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'~1~N1f ~t '& ,c#:a:ltIJll'tJ"If(~'"e~~ t~·
14 Mokume •

I'll)) :500b ,,'UI~4/110., 4· I ~II~




N,&c'kh:n:e' by T6JnjaLende,'mtm clays.


Whal clayers have d.onew~t.hthis ancient Oriental metal '\\foirki11l,g technique ls '!lI~l'l,~zlng. l'olilja shares her version and

¢::l41 .Asian Vase b" Karen Princ« Teke a p~arnn glass, vase, add your mo~dsand paints and . make t is Asianthe~nC2d decorerive project-iOlltlolher
gl"ca~ Idea~ g~fl

using il1ls~nlstal leaf and


118 Fusion: PMe and Polymer IC~,alyby Linda
I f you wotk with precious rn etal ci~,ys.youl I! Jove L il~daoS P'IVIC heze 1'1 ·a perfect match far your po~yr[ler ,etay insert, by' 7J'(l~l!"C(;llloba1'1

43, Chrislmas Wreath
.' .by BOl1l'J'ie PltJ(J'Ull' 'No special' toails needed,
except foil' a gad.i e press. aQd 01.1 'e an make these fest lve :m irri wreaths for lit~~~g;ingwem:ing. Hu 1:iu ['-I'Q~ 001'

21 Stalk'ing the Wild Pen Haidet' 24

-ever lose a pen again with thls reathere4 and beaded desk flcc:~solry)
whicih cJ,n'ul'lI'fis ss a fun i'md dramatic scu:~phwed ,pi.eclc_


bj) jttari'J Segal t:)

A. colorful and fun Il'rojec.t thiscarousel

horse experlorna-

44 Nature .Neckllac:es
l111 Nina OWel!'},s

rnent of M:2hI;'i,e~ as a soeeessl M,aikeitas,3n w ment, Of scale [t down tor 11mjewelry,

Hang a Iirrle nature an

y'our neck with ~hlls be~LlitifUll be~clem bel-

clever prajl'ct gives youanether use' for them not to me'nt~on .~n excuse to make 'em by l11e dO,mI1.

28 'Swirly Lenlil Bead Hair Banlds by Francie .owens We love WentiI beads! [ nd 'Frallde'~
~.3,O Faux Clo,i'.sonlne

lished joewe.lry tochnlqu,c.

~46, No Slic'S'Mica Shift



You've seen l1aUX,oloisonne befere, but: aot Ii ke tl1 i. Caro]:y Li sl:u.I,;\w.1 au 1\0'1;,,1 to carve !

rv by

C'WO~~~11 8~'(jIQw$ki

.by Arlene Sellie'k Try Ilhis S!L'lbll dil.ti:r·en~ mica shrufi ~cchn:ique. Texmre, CU~ and run Lhr:ough at past.1 machine) ~ _In' metallic clays reF.a nice ,shifty effect.

your own designs, and create funky one-efa-kind Ilfe.oes, tQ wem:- or give.


,34 :Skilnner Blend IBeads!::)
_VOlll OUt'

.by Shi1'lejJ DDUgtUi ~;.J..I:l~r,g; "'-=--__ NUxing·and m,8iit,cldng. we've all done lt with fashlen and heulie decor. bUl hav-e you tfled tl with (-o,IyITlel' clay mo·lds? :,hil'J._· shows JOu how to take components frcm 5 di lferent mnlds and racemblne them to creat<e 'I3nlire:~jf 11C'W looks,

,4.8 lo,k's

St. ,Ma Its 6

,66 The L'cI' Word.:

b~'lV/'aria &adzi~ik Tlil'lse std~j,ng bl,ernded

cane beads :,8ive
~cal wa.. to nse

a nether

On Your Mark, S...,,, -' I.a _ G·,e . ,.-e·II,•.•'.51 Ikl '•.
h:y ~. rfZ6}; Col1.j,I'eH
ls i'l nat\Jre or nurture? Whatever it is" ·andi has.

clay innow3iti!on, the Ski.itmer Hil nd, and m:auclh om j:ew,eJI)'tto any outflt,

3,6,H eo rt Plo,deet Wcdl Han gler

by C'Tml


, beautiful gift ldea for hol:di,ng flow rs, sUk

' arcl's hanging wall pocket is a, Am and e~Sl p;oJle. t.

the s1;aikel'~;et'i~and can't wait ,"orrthat next shi pment. Do ,au have rrllc' (I ·this genetic mutation too'?

38 Transfe.r' Your ,Lj'fe Exp,e,r:ienc.es,tci YDur A,rtw,ork by Ch,..l -tine l/~ri"'i8 f~rl therap ~ 'I ~th clay. Learn how to heal a hurt
and celebrate a life. on rhe


B 11



Lefteli"S the Edi:tor to FtI'(;!,m'he· S~aff ceu far ,Arlists CI,ayer"s News As.k Li's'll Q&A ICO~ ullmn Reader's Goner,: ATC Challen'ge 'e'lay' Tips: SCf1ap' lCla, & Mc~d Sollutruans

55, IPrm:llud News an,d Reviews, DVDs and B'ooks 6,4 AdverlIs,e r·1 s IIi'1:dex
,6,0 IBeginn,er's .Basks

Gane Necklace. J halo by Dan Landt.

x ~1(Jkllme



IP·olymer ICiay Gui'ld Di:r·ecfory 16,4- W,eb S~t,eDiredory 6,:5 Our Next ,Clhoilleng.e.:, Blasts 'rrom the' Past CaN fo« Emrie,~

1Po1¥m!!rCAlF~TM VoI4.1~$:!.H) 4 USPS 0<lJ:·4S5.IS;SN 19'3~,()434) ii!: lP'Ublisihed qY:l:~te!rly Spring.Sul'I'IIlIrI'Icr.FaIl.Wl,f,'Itcn·) by SCO.H Ma~~ioc:l lLC •.:eO·1 Nor'ttmAve .• Sutte· 200, I1i111skegOI'l. M r 494411. lj: I" 73:3'·9382,. Sli.bsCr1plEi0il'i'ii~ $16..:95 fOil" Qiiill' yea:JI.4!. I ~SUe5'i Ollll:$id~ USA $2:.4,95 pa,yable In US; riJf:!ds"d'filWi!li Oft ,il, US~fil(). IP(ll'iof;UCiI,1 -Q'~.ge, ts ,pa~d 3t IMldIskqon, Mil 4?44 II ~1il.d1 dd1i;POIllilJImailing effloes .. Pos[!ma$'uei' &eJfld address Cb30!~ t-o PJ::i1rmei'CAfE .30:5:95, Eigh[ M~'e,.IJ!!/ol'Iiil. M~ P a 'tiE! I ~2, PJe2l,.~eaHow 4 we~I(SrOji' addl'e~s ",mol1,gel! ~Q' ,~~ec!l~c c~~~J[;w~. CO:P¥J"'tghtf 2006 by S":~tf IMagt'I~ilncs ILL.C.l1hns.'bo ok Qf .. oV· all!'~ide d~~ er IIh.lS1U"rut!OIlilOrr ' p:tif1 mer,eor ma,y not b~ re:plfloducedl co:mmerelally w ·tho r me Wir'icoo~ p~rmi$~~QI'l of the plibt~5he;r. Pril1l't~cl1 in tiIiIe USA.


IClay le,gH,s:r Se'ts

tutorial on our h'DI!m:s Ipage

Us,a' pollymslF ,cla,y ollrsilvlB'r clay or 18ccmbjnatlon lof both t,OI make pendants. l'OOlk at the'

to ,se,e' how ,to rna Ilea:fliam,ss.

'Tube Bead IR,on_lr Seits
Each rolts two ,diifferent dlameters and marks two
diff;erent Ilengths for Icutting.

NluiWth "ee, slelSl'!1 ~ ,A~IIhree t sets W'Olf,k interchang'eab'liy'·' Sbt diameters" she !Ie,ngtrns!fI~, 3,5 dJfftjJ',ren't ,size o:p.tions.

R,oUbe'adis" pier,cs' the:m whUe si,ilU ln the roller, then p"lace en IIJIIiJIF ,:iiI:llumlinum bead rack for
Icuriing,. Now' 7 8,8,tsl

P'!rO Se'ad Cr.'a'iii',on ,S'y:stem, R,oU rs




'qu'clio/ jewellry 5uppllies





l... ettt.~I!~s Un~I~di'hn· tu
Lighming . ane Ink-our
J }m:!' m-dered ,'01fue belek is: Ue.'t mm yCJ!Et emri They are gr-ecu! In the Smmner ',(}S is ·ue. then! waw ~ Liglrtlit.~ Cant!

by Mr;Cart11f.?Yl.ade. I fried


make {his

I htJd 4 p~'f)blem wi/h tel' 4. M'1ren I reduced my cline ~f did nOllook like the pict1:II'e did. J nJ « hcegi"tler dnd feel prettJ' dumh ,.lulll 1r:(I~}lrolimtl the f easy directions. ~\r-5JlQlfmL~ plug (i#cln', f
Ilmre file wllite '·i'tj71'~i"g:ief1,gliflI1ie. Is Iher-e {Jl~vlhr',gelse yml c,an l:ell me ahmilUli1QI wenl W!I',(Jng: \(1' p{l~g l(wHet.! Uke the one irJ F.igrwe 3 then'

went drn uhUl /rom ,heJ1'e. rtltlnks, .for pr"(widi"g tid. tflagazine. I ~'eClii~l'/ike il a '/o.t an I it'" be' I'pol},mer



ltve read.


Debvpuh' Gel1l'ge Paulirlf!. $C

ili Df1;fJtJrall~
Thanks tor YOUT q~:esti(lnand nice






fasH A for the Lighming Cane. {Polymel'CAFE~' ummer "OS},~hal was
a gM"tm~, ~ooking cane, and spreadin,g out

Please tum



JCISJn C~ipp _ Editol'"
jlQiiI!n &

IMic'hael Ctiipp - FQ~;mdihg


MdIf'm3, A leo, KdiFe1"ll

H:!Jmy" IEII eJ'lll IH;)JIr.s US~ fa.'f\~lllka. l.:e:i,gh R05~, hall!. Cati1er'lirlle Ver~i,e,(r,e:, AJ1lanVEMrntlii~1

AWiln lUfflleWl

~ ApQdycdon



C'irc;!U~ati(Hl &: IDj,strntll:illtiofll: Jean e:tJoe: Fo>Ce; ~. M'al:'l~I~;r
~~QX'e,@sC!ottpubl~c3i(i()filis.com $lJIrb$f;r~p~Q~5@;S!i:Otlllpubl'~caltllons,!com dealernct'!~u"m@scottp1l.lblicadons,.cQm

Ckk G~il5Smiln- N:ew::'i!smll'ldCa1i1'sl:dmnl
dgIMsman@!stottpubliatiQol!l:.flQm A.c(:ollJl ntin,g: Karool

Ilo:ir1"1 - Aceo Ur1Iting ManitlllEif'


I ..:rbara MO:rr1!l1111,_ Actount E~ecutirVI!

Co rp'!!M'·,i!!te::

R!oben H. Keessen COI!'$Hlf',3i:te


S:ilIlndra M'cCa~l, lL!cUJiSI 'Fi:!iiOIIlH:::r-C·QIDi

,E'mm,s Ria~F!lh

KSitLermml:e 10" Aim,one: :Sherrii H!&ob



ell rilse:n

C:h'iri:s'ti fr~esel!'l Conn'B ~JBto

SCGIJ'[[ 'u1b,lkiIJde,n!i


N!'.~N·tQnAv~." 5ul:te:



Mi -4g« i

..~jlllst:raJ 'few of 'dle pOPIJJ~lr ,Imlts With I~elcentOf rorlhcom~i'1Ig p:llJIbUc,EliUOTIISI

231 r713~9.3:82: [Fax; 23, Ii~,13.3-'\)3.s
PQ,liyrncfC,AfE lEd ilQ!",jil~1

Joan 'Clipp
,46,40Nilnwcket O,'~
LJl[lil~m.GA ]00,47

For Siiu'vice on )N)Ur subscrilPtiorn. ililclud~liIg change: o£' raddl"ies~,. cal.! aOD~ 4.SS"lB23'~r 14B-477 ..16:6,5,O. Or write
to;' :511:<.;)11;:[ 'PubU€3.'tl0.ns:, IfialymerCAFiE, lOS/ii'S,'E;igh[ Mile~ Liyonia, IMI48 ~52.

Pl,ease!e;nc,~o~e youI'" old ~r:ld new

address. O,nlilne i!fJl: W'MY\poJyrrle;rcaf"e,.com.
SU:~:H;:(:r~p'tion rnl:,E!:S: I yeilr

,~4 i:s:su~

SCl!o:n"~flI"be'flutlnsrrUi,d boorts, ,I vlcha:os 'Dr Ipre"order . -\l:ls'l: selection lot rC~I!ssitilnd!lneiw 'Itles . Ehlek..l)ssuE!!S, g,f 'fa\l',orite' magaZines all i'ril Dine p~lsree! .••

$16.:95" oiu[Side USA $24.:9,5: 2 'yealn,~· ,8

29,90" oU~iiide USA $.;'1(5,.9'0., For



~ub;mivssflorl'sontact joan 'CI~iiPi~. c 4~40 N:lIUlltiUCke[ Dr." LilbUfU'l,G,A 30S'47~67S-

380 ...5,7:93. 'fax: '7B~l@!O ..99S'9" EmaU: ]C iirpp'@-!l.conpublllic3Itioi1rls .• om c

p:c B'Q\X172t

Vi'INW .p'DllkadDlt,c~e'atii(:n',5;.lcom

INJ 079.18!QI

Ii't~mP(lll, • ri
ttl tlh,md in the ri~h'l
~~is \IfFY ~3S..
\\·i1i.~1'1 ",orkin!

uy is


crue ial step,

gel the orm~nlation \Ho:ri~

whlh a .kirm~r B!~cnd.S~ItC~

• Add Ffee

uur nawr.J1 illu::lin.nluni iI5 Ul dn .It 11n: ul]it:1 direc~~ol'1.as i'F)'~'U \I~fer-~ rnukilil_g,ilruuhe-r Sk~rUll\'r Blend pJug If ". (~'p2~

• Waterproof Flexible .. Trans~ucen1
• Non To lc

and AatteJ1!;;dyour plug afh:r ~~cp :; (:5(.'1: photo abl.n~e),) au prob[lhll) stretched it OIUt
so it was

"'hen, ow rolled il up, IPerhaps when ) OtJI reduced

Hearty Clay


.. 13 pure p191len1ed • M xable " Non loxic

Easy fo


WQf< ~I

• Acid Flee


un me S!IUUl, elm:!I inSiltcud nflHllli'il"lg the btelmd rum-l ,aU m~\\,3,)' thnnl;gh C~nd pho~o



Please donit f~e~dllJmh. ~ imagUlII: ,c,"e'Ij' Orlt:' Qf our anlcle wrners Thadl III thf(]u~ ~IO il few (Of several] tries before th~t~tlnil.hru~ a~ were 'i,1Jrwung allQUl came ou~ ~ood 61llriugh to ~h arc """i(11 [he: wor Id. J 1hm.d llh~ same pr!l,)blc:rnwith 01~' bll,,-nd dlrecthms when [ ~jr.illried ('.pnnmc Donal'Llson~s \.liIondio!rrul 'and e3S,) tt~ dol J ~LlUI~rr1~,c:all1~froln B p'l'~l ious issue tSrrililg '~.). ~ hope this
h;:t~~ )t1u. n'fJ,,nditf'jid u"ri.'d':J· QjiJ!/J' dUSllft!r f/JH!li/ijlm.~Ifun, nm r!Jude,.... .' I(you would Ilkl.! rc'ilt."OUitll. J UtI'J (Ini,!;' who IJW~ (,ppt."'1.m':ll ;':1 11u'/J'mcrC IFE, lel,ru: ~u,I'JW (Jilt! me" II (la~~ nmr le~r"r or enu"#it "om tr.a ,11", uni •• ,

did WJll tfmu (htu


1 ti

Is and


UlftL people!


,\1£:(,,, '/~wJ t.ade S l. 1~/lt'U".~R' (OWU!. I~tt,
(~wnnJ(fr '(}5 J

name, address ..phone number, and' ~m,an address. Do you bavt' an idl;U (or a, pl"OJec~ Ncv,er be~ n pu'b l:i~hcd l' nQn ~t lhnt you Ihblk yOU1" fellow readworl'Y 1IJtany Of our rhle. a'rH~,r. CT!I WDlt~d ~ov\!111ten send LLS a haJru,J~ done an ,u'Ude' before picture of il by mail or cm.ait '''c·n.~ always lookin for exciting working with u~, and look Ai PI'IOj~C~!i, n the nmJl)' ilr~Gl~ of i the)" rN'W~ '\Jrle 'hook €cn,'w,ard 'to heari ns (1"0111 yOll. poIYn1!:l clay, for '':~i1J11pk:jewelI'Y, hfJ1~1'C deem' alld ace series, Send your photos tno ~clWJJ tid's: crafts, canes, ~pl."l.ial techitems p~east" unless we request
D8U~" niques." l1'lphu'\!~ltiJl~, lure ~mlkil1&, clc.\VC~l't! abo interested th~nt) &y'
~itWU ~,o,:

Rmlt!rfl~' ('UIlI,;,
1J~/t)'\'i, (~i"'f"~g



WW\I, (1U1.Wller

,L'f.)le.('t?m jiJr

ht~ck I,ti SlU ..• '(f'fr1,luhzl,l.~~





dry IP'A per day Pl"OjC(;; is. Just !JCuG1 U~ a picrure of yow'
L'rcatlion Oil" lcduuqnc'l

or air

4·640 Nantucket D--~


UIt!1lDl, CiA S'O·047 Scnd bigh n~.SlCll1.iUon jpc~ en: ~jff

m~ghl be published iu an il\g issue,

jdipp@,SCOtl pu.bHcati()11~,C0111

via email to:

If W~ decide Ito publlsh your at ti, le u~'U contac l you for l:HOl'f' in ~'C'I:t'11ud011, \tVll h your '1ne. f}~. e 1 b sure ~oinclude comp~'ll!t~contact in~·onn!l~i(m.I~lchldb18 YOllrfu~J

Ple.Q.:ffe ,jl~ute; C OI'I1t~~fJ'H','eIJ'Ce
hftfJ(Jl~f(!J 'he

R't!ude.'lI': no you havtl n uwori~ pr~re(;[

prop :lIriy of P(!J.{l "11~".. FE Uogtl=inff'. U~ "eserve rhl' " "'.ight m edil.J.br length arid "Iofitv.

IrlCl11 J pasl ~~"'uc thai YCH!\'~ hup~'o\r!i:d L;p1J1\ (!'ru~·d wn ,.l ~iilfct' out "'ar? I ~ en

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1Ie' 'Clfe~' Iike lhi~. some' II'lC\\ v arii.our issue's theme this l~me around lbcuses 0(1"1 Ie:t:l1.\H? (omlO':' Lip whh nt'Jit~ -JI alA I.gi:J\ IDur 111lth yeaJ of publ ic.da. Marie S'C.- .lat~QntS on .WeU-II.)1wlth a ~\ .!a~ ldeas inchJde l~racy Callahan's \".:9I1e ···. I ood Ia\ out Back w hen m\' hlll~band '" 'Mik~ 'was doing: our proofreading (no\~ irs hMld~ed b~ [he' able folks .lli. II II.olils on cloisonnl!:'. ork rol' flu I}' mer e ~.I'clay is ntul)' one n1JsJd!.. as alway's.1Ymer e~a}~ « [wei. And o r cuur.of P'o1ymCJLAfE nUlgm7..VeII'[our years! Vile' ve had cll.elt~onc on P3£i~ 14 and ~'le1u'l:l~odie:1.: hens.. wloli'l\!r lion mark.)tmlh.a) • U'lFllJ us Ll3U.pa.lJe~ [n. jcwdJ} ~ ~n additionl 10. to I".\ri~h so re\~lht1i..r air dr" da) for lh~ll r rna~tcr • c vea ir ) tUJ ~U'L'n' hun th ru t medium. by Lind~l [813msh. that )/'01. be wo.C1~ '('aur polymer .1' ~~ thor- ur ~:u.. I i11~ .. (I n page 1. eme Dther grl.I'cckhu.rkin~ in this iI1'1~dium.ok at.'S. hmch ly S.g.c. Puhlic. and DO'~ do we have " - !:~dl rna- cover is A b~aIlJHfu~ l\shtn Sf} le i\loluwmc .in~l! I:r" hard ~obelieve we've been g~nins logdher '!tU 1I.Euions..\hal w~ can make amJ YO'.our:sdvcs.FE. se ~ec~..ss \:11 Ondfol'Fl"iJJprojecils.udj usimen ItS.aJUi.sometimes '\'1\1'C just can't he~p .J seea nU:Lat doy IPI'OjcCt.~jonl_'.!r.e J~ll.{! by onj:J l.Pol~f:rli1erC ..P'~~.yah lUi l:OILl s~t:' Wh:a'lL '\-. a basket ltd!.~hl ~l'en U'!lhjer~~ pase g. J usi .l!tI'.8.euderraan.~n.) ice \!efs~. the bl!chniqlJ£' can he casjJy ad a. \II.I(l1J.e'r~ b).J...cuu.Y canes or cabo!.uul. or erie rOt p'3J'u~'rI. our lifitb issue.~krunnc:r B~ends~ we al "II) ri:a:u~~' a lie. On QUi' 1 . pa.it:PI~IlIH. ~ hope.I@fill 181)' . crnav!. and we ore \ ery 11lIc:k~ t(] .le're itu. he played jhc IiQi]U of exclamation mark pollee.m J I. and Join us as we be.led to . mica 5111 1 .GC ~4.on.Ill .) he~\ en.! nul's. The marriage fJn~yrncr rda.~hly ~njt1') l~~~~ issue of .. But you knCl'''~'.: in cia. lor (I.~ and rnl!~a.~lilI~' ar.. mere p 0. Keep in mind that \1! hen )."u~~ Uamg.g. moe n verv rel1t!'IIlJIsi· ~ asnic bunch.

