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Introducing and Greeting People

Greeting People Hello. / Hi. Good morning. (before 12 o'clock) Good afternoon.(after 12 o'clock) Good evening Introducing People What's your name? Who are you? My name is ... I am ... My friends call me ... You can call me ... Haven't we met (before)? Yes, I think we have. No, I don't think we have. I think we've already met. I don't think we've met (before). This is ... Meet ... Have you met...? Yes, I have. No, I haven't. Yes, I think I have. No, I don't think I have. Hello, (name) Nice to meet you. (Informal) Pleased to meet you. How do you do? (Formal) Nice to see you. Nice to see you again. Say Goodbye Good bye. Bye. / See you. See you later. See you soon. See you tomorrow. See you next week. Good night. Health How are you? How are you today? Fine, thank you/thanks. Not too bad. Very well. I'm okay / all right. Not too well, actually. What's wrong with you? What's the matter with you? Are you all right? I'm tired. I'm exhausted. I've got a cold. handsome (Junge / Mann) Sun-tanned Pale I have / you have / He has / she has (got) Blue / green / grey / brown eyes Freckles A beard A full beard A moustache A goatee A stubbly beard Blond hair Red hair Brown hair Black hair Dyed hair Blond highlights Short hair Long hair Straight hair Curly hair / curls A bald head A square / round /

Personal Description
I am / You are / He is / She is Tall Small Overweight, fat Slim Young Old Years old. Beautiful / pretty (Mdchen / Frau),


triangular / oval face A big / small / long nose Big / small ears Clothing and Accessories I wear / you wear / He wears / she wears Glasses Contact lenses I am wearing / you are wearing / He/She is wearing Earrings A necklace A wristband A bracelet A cap A red scarf A tie Character I am / you are / He is / She is Shy Quiet Lively Active Easygoing Outgoing Nice Friendly Funny Happy Annoying Sad Aggressive A pain in the neck A little chatter box Granddad, grandpa Grandmother Grandma, granny Grandson Granddaughter Grandchild Uncle Aunt Cousin Nephew Niece Boyfriend Girlfriend Fianc Fiance Bride Groom, bridegroom Wife Husband Spouse Father-in-law Mother-in-law Parents-in-law Son-in-law Daughter-in-law Brother-in-law Sister-in-law Godfather Godmother Godson Goddaughter Godchild History of a Family Be pregnant Expect a baby Give birth to Born Birthday Baptize Bring up, raise Go to school Be proud of Move Be engaged Marry, get married Be married to Be married with two children Divorced Widowed Widow Widower Die Late

Members of the Family

Members of a Family Father Dad Mother Mum, mummy, mom (amerik.) Parent Parents Child Children Son Daughter Brother Sister Grandfather

Hotel and Restaurant


Accommodation Accommodatio n Dormitory Double room Family room Twin room Single room Double bed Youth hostel Bunk bed Fill in a form Reception Receptionist Key Book in advance B&B Vacancies No vacancies Hotel Arrival date / date of arrival Departure date / date of departure Room service Air conditioning Make a reservation / book a room Request more information Complete / fill in the form Staff Cancel a booking Restaurant Eating out Bill (The bill please.) Bottle Dessert Drink Hungry Thirsty Menu Order (Are you ready to order?) Restaurant Set meal Table (A table for two please.) Guest Waiter, waitress Here you go. Tip (Shall we tip the waiter?) Asking for and Giving Directions How do I get to ? What's the best way to ? Where is ? Go straight on (until you come to ). Turn back./Go back. Turn left/right (into -street). Go along Cross Take the first/second road on the left/right It's on the left/right. Straight on Opposite Near Next to Between At the end (of) On/at the corner Behind In front of (Just) around the corner Traffic lights Crossroads, junction Signpost

Shop Assistant Can I help you? What can I do for you? Are you being served? Sorry, we don't sell stamps. Anything else? It's on offer. Buy two for the price of one. How much / many would you like? What size do you take? Sorry, we are out of bread. Would another colour do? Would you like to try it on? The fitting room is over there. The dress suits you very well. Pay at the cash desk / till, please.

Asking for and Giving Directions


I'll take this to the cash desk / till for you. Here you are. / Here you go. You're welcome. That's 20 Euros/euro altogether. You don't happen to have any change, do you? Here's your change. Customer I need... I'd like a bottle of milk, please. Have you got souvenirs? Do you sell stamps? Where can I buy post cards? Where can I get a film for my camera? Where can I find newspapers? Are these bottles returnable? It doesn't fit me. It doesn't suit me. I don't like it. It's too small / big / wide / tight / expensive. I'm size... Have you got this in another size / colour? May I try this on, please? Where can I try this on, please? How much is it? That's all. Where is the cash desk / till? Could I get a receipt, please? Could I get a (plastic) bag, please? (I'm afraid/ sorry) I don't have any change. Do you accept credit cards? Elbow Fist Finger Foot (plural: feet) Ankle Buttocks Hair Neck Hand Wrist Hip Chin Knee Head Lip Mouth Nose Nostril Upper arm Thigh Ear Bottom, bum Back Underarm, forearm Lower leg Shoulder Forehead Waist Calf (plural: calves) Cheek Eyelash, lash Tooth (plural: teeth) Toe Tongue

Arctic Atlantic, Atlantic Ocean Mountain Mountains State Earthquake River Temperate Is bounded by Capital Island Climate Continent Coast Country Sea Bordering country National park North America Ocean

Body Parts
Arm Eye Eyebrow Belly Leg Breast Thumb


Pacific, Pacific Ocean San Andreas Fault (also: San Andreas Rift) Lake Steep coast Beach Valley Tropical Divided Foggy Stormy Windy Cold Warm Hot

What's the weather like today? What will the weather be like tomorrow? Nice day today, isn't it? What awful weather! What a lovely day! It's raining. It's snowing. It's Tomorrow it will be Yesterday it was Sunny Cloudy Overcast