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Wall Drug Proposal


Redo the activities to make people say oh, snap! a. Operations i. Celebrate holidays and decorate place to be more festive 1. Halloween 2. Labor day 3. Drinking day 4. Anniversary 5. of Wall Drug with huge festival ii. Hold special shows: cowboys vs samurais, cowboys vs Indians, old west reenactment, cowboys vs aliens iii. Construction of several buildings 1. Casino 2. Bars 3. Pool 4. Laser Quest 5. Hotel franchise or a theme specific hotel 6. Adult free zone aka day care iv. Find ways to cut cost in operations 1. Better venue to make goods or make it ourselves (subsidiaries) b. Finance i. 5 year plan analysis with all suggestions and recommendations ii. Cash problem iii. Rate of Return iv. Stocks options v. Optional discuss the pros and cons to building our own hotel vs franchising a hotel like Holiday Inn vi. Cost of new ideas like celebrating festivals and construction of new buildings vii. Find ways to cut cost in operations viii. How to allocate employment cost for new or permanent employees c. Marketing i. Rebrand imagine and logo ii. Decide whether to hire a third party to do creative marketing or hire full time employee iii. Capitalize on history and emphasis on family owned name iv. Utilize social media cost of advertisement for the following 1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. Google 4. Youtube 5. Yahoo! v. Define target Market d. Human Resources i. Develop a more in-depth job descriptions ii. Create job chart and organization structure for new employees iii. Create better positions to lighten load for top management iv. Find better ways to use the permanent employees v. Improve Customer-Relations/Customer Service vi. Investment of employees vii. Improve training for new employees

viii. How to allocate employment cost for new or permanent employees Overseas operations a. Choose a different country to invade (Blair) i. choice Japan - needs research on why we choose this over others, cultural aspect and other interesting tibit b. strategy - strategic alliance and transnational: research on potential partner and why we want transnational implementation over other theology (Brandon) c. what would wall drug need in order to have the park established i. permits ii. human resources iii. how the work will be split with the other company d. Structure of new park i. what it looks like and what it has choose which topic you want. 2.

Sidenote: I think we should finish the first recommendation before we start on the second part because th second part will require us to meet and discuss about the 2nd recommendation Few Ideas not sure where to apply: Combine the marketing personnel for Badlands and Mount Rushmore with Wall Drug for stronger marketing team or cut deals so we can split advertising cost and package deals Do we want to try and make it more seasonal or not Since the hotel is being created, we can make a bus system to take to all places Package deal Split cost for hotel and bus system Color Legend: Red Optional Green - Combine two areas to meet and discuss PowerPoint Layout: 1. Drink so we can gain cofidence 2. Intro to Wall Drug 3. Opportunities 4. Threats 5. Recommendations 6. 1st Recommendation Plan a. Operations b. Human Resource c. Financial d. Marketing 7. 2nd Recommendation Plan a. Human Resource b. Financial c. Marketing d. Operations 8. Closing recap of recommendations 9. Throw a party Paper Layout: Introduction of Wall Drug Luong and short term plans Quick explanation of recommendations Talk about each specific section similar to PowerPoint for both recommendations

Closing with recommendations Drink some more