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Paris Design Circuit 31 may 04 june 2012


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designerÕs days
Paris Design Circuit 31 may 04 june 2012


Discover all the stages of the Designer’s Days circuit on

Summary Designer’s Days 2012

Part 1
5| Commentary from Ministers and Paris City Hall 2012‘s Theme | Identity (ies) Calendar New for 2012 Members of the Designer’s Days Association
Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Introduction


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Ministry of Culture and Communication

Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Introduction

With no less than 90 addresses, each offering a variety of exhibitions and scenographies exclusively created for the occasion, in the heart of Paris and as far out as Pantin this year, Designer's Days, the international design week event, has provided, for the past twelve years, the opportunity of honouring the dynamism of the creative process. This week, which has become the leading event in France, provides an ideal link between industry, technology and art, plus exposure and promotion, to which I attach the utmost importance. After “Conversations” in 2011, this new edition turns to the theme of Identity (ies). As a whole, the forms assumed by design are many fold : all at once industrial innovations, interior decoration, use of materials, shape, furniture, re-interpretations of artisanal objects, and how they are used in everyday life, design encompasses an extremely varied selection of savoir-faire, expression, function and usage.

I am delighted that the Designer's Days Association, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Communication, will present an exhibition on the link which draws together designers and artisans. This exhibition will be visible in the window frontage of the Ministry building. Six pairings formed between young designers and craftsmen of the Maison Revel in Pantin – an embroiderer, weaver, carpenter, cabinet maker, potter, and a master knitter will show case, in our display areas, their complementary visions of an art which reconciles the skill of manual craft with conceptual intelligence, heritage and creative avant-garde. I applaud the work of Alain Lardet, President of Designer's Days, and all the participants, designers, gallery owners, craftsmen, industrialists, producers, schools, museums, as well as their foreign partners, who allow this event to define itself, as their President has stated, "a Defence and Illustration of Design" in France.
Frédéric Mitterrand Ministry of Culture and Communication

Since 2008, the Government has been committed to a proactive policy to support the diffusion of design in the economy, based around four areas of action: encouraging the use of design in businesses, especially SMEs; making design more accessible; ensuring excellence in the provision of design training; promoting French design internationally plus adding value to French products, thanks to their design. Many initiatives have been launched by the Dgcis (an organisation focussed on competitiveness, industry and services), including the website, now run by Apci (an agency promoting industrial creativity), raising awareness and support for design in the regions, or requests for tenders in the fields of innovation, creativity, design, and marketing. On the occasion of the 9th European Conference on design issues, organised by the Apci, on 9 January this year, Eric Besson, Minister responsible for Industry, Energy and the Digital Economy, announced the launch of a three pronged action plan : the creation of a National Design Centre, the integration of design into the ecosystem of economic hubs and the development of a system of reference for design professions.

Designer’s Days 2012 Identité(s) | Introduction

Ministry of Culture and Communication Vitrines du Péristyle et de la Galerie de Valois 3, rue de Valois - 75001 Paris

Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry

Paris City Hall


Spotlighting Parisian Identities _
Throughout the course of a week, Parisians will be able to enjoy the many superb facilities offered by Designer's Days, in showrooms, but also in several places throughout the city such as museums, local town halls, the Viaduc des Arts, the Ateliers de Paris, on bridges and walkways, and even in the capital’s squares. The presence of these installations in a municipal environment will indicate the willingness of the city to demonstrate to its citizens, the richness and diversity plus, in particular, the usefulness of design in day-to-day life. This is why the city of Paris has supported and encouraged Designer's Days since its inception. In fact, the municipality has already made a prominent feature in its streets, with projects such as Velib’ and Autolib', which were chosen for the Design of The Year award by the Brit Insurance Design Awards. Continuing with the same innovative approach, the city, several months ago, signed up some forty or so “smart” urban spaces around the city, which serve as experimentation zones, where Parisians can test, in real live situations, the equipment and services which will be part of tomorrow’s city. It therefore made sense to incorporate this project into the plans of Designer's Days. Wishing to go even further, the Paris City Hall launched a grant to promote creativity, assist business development within companies and support designers, whether in Paris or overseas, and to improve the ongoing mentoring given to project developers. This initiative will contribute to the emergence of initiatives taken by the Ateliers de Paris as well as others, who are are supported by the city, and who are dedicated to production; such as schools, business “nurseries”, training grounds, or “incubator” businesses. Paris would like to thank the Designer's Days Association for its dynamism, commitment and its fulfilment of a successful project, this year called "Identities". This term is well chosen as it reflects the importance of design for the city and it adapts well to the realities of life in Paris. Paris is home to, and attracts many French and international designers, thanks to its special nature, its vibrancy and its diversity. In return, the designers contribute to making the capital a place which is without match in terms of design, and in fact, is quite simply unsurpassable in all respects.
Lyne Cohen Solal Paris City Hall - Councillor responsible for Commerce, Craftsmen, Independent Professions, and Art Trades.

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Introduction

The theme for 2012 Identity (ies)
To talk about Identity (ies) in the plural is to admit to the complexity, paradoxes, the richness of an individual, an object, or a brand.

Considered thus, with its “ies” in brackets, the theme of the Paris Design circuit in 2012 opens up some interesting perspectives.

The theme of the Designer's Days circuit is a surprising choice. And yet to talk about Identity (ies) in the plural is to admit the complexity, the paradoxes and the richness of an individual, an object, or a brand. Considered thus, with its “ies” in brackets, the theme of the Paris Design circuit in 2012 opens up some interesting perspectives. Over and above the images which hark from the birthplace of the participants, echoing their roots, and their history, this plural of the word reminds us of the genesis of a product, or in the development of a brand, nothing is ever a foregone conclusion. If one usually knows where something originates from (the famous DNA of a brand which forges its identity), it is hard to bet on the direction that it might take. How are choices made which determine the identity of brands throughout the course of their production and life cycle? This plural, this bracket yielded to the unknown, is the delta which a company leaves to the designer at the moment when it commissions a project. The company provides a brief, with specifications.. but is also expecting a surprise. The purpose of design should be to comply absolutely with the constraints

of industry, production limitations, or distribution needs, and must also be surprising, captivating... and perennial… a Utopia steeped with realism at the end of the day. Thus, the identity (ies) embodied in “design” objects, are those which are intermingled with brands and designers. This is also linked to future buyers who identify themselves with these objects. The latter becomes the mirror that reflects the values of a brand, the invention of the designer, and the emotions of the buyer. Talk about Identity (ies), and you talk about design. Designer's Days from 31 May to 4 June 2012, will offer a wonderful cornucopia of international design, centred in Paris. To be discovered, little by little, the identity (ies) of each participant, some of which are easy to understand, some rather more elusive and must be explored within the scenographies….. This is a real treasure hunt, offering full-on creativity which will lead visitors from the heart of Paris and beyond, to the suburbs of Pantin. A Parisian design circuit which will, for the first time, move out of central Paris and thus reveal yet another facet of its ambition and identity.

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Introduction

Event Calendar Designer’s Days 2012

Wednesday 30 May 2012
17h30 | 18h30 Ratp & Le Lieu du Design Yo Kaminagaï VIP – Visit to the “Under your feet, there’s design” exhibition
Address | Le Lieu du Design 74, rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine - 75012 Paris Reservation | (Maximum 15 people per visit)

14h | 14h45

Bulthaup Étoile Unqui Designers present their scenography to architects
Address | Bulthaup étoile 6, avenue Carnot - 75017 Paris Reservation | Carmen Ojeda T. +33 (0)1 43 80 98 09

09h | 13h

Maxalto VIP « La Reserve » Private visit to a boutique hotel fitted out by Maxalto
Addresse | 3, avenue d’Eylau - 75116 Paris Réservation | (20 personnes max par visite)




14h | 17h30

Speed dating at Via
Address | Via 33, avenue Daumesnil - 75012 Paris Reservation only

10h | 10h45

Bulthaup Étoile Unqui Designers present their scenography to architects
Address | Bulthaup étoile 6, avenue Carnot - 75017 Paris Reservation | Carmen Ojeda T. +33 (0)1 43 80 98 09


Thursday 31 May 2012
Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Introduction


Entrance is free. Places must be reserved, and are limited by availability. Please contact the reservation addresses noted for each event. VIP : these events are strictly limited to the recipients of the VIP Designer’s Days programme

Press launch _

15h | 15h45

Bulthaup Étoile Unqui Designers present their scenography to architects
Address | Bulthaup étoile 6, avenue Carnot - 75017 Paris Reservation | Carmen Ojeda T. +33 (0)1 43 80 98 09

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Introduction

09h30 | 10h30

Ratp – New station Front Populaire VIP – Site visit
Address | La Base Vie Ratp 43, rue des Gardinoux - 93300 Aubervilliers Reservation | (Maximum 10 people per visit)

11h | 11h45

Bulthaup Étoile Unqui Designers present their scenography to architects
Address | Bulthaup étoile 6, avenue Carnot - 75017 Paris Reservation | Carmen Ojeda T. +33 (0)1 43 80 98 09



From de 19h

Rive Droite launch party Invitation only _
11h | 13h


10h | 10h45

Bulthaup Étoile Unqui Designers present their scenography to architects
Address | Bulthaup Etoile 6, avenue Carnot - 75017 Paris Reservation | Carmen Ojeda T. +33 (0)1 43 80 98 09

Cerfav VIP – Learn about glass blowing
Address | Cerfav 19, rue Charles Auray - 93500 Pantin Reservation |

Friday 1 June 2012
08h30 | 13h



10h | 11h30

Moulage workshop and the Louvre’s chalcography VIP –Site visit
Reservation | (Maximum 15 people per visit)


École Parsons à Paris (Paris College of Art) « The competence of designers relating to social change : changing the way that the design process works » Round table : Design professionals (Fedi. Nekoe) question economists and economic researchers about the importance of their profession.
Address | Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne Centre Panthéon, Amphi 1 12, place du Panthéon - 75005 Paris

14h | 15h

Cerfav VIP – Guided workshop visit
Address | Cerfav 19, rue Charles Auray - 93500 Pantin Reservation |


14h | 18h

11h | 11h45

Bulthaup Étoile Unqui Designers present their scenography to architects
Address | Bulthaup Etoile 6, avenue Carnot - 75017 Paris Reservation | Carmen Ojeda T. +33 (0)1 43 80 98 09


Cerfav « Sounds of glass» exhibition open to the public and a demonstration of glass blowing
Address | Cerfav 19, rue Charles Auray - 93500 Pantin Reservation |



Friday 1 June 2012 (continued)
14h30 | 16h30

Saturday 2 June 2012
10h | 11h Ratp - La Villette workshops with Stephanie Maupin VIP – Guided site visit
Address | Site RATP de La Villette 6 à 10, Sente à Bigot - 75019 Paris Reservation | (Maximum 12 people per visit)

Sunday 3 June 2012
10h30 | 12h Ratp & Le Lieu du Design Yo Kaminagaï VIP – Visit to the “Under your feet, there’s design” exhibition
Address | Le Lieu du Design 74, rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine - 75012 Paris Reservation | (15 personnes max par visite)

Monday 4 June 2012
09h30 Round Table Designer’s Days - Ccip in partnership with Intramuros
Address | Ccip 27, avenue de Friedland - 75008 Paris

Réserve du Musée des Arts et Métiers VIP – Guided visit
Reservation |
(Maximum 19 people per visit)



_ 14h30 | 18h


10h | 11h30

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Introduction

École Parsons à Paris (Paris College of Art) “The competences of designers relating to social change : changing the way that the design process works » - Creative workshops on designer competence versus the stakes in today’s society. - Exhibition about the “Grand” Paris
Address | École Parsons à Paris 14, rue Letellier - 75015 Paris Reservation | Brigitte Borja de Mozota

Réserve du Musée des Arts et Métiers VIP – Guided visit
Reservation | (Maximum 19 people per visit)


10h30 | 12h30

Ifm Round table « Creativity and globalisation : has design become global? »
Address | Ifm

11h | 13h

Cerfav VIP – Learn about glass blowing
Address | Cerfav 19, rue Charles Auray - 93500 Pantin Reservation |


36, quai d’Austerlitz - 75013 Paris
Reservation |


_ 14h | 17h

10h30 | 12h

Ratp – The new central control Ligne 12 par E. Saadi VIP – guided visit
Address | Ratp 43, bis rue Desnouettes - 75015 Paris Reservation | (12 personnes max par visite)

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Introduction


11h | 12h

La Villette workshops with Stephanie Maupin Guided site visits open to the general public
Address | Site RATP de La Villette 6 à 10, Sente à Bigot - 75019 Paris Reservation | (Maximum 12 people per visit)

Cerfav « Sounds of glass» exhibition open to the general public and a demonstration of glass blowing
Address | Cerfav 19 rue Charles Auray - 93500 Pantin Reservation |


16h | 17h30

Maison Revel VIP – Guided visit to the workshops of the designers and artisans.
Address | Centre de ressources du Pôle Pantin Métiers d’art 56, avenue Jean Jaurès - 93507 Pantin Reservation | (Maximum 15 people per visit)


14h | 17h

_ 14h | 18h 11h | 13h

Cerfav Visit to the « Sounds of glass» exhibition – open to the general public and an exhibition of glass blowing
Address | Cerfav 19, rue Charles Auray - 93500 Pantin Reservation |


Cerfav VIP – Glass blowing demonstration
Address | Cerfav 19, rue Charles Auray - 93500 Pantin Reservation |

James Dyson Foundation & Centre Pompidou Workshop for children « Objects which aren’t short of air »
Address | Centre Pompidou Place Georges Pompidou - 75004 Paris Reservation | Alexia Bohar T. +33 (0) |


17h30 | 18h30

Ratp & Le Lieu du design Yo Kaminagaï Visit to the « Under your feet, there’s design » exhibition
Address | Le Lieu du Design 74, rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine - 75012 Paris Reservation | (Maximum 15 people per visit)


19h |


Designer’s Night (Closing evening) Private evening – invitation only _

14h | 18h

Cerfav ”Sounds of glass” exhibition open to the general public and an exhibition of glass blowing
Addresse | Cerfav 19, rue Charles Auray - 93500 Pantin Réservation |


_ À partir de 19h

Launch party Rive Gauche Invitation only _

À partir de 19h

Vernissage Pantin Launch party - Invitation only _

Members of the jury of Designer’s Days 2012

Designer’s Days Round Table
At CCIP , In partnership with Intramuros, Identity (ies) by Chantal Hamaide Editor of Intramuros _

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Introduction

Jérôme Aumont | Editor of Maison Française magazine Pierre Charpin | Designer, jury president Galit Gaon | Artistic Director of the Holon design museum, Israel Françoise Guichon | Director of Design at the Centre Pompidou Chantal Hamaide | Editor of Intramuros Marie Kalt | Editor of AD Harry Koskinnen | Designer (representing the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012) Claudia Pignatale | Secondome Edizioni Marion Vignal | Head of Design of Express Styles Prizes will be awarded during the final evening on 4 June 2012. - Designer's Days Prize for the best scenography in partnership with Luxe Magazine - Designer's Days Prize for design promotion in partnership with AD - Designer's Days Prize for design dissemination in partnership with Intramuros - Designer's Days Prize for Business/Designer in partnership with Express Styles & Maison Française
© Christophe Brachet

Every year, the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosts the Designer's Days Association for a large round table discussion which unites the biggest personalities from the world of design, to analyse, depending on the theme for the year, the influences of design with regard to the economy. Linked to business by its very nature, design is a discipline which helps to stimulate added value for business, whatever might be the outcome in terms of products, services or processes. It is thanks to a strong link with the entrepreneurial world that the CCIP is the preferred partner of the Designer's Days Association. On the theme of "Identity (ies)" chosen for 2012’s Designer’s Days, the conference on 4 June will bring together international personalities, manufacturers, producers, major brands, graphic artists, designers, brand developers, who will offer advice on brand identity on the web. A round table led by professionals in the service of a common desire created by design, graphics and the web.

