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Scientific Research Skills HSS 110 Spring 2011-2012 Dr.

Hamzeh Dodeen Final Project Students Name: Mwanarusi Hamadi Mwatondo Students ID : 201050660 Attendance Number: 24 Date: 30/05/2012

1. Formulating a research problem or question If you have the opportunity to do a research, what is the question or problem that you wish to study? Effect of exercise on health 2. Literature Review: Exercise has always been speculated as one of the reasons which leads to weight loss. Many researchers have carried out studies about this phenomenon. Some have disagreed that exercise only is enough to induce weight loss. According to Dr. Timothy Church at the Pennington Biomedical Research Centre of Louisiana State University research (2010) exercise only does nothing to a person when it comes to losing weight. Also a research done by the College of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, Stanford University (2006) says that exercise can actually increase a persons drive to eat in a faster state thus increase your weight. Dr. Wayne Miller and colleagues at The George Washington University Medical Center (2011) set out to determine if adding aerobic exercise to a low-calorie diet accelerates weight loss. They found that diet and exercise are not enough to lose weight and that there are many other factors to be included like the type of exercise a person uses

Some researchers though indicate that exercise induces loss of weight but the probability of it to do so is enhanced when other factors such as diet is included. A research done by Harvey Simon and David Zieve, MDs at Harvard Medical School, (2006) says that exercise plus a diet plan leads to a significant loss of body weight. According to Arch Intern Medic, John M. Jakicic (2008) Weight loss can be as a result of exercise but such a thing requires a lot of time put into the exercise. According to Paffenbarger RS, Jr, Wing AL, Hyde RT. Physical activity as an index of heart attack risk in college alumni, Am J Epidemiol. 1978 Sep17 .exercise is good for health as it reduces the risk for heart failure As we can see there is a lot of controversies surrounding the issue of exercise affecting weight. 3. Defining Variables in your Research: review your research problem topic/question and answer the following:

a. Develop a specific title for your research? Effect of exercise on weight loss b. Identify the independent and dependent variables in your research? Independent Variable Exercise Dependent Variable Weight Loss

c. Develop an operational definition for each of your independent and dependent variable. Independent Variable Time spent on exercise Dependent Variable Weighing Balance d. What is the level of measurement of each of your variables? Time spent on exercise Ratio Weight loss Ratio

Conduct a Scientific Observational Study Observing students behavior on their way to the campus in the bus Do students maximize their time doing things related to studies in the bus? This is the topic of my observation. To do so, I have observed 5 different students in the bus and the .findings are summarized in the following table

Observation number 1 2 3 4 5

Date 2012/05/06 2012/05/07 2012/05/08 2012/05/09 2012/05/10

Time 9:00-8:30 9:00-8:30 9:00-8:30 9:00-8:30 9:00-8:30

Observation She was reading a novel and texting or chatting on the phone through the .whole drive She was talking to her friend whom she was sitting with and browsing .on phone She was studying She was chatting and eating breakfast She was talking on phone and looking out at the scenery

:Report In my observation, I have observed students behavior on their way to the campus in the bus As you note in the table above, I have 5 different persons in my observation. With each one, I did a non participant naturalistic observation. I was very sure that they did not know that I was observing them. As you can see different people showed different behavior such as eating, studying, talking on phone and reading a novel but the common action was that people were doing something with their phones (4 out of 5), either talking, chatting, browsing on it or texting through it. This is to be expected as we are in a very technological era in mankind where the mobile phone .has become an important part of our lives

A Questionnaire Study .5

Research on the services at the food court

Strongly Agree The food is well cooked.1 The food court is clean.2 The Servers are behave .3 properly Great variety of food.4 The food prices are fair.5




Strongly Disagree

In this study I have distributed a questionnaire to 30 female students from different academic levels in United Arab Emirates University. I wanted to collect some data about what the students thought of the services offered at the food court in the university. In this questionnaire I have focused the environment in the food court. The first question was a general one and its average of response was 3.63, which means more than a half of the students agree that the food is well cooked. The second question average response was 3.83, which means that most of the students agree that the food court is clean. The third question's average response was 3.00; showing that some students believe that the servers are well behaved and some do not believe so. The fourth question's average response was 3.70; this means that most of the students agree that there is a great variety of food. Finally, the last question's average response was 2.57, this shows non-uniform distribution of ideas and this shows an unbalanced distribution of ideas; half of the people agree that the food prices are fair and the other half does not. In conclusion, I can say that most students agree that the services .are good