Lazaro Estrada, 0507843, Young, HIST 1379 1 The American west is full of tales glorified through folklore of a time

when cowboys ran the land and the government, at all levels, was nowhere to be found. Those are all stories, right? The American west was run by men, but the difference being that they were only helped by the government at all levels through what we now know as lobbying. The people's needs were left in the dust while the interest of the rich stayed the main focal point. The evidence provided shows us that the US governments became involved, but were there actions for the people or for the people who supported them financially? Corporate greed is not a thing of the present, but of always; by ways of limiting the amount of cattle barons who had power, or arresting a woman who was fighting for the people, the government stood by and effectively enforced many of these laws and ideals. In Johnson County the lynching of James Averell and Ellen Watson woke many of the locals to the new way of handling the “rustlers”. “The lynching is the outgrowth of a bitter feeling between big stock men and those charged with cattle rustling” (p. 51) Their murders scared locals, but the newspaper helped legitimize these killings and portrayed these people as brothel owners and a prostitute. It took over fifty years for an account to help change the views on these people and remind us that maybe we are not always told the truth. “It certainly wasn't any rustling operations of Averell's and Ella Watson's. Neither of them ever stole a cow.” (p. 52) When law is taken into the hands of the people without due process we are left with unresolved murders and a failure to the civil rights we as Americans hold. Local government in Johnson County did make arrests of regulators who may have been guilty of murder, but with the help of the local news paper, these men were set free and nothing came of these charges. “No great change is accomplished without bloodshed . In the movement under the consideration a couple of thieves have been killed” (p. 70) This writer is telling us that with change comes death, and that maybe true, but unlawful killings and attacks, like the murder of Watson and Averell could have been avoided had the government made a point to come and handle the situation as a whole, instead of only impeding when called upon by their friends such and the ranch owners.

only helped prove the locals right.Lazaro Estrada. In Colorado we see similar issues take precedence involving working conditions. but already knowing what these men and their money can influence. that its officials had not paid the expenses incurred by the detention of the prisoners . “Immediately upon the arrival of the 9th Calvary in this vicinity it was perceived by both officers and men that while the first element was peaceably disposed. At this . 0507843.. on the right side of the people.” (p.. It made the people defiant beyond expectations.presented a petition to Judge Scott for relief. The government was already not siding the people of the state. Without regulations for the workers' well-being and the lack of change when mining related accidents and deaths occurred. At every turn of this situation we see the government fail to work with the people. Opening fire on the US soldiers is not exactly lawful. the people fought back. but now they had to deal with negro soldiers wrestling with their women and interfering on the government's behalf.. HIST 1379 2 The state and federal government were called in after the locals retaliated against troops brought in to make “peace” with the people. The sheriff. One of the most disappointing moments of the Johnson County War was during the “Trial of the Invaders”. Young. 73-4) The soldiers coming into their bars and brothels only angered the locals and pushed them to the edge. setting forth that Johnson County was bankrupt. the second was in an ugly mood and viewed their arrival with distrust and hostility. “.. they knew that it was a long shot. This left a soured taste in the mouths of the people. Men that had been arrested for murders of local ranchers and the people of Johnson County were hoping for a trial. These events lead to strikes in the work place and force the Colorado coal operators to take the law into their own hands and use it for their interests alone. versus the money of the large ranch owners and the people that worked for them. but with the feelings of no support by the government in charge the people of the west once again take law into their own hands and retaliate.D. The mining towns of Trinidad County are forced to work in unsafe environments that only worsened as time went on.” (p. Kelly. A. 71) Now that the Sheriff had brought this petition with him the presiding Judge let them men free because of the lack of funding and choices he had.

her fearlessness can be seen as heroic or her downfall.” (p. “That night I took a train directly to Denver. With the lack of development in the west compared to their eastern counterparts made “law” a bit different. 100) The actions of the soldiers are reprehensible. Young. the “Man”. but through testimony and eye witnessed accounts of the violence we see that the militia is there for the corporation and not the people of Colorado. “The pretense that the leaders of the militia have been impartial is absurd. but not to the people of America. the people on top. but effective with those who called upon them. If this is not the government using its powers for evil. but any out-of-line behavior of the common worker would result in enslavement of the militia at their own discretion. was an activist for the rights of coal miners. Friends call in favors to the government leaders. I'm not sure what is. She was a victim of the government's joint relationship with the big money. forcing the citizens of Colorado to continue mistrusting the government at large. but to the “1%”. Mary Harris Jones. which brought help. which only invigorated her fight against the “man”. . 101) It is then explained that the guards are able to hurt the people or do as they please in broad daylight. “Much. Mother Jones. The government of the United States was effective in these situations.” (p. Mother Jones was no stranger to the strike zones and fighting the corporations. The Governor was called and the Governor called General Chase and he ordered a militia to arrest her. but I guess that depends on which side of history you stand. Even though she read that she was not allowed to be near the strike zone. she trailed on and was apprehended by the military and put in a prison camp where she was held. so they put her away for nine weeks.Lazaro Estrada. has been done and is daily being done by the militia to incite striking miners to fight. however. Mother Jones was known to incite protests and the Leaders of CFI could not afford another event as such. HIST 1379 3 point the Colorado National Guard has been called in to help with the strikers.” She went directly into the war zone and even though she found resistance early in her trip. corporations. 0507843.

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