Designer's Days at CCIP Le 4 june 2012 at 9h30 27, avenue de Friedland - 75008 Paris Reservation : |

New for 2012



Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Introduction

In 2012, the Parisian design roadshow will offer its visitors a wealth of exceptional design creativity. With no fewer than 90 venues, which will provide exhibitions and specially created environments, Designer's Days offer an unequalled dimension, gathering around all the members of the Association, all the players involved in the creation of design - producers – galleries - industry - distributors - designers – museums - schools and institutions. All have joined forces to create a programme which is both rich and diverse. This is a true reflection of the evolution which is happening in this sector, as much economically as culturally, the Designer’s Days circuit will thus be able to highlight certain powerful design trends.

establish, above and beyond the product itself, their brands’ philosophy in relation to the question of Identity (ies). Alongside these, Issey Miyake, who exhibited in 2011, will present his first collection of poetic ecological lights…while the new Paris address of the Carpenters Workshop Gallery will also form part of the programme. Designers’ willingness to express themselves _ Alongside the young designers who responded in numbers to the project briefing in October 2011, and who will be exhibited in the Grande Halle de la Villette, within a scenography created by GT Imaginers, some have chosen to exhibit their work on the Designer's Days Roadshow individually. Atelier Cahen & Gregori, Eliumstudio, Sabrina Transiskus, and even Jean-Michel Wimotte, who will present his design collections in his Sainte Anastase gallery and will devote much attention to an exceptional facility at the Pont des Arts which will draw together the two banks of the Seine during the week. A strengthed embassy presence _ These collaborations, forged in 2009, continue and expand, creating special relationships between Designer's Day and foreign countries. This year, the Italian Embassy proposes a exhibition designed by the Milan Triennale, on the subject of the Seven Obsessions of Italian Design, Denmark will show the work of Peter Callesen, the Norwegian, displayed outside, which will portray how his most beautiful panoramas are heightened by the intervention of architects, and the Finnish Institute, along the banks of the Seine, will offer a glimpse in the extraordinary work of Helsinki World Design Capital.

The opening of the Pantin circuit _ The North-East of Paris, just outside the Périphérique will be the site of a completely new experience for the Designer's Days roadshow. Bringing together the collaborative interests of Pantin Town Hall, CDT93 and Designer's Days, this new venue along Ourcq canal, accessible thanks to continuous river shuttles, will be devoted to young artists and the relationship between craftsmen and design. Petit h and ENSAD based in the Théâtre au Fil de l’Eau; the Maison Revel, in which Designer's Days has created pairings between designers and craftsmen; the Dynamo, housing among others, the project which unites Camondo and Eurosic, will make this new exhibit one of the most attractive features of the event. Strong presence of industrialists _ Because design is a matter for business… Legrand, Interfaceflor and Tarkett will join Oberflex, one of the leading industrial partners of the event. Mobilisation of museums and colleges _ Prévert wrote poems about it...this unprecedented role call places Designer's Days among the major events which bring together business and culture within the same sector of activity, the Petit Palais, the Arts Décoratifs, the Fondation Cartier, the Quai Branly, the Arts et Métiers will be present, together with others whose attendance has yet to be confirmed. With regard to academia, Duperré and the Saint Etienne École supérieure d’Art et de Design join the other institutions which have attended for several years.

Partnership with the Ratp _ When one thinks about circuits, thoughts naturally move to getting around from A to Z... In 2012, Ratp and Designer's Days strengthen their partnership which was created in 2011, by opening places which have rare, contemporary architectural interest, for exclusive guided tours. Some of the stations are not usually open to the public. A significant poster campaign on buses and the underground in Paris will illustrate this collaboration. The Moving Rooms Information points and exhibition venues _ In the streets, as close as possible to its visitors, Designer's Days will set up five information points which will be open to the public during the event. These “Moving Rooms”, vintage, silver, American Airstreams, converted by Made in Design, will be liveried in the colours of Designer's Days…corresponding perfectly with their aim of illustrating the culture of design, caravans dedicated to the five continents, these Moving Rooms will the hub for meetings between Designer's Days and the public.

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Introduction

The relationship between design and the art professions _ The fact that Talents-Ateliers d’Art de France with its shop in the Rue Scribe has recently joined the Association perfectly illustrates this trend. Just as the economic situation may be worrying Europe, companies in France are refocusing themselves on a fundamental element of added value in their domain: savoir-faire. This know-how, combined with contemporary design, gives rise to products which are rich in a sense of history and have a strong identity, a subtle blend between heritage and cutting-edge creativity. The emergence of new producers with a creative leaning is very evident _ Mattiazzi at Merci; GT Design, Artuce, Oxyo at the Dynamo; Confidence & Light, Autori Vari,... so many new names on the design scene, some who were present at Designer’s Days in 2011, have chosen this year’s event to present their latest products, and to be able to

Members of the Association

Baccarat | B’Bath | B&B Italia - Silvera | Boffi Bains | Boffi Paris | Bulthaup Étoile | Cappellini | Cassina | Deco & Design & Tubes Radiatori| Dedar | Dyson | Hermès | Kartell | Lafayette Maison | Manufacture Cogolin | Maxalto | Molteni & C Dada | Pianos Pleyel | Poltrona Frau | Puiforcat | Roche Bobois | Saazs | Saint-Louis | Sèvres - Cité de la Céramique | Silvera Poliform | Tai Ping | Talents - Ateliers d’Art de France |

by Patricia Urquiola _

Balances by Architetti Associati Pasini Agoston _

B&B Italia Silvera
Be cartoon by Christophe Weber _

Boffi Bains
Psyche(s) by Jean-Marc Gady _



Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 1 – Association Members

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 1 – Association Members

Under development

Pasini Agoston Associated Associates set the scene with a balancing act at B'bath. A situation which is apparently unstable and improbable, to explore the different facets of "identity" which underpin the Collection Angelo Mangiarotti and the work of Maître, designer and architect of renown. The balance between two stone tables from the same, material and formal, “EROS" collection, presented by Agape, but with very different masses. An exhibit built by B'bath from a complex mathematical equation based on characteristics specific to each of the two entities. Identity as: The collection of features that distinguish a person, thing or place from all others. A composition of differences, in harmony. To bring elements together and achieve absolute equality between two entities. A symmetry which is achieved regardless of the value of its parts.

For Designer's Days B & B Italia have invited the artist Christophe Weber to design the installation Be Cartoon! A spectacular interactive work, allowing visitors to be “drawn” and integrated in real time into the story boards of a comic strip, extrapolated into part of a living space. Are you ready for heroism? A talented interpreter of contemporary living, B & B Italia present a design universe, created from diversity, innovation and technology. Each visitor to the Store in Paris is thus invited to project themselves into these possibilities to discover those which match his/her personality. During this imaginary moment, each create their own story in which B & B Italia furniture becomes characters in his/her daily life. An adventure that B & B Italia will stage among their collections, designed with the most prestigious contemporary designers, to allow each to assert his/her style and identity.

Boffi Bains invites Jean-Marc Gady to interpret the theme of Identity (ies), the common thread of this new edition of Designer's Days. "The installation seeks to recreate a situation of intimacy and introspection, specific to the bathroom space”, says the designer before unveiling his content a little further : "The personalities who are the soul and identity of Boffi (CEO, designers, engineers) express themselves in the reflection of their creations. Objects reflect, in turn, this image to the public. As the visitor draws close to the installation, it is his/her own reflection which is discovered”. A subtle evocation of the DNA of Boffi Bains, whose essence is to propose a level of product design which, if successful, touches the universal.

Baccarat 11, place des États Unis - 75116 Paris Press contact : Caroline Delaurens | Julien Guitard T. +33 (0)1 40 22 11 50 | T. +33 (0)1 40 22 11 18 |

B’bath 108, bis rue du Cherche-Midi - 75006 Paris Press contact : Aurélie Sassier T. +33 (0)6 06 87 85 04 17 |

B&B Italia - Silvera 35, rue du Bac – 75007 Paris | Press contact : AgenceMLA | Juliette Vallet T. +33 (0)1 53 24 99 19 |

Boffi Bains 12, rue de la Chaise - 75007 Paris Press contact : Agence 14 Septembre | Emilie Stofft T. +33 (0)1 55 28 38 28 |

Boffi Paris
Boffi gets the graffiti treatment by Da Cruz _

Bulthaup Étoile
Steps by Unqui Designers (with audiovisual production by Hugues de la Brosse) _

Cappellini’s heroes by Giulio Cappellini _

Creatures by Bloom Room _



Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 1 – Association Members

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 1 – Association Members

Boffi Paris has entrusted its own presence at Designers Days 2012 to the artist Da Cruz. Since the mid-2000s, this artist has made his own personal mark in the nineteenth arrondissement of Paris, in the district of his birth, the Ourcq. For several years he has been creating a fresco of monumental dimension of his own work, but it is also an environment where artistic exchanges and collaborations can take place. Boffi creates its kitchens as a unique form, in a space of preserved charm, with parquet floors, oak staircases, carved mouldings and woodwork, which Piero Lissoni’s treatment brings to life with contemporary freshness. During the time that Designers Days takes place, Boffi becomes a gallery where two "identities" will co-habit together, and collaborate to open up other creative fields – imagination, fields of dreams. Da Cruz will be creating the platform for this Italian brand, and will cast his eyes and his creative art on the walls, the doors and the work surfaces of the kitchens. From this collaboration an orginal and powerful work will be created.

"Show me how you walk” Unqui Designers establish themselves at Bulthaup Étoile and reveal their analysis of the gait which characterises each individual. The environment influences the innate and forges everyone’s style of walking, whose identity is then partially uncovered. "Things" also have identity and a life cycle. The objects with which we surround ourselves, characterise us and make us reflect back to fragments of our own history. Traces of their use reveal the identity of their owner... Come and follow the trail of "those who walk"!

An “out of the ordinary“ personality and always a great dandy above and beyond fashion, Giulio Cappellini has proved to be a great talent scout. Many are the young designers who have created their first projects for Cappellini before being accepted internationally as real "heroes". The "Cappellini's Heroes" exhibition depicts the most representative creations of his many collaborations: a journey through time and landscapes, which, thanks to the profile of the chosen designers, has transported us from the rigour of Japanese artist Shiro Kuramata to the lightheartedness of the Dutchman Marcel Wanders. A perfect assortment of Cappellini’s products, “historical” icons, produced between the 80s and 90s, up to the most recent products, such as their latest new lines. Alessandro Mendini, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Jasper Morrison and Tom Dixon are among the protagonists of this exhibition.

Cassina has entrusted Bloom Room with the task of interpreting the theme of Identity (ies), the heart of this year’s Designer's Days. To express the core values of the brand, Marc Angel’s studio has emprisoned impressive and over sized creatures in cages. An anthropomorphous mix engendering the brand’s icons, these giant prisoners (the ultimate representation of their wild nature) reflect individual attitudes, and an allegorical reflection of the creative passion which has been mastered by Cassina.

Boffi Paris 234, boulevard Saint-Germain - 75007 Paris Press contact : Agence 14 Septembre | Emilie Stofft T. +33 (0)1 55 28 38 28 |

Bulthaup Étoile 6, avenue Carnot – 75017 Paris Press contact : Gisèle Gaudissard T. +33 (0)1 43 2918 17 |

Cappellini 242, bis boulevard Saint Germain - 75007 Paris Press contact : Agence 14 Septembre | Livia Grandi T. +33 (0)1 55 28 38 28 |

Cassina 236, boulevard Saint Germain - 75007 Paris Press contact : Agence 14 Septembre | Emilie Stofft T. +33 (0)1 55 28 38 28 |

Deco & Design Dedar
C/o Tubes Radiatori
Tubes & Satyendra Pakhalé _ Dedar roping by Stephen Burks _

I am air by Julien Bergignat, in collaboration with the École de Design Nantes Atlantique _

Petit h Re-creation workshop _



Designer’s Days 2012 Partie 1 | Les Membres de l’Association

Designer’s Days 2012 Partie 1 | Les Membres de l’Association

Tubes, the foremost Italian company in the field of radiator designs, joins the Designer's Days Parisian event, with a project by Satyendra Pakhalé. The designer, who hails from India, has worked with Tubes for a long time, and will present, in Deco & Design’s offices, a very suggestive installation in which the radiators, which are of his own design, will be the protagonists.