prdduClSS and "IIleiee. !the colors IIIsing .llr' clay lbrough the pasta m aehi ~ile. FOt' a m.t maV. If you need to jouch up your slumped clay alter curing.on ~. lnking{ll Yaur:. this fi·QiI.a buy.av1!'1HJ4 Il'IEginB1iGmb'ib g~r PInion 'for PI'tiiDus. Liquid poiyrner clays ~'fies t~ leveling '\. I'ing the finwsh of YOU'r baked liqlJl'id pot mer clay: rn$.Lion.Geld e!f:!- my clay wh!~m1" rolt it tfm.aslghS! Attih(l!Jgh they. rnBPfiie:d bv .l Tin« Sli. You'll ti'lliid which one you Uke best. .. For 'insta]ul3'~ black.. fmish.. ~pp'ly lh [hinn~Sl I)IDfIting possible.'li~·~gliq.~e'l1_d:VG11~ V~sseJ!t~ end R~~tJI LeS'~:a rai~e!'J} ..fig . Thicker ~ay"~rslend to bQke wi~h a satiny or sen~1-g1oss..PaUy papel': u.)' $bec~ of clay )"9'1lc1 need 1.. Sani Dr )' Dm. "Q tel' h..UMS' 4 SrBI' av~'iliaMU_".r GretcIUlI.ay 811"1 but the "lhhmest c03!ting with.uld prJ..1a:y appear gra~1or' bluwS~la:iler bald.~ llIi' I.n~! . but b.!l :~h~'IJe s~ng 6010..ppHed.11J~15 PMC 5. _'l joj Art. by !.s IP-BU li!i(i • 847-4'8.app~ie..0284 arlg'ota UUlNWAri:iIlUIIJDpgl 'fini hed sheets as.ge'/' ._'."(/to .pyeLll"[jlaBtef' 51ll-801 minufie'S 'n IBrt1glih. Atte1.urger p(l~lie:J::._IpiI81" Cl'ty'ifta i~rcued .~ ~ [1Is.po )Ih1er 'Glay lnsetsIrl~9lym~r cla. PNlCANtJ' PlJL. wettdtry·andpapers" An ta~-ap[ilra~m8~1y" fer Glm(lQw~ R~e.~ill~ftQfi slrtp.~...J and Po.O:J]IlJ~ colors or brands of inks may coler shlft while bakiing.JeWelICV~.ay gremUns. M~cron pen . take l.is "_BlN'DVI $U.e ~heakul'a. rp.Adv. hen 8llfficient ](lyel' is a.FftNrslfi.:d lthand bulfed w to a hjg.l.'..SIS .a.~ or 1f1~1JlIg11 and ne.s(.. bit 'l'I1o.eml:lei!JGli1f-lg trreri. . apply polYll11er clay glaze over Iiquid clay.9E ~m pe.by Lisa Pavelka DellI' Lisa.fI.Ad. you can often lntenslt .anger to dl'Y than a pigment iL1k.an€.everyda~w.."ClUJ' l1omb.l'e s.IPMC:.la~~rto .jVltl. little.. il 'P'085. fa erite [i.ltl"'8aliil'lg ~~ PM€' !:lese. '>:.. Wl.a n~l' lrCInsjel'S? D.efore 'runniJIlg. when thtck ~nough.8:sed inks. that sneaks 'ILIP lily nearly 'on 1kn~..Meu. flI . S 9rmM~ li1en1i1T~epnil\U~G l~ilwr} .Of r:()"l~"i:ej tills rmiJl h~fJilen!i wi1'(iJ'l Fm tryi1'Tgto' rnn Q t. ITer weI1\!.C8lI¥a'11: jj1}[i~~ ~n~~~l'and Oi_chl3DLl Gl~~ I(Sfl~ .m·n.h all{.JI''II .'f.s to control .OmUE'f l(. I.11ots mpeeitic~tf.Bn_1i Vall rI'I~nd Paille J>e.t~ il"1ftat'madfute Warb~Bp. 4~ CUI.k 0" tbe da..SOOand 1000 u grill autaJ11Ioth~e-grade.t to use -'I<I~hen J sta~1. Th] \\~mprevent the cla rrom being contamiueted fon:ve:r more! NapPo Rallifl[I. your IiI~ger for dds look .lused: D'ear' l"'~. n..1."inn"ara WQ"'Bhpp~'12 aimena onal' "'Fmlfl!llla.etl1. B.. tim 8rrd ijleo ·a~drl"'!g .Tfl'l.'Id'ff~i~~servloo.nt:~ andl baked fil~lwshes.Q pro ~ teet.i~5 tape let: Dn1y'1118 ...y Qff~rs1:i'l"IO~II:iP qI_1.ns .1' l' d like to share. 'or a g]ass=Hke sh]ue \'tliIhoutanding and buftTng..u.hmc. tlitl. Wipe aw.i !id"Mf:: permanent .1I happening. omer~B . plaee a pieee o:Pdeli O~ :p!liUYp\l'l![:)~I'* :fI.eal . _~Ol.ver seems ta happel'1 on "~1scrap clay! A Prus :h~Qted R. - B'~a.." iII.et.~t. will find dttJ.el'i C011. Since even takJiI1lg apart and cleaning 'rour machine .OMtClmbl{Il'iOI'l au c "'II 3: PMG.asiealJy the: 1bJlowilf1g lrrformarion . H II~ill DlIIDVD Linda' Hematein PAlC' eannediGn ~'l--.st$·.abGiut I]a¥~ ~l.oed liquid po]ymer clay.fJ~'il man) i'ilul! 1 ie sn nil) p'a ua machi~le Dr I1tJ\jlcal''(~llJll am: 1 all'" COl seem to .Dye based in~8 are a. _"st. Cloyfitlll1 lb'lir·"y.aturated em theclay than pigment inks Ihol.I':----::"-' I!"I1.· n. OO!'se~ Bl5I.r lope thish Ips.8 h. Ricl1 VSffeW ® ~~illi:~ 1'l~1pl'Qjeets wlFO SU:~ by $tip ih*~~0Ji!5' !ill I'IsJ.J~st what you 11l1'6.el'l' .i)ijJerill'lJ:e. 1:~'.':.separ.control the' l11i$h !gCI M'h.. can :b~poIi~ill1t." 1iI.mjpe-iGr oombjn rnSI. me till marker lik..JPn clay: pigment or dye based o iuA'":8? o.I'l'EI iAtOrmanian and deta.ue~ ~ill..'ible' to '. PMl: ClB~ IFiring & VJd".hBf.Us'€t I. tini':1ih.!i.pping .lU' L'. .f: You.!'(l. YQ!LL \l m find Irhat dye b...prevent ..'V{.ver' an.1'have a.m.lt each brand '0 r ~iC[lIid poly:me:JI' elay b!~lSdlfferenr vlseosltles O~l c'knesses).J:ll~ J thi:r.lgJh. PJlIMil4'8'th~ /)(3$1 bi.oileF" Nlalji' CJm:y!opJ'l~ 2.ping -EH~h!e:r you use win b~' Jlns slnee ink they both 'win permanend heat set in d1e tr en. 3. 'h. fol:' 11I'I"O."'1--. . lErose UJil'S'.VAfEA' EUir ADIfUlCfO' IIm..~'{<gh..Mllfill:!II'·UI'''f'':t1!!1Iii11I!fD4.N. 13Qltl.'fl-mveLy. 1. are:J'il 'lifl'!ed to'S.

"'" e tOlmgroplliC'tJ/ '''tip). 3 or 4 sheets.: 1 Go1d leye :pin.1«!fCd sl(J.BOO green) Fin(Hngs.ck) P'. Plliemo Composrt on goldlleaf (3 sheets) .Ji. nail. a ... o " Go dame Ina ped end ..gold.edLes. (4) Wlilile' cutlers Round-nose pliers N.caps (1116mm wilh . Lime Green R_alnfQres~ Gr'leen Peal1E!I( pigment powd -r in .g) eya oSlcrylale Igel glue Whi1s' unlined IPapsr.Bri~lii·ant GDrd j 1 1 oz.2.md objects -coolde IcuttJi'lfS.aha Blue.). Fen.'.r:b of r:luyJ md shQvil'W cIOJ'! huddng sJfl!:et.w II~ _ by "Bing tQul. Premo oz. EI.ol ymer C~av: IBlack Trans~uoenl 'with Bleach (now ca'i _d fr'es'l) SCUI~pe.Ie I Bead Ingl ne.c r "n'rmd grr:nll" '0 'Q . blu.sta machine (AUas 150 used j'n e:w:amples) O\r. ink oa. ball'Te~:.stamp Kemper:l" mungl 'cutter IKem.parts (IC2Ilp.hen sandin. &~. -j. a ruler.eleuHimr.• embte asU~e& oi JalJsed th "./ClJ· ".8 6rnm ogenin ) IGoldl'ogglle clasp' l18mm) Paper to _els WeUdry'ssnd'pa.pell'needre too'l Soft: IilIris·Ue rpainlbrush IAuller EI'ec·ric buffer (b nch gnnder) -..-"ml'llJ rtJ flPfJ~1' t:a ~ and f t.rtridge) J. 600. pen .eedle-nQse pliers Bakilng pan P'a. (0.King I:' IIRique rent .e .ath 'wheel Beadingl th~eadl Cbla. S&lipphir. 10CD g-ms Water in lal container VIIi h drop . P.lin C .) :2 Gofd jump· lings (6mm.Qn~L" JapWUtS tm oj. pr-e'Si!i in IJI slab (/U.Cli din' Figt"e.'. a'eD.en Acry'~ _ rod JudlH< ns Artifacts Cube .o{~Ttl r t.Qf lliquid soapl add-ed I~'forI· ler results w.£ d'tnN'Omlt'.per n4'OO. J'1pant!S€ mel'l1l .s (.Seed bieads (mix of . Super SUcer Pinata ~nks.(i. screw.or.Qlunre ..e BJlItB.

3" x me "\III pieces and stack. :. ." tall. 7) and plaice a . 170.d:a).OS:( 'of the day 'Ii~.' I. lack througb €hIe' l• is sofi and no longer contains amy bubbles . shave otT thin sllces Fr. IIAII' by ~ II thi ck an d the CI~her ~Ij by Wi X 't1'" thick {set!' f. Press down on rhe c'h!.Id 'lea r '0 _r th e il!1Jkf2dside of translueeet ehIJY ig.es . lompress U\ taek into a cube which sho'll~d be about I V. Bubble a ide ea. .' nll' the t.0 pick up the clay. Cut the black day in haH and ron ~[inm 2 . .·:~a.ndant p.n el to spread il around.mpluu!'s em JHll. ger.k c]ay.ke mate random impressiens with your round oibj.t t.! .ni a %" thlek stsb and run through the puta mach iInJC on the thickest setting. iep 4". • .g. Kne-ad jt 'in l~our hand to warm. so that one is on the L .jep' J 0.'e's t~o'sq DID r.1 arl:d w.. Pur gl . ~:i Lay the sheet of 19}'on the unlined pa~ F. .)' until the . La..er comtiuo:oiog f\1'~~ut o she 1 of [r.. n lnue fOjlling Ihe c'ay '~hrough the pesta maehlae until th day trimming 21\ ay excess cia". 5). Use a SUU\lI wad of pap r b. smoothlng OUll the air between the layei: as you go. pl •.• La . hape a n::e~g:lle' Itom each ball.i.u. S.]tl(JU. i't up then flatte nit out . put random drops of lone color PinatD i.e .. Set it asid for now. le. 'them so the go. rim 'I bi. mooth all."· untU they are flu 11.cf)flic II"0d o.or' tbe 1 pi. The overall length of the sheet pasta machine o'n 'lire (h~cke. 'I§ :IIud '. U again and tack. the clay in half and ron i .nsetHna.2). ul ~he eta into.'! ]'"1 square from the sli'lleet and set them asid . are normal jill uncondkloned tmnslucenl '. TlP~ US~l'Ig the papeF makes it easier 1.wghtl rounded (Fig. make a hole in the 101' of the ~'I1u:k foil' each baJ I oltf clay Fig. ~. Push them into the ho~.lJ!k 0 .rL 'pith tltte thiekest etlin. :a lls.ul:l:' e 1fi~IIIrni imiing 5 to 1 df'llerent shoo baUs.. 'l'ep :5. 4).tr.extsEeps. da'J~ '. .· ut 2-.an lucent clay to Ill'l' (II "1 5IeltLng on the Atlas pasta machine wlth 9 se nillgs). .![ors of ink U I1ti I I'". ecrions ~~epl 7. '.ayers. h square. w~th the stack '(fig. 3. lhe translucent 'be cendklened.y a:f'I~l. 'triljl O'r tnulSlucent da . ithoul IDlQlkmllle 'gaillllc e. to be 21i '-.r p9~ntbrush hal1dl 10 roll and smoofh the sliees after yCl LID place dl m ~ig.l slab.ld 'Figure 7 "Iap' ll..ol1'kyour way down through each set1wng ap:pnnumat~ly :2711• 'L~] wm be 7. the' edges so th~.Aft. o.nk.la')' needs to ink. 6 .e 'edg.rJ J J.f!cts te further dis'(brt the ~.through again folded ide in f rst you do nat trap mOI~ bubble in the clay. P of the' stack nd the other l on the bottom {Fig" ]. To cover the pe.I (lU' tlU! I ai. side is touching . ma.lti Feed the .iee_s. Repeat " hh thi... use -'our = .I.'tIDler Ibre CQ. t e itlep 8.111' so Condhion (he black da~ just as you did the translucent. biaek. is covered .om the' mokeme sane !dab (Fig. Yllth the 'end 0 the paimbrush or your fin . CUL it in hal f and slack them then "n h. F id.rl.~' ~t up snd use the trimmlngs 10 roll up after the l:'I. e\ at a time Irandomruy onto the' bh.]). Sterpi . The lint shape needs.' n~ Uu::' be basecelor for Lhe pendam pieces.'. 'teP.stack nboul jAl. as need- ed.

3 tlme. -andin..corn rs I(Fig. tth warm wat.I 1. . thel S ofth . eatshirt HI terial and a lot Of. Put the' I' t l]li..111"\' make' fill ~ mn:alelhin. 10).'triangles . usc! denim.~uthiek.' lO.together .' 'triangle cutter ClIU Qun.t. tep 14. 14 • te... om II brusMng the Asiaml tiext 's..ve pins in III lrutg_r pleee and slip ill onto the lower eye pins of U~eaJ'ch piece. r ered. be.II:a. Of 2 of llquld dlsh soapl. c(u)l bef'Ofe gOli" t'o ith:e net. 13 (Note:' I you do 'lot have aeeess to .e piec'l!s. and re hape your p]eees if needed.. d r t~he:nslam p lhe image on'L. side.PJlroximately v.6. ions to ensure a good image. UlJ: beads iU be ea > wier if thy are sUppc I omo 'the tip of a rJeed~e tOQI oneat . p nd sam ~ time smoothing ." rom each 'CC]!('IU!f.. [001 until th finish apl_a~' ". 9". ill rtln: .m inue' .(lroh needs 4 ~y'e: p:ifls. = The paper win ke p the cia' from ge-ning 'shin~ !lipts \\rhile bak ~ng . . The bead"s. a.. Id P.iner.\.an earn or Iines unti~ lhey don't show. e pllerate ap-'n no.1" ablJJll/SlIl.n'llm . I in p(''-Ie'c.t.th SqIlJBr-"E:' piece.mction.a ·1.cing th ' .p' II:aril~. H .' 1). r and add a drop. .'. ndant C o. from the remainIng mokume g]Qe slab. -'lake b'DIe. $Iteps.ach clay pimce'to a high gloss f1nih Wilh . Reload tll1_~an~p between impl_ .honen 60t the eve pjns~O-*iII.g.all \\lith the need~le t(lo:1 by US'~l1.ill a con:ta.-. . 'ing U}eK el11p _I..rilnd r-on them inlo ba I Is ( ig.and ytHI IIkethe Q~!!ra1Jl ~ook.pI7. po¥. ' OJ' "i slle a.taiD~I:p . Dab glue on the I~nd.8 bu er. through tbe bead ju [11)of the ne cilthe hole. nhe clay.' p:mus ca.' I ·lep I I.l_e.aplWoxi:~ ma. Remcve th .~per and bake fur 45 mlnute .S·. . RoU them through lh_' pasta maehin on ih~ 'rhi. ' 'UL. t ". T11 . s \: lthall grits and til II 'polish e. til)'. Q r the' eye t)l 11 and replace '~hem ~nlo.0 Ilid 'til.~hen 18. ".o one side .g in dri Uhll.clesethe 'eye pin -. These' pins will conn ct the :2 pad' pushi n.!!!' --_--<.clkest setting. 2750 • . Ue~ng and p. . l' "t P 1.. en both of Ith e ~ayp. 1 these aside t_m r301'illy ( .pi.eryth jrn. The e "1.of bo'tllil ne klac. (Fig.."..Q' in fl~l)mrh oiher ~'i.D. n the 'top side '0 .e pins tm.~. e e pin !/.1!!.11th 13 heavy layer of til .' ] OmOrll (0. _ ian 'I1l0'lir by replaced. Let e.-n)~w gre _ .fl!: 1 bead.abuffet (Fig. • a n.aJ'ter bBkjn. Bend tlrle I" l~'t pi 1:' lruo a slight arch (Fig. 11)...eadE)I. put all. pans and the b rads. Re . sand aU side WI frrm'l each eors eraed n 'Ih_ 'top side ih~ f'rom t11.g.. sit!e slftouid b~ ..d dJe pilee· '. ~:2). fe'h or .:aod beads on a sheet of unUtlcd p.. e needle . Repeat the saacilliJ'llg PI'CC .3. '!tI'1 U .:' 2: 'ml1l the bettom I TIP' :"oating the sandpap r in the water for S minutes before sandlna ~Ill make 'he pia f' las:iU ~on~er. tU1lirl'lg with 'fhe 4UU grit.~deo t 'lel1 15•• u~-rour Ida. em un til you ha' e all the block clay eov .

[:b40te (." stl'ing 211. 7 I.gllhl.d' I D _nd lenjoy •• 0 r lh~ :1:: Ia!lp (Fig.e dasp. (0 hold theeap in plat'!': fig... '\JVlorkiu.al~4 ~111'ead. 'i) unti I y011Ut have 5.S:~r'ingin.e le'ye ~)ins hJ! ~I'I and ese lh_ r'Ound-no. Ilmolt. ontinu :III: ~I .n-I ue' to secure it (FiS.g• .).AUlI' h the other beaded strand 10 ~ our elay pendant.. t~r cIldthe other sj."'itb ii. I . . ..g . ets lar 4. ).~'[1 .~). I. _I 1"f. e r 'if' make a. tep I. placemen: ill' /. elese thQ' ~('I(lp( jgs • .porariiy hold the beads i111 plac _ Fig.:llt__ one 'h 'II]_ 'ilic<p' 8~ Oil tle'p I~t trin-l ..' 01 1& 'IS It pielCiltl of 'tIlt!: beadIng thread and gf1 up.IO""/ng. se ell beads. tie both -nds of the bea ~ tralild onto th 10 fl 0 -'a :21! e e p:in snell dab lhe kJ1O:~. Then sUp . wlth . ] .our seed bead mix. Iloop.dalnir'Te. -1)1.grll up of '" 111.pl'DI'es.Iltep(.a~ the '_ to 11Ul e 'the se -'ond stran of beads . tep :"". section of seed beads . . On the other end .reads. and another clay bead I(fig.end! .Necklace . or skle If the [ogg].'b(Jil·t~DldJ.IJUJ~~ 'in~h lh.of eat h gmup to tem. onto each one.. them into 2 . ':! .. 1ell 1.&t.ofl.Ji"knOI. lhrough 1 cJa)l bead ( li. fllll:Il1.'C . Pi Z. "lep_'. Ti ' " .._!lei 4 cl~ beads : me '11 chern (Pia. 'qmlfi.. ~r- 011_' 101011) :I)nd attaeb re 'the pendarlJt. .!ln.m.

iJddililgthep!)tym~r ~'la}. \\ hich pfC\"Crn~'L them rDUm bc~ng rr'ired Itngl:ther. mica.t. You will.r ~ey. pulYfmer and precious tntlilt CflJ. 1't:I~S less..r..mpl'ete' prnj.ernper lC.Bind beauty. antIc mlalkle '~he' nltlilre pieoe\ e IOf .e base 'fi r:n aJ1d finish it l.t II W'f" and ~615Uf(: depe'llIding upon [he pmduct ilnd ~lJcll1inique being us-oo.~ir c~ay skills as 'IJ.5$ue blade Teflon sheet e'a. h..0(]1l't".1and th~1I1 insert the polymer irilU::I.QJ a work these bezels am~.. rich in .l. rile fusion of 1\V0I rnodern I.\~ pol) m'I.polymer daly (canes.i:mijre~y bef(Hlil. .~l!~ L eu WIi'Jen ~ .y~ combined POl)'nler w lth P'il C I( Predol:Js -.aies ne\'V and exciting opponilJlni:lies by combining I~heEime teslC'd IMlPO~(TANT: The ~\.~t!: your Q\.y I h0\ .a your pol yniJil~H· 'Wo. r3l11X.I s~nee th~y h iiv·e dCVI! Ilo.l can'.. o The' Lei(lhniqu~ di(5{.. Ilr.eallready h3c!1 ~. TOOLS • R.e. I'ptoom~d veneer.d E!.er you have "(.!.lral_~:'t~rh~tics._~. You cam .W C ~D~. the ecmblrwd pieee cun be bakred mn a 11 dedicated toaster oven trI'l F ur :n5 ~lo:llefuny y.ribed herein allews you to design and 'cn.!! I'!_d.ects qllJlick~y P.tays.es IIA.. You CSJ'11 us e Ism 2111111 imag!cs or cnhers.abi'lily' '10 customi. In will" I wiU ~hBfI: )~OU. have cIDi+i"-efcl1I'( jli.fnlg PMC Bezels (or Polymer ICla. rile P~IC "MAst be ri'red be".reat. a begiml. IIf1I i!l.in d~'lail..collors~patterns ~J1dU.rd!:!f ~u .m)' rfnori~e ~jlli.I crearmg and. lor o~h er • Badger Balm or ol.!!d i.1!i I ------ .m bezels..ill had esperience ~"Ii~hPM .(lIme experience with both mediums..!::: ou l~he y .The polymer is [OI1'.rlng:e .ieces 0 . dmf'l be concerned masllUJC h as 1h is i5..ive oj'! • K.~) to l ]0 minutes.:'X~ I~res. ~lI'o:l)' l mer day users usual I.~OIIW1Dle-=' 1'1""'· =IAF: .r~n~ ch.owev.ou hs.aslt as ImuC:h o'f it as II po&sib Iy can..y to w'O.~U'1Jyor al~ of the items ~ou ~ll!9\iC' created IJs~ng such pDlymer teehniques as C3l11le "\flJrik~mnkume gane.rk with. Fusion: PMC & Polymer by Llnda Bernstein photos by !Larry 'Sanders Cl~y C.llr by maklin'91 you r QWII'1! ItH1:~lle'l liI1ste.uttern Files • Work suRace 1j.iLng111~I~lolymcr inset.ze 'yol.:.(arcQlJ~ The pr-CC'fSS is simp~.QUer Cards • Te~tulr.!! with day.e ~pe"l :d t1'1LJi~t 10) eaes . .. Ic'x:pcrimel-'1ling . s...alue of si'lver 't.~d Lh.adapt eij1~d. C{~W1 . creates 3 mechani- Bamboo skiewer Wa'ter D"og.v.:. The po~ymt:ris i hefd in pl'3ccby creating d_re'll'~_ '_ beve] bezel (see be·low) ..s article hn:: Iimi'q. sllifts" phou.UJt:. pil'eces) PMC be~.!: adrJ.n. letal Clay ]1..31li1C paste .i fi!~ll:ie·~iI. In the 111151 six ith years ~ ha.cI~8i~.8 working eernbinarion of bot III ~ ~a)·s we t11 Wit mak~· the P 'I.well)' ~ . n~1i undercut cal IDCk.l!'Qcla}~. stalil'lp~d "re--mede one.u.{.cres'le my OWll je.e f\ orkin.use PMe win Sliv.:.f.nla the undc'rII: IlJt . f~.und Ibutecl ~Il i.lERlAL' P'MC3 .t:. amounts oif PMC and 1'6 grams ~nset p... Vou cain cQ.art le..make the keep lcostsl ulilder eenmrolwhne addingl value .elPMC 'Dwj~d ~~~~t rellli ires m ~f1 j mum ski IIs.ad of DtlIyi n.quaMties and Ibeamy of silver \ '~th poli)'mer day~a modem medium. Th~ polym~t_1~Jr bums at 3.(!. ·Her. achieve .add the besu'~Y2md v..upy ~Intll!i<'full.md .!eUl as a k_no'ti.i.~cd.

e:[rolO" u~er ~~lt(:. and exhibi! eteator.lt of your piece J c~1Ii'dsthi..p'C . polymer . Be sure-to balm (with ol~i' e Badger Balm) the brass plate if. Line them up exactly.dng edge) e-attems fer the-shape' of yQLJt bezel. 7 .DV It Pef$O'i1I· ml!. tOI go.ou desire. Metcd IClay Be:z. amount of pa u~ on the middle piece (Fig. 3).{. ~I1.2.as wel! :as. edses of the who le piece (Fig.em. the ftiront 'f:i'am. tJ1.en "W'w. on the Carol Duv:r:dlshuM'. is one of lhe or.~Jtbe . end ati1el· media • tn the USA end UK .ie'c'e:soivenli-Iht..tbe .The Revers.e's:i:gn :lfIJUI" [i..'(IiJ'ab'ie . L. ) reverse beveled bezel that will ho. 6). in the same w..IIB p.I~Site is' the' Educaiio'l'u:tl Cf). The p rc should eernplementyeur polymer design (see the.4 veteran a.!. R'eifine tile. 5lJ1..hQPs at c()~fe"'eJ'1C'(f'and retreass offered b.. without a.inda' has been' fea- YOll may copy tliis PBige or tare.lItho.e' a p. Att.iec'e 0. intended a~ ~~Cf'i~m 'rOf 'C'Qi.tally smooth.a'Senior Jr1'Sf1~ct().' art jul·0'.e .. D.~'lrsizes . !'. 'she..ck.ela).(!u.iiec. on or 2).. r fPORTAN : it must be '1le.p.e . . glep 11. fQr you.ffi 1 ~o 1:M!~. FOe.. ~:t ou't th. products and l/i£leos U1-eaJ. 5)" it' :flO U have one. hQI:e in it I Fig.4C CO'1U7cectictfJ to be .c~efl. 5.r'texture (Flg. Fcn"'. R. '~he .and rhe same size as. F.textured.ieee's b j:L putting a generous.e't.u tif}1lt!. ROIllout a "heel ref P'MC3 cJay on t1~.k.~·liQe Orlltj.!I.ingurface of the bezel) Qfd1e s 510 op _raing is sligbt~y smaUer inner a. O~~use one 'fo. She has laught nllm..igil1:ai eight cbosen by the PJl. The reverse bevel effect can be achievedwith a craft k'nrufe or .]d the polymer insert piece finnW in the opening. FU'st" DUl. Ste:p 4~ Ctl1lt OUlt th. 8. may VCl'Iy" ~than ~lheback Fi:g..h9. Step. Idl e opcninlS I'" tllll.ty dry.ieee wifh an epening for ~he polymer insert that ~s 10% larger than the polymer insert piec ' (to compensate for the slight shrinkage factor). brass. Sf. Bevel Techn:ique Using PMCl Step. '[he middle.cr.. This is the tro. Step. yo. ·out.o w:kic:h the pO:I.INSTRUCTIONS.y St~p 8. ~ these am About the Art_: Linda.3.ol)'nl tf·. Sii~p .illda B'ernst(J'in is ..teps 3 through 5.epeat .bell. 'erlfjied b~J the PJ\IC Gldld USA IPrO:liilt (1999)" PA4C Connectien (. this piece should tie 2 eerds thick.erous wO]l'k~ shops in''p~\llC. .arl ·. Dtl' ::.. Teflon sheet (Fig'. Her series a/instructional video« tibo:flt d PAtfC: ilver in "0 Tilne.openin:g il\t.OJwirtolorfor wm4. in : our pattern.letl' 0. They ~Q' s~a.• se a " Kem per CU:(fEl:I' or d:CI it freehand froBl Step' .:1\ m. Be sure to.miit~j'liI L.l. patterns below). DeJt'. again. t . FiII the edges and tHe it 'Until it :i~:rto.ep' h. Textulte i l Itb~ baek (Fig.Org: halfeii coJlll' servlt:::e.~ nl'.e .~y ast~lle fi'Onl. StoLlp' 7..easll s.mla.ront and back but solld.j1:d.a..1 p. plete. :BEfORE you go 'to the next :.e. 1.ork..111...0'0'1' and rue Guild Japan 2006).e top IC!U' fr.'~.J Pl\(C Connection. 4).er SfUi. mel' piece will lfit « Flg. Move this \vha~e':ilheetto at. mt]sl be completely dry in order togethe r more.IJ.

