is not just about environmental sustainability. green is about business sustainability.

Meeting your company’s green initiatives in today’s economy must not be at the expense of meeting your mission critical objectives.
Today’s competitive companies know that “GoinG
Green” is not just beneficial to the environment and

recent studies by innovest have shown that companies with hiGher “ecovalue” rankinGs outperform lower ranked companies stocks, boastinG returns 1.5 to 2.4 percent hiGher.

Energy consumed by lighting is estimated to account for nearly 30% of commercial energy usage and offers an immediate opportunity to quickly and effectively make a substantial down payment on your company’s EcoValue.

their communities; it’s also beneficial to their company’s reputation, value proposition and, if done right, their bottom line.

implementing your energy saving initiative does not mean changing the way you do business or altering the successful work environment you have created.not over days and weeks while disrupting your operations like most retrofits. utilities and Governments could compare the cost of conservation measures aGainst the cost of increasinG power production. And Active ES lighting controls are designed and built to be easy on the environment.000 gallons of fresh water. 19. *how many neGawatts are you producinG? amory lovins pioneered the concept of “neGawatts” so that consumers. That’s a direct reduction in 6. Just the adoption and unintended cultural change can make an initiative fail before it has a chance to produce the positive effects you seek.600. is 95% recyclable by weight.500 in business sustainability. a typical warehouse structure drawing 1. and has an expected lifespan of decades. meets RoHS compliance standards. 11. . At a rate of . Green performance – not tradeoffs Active ES lighting controls allow you to select from 10 to 36% savings in lighting energy consumption based on your environment and performance requirements. If you are like most companies you have a goal to implement better efficiencies but are aware that many alternatives come with unwanted and expensive side effects. For example.10¢ per Kwh.140 pounds of Nitrogen Oxide and conserves an amazing 6.100 Megawatts annually set to a 25% savings will produce 275 Negawatts* annually.Not all of today’s Green alternatives mean you have to sacrifice your business objectives. Our products represent a simple upgrade to your existing facility.000 pounds of Carbon Dioxide. With Active ES lighting controls.875. neGawatts represent the meGawatts of power saved from one application that is made available to another application. that’s also $27. Our modular design can be repurposed to future facilities. with easy implementation that can limit down time to as little as the time you take for lunch .480 pounds of Sulfur Dioxide.

because of reduced power. Active ES products are designed to provide an easy-to-implement inexpensive lighting control upgrade as opposed to disruptive retrofit alternatives.0 DESIGNED LUMEN OUTPUT END OF THE LAMPS RATED LIFE controls are in place your electrician can make them operational in moments – on your lunch hour for instance – minimizing interruptions to your operations • no cuLturaL changes – there’s no adoption phase or organizational change required as with retrofits • no added management duties – set the 00 0 00 0 00 0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 STANDARD LAMP ACTIVE ES LIGHTING CONTROLS EXPECTED LIFE (HOURS) savings settings once. City of Anaheim The product has been easy to install.. harvesting energy savings. We achieve this by improving the efficiency of your existing HID and Fluorescent lighting systems.33% (test 2 – street lights) was better than expected… Edward A. Using the Active ES controller set to 20% savings.E.0 18 . an HID Lamp using 400 watts is now using 320 watts and therefore “generates” 80 watts of clean energy to use somewhere else. By reducing the excess energy that is normally dissipated as heat.0 12 . By utilizing a patented method of energy reduction. In fact. Active ES controls allow the lamps to operate efficiently at lower temperatures extending the lamp and ballast effective life. HID and Fluorescent lamps start at full power and take up to 15 minutes to achieve full brightness.0 14 . Kim Switzer. • Limited downtime – after the Active ES It’s true! Energy savings and better lighting The “desiGned lumen output” of a lamp is measured at a point 40% into the time of a lamps rated life.Your existing HID lamps with Active ES Controls typically use about 80% as much energy as uncontrolled HID Lamps. reliable performance • documented energy savings – By using The units performed as claimed with no adverse effect on the power or the lamps and ballasts. Improved mean lumen output and longer lamp life means fewer spent bulbs in our landfills and lower maintenance costs. LUMINOSITY 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 2.0 28 . As the chart below shows. These are installed outdoors in harsh environments. no need to monitor the system nor maintain the system • easy to maintain – in most cases dust with an air blower just once a year • reLiabLe proven technoLogy – Installations Results Count ranging back to 20 years with dependable.0 26 . 6.0 20 . P.0 22 . At this point they no longer need full power to maintain their optimum lighting levels and are wasting energy. Damage caused by the high operating temperatures of HID lamps is a significant factor in determining “rated life” and “efficient life” of a lamp. thus providing overall better lighting for the rated life of the lamp. Active ES lighting controls install between the panel and the load. 4. power is reduced smoothly without unintended consequences to the life and operation of the controlled system. starting and operating the lamps at full power before reducing power to a specified level. 10 0 . and they are performing perfectly. and produces the savings promised. the lamps exhibit improved lumen maintenance to maintain desired light levels longer than without our technology.0 16 .53% (test 1. 8. Actual savings of 26.0 24 .parking structure) and 35. Murdock. Reliable Electric data loggers with Active ES Controls in place we can show your actual energy savings – not an approximation but actual real time energy reductions that utilities use to validate rebate programs . extremely reliable in the field. using the Active ES controls will slightly reduce the initial lumen output of a new lamp but will maintain the mean lumen output of the lamp above the Designed Lumen Output for a greater length of time.

activees. Suite 109. Laguna Hills. utility rebates. CA 92653 . State and federal agencies are providing significant tax incentives promoting energy conservation and efficiency solutions. phone: (949) 273-5169 email: Info@ActiveES. and favorable lease terms that make their energy efficiency efforts cash positive from day one. most local utility companies are providing significant rebates based on proven documented energy reduction solutions such as those provided by Active www. In fax: (949) 273-5179 27071 Cabot Road.Energy stimulus packages promote energy savings Qualified companies are receiving tax credits.

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