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Definitions of Curriculum a) Wojtczak (2002) defines curriculum as an educational plan that spells out with goals and objectives should be achieved, which topic should be covered and which methods are to be used for learning, teaching, and evaluation. b) Grundy (1987) defines curriculum as a program of activities (by teachers and pupils) designed so that pupils will attain so far as possible certain educational and other schooling ends or objectives. c) Prof. Dr. S. Nasution, M. A (Kurikulum dan Pengajaran Tahun: 2008), Kurikulum adalah suatu rencana yang disusun untuk melancarkan proses berlajar mengajar di bawah bimbingan dan tanggung jawab sekolah atau lembaga pendidikan beserta staf pengajarnya. Curriculum that has a central role in the education world was changed 9 times, that was in 1947, 1952, 1964, 1968, 1975, 1984, 1994, 2004, and 2006. From those changes, I’m limiting to discuss about the current curriculum, the curriculum of 2006 KTSP (Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan).

What is KTSP? KTSP (Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan) is an operational curriculum that is designed and implemented on each educational item. Basis the KTSP are:      Law No.20 Year 2003 on National Education System (PP) Peraturan Pemerintah RI No 19 Year 2005 on National Education Standards Permendiknas No. 22/2006 on the Content Standards Permendiknas No. 23/2006 on Competency Standards Graduates Permendiknas No. 24/2006 on the implementation.

KTSP is applied to reinforce the implementation of Competency-Based Curriculum (KBK). It means a new curriculum that is still pressure on developing students' competencies. Each curriculum is implemented in Indonesia has its own advantages and disadvantages of each depend on the current situation and condition in which the curriculum is implemented. KTSP also has some advantages and disadvantages when compared with the previous curriculum. The advantages and disadvantages of KTSP include:


Later. the graduates do not have competitive resources in the world of work and increasing the unemployment rate. not only makes English and tourism as a subject. schools that are in the area of tourism can be more focused on English subjects or subjects in other tourism areas. Thus when the government requires an evaluation of each school. and implement curriculum in accordance with the circumstances. there is a worry about being reprimanded because of using bilingual. For example. Private school that is now popping in recent years has developed a variation on the curriculum determined by government. and school management to improve their creativity in the implementation of educational programs. it provides material Indonesian language.. Encourage the establishment of school autonomy in education. For some private schools. 3. when the students have finished their studies but they do not wish to continue their studies into higher education. However. develop. For instance. since its establishment. 2. As a result. Schools are given flexibility to design. they can immediately apply the knowledge and a skill to work that has been acquired in school. Although licensed by the U. KTSP provides a wider opportunity for private schools to develop curriculum that suits the needs. Encourage teachers. the lessons in schools in the big city and school in the suburbs or in the countryside are being equal. Schools can develop a higher standard of Content Standards and Competency Standards Graduates. the High Scope Indonesia School. principals. and the potential local benefits that could be raised by the school. private school would obviously welcome. The previous curriculums do not provide sufficient competence for students to develop themselves. For example. but to make these subjects as a skill. conditions. but it still obeys the government curriculum. but use English as the primary language of instruction. 4. and did not see the local potential. KTSP is possible for every school to focus and develop specific subjects are acceptable for the needs of students. Schools are required to develop their own curriculums. Now all forms of improvisation are freed.What are the advantages of KTSP? 1.S. did not see the real situation on the ground. Because of this homogenization. they have been using a combination of Indonesia curriculum and the United States curriculum. KTSP allows schools focus on specific subjects that are considered most needed students. One form of failure of the implementation of the curriculum in the past are that there are homogenization throughout the curriculum in Indonesia. as long as under the terms of KTSP. 2 .

It’s due to the low qualifications and due to the pattern of the old curriculum is already curbing the creativity of teachers. While conditions in the field indicate there are many educational units were minimal props. formulation and practice. Solution of problems faced in implementing KTSP A. causing the low quantity of teachers who are expected to understand and master the KTSP. the implementation of KTSP doesn’t add to the list of problems in education. 2. whether the concept. still limited to lack the quality of teachers and schools. Most teachers cannot be expected to contribute creative ideas to the curriculum. Because socialization is still not done thoroughly. Lack of availability of facilities and infrastructure Availability of facilities and infrastructure is one of the most important requirements for the implementation of the KTSP. Some of the disadvantages factors above. There are still many teachers who have not understand the KTSP.What are the disadvantages of KTSP? 1. 3. laboratories and facilities of the main requirements the implementation of KTSP. 3 . Gradually apply the KTSP. it should be a concern for the government. So. either on paper or in front of the class. 3. Organizes workshops KTSP. Made a number of training and other activities to enhance the ability of teachers to make curriculum content in accordance with existing standards. Lack of human resources that should be able to describe the KTSP The implementation of KTSP. 2.

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