Dedar suggested to the New York designer Stephen Burks that he might create an exhibit based on textiles. Starting with the basis of any fabric, that is to say the thread, and with the Dedar’s creative director, Raffaele Fabrizio, he began to explore the possilities of a cord, a length made of different materials braided together with strength, versatility, texture and capable of supporting itself, even when cut. The sections, cut into pieces, bundled with waisting made from Dedar branded braiding, have become multifunctional items of furniture (chairs, bed side tables) which create a powerful decorative statement.

National winner of the James Dyson Award 2011, and a former student of the École de Design Nantes Atlantique, Julien Bergignat creates an inspired venue where one questions oneself about the one thing core to Identity – Air. The event explores, in both an innovative and educational way, this aspect of life which is as fascinating as mysterious. How to render the visible immaterial, the tangible impalpable, the concrete untouchable? This is an exhibition which is interactive and experiential and attempts to answer this question. The designer explores different facets of the intangible. Air becomes a source of inspiration and fun: it allows one to capture and design a sort of aerial identity, with new forms and sensations. Air makes and reinvents creations which are both ephemeral and poetic, in a puff of wind. An exhibit to explore, full of surprises, to share with all the family, could only be a breeze.

(see p.74)

Deco & Design C/o Tubes Radiatori 17, avenue de Friedland - 75008 Paris Press contact : Paola Gemelli T. +33 (0)9 02 43 99 50 57 |

Dedar 20, rue Bonaparte - 75006 Paris Press contact : Agence Lorraine de Boisanger T. +33 (0)1 47 45 90 00 |

Dyson 64, rue de la Boétie - 75008 Paris Press contact : Alexia Bohar T. +33 (0)1 81 69 02 50 |

Hermès 14, rue Lesault - 93500 Pantin Press contact : Marie-Hélène Canac T. +33 (0)1 40 17 48 11 |

Identity Cards by Ferruccio Laviani _

Lafayette Maison
Dutch Paradox by Emanuele Quinz & Luca Marchetti _

Manufacture Cogolin
Identity _

Massa Alto by Tristan Auer _



Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 1 – Association Members

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 1 – Association Members

The "Kartell republic" opens its doors : Their citizens present their identity cards to us, date of birth, physical characteristics... Stars, recognisable by all, will be present, but also the republic’s recent deliveries!

For Designer's Days, Galeries Lafayette invite the duo from the exhibition commissioners mosign to create their scenography. The pair will create a window display in Lafayette Maison which will be dedicated to Dutch design, a nation whose identity, comprising a mix of geographical and cultural influences, have generated a plethora of amazingly creative designers. This characteristic is reflected in the design of objects whose aesthetic, function and status are deliberately ambiguous. In effect, the Netherlands have suggested a paradoxical view of design which, in confronting contemporary art, blurs the notion of identity and goes above and beyond the notion of style and decoration. With the assistance of the photographer Alessandro Dal Buoni, mosign combines a selection of Dutch designs which belong to private collections. Their staging seeks to reveal the strength of these iconic pieces to the viewer. If, on one hand, their appearance reflects an extraordinary savoir-faire, on the other, the number of possible interpretations is an effective metaphor of the contexts of our day-to-day life where multiplicity imposes itself as a necessity.

For its first participation in Designer's Days, Manufacture Cogolin unveils its new identity and with it, the path that it is starting upon... Blessed with a very successful past history, this skillful artisanal company whose famous hand knotted or hand woven carpets made in Cogolin in the Var, adorn the most beautiful palaces, embassies and residences all over the world, are preparing themselves for a new adventure. Rather like Sleeping Beauty emerging from many years of rest, Manufacture will present collections with geometric designs which will be easily recognisable, as the colour palette has been revised and now boasts a range of two hundred hues. All of these will be exhibited in the Saints-Pères showroom which opens its doors in April. For Designer's Days the scenography will be entrusted to the designer Jean-Pierre Tortil. The new CEO of the company will doubtless be casting his eagle eye over both the history and new identity of Manufacture Cogolin at this event.

Massa Alto is a Venetian expression which means literally " the highest". It was the origin of the name of Maxalto, which is the epitome of high-end manufacture, marrying precious wood and exceptional know-how, with particular emphasis on the techniques of violin making. As part of Designer's Days 2012, the interior designer Tristan Auer pays homage to this DNA. He returns to the legacy of the creatives who have carved the history of the brand, as well as the craftsmen who work with such passion in the workshops. "I wanted to recreate the day-to-day experience in Maxalto’s workshops and share it with the general public ", confides the designer. From the outside, it captures visitors' attention with a set of lines, which converge towards the interior and a showcase, in which the designer has placed two versions of Maxalto’s historic collections. This is the Shepherdess 7505 designed by Afra and Tobia Scarpa. For Tristan Auer, this example is an unsurpassable archetype, which retains its pertinence today, even though created 37 years ago. To demonstrate this, he presents it in its original version, but also with a contemporary interpretation, presented according to his wishes. The installation hints at the timelessness of Maxalto’s collections, but also at the ability to make each piece completely exclusive. Positioned between the logic of industry and the tailor-made, it underscores the spirit of quality specific to the company, whose archive photographs retrace their history.

Kartell 242, boulevard Saint-Germain - 75007 Paris Press contact : Marie-Magdeleine Liberge T. +33 (0)1 43 25 47 47 |

Lafayette Maison 35, boulevard Haussman - 75009 Paris Press contact : Géraldine de Friberg | Camille Domercq T. +33 (0)1 42 82 87 27 |

Manufacture Cogolin 30, rue des Saints Pères - 75006 Paris Press contact : APR | Alexandra Bennaim T. +33 (0)1 47 58 08 03

Maxalto 43, rue du Bac - 75007 Paris Press contact : Agence MLA | Juliette Vallet T. +33 (0)1 53 24 99 19 |

Molteni & C Dada
Quality on the move by ma:design _

Pianos Pleyel
Passport for design by Arnaud Marion _

Poltrona Frau
ADN by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance _

Under development _


Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 1 – Association Members

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 1 – Association Members

Our identity has always been in the domain of savoirfaire and savoir-être. In brief, our Identity is our "Quality". A magnificent obsession which is encompassed in one project, presented in Paris for Designer's Days. “Quality on the move” is an exhibition which portrays the contents of the book “L’Espace Q puissance M“ in three dimensions, launched in 2010 in Giussano’s centre of production. It is a journey in Italy and beyond, demonstrating Molteni’s best practices. The products’ story is intertwined with the history of people and their experiences, protagonists of the Molteni industrial group’s route. The intention is to trace of the idea of Molteni’s quality in order to see how this might look in the future. An exhibition, for sure, but also a creative workshop, which has production at its heart but spills over into the realms of design and architecture. A pretext for reflection and gathering together which helps define innovations under development. On the occasion of this exceptional presentation, Molteni will welcome Patrick Roger, master chocolatier and the best in France, into its flagship store for an unprecedented display where the unique quality of his creations seek to match those of Molteni’s designs.

Name | Pleyel First name | Manufacture Date of birth | 1807 Nationality | Made in France Occupation | Pianos and Furniture Distinguishing features | exceptional manufacturing design with traditional know-how in cabinet making and lacquer work, producing what others do not produce, and not producing what other do produce. Married to | Denis Montel – RDAI Children | Volumes and Surfaces (or when savoir-faire pushes the boundaries of cabinet making) Last known relatives | Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, Patrick Norguet, Alice Etcaetera, Philippe Maidenberg, Michele De Lucchi, Hilton Mc Connico.

Few brands are as unique and identifable as Poltrona Frau. A singularity created around leather, exceptional know-how and continually evolving design. An identity distinguished by the diversity of its collections that shows how much this is an organic and living brand, as much by the use of leather, as by the importance it attaches to communication and the project itself. A dialogue with artisans who continue to produce work which you might think came from days gone by, and a dialogue with designers, architects, and researchers who continually strive to raise the brand to the sublime, and exceed themselves. Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance creates this style statement with a contemporary touch, demonstrating his skills with leather, inviting and guiding us through the showroomand the iconic pieces created by Poltrona Frau. An organic link which connects each item and metamorphoses them upon interaction. A scenography to experience as a physical contact, with senses on edge, which invites us to feel the objects through actual contact. A clear gesture from Poltrona Frau which has understood for 100 years that furniture is an extension of our bodies.

Molteni & C Dada 6, rue des Saints-Pères - 75007 Paris Press contacts : Laura Malfreni | Raffaella Casati | T. +33 (0)9 03 62 35 92 67 | Press relations France : S2H Communication | Sarah Hamon T +33 (0)9 53 37 44 89 |

Pianos Pleyel 252, bis rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré - 75008 Paris Press contact : Agence Lorraine de Boisanger | Agnès Labbé T. +33 (0)1 47 45 90 00 |

Poltrona Frau 29, rue du Bac - 75007 Paris Press contact : Agence 14 Septembre | Livia Grandi T. +33 (0)1 55 28 38 28 |

Puiforcat 48, avenue Gabriel - 75008 Paris Press contact : Agence Lorraine de Boisanger T. +33 (0)1 47 45 90 00 |

Roche Bobois
Wanted by Elizabeth Leriche _

Habitus by Christian Biecher _

In cage by Émilie Colin Garros et Philippine Lemaire _


Cité de la céramique
Louis, Jeanne, Michel and others… by Sam Baron _


Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 1 – Association Members

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 1 – Association Members

The identity of the individual is, in social psychology terms, the recognition of what you are, by yourself or with others. For a brand also, identity lies in the meeting point between "how one sees it" and "how it sees itself". If this definition is only loosely structured, the resulting products will be the living proof of it, with the same resonance, but not identical, containing the core structure which fundamentally shapes them. In the 2012 Autumn/Winter collection, a extensive round up of suspect objects will be displayed in Boulevard St Germain, the organiser Elizabeth Leriche will analyse the DNA tests and investigate their genetic characteristics and identity; in search of what defines the identity of Roche Bobois, accused, among other brands of giving pleasure to their product users.

For Designer’s Days 2012, Saazs continues its prospective study on the integration of innovation in the world of architecture and design, and invites the architect Christian Biecher to create “A Glass House”, in Quantum Glass hybrid glass, an installation on the theme of "identity". The identity of the individual is, in social psychology terms, the recognition of what you are, by yourself or with others. Personal identity and social identity organise themselves in a discontinuous process, sometimes confrontational, often rhythmic. In reference to the work of the sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, Christian Biecher evokes these themes in the Habitus installation : a micro-architecture in perpetual motion, which is located in an open plan space through which the visitor is drawn, allowing him/herself to discover a dynamic environment. Its changing architectural structure, modifies the traditional perception of space and transports the visitor into a living architecture.

For the 2012 edition of Designer's Days, St-Louis unveils a preview of its new collection "In cage", conceived and directed by designers Emilie Colin Garros and Philippine Lemaire. Fine glassware envelopes any identities and savoir-faire, which have given birth and life to incredible creations. Thus was born the collection "In cage"...Photophores that shed light on their secrets to tell the story of fire, breath and colour.

As Sam Baron felt during his visits to the workshops, the “Cité de la céramique exists over and above the people who created it in former times, from Pompadour to Michel – the mould maker and repairer today “... For the 2012 edition of Designer's Days on the theme "Identity (ies)", the designer Sam Baron wanted to create imaginary characters who would be, on this occasion, the new representatives and guardians of Sèvres. Hybrids, a sort of avatar which, by their composition, explain the production process – from the manufacture (casts, moulds, biscuit clay, enamelled pieces) to decoration, with the quality and characteristics of Sèvres (decoration, settings, gold). Three of these impressive totems, located on the ground floor, inhabit the gallery while on the first floor, the fourth, depicting the famous cupid statue by Falconnet, which has become the guardian angel, a mascot of the City, will invite passers by to come in and discover the scope of this unique place.

Roche Bobois 207, boulevard Saint-Germain - 75007 Paris Press contact : Agence 14 Septembre | Emilie Stofft T. +33 (0)1 55 28 38 28 |

Saazs 4, passage Saint-Avoye - 75003 Paris Press contact : Agence 14 Septembre | Emilie Reboul T. +33 (0)1 55 28 38 28 |

Saint-Louis 13, rue Royale - 75008 Paris Press contact : Agence Lorraine de Boisanger T. +33 (0)1 47 45 90 00 |

Sèvres - Cité de la céramique 4, place André Malraux - 75001 Paris Press contact : Sylvie Perrin T. +33 (0)1 46 29 38 38 |

Silvera Poliform
Pila by Victoria Wilmotte _

Tai Ping
Identity by Ramy Fischler _

Portraits by Nicolas Stadler _

Ateliers d’Art de France


Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 1 – Association Members

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 1 – Association Members

For the 2012 edition, Silvera Poliform presents a scenography as well as some new works created by Victoria Wilmotte, in collaboration with Poliform. The set design will trace a path evoking the brand identity, around repetitive elements present in the factories : these are a combination of layers, comprising many of the processes involved in the production of kitchens, as well as dressing rooms and other storage areas, which are found Poliform’s collections. The staging will be based around a series of batteries whose function will be to spotlight objects to various degrees, depending on their height in the display, as well as to highlight a panel of samples of different finishes in existing collections.

Identity (ies), the theme of Designer's Days new edition could have been chosen for Tai Ping in as much as it applies to the new presentation that this high end carpet and rug manufacturer will convey by their presence at exhibitions and a completely new re-modelled visual identity. Now established at heart of the golden triangle of Parisian design, in a private eighteenth century hotel, the Hotel de Livry, this Chinese brand has entrusted the elaboration of its evolution to the designer Ramy Fischler. Mr Fischler, well integrated into the “esprit” of the company, is not only re-modelling the sumptuous showroom which is situated on the ground floor of the hotel, but also the furniture which forms the background to the different carpets and samples, and with particular emphasis on the desire to highlight the expertise of a brand which excels in “tailor made” art, and is always willing to listen to the needs of its clients. A new experience which Tai Ping invites us to share, where their legendary savoir-faire intermingled with a sense of innovation, is highlighted in a place steeped in history.