!.II'.C! t~'~· f/~'tralirm:N: tlJftr m'.. should Iii. Ifi. :shQIJ~a b e CQm~ pat'ib~e:'ITQ'M ~he'stand~DLnt of derslgn. ~rllto 'lh~ It ()p~irli~J1.r. J'\e Mound that Ehe'.itJI'I'ul ~~f1ff'lnuul l io. hrushed.'o. {fig.'!!'(/cr l~~' in. S:te'l J3. ~I )" lh~ ilh ( ced'llJre by NO'I firi1llilg the m 'tugeth er. _"r ""'iqlfe..).'.nrtJcIifl1Jl1J o FO: 'ill\r~1I' ~ n NOI .:H:ulS.. {lIlY 'ICP .eit bri.ou can LISt. IBull it Hgluly bJ s~~i".!.:III I!IL"n~J~yJlmlfh~ P ( ..alilfeady made to get: an .elr' ~ir esilil!. fJhl"tifJuht]ln~.!.r~lrI'ln minute in a ld.keUl'.h lIIu.d n smooth ~~ \~'n~erFig..llay'.tVe ~tUEIlI f po ~vmer c.~clicuml \~idf!.epl~7.exactly or you may be disilIIP. Ihe rinrnsh Df l~rinG' your plece 'IIG Pi sholu'ld cOlil11plem'~n'l~ uur Snep. dlJlcl~ i~ ml is tuo b~S'.nlll pCJ(lIIIU!r dUJ um} ulhl:'I'I'C)PU:jt gtl to: W'U 'II'!!'.eclk':3Ied ~O. i\. PiMC. urul proj«I.r )to U If' cane (F:ig.t-"r U. ig.'iiuhJe dl: It 'W w.l').s the plseas easrer to jo~n. e or l~~ Fer adel'.nF [OF ~U ICarlf. ObseNe' proper dry~nQ times in order te mak.!•.t PuUs. II:.ed VoL 4: P 1(' lind 'til111)imer Ie 11ly. BOL e.' nnd an unstitched tlilusHn wheel ~Fig.ve' ¥Q'U Sb~.. ~.l'llIm da.\ und D VD.. Fo!llow 'the p:ropel!' Pre- Th91p01rmer . 'lII:!1..lI. ~81...9. if ytJu: fllJ1J. TIm~. re"!. lFinil'ih t~.r'.j.ghd). l'hi~ i'i mlt! It series a/lin} uv. S~ dtlwn on )'OUl' work surface. pl'essin~ om~it laee u bench grindel.dv'ml1c. iJO!iUifUll Irl in Ithe' bel'ld .ierm Ik i In is best fur th is jnb.PII mlnutes.i(loden . rse bevel edge ( .heees. .n' I. ~rf. if or ~Npand it b.eclk111~c s.!'flJ~ly'rnenitor flringl !~I.elreven. ~~re31 :r2'.).~ whh nn!.. you cheese (fig. F lureminc..arllt.llre I y rne. While .~'e.cainenhance poIV-' !1J:eif IP... ~'dd 1 rope ba iI Llsingf rst pas~:1: he iJIt1. I gil k.lh rn!)l~) 'ElI..i:le u. m EI. rope around a '\.i. "1'lI:p '14·.min-ot.~. er ul' ··.J.)1 er insert. 5ih cgrblack ur I h. Make sure h hi forced under the -tell tlmperr. Y'QU !ha.uein.'il:!il.p In. Irope r~u' tr~e' bail (fi..chl..·~.!sandpaper ~r!. Lir''ti" Bt!rn. Roll .~tJl. ~e'l ~l. \'~t"1sand I~ fU)~rm~1" ~~'Lf Frnr 'J~'on· im.e pleee as.:beasier to do ~his bcJorc' RU!'Lhtni~..idf!o. des lgn and po 1.u~'Phll. rOllis~~ed. ~l.l· l'l~ 275'"F•.aHul F'MC pleces.) insert ro make it spreud out. I ".~~U. ··~.h ~Ijj IfIFuu.!~wn:nl d .g.uut a.. Fo1low th'e :steps a'boue . is more eXI.rlWres for best resuits.~ejnlIart i<fIU'lL nrg.pciinted.lr 0]\1 a telA 'I. '7).

.8lft P'ainl in IBurnt Sienna and Bum~ Urn l TJ :} I" i .e s . W Ita and E.t~/11l bas« t1( te " (Jnin~'spen uucl...r:aft knife • Tex1lJJf€li tClols~ I.le(uher +) is pl/n il':~ I '-'.'{IlI ju 1 amazed .e-nc'se pliers } • C.tame pigments in ClrinlSO Spring Gllieen ~md DUG-B'lueJGr1gen .1 EHe Pens or ot. I lVi/ . he afraid th.1 Ass.."flnh:::dto km \.Premo! Polymelf'day.11 \ orcs.1 Armor All automob. Sobo Premium 'Cr:a·t\iI F9Ibr1G Glue .:nds merhing very sp ial f 'I" hristm .)' "If:!. E-. Acrylic ro1er • Co "on s abs . " • e 'r a ~alwa 5 . o.1 P'ol.St..I Pen !Ifill_I! u'line a •. .uroUtJ~· " tuN .!orne or m) -L..:: pen ami basI.cru I. I" ~ \lIth '.:24 gauge w~re .[ frw..lll11~)'pens you.~' Pe "Holder by Trac Callahan ~~ idea for rhese ar i ti pens carne about Ci. Bladk.CuUng blade • Poly.hE .! en 05 .ve proctectant • Oven-safe loose beads (or make polymer c'ley on· S J' I.T6015 P'roClay Cutter (Se. nd \. 4 Ii.·iha.!: c~ ~-1~ii custom O\'IIm ~ c nlaund~ ~~ .1 Folk AI1 Cr. afe beads b'la.: P"'11 I gain:r be broken or (urn up ml in .• WillS eLl _sr' • N'eedl.h:~omt d botl~'!l: f u pert hoider came abou' ' was a!h".1 Spcmg..SCI!l1pting 'tool 'Cii clay shi!.II.e' • Pa In'tbnush I -:·1. [311 get at the doUar SO I decided . flf!I'f." .lIi fLm mJ p 'et' CDl a CC~'SSt')rJ.w th.ck ones used her.orted feathers . • Peart Ex m ..: ~ umJllwr ver!dou ~J .6- using those . .el)'l ne who a\\ the en he' a bartender nt! uSdJ iL \..ring of Dven .'bel er illllO give her than her pen (below~.her oven-sa're sticJk pens..'ay \\1 .ICVanQaGIY~ate Qllue 1. .' Decorative bo Ie .pers . ba lmg .\ \'\IFU::N' mhey could et on ~ The' idea f r eddin ' IhlO::I.\1 f) erk.\'1• RIf"\L'~-.. .l g :9) I'.yfilll poly-asIa'.1U5e wanted to R~akl.1 Pasta ma chime .Yallting1Hg 'i.I 11'1 011 .

5 )1. Iep . ~hen brush ..ay.~. !Be '[0 SUI'\f! I tCiP I~)!.r't'ild~her ..da~1wiU sHt:k.la.t·"elr:om. ~bjl tlu~ :fe~dl1 behin d l..Make ~hmtFt1e'gl\lejs good and d~')~ strong hold ..ly ('ClIVer the bofi'I. Be sure L'O lU'1GSS. .pl ti~'"faike same bblCk Iday and K)'~I i't intoa Ic.t.le l'llfJrk in Trac. them ontlle bottle OJ so lJu:y wen '1 eeme rr Cf ig..mbe ~ seen in such ptJiJ." To te tbe Pearl E:):. (J.e botde..g.on a 11:081.Letcool.pi rals ran ~ dornl)r on fhe bo:n~e (f~g" 8).c)' C'1:UabJu..th~1FI snake. I bead'S (Fl~. hlltD aboma ~~ 10 ViII tall {F ig.als Il:hal .orking on a''l'fJ'/t.Iso Cil' the iocol colleg.'(mre.1. BC1Il~l.traud 'of even-safe black bead into the bhlCk :.OS~lrtoo:thQUI [h~ clay. 71.g on )'QlilJf pasta rnaehlne.~ sellfl(ued jill' "he EOPC jlw.t~ ..Jhers.]'.o.S0111 (Fig" 4).e.gmh. t If·":" l11 S:ir~no..e.i ves ~t a good sur l. add ~atelf.cl.l1 mqlilal pr(1pot1io:l1s~alJ1 cover the piece.v . 7.Y 1'1CIt '~tO se~.d insert.~pl:5. ~11Gwjred ..lr yo u prefer a smooll'! surface use an ac:~n~ rQU~l"~..kwc. Tl'. TiP: U~ mi.. Cut ·01t' ~he excess wue. """bIj. I prefer amug~ler te. 1II1Jj18rt I!LU~'11?~H' rhl"uug:h.(J'~'s th« c:ommuni.jIlUding I:he 110 SE!' -b::p .r:. B.llI II:be b.'IJ'S bonl!:! 3 IU:.\f St>l~" 10.. Md glue them on.(!f' &t'amping.C'~""1!n. tle.f: Tr.erl''YJjet:l fo.in 1.9'). 'With [heP'roC~ay eUlm~rs >cut.h left: to rwi st. .nng beads..eet fin iR'tle~esti..eSl~ pn'l ders.e NtJliDHQ.ClJl·ln'I'a. {loumenough shapes to ~andom. To-ke )1ourwi[e eat- ters and cut I! .2.~aY0rcoil. Let liIJ1'" -kp' '~.1ik.mailing SUl~~O you. l spring gJi-een 3ud Icrtl1.l. cen 't bake~(tesl fint) pj~M1 Uleirr' place .~.amd run il thro:u. '~rJ).1 I sllperg!llIIe tJu~' endsto T1If.4~C01~.'f. duo blu ~ greel11.lDd nhick. Add ..Jicm i{mNa~' OF.ll~$ ~due.~dun ['lew arntt. 1.(fig 6.. Make the wire lon~ enQ'Ulh ~Q Ult ~hl'OiLlgh your beads with 6r-moug."gh. .l]' 'u. before applying..-.[he f2 senlng (2.you c:realed.1.l'k (.ir(.D:~cDd ~be' b'~m't :~~lU'ber HmlIdburnl sienna paJ.cmd elll.ace Ul' SLIII'e h. 1 1'l.or tbie shapes with ~he P'. I(:ondit~on U~e I~cru.fe 1(1. . m_erru~ rn·()il\'.. .ims-i.c~lf!dat t"Q(. Sr.C' '~oVlrmp bottle so .). \V:ash and drv 'the bot.".~" ~& ~VPllb/iC(Jrio.6St run seU. as~de te J1!~a~ly~Q' yO'lJ1'F th'scre~wow. rl.y..!'lWlO(!r of ll. 3:'t ~he:'libj.eJ~.(fi.. after baking.pilr.3 around the' 19p efthe li. E. plgmlenG (dtiOl b!lmupeien) and rub 'i't outo thls J. CO\1~1i' [he bottle \w~~h.cl" s::n3:.~ '-te'p' 8. Conwthll.!'~ Co~ning the bottle with the di.. '.INTR- 1 -TIO:-- I . Sm'. UI Abo"lJEf l(tJ.ei1ching prlintil'lg. The p'~ac. A n..ke ~@ng €:filoIU.IImj~j you are' h:a.a.gh at .' ptJ. ·n~p II.clay.ar~ethe at 265 'P 0 '~or30 mlmnes.tlfl be 1'eQ. Inotller hla..0.1IlI1 n'ac:"r Callahan has been ..ieee (!If wire fof' eae h bead.' Sobo glue and allow to dry I(Fig I). Press ~. whiel'IJ lhe .. .nck beads .vmth the r:esulit. . . .:r~i. (~e bead and rwlst the ends. cln"J( :~n'1d it thl'o.py ..j.of b~.l. (FlliS.mler CIa).k.).~t(!.gl.n.g~ueto 'the ~w1:st!ed tip ar. Cut the snake 'j nto small seclktflS I(."i.n.i.tile .11.Ie. p:Eil)Ce in Ute Ir~1 en avoid air bubbles.esl) on your pasta machine. ttlp. et _te'pl.g bntde fOIi th:e base.le pigmen~ powders on .! AI'U:s. WnlljJl rhe' lbloilHe'"'~th3 5.!'..:Bead~~ J~\Me~FY (K''''Zt~~ 2U()jj by Sl·tSt1r1' R~~ (m't_113 .i.1'1 fielll 1m' 2j~~~e.ement of the ~ea.clc. is SP(1'I1Ige~ 'Ylitil'e l1aU each :ilnto a s~p..r.ied . d With a wet '5 ofr the pa int II.'J~C@j£'{).3).ly Q~d .about of ~lhemJ)1nd a Stiflp ~l.

adlends. ~:rp1 Tlilln: . . r ctile£'k [€'I> m3kc !lure' th~n \\Hl ~nm i~ ier and IC~I~ ou~2 small circles for th'a: eYe.ep ] I.0 the fsce em and $:ide P:IJ'iI. 15~'. \'0 u desi re. [~eDrf~~r '11.! instructians for ~hchorde.2 number #4 setting tlh~D)of ~our. 20). St. "(Iep Ii9.od and Pl:'iDin ~j~en"~'rnl for . pllers and pull the iink cartridge out l(]if . !ii1'Cp 16... p~SIQ ma(hine tri&.~e SR)aU ~o your B.~ re - U::U. . nte 'reu.1lJ~-' T IP: \\ hUe melding e Ilay a nd dec oraL iU'l'IS to rjn~ boUll1m (11 l h~ pen.:SS vo .e. 24).'llts onto tlre bl~lck {ds} pieces 1(II. lOr eaeh 'lh~' lr\o5e~Jlith make indcndons for the eye~ t Frug.ll). I.ic pen (Frg.a. ilf dfSilr~d~umrliq'Ult ~he pem as in Lb.5. 17).. ~tep2. ~9').p and ~ at the boaom Dr the snake. hc. 'l(J ke .3~..C @ of da~ {I1\'erdIU~feathers to secure rhem ~D the hl:3d (fig. tIP 1l.hlll la~t":s[ p~j"oCiay CUU£f with ~~leecru 'C: 13) (fig. rI tlJin p~ . I. 'on :~. ~. u1..tace thc'm over the indentioiMs t1[ mrno tbe bettle {)Ipcning! t~'(lll. RIIlI:lb Add lll'..Bu~l~ding Pen the Sh!!P I.. ~1!P ~ 6.)III'I:\' son - ~ O'~-1CK 1U -. n05\1l . 1ra klt)"lill!l:r Dll ed:~'I2. 2]}. I~DIU S l. Return to U'1IIcn . t. 'II ~IEJIiI~ foot balls haipe Oilli of black etas and inderu In the "upper ~ip'~~. Remem~. Take Uwe smallest Pr()~IEtY !l...). the c1my out of Un: e uUer WId KDnn hlUl :Ill ~"ar Ste'l g. .O~ La. Slep S.8. Remove the pen b<l'l'f-et T[P:M~lk or scratch a lim: Of] the Jl~1I'II harrel \\ here the h~'. 0 IPe8:r[E!!i:p~=. 1 (fig. Noae: DO .:Ml m~nu~es:11 ::!>C-.h~le suips and fl lace ~hcli11 n the e)' e s.a!1rud bake :For another ~0 rnlnutes 01 i .e~1 Bakf!be '17. u~ 4 tri9Jn:f4~e~ 'IiUlI II._ rnp the IP!i?[I in 3. MOI~d inlo t11e ~hJl:J}e o rem mo Ldh and fom1 the lips fFi~.1&'[ 'tile llarlit:1 ~ntn tbe baH-om or Uile tmad so as nmto (HS1~)11[[ ~fig ... ·'fep 3.nutJn snake of day.. 11).(Fig.~'[ the' po~m wh~n: h dmp shape (Fwg 12 ).-IJ~ul.-"t.2 y.O'T leD\fI(.another sma ~ piece of'eeruelayand form ill into lh~ nose sha~' (lFi::g. 1:8)1.r IU~I' black ela) 31l1d place ~ ar the UJ.!..:wt to eurl lIpl•• YIOIU· youl" U diSI[OrE lh~ FaceI hard or rurucill heed. To make nl~lu!'ud..IO~ I ~oes hUt) Ute . 114). Crimsen pri ng Groen and were used heR:' (Fig.Mf!Cp1 :rOf head.11). UIi' fi tl1ll!crs to .. tep rs.l' ~~i1~' p111'1k r don't push 100 lin the 0 ven lnnger that thai or Ilciuhers wW s~!:. flh~ t:yt: s .265° .6)..)1.I~11]en(111i'itb super gl ue] to the 'back of tin: head.. p'~smen'l~hlue/grcecn)1 to l'he dlay O~ thl: pen (fj'g.loy .nu..~ U_IiI? pieD by LIr. Blend Ike nose r 1"][.cnri . Take Ste"WJ\o \. 17eJ:tun. Let COlli. "~IP 4. :tIGP.. dayamd pllace on 'Ehe r30e Tri 111 the c. IIJF'in...SO.'1! . In~e it an C1\'a~ shape and tP~ac_ at tlte' lOP fjJ the head (fig. h~'111 1. 1. H shee'l elf black da}' rolled on m~I[Mller:! strips hllack ur Lrja~lgl~ and .

ck te polymer da.r)l~.ig/IS 6. II Uked the siZ!C. So thbi m!>:3!1'11llht': o.a tuJiet' them .C>r:a1aD~eI1*1 r. 81fi~l1ant ed. .l(mt ~L {.ard) IIILHie:d~Hal fucns~a.aligi1ln rOven bake c'~a.~~d ~bt'lt )jOU ean '1'mducc' ~lJrgl!.~ )1(1111' rJel~~ro.e:uipey I -1lrru.~· .~ UI" t"lif]. but wht:n ~ baked it and paimed il.c:l/iC{lfirms.voo. t5 onnces.'1l lollow 'he b'(ls.conu~ 'lJp " iUiI a brand new and lrmev- «:) -0".tr mmDI.' .g '~D be' gf~l for makillg..:mrlt! . Turquolse.' i. tall x fJ "~rirJ(!' tin" ts J t".rQduc~ (:lbs S:cullpt:)· 'eQ.s.fJI'rt t'IUli. is easy to wod v~ and '''CI'Y Hgh't ~'"' weighL ith. It is so !l:H..e1IU!. ..c Sh. Christmas ornaments.l:Ten make .h'is i"..md~"J I'.~H!llmr:rem be: Ih(!~~Y! i'i ill. " (feel' 'fll' "he thldtf!.press Peflcrl SelJlpe ¥ Super SUcer ((wrUngl blade) Paintbrushl (I used a %'11 Dattol d'l) the palntmf'llg) l latex gl'DyeS '.[':If J J .. Vilole''t. T'OOL' Bamb ElJl skewer G:arhc. I~ m Ut: a pojn~~i'I ~ho.'i!t puinl .\'. '''llt..Hl'~ I 'j.!t1Jf!.UDr~~u~.. I.· .iIIg flouting stuff (I guess. -·i.:nlw'/ltl p'i. SUIi1VeUDw~Chal1reuse. 011lQ build i.o a . is this lCO~tl. eVi?r}'('Ule else who worked wlth imdid this EOO) ] thooght-'ooy.IJ rh in .'~j-\ ERlAL T .~f. R and 'Brigh~' IO~i1ge' A 11IlnstHute G~itt~r Art Institute G1UB (It dri~.~ m'ak.mlS "' 'iUl this IChli)/ o ~alonC' or as "f IHlI'Ig") in cOmpRIIJ'i50:l1 ED eri gJ In~Jpoly-meer e ~ay's we ~ght.pl~e) [ hj\ e .red If I if" e (II (Jill' sIZe.. [eels ~mkc'a manhmaUo\. B es ides the flFSl idea [!la~ 'C'Z1UfllC' to me "' hen [ started world ng ~!llim il-ffUlk ..jght.'2 large packages 'of' SeUilpey Ultr.~rnall mtmgl~to ma'kt. I n:memrbli:f t back ~o whea 1 used ~o mak ernarnetus .luI jl()lW cW·'().for a llving) Utal the '"\~iglH \\"(1'5 LhY biggest drn".. somewhat of u juke at IjIiSI[. The ornamern lh ly'olU ~Cl:' Ip~~ WM. Clear) f""I} i. .'itrurr ltlltf £:cu~be fldup.y ornameaes.mOlme~[s were goh!'l! [0 be OD the :sm ll ide. Dye"fla~flow pca'int (D!I JacQu. e dUl~ ad ve pn 1)1Jner e I'llY tJakes up al hsl r the 'wdJh~per volume of' J~g\ll~l\I'polyw1er day."llntd piece we.'i7lg in etu.! /O(. jll.(! (JIll. jllst '''HfUm~''er.'UJ f'lu'riN!:.d~ { diFecl'i(J'Il. jto". unless Lhe} were Iilol lnw or "~. arm '.

'_'Ike J y.!lr:e 1 baU Dnd roU into a .ong mpe a .he IOlckgrOlund itrll~IJ' Legs .. \\'it'l {be' I po in Lor ~hc barnboo ~k:e\M r make _ no 'I~h bambo a s~ew.'ti2p lOp 0 th 'he pole.. Fold run haJlfand 'I~'ig 'lng~etther.-.'e a !I..r---------~--.pe uf . Bend in ni 0 place II(]ike _]~ .un.. make' rne u. U P larten .a!bOUL 5"1 lkmg (Fig. 'tiePi I .. 1:1. F-· S IgUl"s _ hall.afrrhe top' of the hean and pres.~ il long.Figure 16 saddle.ck 'bou I'n J.- Figure 1S ten the p imFig'ure 4 ed section. Take a J~U reAr Fmgll.-tep. 1:3 .~g. .lI. 7).2 U.. .! rcpe that i atter on one L- make a. IFirgure '9 the point ofUle body rFig. L-. 0'11 the hape Pre s tl:. heart shape I Fi g. shap'cd 1ike a 9 ( igs. Figure 12 bout -. with [he cotting blade t-j (6). ~... F. ! 'ti!'pl J~1::llitl(!' a. 14) that is rhitcker n one end 'thm the oiher.g. ". 'bend '''_ about 2: ~llccr oln and flatten the rest of the I. 1epl 7. 13· . t2). take a I ~II ball '11. Ron IlrU~..:'lep' IlO.f the ball 011 tbe end e the pole (fig. Iarg. ]c3vill1g the fold open in a ~DOp I.e till i' =\'er tbe h\ .oll' til r-'III IS. but don't press down yet (fig. be lit bonem fron~ leg (Fig.O\YT1 fom1 ~e [.=--~ 'g'l. ee the IGOp atthe top of the pole omhe ~ep 8..n alld -1'0 11j. ted Icui~ ln th middle. " [ the p. L and mU into a.eg as in figure' . and place under "the back end of the horse. . *. which shows blJ~h backeround h.argc end mu i' II ~ about tis I .he IPoL 1O..5). 11.11 tllllCk all over.uinted cad..~gs.I''OU re.eran 0[1[ the ben .ow flatten the body onto the front bottom ~cg and and 'l1attecl1. ift ' rep 6" but 1 dropshnpc 'm'll I l W' fong (Fig.~iep 1. . ). 17..!I~ ball alma1'0] I ~[':nLIl i a peanut ype shape' (F~. 4 l~p. '91• Nia.IIt balls and mil them into teardrops shout II' ~ong.th Qmer one 11 the oody where [he: pol~' meets it .e d. _ I • . a U' hape) the censer .I'U ng.[h ~.' .dl ondi~iml both package of'LJltralis}u like Y(]lU m kn ading bread dough. ~)..clay. place I'l on he hcaorn orthe lwis~ed pole and fllltt n W'l n th end (Fi.10. mck end d.Pur as shown and place under the fjj)ilt of the horse '5 chest._ ..3 Banell onto see finished pmeo. P lace me poi nt 01 the eaJU'drlop wmo the lndentatien . ~ . Ifigure 11 This will.top (Fog.m the heart I r ball'o". lh ... Pre: til b~dy down Omo ~he t. nder J h~ b£ldy.S: T.£ II t t~p' -.clay diameter and 2211 lOll: Fig.and platce itl into the p le and [11 center ofnle h.one heart onto 'tep II. u Tine Horse"'s: lady bal I.TRI I . ~. Figure 3 "rlsp 4.op'of Lhe ba.:r. r I .1iI1"DU ) r -~D'b~.IU . T[P: tep ~I.t ~nto a 1.[car- The UhnLU ght tends ~IO t iek to my hands 'S'O' 1 use gloves t knead LD_ .6J. Make a line rat tb_ . -.ouud h3g.91f\u.~~____'. FrOr Hie bloekc.te'p' ~". Bend 1t into the s:hape shown Fig.~1 1.ke U Plait: the thiek 'end of .-)..ftJb e _ ltmLight. .er make .6" Il'e anoIU. 0"_0 'the heart (fig.e teanlfop [hall is .op I!O II..0 head. 2).lfilLten the thick end of each one. d. Ule t. bUL don 1 fJat.' bnU Dod end" and it 1 m":u"1k in the middle I.i. . Vlsc..

