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Friday, June 01, 2012 [Last updated: 06.01.2012, 12:30 PM PST] Whistleblower Evolutions: Geographically the northwest is comfortable, but I've been terrorized and tortured for over 12 years as a validated FBI Whistleblower while outed and threatened many times under the Bush occupation and beyond. An agent directly under the Bush White House whom I recognize as an active mole, telephonically stated that I have people in very high places afraid to death that I am going to destroy their black projects and added that if I did not remain silent, the government would "invent" a criminal charge against me. I've also been separated from virtually all of the pathways that makes us a person, told at both the state and federal level I will never find employment in America again. The one position I've held since leaving the FBI and where I quickly rose in three months to a department supervisor, ended two weeks after crossing paths with a former clandestine federal agent that I sent to prison for the theft of government funds. This is the same agent and now a federal felon who assaulted me while I was near death from chemo and radiation treatments and conducted a Cointelpro operation against me with the full knowledge of his former federal administrators. So without access to friendly sovereign foreign nation with actual humanitarian standards, then I'll die here within a form of internal exile while covertly and overtly subjected to acts of terrorism and torture and having been sanctioned for assassination by the government having outed me several times. Becoming a whistleblower began as a slow progression while making discoveries during my career and before ever really knowing what a whistleblower was. After each whistleblower evolution, there was some degree of blowback or sanctions that later subsided until reaching the Bush overthrow with their CIA backed false flag operation on September 11, 2001. Now we've recognized what was first thought unthinkable that Obama is even worse than George W. Bush. My first [1st] whistleblower evolution came with the discovery of factories contaminating the waterways, estuaries, bays, and oceans with kepone chemical contamination that caused a very popular oyster species to go extinct; I still have a cluster preserved as a paperweight to remind me. Spending much of my time on or under the water during those early days, no one seemed to listen until it affected the bottom line of the commercial fishing industry. Money is the too often illegal narcotic of capitalism and now three years have passed since the economic collapse of the United States via the crimes of the Bush family and corporatists and not one bankster on Wall Street has been criminally prosecuted and convicted. All other activities of the U.S. Justice Department and government are political distractions or chewbaits for the public. Likewise all legislation passed by Congressional Capos is a perversion of language and misnomer for legalized criminality. My second [2nd] whistleblower evolution resulted in my discovery of a conspiracy and cover-up by a an elected sheriff with a reported alleged cocaine habit, whose contributory negligence caused the wrongful deaths of inmates and had for years been accepting pay-offs from drug kingpins to remain in the local jail to avoid serving their state prison sentences in the penitentiary system. Another inmate I believe was knowingly transported to another state facility where he was murdered that same night. In all of these matter the sheriff and those involved lied to federal investigators with the FBI. The reprisals against me were such that I resigned with a long list of commendations for public service and activities to protect those most vulnerable. Following that departure I became a small scale military defense contractor during the end of the cold war and produced wash-away numbers and other items for the U.S. Navy submarine fleet that were applied when resetting the electronic signatures of the boats before going to sea and to fool

Russian spy trawlers. As it happened I gifted with used SEAL Team equipment and was trained to be an open water certified scuba diver by one of the Navy's first saturation divers who helped develop the decompression dive tables. Later on my 21st birthday, his ship saved my life during a diving accident when my equipment malfunctioned. Still later I was invited to become a member of the Fraternal Order of UDT/SEALS. There is more including locating a Nazi SS war criminal in the United States and being part of the mission to rescue Ethiopian Jews and expediting their safe return to Israel, which today I'm wishing for myself. My third [3rd] whistleblower evolution came while working as a technician and hazmat safety officer in a quasi government laboratory operated by an agency with a director who was what I consider a religious crazy. That actor took a sizable monetary donation from the organization that was intended to buy food for starving Ethiopians. My coworkers were ready to become a mob when it was discovered instead of shipping food or donating that money to the Red Cross, instead the administrator's solution for feeding starving human beings in Ethiopia was to mail them cases of Bibles. The thought crossed my mind to make him eat a Bible in front of the laboratory staff. During that time and having been published nationally since high school, I simultaneously was working on an investigative journalism project and was already a twice sworn former member of law enforcement. The research began producing actionable intelligence reaching transnationally into the illegal narcotics arena, law enforcement, former special forces members, and international terrorist organizations that before the false flag operation on 911, I merely consider groups of bad guys or revolutionaries. Ironically the U.S. government has increasing been acting in a manner that demonstrates it views "We the People" of the 99% majority in much the same way. In 1994 while still employed by the quasi government laboratory, I raised safety concerns over the failure to contain the safety zones around test cornfields to prevent animal and human consumption directly and indirectly through theft and hunting. Further I objected to the imperfect treatment of human and industrial waste products that were being developed to be sold commercially as vegetable plant fertilizers and packaged in pretty bags using green friendly names. A few weeks later and one evening while I was riding my Harley-Davidson 45 mph down the coast road, I was deliberately t-boned at high speed by an unmarked car owned by the Pentagon's U.S. Naval Department and driven by an electronic warfare systems engineer. It was a Cointelpro assassination attempt that was pseudo successful, since I died in the hospital with an out-of-body experience before my recovery. The incident resulted in my permanent disability, 11 hours in surgery that exhausted two bone doctors and used 9 units of blood. Later I began the process of relearning how to walk a second time during a 17.5 weeks hospital stay. Still a few years later and on the morning of 911 while the buildings still dropping into their own footprints, I experienced another layer of political retribution. Two laughing and taunting SSA/SOD agents conducted an anti-Semitic telephonic harassed under the four principles of the CIA Torture Paradigm. These agents were with the Social Security Administration's Sensitive Operations Division that handles State Department employees working overseas, CIA and covert operatives of the U.S. government. Still later the events surrounding my Social Security Disability hearing included warrantless wiretapping, illegally opening sealed government files to affect my outing through public examination. The classified files was deliberately unsealed with the PsyOps of doing so on the month and day of my stepson's birthday. On appeal my classified government files were lost to truncate the matter and further out my security clearance as a means of creating plausible deniability to explain my assassination. A known clandestine federal agent admitted on a recording his commission of several federal felonies after outing my clandestine security clearance without ever being charged - his former partner is the federal agent I helped investigate and send to prison for the theft of government funds. Without the knowledge of the court or my attorney,