The leading professional association for the art industry, the Ateliers d'Art de France brings together 5400 creators and manufacturers of art through France.Glassblowers, carpenters, goldsmiths, coppersmiths, jewelers, ceramic producers, milliners... The goal of the Ateliers d'Art de France is to increase the awareness of such exceptional savoir-faire. The Ateliers d'Art de France has therefore opened a store called Talents à Paris, in which a selection of “design” items by artisans will be displayed. To include decorative items, furniture, lighting, tableware, fashion accessories and jewelry... for Designer's Days 2012, the shop Talents – Opéra will present an exhibition called "Portraits". A powerful symbol of identity, the portrait represents who we are at a given point in time. Our image is shaped by our actions but also by the experiences we live through, which serve to forge our character, our tastes, our values... Visitors will appropriate the items for a short time and be transported to a creative world, thanks to a scenography representing the different identities which the store Talents adopts and represents.

Silvera - Poliform 33, rue du Bac - 75007 Paris | Press contact : Senda Baccar T. +33 (0)1 53 65 78 39 |

Tai Ping Hôtel de Livry | 23 rue de l’Université - 75007 Paris Press contact : Agence APR | Alexandra Bennaim T. +33 (0)1 47 58 08 03 |

Talents - Ateliers d’Art de France 1, bis rue Scribe - 75009 Paris Press contact : Alambret Communication Yves Mousset | Tél. : + 33 (0)6 08 60 31 45 Anaelle Bled | Tél. : + 33 (0)1 1 48 87 70 77

Exhibiting Partners

Audi talents awards | Ambassade d’Italie | Ambassade de Norvège | Artuce | Axurbain | Carpenters Workshop Gallery | Catberro | Centre Pompidou | Cocotte Power | Confidence & Light | Copper in a box | Defi Innover Ensemble | École Bleue | École Boulle | École Duperré & Ofr | École Parsons à Paris | EnsAD | EnsAD & Espace Modem | Ensci | Esadse & Weiss | Fondation Bettencourt Schueller | Fondation Cartier | Gallery S. Bensimon | Gambs | GNB Génération Boulle | Humanitarian Design Bureau SAS | Ifm | Institut Finlandais | Institut Polonais | InterfaceFlor | Jean Nouvel Design | Le Lieu du Design | Legrand | Les Agents Associés | Les Arts Décoratifs | La Bibliothèque des Arts Décoratifs | Les Ateliers de Paris | Made in Design | Maison du Danemark | Mattiazzi & Merci | Miele | Mobilier National | Musée des Arts et Métiers | Oberflex | Petit Palais | Ratp | Résidences Décoration & Made in Design au Montalembert | Tarkett | Via | Villa Noailles | Wilmotte Industrie |

Exhibiting partners in Pantin : Est Ensemble | CDT93 | Appel à projets | Arnold Goron | Atelier Cahen et Grégori | CDT93 | Eliumstudio | EnsAD & Cerfav | Eurosic & École Camondo | Gt Design | Hermès | Maison Revel | Narnimarquina | Oxyo | Prooff | Sabrina Transiskus | Tarkett

Audi talents awards 2012
Nominations open | Design Category Audi's second presence at Designer's Days _

Six years involved with emerging young talent _
The Audi talent awards programme is gradually carving itself a quality niche within the landscape of French culture, laying the foundations for a strong social commitment, destined to develop even further in coming years.

Supporting programs becoming more effective each year _
Capitalising on the experience of previous years and listening to the candidates and winners, Audi continues in 2012 the element of individual support for this programme. Thus, in the design category, Audi will support the winner until the production and distribution of the final item, taking the responsibility, with the assistance of outstanding partners, for all the intermediate stages and all needed to achieve this ultimate goal.

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

Reasons for success _
From music to the cinema, from contemporary art to design, for each of four categories, brands have been able to harness the expertise of professionals who are recognised and well renowned in their field and have been seduced by genuine discussion about the brand. Originally devised to meet a dual objective, bringing awareness of, and mentoring young talent on one hand and to help the brand to perceive and understand tomorrow’s trends. Secondly, Audi’s talents awards programme procures talent for awards, juries and brands, even though the return is not substantial in the early days. Over the course of six years, Audi has managed to gather together a real community around its programme. Thanks to professional relationships and artistic exchanges, coproductions and a selection of meetings throughout the course of the year, the brand offers a unique opportunity to young talent and paves their way to a profitable and promising career, as has happened to Arnaud Lapierre, 2011’s winner.

Join the Audi Talents Awards community _
Audi informs interested young candidates wishing to join the community of the Audi talent awards, that the submission of applications for the design category, has been open since 16 February, 2012. Moreover, true to its commitments, the brand is pleased to announce the renewal of its partnership with Designer's Days, the event whose purpose is to spotlight contemporary creativity, to discover as many designers as possible and create synergies between the worlds of creativity and brands. This year Audi will firm up their involvement with a physical presence of their talent awards programme at Designer's Days, as well as the organisation of round table events. It will be during the closing night of Designer's Days that the design category winner will be declared. An announcement, which will mark, for Audi, as well as for the young winner, the beginning of a new adventure towards the future.

Audit talents awards Press contact : Double 2 | Stéphanie André | T. +33 (0)1 58 60 30 33

Ambassade d’Italie
The seven obsessions of Italian Design by Silvana Annicchiarico _

Ambassade de Norvège
Fingerprint of our time, design and architecture along roads national tourism of Norway _

The adventure continues… by Benjamin Graindorge _



Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

The magnificent rooms of the Residence of the Italian Embassy will host the exhibition "The Seven Obsessions of Italian Design ", designed by the Triennial Design Museum of Milan. In Rococco style combined with the XVIIIth century spirit of the Hôtel de la RochefoucauldDoudeauville, visitors can travel through history and a "sociological journey" which drives Italian design. The ability to combine "grandour and simplicity", the aspiration to 'the sanctity of luxury”, the quest for "super comfort" will be, for sure, among the seven themes which will represent the multiple expressions of a genius who has taken Italy to the pinnacle of global art.

This exhibition includes examples of the new Norwegian architecture which graces national tourist roads in Norway. Innovative architecture in magnificent scenery. Several hundred functional installations, of variable dimensions, invite the traveller to discover panoramic sites and enjoy unsurpassable experiences. A wooden and steel ramp, sticking 30 metres out from the mountainside, brings visitors to the very edge of the void. At the end, it towers 650m over the fjord. Visitors are protected by a transparent glass panel. Paths and stairs designed by architects allow visitors to get close to nature, to climb up the mountain, or down to the fjord and to discover other amazing landscapes. National tourist roads are the result of national architectural policy. The exhibition shows how the construction of 18 such routes has enabled the Norwegian Roads Administration to use bold architectural plans to encourage more tourists to visit the country. The long term objective of regional policy is to develop the habitat and economic activities in the regions.
Tourist routes, Senja, Norvège. Architecte : Code arkitektur as © Jiri Havran /Statens vegvesen

After their premiere last June at Designer's Days, Artuce, the new French specialist in lighting is continuing its path ... the dialogue which was established between the designers and their vision of a luminuous object began this process, which has produced a personal and individual collection of lights. A new range of lighting bearing the name of Benjamin Graindorge, will soon add value to previous collections by designers Gilles Belley, Normal Studio (Chafai Eloi and Jean-François Dinjian), Patrick Norguet, Philippe Nigro and Stêphane Joyeux. The theme "Identities" will give Benjamin Graindorge the opportunity to express his scenography talents in portraying the close and subtle relationship which lies between the designer and his/her creation. Each project has its own identity, soul, the addition of these contrasts, these differences, build and strengthen the very essence of Artuce’s brand.

The furnishing of public spaces, is all about responding to specific purposes and functions : regulation and co-existence of traffic, health, safety, etc. It is also responding to less obvious, but equally essential social needs. Usability is also important, the appropriation of public spaces by their users, and comfort are the tangible notion that the producer of street hardware must take into account and promote. Axurbain places at the centre of its strategy, this powerful need for convivial open spaces. To do this, the street furniture producer gives a brief to an architectal agency and a design studio, to challenge them to come up with a solution which will re-invigorate public places. Thus the recently created BrichetZiegler studio, on one hand, and Denis Montel (Rdai Agency), on the other, will each present their vision of pleasant city life at Designer’s Days.

Ambassade d’Italie 47, rue de Varenne - 75007 Paris Press contact : Premier Conseiller | Carlo Campanile T. +33 (0)1 49 54 03 86 | Open from 11h -18h, and from 11h -14h on 1 June.

Ambassade de Norvège (Address to be confirmed) | Press contact : Laura Marie Harbsmeier | Ambassade de Norvège Per Ritzler | Routes touristiques nationales | T. +33 (0)6 70 44 62 95 | T. +33 (0)7 91 10 44 80

Artuce Address to be confirmed Press contact : Marie-Magdeleine Liberge T. +33 (0)1 43 25 47 47 |

Axurbain Address to be confirmed Press contact : Rudy Lovino | T. +33 (0)

Workshop Gallery
Solo show by Johanna Grawunder _

Garouste et Bonetti. Martin Szekely : Imprints by Catberro _

Cocotte Power
« My name is Power. Cocotte Power. » by Cocotte Power _

Confidence & Light
Individual Signs ? by Margaux Arbouz _


Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

Under development

Although Martin Szekely has just exhibited at the Pompidou Centre, while Elizabeth Garouste and Mattia Bonetti continue their circuit through France and abroad, it seems sensible to us to show their creations, from the mid-80s to the end of the 90s. Linking furniture and objects from this prolific period will allow visitors to this exhibition to remark, that over and above the differences of vocabulary and appearance, the commonalities are more numerous than one could possibly imagine at first sight. Undeniably, their mark upon the history of contemporary furniture is without equal. To be enjoyed during the Identities themed Designer’s Days, from 31 May to 3 June, 2012.

From blogging to design by way of fashion, the Cocottes are fully engaged. Ariane and Stéphanie, the founders of Cocotte Power, channel their positive energy into new challenges. Fed by the synergy of encounters, their creative talent brings a new angle and a plus to products which interest them. The Cocotte Power label is an identifiable code, unifying a state of mind and shared human values.

This is the first participation at Designer's Days 2012 for Confidence and Light and will provide the Paris launch for their Confidence range. They are a French manufacturer of architectural lighting products (for commercial, hotel and restaurant use). The 2012 collection has been created by Arik Levy (Miss Light, Magnet), Octave & Guss (Fred), Jean-Yves Barrier (Tol'rigami) and Michel Bertreux (Oio). A collection in movement, which makes its mark at the junction of several paths, design, technology, architecture, in the great tradition and history of lighting and lights. These luminous objects illustrate exemplary work, combining designers with savoir-faire and the lighting experience of Marie Gautier, her team and her partners Néon France (fluorescent lamps) & Néolux (LED), ATCS and IMG/ Créatique (production units). Identity (ies) is brought to life by the artistic director Margaux Arboux, in a scenography on the Espace Néolux, of course.

Carpenters Workshop Gallery 54, rue de la Verrerie - 75006 Paris Press contact : Carpenters Workshop Gallery | Aurelie Julien T. +33 (0)1 42 78 80 92

Catberro 25, rue Guénégaud - 75003 Paris Press contact : Véronique Sainten T. +33 (0)1 43 25 58 10 | Closed on Monday

Cocotte Power Address to be confirmed Press contact : Ariane Berger T. +33 (0) |

Confidence & Light à l’Espace Néolux 9, place de Furstenberg - 75006 Paris Press contact : Véronique Thouvenin T. +33 (0)6 13 54 64 67 |

Copper in a Box Defi Innover
C/o Musée des Arts et Métiers
by Riccardo Giovanetti _


École Bleue
Mix _



Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

A material for industry as well as art : it is from this dual identity that copper derives its originality. The first metal worked by man, the metal known as "the red metal", marked the history of technical progress, from electricity to communications, passing by construction. In recent years, it has taken its place on the stage of contemporary design : manufacturers have been looking to appropriate it to reinvent everyday objects : everything from cooking equipment, lamps, vases... the Copper in a Box exhibition offers an overview of this revival in copper design with an educational circuit in the rooms of the Musée des Arts et Métiers. Eli Gutierrez, Tord Boontje, Bassam and Fellows ... each designer explores a different facet of this malleable and many faceted material. The distinguishing features of a very identifiable material : it is the only metal coloured with gold, from bright glossy red to a patina of almond green, passing by the bronze tinges of alloys (bronze, brass) // sustainable and 100% recyclable, it is of interest to designers who are keen on eco-design // antibacterial, it can add a health giving dimension to objects.

The Défi Innover Ensemble is a workshop teaching project designed and implemented by the Compagnons du Devoir with the support of the JM Weston Foundation. It combines businesses and the savoirfaire in the sector of flexible materials (shoe making, leather goods, saddlery and upholstery), design and management in the development of global products – from market analysis to distribution strategy, via manufacturing and prototyping. Led by the Compagnons du Devoir with the educational input of Ensci and Ifm, its ambition is to promote innovation in manual craft businesses through interdisciplinary dialogue and a collaborative approach. In 2011, 12 students - leather craftsmen, designers and managers – took up our challenge : Design a bag for male business travellers. Exceptionally, the Excellence Award, hosted by the JM Weston Foundation, granted a prize to two projects – Arsène and Ricochet - for their collaborative dimension, their overall coherence and the economic potential of the approaches which were presented.

Mix Let us avoid related objects Advocating a mixed design between East and West the sophisticated and the primitive wood and iron soft and hard reality and fiction tradition and innovation

Copper in the box C/o Musée des Arts et Métiers 60, rue Réaumur - 75003 Paris | Press contact : Hopscotch Sabine Doligé | Hélène Faure | T. +33 (0)1 58 65 01 33 | T. +33 (0)1 58 65 00 30

Defi Innover Ensemble Compagnons du Devoir | ENSCI | IFM Maison des Compagnons du Devoir de Paris 1, place Saint Gervais - 75004 Paris Press contact : Grégoire Talon

École Bleue à Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt 10, rue de Turenne - 75004 paris Press contact : Élodie Moutou | T. +33 (0)1 45 89 31 32 Fermé le jeudi et le lundi.