. _Egure q.d place on the .~ I S~~]1 21. 27)" I R[]l1 a p'~.e hooves an."8.'t:Y .d rqU . [II(]: and nafl1@l~lI the' ~lea~l(. neeu. 5). .e' l'op..~g.(Fl~ 19J.[lC~I (Fig" Press i: l11'n p~a:lie (5Jii.€ biOTS.iiiIi.IDlQt1~e:.ta .~ 1.~.Y:OM Pijt tbemaae on. 2'Z).:8:) 'For :th. Save the rest ·of dUt). %"to ~ iQ 'D1eC'ClI'flrJlh/e e:le.rS"FllaU b!~~ Jnf c~.ghdy flattt£lil:l:lng the tbjek ~nd'.o. V·.:.lRlfJl~ out . a teardrop and p. Stepl 2Z..of.l'()P~ 'for th.€1litJl"ee jOWl'i!t P'pillUt:1!g llPMfld8 '(f. TlR It liitthi! baJ~~fc~ay a:n~pi~acelit 2Qj.pl ]3:eti1l.1 n~ F~gJ.Pow the :fir.3).n..m'ellfJlts Part '1.eground llegs Ste.:vis:1' . w~lthth.7 Sttrpl 23~ To make Ul!t ia:U~OUth. in.end of 'mep.oive1' the eyeba I] oc~ fM '~~e. .y(Fig. 3 '0 ' Thk1!: a. into.£.pDIk6. 100fae nd and e ~mna~:ill~r the' orhet...29).PI'3lc'e Ip. Oil &. IIraUs: ·Oif cl:ay and sh ~151e e-ach inbD·Si UlCi ckon te!Hd~·o..g• .e fr{]llrl1.l.~y .~l?.tro the'.kle. §ba:pe (Figs.e 't'h~~kena.1:.')'''1 ~'. I • andtwist as for the pole of tbeQlrousel horse. Trhn off'theeseess 'with your blade (fig.on rhe back end Illlf fh~ h01L'Sebdldy :a~d run i:t to the saddle en U'].. Ne.e gard rnopress wi th clay and exU'ude"2 full: barrels of the c~a..e ... Q~fti'1JjB b:Q1diY .4..eceof tl.1lJle' ffront of t11~li1Qld.blUw..I:a.~e. the saddle-to the ehest of~he horse (FIg.p 1. For t:he 1~":G:).. 23- shape (f~g" 2. 3.a.ind end.Place It ~IDll ta' "tbeli. In~'€I'2'~~il l~@I.a):ll.oe.'.t!D . 2 F~ '. fhe 'F. 32) andtJJ:imb excess.0") Jr'lZh~ In ~. hnle.jf the~fJJ~ (f'i~. .ot [I~g" I[ab a l~'ball ~d :rQ)l·it 'Tihe Fhrdshiing Touches.e~ldof each of tile 4 b!g~ (F~g. 4.:l1 '.Slt~p' 1.~g..."n .J f ":'.1 It'll!' te ]. S~~p 10.of the il015e ~andflatten ~l1top~aere.IOU. • v jI.(Fig. jF.'~.you made wItrhrhf':' pU3.: '3] hole: vi/ht~a~e[ll~n 'li'@rthe eye so~~~t .. 1)" 2 8 e[Jjd' wnto the shape shewn Ibel~w atld flatten th.1'I. 24) and 1=li1te~S intQ place ~:1l.. Pigu1re ·2.e~bl'~ldle a:ftel.l1r~ long rope of 'clay abour 3a 20~!longand nisI! tltl:ck 1('1. .

hea1t$ijjl o~n 4"o:r 40 minu~es .A9YFei37 the sk:~'\i\'er (FIg.p.ltbl" Ve~fls @il tl'u'e siatts '(f~! . :: r Sfe. 35 . _$:teJ 1.edt <.llb~)"tfie lolay. With Y0UI blade . '()rj. 43:).the emament.malTk the c~nt.it \1\litbtlle tc make tbe ear. .s.! ~a. Platten he tllick'@:gfend a Htde...d.O~eJlg.elrejnuRde't·JI~.. C~lf:~he end t t of the .S~.~'~ tal..eod of1he (Fig. 'tap 10. place (Fig.6'If'k t.gently onto' he thickest . Take ''I %'i. 44).].e-tII.). t . Fig. leaf'that Y9U plaoed at he neck F.~ f to 3. net.ce~is next 10 the pole an 't1le neck ..S'"" P'(itr till. 21..Addiag: dl~ ICOI'D'Fi "... a ~i 'L'atdJ'0p QV81' ·the. . pain. the rope 'down lIJ"i'ght nder ~lhIle hm u e F~U~421 .r.l.If cbl.extrt1d~d CIUll1PS tugether. 18). end to the 1}6iInted end' to make spiraJ Press this . W.~ltl. ~~~he neck.ong. a ~r"l!OKm'.41).. ff0F' P~a. a!nd place 'on the hO..~ is use' rhe glue and g}ltter aC~Drding '[0' package instruotiens WIld let d.i. gU~1:-et1 all.e horse s..down the hind q'lI3:[lters 'to [he leg.~y and 1~0~i~. ~.an~'~n..~F~ rtnd Pl"i&.. Whe'n ~b~€:~I't!l. 39...of .nto.ty orv'€J'n"~ 00 ll1alce> SUJ'e the. Step %8:.e..Zmore sGct~om'S about ]!h II' I.=~~ end and t~ lst.eas 'i ith 811 '!!lId toothbrush tQ rem:GVe. 'W~th the skewel'pl"e~ .tll.eu want painted\.eot1leI rope' meet.. .he. 36). Fold the 11ak blc.el) .f.DGe'.. Step. Step t).re. ~e" 24. Reac~~' Mtlrie S. down ggntt)t on the: S c andmake a ma:dt in .ealUrop >and fbt1fleu.1 ~~r' 110 %"'1 ball of e. p. ke.the lexCess &on11. Place the dry pjeiee ln at lll:.g11tte. it from the hajr on the mane to tl1~mouth (Fig. '¢.e.el' v~i.. shu~ off the oven and leave in the QV~ bpi eeol .QIl' of your ehoiee and let dry. . Extru'de . Ste]!) 3{t F:'Qif shape .OJ''WtM1'. neck to secure. and mUil inte asmall 'te. 3!~Balt~ rAI" . .. teardJ'Qipthat i.e ·the brio ~B. filS '~nthe' mouth.lint tbe areas: . ra ke illD...~ope :6u'ound tb~ n1~ne.w.a. at :llms:t % hour 'ij e'foil"~eemevlng.. of lilli:erope and run.31 Lhe 'tl1 i:'C.s..gal4Jt NltI~'i(t@li]'tJ)I~lr"". 'or . I.~):ll1p Ierely 'd~:y scrul:) the.o.." ball .ardrop'.~o' lIilak. attach "[hie pieces together on one 'P'll~ the Takle more' '_~ Cut and 11"]Ul~. mt~ .e ~~.'aQ(IJ~It t%U 1~(Hl~.steJII' :3 t.the r.Fig. iththe ip)!'e-natlGW COm.. lo.TSe s bead whet.k so i1 s flying towards the pole.31).Other \Il.ofC:la: and roll into a long Arm.of'th~ ~l~iead Il.t)M Umetail... '. ia-y them side by si de an d fI atten one edge "together (Pig.e-Jitcated 2QO" even -and bake for 20 mlnutes [0' CUre chepaint .or~he horse and press into eo make 40) as ltlc:l!ent with the point of the skewer the lobes ofdiie heart (f']8~ you old for the saddle in S'~ep33.ell hairs ~o the hInd 'qllllarters -of the: bottom of the hind end at about the same [10 tile horse. 34). Place it s~mglily mane at the tQP.n.S~~ h6tse COQi.. press lhis place aJS the' [OJ)€: (fig. s®t When it is. ~ ball ofel~ and 1"()U at t.crJea:lio\m tn a 11'51c:J pr.ebdd~.cta)ifactG'IY.rl'llD another sectlenef rop from the front of the nose to under lUbeehin (where the mouth'and ~h. net .

~ ... so lha'l Uu: ~nd J each LII'ip is $qluare' l fig. The . rat at the lOp and cmmnu twi Ii n: the Ih'i 11 ) IiJ go (F ig. The' h il"lIS -houl'd be as 'wide as tht.rll~. mi a shm 1":". ~ k:1i! some 'cropi lcin).. '" 1)<'~a\loriLc shape ~ormy :(lOn)ltai l holders i the 1\\ irl:~ ICOli I.B jill \\' hh a s pi. thick...)were made.'ith 1 parl~... the~a~ Ih~.. I.i.. ..' nnd roll it into a I ball. (I."rl.5mm OT' 3mm X '1." alas lie bands.. too~ b) folio'\. ~r rhe h lr ~~3St.W' the mica partie les.. On I..2rnrn Sh:p l. lal make learned .. T\ i I a lTmp _nd nu \ ill . h he.IU~·\.C wears OUI..cohter"s Ion pon~ - II put u let Lho'ughl nd ~xJH:rimLJl1k"liun ioln ilL before I came up "'ith the ··rcrf'lcl·· or hair.. p .fI. Lt) al:i. tail holder th'-ll the ··p~r~ ·f·ponytail holder wa _ rn.t sumrner.~Ih .\ h\[g Uesin.Yl. Take lrilP the llurquoi. I also like the lcnk m gellUsing 'Uk· Sue sl F" heehh _ mica shltl teehnlque.1 4mm X 1. I '-IPZ. SCflew ey'Bs (see rigrht.i 'e . S [11 I is where we will bcein. te:p I.y and the sides will edul] and app f 10 be a darkc cmlor... __ or _III 'II :.S ~lJr [he' shanks" but it wasn't UHl~ill my 51 ter u!8c 3 cd that I II ~ In} larger bun 11 ~'br more sophis •i ~mcd pon.la).. 1 can 'C~ ily attach duy gm~Jshe ev n \lDF M)! duu.Sh~~rwears them ~n her h-jr -''"=' II new on and mES as gud ~ .of !l.... m was ClJrt:ady m kin poll mer da)1 buttons \\ illh _rev _.. audl ml • p0l11urtllUo. The top omJ bl"IUnm surluees onh~ c.: ~'a)i I:.IN':TR ION {~I 3" aCI1lUc Of glass squa'f' ..\<. y and bcgi n Ln h _iSl i-~ a! you cO'.. 1:'rl.D tbe I~d. cr d1e Sf: rap ba~!1.. make \"10:1'31 es ilirough pas tho Pi1~II~machine..... C\' them in the r ! .l..-1:1. p n) tail holder.~iUII ur phete]... IUIJp..: [he color is m ixed.Us nnd ICUII lido lSurip.1 Kate Polyclay In Turquoise and Pearl • S cra:p leiay "IOuctlless.:'1! Mt:C!'Ofg)' great uaorial all her \. I) Add ImI$W Lri 11&as needed urall the baU is covered . lof cia'.. m tarred makfn tail holder I r m) dau. folding the' same WI) L:ach L. ~hal ~ _ Pastal machine Tls SIJ e blade Needle tool' • Kemper cleanup.on' omF' cIa. RIAIL:>. ~ ....ondJil.b -. ark surface 1\11 ~'If~~ ..":00' 10 k just a ~ .. and hu.....bout ~I)flcar _0. . will be bri~h. ...

. :BegJn !fotating tJrile U 3:cr)'Hc square 'in m.uu.\ljt1~ the bottcm ofthe eye just below clay 11~'V'ld.lR. H nll!l:. I hold the . Be~l J'Wr1 lI~lll./iori and mie« r !. Pinch th~ hair elastic: and push it thmugh the' screw eye.. A .d.r . endirL~ \. It really brings out the' m~ca shUt effect heur.l' I.}'O. I se U~l: needle t1ruIIII('I' rnak ea pilot he Ie ~ the center 11 and hmTdsom.:h~d.. l'e't.ing to 1 untie the knot and replace w'l..' . repl 6. eJil5tl~e.. rnaiif7g u lew In${(r:m. loopl1one side of the hair e~aSitti.t]n~'Illntl.Wf~:esin F"{J~'klil~.. ow l'1--J./ml'ne l:'~QJflin PnJ11k1i1l.irt lJ'uth~dlcs: otItic lentl I bead and decide whleh you like best TIP: To mirllillTlize Ilng... Step. I hm~'eb~e~~' l~'(Jrkh'lg sel"ilHlsly with pO.(:.•Add ~f"~~rh~i. \fVhen you are 5 atisfi ed \i th the s wi rl.• '. a swirl will begin to ~nn1nin the center..A. If the hai r elastic weers eet. 1 hnd fl(lbb~ed in l'JeJlVl'n:lJr' ela» .~'i@)'{Jh.~Ciil: fi"'af.\!" in ~he rest ofthe i.s:~€'f!llivft with m)' ~'pr. so tbmt [:~}ere is. match every outfit and I~nj wea ring oy y au.\:e )'Iour baH on .'l)I) .:}"e and smoo1h .enltH and pul I.gin the opposite the rho:!.(Pi-g. Sere\-. 1I1remiter side to tlgh~tm (fig 8 & 8AJI. d~rection" ':\'\1\1 irl Y Y(H. less stress on i:l when it is str~[. yOij1' clay rest to f rm u p--------tblf at ~f'iilS:t aLJ:I S1~:..I~iP' 5. .ou a\lrQJod0D skevrer (fig.o:llootigl!il~ h~.9 'liFnl slnoDth surface 19l1ssis g:Feal) and pillace yOUI' :3 aery lie square over the center.~t et t'he bl!:'~. r eover» ing ewer)' Bic pen ln my house.e.(l. :YOIjjJJt:.. NOTE~ You cou ld StiQJP here and add your screw eye but l just love the swirly [efilil~~1 so let's contlnue.u that U~e glue hrnldi1l1lg ~he hai:r elastic togeffier is posit ioned neat' the screw e}I'e' '"' .4)" '11Cll 10.. circle. Tefru'fte's.mtes at accord. 5). L'o'o..·c(m' J~1!eb: . OTE~ 'Ir you stop' to ebeek YOiJr progressand then start 1"O'~arlil1. begin ~o make smal ler and smal ler eire les wilhyltmr acrylic square unti I the points of the biccne a'l'€ rounded and 'flane-ned (Fig.(Fig. You l can usc a piece of wire or den~a~nOS! to help ]pull 'the h~l~r.crprints.oilthe baU in ylour hand La smooth all seams.E'.((JY-lJ/~. Your ball of clay will quJckmy become a blcone shal'C' (Hg.€:fFrug" 7).die 111}!\lery.te.{ic:al(~'perfect "'.Uik. Choose ellber 3 elockwlse or coenter d'l}c~~ wisecjrele and stiek with h.e htt~'ibal1dRoben.1(!over the l...ela)! and knUting cl.art"$ clas:luic through TIP:: Tf)' l'O 111ak.-. I'm flJl\t:iJ?ale·d by Ihe versan!« fty .~p errccf" p. ~..t Pb1J1."·peci{'IUy like (he mi#e. 3).1Ethan ({lIe 4) and S~'Cpl'7.~'sure Head knot.t ce II[I!o:':W • wm unswirl your way. .fymerC'lcJY stnce Dri!cr!maer l'{')fJ4.o.' to m'l!IICh Iwnd-knit .onyt2l]l holder (Fig.hifl reclmiqllt!'S. 'Ihls is called 3.. back. "ush the e.~ JUppfN'live . I'lI)b't~ . YOlllr ball of day.'na iI! (JlpQ~1m'lerday ami e. WW\ 1.£!~n L sand and buff I~he front surface. 2).!:bly on a smaU piece 0 waxed lIlaper.a: oneto the clay package lnstructions.•1MC?Olen. .k :.t'ie[). 7i2l'fl1e.'l~lce llrtle bill of a m atehlng el ~)f ever the bottom 0 the: screw 11. hUdren KatfJ t(Jge 7} c .y~ screw pain-way ~nto thehole .cool. l.'Jhcm!'ietJ~"" com.r.ak.. sinlply . J umd1 heglnnlng {J(J~lnne. 6) and bake at 2750 for 30 to 4-5 nilwru.

ol'ed Hquid clay. lhave access I~O an of d\ei.h.!1IHve 'Iir-I:e'd~rai''''''~fIi.c &i on i~. Mos'Lmux C'.. .6 drop!s.llll!gw~:3:.collar.Hlt].it.rlight !of flmc)'.t fll'lxjib~erufte.k me onm . Wate.!!\!est·[O gr:n '~O know the pro dlllc:l andl s u. Poly'Jbrrn 's CH A !~xhU.r 111dlro'p'S.(). Itcame wltha ~.Er IP'll1!lJriJI 'e.clay arrived illl1lY mailbox I was j"ll'ipl. n1iJJ.Ol. '1'II1~e just o~e'! WhiJ~e::: .tl. bakmJl. Jrntn ~hB ch:llJI I real'ized tha!lw113~ m had Cf:ifa.s~sR:nc.As.~S11. ~o:rc.a n'e·e.bmilt a ~lnished JI lece [Of hu.te~IP'emr\~li'c:)luiiida'E'rfli~c hdi!:. Blg~)rQUC:~Ji!'1.. of Ll~deeler tha~~o·o~edood enough g to eat.e(ul~ Urqu:h:i O'CI"'~liIC: C~n :5 Idll'l£)p:s 'S!!li~boc'I'B'~ue .u~dc.iSf.~\\"3S .g:oh1g tOI '·bond~ 'Y/iJU1.naUo:w con. loc.S that t.~ance d$~gR~r tor Rang.'ln deeided~o 31m" \1iCII!lF!~~ng ou't~':id~the OOx.r.rn.1'i~~ pressed illl~owh:i~e Plnemro!: j ust begged tu be Ii~ with ~ICIiUild :1'Bd ~' ..l.d~fJlPs'Chl'iomle "e~hJw 16 drops 'WhUQ' lP.' llq. I .a!nredsta m p !but when ~pres~~d i1.e teehniCIIlle~. was cl:ay thut .l~d was :l'IJ neg. 'W'hli. F~':om ~'U meme 1i11~ U came out o~f""tbe' package I biJe'\\r lhms.mle'~'Qinl Red 1 uro:p' ICh~Dm:e·el~'Cliw " I'mducllS.Ymi~ht It'S tum off' some plDl~ynlJeri_lil'~ms:18 ut h.eCl. raux clioisonnti ~ejc'hnil'!llJe is addieUM~. .. These fanx cloisonne p ieces ~]:e ~he' resu I~t or an a~cidenL 1\J\i'3S try.Wh~n I read! d10 n~d(!' ne thar sahli !I'thwn sheets stay b n When the box ol'U!traliglilrpalymi!! m.grl1Jbbed s~)m0 g~aze a_ll1cl re-inkers and mb~ed a IP~..dd \varrn you 'tha~ this.tftlg '~!O create a h:.~·ett(i.

ajntoinjng PitCh IB.RlALS • Ultralight 'White' :polymer ellay Pn3mo!: Whjt.x 15" tempered' gllass.-stick.afi.ay tbrough set the p·asta machine 'va .stwrfaee covel' 'with the other ·piece of mat board and 'Place a hea y book on lOp.Acto or or:aftkl1i. • Ru~er I.ro~gh i'~ mice butter. 9r m ar'ker.That rule should need no furtbe'l. Place Toc.e from 0'\. plaee on finn ~l€:2itpr-O'Qf ..eCli§y Ma'~hirne''or INSTRUCTIONS.la~ze • Rang. Step: 8. '.er Mo.er G~oslS'y Accen~:s 'G. fi:rst 011 a piece of .ltes.8. that .Ee'fring backs. in case your ea rvi n g blade Sh9U[d slip.0 H YQU have never carved before rem mber this one rul '.aLifgIDn Witl1 on a hard surface fl iPi the traced .t:.end 'sqtJ8Je • Plin back • .cu]~:l~Y ~y l'Ullillillg it thill'ougJr) the pasta machine at leastten times. 4) yO:~I..d I.too~or darning. Once 0:1I are dogie earr.ht po. ·clay) S~ep 1...d width. the drawn swde Is faeecown.ck· :harpi.t!h'pick-s-omiil. As ~ID~enes are Cl1i{l rotat~ l11eclay :1 'j and not the cutting blade .optional but I aR. Cr. it to be vei)' helllJftl~ ln m.n. 't. Srep 5.arntJbrU$h • Cbay-dledicatedov~n .. is .dr~wi~llg.This Is.-"ltlex Medium Vi:90CiS:i~y Acry:llj.2 ~ 4"xS"" pieces 4-pl.lue (S.operated engr:s:ver • B~a. Trace over the lines to trans·f"er the graph ite from YOLII' #2 penc n dr:awi tlg onto the U L (P tg .€ljmo' . pasta ms. r.acin91vrellu m the UL {lin asmall self-healing eutHng mat just.Ov'en[RE!!fmom.erns fOf' th:e hear1 pin ___ _ and (u'llrrllng:s: .o Titalrl!i'um.an.. W'irl:' erlfi: Judie .ommerdcll cop" Ihis pagilal .5. in these c. the Ul'tr.er Re!-Inkers.c. even 'lines. Ehe carving 00 ~ so that your ll nes are ofa similar height an.y mat boar. te:p' 4 .tiu lines have been ir~~h~ed .!ji and 5ai~ boat B.adlriesive '(SUPEi!if 'gllue) o~ean. . This.iuule • O:isUlled water • Cleilor pe ncl Is.).d.irU."explsnatlen. On the final pass • Rail1g.lack (Adironda'ok) ..ilytner.ep.e " ItraLiaht tep (&Om here on referred to' as UL) .'1 flat p.e-extr-afine pO:int . 'I i'on') your baked sheet ]a.r§. COP)~Die ".. Let cOIo~1 completely.i accommodate the e nne' .TOo.~).m)'t~gJl MAT:E.chfne • '13 .k Bantock) Wabenne[cnfl Re. 2: 7.} paintstnip !peilette R:ang.180.~ll au(i ]'ong '!i<. grain so you'Il be CU:tthlg d1.vim.fJ PaH.7.~ l~ CCllndilti.(!Ni~.on 'tb. S'ireIPI ".eu~ a piece .y 811i1rvfm r:1fI~ ~rhr lise· only.IN'eedl:e . l .ea Brights.LS • MaJ:dn's 'Ult~mat. Tlr.As :so:on as fh'e 2. needha uacing vellumwith a 2 pend I.Ue:rlD l(JiDto 'tbat.~ po'lymer clay • Kryl(H'I 18kt i(Jard leafing p'en Macl1ine 'be'G:Rlusecrf the wi de Teflon rol lers).liJnQ c'LillttJlng malt • S-CIllP (5ml: 'S9. n keep a small []gbt·oo rny desk and perlodleally hold the plate up to i't SiO that i can su:.cenough b:i. (See the' 'patterns below ]eft) [ 'Work out illY c.fe' . :2) SQ pauem • X". have ~:U of' you.alily irnportanr when cutting spirals and circles (Fig. DO· 01' have YO~lr fl ngers W'D front '0' tl~~ b:lad.op. Cyalfloa.liq. The Uk.0 m. Keep even pressure on I.marker S .should have clean.(.Qllolrs: Chrome ¥ellow . Sb~~p ~. 'White • Da'ller~·Rowney 'WAite Pearl Uquid Acry:lic are up.copy pspert [g. Sheet 1.#2 penoil • OQtton $w~b$ 'OPTIONAL .has no.or h~ve (I c.s I. l' V-Shaped !lline cutter • Spe.even lines.l3auery .11d no elay particles remaln in the channels. I prefer the Makln's Ultnnate CI.]' ( a medium thlckness). Qollce Y'!UI. (Fig.3:1 beard ill a pre-heated oven FOr 2'Om. and to accommodate several drawings.(J!101' scheme. %.edba'll handh! • SmaU ~!Self:"hea.ryiate .. I should offer a word of YOLI ITKllj !r0U: 1"'ilmr!i1IrJ for pc. 'worrk sliliriaoe' • Super Slicer blade orflssue bl:ade: 11 Making 'he Pressing IPllate(8 thin flex:ible 'sheet 0"' UftraLig. Make your s~tlet wide tin)lJiij.Ba t~e ttl e UL 3 0.r 6 traced lines on he 'U LtraLight sheet you can begin your carving. espee:i.of .0 a pi£:cc of' :1111.rngno\ jo..iMer • Speedball Nil.