the SSA/SOD agents purged my clandestine work history from the regular SSA computer system, which further separated me from the pathways to access my degrees. Nearing the end of the Bush regime, an assistant U.S. attorney volunteered out of the blue to reseal my classified files after she and others had electronically monitored communications between my attorney and myself - this is how we knew the classified file had been illegally unsealed for over four years. In the end I was awarded Social Security Disability Benefits for four weeks and they were punitively withdrawn under letters of protest from the government's own judge who stated that I would never receive a fair hearing. Those SSA benefits were also withdrawn three weeks before I began cancer treatments. Following the Pentagon assassination attempt and while ambulated late in 1994, I kept working my investigative journalism project that produced more and more actionable intelligence and through an Vietnam era U.S. Army officer/CIA advisor, was introduced to a state agent who professed Christian beliefs while both he and his wife operated illegally in the background. Both the CIA actor and the state agent ended up attempting a Cointelpro operation to extort money from criminal targets involved in narcotics and domestic terrorism and innocent business owners alike with the intent of having a third party buy out the affected businesses. Within that layer of my whistleblower evolution, with a bum leg and other injuries, while still out in the field working, there are components involving state and federal law enforcement corruption, money laundering, withholding evidence to allow drug shipments into the United States, the DEA ordering illegal narcotics sold to the public to recoup U.S. dollars. And a U.S. Marine General attached to the DEA and being pulled apart in a secret courtroom often used for meeting - two tigers should never hunt the same mountain. There was also a maritime incident involving a state senator and his son that resulted in a six figure fine for damages and caused a political witch-hunt against the father and son by a state law enforcement agent. That state law enforcement agents wife was later federally charged for embezzling that same monetary sum through a Welfare scam; again both espoused strong Christian values while the husband was on the pad as a meat eater taking payola from business owners avoiding legal prosecution through paid-off selective enforcement. With a very heavy one year investment with the DEA, the case became contaminated by the CIA actor and state law enforcement agent and subsequently was crushed with 125 criminal targets having been investigated. It was one the greatest frustrations in my life, I said FTW and involved myself in a fulltime academic curriculum where I was asked to teach within a criminal justice program - it became the happiest times of my life with only one very sorrowful event that came later. That event involved a close artist friend who had her demons and was bipolar, but I looked after her as best I could even when she became venomous and I bit my tongue from calling her a Nazi. Her father was a real CIA officer living in northern Virginia and a great human being. Over sushi and beer, when she excused herself from the table, I promised her father that I'd look after his daughter as a friend. That continued until the FBI actually begged me to come work with the agency and stand down from my university - today the most regrettable decision I've ever made for clandestine government service. One should mark this point as the crossover from my fourth [4th] whistleblower evolution into the beginning of my fifth [5th] whistleblower evolution. Employed by the FBI as an agent of the federal government is a story in a story in a story for another time when my eyes aren't giving out and as expanded within the book I'm still writing that will be converted into a screenplay for a film documentary. However after I went deep undercover for five years and said goodbye to my artist friend and my preferred lifestyle within academia, I was devastated when I later discovered she had committed suicide. G-d places stones and boulders in our path and he/she has placed a dump truck load in mine for the purposes of the universe that still escape me. For me America is a Gulag of internal exile and a virtual death camp environment where I am subjected to the tactics, techniques and technologies employing the four principles of the CIA Torture Paradigm in conjuncture with something cousin to the evolved practices and blacklisting of McCarthyism. These erosive methods all serve with the PsyOps of causing systematic systemic genocide and often recognizes what has been coined “no touch” indivisible physical torture, which came to light during the Abu Ghraib prison scandal.

While politically sanctioned as a FBI Whistleblower for over twelve years, I recognize the same covert and overt terrorism and torture sanctioned by the U.S. Government against other whistleblowers, truth tellers, journalists, writers, activists, and advocates like the hell experienced by my close person friends and colleagues BJ and Julia Davis. When a human being is tortured and terrorized, the resulting harm if not death typically recognizes that person either becoming a torturer themselves or becoming hyper-human while often recognizing person in the world they might not have previously ever given a second look. We discover ourselves by seeing our suffering being incurred by others. It remains commonplace that when I have cause to express these truths to another person who is unaware of same or who has no knowledge of what a whistleblower is, invariably their reaction includes the question, “Why would a person do these things to another human being?”, to which my answer remains, so you would be caused to ask that very same question in disbelief. The greatest terrorist threat facing humanity today is the United States government and its’ corporatist pimps who are intent on processing the total aggregate of the world into a commodity. As a U.S. citizen in the nation of my birth, the U.S. government has enslaved me within the internal exile of a non-person and I am removing the gates on this American death camp and leaving for a visit to India on my journey to Israel and hopefully a life of sustainable peace and creativity as a Jewish person.

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