École Boulle
Portraits by DSAA Product design and interior design _

École Duperré & Ofr
Rubies by the DSAA team _

École Parsons à Paris
(a division of paris college of art ) _


Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

The thirty-two graduates of interior design and design products at École Boulle are exhibiting. For this second edition, we will focus once more on highlighting our evolution and the culmination of a year's work. Portraits will reveal the processes required to develop thirty-two projects. From a first sketch to a prototype, from project plan to design, from the imaginary to something tangible, it is all about production and about which there will be debate. Moulded by everyday practice and current behaviour, these proposals have the backdrop of the burning issue of design today. It is in the Halle Freyssinet, a remarkable industrial heritage, where the dialogue will take place. This will be a dialogue between young graduates and experienced designers, innovators and visitors, innovation and heritage. Four days of informal exchanges and conferences with the professional world, will add greatly to this important reflection on the subject of design, initiated by Designer's Days.

In partnership with Ratti*, students taking the higher diploma of applied art have undertaken a variety of forecasting research, questioning the use of silk as a concept and a material : the identities of the material, but also the emotional identities and social and cultural representations. Indeed, silk reveals unexpected qualities. Raw and luscious, it has almost a sculptural quality. Stripped back and scoured, it gains fluidity and sensuality like a second skin. The extreme delicacy of its threads creates a material which is light, airy and extraordinary strong. This aspect of silk has been the startpoint of the seven collective projects which explore its appearance, its touch, and its behaviour.
* Ratti specialises in silk work, founded in Como on 27 April, 1945.

1 June 2012 | Design Research Symposium "Identities and competences of designers with regard to societal change : change the scale of the design process", by Brigitte Borja de Mozota, Bernard Darras. 8h30-13h00 | Round table : Design professionals (Fendi-Nekoé) question economists and economic researchers on the values of their businesses, in the face of the challenges of international competitiveness, social and cultural innovation, manufacturing industries, the virtual economy, and competition between major cities.
Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne Centre Panthéon Amphi 1 | 12 place du Panthéon 75005 Paris

14h00-18h00 | International Research Workshops : Designers’ competences in the face of social issues. Measuring the value of the Designence Value Index™. Exhibition on Greater Paris | Magdalena Jarvin and students of the École Parsons in Paris - Ville HybrideRaphaële Bidault-Waddington, visual artist, LIID.

École Boulle à la Halle Freyssinet 55, boulevard Vincent Auriol - 75013 Paris Press contact : Elise Dekens T. +33 (0)6 23 53 51 32 |

École Duperré | Ofr 11, rue Dupetit-Thouars - 75003 Paris 20, rue Dupetit-Thouars - 75003 Paris | Press contact : Stéphan Lozet T. +33 (0)6 25 81 00 60 |

École Parsons à Paris 14, rue Letellier - 75015 Paris Press contact : Brigitte Borja de Mozota T. +33 (0)1 45 77 39 66 |

École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs For tomorrow Hommage to Roger Tallon Treasure Hunts and Metamorphosis Sounds of Glass City Sets _


C/o Espace modem
École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs Treasure hunts and metamorphoses _

« FabLab : Matières XXL » The meeting of craftsmen’s savoir-faire and digital design conception _


Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

In 2012, EnsAD is joining forces with Designer's Days. Its students, with its teaching staff propose five creative encounters. "For tomorrow” Exhibition from 31 May to 4 June at the Théâtre au Fil de l’Eau | 20, rue Delizy - 93500 Pantin. Projects by young graduates of the l’École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. With the help of the Institut Français.
Commissioner | Henri Foucault; Scenography | Nathalie Crinière

"Sounds of glass" (subject to confirmation) Exhibition between 1 June and 4 June at the Centre européen de recherches et de formation aux arts verriers. | 19 Charles Street Auray - 93500 Pantin Projects about the relationship of sound and light, based in Cerfav, with the collaboration of La Muse en Circuit.
Coordination | Marc Thébault

« Only traces make you dream » René Char. Involved in the art of collecting, first-year design students at EnsAD, (l’Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs) are invited to Bilum’s workshops. They have gathered together a selection of materials there for reuse : advertising banners, paper or cardboard posters, coated tarpaulins, canvas airbags. Collage work involving, trimming, cutting, folding, and sewing ... what follows is a series of operations and experiments based around the material itself. Bilum recovers materials destined for landfills and gives them a second life in a production process which is both responsible and of quality. Founded by Hélène de la Moureyre in 2006, it has been the first brand to use giant posters which had been used as advertising banners as a major component of a collection of bags and accessories. Presented at the Espace Modem/EnsAD during Designer’s Days and created in collaboration with Cendrine de Susbielle, the exhibition "Treasure Hunts and metamorphoses" will allow visitors to see the result of a month of work.

"Homage to Roger Tallon" in partnership with Les Arts Décoratifs Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs | 31, rue d'Ulm - 75005 Paris | 1 June 2012 at 18h Testimonials and projections.
Co-ordination | Margo Rouard | Snowman

"City Sets" Exhibition at the Finnish Institute from 1 June to 4 June | 60, rue des Ecoles - 75005 Paris An exhibition about urban visual identities and narration in European cities. It is a collaboration between the Ecole and the MediaLAB of Aalto University and is also part of the official programme of “World Design Capital Helsinki 2012".
Coordination | Anna Bernagozzi, Rémy Bourganel, Philippe Millot et Patrick Renaud. © Marie-Charlotte Hébert, China a haven of peace and serenity, diploma project 2011 (Textile and material design) © ENSAD / M.C. Hébert

Ensci-Les Ateliers presents the exhibition "FabLab:Materials XXL", demonstrating its role as a promoter in the domain of digital design, services, the immaterial, and thus illustrating the various identities of design. This exhibition is an opportunity to expand the perception of an ever changing business. By inviting on one hand the workshops where materials are used (wood, metal and polymers) and, on the other, Ensci’s CAD and Digital studios, FabLab wishes to bring together so-called traditional workshops and new means of presentation, design conception and prototyping interactivity. Based on know-how, students (re)discover the constraints and the potential of each of these materials and confront/associate them with the forms, desires and interactions from the digital world. It is also expected to go above and beyond the traditional scale of rapid prototyping. The project is brought to bear by François Brument, Simon d’Henin, Uros Petrevski, Anne-Sabine Henriau and the students of FabLab 3.

"Treasure hunts and Metamorphoses" Exhibition from 31 May to 4 June at Espace Modem | 25, rue Yves Toudic - 75010 Paris Student projects created from recycled materials, assembled in the workshops of the company Bilum.
Coordination | Sophie Larger

École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs Press contact : Nathalie Foucher-Battais T. +33 (0)1 42 34 98 33 |

École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs C/o Espace Modem 25, rue Yves Toudic - 75011 Paris | 2ème étage | Press contact : Cendrine de Susbielle T. +33 (0)1 48 87 08 18 |

Ensci-Les Ateliers 48, rue Saint Sabin - 75011 Paris | Press contact : Licia Bottura T. +33 (0)1 49 23 12 31 |

Esadse & Weiss
Cité du design & Ecole superieure d’art and design de St Etienne, in partnership with Paul Bocuse and Weiss _


Bettencourt Schueller
The Fondation Bettencourt Schueller upholds the dialogue between artisan and designer _

Fondation Cartier
True histories by Alessandro Mendini _

Gallery S. Bensimon
Identity - History by Tino Seubert _

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

L’école supérieure d’art et design de Saint-Etienne is participating in Designer's Days for the first time. Over and above an interest to set out a stall as a higher education establishment within this prestigious design event, it is for us a question of sharing a special experience on this occasion. Thus we will benefit from this new collaboration which is given further weight thanks to a partner of renown : the Institut Paul Bocuse. The preparation and presentation of a specific project created between our two schools, claims its place legitimately at the heart of the Weiss store, another prestigious partner in the culinary field. The exchange of knowledge and passion which is at the core of this project certainly allows young designers from different backgrounds to demonstrate that the process of design exists beyond every day disciplines, and possesses genes of transcendance thanks to its deductive approach and a concept of “breaking the mould”.

The Bettencourt Schueller Foundation decided to support a flagship project for the 12th edition of Designer's Days : collaborations between architects of Maison Revel and young designers. Located in the heart of the Pôle Pantin Métiers d'art, Maison Revel is a residence of artisans dedicated to promote craft. Six artisans will join six young designers to produce something new for Designer's Days. These meetings illustrate the dynamics supported by Dialogues, one of the awards offered by the Foundation in the guise of the Liliane Bettencourt Prize for the manual skills. The Foundation’s support will allow these pairings to demonstrate to the public, both in situ and in the windows of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, works demonstrating the synergy between arts and crafts and contemporary manufacture. These collaborations will testify that breaking down disciplinary barriers stimulates talent and allows artisans to invigourate themselves, innovate and/or seek perfection. It is this opportunity for innovation and excellence that supports the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation in its cultural activities for art trades. This is precisely the meaning of this intervention with artisans from Maison Revel and designers who will mentor them in this project.

From 15 May to 30 September 2012, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain will present a selection works from around the world, whose creators are, for the most part, from a self-taught culture or from endangered and minority cultural communities. In a scenography by Alessandro Mendini, the exhibition features sculptures, paintings, drawings and films. These works, firmly anchored in today's world, possess a certain freedom, in which dreams and imagination are omni-present. An architect and designer by training, Alessandro Mendini was born in Milan in 1931. Willingly a “jack of all trades", his work has associations with the domains of decoration, painting, but also music and literature. The works of Alessandro Mendini invent, duplicate, overlap and escape all definition. His objects never have the appearance of their functionality, but rather the form of the sense that they generate within us, making his work resolutely unconventional.
Legend: Jangarh Singh Shyam, Deer | Antler, 1990. Acrylic on paper, 203 x 153 cm. Collection Fondation Cartier for Contemporary Art, Paris

Our identities are the sum of many influences : status, group affiliation, the period and society. We are the fruit of a civilisation marked by its non-linear evolution where "accidents" of history, positive or negative, have acted significantly for every individual. Are we aware of this? Through this collection "Forming History", Tino Seubert works on the consequences of these historical events. He uses photographs of these important moments from our past, to give shape to the object : a chair, table or bench. He thus allows us to understand closely these essential moments, and become integral to the experience, plus to become aware of these enlightening acts. It's a way to make concrete things which often remain abstract, distorted in our minds : an open process of creation which has the power to gather us all together to remember our common history, our shared identity.

Esadse & Weiss 62, rue de Seine - 75006 Paris | www. | | T. +33 (0)1 43 29 42 17 | From Monday to Saturday 10h00 – 20h00.

Fondation Bettencourt Schueller | Press contact : Agence S2H Communication | Sarah Hamon T. +33 (0)9 53 37 44 89 | |

Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain 261, boulevard Raspail - 75014 Paris Press contact : Matthieu Simonnet T. +33 (0)1 42 18 56 77 | From 11h -20h, except Mondays | Evening opening on Tuesdays

Gallery S. Bensimon 111, rue de Turenne - 75003 Paris Press contact : Agence MLA | Rebecca Hamou T. +33 (0)1 53 34 99 19 |

Your papers!!! by Céline Wright _

The third way by Humanitarian Design Bureau _

Design Bureau

Round table _

Institut Finlandais
1-2-3-Helsinki ! Design en Seine by Esa Vesmanem _


Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

In an island of nature on a grand Parisian boulevard, hundreds of strips of Japanese paper float under "Sakura" cherry blossom trees and and wait for everyone’s life testimonies. In the manner of suspended prayers in Japanese temples, each one tells its own story : who he is, where he comes from, his hopes, his convictions for today’s and tomorrow’s world, a world we are building together with our differences and our similarities, the core of this scenography.

Humanitarian Design Bureau is the first design agency to be dedicated to humanitarianism. Its purpose is the adaptation and creation of specific solutions in this sector which take into account human beings and their beliefs, traditions and their environment on one hand, and the optimisation of performance and reduction of the costs of humanitarian actions, on the other. The solutions proposed by the Humanitarian Design Bureau respond to industrial logic, to the constraints of humanitarian interventions but also to the requirements of users. They hope to improve the living conditions of people in situations of human tragedy, to help them to rebuild their dignity and for that reason, their identity. Thus, the Humanitarian Design Bureau develops projects at the intersection of identities, by assimilating their complexities, their richness of character, their needs and constraints. And it is in respect of all these identities that the Humanitarian Design Bureau has built its own.

A round table will take place at the IFM on Saturday 2 June 2 2012, from 10h30-12h30, on the following Theme : «Production and globalisation: has design become global?».

Do you know today’s Finnish design? How to make daily life more beautiful? Can design be invited into our diet to spice up our culinary culture? Can design be allowed to provide a better environment for all? The 1-2-3-Helsinki ! Design en Seine, provides some answers to these questions by illustrating contemporary Finnish design in all its diversity. This event takes place on the banks of the Seine, and presents a focused selection of Finnish design in several exhibitions and also offers a culinary cruise. The exhibitors are linked by design thinking, to provide solutions to everyday societal challenges through the design process. Conferences and workshops will deepen the reflection on the major themes of this project. 1-2-3-Helsinki ! Design en Seine is an official satellite of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012. Design for a better world, in Helsinki as well as in Paris.