:8)1.hine. with pol.)tmev' . the .11. TIi\Jis piL~oe olf Ic. U~llGatLigh~ i.or the' jewelry 'pieces I . Clll~ a .air hulhn:I"'sL This ~'I where the -'~Iki ns . . 7)..::13. Oml. S~~ 5~Dlp.ol~. 1.. ix eur Ie..lwlck Inat slde d!lJ''%''~.caU~il()~l here.h a)~ pl~ll. the If l. oz.. t 'le.ll..avy book l1n 'IO-Pof '~h. '~Irn.EFORE balkh~g.ha :sl. mQt al Il!mst 2~i I.~ng plate face cl(nvlIl on ~O~I)I'ofUlfu6. all at'~M.wPreli'l1JJfUL mix ot c~a.y.aysffom s(i c k ~ng.pl .:9 Icookie tuu.'~.ou :ba.e' yOiWif blended ela(Y. E1e'p.'te..e 'D r Q'x'peri. frem the non·.uRldy . Th. S\~e~11. sheet.dl reI'!' use e'_ .ofc~ays. Yes 1Ms 'i sthe vo ic.m imp~.. DO 'NO"' ~~~DJllll'Ctile' 'rL31_Y A piece .or O'f' pieces of Premo WOOtle\HU'is COiJIJ:ven ~en~I' measure pieces 0 f cIay tl.£ _.l give eVEIl pressureand keep the pleee . Pre..di's~orL.cl. ~r you n:tfemp~to tri m :B..s.· sUp. Filling in the C~IQisons (Cells) :Ie'l I.o~orsusingthe m # vent (. stan'j ng tOi warm up. ~'e %U :f:illa:tIj)rusb .ilI.Be 'sure tha:t aM .eD~ . ich! with Ih~non~' :s.e!e \'.lc'h. '13 .. When l both . 'v1il~tJe 'Pfeino! by runnJit1jg~t tlWllJgh the pastil 111achille' :at lea.srl.fnren while hot ~HlIdp~ace en a eh".3.ie!'o}e: the of C{H1dlhionsd day ~arle enough 1113 aCC!CHttlmOQate [he i)l'essjng pla:te. bits and pieces I.es ilgn.IU\\~~I1.~aL:es.(:)iof . 'You !liD'" hUI\'e .ark_M(" Id~·y~ng.g "v:m ru[.clit.ay \iif.day nl.Oi~eilil Applyp:m'€s:~ure w]tJh the ball your (llf flat l el 0001: compleu:1.. he same siz~. ro~~ou~ a sheet an ~h~:'I"'..IIU.:.lr1lgof yourpa_stiil Hilae. tti~e'£~I!Y~ baget1llcl" by rolling rhmugh [he 'pasta mach'il11lIl:I. mtml:tirlgl!ihe sarnlch.el~1 2. blend! _otJc.sli.rcssi em SID. C"OI11 diUcnll 2.'isibl:e (fi'l.. you 'can cru:efllJUy scrape and scratch this thin layer Q.II.ra. ChlY or no Sfl100lh eiu a..~rf~lce'. "ID'h~I: S tiny (3mll) palette strips are perfeet for mixing these !. Lay this ::iaJ\d~. ed rollers HI'8 extra \\lrnd:~ E!JJ:ld preT~ to keep the goM flion~~oing inside the c[lolson~ (eells).and the pl'ess. I(fi.iines ifU'telY do not aprpemr perFect VcnfUend up 'with mess. Condj [ion ~ oz. RohJ~Rg :nlle UJk:1 'lobI marker so tha~on'!)l theedge of the tlmes and or 'Until you ean see H..Iay must be perfetCdy smooth "~[t'h 1:\0 bubbles Of irnperfeetions on tile surface (Fig. Espechdly de'$igne.of II10I1!-S~wdk: mat on [h~' bClt~ tom. Tho't 3: I rrdxtulie wm g~~. foot.~. Sub5tilu~C the press for your nJ.e)mu .. S~CJII . h t~\~ mm~res:5ililln 1iI1Le clay is ii.ilrnecomes in handy.'Cllr~IiIQI th. ill half d. Sm.. C~l~t:IfII.~TLe' cell \ ilU he' fUied witl" opaque g~3!Ze~his step ls un1l!~cessary. Mix pi6r1~ Df UT-. ICUit a p~ejoe u:( n~II-'sdek. for 'mis technique te work.2. . Press sure' to me.~~ sides ~haTil pressing plate. 1']P: DO NOT go back and try to carve over .g" 3. im.. CIO:lClf chart fmm p3Jge :3 0.).1 III. on .a~er 8Jm']cl thorougMy mois~enpress~ng p.la~e. \\that you are aiiilninlg for is a three ti!€~·sa1Hjwi.y in lhe 1TIlidcUe .~rim.nli~ lhoro'llghJ~ mixed. :rep 1.\Vhe:ll pUltirng it [hrol~lghthe rollers a.).: til..ndt~ same 'vay.(f~g A ~n.tep t.3 F.nce' the :lul!ded dde down :fiHJ as.elFpiece e f m at boa I'd 0'1:1 lOp a nd a he.ay~the leflo'D eeat . with a ClIa!'t kn lfe. Should It he marik:el. after aJJ ~ ~he lines.· .fioo h'l:'3~"]Jf. W~~ell1 the 30 minu~e'5 are U1J~ remeve Wi! mat board bnk~li1\gsliui:cl from .3 ttl ene marker ~sl(lLlChiing the cl~}J~~.1i!Jt alJ1E1..olfl. .P&idithe6D~sbed Ic~a)' IRi'o!l11 non-snek Jn~u the am=I.applied! 'ttl. . Bake this. pres~edl thws plate imo yourtl!a~'1.s.ence Spetik~llg.l.tm'1 stiek in tltem.ch.Oever all of the' rais d lines (Fig. e _l1"" Iii illmJD.!ifi'ch so 'Lha~ even pr-esslIFC is .)..ep 11)1. not to trap .) f lines. 6).3 wonderfLlllly workable piece of etay wi ~.Iulo~nd the d.Ji ri:pp~es and the mat beit'l~ '·····f... t. \~~[lil~U'm.4. d wsn ned w.r go]d 01 Iii.:.oor. eha 11JiteJs:8" dampc:ned so that me el.lessioml [I] youii' c'lay \\ ill'll 'the dotsofll 01' cells IcJ:eal'iy s::I.arger on a. ":I~ce the oth.l"'QI~~r I. \:"~th tip 'Of your cnll~ knife. .3 seu. 0111 a.e. Ul'OIllJ l'utVll a book hjud~mlg press yOT!] won" t need to do dl'jis step. 10'see b 1 ~. 'tess d1(~p1ate lonto lthe stmrfaee or .heated O\ICl'1 for 31J m~nu~e. piece of mat bD-iM'd in a 275'" 'pre.i:gltnmatte llm1lish.or th".1.are IG'O\Iered. ~h Oil~)f im'Zlge \\'nlstr~'~C:h ~md. 1. ~~ being care-full nOit to tmp ajr bubbles uluilnlea:tIrn.

our ~oothr'Nk:. h.p·rnu ' so In_ : laze 'ean be rem ed ilh it bi.m. d lhl: cUe~Q'~~ Ilih a com e r J the gl:n7.fanmDlcrylfl'L_ I I nd let il dJ)' with -ut m.in If J Irr. .~tm .._ u in II ~Ibarp'i mar er r batter) 10 ~tomed engraver.iurral craft Ij.: 00\\ ~'im goi -g to share do. b gill1 tn I Ihl.:s til i 'lIe Pi "". coiors {J hi wn 'heep . U Q. cun .:ed vario« .lllhe:r qulekly so workine 111 one e ~J until WI j". I USc \.bJ -step pnJ(tI! .!d in \-·ah.m .I' \ Ie iP lit C(/n'~\'n Ue/fIWN/d ~JI ... Olmd r of gnoll{J. I'JlI'ougll in'S.chniquc.c'mu. Desp ill~' ~hc Iae l d~2U~' U C'Wl rem ' ~ unwanted e.ber Ii' (n".}'" 'w . 'I: fi:Ucd all f ur doL 111' and you I' k: at the piece ami ay. 'lUl me'Ji ai. P'olymcfi f~~ ~md '1lIllily Circle: MUBZilll'lC'..mt m tap co1or int the cells •.Il~~ IhmHglw~JI the 'l-trn "I' II 11/1 .{ IlU1'Ilg h . ast and her wa'r ~hus tIeR pllb'i.I teJlI 4.nf/r :cltl. loi on' \ iw co~orl I ItI)..'\' I . '( Ow. '~.·lriDnw tUm {'fIst}..m' C'-~'T}I)'n.dGJr-po(lim r'ra -ohoo ~roup~".\'1 'P.pl)' pin ar ~ Ii"li"iIoK. ~Ol!S a lang \-UI) ~nO1. 6. she is (I ('O'-P' .yh'e.lV- nUl-lance lesigne.luRul art]: I ill' UJ hf!f!n a IJ'!f_J esJ 9 -. rmoire... .. 'Ie. .d d) es.dh. lirm. Big ' op- ~1'! R. mati it po .te d}..II i not!o t. rc end of liM l.com. Sbe hi-. tn uti.a m.: doiQlll are fin d."olt"{"IIO'.ie 111er.iU ~ost.l of ''': on and a .ruth ii' the . 'nit:' rl'-I tl1f! ne! u.: wh.Evt.. n1c-ur-e date 1011 include die' with your i ature. wa Itt .(l' . the fJlde''fi'' o1l-liuc" pDlymer clay ie • ~ n _com led when . "Inrk ~ irh small rnps nd \'viJk: [) un} ae -idcntal o\'. I.(NI1 her 011'1'1 "I.8 deep hn!:' th and relax._· realiz d III .u in B'l:II~' .jppl)' comp nies.lJ1i_ ·~k'l.k td.. \'.J und ~t overflew the Cent ~hC' uld .the.~ ail') pun gentl ufn ard. r II ra. stal'l'l . 11€!lJ(1 tauglll 'l'Of' hop.oliilll\ the fincilmng.~.D V/J !i.j " h.:! here's \110 hal y lliJ I'ny best-kept -t:Cf'C L . blunl. prevem this. ~b!' . 61' US.r. JUl ••• 1 just hate Uun color. dge .er IrJr I/r.\ rh ~ c l'~' .1.f!J 'm~:J.!o.be J.pn~n. L01 ~_he Ple .si. hand. e:l fJtt!iI Polrm ~I' Clay GflU:d nd ... the \. :ear. let thl: p' -e dry _"r (. A Jerse:.l' lG. 8111. First I ke . . :lP.L.~\1'1ne.con~mi nsred i you do n [use separate l lhfllck for leach c lor.'.: I"n~. Jhpic 10 011:. .UFO/J'fl 19 . once the exc . He« C.:I' r the tress te t. C~.ITI _ . . ~ LI' cottl.ernO'\\ with moist couun:wab.~ ru lf~1 U III a them thr u_h" ineludlng Ibe.lazt.: Ii II I' illled I~ II lHJrk" are iru.:...irl.'{mJ mix "'41 nl'euitl (Ins.' u are d ne I ) carefully gold marker.' "-"1' ..J. po. cA 'alb in era ~hours.9(.ed n. th -' glaze .omna'lIll.. fiU d in Ie p y ur surta e srn ' tho ~ r you do uld to much m'i~." aterbait:.·ible'fI "moe II.~ tlu·uugh lit 'he orr'/. . Ii n color.~ dry IIJnl U theglaze 0 ) is 11t...hl'C).t. hec ilng [or air bubble'. n~yon find ~he laze i l{ thic~' to 110V!.Kllan"~ IWI Ire._!s.d Dr .k. it h tne 11'1:\\ co] or. add 'La' t enc ugh di tiUt':d ~1I'aler(_ drop at u Lime}ln thin h down. Ii -- ppt ~n_ (he '.I j I wll wid. plIIII them 1_\ -ard the edge of th.m~ Lmli Inll IlawaU as Wr!l. in I he' e . cell wit 'i the needl l I..r._'hf. is wiped Oolr which ~~l .II a .f I'h.ll . she decld~d 10 /_"'e'I_l... a lihnllJ~ burns" bM it L'll n i mull/.. h de \\ hh a dro c.B' gllaze fh·~. Rubb'l' -"lOnlperiJlagazhte.m .fWI! hem' will. \\'jlh the tip our whi h ~. rs will .eT utendi J pie£. n Jer.hnw)" "om bUI'ning The 1"". yeu I r) ou h~ .~ng. . qu .P m 'I co J' rher I a I trg:t' d i{l n·U' p"prtr p'r._ .."p. f' 1m e 10. IJI'f}mu...~t"hc:d at clap "(fl . -.C" ~nO\~ hiel I hpick ~. ~lh filrm..ou Lit n _-flll thqt ca U \!j. quite utrd) and lun! -' b "en -L. -tep • '.W.. !f bubhlli:s do form. The clu i non . ullin .-Ii '0\ 'I'~'d 'O~"- Sc:ulpBJ 11'(1f first Un(fm/~l. ft· your ~a Ihp~ck.T . ~he c u I. '\ 'ben. 11\'C ruined me pi./egree in' elet. " Pi • igo '~Olll" "when u pe".ugll Ih ~ wtiUelJ U~iI'j'I'tI.\ ill he h:ft.

EUlt:! .d i1!ifterfo~~iing.Pasm..)' o:l]e basic buil(Hng bi"ock.llC'in between.(~used PfielnO!) eI.el 'UI rn s "tle'p 1. the. bu~ a. StJe"l. rh~celer rEli'ngtlSfrom pure white 'l. the ~nd] entire r STR. TIO \~' s.e..~U.r. m1a kes ~hle The decis."0 tin: instructiens on pas.lay eol ors ten d to beeome di IU~l.efl' 410'0' fl'I~' Y'I'U Im'. organic.(! lll~.ock .~a very (hUlk pU1l11e~w~lhlill 'ljl~ shades of Ii..~ay' .em leeks best if made' with very da~ deep-colored cJay." .gJlller ptIDr. a fwr making di 5~unioll adds interest and pauem morn: ~'flO\""firng¥t alncl. Blegin squeezing harder em oIDIe side on!I)" l~aviID1~ the other sid~ untouched. type: of pat[. Skinner Blend Beads by Maria Szadziuk The pauem shoWlil here relies on trompe l'oeil-c-an mU5Im~ depth achieved by me.If[erc.lS of .U. the (n1'l ~re logchan~es shape.o. '& 4). starts .~ortwon when pJacing cane 'slices on a.g the most eflec.on leldgeS ed whh eare. b~oo is net B problem.oh:l1I :nnap ailliO'UI'ti/J.f Lilt. Po.(F wg. Nalll~liaHy.ioscop'ic bina'li.any color you won.I MAT Rl<\LS _I I.)! with onl. m'8Jchine I~oroller) r • Cmay' bl.3" C. colesed 'o't'Ithe: ble I'lded sheet I( Fi g.TOOLS .(J! ~u IQ r paleue.clQlor gradation. TI'Wis pattern J onks nice when exec u n. alizarin crimson wl H be amon. The blended sh~e~should 00 hirl:Iy 'Lh~(k (#1 or #2 se'tting O'rli ~heAtlas pas1l!i machine. somerlmes it even.n tlf) %n lO' w ide' .li 0 ns (see Qf hfiW headp~tw:rn. 'purpJe.a:ped I'. c ross-sectlo n becem irig 'F~~-sJl. "'"ith thl rmer o sheen.". ir we con si!l. ewcUefls k iii lei dO\li!IC-Q'pi. its.OUtiIIIUIIC' fc:ddioe. beads.e 60.w'unis completely up to )". Prcm. making even IPle~tts.. the . A lthough [h.epoJre a·kU1LIJI(!:f BhullJd occor-d~fl~ . l).ll.ade .adeOJ square mo~ orda).t butl E1nd that thks.3 b:~ocks PIJ~ple el.and! Site'p.aille or other clear varn ish 'for plO~yme r Cia. Continue uml~iI ni~'1.:n. jp'r. ¥Olll now have your bash: bu~MiI]g tJllock froml \Vh!. s~~ght dm's. Pressand sq ueeze or use a roller t e e llmi 11. ulsrarnarine blue . to th e overa lleffect. b. adds..~:above) . U5'ethe tJlicJ\jes~ set- lnte 3 fQ~ded ~og.t~v{~. With some patlem an tirnte'M. 3.ay OPT'lONAL I.f Of example.a~herthan square (Figs.pl!)mximately 2 bJocks W:n ite 'e!C!JV.ol:1>s are endless.r.l!1[e ai r pockets..".he.lymsr c. you can use .. com bl n2l.gn your rnaehinej. I take the bead and twist H sid~ways" because' I believe that ~he it one of the so ~.ililg awl.~d. possible ka~'eh.e • . Va raih.~ you can create almosL St.aUld fotth~.

n.Qgo and beceme fa. square canes. their 'length during reduction.p. ~g. maJk. to the. rough~y from V2'* to.in.:ng needle as 111 SJ110Clth!~r-UIP1)er"~ the for thi~. WhUe each bead is sHU ruTL~Ulg¢1 the.ingsll1'I'€tha'ii the darker and ~~ghterportions ma. in.e~. '.app~~Jmaller s pieces like dots ro the bead . of llhe round cane atODJ) .:.aaJ. !:hal cl finish ''iI. hold 'ewell one . Reduce to about V2. making sure that the cane remains square ill shape.IO· TIP: Make_.il'). 8) . L Cut 'the basic: 110:1:1 in lud'f and arrange the helves 1. decorate it with. wlll g~'v..a cane' (Fig.. Pierce them and.loking .IO'~7dse SOJliIJ e soli.an O'l'ti911 (le.·'tep Z. . .011' mOi. II' across depending on yOUI' design..e ycua very attractive shade ofmauve..le with t:ane_lice!li design (Fi~.. Pierce the beads with an awl or a when mixed. III .w.4. f ~t in hal f and then in be differe:D:l't Ei~omIn.. . jrr-the L.I"~Il d i3me'iter.or e" ._Ji In P' pi.. thls Iou Gall and cure be cu' in'to.:.olI the awt Cover each bead polka-dot sty..COlf/.mID. As. it 0 1 Fias.cJay manufaetur r's lnstruedons. She..g ~IDUre whlee side O'£' the' next piece (Fig" 5)..ep. 11"#1d and delrtiop€cl \ ..Iep 4•.~.l.• .iW1le~perhaps. exp SI1!.er and . lWaria Uve~ in Ot/mll.g.f ~uIDltxed.ust'e:"miqzie~.e.)dl1 8iS. urn:hw~ t Step.1.nath~. 4 speared cane en he awl. \ lth each dade slde touch . 1 B lend. maritwl{'wl'.into.la). Jt~ide frmn experimentb~g -Witi1 Skil'ml!J Blend. Again. a t~ cane ends get combined into a usable U'GtlS'l"Oflt1~' snad:G:l of pale purple .!I!I. I' ~ns. .h... 5.'. (5. W'IJ(£Q]this Retl'! cane is JOliJJg Parent ways then youII' pattern wil I bined illli exactly th¢ there . ~~-l . TIP.. OJI.colored log in ~he middle and se.actly the same pwtt in ~F ill did but it is.. and roll up you~' base beads. pUr( le ebty and roll it inl~oa very thin rO'Yltd )01:.l'isit her' "feb sUe" loVWW.dJp....of3. 'YO!l1l can arrange them 1111 dlf- double log. fro.1g. ith lhf: same colol::" ..Q.i~ted with it. Gellt[y :"quee~e and ·.ha~ agaln.l. St'epi .lo. interest in . and . ca.a.make a very prettymls. . nlaldl'lg sure hat the ~OIg en~L~£JID...g 1(1use: a short .adlges touchcing. e a sqilull~ecane.Fzlwr]y thick knitti.zadziult pumng". lilJa.Qf'- st~Jll.'IJbav'l:Io~' : ONE FI A IP: With this pattern c. ·. .ne b . they shculd fit into a larger 1 them up in the a.Ices. ure a()cordillg. S~ep ].Inlstrudions for 'Cane #1 (u'edlor the long-purple beads' St. To see more of lilal"i{l S jm elry and beadi ". You now ha e "I.e baU' and fn then t n ha If again.' 11g. needle . each one with exactly the same partern.. IIllana discovered pol 'mer _lay about 7 year« ..]. .e' . . it good fol low id~a ~o pa:-y attentiento the way the canes are '!)II.()(. even b~tter[ Step ..'educe lTIa( lng the cane round.. 4 pieces larned cane if 1 " . took '3 sllees ofcane #1 wrapped aro-und tile middle and searnlessly joined at the edges. -.!! "O'lnt round bead.... Yon'U no..el: the entire bead with the pattern.aria '. Canada. Alteti1advJy you can reduce the arra nsed .:".so. Reduce by remalns round. instead . is: exactlythesam B~'endthecaru slices with the bead by stl.3 equal pieces and combinethem into . BI'Bnd and J'-edJlu'!. Ta ke a pleee '0.el.Jhile holding surfaee fran'):' ('H1e end to' the athe~.ll'~'ru'l'l.trud~'lIJns C'ulne #2 for (u"Sedjot' thlJ fi(}'Und pm7Jie beat's) Step.h-a be.UJ'e7 I.. with soljd p!llrprL clay. Combine them into one eane..ure your pattern. L Cut t'he Jog I.etlU • . the canes tend to Lwrnst along." as.I'BJl51.Reeombi ne the 4 pleees. '(tel.are nO day I ftoverslSlnce whlte and purpl . Gut .-~.Y. I.3.tch~ a. 1£0 be coms~rne~va~.l)d then in baU' .iai. "11'1. Mek. she has special . The fina'i diameter should be aboet y~ll'. you don 'I have' ex. AI'I']Y 'famish if you wish.al. Place ~li'3 thhl sol id. 1). "GElS.urp_l!e c..U·a. ~ '9' & 11(1).~you can use white' tary or a mixture made of scraps that you produced .t UI..

Tac. AZ.ehu.lor ~rthe 'e'fi.rl:Ex the PQ'W~h:rsland [he' embell i:shme~nE t~121l you use.rl stfPJ. ies are alii )fOU ueed 10 ..tiom:ti ftecolld {:ltlJl til/rip and {1 stoee .1. Of use old bL'ac~b~t!!l.or w[(l.mlg cutout IC(Ul.' R.ddi.(:/rd Penrl Ex P(}lLrder in A:t~..lyme:r Clay Se~ler~ Scu.r:w.V:lut~ttll slO(:) at one.J Le'af IPattern.a.Th~ 1.~II!c Gelid I • AJummnrum 'fOil • O~'~neotla:ce' or braoel~ejt or .(ins.(1r1ded.~VOIll won 't '\.' A~io ..g the color 'of 'tlmt: d. Iby Judillodlils . U~e a ribbon to hmilg your polymer clay heart pocte15. ends of the braeelet ornecklac e to! 'tile e1uy heart with wire jumpri.pped canawes.JIIS! ODe block of clay MId !he same with tln.. necklaces for :added or e:immTIlas sho'\ nhere.fi:Ubl~doeoradomil or party favora. l as you wU~ 'fnjcr~ making them!as . llLlJf ~U:3'ch the.".and proltd~y d1sp'~a)' yourCJie-.o ~DlJr adVat1tagc.~d. CI.'1/ G p!lQf._ rhi.1 H:eil'li shaped oooilde cutter rClUing t.ulnp tl2204 J.jumpncng's O:PT~OtAL • Tl1li pi See Thl'lI S~ones (llsed in heiiR poc:ke~ Sihowrn abo.. Fm them aHons.r' fi.lll.K.. bJ' iu fildH$ and Ja'C€/'lr.e • A~~eel1ter'.t. alter the look ofeaeh heart by Cha1. .~'W"'11l170cket f9 IUtn.~R'Clud'e:: SCfjlpeJl III l.mg!eT Inllt C~ear Em coss'lng ~nk P'ed • Po..s 'liatiruull BOI1d1GHa&s 1& P Eile'aaAdlle~:iY. ilc PIJ~puur'fi..intJbrush • p!lolyes:ler '~~bel1i~~ .g ~lS. llel1iil1poctets.gtlt) • AJ:eenels ChI!lar Gel. co.ll'1.v gard1en fl O\\felrs~ y 0[11: tavo._y.Qol .atilJe .efVe'I:"T 'lh3(11'13 ki m:lI!. TOOLS.J1acquard IPIe~rIEx Powders.IRlibber sbllimp:238. A. TIP: You can.Pliters lop.y.r reaee these b~auUl1JI.ty Glu.n. 'skMlls you use lin nU\1kl.ve rl."i'f.1.(J . 'Ehese hearts are just Ji~~f e:~H"g potato chi'IJS.f~IVPIJt'/~· J' 11 POIJ'11U!1' c/r:tJl.gs .ade' (Of craft kl"lmfe" ~ OeramiGUllle (~i~ght~v largler [hal" your eQo~ie' ClUtter) • Pdymer Clay: Sculpey In irnl 'W.l.11 zs used lor this ''Walillocket .a:y ol.hite alnd Ligh~ Blue' lPear11 .uGtitms gl~1iJJ~ lor' 1M!} piece) Sl'ltJi'WS the fJea~':tl1~ilh are fJ1l .m.jlbbon • Ilargs ..1g.~i(.tit ri:glu .b/:t.: S:ky EUlJe IReffel<Vi0f2~.'. n.pey WlMmte:fe[lt 1 .ga decO'f.!!: • tn mund erafit pa. :Ehn ~hat wm worik t. He W[II1'" ed how.

