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Full Proof Management of Risk and Vulnerability in Supply Chain and Logistics"


Advanced Project Management Strategies with special reference to Supply Chain & Logistics Issues"
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Major Factors of Risk and Vulnerability in Supply Chain and Logistics Management


Session 1 Session Overview Understanding the nature of risk Definition of risk Key terms in risks Analyse potential sources of risk Exercise 1: major risks in your organisations

Session 2 Analyse various business tools to reduce supply chain vulnerability o Kraljic model o Pareto Principle o Boston Model o Exercise on segmentation

Session 3

Session 4 Distinguish between strategic, operational and project based areas of risk Understanding the organisations risk appetite Resource required for effective risk management o How suppliers can assist in promotion of risk management o Development of risk register End of session

Session 5 (4.30 to 5.30pm)

Day 1 2:30 PM To 8:30 PM

Definition of supply chain vulnerability Mapping a supply chain and identify potential sources of vulnerability

Day 2 10.00 AM To 6:00 PM

Establishing a risk management process o Developing a risk management strategy

Key stages in risk management o Risk identification o Risk analysis o Risk evaluation

Key stages in risk management o Risk treatment o Risk reporting o Promotion of risk awareness culture

Advanced Project Management Strategies with special reference to Supply Chain & Logistics Issues
Session/Day Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session Overview Day 3 10.00 AM To 6:30 PM Introduction to Project Management What is a project? Project Life cycle Process Mapping and Knowledge Areas Project Integration Management o Project Charter o Scope Statement o Development Project Plan o Exercises Project Scope management o Scope Management o Create WBS o Exercise on scope management Project Time Management o Activity definition o Sequencing o Duration Estimating Case studies Session 4 Cost Management o Cost Estimating o Cost control Project Risk Management o Risk Identificatio n o Quantitative and qualitative risk analysis Project Closure End of session Quiz and program closure Session 5 (4.30 to 5.30pm)

Case Studies

Supply Chain Game

Full Proof Management of Risk & Vulnerability in Supply Chain & Logistics
Supply chain disruptions can reduce companys revenues, decrease market share, drive up costs and threaten production and distribution. Outsourcing, Just in Time, Lean and Agile though good business strategies may also stretch your supply chain and make it more vulnerable. The worrisome news is that some companies fail to recognize how shifts in business strategies have increased their risk profiles.

This seminar is designed to enable participants to undertake risk analysis and a variety of risk assessments relating to different aspects of supply chain and to implement a range of appropriate risk management tools and techniques. Participants will use a variety of risk assessment tools and techniques designed to provide a detailed analysis of supply chain situations, including legal, corporate social responsibility (CSR), ethical, health and safety, financial, international, Innovation and a variety of other potential risk scenarios. The scope covers both the proactive identification and avoidance of risk, as well as provision for post event recovery initiatives Recovery initiatives.

Who Should Attend

The two-day experiential group learning workshop will benefit supply chain executives from all segments of the industry whose duties and responsibilities require them to be conversant with the economics and risk aspects of supply chain transactions

At the end of the seminar, participants will be able to:
Analyze the nature and scope of risks for the organization Assess the sources of risks and the likely impact of those risks upon the Organization

Plan and implement an appropriate risk management process in order to protect the organizations interests Explain how supplier appraisals, pre-qualification of suppliers and contract monitoring can help to mitigate risks Evaluate systems for testing risks and monitoring them accordingly Apply risk management principles to various purchasing and supply management scenarios Evaluate the application of a range of techniques to mitigate risk proactively and to reduce the consequential losses in the instance of a risk event occurring

Advanced Project Management Strategies with Special reference to Supply Chain & Logistics Issues
Projects can range from construction to refurbishment of premises, introduction Of new information technology systems to outsourcing/off shoring of work Previously tackled in-house, and re-design or re-engineering of products, services And processes. At the same time projects should align and contribute to the overall strategic objectives of the organization.

Supply chain specialists in both the private and public sectors should have a Pivotal role in the initiation, planning and control of projects, and in the Development and on- going management of resulting contracts, serving suppliers and customers alike. Project management is concerned with achieving objectives relating to quality, cost and time. Supply chain specialists have a high degree of involvement in developing the procurement strategy for contracts with suppliers, and with the operational activities of monitoring and administering supplier performance.

Who Should Attend

The two-day experiential group learning workshop will benefit supply chain Executives from all segments of the industry whose duties and responsibilities Require them to be conversant with all the aspects of supply chain transactions.

At the end of the seminar, participants will be able to:
Critically evaluate organizational and management issues concerned with project management, including the power and influence of stakeholders. Assess and justify the approach to managing projects using a variety of different methodologies. Develop and systematically apply project management concepts, models, tools and techniques, to derive solutions for a range of practical project management challenges. Evaluate the key success factors in successful project management in the context of todays business environment. Initiate, plan and implement projects in purchasing, logistics and supply chain management. Evaluate project management processes and their relationship to current strategic practice.

Training Date: 29th -30th January for Part -1, & 31st January for Part -2
Registration Fee: TK, 21,000 / per participant for Part 1 & 2 TK, 16,000 / per participant for Part -1 TK, 8,000 / per participant for Part -2

Venue: SPECTRA convention center

House # 19, Road # 7, Gulshan # 1, Dhaka, Training Facilities: 2 Snacks and 1 Lunch on each Training Day & Training Materials. N.B. Registration Fee should be paid by an A/c Payee Cheque / Pay Order in favor of INTIMATE on or before 23rd January, 2011

CERTIFICATE: AdVance Supply Chain Solution, Singapore issued a certificate for the participant in corporation with INTIMATE.

Resource Person- Mr. Pavan Sharma

(Country Director, Singapore, Advance SCS)
PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Twenty years of international experience in engineering, logistics and supply chain, Corporate training, business development and consultancy. Self-driven, proven leader and excellent contributor to organizational goals. An effective communicator at all levels within an organization. Good problem solving, project management and analytical skills.

Master in Business Administration, Rutgers Business School, State University of New Jersey, USA (Ranked among Top 20 in the world, 5th in Strategy and 6th in Finance) Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial Engineering) - Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, India (Ranked among Top 10 Engineering colleges) Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering, TIPIE, NPC, India.

Professional Project Manager (PMP) - Project Management Institute, USA. Certified Industry Trainer- Institute of Technical Education (ITE), Singapore. Accredited Coach The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, UK.

Member Beta Gamma Sigma, USA - International Honor Society for best students in business programs. Recognition for outstanding scholastic record. Chartered Member Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Singapore. Associate member Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, U.K. Member Project Management Institute, USA.

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