Gambs 60, boulevard Beaumarchais - 75011 Paris Press contact : Agence 14 septembre | Aude Charié

Humanitarian Design Bureau Address to be confirmed Press contact : Antoine Choumoff | Glen Homer T. +33 (0)6 11 86 87 85 | T. +33 (0)6 76 54 20 50

Ifm 36, quai d’Austerlitz - 75013 Paris Press contact : Lucas Delattre T. +33 (0)1 70 38 89 89 |

Institut Finlandais Quai de la Tournelle et Quai de la Gare Port des Champs-Elysées - 75008 Paris Press contact : Agence APR | Alexandra Bennaim T. +33 (0)1 47 58 08 03 |

Institut Polonais
Materia Prima by Agnieszka Jacobson - Cielecka _

Creative Nesting _

Jean Nouvel Design
Essences _

La boutique
du Centre Pompidou


Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

The Materia Prima exhibition, designed by 2010’s commissioner of the exhibition, Agnieszka JacobsonCielecka, is presented in Paris by the Polish Institute. It combines objects by young Polish designers with aerial photographs by Kacper Kowalski. The title Materia Prima evokes materials which can be modelled, but also ones that inspire creativity thanks to their shape. Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka defines the exhibition as an attempt at symbiosis between nature and art, oscillating on the boundary separating creativity from reproduction. The objects presented emphasise the ability of nature to leave its trace on products created by humans. The exhibited works, maintain a just slightly hewn design, barely sculpted by the hand of man.

"Creative Nesting" concerns the consideration that InterfaceFlor has given to the integration of creative flooring as part of the refurbishment in our continually evolving living spaces. For Designer's Days, InterfaceFLOR creates harmony between collective well-being and individual development and expresses the identity of a space through its modular carpet tiles.

"Essences" is a range of solid wood furniture designed by Jean Nouvel, which will be pre-launched at Designer's Days. This range was created from the deep attachment of the architect to the town of Sarlat where he grew up, his quest for authentic production, contemporary and localised, so that the area’s uniqueness and history could be maintained while, at the same time, participating in the modernity of today. The range is the result of his encounter with Bernadette and Eric Rouchon, Sarlat cabinetmakers, and their desire, through this collaboration to contribute to the dynamism of the craftsmen in the Perigord, and to upweight Sarlat’s reputation. Jean Nouvel has designed a collection of solid wood creations (a table, bed, storage cupboards) with "elementary" shapes, but whose obvious and perfect simplicity is related to the savoir-faire inherited from three generations of carpenter cabinetmakers in the Rouchon family. Jean Nouvel hopes that this range of furniture will showcase high quality wood, will comprise fine yet basic items, and be accessible to as many people as possible. After its presentation at Designer's Days in the Jean Nouvel Design showroom, the collection will be exhibited throughout the summer in Bernadette and Eric Rouchon’s showroom in Sarlat.

The Centre Pompidou-Paris shop has 200m2 of space in which to present items from its museum and a selection of creations by Pierre Charpin. The Centre Pompidou Label is granted by the museum to a selection of objects and furniture which are have transcended fashion over the course of time. They are recognisable in stores by a special branding and accompanied by a certificate, featuring the museum’s brand and a guarantee of contemporary aesthetic quality. The Pierre Charpin selection will be the subject of a special showcase, offering a kaleidoscope of a careful selection of fifteen designer objects with clean lines and powerful presence, where the unsurpassable rub shoulders with the new.
© Vincent Thibert

Institut Polonais au Pavillon de l’Arsenal 21, boulevard Morland – 75004 Paris Press contact : Maud Bétin T. +33 (0)1 53 93 90 45 |

InterfaceFlor Address to be confirmed Press contact : Mickaël Cornou T. +33 (0)1 58 10 20 07 |

Jean Nouvel Design 10, Cité d'Angoulême - 75011Paris Press contact : Léo Chapuis | T. +33 (0)1 49 23 83 83

Boutique du Centre Pompidou-Paris Place Georges Pompidou - 75004 Paris Contact : Sophie Mestiri | Responsable de la communication produits, Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais | T. +33 (0)1 40 13 41 95

Le Lieu du Design
“Under your feet, there’s design” Public places and designers, by 5.5 Designers _

Art revisited by Inga Sempé _

Les Agents Associés
Biennale des créateurs d’images édition 2012, Images & Maison® by Sarah Langinieux | Pakenko _

Les Ateliers de Paris
Masks by the Résidents des Ateliers de Paris _

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

Thanks to emblematic and exemplary projects in France and abroad, "Under your feet, there’s design" reflects the strategic role of designers in public spaces of the future. What role do they play in the the design process and the actual implementation of public places? What is their contribution to comfort and usage, division and regulation, accessibility, the social link, energy restraints, sustainability, the role of nature or even cultural identity? Operating under the guidance of Yo Kaminagai, delegate to the Conception au Département des Espaces et du Patrimoine de la Ratp, the exhibition presents the designer as a true conceptual militant under eight different guises, humanist, creative inspiration giver, innovator, economic agent, a responsible and committed actor, problem solver, mediator and and a revealer of identity. The audience are policy makers, industry decision makers and the public at large. It aims to give designers their own voice, whose role as a provider of vision, methods and solutions, is unsurpassable. Details of the lecture programme on :

The design and the identity of products of the Legrand group have been completely controlled for the past ten years by a strong internal design ethic. Its points of view have been influenced by a regular confrontation with different cultural elements in many countries and cultures in which we are present. In the context of Designer's Days, we have sought to give voice to a creativity which we judge to be close to our values and our convictions – all this to front up our external view with one of our our most iconic ranges of switches, the Art D’Arnould collection. Inga Sempé - with her simple and holistic viewpoint, which is both rigorous and poetic with regard to everyday objects - seemed to us to be particularly relevant to lend itself to this "internal-external" mirror game of identity. Le Lab by Legrand, a brand new space which expresses the Group's three flagship brands - Arnould, Bticino and Legrand – will provide the stage for this experiment. Meet up with us at 38, rue du Bac!

The Agents Associés Association has gathered together photographers’ agents, illustrators and multimedia artists since 2004. They represent more than 800 well known professionals. The agents work daily with communications’ agencies, the media and a broad diversity of advertisers in France, as well as internationally. Their objectives are the visibility and the enhancement of their profession, the means of its evolution and the career management of their portfolio. These creatives produce pictures for magazines, advertising, fashion, plus on-line and digital media, on a daily basis. For the 2012 Biennial, they have carte blanche to a free artistic interpretation based on a theme of "La Maison", man’s universal theme in his own intimate environment. Images & Home ® offers a unique and creative environment which connects to architecture, design, but also domestic life, the home, office, etc. ... providing a real window upon an art scene which is in perpetual motion.

The identity of the Ateliers de Paris will be many fold. The 19 resident artists for this 2012 promotion will base their attention on the mask, a metaphor of identity which will become a unifying element on this occasion. Invited guests will be encouraged to adopt a mask themselves and therefore understand the universe and approach of each of the artists. Through this experience, the designers in residence will each express their identity in a collective mode. Their unified singularities shape the identity of the Ateliers de Paris, the “incubators” of creative professions in Paris, 2012 promotion.

Le Lieu du Design 74, rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine - 75012 Paris Press contact : Benoite Beaudenon T. +33 (0)1 40 41 51 09 |

Legrand 38, rue du Bac – 75007 Paris Press contact : Delphine Camilleri T. +33 (0) |

Les Agents Associés à Docks en Seine 34, quai d’Austerlitz - 75013 Paris Press contact : S2H Communication | Sarah Hamon T. +33 (0)9 53 37 44 89 |

Les Ateliers de Paris 30, rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine - 75012 Paris Press contact : Clémentine Michaud T. +33 (0)1 71 18 75 68 |

Les Arts Décoratifs
A touch of earth on the skin Contemporary ceramic jewellery by Daniel Gnaedig & Monika Brugger _

des Arts Décoratifs
Ricard SA since 1932 ... by the Jakob + Macfarlane agency _ The books of Ettore Sottsass _


Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

Continuing its introductory programme in the domain of contemporary ceramics, after « Petits bouleversements au centre de la table " in 2008 and " Circuit céramique “ in 2010, Les Arts Décoratifs, in partnership with the Bernardaud business foundation, have wished to explore the relationship that some artists have using natural ceramic. The exhibition " Un peu de terre sur la peau » was designed from recent works, which question the historic symbolry of jewellery, in order to move it forward into new opportunities. The 18 young artists selected will create a wind of change which remains entrenched in tradition. From a variety of nationalities, French, Swiss, German, Finnish, Dutch, Swedish or Taiwanese, they will be exhibiting 140 works which clearly portray their iconoclastic vision of the body and its adornment.

“The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health”. Since the banning of absinthe, the consumption of alcohol and its advertising has been subject to very strict legislation. To promote themselves within the regulations, here is the type of communication created by Les Arts Décoratifs to promote the Ricard brand. A name: Paul Ricard (1909-1997); colours, graphics, famous slogans:"Waiter, a Ricard! " or " Ricard or nothing ", many objects (ashtrays, jugs, pitchers); song, sport, ecology, contemporary art, design ... are among the artefacts of the brand since its promotion started back in 1932, by the founder of the brand. Thanks to its interviews with current personnel and accessing archives, the exhibition is able to trace eighty years of creative communication.

To mark the publication of the book by Giorgio Maffei and Bruno Tonini by Corraini Editions, I libri di Ettore Sottsass, the Bibliothèque des Arts Décoratifs present a selection of books and magazines that Ettore Sottsass has written, illustrated or edited over the course of sixty years, between1947 and 2006. The exhibition, co-ordinated by Giorgio Maffei and Bruno Tonini, shows works and books whose main characteristic is to be "an artististic creation on paper, editorial objects that modern historiography defines as artist's books, in the widest and often most contradictory sense that the term evokes”. It reveals the extent of his creative activity as artist, architect, designer, photographer and writer.

Barbara Radice, in her introduction to the book dedicated to him, said of Ettore Sottsass : "As far back as I can remember, I've never seen him without a small book, a pamphlet or a booklet in hand, or a work being published. Printed paper has always exerted an influence upon him that I would call erotic, irresistible and Ettore has always accepted all that we have offered to him, without reserve or shying away. His curiosity was unlimited as much as his desire was to create. Fill up time and fill up the spaces. To me, altogether a lazier person, he would often say: "Too easy to say no ..."

Les Arts Décoratifs 107, rue de Rivoli - 75001 Paris Press contacts : Marie-Laure Moreau | Isabelle Mendoza T. +33 (0)1 44 55 58 78 | Free entrance upon presentation of the Designer’s Days programme Closed on Mondays.

Bibliothèque des Arts Décoratifs 111, rue de Rivoli - 75001 Paris Exhibition from 7 May to 27 July 2012 at the Bibliothèque des Arts Décoratifs Opening Night - 1 May 2012, 18h -21h In the presence of Barbara Radice, Giorgio Maffei and Bruno Tonini Press contacts : Marie-Laure Moreau | Isabelle Mendoza | T. +33 (0)1 44 55 58 78 | Free access upon presentation of the Designer’s Days programme Closed on Mondays

Made in Design
Nomadic identities… _

C/o Moving Room

Maison du Danemark
Peter Callesen _

C/o Merci
Mattiazzi C/o Merci _

Musée des Arts et Métiers
The Materials collection is renewed; food packaging by Mitya Claisse & Marianne Klapisch _


Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

Scattered throughout Paris, but as close as possible for visitors to Designer's Days, accessible and open to the world of design, the caravans of Moving Rooms, created by Made in Design, evoque with some humour and a slightly “out of sync” manner, the DNA of the site: the democratisation of design. Thanks to the collaboration of the designers invited by Made in Design, the caravans are an open window upon five continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America ... the outer aluminium shell preserves the identities of the interior. Push open the door, change your point of view and explore other cultures, which may be very similar or very different, but are all united by design. In these quirky mobile homes, discovery is elsewhere. One’s universe is transported into another dimension. Between a nomadic lifestyle and transhumance, the symbolic pasture rotations feed into the creativity and imagination of designers. Visible by all, continuously, these caravans will also serve as points for meetings and for information on the Designer's Days circuit. The last step on this route is a halt at the Montalembert Hotel, in partnership with Résidences Décoration, a reflection on identity and individuality.

"Paper and the way that it is cut are the means of expression for the contemporary Danish artist, Peter Callesen. Thanks to his fabulous sculptures, he opens up the possibilities of the surface of a sheet of paper to a three dimension world and thereby recounts its stories - without words. It becomes a part of existence – created from artistry with paper”.
Photography © Peter Callesen, Human Ruin, 2008

Since 1978, the year in which brothers Nevio and Fabbiano Mattiazzi founded the company, Mattiazzi has steadily deepened its manufacturing culture. Their artisanal cabinet maker savoir-faire links up to the most innovative machinery. A digital machine with eight axes is notably able to sculpt the most complex of shapes, such as those created in plastic injection moulding. Work of this sort is an art, and Mattiazzi quashes the modern myth that mechanised production requires no expertise. For 30 years, Mattiazzi worked as a subcontractor for major brands and has built itself a reputation for manufacturing top-notch products capable of achieving the most ambitious of projects. This expertise is the basis for the creation of their own brand. They asked the Nitzan Cohen Studio to conceive their first piece, then the London designer Sam Hecht/Industrial Facility, and finally the Bouroulec Osso brothers for the Osso chair. These works exploit and question the potential of their trade. It is a rich history that they have created and is really worth the detour to visit them.

From May 2012, the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers will have an area entirely dedicated to food packaging at the heart of its Matériaux collection. This new themed space is based on codes of food packaging, juggling with the principles of how containers are opened; as much from the scenographic point of view as the graphic, to create an absorbing and contemporary universe. A giant unfolded item of packaging draws in the visitor, wraps up its environment and then unwraps itself, to reveal the heart of the exhibition and its objects which are displayed in showcases. Over and above the games of folding, unfolding and opening devices, this space plays around with the principle of upheaval which creates the central furnishings and reveals niches and displays. From glass to plastic, cardboard to aluminum, these two rooms will present major issues relating to the use and production of food packaging, from concept to finished product. Beyond the issue of materials, this space will also address the role of design and packaging materials in the creation of packaging.