Jse A~eeDt P~atinu.e 'l he d~. 'mill area C lose '~rhelreyou waJiIJ'l y.4.g t. '·~.Hp) and other embell~_..I. ~ ith ~be end 0 f ..lay po!lye~rerfl berf ~.III'" eiuypiOI~ :h~ar~em top Igf' the: h133Lfl you: p'~aeed on '['hieceramle I mJ. hm~ hour. Url\yra" fubbe.. hang es:~erfilbefijn~'n the cemel' of ~he be..~~ po]y. 'Dr (Fig.. Plaee the :e!la". UJip lUll 1~ 'Co:llJditi!lntbe IPO~~D1.e 'to attad~ tti'l.n:out a SIJ'~11J'I of 1('.'~'rious page~ US'~ decoradve 'scissors '(found inthe ~crapbolok seetion .p.}! Qi\~.3) Cliot paimbnl g.e See Thru Stl011'ES rru....INSTR.p' It t onto RJ.:ft . pp1)1 the a tile I(FiG. j ust app.vrsl ~he end efthe pain[- 'bmsll into the clay.u' 5ta. of the c. n the o wa~I peeker below 'Were made \'virth the ~EPof a cra.~ay"~ro~. Apply . h~s.en~y and doe~ nat bum.lt W..& ~1). .y I~dges 'lo sea~ the 'lOp and 'bo~tCiim beans TAe" decorative cdgloils.at 275'1:l r~)r .y heart pu~:k~ll.e' c:io. sa a s'tj'ajrll~'l Id~.gaht~'Sea~ the edges _t..~J.Lle~dry.. CUll:t}1l \'1. ~e 'HIe lend..r-e~no'V.clay heart po'oket 1\ lte mate ly. u '~~ep' P'''e:s~she I"ubtu.1i stamp (Fig.and thrty j.~~~i!""""~!iiiiii!!ii!i!IIiii!!! A. 2lIiIiI see hOi\:v C ~he hole. Trf': If sea.IjJ.)' hean.e~''the ICIJlI.10 II Ir:~~~ oul:2 hc:aJ1s tor each pocllce~ I( Pig. Jl(e~p:in.llmDd -'s Glass IkBe1rud Adhesi\l.Enl1:bogi:ng lakpadte app. S). T to tl.. i!!ihments on the hcan . 'la. :3). -. ~3). Ilse yo. Dip tjile t~p ofyo1Jr ~ilng~ernto i '{~~eearlEx and iel1~ rub your flnger P l}J over the d3)f.e.ace[. decoratlve edge as sThl(fV\rn '01111 the pl.TIO ~... _~op 7".~cJ' ~~el~s.! [s. T~': Fora. 'to place the '11IJ~e.' . 4\).er-P' $." rveI' the ~ hElan(fi~.(fig . rlP~ Nllnl1an)'~ .).c'tions ent he po ~ym!er clay package.soft bbl.Vt1en I encase the tile a f ..sql1eczwng it in yom' hands until h becoeues ."Ia:cea marble"'size bl1.~ fr'On1 ~rl:sidB the heart.~21.~ heart and 'til~ w~wJ. if lhe he-m. Vu'~ 1-\ . piwntbnlsh to dast the polymer clay ..e po:ly:m'GI· clay Lo a ~t. t. Ro~1~:heac.cnca::.~ the di ~.6.iii.ert~~e ('QPI heart.er c~a~' b~f .·uui n I.. rC'm(.. ~~~--~~ P'mll'rlSx tOIt]]:B.l:yAleene's C~ea~rmek. . then :umov~ ~h~ OIP I0 ~ L:: Sh:p l :O•. Ii. Slep' :1. Onee the !c'hIY has b.10 .[\ paintbrush (Fig. '7)..of ~~epgil1~'" brush~ol'lila]w' the holes :a~\b: t("P of '-- ~ '~tep 2:. Jusl ih. seeend piece of ella.OUl\emove the po~ymer day from the n]bbe r :stamp.clay hean. 'e. PI a.r. fiDle.. the day I)ock'~l. C'J.~ l!e"IIlgU S~ep U. alLwnlrmm ro. ~'O.'te' Step' 9. ..e. Slep' 'I..'la.joined after 'baking.)"1~'il flrom the even and mHOI'/.ed in '[he alturninum fuH.ieeeof \\'lh~~eFehsl~ghUy smalter ~hail1l lhe PQ'~YI1'1J!1! . This Ink co\aUn. 8).. '~). T~P:Using YOUI' 'fin.mprinl~be !Qtamp's desi. thickness.S.': IPtlli1tOn or ~~le' ullJu:r da. R..or your local craft s:m~'e)iandcut the clay Mke you \\ftQ~.. Ii sle jl1URpdlJJ~!!l to aUOl::h ~nlo~dnecklace or ])f. P'J'es~ Idl(':ltliijiti On til. USt: 'the Clear T:lU::"k.h.ctlo the' .dd pIper.coal of 'lbe 'C~lJjySealer.'3nlle 1[le. win However.dd 3.~1.gm (FIg.(Fii~. 't.emo'\'ie' the d 3'y frgm[i.:.~:a11 a. Rolli fM11'f ".la. :n.~Gdp!l:iQper~YIthe two h~ans .l)r a thhll coat 'CJF wlilk Jv~akesure you ~eep more dUlt1 h eart (Fi..-o~dthe jump r~ng over onfo the rubber s'tam.lS.np: u.\ the heart to eonl [or ~ or _ hours \Vh~le sliU .g '0\ Ul act asa releaseand help )·.W1 (Fi.a~ inum t()i t 'I fi lld trnu IJ.e'~dge to nilake QF'.• . I. '~epl . Bake' ~oco'fdi:l.]".e" II.ry~ic: s f1o'!'ller o\rer the day to i.y GhJe ~o seeure the fc:it till the bacll..!ep.aked. Cut a p. hil~~·the o'r the heart.G.9)..sta:).e a hean~shaped cookie Ul.ns :se~JW'tue·.r the d srngn.cel the Iclay 'UD'tOI l~lle i~~:kedJrulbber ~anll1".g.. Q~'Ueto l {he cllay hearts and ~cl dry . raised areas e.1l . f .~bake rhe ~ea'l't .ee one po]ymer .itb ~h~ PenrlEK (fi.day heart en the eeramle ~ i~c. '~tiOpi J 4.t) .n~cr' luk's C1ear .l: U~e' heart onthe ceverthe . you can lise' rfbbon(() ~=--___.m the 'G~a~f bake ev.'.

ld~Qod merrsoriea a~:e. and W. ImICllgIQIr.s like i lihe turtle.lniqu~ in the hope th. dun J elf Si.o:t the ph€l'~o.. hut we had to sb~IP~clH~!PP1 iCt:.ons.rapy:: 'II JUlur Ir'Mlrle Understw1d]!lg )'llIM' P€I'SIO~UI~' imagmy and ~rnliquew~y . ~Q realized then d]ID ths turtle ~S U~fl' .f syn. 'eUt. which . thiis was an amaz tng ereamreand w.brr~lih~p.~ld$.~ t alse allowed me [0 eXiP!ol's the san 'ar evBnt (}l'JUJs()n'le£h. . I~~. can elleitthe phenl1l. '5~ ide:aiS.at1l!clli1lfith :3 pl'lOiUO 0 f a eh il d:ilC'lod l~riendmy m0'EbF er S!e~'t[Orne.'I'~'$wQ..ont:Q' 't]:II~. It was a photo.Q.By uslnga collage tl'ansfelre6Chnlque."'-sd'i:sma:Y).l.gs and Perl'.l1s.An ImIQI£i.und.mble.peets of .s of eus past. ~a:pi~to your .e. act J was sad thalt. spent ntany da~fs E.t.IT-alslelr 'Yollir L'ile eriiellCIS l 'ClayArtTih. Jeff had made the c!b(j~.lriliniingtibjii tl'a. Remiilders l'ike 'Cildpl~iJ-' tos.ra Uy geeHng. Seen through .' .5 yeanrs old.otio.~hi$t articie eJnd (0 pl'q{c:r"l I~ured:n wI11:agesa~dt sym.~ojecttheil' feeUI'l.e· d spent hourswfltchrung ~hattl~rt~le *1 'II cClll him "'/e$" /er tUltpu.~l6 were bolt shy '!loUd [1~m1_ and cenuectlngto tion . .~zinl.ce' Upl011l1 a lime .eff~ssuicide but everydlh1. eenterpi ece to my memories of our r!.cr-ojecl.~ mothel.alnclrnothe. Tra.plhotowas a message flXJi01 Jeff~s mother).lirlgs abo~ our 'flelaHm1g.l.l1h. arndgene. 1TIi~ \cvhen we w~re b~tfuh3rol!lID1:lld..mlbolls. transference of pelil)epd.~o'Unte['~ and .' Chir..gbit home whel~m . dmwn to p o]Y'l11er daytn1nsfer.i_r.elat.rny ol1:iIdhood.'~c.g.Ila. '~ eepti.le.1 1I:i[:u:eki~ehelJ .fferteel.s::.s:t 'The id~a ['Or this :p. eyes.em and are oonoreleil11age.1s ftmm our past. de'pictin:g a ehildhoed friend of snlne Je[f>i:l" and.a w~arl)1IJnd in its 'teM!"ml'rnUffl.rm. 101e:te [.[~ln. Jeff had beenrnlty first hest i'itend. 'he:~u\d:of J.t ill: will htdp :riou. Dln. eonagetl~at eeleblf.1~~s".[p rll~.'tos: have :A Slo:ry 'beh in:di 'Ul.~m.pel'/zVl'It' WB Thismade 1t lrnpettanr fO'fl.ep'ii(msafJemi' d.nsferr-rIlg lilY childheod experlence onto me poly-mer cJS(y helped me' to under .FilY past: have hili idctif. This.a:rrwod~.r .'ffs 'face ~n the photo was his pet lurUle." ~ bad. {J~ri J')(J~.211. AJlpho.iIJl.l• the :liv. of Olm:!' f'rlel'11d!ihrnp.~ we can.[~yhea ling Md Ufe.[I'Wl1 personal im.a"gill:Y 8ind 'llil iquesymbe lism.llowe.f slaJ!d what as.to-.ated '~he gift. syJnb()Jkz~s the ptH'Soma1ilY eheraeterlsrles and 1'5h~d. Thlsturtle.y ttl Jg6't pee.lUH1'llft of P'I'Ojecti. c~rel~lelI'i'be. Sl.~sa.ndIdeas through an ~l1~lH~ is an .1 those happy times..u~lirlg.I..ibol.fL'ell:'~p- eacJ11otherW8S signifleant :in 'bo:chof our [[\165.often hid illl liltS she~ll.oPlp.tal gl~Oi'l}i..orr~ni'ties for SQ~f'knowled~ and p:~rsoJ. fi"el.t:..As an art U~era:pis:t~ b.bo].SlO~1ileHl:i'1CS 'lJ~jJld{). up siorles.ee end hls li:11e.ue tQ Jl'ro:lectand tMnsfer my '[ee.ingl~Qcnnfloor (much eoh~. Narur~ny m was.o my artwor. Proji@lGi~ OCC1lrS al~the i:011 1 time in our da~~)' lives audit d£:serihes piooe J..i. eaeb other h~tn(rm.o. harness the pewee of projl. making.b:~gelse. feelillgB Viii II gu~de you creatiVely-as ~Ul artist and provide youwith .rp4Js$S ()f. A]o~'g wruth '~h£l.g .and ~tJQiOveL·peL'90nal ~ymbCl. The first thIng I rememberedwhen ~~o>ok~datJe..dme wn~o lny [Jrtiem" .eflt"Dlm 'I'he Plg.e~~tbef tunnh~ around ~n hls g!'.o. ~per ie:1 WtS~sol I ~ decided create a. I'm ::.

..$ place i'n m res 'r ir f 'P_!isonali lim:age.ii'll -Iud.ll an a tacbment I _ lg. .that [Old bou ht at a donar StOI.tlO'k.e ilt. nse '1:0> you 1a~~eT.of g:ath!ii:ring.1'Findrnngs (found objects. drawing you create and tJ.ai(er. 0111 Armuge your 1 ments in different positiiorns b . charms er findin s dut you.~ clay q'll.lc.colorerj IPollymer Iclay • Uqll." yom artwork ~.that ing up and having tu.r3·.'CI'U .ng.ck and \ hite cop ies (Fi :H. !S. copier l to recall details surroundlng Ilhephoto er Ith '.nJer .'Copier or scanner RUDber S1am:ps~S<antal Malillde by Stampmngto:n '& GOlmpanv .j'ing Your'Transfer .t rve leek d 'for im ees .0] . \fleu carn a~:SQuse .ron 'fum. them wi.l%. __e. V.edi.C8l'.s.gralt th.l.. e .r:rn bob. :md I-Uets fio..W'fl 5~ eral !. 10 'tepl " OPI '111112' coUa.d~ dra'~ing~ jot down some of llrt. tCIP S:: 'liea:te a cioll~age u~in 'wh. bl!.r media. ideas tltat \'II _nl th~Dugh your mind and 80m ebservarions about your drav .y . pie£e IDlr p per: d:raw whatevc::r comes.attach I.you.'t.e tOI the pinola.J'.our copies/scan . silnifkant.AL • ICvanos. er mB11tUJry nu.get11'ems. placJement of elements.~.e an Image' of them. .mnps and creases (Fj~.lymer relay ilUpir"€d' CllI'isnne ! .'\'.In tu':c. The' proee s .arn'itN·k.• pie sse " 0 to n (fw.glue our 2our dimensional.3 ClOP' £. po. Qociale '\'Ii~h them are your • Acryilic flod Of brayer .ike nd thJn I . glue. ummary of [. I.o. AI SOl T'·. Ma~e y.mgjng. • of...island. ou ~llga m. Qnd sJ1 MOW use. ymb!Jlls ICQn l'aJnge l'irOin jOy 1II~ EO '[earfu Il-sOr i!F your 'Peeling' orne as '. b.·' d· youir Ab '. hy. Ughl. The hee in~ 1"(181 follt' yea~1 ago. au 'I.eps that 1 used to create 'Lh. your e lements. nd i. tel' 1.and personal inspiI' Ibe~IOW:1' . Th~ iJ1l:redibile pU!rlsibflUies J tlnd U_'.ii'r. . and it is Dot the ri J t size. '2- box work gre..you make 'it yeurs II: Ididn~t have r included a. stick '[rom cud .Qrl-il1s~g}J/. S!!L tha'f you' ll have more choices 'II hen arn.: CllI'jstifffJ I" brlSone K.telui~~ely in bel Qrllv(J'I'k. the. "-:Jtber hu" es" I.. • you can't 'find .u'tt~1 " rtist.Ind Db~eQts) Il1ullinded me orwha:l.1nI an oh:l ·m.oking '[or tho se images."~gJ.attach ' i:ngl 'fo.~U~ge::ak :yo'llr t Icn~et and make 1:'..=piece on the previ us pa e.. . tic .lOrd .etlils to'tl'etlher p tOI I. '. 1 alsoanaehed lea' e that W01_ made USingat af cane.:ics ()fthe p~lple and thingli til iJtu~photo.on b_ b")"ing out th. U t 'lepta d1c' proj' etlon of your Cl'1Il()il"ioms 3111d pel _eptions. .c(Jm.in_ f und . 1 . p'~e\'t~n~ thep.Qn' ''''. nd dl'~s 1S a h porUlinL: plt:wre re ft1lGmb . 0 (Is (('ked !. ns to Cl uep.. mag~z. .member to revers ~or flip your hnage i (fan FClITi'ng l. art ist iii. • Photos 'PlIO" . sh '. ~f .oulll wanl te Wfl·1udB thE 3~dimen mOD ill elements yo~~~alhet~ed in your a..' a 'Ie ICGfJ.l feIt.).~ginnil:1 Q' . nce you' e rded S~VQm~ O dilffi fer t an n.t wa imprumt to. Find -'II liIlIl[dlllbollo 'rfO wbh:h . 3-cUmensiol1al) • Colored p -nei'ls. (Hat) elcm.1\or il: attacb i.l use an acid-fre ':~ue' lha:t com .a 111. These nnd.au. may malte .onl'im:and in n1~g'.apa.ucm.l1B •.(. C'rea. .s.aN p(Jlb~me. ar incl:t3io~1it1' Iter mixed m. OJ[ scannl.gJ11' ts ..e' t.. To view Chr'. (I mwnd withouilIC" n'Sor:in~ganyth ~ng. 2.Iell I.til. technique. 'urpri" to olll-Ivy to embracethem .Il\a: ~hat rem.ompo ition. I~ wdeas" 't pi 4. f sYl1l1bnl o'tl1_ 'turtle' and . :' pol 11lliff' cia) r. R3JrriI/hrtr. but sa them lO' . .8 ICOIUp'IiJI~et:S. tie.~ne.anylhing &hat su~ts.or a P:11c'~o\'hatyolLll ee~ drawn eo.letter sitamlPS I(OoUar Sto~) .rra:_ngement.~s! U1111g lew Je. YOlur Idm:wing and bs'~rv3tiJo:ns. inda b 'X l " put them in" a. SOl [ decidl d t make sonl .ap::-r .inded me of what the IOf make your tlmlJ.a. e "Jill j you don 't kn DW . -rSlHQlize i .-al'i"1f!'· Cl1"h.crylale gliue (for . ve fiJothe-nred. '.pies of your YOU]DR P~D'tOS- want 10 keep the original.bu. er- al bla. Let your intuitwi n gu..M£iike cedor co.have 0'11_.ge t.tU Y'O'L11 .rnp kit .'" you in I.ymb()r~ in Imy any n~t~e ~u!'l'llessitthr -_aro'Ulnd. Turdec . rn8b~eilL on .'- ner if you .l reia.fimli. ].cham~tleFi .. . ry find things in 2.obje_-ts) can re'veaJ lrnportant personal sy.-s.il!l.. 'J' hp:: i thai .o·rot'h.'O"ko.J~dpolyme~r el'e. in don't have to make ease n '..

or i.(Itn extra '5tr~ngL~' nd hl firefor a Vt. o~ Ilh'e yOl!lir t.. j~C'p H.".JII!" !lmIU'!IO' t:I..~yrner clal)' and ~~~~---=~--------~ adJ1!.. h~p "'. P~at~~'I'be ['IiI~II:a~1! fac. Ir!Jlr~n'!iir t":h. brush liquid pol.o~heFwi5e it \.c. f'OU out sam!!' ligln .emi!1ld~rsof l~m!! passing) U) IInak~ ~mpl'i~'SSEOn:::i. er make them 1110:re er ~.ec. brayer A'f~)1:11I" . lfIU.: off ~o.!cl po~ymer day W!3'l i's sligl.ghL 111-: trans fer 1111'0"" !.!r.cornlLinu€ ill "nu ~his.~·fJij·\ e 'taken. colors in your mernery tFi~.. mad.it on [he liquid Shj~pU.~.I.' com fi. place. I .u~!~ C~IP~~:fnnn Ulc the bik~d relay.i.h:!.1I. 4:.I~r \\'ilth cij.~from your copy (Fi.':iiU"& flO. B.. 'shlil'll.on S1'ep~I.)...enereus eoatl ng C'hl)'.'l!'r If~~lIrin~. ~ep ~!:.cQ<~Dr!. LI~. Again. and !IJI:iiua'Uy30 mmnules per I"IU ~or Inb~.. ~ntcn:sc. hich ~o choose. or romng pin 21.1. fep 1." c~. .! i"Il as it is ntl~ made ufWDod-me y¢}u" Ire satisfied with )"DU!' collage' asscm .4". ~l15lmctkms if(lr'the IIiquid da)t~ let pOI)'ith~r coot '. hly. P. 9)~ rake a ~~nall amount lh~" k.'i1al you arc' I remnam of whc yeu are ntH.ng..!I ~hC' back of it with . . io rhe mnnul.'e c'o~mn!:dl the copy or your ccllage and are Sill~St~ed \\ ~th "":l! liHlIl ""ou h3\n!. cial place foll1"r in yl[n~r~OI1U".Male. Ihink of how you viewed th~hli or Lre~the dtty sit 0 omi.)rllbinIU~r t~~ii1n I. ' if~.e do\\ n on the chi> . Th~n add a ~in!~e more nquid 1ii"ans'f:e:r 'l'ep I. 1t1..k~"'.1:u:mlrcr's bak~ng instructions rime mud temperalure. brush Hq'Uwd.cu. You can use it as a journal CO\ er or a spe[I '" iSUd "leur' artwork ~.oum~y~.. ~ used dock . ron or I iquicllJtd~'mer Embed lhe~r. lung W hI.. [ ~O\\J fen'ing and pr-ojllc~i ng }' Iliur r~~11ng omo your ill'1l per~'Odica~ ) our 1)1" personal imj)g~ry and unique ~~mbu Iismw in be conl~' appa ren I to.jjki~ '~be'IJi~N:e l'Ii!.la~ nn your erec a~i.nl\..::h~~. n~n seme \\ ann I( no~ 'ho~1 \'Va!~C rover it polymer clay ~[·ig. UH. ~ ~ikc to US~ P'rismn~otoF pond.:' rr~lmpO~Ylner I.:N' . mrn d1C WlIllls.\.a~ Imt drawn ~().td~a:g:e~ome ('. y IJ and can be a resource ti~r rU. Rim:t!~~ umll.:iI)'.IUp). .~mtlr !. 5). ~r th~) a~~ ~. you Ican aak~ the [paper 00: nr leave ~I 011 \\ hen YOLI arc' baking the clay.ullything ..~r transferred W1113ge~ brush on a u.'iSS. ou C31l use rubV b ~r stamps.n~y b~g~el'~ham your ima.nc~s. S.m become bri".ginatwon.O'LICin use aJi1 aei')'~i.~r.a)'rortb~ ff~f1il'e.e )'nur imagh'H)[ion and YOlll:r intuWoll.:nt.\\~). 1.3. IFi'ni:shl'ng of unbaked chJJ}1 und Tauch-5. is fiI.ess.9 r'IJUer~or burnish it genl~~with the s~d~ 'Dr your rR1~er.. change the eele aro und.gc.1nstcITred hnsge pieee ~nlOi he unbaked day (Fig.and uY.oth31 yau ha ve many Irom ". ~Iep' J I Hc'fuUy Irimll ~h~ eseess elm)' a\~'a. :- Yeu "(lI1U [0 make sure 1~is stuck the Lii:a~.li lead ami rich co~ors) to Qdd colorto the b~adk ooJd '.find lh~' j. bake Ute d3} aeeordlng ~o the polymer tim)' \\ iH stick to and ruin a wooLiJ'udiuJld Fig.S.Idb.c W'[work.Ll~. ratJ in i'Ii.p icr is 'L'I1I111C'r based. Laser copies do noL lnnsft:r.. On rhe buck of yo. SUIi'Etha'l t~e eo. ~ lake sere ~our cia). s well as allfJ"dI a s~amp~Fig.ftled b} mernhrg mn(] 31 U.. Add ~Uill addEf~omd hll..lored peneils..s (bliCauSe ~heir ~('l.!.te'p Ui. Vary ~he size and the h~vtd or[ lightness and d'arknes:!f: s.m1 PO~l1l.. 6). trans- '. ro~ll~n''\ "Ic'l. l rfYOll...clm). Step. lr ~m dlo~sn'l CD'111!.ordi'i..:nE.ak~ a ~jJ{)dl transfer.) U~ntlh~ [ back ~fig.'~r of 1~'l1UEdpol} mem.g. 7).}'n'bl llkc 10 texture Ihe do)'. loan1 il ~othe ima.. UU2' unbaked .e: roUe!.ler over (hack Silh. V.Uller ·I~'~fl of:" '.~a~ nruo ~he back and ptace thern were YOlilWitUIit thl.~fLh~y'll . Tn. hID'~e copy. UJ you coo add other items. use your ima.

