal combustion engines"; The Vietnam Education Publishing 1997. - "Vehicles and Air Pollution"; The Vietnam Education Publishing 1998. - "Non-traditional Automobiles"; The Vietnam Education Publishing 2010. 4.2. Thread 71 subjects were published in the journal Science and Technology, Proceedings of the meeting (attached) 7. Experience in collaborative projects Upgrading and development of internal combustion engine technology and the ability to research and development at the Technical University in Hanoi Vietnam-Da Nang-Ho Chi Minh City-Austria WASTE-ECON, CIDA, Canada Project postgraduate education, the World Bank, Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam Framework Program University, Osaka University, Japan Project of JICA (GSGES based Asia: Cooperation on education and research environment and disaster management for human security in Asia, Kyoto University, Japan. Programs false teaching university engineer-Australian Agency for International Development program Intel

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