Made in Design C/o Moving Room | Press contact : Agence S2H Communication | Sarah Hamon T. +33 (0)9 53 37 44 89 |

Maison du Danemark 142, avenue des Champs-Élysées - 75008 Paris Press contact : Merete Soussan T. +33 (0)1 44 31 21 21 |

Mattiazzi C/o Merci 111, boulevard Beaumarchais - 75003 Paris | Press contact : Cristina Salvati T. +33 (0)9 04 32 75 74 74 |

Musée des Arts et Métiers 60, rue Réaumur – 75003 Paris Press contact : Audrey Gouimenou T. +33 (0)1 53 01 82 77 | Tuesday to Sunday : 10 h-18 h Evening opening on Thursday to 21h30

Design by Miele _

Mobilier National
three visions of the office by Crasset | Bauchet | Ghion _


Petit Palais
Poems in Crystal From Gallé to Lalique, Art Nouveau glassworks by Petit Palais _



Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

An exceptional environment of expression for a new lifestyle, the Galerie Miele, the showroom of the Premium brand for kitchen appliances, offers a world of excellence and comfort, where design and technology flourish in perfect harmony, thanks to the presentation of efficient appliances, at the top end of quality and durability. For Designer's Days 2012, the Galerie Miele retraces the evolution of Miele appliances from their origin, and showcases the latest innovations, thanks to an exhibition called "Design by Miele". A visionary par excellence, Miele, with its teams of designers, places great emphasis on the design approach of its products to adapt its collections to consumers’ lifestyles. Thus, they design equipment which blends together perfectly; simple to use and intuitive. They have been recognised by numerous international design awards. This design approach is today inextricably linked to environmental concerns and brand integrates "sustainable innovation " into the design of all its products.

Mobilier National is participating for the second time in Designer's Days and will present their latest creations of the Atelier de recherche et de création with works by Matali Crasset, François Bauchet and Christian Ghion. Each of these three creatives interpret the idea of the office in their own way: - Pale maple and light two tone leather by Matali Crasset. - Fruit tree wood and black wool fabric by François Bauchet. - Carbon fibre by Christian Ghion. This meeting of minds will take place at the Galerie des Gobelins where there is the tapestry exhibition.
Poussin and Moïse : woven histories Myriam Zubercupissol, artistic creative inspector

Very present in the world of design and architecture since 1967, Oberflex company has created and manufactured wood panels with a high technical quality and a strong aesthetic diversity. The company cultivates its capacity to be close to the needs of demand, constanting anticipating the desire for new things, and makes every effort to satisfy the requirements of production. The Oberflex Research & Development team make innovation a priority and have actively been working for some years to be able to offer yet more innovative products. This creative dynamism also leads Oberflex to look for external partnerships and to create collections in collaboration with architects and designers. It is this creative and innovative approach that led to Oberflex to Designer's Days. They have been a partner of this event since 2006 through, for example, a range of furniture designed by Patrick Norguet for Silvera, scenographies by Veronese, or emblematic signage positioned throughout the circuit. Oberflex also exhibited on the circuit in 2010 with Le Lieu du Design in a staging which was entirely created with cubes of wood. For the 2012 edition of Designer's Days, Oberflex will once more collaborate with the Parisian design circuit.

In the twenty-five years which preceded the First World War, the art of glassware experienced an extraordinary revival. At the 1900 Exposition Universelle, the transparency and lustre of glass dazzled both the general public and critics alike. The City of Paris, created, at an early date, a rich collection of glass works, featuring some of the greatest names, Gallé, Daum, Tiffany, Lalique ... Recent acquisitions include : a neo-Greek vase by Baccarat, a Brocard mosque lamp, a Bracquemond pitcher, and a Décorchemont vase completes this ensemble. Twenty-six masterpieces of glass and crystal will be presented in the north gallery of the museum and illustrate the skill and expertise of the craftsmen at the turn of the century. In room 18, molten glass pieces by Despret or Dammouse and beautiful Marinot bottles with enamel decoration can be enjoyed.

Miele 55, boulevard Malesherbes - 75008 Paris Press contact : Anne Lamoureux T. +33 (0)1 49 39 44 49 |

Mobilier National 42, avenue des Gobelins - 75013 Paris Press contact : Veronique Leprette | T. +33 (0)1 44 08 53 46 Céline Méfret | T. +33 (0)1 44 08 53 20

Oberflex Address to be confirmed Press contact : Stéphanie Declercq | David Tirard | T. +33 (0)3 29 76 77 78 |

Petit Palais avenue Winston Churchill - 75008 Paris Press contact : Caroline Delga T. +33 (0)1 53 43 40 14 |

La Ratp - partner of Designer's Days _

Résidences Décoration & Made in Design
at the Hôtel Montalembert

Viaduc des Arts
C/o Générations Boulle



Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

Design should be among the top considerations for this business : transporting millions of passengers in the best conditions possible. The design team at Ratp is now committed to making transport of travellers a pleasant experience, emphasising the way in which the service is used, in environments which will have an emotional quality. This relates to the search for comfort, pleasure for the eye and the ear, rhythm, stage setting, or even being able to mastermind the journey. The approach embraces all these elements with the various professions in the world of design and production, so that the experience of the trip will be judged, by every traveller, as a positive one. Transport features heavily in the identity of people who live in the Ile de France : Ratp has developed a conscience, a sensitivity and a deep commitment vis-à-vis its role within the urban territory. The systematic recourse to architecture allows Ratp to find the best solutions for the city. The architectural vision is, for Ratp, a decisive factor in its involvement in the city, as a responsible participant in urban life.

Ratp also values its heritage which dates back more than a century, and invites designers, architects and artists to enrich their spaces, and partners with symbolic cultural events to bring life to its premises. As part of a policy where the quality of the environment for transport is one of the critical purposes of the business, design is integrated transversely to the company's projects. The "design" activity remains integral to all the services of transport, metro, bus, Rer, tramway and of its related trades: engineering, operations, maintenance, communications, commercial... It is therefore natural that Ratp is a partner of Designer's Days 2012, and its "Identities" theme. On this occasion, Ratp proposes several visits to functional buildings, accompanied by architects and designers, as well as private tours of the exhibition "Under your feet, there’s design”, at the Lieu du Design, which is devoted to the role of the designer in the design of public spaces.

Résidences Décoration settle into Montalembert for the duration of Designer's Days. With the theme of "Identity (ies)", Made in Design will create unique pieces specially made for the event. Fragile Identity (ies), Strong Identity (ies), so many reflections and creations which have borne fruit with the designers. Beyond this event, watch out for the spring exhibition "100% Design", which will be widely publicised, and, on 1 June, a private party (invitation only), that will take place on the terrace of the Montalembert, the leading 5 star hotel on the Rive Gauche.

A welcome will be extended by more than thirty tenants of the ancient vaults of the Viaduct des Arts. Their guests will be former students of the Ecole Boulle, the renowned school which is also located in the 12th arrondissement. Craftsmen and designers join forces in co-creations and exhibitions to form a creative route which will extend over more than 1.5 km. A real monument, this former railway path, renovated by the City of Paris is home to about fifty professionals involved in creative professions. Discover the list of participants : et

RATP Ratp press service : T. +33 (0)1 58 78 37 37 |

Résidences Décoration & Made in Design at the Hôtel Montalembert 3, rue de Montalembert - 75007 Paris | | Press contact : Isabelle Magnin T. +33 (0)1 53 43 02 37 |

Viaduc des Arts C/o Générations Boulle Du 1 au 129, avenue Daumesnil - 75012 Paris | Press contact : Franck Leloup T. +33 (0)1 44 75 80 66 |

Labels VIA 2011 | 2012 40 products thanks to the collaboration between French companies and designers _ Speed dating designers | entreprises Thursday 31 May, 14h30-17h30 _

Villa Noailles
Positif | Dispositif by François Dumas, Winner of the Grand Prix Design Parade at Villa Noailles in 2010 _

Wilmotte Industries
Pari(s) Lumière(s) by Jean-Michel Wilmotte _


Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners

VIA is hosting two events, the Labels VIA 2011-2012 exhibition and the second edition of Speed Dating VIA between designers and companies. The Labels VIA exhibition brings together, for the general public, more than forty products, the fruits of an exceptional collaboration between a designer and a French company (be that a producer, distributor or manufacturer). Selected during furniture and interior design trade shows over the course of the past eighteen months, these products, in their own pertinent and original way, show an innovative approach in terms of materials, technology, function or style. The exhibition also focuses on the sometimes complex process that is the melding of two different trains of thought : that is to say between the creator who achieves the journey from idea to the finished product, while respecting the brand values of the company, and that of the producer who uses his savoir-faire behind the idea and sometimes has to accept a given, either aesthetic or functional, which challenges the norms of a product. The meeting of two identities.

After the successful first edition, the VIA offers once more to new designers and businesses an afternoon of Speed Dating VIA, a succession of short interviews by appointment between designers and professionals. First of all, an invitation will be addressed to all designers in the entourage of VIA and its partners. This is an exceptional opportunity for young designers to present their projects to businesses, and for businesses, an opportunity to discover new propositions and new design talent. A chance to reveal and discover the identities of the designers of tomorrow, to encourage creative initiatives and spawn relationships between producers and talent, are at the heart of the VIA’s mission.

| Exhibition Labels VIA 2011-2012 2 May–24 June 2012. Monday to Friday | 9h30-18h30 Saturday to Sunday | 13h-18 h | 10h-19h, Free entry during the Designer’s Days event. | Speed Dating VIA – Second edition Thursday 31 May | from 14h30 -17h30 (press day and opening night on the Rive Droit) Before the event, VIA will issue a joining document to designers.

A graduate from the Eindhoven Design Academy in 2008, François Dumas won the Grand Prix Design Parade at the Villa Noailles in 2010, under the chairmanship of Naoto Fukasawa. He presented his plastic chair, Sealed. As the prize winner he then had a oneyear residency at Sèvres - Cité de la céramique where he developed his series Superimposed Vases. He also went to the Workshop Camper in Mallorca and created the Lace Shoe. In parallel, he worked on a series of objects created from plastic tubes, Anemonies. He exhibited the fruit of that year's work at the Villa Noailles in July 2011. For the Positif |Dispositif exhibition, he has designed Action tables, a scenography as much as autonomous furniture. He works and lives in Amsterdam, the city where he created, with three designers, the Krux, a space gathering together a community of artists and artisans who share their skills. The project is funded by the city of Amsterdam. Presented at the Galerie Chu, during the Passagen in Cologne in January 2012, at the invitation of French Institute of Cologne, these projects will be shown in Paris, within the context of the partnership between the Villa Noailles art centre and Designer's Days.
© Olivier Amsellem, 2010

Jean-Michel Wilmotte, very concerned about Paris’ urban identity, has devoted a lot of effort into the Passerelle des Arts, as part of Designer's Days. Continuing the historical tradition of public spaces in Paris, a row of Aloa (LEDS) lamp posts, will give back a forgotten initial identity, as a tree planted avenue, perfect for promenading, to this foot bridge, which was the first of its kind in Paris. The facility, a co-production between Wilmotte & Industries SAS and the Eclatec company who make public lighting, raises the challenge of creating a rich dialoguebetween patrimoine and contemporary design.
JMW5© FLebel

VIA 33, avenue de Daumesnil - 75012 Paris Press contact : MCS Communication | Emmanuelle Grange T. +33 (0)1 47 78 94 14 |

Villa Noailles Address to be confirmed Press contact : Philippe Boulet T. +33 (0)6 82 28 00 47 |

Wilmotte Industries 68, rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine - 75012 Paris Press contact : Claire Sentis T. +33 (0)1 53 02 22 22 |

Ville de Pantin
A network of savoir-faire in the town Interview by Bertrand Kern _

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners in Pantin

A network of strategic art professions for our region. With its strong industrial and artisanal tradition, the town of Pantin understood very early on, the importance of the art sector for its area, both in terms of its economic development and job creation, as much as its urban planning. Launched more than ten years ago, the Pôle Pantin Métiers d’art centre and its resource base, the Maison Revel, now join together forty craftsmen/women and designers, installed in the working class neighbourhood of Quatre-Chemins : involved in furniture making, design items and textiles, ceramics, jewelry, musical instruments. The presence of this hub allows a diversified business activity to be maintained on the ground floor of local buildings, to create social integration through employment and economic activity and indicates a willingness to create beauty where it would not necessarily be expected. It is therefore a central element in our project of urban renewal for Quatre-Chemins and the symbol of a wider dynamic in our town.

Pantin was the first town within Seine-Saint-Denis to be recognised as a Ville et Métiers d’art, back in 2006. Since 2010 it has organised the Biennale Déco & Création d’art, which presents the younger generation of artisans and artists from the East of Paris and elsewhere. Businesses and training institutions have also chosen Pantin to develop within: Hermès and Chanel manufacture their emblematic creations of French design excellence in Pantin and the Centre Européen de Recherche et de Formation aux Arts verriers (Cerfav) has recently opened its French arm here. Beyond Pantin, the entire Seine-Saint-Denis department welcomes a large number of craftsmen, designer producers, and more specifically the communes of Est Ensemble. This year, the opening in Pantin of Designer's Days reflects this momentum. I am particularly proud of this achievement.
Bertrand Kern | Mayor of Pantin Departmental councillor for Seine-Saint-Denis President of Est Ensemble – suburb community

Ville de Pantin Press contact : Astrid Desbuquois T. +33 (0)1 49 15 38 57 |

Est Ensemble


Appel à projets

Arnold Goron
They told me... it’s over there… by Arnold Goron & THIERRYKAUFFMANN _

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners in Pantin

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners in Pantin

The cities of Bagnolet, Bobigny, Bondy, Le Pré SaintGervais, Les Lilacs, Montreuil, Noisy-le-Sec, Pantin, Romainville, nine towns in the Seine-Saint-Denis have a rich history and have created a joint community for their future destinies by forming the first Agglomeration on 1 January 2010. The first agglomeration of Ile-de-France with nearly 400,000 inhabitants, Est Ensemble has chosen an environmentally responsible economic development for the territory and its inhabitants. This strong project is based on the strengthening of the emergence of centres of excellence. That of the craft industry, very visible throughout the Community and particularly in Pantin and Montreuil, feeds inventive production and contemporary design . Therefore, Est Ensemble is particularly proud to host Designer's Days, proof, if proof is necessary, that the future is being built henceforth to the east of Paris!