_ I. he water w r _• a II lieIt! e t:II te fllt .l IJasla machinu if de ireu. seulng lhe n.1' • CI'&SJrglass va.pl'1~tze. 'DDldi~jonth~' Ired goldl..s G!aze • 11 ..or eem s 'arch or I. Acry~ic pamt (Della 8'latk-Green) • 'Quill.~ured ~a.k "I y w' abou l thickness or u .1 'the maid Ire ea'se I S R ..lcom) • Scu~per l~jj'IQs.1 t. I rg\'@T enbre \\ \~rith the h~ack t:e)i. 'h:pl .1battling (fiberfill) .:r1I aml black . ce n the da.e 'lhl.11 on tille cia) bet. amI lh_ iexlUII"'1o: heer.clayfactory. PN· IlL.'11 'tall vase • Sculpey Asian 'oUf M'old IAP'M30 • Wal. Ro 1.peyllill IRed Golden 1('1013) and 2 blocks Plf'smo Bialek (#50'42) for an 8. Faelory (www.pritz " _fer di.3.e'f s.1 R~ S • .~p•.""m mil! 0 er 'tep' ]..icing b1ade • Paintbrush • Acrytic roller • Pasta Imachme . h) not to move 0 .s'e (below left)1 Texture :s'n ei iSAN-' (Scratch Art's: IPlants) from The CICIr.:-p U..:d asid Ior l kr.he bla.~cum'Powder . .ela. ~ 11001 - . P'olym.) well.er Clay: 4 blocks Scul. It"" "he f '" _'cause iL ive I disluned lrnoge..b. )) sian qse Karen Prince main photo by Dan Landt by • Clay sl..a the ~hicke I seu ing. . the aeryllc ' nor ~l nee. no's and r II. F. onlo d1C day_ Pre s tho texture he I face dO\\.

ofLhem e'l. ilfZ the baolllijl41 nmUJJ- .-16)' {n. 11~h. P'hl.1!f pa(1 IW..hrt p'l.. ~).41 da)~ sllak!!!' [0 nbc' botlDm for a give .tf) to' Iline up the d'~'signas.. :M:ake ilcpl.rep '::.Il: fO'lPe. iHg el ilJ ~ 1 hDught !.~ .b 'Karl aj. c:hildr-en."a.e.'/n.otll4!F ide~... u.. '(II ~ntlnuJa~ r's hlllr~ ins~r'l.·h:l'itl ns.hlg.·.cr".~bo~~!om the or \'. quil'l battins ~Iil ot\'. ~he pagr_ . mh~' 'mIO Idad l~ed P3JII1S .ddl 1110fbe t:ltIJra.e I resid.r~nc. 1ipl U. bambr (~ Iclotomlh. RU!~[~ Igut a ski n Il)J snake of red day . Th is .jilt ~o il'h!l.of the vase ruran '1(1) CarfJ..ily ~Ii(!lUlfild Ihe' lop of the bamboo (Fig. '~e'l ~1..WtIU!f t1IJd flrnished kmk 'Fig.' rupe =10[1 aJdd.15°limd bake aC'cordi 1I'lG.cr ~nnrevase wim a le.... RemelFftb'!r '~Q use the pow- der a i1s smalh~r or IBrg.'s.:l) hllu IJhemold. :11 nU~I~-I.g.jL~rtl...t: . Ilmfft SC'll...••t II IUJI .'. am r.. ~'~eing on epi!fJt!tr:!'o{"Th~('~u'oll Duval S hOr" " where be« g:U~8' sl'm'f. "'I:P4. "hIee' 'the 'mUlllooa mMaround tM. dctai Is.~'.·f:mOIl/· 100'6 tssse./I ileftJs tJ. Nuw fl1!()ld til!! biFd~.. der} E. "'''~Y~J.. "1 vase . baked this ror I hOIll'r.(J lilt 'ok ru pF().1! _ oDd 3.·(cs 'hul keep €rJ/nili'K Ol"'.JI . pace these ev'erd)' en th~ 'Ij'Mt:: 3/1lio ~IH.h~Jlovl1:. .rou~~W IlISic-thc' ljied eI!a}'. j~/v IOlve'/m" ptJlwnel' cI({\!..~peI[ fig.D~Ua pudcs of Sculpt!}' and began fiJli.".()~. . w U. Q..ii. _00 1 ~lbr~ se '~\Qm·"~e·tle~y. 5).9l"1dfI ranly pres [he d.~'11J til" U designer lor u rnJ~Wtle. Lo small paintbrush 10 brush it -1'1).per/me. .d.ains o..1 the bttUcrJ'Jy and cld it WWiC bambtJo d!i:"~gnaf th~' ASI'-In mDHr mold . touch [IS :shoWII1I godciaugh.each .5.. on.· ing If! c:'tJ'me Zi~p'with' nell" idea« "hd"'l I hi rds arcoor:d ~ngily. The 'po."bJrA Ft.mld p~aQe' tl1c cl ary inhl bath to the fish s hapes.' much as I t10. .dhiliti~s lor ~/.For ~be d'i!'eornrijioul' . ..zJ M'irb ..t:outirme . :0 rJRck". :rf:nltd~r 'fbc Ii. Plealic In!"n lU' "~':'i Kafien..r d'9' companJ) tUnd Il'm~ehud tJ ~'Oj ect p.nle Ir.I" 'n.Q'~' J'<CW1r'!l tmtl I~ '(W~~·'(I. ~ Ill}.I(. .·onS(.ter. '~IP UI. ) cu ~o ( ig. U"Y·1l1llf _.G'rml ~t :!:. or 'nanb~ll~l!1.3!W (Fi.all:ows 'l h .i·S. ()). 1 r -Rep 14.illr cla:t.:lt~J' t1. '.llc'tions..tt!li1.. V3Mj~ to'~lh@'F 3 pans at: ry llc paint and ~ p3M: W3JtCII'.-'.' an~ co.t'J1·k .el·~add and space' ~h!2 t1J V~UH! 'tnoJd release. p1adns .. rep Il..lpe)' (IrldP'reffIlJ dUll and .d"J:f {l'T erJle.unl(r It.and braid into . iciwt. h::p 161. .nrrd rub oft~dcs~ all'! tum! w~ I red th p~.).h(i:d Pack 0' FW11Nuga::ine 1: ilh ann/her due ft.~._t".v(!d wonU'JJ. L~I dry eOlDphd'·efl.oat 'of Sl':ul~" gJ3Ize {Fj~. Brush ~h~s..on lht: da)~ alter :mOI]d~flg. :~!}t.''Jl lrEg.ltb.(fll(" Olli! t\llold Ile--:_"...J.J'5.~ release rrnrll Ul~ mal.' De. tn..ng these m~J.d1t~J in PtdJ '.0 f the ! hfJI1f:!' to ne1t' . J). a UIO]" )'Itm 'LO 1m). 4). vase on its s~de wiillunll mashill1. clot " I h'(! p~r!:!(lml' lin..U'fll eJml am married \."r 'ro\IJ':!. ~Irl lhe tFig. lep I. tlt. TI~e q ullt balti' ng.g..C!e dm '\fase ImIm. onto I 1 I arll' so exdled to hdt"~ '"-" p1'YJieCl PlJbU.cJm. rffe Nlw f.~ 'Iller . use ~.\"der hC~lp~ tWle(.ld the tassel end a~~d odd r. of lIhedes~gn eleany merns while baking.'lc above.l~hli.AtJd a black.f:\fonh .. Lighlly powder d'IDc' Step :8:. rany pD\vder remaim ~ ..

) "'II=IP ~.III eli"..ISCU pBV Gl1aze glassy • W'ork surface su.· nd il Step e.r!. PI iuse turn 1.3 the lan ef the h_ng~r . ami 'qJl!rim'''' iR . the Ire. tile'. 'II eb UI ' .llglh\Vi'.hl'O.1. ~'Dd b wir 'm er the end 0.iDnapM Ultimate Clay El(~ruder'N .' botrem f he hranch~ 'I1U tORI. iti mJ .215 gauge' ..: TL.wd InJ' Q'~li. }U' w until the) ~i[)ok [he '\. 1di.. [he paintbrn h handle iU'ld 11\'. 1_ 'an al~u b't: worn '(I.IJ ..ICI'lI as a paintbrush tlanrd~eor Ikniltti~m Intmdle' • Ma. in IU Ilti.. .- ro berwecn (!Fig.to:. c that e each' I' \\Iidc.).. PlliCS5 the day tl rmugh the "xtm:dlcr un'l~1 the stJrOJ"Ids are a ut HI< I I.ehed ends ttlge~her. nL to cli1J.) • '1:2-hole ens!:.'e 1l'!!X1. or wal>!: paper P ~Ol IN R.m nl ha held u_"l ". r r. /'/1 flXplo.ing lh(.'i'ictecJtClg~ atU.ell reJ.7_ II 'In" 2.kio·s 'Professionam™ Ultml'ale e'lay Ektruder -.\ncr cun~in ..asta mad'une Of roller • Cral knife or clav blade' • Round. '..'J1 1~'ItO llll~' oniJl JI. Idem SI!. Huke'" 1. D n I \\Ii[Jnj' about bein perfec]. Te .for ttL' Ma. Ii cerarmLc. I .a TjPIIl'.l.iniWng _~. ~ &.{ hen r made the first one ~-. te'p' '7.S' 11en Id l.'1111 .Jut on the senlne of the Ha~~asta machine {or Ifill'" tniruues. 1'(Ul)l' tal j. }. ARer IC'lndiUo.1 of .0 pogf!. ~r 'fUlelUt?~.. in'tin 2 pi. ICU. with m". e. yearn ..11 2."Db '*".I" 1 \. U'L f ake one I: 1_~'UDl1li· rl~hlllr t ttve ill Ric:hmon'd.{l C10lr I store . ". appl~ the glaze .gur 1.a/uay.ch as.1' de ired.. 170 lip nfel.er.'iil d..'1' a~o. ~'Il' ~oll1rg.wsing "wou . La Un: 'tmnd -c L slrnwgh~. (Xt small! block) and Red Ila ez. Flor' t bit! ibe'flri. ~ L-I~oll!' disl:.. . ilre .and finullry -h b!rr~~ Lt the \ue tho .hler. ~' pieces. J 'l'E' .IIlIW! ~ pifJrflt.flU'!).. t'I·" To make the in take the other strips and pinch lh ends 1(]i1l1 ~3Ch Fig.c:rt:tJ#l'ilJ~ /'jir'il dhi loverret po" mer "Ill) Il'h u I WOOS . end. t:tltmle/ iPig be.' l. ~ Li 01:15. I' bout.11 one en.k~nis PI:10~es's. er a gariUc press (for clay use anI.'iilk ~:mYl • P. "3ml!'rs]l. 'Lmllld of varying hci~h \\'iU ILoo:k sod. _nd\\fkh.:d thick).rjbboo Ilail (slr. Ihen jnln Ibe 2 ends \\~th Figure ..:/11. I elyCJ]f "ie i!i'e'U"ing. _rim 10 a \ idth f I .r eac h 0 r tbl.e_tions (Fig. \\ hi h ".i U be' Lh·~rib1 n tails.r1 S t. "". . rep ~I.• Christm. • . ~l".R1lakeUtJ.l mmt" W~'S 01 ·f'nM.!w ID1~e rIling so te tlwre s 110 letli" 'what "eI . n O'~Ii..dn'l U~!.r.ck surface lh31 ean be f1!1. r " it in~o a I-~ lhat \. Il/ull!' [0 "Itt • SCLJI. \1... U 'ing the .: • Po yme.r clay (I used PremCl!Sculpe-y Gre n ~ ez..~u I 'ilivl.\' I'f 111 u'reulh orucmuml.I. or rh _ bow. 1m ~b.' neck!m.'. together ~ - halls.nifuU)'.rU the bouom IOf 'Ac Jli 5..of cla~r ~llgether by pr1css. IM. ermeet ~lC' 210 ps Wi ilh the pill1. ~I. or die lu\'r.~'t::r~'Pb(Joking. l pIion' Ii: For extra ~'renglh.alll.~"oU th rc. Trans[utellt ltqud Scutpe'y (TLS) "I I 'el] 1.5 [ cle. se j' . lme lh~' clay e uruder. m D~lpn'.! ~l~ajll'lt anmher umil you have a length 0 da~ branches thaI' abou.. ell 'fJur.bmJl 16 J' '01". 4 . 11~mfa..\lay 'tb ftl ).d !!l. un an our CUI. uaneete eb ~~iO'n. _d~'i id t· '1. du).~ 101 etJ heing c .I string " on .i. f~gllue .'mi a· 17 rem': .as Wreath I~ronl ~mi bu _oil view. ed ". I'"'lep' th branches. Then puw it on nlJn~ti.p-. 11.. 'ON! If) I'm in u I. 2) WId eUL into apprexV irnatdy V:.u "'. and CUI h~.Kn 1 al.t.l'8ch one in hall.e 'ha.. .': 2 ig. nhe'1I1I1 the ~ooP!i. _ Lh oven. lnd -): cardi.ur I an11ngc th~ brsnebes n I'g~_ to IF.om.fnU . [rica. 0).era). add a ~h:in~a)' r o.~I' nd or the' lht: di cut i~m]a ~. er mie tile flr' ~iii.n in eral lime 1 twmng th tuil . (h~er years.

\ ater •.! ~ntfucuon~."u g.'J.'e lasps varnish or Flilture' Fhlor FU1ish Cnmplngl beads.td~.rehlne. remove 1~1~ face tom m ~~ ffltillid ./ your mlll.HTI.. ~ I hi \\ Ill: (hI.S'PII'U 10" c. t1t::.lid iI.1a:~f{n d~ back~rig.. in 'V. II d~ ired. .n 'tll 'nsp'~r::dion rrarn l:hrisH [".mer clay ('Premo) B'eathng wire (Beadalon 19) ~ tell'. s ed and It be ds.. LliIcs!o: ":::nun!:...\uier '~rld irnpre _S Dn10 the day ~ i e..~ IIlmll. BOllI-dol i£all. !!r~.{.)I\. baek of ~our peruleru. also seml'Jl redous st'on'e beads ynur ~froi1i Fu'· !Mountau1 Gem. FlU' '\ S f'o ..~ing tl.IiII'DI~rUcrl.~En art as U h:'I.s.lIfll\ hcs~tor C~'~"" l se the' needle I[OU! to push Lh~1t.~j. kt\\ Shapmg ana se.!!:. IHg 51f .s arid arrous be'ad shows ana ICQnvef1t~onsJI iAl1llqulng nneclU..~IIU)'\"ith I 10 ~I n.11 or circl ..~g."e ur.P' an (1 I{I.e 5. PI. sheet t f"\g. hh '1. nr..• c£'nrdlm.:d 8.-h:p Wire ~for !seclmn9 ads" 18 or 20 ga!!J!j.: 1b<l1~11 ab~~ tu CUl11h 'I1IC luvcs.~Eh \... nel~d'h!uml .J~ dd 10 ~h~s. y fo. 1-:~TRr Sfp 1.\1..]. cents 3fl isuc -' :anU em Lprc( lOll beads. -I tl se' I:illher .H·e shli:~~\\.:Lllll). eck lnees were (~al~'lt ~ul1lbinil1g poh mer clov mold~ ~ cd f es \'-uh tree-form moldr.. • till crra ) .D ~L'UU'l~ un OVlen"siB'fe beadsJor ey. m rhe faee.~pIWF'lg ~ools i C rel e or ova r cv~L rs Crimp~ng phers Rubbeli'stamps ..-.g 1m c·la._ aids (Polyfonn I :'If'I~2~' pen II'he' le.ino 0\\ ens "' ~hanks l.:l\ rid bea.. ~£lI'lptillll~ - AmacoJ • Sculpey teduFe sheets Step J~-. (~'!lfItl. m~ ~y. (IBeada on) .uwr~'"..ld \\..'I1I1Lrrd... p "l~ the rubber ~Hml~) ~lf h::~J. p:liiiL.d ' ur I~blad~ hn lIl'lpcntUn~ IiJpt'IT'1 the slzc of (he ~)c.ld t e Fat ._n on s Wire cutters ur.. r~l~d~ u) the mhicl-.) and \Antsge M~llk Paint m.Fi~s.~U. ~" dt. \ 1. IiI CIUUer U) C iu piece -..bv . I . 'io\ ith a.ei ft!''fllllm~' pl~U'1I:1''!iC . r1nrL.in·. r~ per d.: elta Af!lt~qulng D IGall: Bra n I(moon races.:_hliJliof} ~~iLh ..t!-I cia.es ~!lIse glass ads.ti I !I.cO1Se' ~ unLi PI~~' clay hUll n nld III ~g. :on. int'll place (~ ig "'~.

~quin rh dH. cU~P"~ glaz • I us . "r-lutl/.rn) prun" (a~ . an 10 Il::Xll I darn.J only b). D ~l rminc lh haU :.to glue the pin back on. Tit vase Ih:melll " lite} iurn m.:mo . Im\ I) bringlng. The Ii n ph'l r u 'U leilo. 0'0 ~lu.: and bu ds.ina' .. racl.~dalready has a hanger for 11 pen- an ~or to h CUl.e:"!{pJIJnt JIl'" onia! • tdc Lotetv . ~. take 3 ~I tic knW and ur (lilt: trand. [J~mpenraa I rem\'!: In re paint ir de ired. l~hush desired p _'m on 'pendwu I( ~i!'..I/~l· im:lint: d ' lIH1i~1' oMllta.1 mp orlh~ p~ndant s it willhang IL_:9!!!!~:""'~.g tt [In~ . 7 & .ou "'ID1t 'I·ou·rc 1imil" !i:'.00 warn I~e un • our pendant. T\1 0 e:\ampl. 10 &: II • ·1 ~" ~'om s l1)11ltill .6. ". 1-.(wi iii ti. ~hc kni t7e mmr\md ~our ll'jng OTE: If Anaeh elasp.~tt:ly " nd amish usin your f ' UlI'il mD. 12.' med lum ' ueh a.trf!fie. Ior each head )' u del.rom pl]~e 42 1.".~Hlliqu. '\\'iprl. 5.~ ~hc fJendan~ _'__n:UI1 to the clla~ • liitUu liq1!llL pol"IJur' .~ur ~mi~gina~'ion!'. h r .ri~~ form.es 31"...l of .n!l an'.c:r ".\ lilh pendaru. in It -'h _ n hake r r an addi.~ IIn'l{'·. .:Iuy. ~l . B lb piec _ are til n co '_ ered wilh a wa. varni 11.lep I ~". &. or u~ryti~ '\'OOli lFulUrc I loor Fint!'ih 'lini!llh or :t.'II''. t uke h and ~U"ill'll. nul minUI s at . I1Ulih.. dded into un It/old.~: been 'Ut·(JlIrrJ. . i_.pemJ. \0\ ru~d the: repl ~J.swred (rig·.dd dr'laH '.~ d Ifj . tft~ ·'bl!. Pb. and I. ftC'mh un{-I alt~r d ttems. gal'Ji press.J pro rly C rh Asian mmJr mold. is m de by mo~d."11'1 iJ. De'tf!rm in!: ~hf' bead to :!.r iIt.lh this mild.J me.m L.~ Ito th b.. ." "iiU." Dlff p9in~'r'iUh III ra .0 .ddW11 1'. S/J'fJ h. I I~I th)r compl." cr een fur ih bUllerJ1) and In eloil .diCl tfl'li'il with Nf~UJ in '(IH!rtil m clinm .'L1 impl\ In Id it. on I. AU orts ofje\\!oll'I) pieces "-=_ . tro b~iDg o t detalls using an a ~111 it l1!~iquing !lei wat red dewn m:ryH paim r Vinwge'lUk Paims. ~wanted \\ ilh ilCI) Ii pints. tlf I one ~othe roru.l "' ire" ~nd place i~ on Mah:led Jle _ elry piec • lak- Pieces Th re are man} diftcrum element 10 ing care' to plac.'I a rilm!: l in ~i' lUP> of2 ur _ he- btuter. 6..da}.). be mae \\ .J i~".\.lllh. In b~ .l!_)l IS. run d piece of" iN ihrouuh h. ig.Iue'hIE '?liD .-. 12. manu f11 mre {\s..oot-.1 . he~uJ!'i.et l rdin hl . dd bead ~u pendan_ 10 urth r eeur bead ltd enhance the design as de.:amr 'hap ~. t 3ldcllhj.. 128).Apply Fi ~ 1.·t.. le curi h~~Lh~r-hlc shapes wi th la.Be in e:urU)liDg91 ent etail .80 _. 6). l:n~ b ~Il crmcetllrmlllg on pobS m.y.tli![I ~'" I( aT 1'..ea\ e or .'. :S~:rill~ n -{:'klhu:.. .\'h together {I. l se thQ-s~ pieces l nv -rl 11an.e IlII'l b 'iJdiiUI "riFe 'l'fI' i"hl" de ired Ilength. )1. eil'l.e) and lh~ "'Jun pin" (bel 'IN • Yuur ehoic ~ 0 olors are endless..? "jl'L' point baekin or Ih!. dO'ts~Ide. VDU can d this ~b:ad .0: and place bak d ace on ~ndfJJftt (F i!S..a"IJiI.c. nally seeur r. In Jd 'tc'p '9'. '\' 111 thumb pro lng the hun m the slrands "Itp W W..~ th LI1 u Sf] endand bake.) th 11 p~~inledin diem il .. it).tlU wui the .

ay as a lieleas.e~lure 'mal using i thin en ugh tl1rough the pasta.h€! cJ)e(_'.:r huMug) .....uIU'(' fWl{rm r c:ht.rhi:.. "p . Ihe md 1 on an A~~~ 3m. haJ"{. 8001.l'5 wuiss WI.'( as. :s ° \fer)' Int th.."ele'el'lh hi US '.ta.(Fig.nri! idetu.H! tl. Iake ". IJ..1500' gri~) Translueen L qUI:d Sculp:ey (TL51 ir -h_ ne· U°l' '~IP 5.£ b~' nghll).and 1 or:2 olh2F aoll:om cam.JuRed' heets 10 be used m I] myriad ot.:~neir.dr • .' me brands mark the thi .e ag 111 on th e' le:mre ma:t' n 'B_hinc.3 p..cd tJ 'ad usin! te' mr. with la!cliJm..1 (11]0. OJ I Edit'o''':' vo«: Hi . LhL. is I Wet/dry sandpaper (4001 600..g it.~i fechn.g Mat Cana pe cult rs llissiIJ "blade In b)' tllorDlI lEd. rlt'jacfl Illul lak .'I) IN.CCS!ii \i • h trim 0" a~. (b ur« hokil1g) 01 '..•-. ll _on' o~ n'lUc . I o.' u mil iilli ning a sh el[ uf p_ rl c '1'31y un'Lmil it 's ep I."hilt is . \.mls un'd ..~_= thickne .(powder).. Ti:p Mordin.c:I')' 3!nid I. in d _. .l )VHI/{vt Jh.. Ole~.1 shul'i. 'f.·. h·le'"E .ll. and _ uu':rc aU et.'m h~'wing lh~ sll_fls i used ~o ereate a in 1c.'~ushi .lIIdl1'i _c ok~c i.Z..tI a sm utI. du tin.ife Clay gun Bill cITe ~ or the rnt.._:m. .(al".ClJ':!"(a'T' "..kes lo:'tt ing as a t l' ar'C) adljlliJ. ec.t m~ uue R?''JIo'( P. 20z each cf IP~emCII pclymer c1ay in Pari ./~ rtl.:'k. f I Pa5la mach in ' CoilorBol( Stylus. cI!ay ..(I ..'ed areas to Cl'er. or "f'Jritl:~ in • it \ tth ate r or allJllm ti _ lub~i".. ". ~la[ nd. 'b . .rnstarctl er aulomol Ipmte~tan' sp ..ch' m.. ] . 'Ull trs.P • textur nalS.) (t E-U on a cord or .u.'''' impr~~\'.. n pOlems.(1'fet. ' lItl a ~ "' bad.<U"'d cere W at\'llid ail' bub~ Cmft kn.f:]mn~~ and : pcndonl r:ca... Add iln(lle nndin.'t·p ]~ Run II . machine on the IDEekesr sening .lidl. 1'11.l'ifpatri_ dl ·1 'uri 01.dil.ls depth am} texmn: . /iii it IU. pl~ ce th mall le~~tun:dp iC1CC ef'elay on top of anether srna U she .hut this basi t~cnFu4ue 3111 be u ' J to> _11'C'~UI! .}'the 1 ng OF po'Ush ng 'too I .~17p.(rig.qllJ! m' geUifill this . ppllcatlen . needed._lUlre veu ~S. .n al1n'ije ...lg m'f1t.allls~erling beads or mim-r~vets _ Tare .r.~ of 'FIlO th I I.ll!~ .

IJ'.e .bclhine: 0111a I ~Itins nh~l:kcsn. uw.1~omr:U1r go lll' (mel o r ~ LC:".l#nlll(~·~elljll.-.r1XtJfllple: lj(}G Jor 4(J to 45 m.·I·r:t1.1' voice" nrith fhi~ medimll rhrJ'.1i' (flu". kwlch'cn tools..Clnei .lIf'~{\· n~!pvpnJ.~ the varieus pieces ® ofa disassembled bali point pen can be' Vf'ry '1!~Th'c[ivc.ht:tH smooth . O. Lhis lime at the ~ very gentle toucb during U1ilS precess s.'11 working u·i....an tbls) shapes and plae ing them on ! bucking sheet • Staeks of S~MS make .wlrdlf{llhe Ihcr.:m idt:ndCH~ shaJp· fnun iI (Fi~..ig. for twice as long.(JIiNtl wark tftlat W(IS di~le"J.nuiruain.rhe tJ(JJere~ice !')'enveen ./aU 0/ J 99'~).z/I'lli.d ac'cor4iillJg.:melthlckness nt:1i.!.is. "~~eipl~. ~ __. .rhn Him the day sheet goo.\·111{~~~fcud I thut' Illt1'. FinaU.(2:'Fpnm"5.An l'll...: previeus look around the h_OWiC For textures.Dl1d~d it wi U b~ p~rft:cl~.'\lmf!· I fi'(!ql{el1t~'. ~hen poUsh if ).\.p '7 ~~.Olllepi 6.'"1!d.ood s pread W 3ruu nd the L enti re ci re run Ierence .~(~re . .'.I( 11.ll ff!\~.'hes . Hardware SL!H.i'rasta rnt.'Ir!€£ n've' I(IS l.~.b .jl(j.(JmipoliS/led. Tlu: pic. FinilSIiII Ule be3. Qllf!e}1.fi. When rhls is ba_k)cdl and !<.""_ ammtmll of Iiqu id day near l:hl!? seam . guUelr mesh.he . filullsand bolts..hj f[~d pattern un a ::.o you do.e~'h!dand expanded Hghlb and is no\\ ~ 'mica s.'ssHrytl)r piercill1l~ ~ ~. lIas pillsta m(.ou ~h.l1l..iva1:Jd'. S )1. Insena 5111 J ~ .fUJI lhe .rJ:fl:J lV!If.:.d b) extrud imig a 111 in 'c!a~ com ~F tg.~ I -'futl .Yct:Ji\J{!rJ' us Alter mcmy y '(.ery thin (#b Of #1 lhiclrnes$ on . 9..::1~~ [l1ick~$n.l the (}fJaq"e ones.vrnerda..ah and de this head a~ this potllL this you w~U cOJ:l.\· lhe ItJJll{!~' r 16mper.:ll in file and Gtfm~. lOne o'f Un: i tUlt~ts.U ~ !1~u.I:lep. CQtne' '0 J 1 I oplionat Continue te caJicfuUy -----.:f'iQ~e 'H.ch~t:k (J(!J'l. ..f1nt "fur. • _r)r cllI]Uing out same \f. I ~~uwn~ and cut '.gh th e pasta mac h iHe ar!'ain. 10 i:nam 11lc:tltre[r~s. introduce ~------~~~-I To en SUre' adhesian 'Dr the cnrrd~ place a :~mu~~ Search (lIflinru: IDr ~"'m~tas'hH\'" ana page or inla ~~:vger ize a 3-DI.wa'/Y! :lransl. .mt~rell)' .30(HIilll'f colur. -. rlene .aeM. WC31i' and enjo}.r~~re al I·igllt .Jfl' is inspirt!R hy UQt~ U'r~ll~Iud organic im·n.moo1h surfsee.. 7)1 LU ""fJ1iIP 31'Ound till: '~s.r.sb'lI"~ a.. i "'af. screws.l: .rninn.ad ~FIC.(!r· b{ju.~ 11~:!i ne.t~ s f.Inlrni'~ mId t 11f! pe€lrJ day.. .uc. 6).II11 ( • ~g.n. B:llike 1IIl.mlteson a beat.J~-."each !jl'f} IIJ to "cunr" t1t7d ax J'~}' lO~tenIM~' beads wtth ill mielmum ~OOllr 600 ffrit wet dry Silndp'ap:r. RUI] ~ltiI. Ll)~ n~ 10' keep it neat.Ieweiry.f Jj'utJr. nenin~ lrorn fruirs . S'rrirmC alul 'fi_fllm.it.h'e h origlm"l del'plJ· te:ftw-ed clt. vegetables.&'Ugll&~aT~ngs and necklaces.!re"I'(J. For .lt''ltlCet} nllz(J I/rad' /)t!(.claJ' (nlentualt~. as sho\\'liI 011 [~u.e he. lI1oi~s. : te.!ntftC circle desl'i. )!mhoJ.I'u~l. 1"1p~0'1: carerui' 10 usc OJ ru I rJmFe and rJUJ1'e a'~t lsts .ckiny and .~ piece 1!':i baked. I "m.' b'IKfllltS1ligllll). FaJl. 11'l!U~J thaI InC? cloy ht1~\to .(.o:mamcrn.'II1"r' wQ'rk .1 mm) Bnd run w t throu. And.'n .d s~l!ding bead II!nra nn~ bhi'ng UUJch (Fig.ti b'~!f dtm'll) #2 sC'tl. {:II.-h~' llllrcrJ cI'...Udlinc' and stmdl!.direc'tions.d.. h~' texture has I feel "'er:.i'rJ)' ~t'.~am" of rille clay and SZllld\\ [:0 lch • Creating a cDnc!.a"tre lung flno"gh to cure.::has.Y srneeth.11"5 ui.ea(.aruj.'i s tze.. :S~(.~fre.ine. . vdllat nthers have C'Dimc up w~ll1. and utensils tused only for clay).yOU· Vel:' ([ied \\ ith Hdri ~lllan~r th..ade llwaugh the .t once .oub'~e ·tb~c_klilC5S of da~ through llll..--- huen ro" h.lIlhE)e'iJ"I.gn (:~(l1e. lids ~\'imin~er1!sti"ng shapes.deus lh{'lu~h '~Hlml: f o you rm1..s.c€ v\ ith fin~.J""". "md' dfg' qftel' i.ig'lll) W!iln..)'prefer 10 \'!i.':ecmnmeuile-.r.9t This.lslllt:t!nl e'la) S ere mont! ~usceplibi.'tICij' tlli 1."y cord Jiusi( a 00\' e ~hl!!b~ad ho~e.".tJ.~ tl~1'd nl-J.ep II.r muuJ' '~l!I\:'''''~1·j(J"k. is I.r" !!Iond ~rmllr' h3k!~d nmt.erllE'. ~hapc' OIlJ]~ Run anUlht:I:' ef da}' U1N the f"la~la n~~~hitl~ Cln iii.p in I'/i!e. I'owel' temps ~h(m .tes tills w.nm'V'elrm..h as de!iil\~d. tlm.ch led ta di.·'1:u'im~Iletf{.~.luC'l11.S). "11'= I plerce my ore Ie· Shl ips and .g: f:IO!H?I" S'a "fJnding 11'1. Ihls forrrns a ba.~ (~ . J' d{!~!jiA.unu~ ~IDexperiment and come up ~"ilhman!e 1ous n ~w resul ti of yo ur own: ~hope tha..drJbbling in ~Iari(ms arts ami "'''.. AJl'LJr fi\'e w J'-ear:'" Ir~f r/'lff!U.wrap Unt i:h. ~1 (s~'I. ~).n·~ smu dgt: the surfa. .5.Gi\ es th~ tin31 piece' nhie'\\eighl .·tlfts i1..

~ 0. in lin!." lJrolE~·I.... D.earis Powders.Small paintbrustllll!s Mold:s for polymef . Hin.alilerl (anJ\aric'l) 0 llu:r [~..lrnagem m 4.' :flu wn QJ h'" 16·.gle mla~di 1. n GII'P '0 .ee . (me) m'(. ed .u~~ ill lin. Iinterference 'Blue..\: are un Hr!Xl page_ P.. j B€l:uc. -.111.. pOlymer cliay (or your pref.. (." mtjldi.i I ling l1tlU.y' .\f.~Jrllfi.. J molll ''mnpml''nf~' b·luw to 'mnc *Ip Wllh III 11Jf1 /il'li511 I plf!t.llcl.~g"~. ~"tm . .:· 011 (J lime.OR..l. JfJ(. I lay.rred 'color) P'in backs Uqlu .rap.'f!{ 'nnuld~ DI.: .L: *' Thr. ~ T up rour me his and lake Lime 1. Perfec God.rllC. I mDI~. ). A~ D'_CD IFcH:e 8.0VDIII mold: 5. P'Ie-rfect IBrolize..-. Prfec Pearl.Ij trall1shJcel1~ c1ay Perlect P'. IPlum and IKi I '.t'\T AI.~): r"com~jnin!l pom of the .a. fI cird·.Isttll machine .fflilm .d 3.b.. mOil dl 1 .ol. In~e"~re!nce' Green.-. b..11 -Y'UIf ont ~imill our im .fIIml' . L ICraft knife Qrf bl. ~ mold hi wn here.'Or.ock bllac .ou can create the 6 dlifllcr~nl prn h \\ n .~'hirle Dougan for I rnagernould " www.ede ftlr trimming C'sramlc 'tife 'Work ~gU la..30z.I. Vet"t IJ If} I ell...·.

l y ~~. I I'.'OUII' pDI)'m. .:F:~ i?b n r 'II . I ut Ih e 11m Imled c~. .. us.s.'i.. aneieru 3S Ifw. lac 'm 11'1. e mvJd and gel . ~_ II I iii 3 a · flue bell e'en each pie ..senn« muhl.. -'fup 6. Tr] III UI e ba.i'lg .0.."l: .m fl'aJ!J~-$4 (or 7 S'"Jluti(ms ~'t} C/(~~~ ~\1tf~/Jim!.ec'[ or exees ~a) BInd com.ughe )'l IIJ n ( ur- bap 2. your bi1ckina .~ altach 3 pin buck.f'1f die Iph.:~m come up \\'ith heap m re pin~..~ pin back \ hi h han.ct 9 iu wn in the I1nlshed piin picures. 11m !Jill! lh:iilt } uu Ir. .t ~eu a .. ugh 1)_ buut ~ .f. '"_I'I y or pin fO which it .. e i- h k.ufulil:' ellt" 'lUg~ idt'lJ1fi U. \\fill be .cki.~ 1110001 ~ 1111 m]dS. rit. rom. .. .11.'iU~ s R'__ U/£!T~' lull.. c I_-_"I. -:r I y til . the OJ is rl Dceo one no e III'i. ..'mrn aj .: ina . tbe . pl~ C lheml _ nt the h ekin h!." 'I '..h. IDdlil:L 0.~e . 01' Ii IW 10 ora ~I' Phm'O hi.a] .lip [-and. a sli )' lap ba 'jog).rhmugh lh~ pil-la. i.: (lIll) meoih til ' e igc 10 hide the lin" wh re l'OU h· placed the pi". Roll o'r ~~ - ~r I a aee t {Oft.. ~~jiet'M. n n the prt:o\J' iu usp:ag~ and "vi n . 011 p:ap. I. hi Uu: piw:ea lL_d_d 'for the pin (f ig.. 2). 'fi~..' of iJ.fJu. 'I -111i!'P4~ l "inlil~j. 5_ torh:. Try han in the f cc b\ U... I W.ep' I. • inhlJ individual piece .e co II . TI1jl ."~. n..uid. I· • I:.I' uw -IJirhc.1I1' Ill-n. I VOff!. ffe re m look. I furi!'..: 1 ~tltU: lin l~emoJl"l'i.11511_.\'{.i differI . 't 'P ~. r r ~xrlInpt the "' VI! en -_~'IIIn.17. "lin. p . .n:. mach~!'l~ allhe ""rd lhin~ ne l !l~l1iJl= and place the piece en a tile. the uune size 111wn a .

.' GI'en.h.~ D _-'I'aiM.~1tJ1.an dl photo :bi.~z~'KJ.£IIPIUfeSI b.1'Dr:eo'se .omID EIlrr. by' Undm C'r'DC~D hI !fiN! 1j-u baWJug..inlis 1&plin..Hold1er' b.rllon .'[llm'p:1 ~rle I.dl.\IUlI·to! . (J hw.'jlh.da GIIDp r IHrR.' IDan Land- 'SID. Minxy Warner P'ell'~{j~ .~iz:r~11U S.

~. Jilin-a is . We.hope you .JiO'Dr WID.es 6. Past. Nen' J\1f4"cit'V!J SI811P Bolder Birds b. eater our ne.fudcman ~~tlrlc"'1fjS de S'O T:a..e::nJoy .st &om the.elf Portrait ChaUefl(ge.! Ol!t IDdsle~D.1' H:eader'l GDII.tillery" is 'Iallme .e .r_.p.Se.al'lers! . 1'0 see yOiJTwork here.ikJe OUI Reader's a.m. IU.tl\5'.r '06 issue for the resul rs of our S. a:ad be sure to cheek (JilJl" WWfe'.p' I:lumr '1.ery. IDI. See page 65 for details. Oroam. i. The theme this time.ent's !by EdnlQ 5._n ch.2RDd are illtSpired by these wonderful polymer clay ~rorks frcnn nar ta]enmd readers.and Ifr.' 'W'iItd.aUeoge" whiCh.opefil'to everyone.II1PoIJDler [ill' Arlti's!tl..CI Ke.

.1 lewlell. . -1. . Nevada USICI by '... .'" . SlidrlI!ey' ChlUig'CIn 'U'lW'W.. ''D ..(Jlh:1 lin!. 1 • : _~'~ . ij '. ~. ~.:..: '. o$. L-:' • III~' .~ ~ ... I : 'iii! i I -. il1Jt1geJ~J()..as lI.rd(/~'l..d. New.. ..~ -... '0]1 -.B'OII bry J'O(lqlue.Jers.'-C.... @ _..::._. ... .f!J' pharO' by DOIll Ila ['Dve~ka l......& .0'.llyn S:hen[se Kinue:lmii.... .F. ~ .' ..b. ' •• r: . .--r..' • . COTH A'ltstJ'..e'ga~'. I .. •• Ii '.. -• >_... ~_ ." I.... _' • • . '. ...

Sud_berries. ·ebr-aska • .y ILQrj'Alberl"" . b.l!l Platt .Of'.

ctlue~ fnis.s I dJlO~Ig. but I' rea'lly like 'tbe .Ilind .wr6. baek 'to' lne. than 'moist clary.. Fc'I'eSS f'lirimly c.. It was.INIiN(i: we Ii... ': fill a coup:j.~ away . PBllnN: .Jr 'f1lng~'fs.\S cl'unhulg IIl)O(~Ct::d~h:e'Illany U.' hours.he mold with ·01 we.r.e.te:ncy of eenes willi dic!tat:e. j .mer :::I use om your orfwork. fo. estjng 'tmo. SOI1JlIJN: wi:pa you.tom S!II'am & S.add. '\YUJ 10lS IS' IlAPP.lay mlilto Y'0lUf foed p(1)'cessm' for eendl- tloning.[iil$' .er~la)' (bef("1'J) m1.RDBUn:.." wonti:..squish the .age ·dis'pns: Q'er1ips aren't fletso th." . I' wonder wbat I can do wru~h Hmm .e.e .a.hrow ~hlewh01.~ laver o~ li:quid polvme. I).S ]IAP'PI!NIN.· and with the gJass.:edthe n~suUing colors ODl a few Bottles of . . .e.I shades of green. I sold .olmos-t.de some ~'adobe" bri.Make d pannes you pressll into . iiflcorpo:rate' tile olri. ~~'i W.efriicky flO' 'fnlL WHY HlPPEfiJNG.k.e is nO'I e tlough dep~h lo .H'!Y Jloverspr.N~ one gives me his '01" her cane ends anymore for fear they will end lUI) in "the ·chopper: . be e fher.r:11. colerblending.ld lOry Carn1Js: (t.even the milnuhM~ pa. them.e? I-~owobo'u' CI 1..I..Wp.'alfl b. Tihenf v'ery gerl~Y knead ond wo'rk the OOrle.the Ilhe clay keepls..g_"ht not be u~le' 'W reduce these.· wipe or 'f. bo:~1k. so' .l that need: dIa lititl. ILet'the eone s.lmpPENING~ 'mhedoy is.r -Jana Robeirls f3'enmn www"jolnorobensbem1!on.IJI~' wher"! CJny ~i arid creases" .nlccse fhey'm not qolte re'ady for .nAnd :1'liooked at d~.. used /(11' I'O{VlfHf!" c/Oj • Moisl:ur. j put jot aside.. 2. .oll H inlu a bali-this wi'llll smoeih out Iy end then use' mote preas.nd moved on.lor much older .e: 0 .. mold.ys to use those pe'bbJ:c's.'enproo.fedly flat very soft (lnd this is why ·t' ~s distorting.ou. 'O. ml. of1be! mlfd:d Qlr. best piec. tYSRO:n J \.lihe nne .g~1l~.tId.bm:c'lic.\IIe: LtI!sfiog oft~D"one o'f tliiose nie'8 cane slkers.es.gi. ww·w.lerl. .ROllEMilhle im.of years ago r was dearwng outa drawer of old eaaes th~l~ were preUy 11:31t-'d.e.-. IOBt.roUi1d Feb:nltUl and T \\'I.ookin. - - 7' S'Ollnti1ol. 'WIlt I IW'PI!IJJN6: yCiur dla.it in on ove'n (wit'h 'h~ light ~lJImed Of!1tor wCin"!i'th)for 'Clp:prOlXimahs.besur« l:a.! cqndilfion your clay weill (lind r..p'seme :sera:p clll!i.!Ii.the mold. ms.isn~~' ph:ld n~5I 4. hOIPleu~ll1s oinly with very shclillow molds Uler.piece of 91'055 O'vell'the fined mold 0 nd press Vou con else bCl~t) tine piece: risht in I h ~I k fhe: mold as the heat will no'haffed ij. pieiCe 10 unbok!Gld poly. when the wo:rds of lilly first polymer cl.and slops n damp \lUI'IUn IS JMPPENmG~we~l.Pr. M.(IS the (lklY. they ~'m)..pe~ then I lua..or e'lJ'en <0 nice blll~firl.dimcflle.d bcke on mhe glass.yeal's . P'aEl~c.t.'· M fhen re.es you c baked imtlg~ .dcJ'lly wen with verv ' This giv.Rmld' 10" a shamreek W.ly '24.ld GIS usuol end or p~Q.tho'~ yCl'I. to JI'm stili'! experime:I1lit"~og ." Kife. dOly so.WIUIION'.ay teachef: Joann.dry Ielay" No. 9lrip" Of hav:e'thin areas or pOlrts thot we dose Ims n: Mil 1iIIIS:SIIPPENlNG.c. 'the 'small smooth be~ore you press tt into the parts 01 rhe' mold.foge1he. 'oftener t.uU it. the day isn't '~~nn end cOrYi1oi g~t into.a bunch of c'.6:.. . was geI.i!aS .th.01'(1. 101UnON: ~oru:lition ~he day l~ho(0~t:ilh.how To SQf~n and b ~n'9bock' time" COCllt !1~uclh(if a:n:y) mi'n~r. J lUIlOt.: some molds clay." mare hands are up. (S'lIgge$fed by a rooders phone colt name! .es Q2ln also' w'OJ'. P.ey Dougan (frem Australia) fior htlJaM'emou~ds.: this :g~ne:rolly I SOurnOfi: ov'ertl~1 the mold ond '1her1 kni'fe o. cali!e.l con see 'Io'~ 11is lot ISa Ii:' 'ClID'lldhlif:1lgto f' he mc. \\'(.mgo when I W'.fliem.I.:oke'1hope or spreed t!1re doy S1Q that W'i1~1 Y¢l. but it's 01 grecri way For you to fir)' out ihe costiWer 'fool$ 01 0 "fradion of the cos.. very fDIS. .lyoll. )1ou con daV using ~iq'uid p:olymer clav. doy I~kud€( .colm:s.00.yo.cadM -.agem!oulds. it:' I see a J-:e. dry_ over doy I(U5'9 C thick Ioyer . If it stm image end fU'~ ~fuemold. Into . or: pIQt.om~dllng ~ i~el! my own studen~$.-f.@FOre you use or !Joke' ~ U!. 1":Jl'ne!.. or reoviv:intg·.iIIS born. came.JrOfU'S are $tJfo /(J b~ke hifal'(1 lfyll'jg IIl.:. The psbbl.o .g moclhirl.r..1iI1 Q. o'r ~he P'iI'i~s$e. You may hove to inlm 't.ing ..c'IJ:?ton'lers a. p.'.ur Iin.hunks Trina WiJ] lams of . ~ lGlo.1c:o~op wi~h V0!Jlf guild o'r a smalll group of dayeNj~ Work OIiJ.es.com :1"1111 PROION:'~he dCll. lm. fii..IltS getting 'nlo S't...or drier cone'S)I.k'sDay mede. My own advenunes \Vb'U'J I)e:bbles s.es.0 chopperu yet) YOUli TI1J8 age . 7.g fur other w. "Never thw'Ii'a\:vay fhe mOllded ~ma!9ce'.heke.1' Cl whil.II.QlOBUM: erefll5@S D!nd ~hi'u~son up. way ('Ihis works 'espe.y is: slJUilmN: if you WClI'i1r Ci pe. WlJY TillS IS.'e'ckr'Kl! .. esse.~bb.I~~'s. .share detcil!s· amongst y..of ptresse. PRnBlIM: m'o.~o ~ '.t 'fair . 3".V ..ch iime"Thrs forms 0 bOifrier between the dor and your f~nQertip5 . 1 (ind that dri.ht..DS r ebbles . too much •• 1 Iifle old cones fhct mary have become.s.sand \~hen you don"t wanllO . ~iHtiln g mold las 'y'ou lor-e IpreISSI~ jing it in.e back will no~ 'when you p..delaU ilh.riil!1g8 and plns to . .I 'Ii i:1 " ts up 0 bil.ond slgfe Ifme.you Did WHAT o Your 'RaW&e your band i"fyou'veeverlhrown ne? c.r hand if.tarted about eighrt. soap)!'wQier (use dishwQshj'If'!'g liquid}.k soese Q't'ILhe gre:en p bbl S Rlldi spread them our on a slloot el ay.. n th~ imoglEf y'Oul con II!)' pressing o by Shir[.e mcdd" tO [laJ IOldine .:11 far mosa:ie eftec~."This is.oble:01'5 I m to I II 0'11.e leri into wonm.. die ."'(TuJ'd:~ m-"i!t.r finge'~s en lrirn fhe unrnolded piece' with OJ pointed he' piece .re it in 1hefridge If you 'em) not plClnning on ~~I'I!e mold foce' downonh::t your bcwking :tne and remrnring the image this.my school ...I. doe-an'i' work then h)' mixing sorne 5. There is allways some' use for it. sth:kil19' you.you've e\!t:li"thOU.)1[0 sto.t'.a. Then ~cut !lUlU..oulr:selv. .He.hearts. it used I ls beIng SUUftONI~wipe . no.quhe a few of you.lms smaller Jlebbles.fM li'le lemp~l'atill"es.w-mise . adding IOlmO.lllIs iJr:(] o.).Jcen~ with veur dov :~oflen If . .id is g!e:Hing Id'~rty doth before Y0iu press ·the.e trof'lsiq.cks for a.it s. something.EM:some paris.(Yep.d ii'mcIg. ~n"Jl.nal ""EditOr' 'lOUt: not flU ma. IQut 100f. oad thel mdid or remo¥e the mo'~d o:n.u~d'co:n~ds.that' the doy glets if' is.. .m€! pre:l\.oSr.or ela.J 1 con then ".izeV(Jur cane s~HC':$into th]edesjgns~ and my rooster : pen (CillOI') won first plaoeat 'the fair Ilast year" . the size and shape of the. soil end s'i'cky clloys).heuld n0W be f1ei'adyFor'llLse~ them wifh . I. out of 'Ihe m~.aJloH .unknown) ---rJ..

el.: Por...rder.d il1s1n. N!!ItU'ln~!f do YOI!I gel 4CI Atryl:ici Na.) Leom ~ TmBSUFIes from !lJreo~ wG<Y to Hetlllicqnd HOlnd: t~Ml!Pilne i~o~. co~~ad no~ MomtCi by 'B'mcil.: "Shcoes. ha!s 5emefhinJ!lil.po f~.. pol'yrner<ioy If'itoilir~d PMC aE!~ls.la't~or a Inic.~y ~nhj ~n odd ifla.: . I corrf w(Ji~ to !fee wl~e.fll~6:yI \fi151r~ the.fir.aler Ulceii~t'i'11e.( il~s.s th®Joug h bv:sl'ep l~iaW'-to DVe 5how~ you how to MQlke L0 uise' sr'.~d po'~i'5he£land prgf.p and bottom ~o. Cllfil.~. . .6" 143 mji1. ~0ge~he!f_ ~It's .re she' 1Qkes ~·me· up Wi~h.es end Bo.J:ICl:5.. ~hiisDVD f.gh"liSS~ .. mc. 4'9 I !TIin..op :50 ¥Ol. al50 01'\1'.n'l~~~he ae'pth her beod~ €Il1'e.ue.: ~fs· polymer doy..CQn1!I.ome· designs ore '(M~anQbl€l: jln bgth posllive and negol'ive cuts (os.\ll (Pc'9.'Ii .ii'rll'ingisl and ~ul giFm ]deos to mak.eficUs for us. lr11 go 1':Q www. oilp€l]nltsl Clf!Jd oololl"i.olbb~cfbeoolVid. rOF qlJiek and eil$y rewe'~ry m·ok~ngl.tool:i.dle army o~ wondefA en adiu. ~F' as 'I' . 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