Seine-Saint-DenisTourisme is the driving force behind the development of tourism and recreational facilities of the department and its surroundings. It undertakes a considerable amount of networking, promotion of business tourism sites, accreditation and many events for the general public and tourism professionals. It offers individuals programs for urban walks, visits and the discovery of savoir-faire, if you go off the beaten track.

The members of the jury: Alain Lardet, President of the Designer's Days Association; Jérôme Aumont, Editor of Maison Française; Audrey Bres, Director of Yookô.fr The Designer's Days Association, in partnership with Maison Française and Yookô.fr, have launched, for the first time this year, a tender process for young designers and recently formed producers. The commitment of the Association to promote young designers, particularly schools, continues today with this initiative. The projects selected by the jury will be presented in the lobby of the Grande Halle de la Villette in the heart of the North-East Paris circuit. A place for meeting, relaxation and culture, this great hall will welcome this exhibition with both legitimacy and friendship. The scenography is entrusted to Imaginers aka Grg, Niko Neki, Galaxie and Masami (represented by the THIERRYKAUFFMANN/Isabelle Valembras agency)... a multi-dimensional creative workshop, Imaginers boast an artistic approach in the service of communication. The staging of the project tender process, following industrial methodology, will honour the history of the place.
© Christophe Brachet – Saazs – Designer’s Days 2011

Arnold Goron lives and works in Paris. A graphic designer, sculptor, designer trainer (Penninghen School), he began his career as artistic director within agencies (Jean Nouvel, BETC, Libération). Today he lives and combines his many passions: sculpture, ceramics and creates shop window displays (Isabel Marant worldwide, Levi's). a free spirited “Jack of all Trades” and a keen enthusiast of contemporary art, his designs which are conceived and executed in his studio, bear traces of home made design, illustrated and amplified by a continuing desire to experiment. His creative approach favours simple and versatile everyday materials, primary colours (Grapefruit suspensions, Clay abstract sculptures), from which are born organic and sculptural installations where the movement becomes a decorative element. Based in front of the Rotonde de Ledoux his work will grace the departure point for river shuttles to Pantin.

CDT93 Press contact : Clothilde Lassègue T. +33 (0)1 49 15 99 16 |

Appel à projets Grande Halle de la Villette 211, avenue Jean Jaurès - 75019 paris Press contact : S2H Communication | Sarah Hamon T. +33 (0)9 53 37 44 89 |

Arnold Goron à la Rotonde de Ledoux 6-8 place de la Bataille de Stalingrad - 75019 Paris Press contact : Isabelle Valembras | THIERRYKAUFFMANN T. +39 34 61 71 78 04 |

Atelier Cahen Eliumstudio et Gregori
Design à 360° by Eliumstudio _ 9ch by l’Atelier Cahen et Grégori _

EnsAD & Cerfav
“Sounds of glass” by Marc Thébault (to be confirmed) _

Eurosic & École Camondo
Code 2012 _

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners in Pantin

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners in Pantin

What impact can colour have on our environment and on ourselves, how does each one position themself in the colour spectrum? Through the use of several experimental devices, 9ch proposes to sweep through the colour spectrum, with each colour having a special vibration. This enables the discovery of an intimate resonance that these waves can sometimes create in us: by varying the intensities of the tones, the graphic complexity of the patterns or sound texture, the sensitive information changes gradually so that everyone can locate themselves in their own variations and be awareness of their own perceptions. We thus wish to open field research based on the concept of "vibratory design", its effects and applications in our architectural and graphic environment.

Renowned for the elegance of its French industrial design and the many objects that they have designed over the past 10 years for a wide variety of international sponsors, Eliumstudio present a panorama of their work for the Designer's Days event. They will be exhibiting at the Rotonde de La Villette, designed by Ledoux, with a circular unit displaying their creations, a radiant vision of their diverse design skills, which none the less remain true to their basic credo : the creation of meaningful objects which have a strong identity. Across the spectrum of its production, Eliumstudio stamps its mark on this diversity, an approach which will be illustrated by design based on archetypes, design copyright, or even design associated with new technologies. The iconic creations of Eliumstudio will step up to the mark with their, brand new, latest lines, products with connection, the core of current positive thinking.

The "sounds of glass” exhibition will cover a relationship between sound and material. It is the result of a workshop project led by Marc Thébault and first year students of the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris at Cerfav in Pantin, with the assistance of the Muse en Circuit. The resonance generated by the glass will be the main focus of this exhibition. The achievements and knowledge accumulated by the teaching of sculpture, materials/colour/light, find, on this occasion, the possibility of achieving a strong and vibrant visual synthesis. The very fact of adding a process of experimentation in the sphere of sound, which glass can exhibit in the course of its production (with heat, air and vibration), allows the material to go above and beyond the day to day process of glass making, and to be considered as a object of art.

Eurosic announces a partnership with the Ecole Camondo entitled Code 2012 (Eurosic Office Design Concept), sponsored by Patrick Jouin. Engaged in the development of ecological offices, Eurosic places the comfort and wellbeing of its users at the heart of its projects by providing stressfree workspaces. Eurosic anticipates the office of the future and encourages the search for a new design for these spaces. Code is intended to reflect these thoughts and expectations. The 2012 edition of Code will be in partnership with the Ecole Camondo based around the educational programme of 44 Year 4 students, in an architure/interior-design workshop, in combination with the Saphyr group, the Vitra company, and the support of Office et Culture and Business Immo magazines. The theme for the 2012 edition is entitled “Urbanite, Accueil & Services au Bureau”, and focuses on the refurbishment of reception areas and services dedicated to the Terra Nova II office building in Montreuil (93), belonging to Eurosic. The best projects will be presented in May 2012to an extended jury, to representatives of commercial property professionals, and European design and media specialists, and will also feature as an exhibition during Designer's Days 2012.

Atelier Cahen et Gregori à la Dynamo 9, rue Gabrielle Josserand – 93500 Pantin Press contact : Nadine Cahen | Laurent Gregori T. +33 (0)4 77 34 01 60 |

Eliumstudio à la Rotonde de Ledoux 6-8 place de la Bataille de Stalingrad - 75019 Paris Press contact : Elsa Sarfati | Duende T. +33 (0)6 10 84 27 48 |

École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs & Cerfav 19, rue Charles Auray - 93500 Pantin | Press contact : Hélène Triboulet T. +33 (0)1 57 42 12 57 |

Eurosic & École Camondo Address to be confirmed | Press contact : Eurosic - Olivia Bret-Dibat T. +33 (0)1 45 02 23 30 |

GT Design
HomeLand by Deanna Comellini _

Petit h Re-creation workshop _

Maison Revel
PeriFabrique by Pôle Pantin Métiers d’art _

by Nani Marquina _



Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners in Pantin

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners in Pantin

For Deanna Comellini - Italian designer and founder of GT DESIGN – exploring places of identity at the heart of space open to globalisation signifies the evolution in a field where consciousness guides the interaction with the environment, objects (manufactured goods), and the individual and collective memory. To take a step, touch, watch, approach or move away :actions (gestures) have consequences, actions around which we build the image that we have of ourselves and others. Homeland is an invitation to the knowledge and recognition of oneself, abandoning automatic reactions to achieve a certain end, with an open minded approach to the mysterious territory where everything began, in the same way and never in the same manner - for each one of us, regardless of latitude. And, if, for Deanna Comellini, identities are a mystery which you never cease to uncover, the territory of this quest, may immediately be summarised as: "the carpet, the ground on which we are all born”.

A new workshop at the heart of Hermès, Petit h (pronounced “petit h) gathers together materials such as leather off-cuts, foam, silk, hair, pieces of china or crystal, fragments of metal in one place... together with other household valuables. These fine materials, drawn from our attics, are real gems which have previously been without use, are offered to craftsmen who have the possibility within their skill set of recreating something new from these cast offs : leather craftsmen-saddlers, goldsmiths, seamstresses, master glass and porcelain makers.

A resource centre, the Maison Revel adds its weight to the creatives of the Pôle Pantin to add value to the perception of the art professions. For the first extra mural edition of Designer's Days, the Maison Revel invites designers and artisans from the collective to illustrate their common and complementary identities for this creative ensemble. “PériFabrique” uncovers these unprecedented works at the Maison Revel and in the art workshops, their place of creation.
PériFabrique 1 workshop | 1 designer | 1 project - Furor Brillante - Andreas Kanellopoulos, a needlework | Pool - Sandrine Chamayou, upholsterer | Antony Lesur - Elise Lefebvre, ceramic artist | Guillaume Delvigne - Diana Brennan, textile designer | Studio BrichetZiegler - Ood Collective (Jacques Obadia, Sten Ridarch, Arnaud Maurer) carpentry – cabinet making | Renaud Thiry and Vaulot & Dyèvre - Autori vari, design gurus, present “la vitrine ou la vie” a confrontation of their identities as designers as an invitation to master the object. ( )

2012 marks 25 years of business for nanimarquina whose path was created by a clear idea: to create rugs. A simple statement, and a transparent declaration of intention which reveals itself using values of observation, creativity and the desire to convey emotion. Their 25 year anniversary was marked by obtaining numerous manufacturing awards for innovative carpets such as Topissimo (Nani Marquina), the Do-Lo-Rez (Ron Arad), the Bicicleta (Ariadna Miquel), the Little Field of Flowers (Tord Boontje), La Losanges (Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec). And to celebrate this, Nani Marquina will this year create the Chillida collection, consisting of seven carpets transcribing seven works of the artist/sculptor Eduardo Chillida from the Spanish Basque country.

A meeting will be held in the presence of craftsmen and designers, at Maison Revel to demonstrate how these projects have been created.

GT DESIGN à la Dynamo 9, rue Gabrielle Josserand – 93500 Pantin Press contact : Tomoko Matsubayashi

Hermès 14, rue Lesault - 93500 Pantin Press contact : Marie-Hélène Canac T. +33 (0)1 40 17 48 11 |

Maison Revel Centre de ressources du Pôle Pantin Métiers d’art 56, avenue Jean Jaurès - 93507 Pantin Press contact : Frédéric Bouchet | T. +33 (0)1 49 15 38 78 | 06 13 20 38 11 Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Monday : 10h-19h | Sunday 11h-18h

Nanimarquina à la Dynamo 9, rue Gabrielle Josserand – 93500 Pantin Press contact : Laia Manchon T. +33 (0)4 932 376 465 |


Prooff @ Designer’s Days Paris 2012 by Jurgen Bey | Studio Makkink & Bey, Axia Design and Ben van Berkel | UN Studio _

Sabrina Transiskus
Rubies by Sabrina Transiskus & THIERRYKAUFFMANN _

Flooring with no boundaries by Tarkett by Benjamin Girard | Agence Design Project _



Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners in Pantin

Designer’s Days – Identity (ies) – Part 2 – Exhibiting Partners in Pantin

Oxyo produces objects for both the inside and the outside. In principle, no boundaries are drawn, such is the motivation of Rudy Iovino, its director. Starting out on a seafront in the Languedoc with the production of “Grand Motte” street lamps, designed by François Azambourg, this manufacturer came onto the scene last year with its first collection, designed in collaboration with Made in Design. It is making advances in its discovery of territoire, and presents its second collection at Designer's Days this year.

Prooff proposes elements which combine furniture with space, moving away from typical consultation room type furniture leaving the way open for subconscious behaviour, to functional meeting spaces which spark creativity and concentration. Our environment is in perpetual motion. More and more, communication, exchange and collaboration, have increasing significance in our professional activities. Mobility and flexibility also play a key role and contribute significantly to building a real demand for innovative products which respond to these new behaviour patterns. A forward looking vision assists the production of a more harmonious work environment. Such is the vision of Prooff. To achieve this, the Dutch company works closely with architects, designers and manufacturers in the Netherlands and elsewhere.
© Roel van Tour, Pim Top and Mathijs Labadie, Rotterdam (NL). Prooff #001 EarChair Design by Jurgen Bey, Studio Makkink & Bey y

After studying style (ESMOD then Maison Louis Féraud), she turned to the world of fashion photography and became a fashion editor. Today her universe is entirely dedicated to Paper Artwork. From her first interior designs, she has asserted her artistic bias and craft : from concept to completion, from cutting out to collages, everything is manual. From a surface of simple sheets of paper come white works of art, perspectives created from delicate and dreamlike shadows. Her experiences facilitate an art form in which attention to detail and precision, passion and patience create her own particular signature. Naturally her work is evolving further towards art installations and projects for high end brands and the media. Sabrina Transiskus is a German, who lives and works in Paris. At the Dynamo in Pantin, she will be exhibiting in an area designed especially for her, a “ruby” in which she can create her own creative world.

The exhibition “le sol sans dessus dessous” (flooring with no boundaries) invites you to discover four designers who offer their take on TARKETT’s floorings. They have appropriated their colours, their comfort and flexibility to show us their original vision of the material in a different dimension. So many audacious,seductive and astonishing propositions for an exhibition on flooring on a grand scale. The floor was the playground for 5.5 designers, and they have created a terrain for life with Karpett. With Wigwam, Matali Crasset launches an intimate and playful version of a tree house, which will stimulate children's imaginations, Elise Fouin succeeds with Hilly in raising the mountains, and Fluo is the inner landscape of Maud Vantours.
Exhibition director : Benjamin Girard | Agence Design Project

Oxyo à la Dynamo 9, rue Gabrielle Josserand – 93500 Pantin Press contact : Rudy Lovino T. +33 (0)6 83 47 91 24 |

Prooff à la Dynamo 9, rue Gabrielle Josserand – 93500 Pantin Press contact : Antoinette Veneman T. +33 (0)31 10 211 00 80 |

Sabrina Transiskus à la Dynamo 9, rue Gabrielle Josserand – 93500 Pantin Press contact : Isabelle Valembras T. +33 (0)9 02 36 50 78 92 |

Tarkett à la Dynamo 9, rue Gabrielle Josserand – 93500 Pantin Press contact : Agence Design Project | Benjamin Girard T. +33 (0)6 64 37 09 62 |

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