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FEATURE STORY Dr. Saleeby, now part of the Forever Health Newtork founded by Suzanne Somers, explains bHRT.

Learn how to make the most out of your massage with Brenda Ely, LMT

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Compiled by Lynn O’Brien Edited by Lynn O’Brien Co-edited by Dr. JP Saleeby, MD

Writers in this Issue Dr. JP Saleeby, MD Brenda Ely, LMT Kristen Wadsten, WellnessOne Patient

News and Events at WellnessOne/ Issue #3 / JUNE 2012

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BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (bHRT)
Written By JP Saleeby, MD
With popularit y growing daily, bioidentical hormones are being used for the replacement of insulin, thyroid hormones, gonadal (se x) hormones and the trend continues to b e natural. For insulin dependent diabetics, the last decade saw a transition away from using porcine based insulin derivatives to that of recombinant human forms. Some doctors also prefer to prescribe a natural bio-identical thyroid replacement of both T3 and T4 in the correct ratios, rather than the single synthetic-T4 drugs offered, for thyroid disorders. Instead of synthetic blends, physicians are also prescribing natural compounded sex hormones such as es tro gen, pro ges terone and tes tos terone when the need arises for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT ). Bioidentical hormones are manufactured in the lab to have the same molecular structure as those made by the human body and are therefore referred to as natural. By contrast, synthetic hormones are intentionally different due to the fact that drug companies cannot patent a bioidentical structure, therefore synthetic hormones are invented that can be patented. Even though bioidentical hormones have been around for years, many practitioners are s till unf amiliar with them . O ne of the major issues remaining concerning bioidentical hormones is efficacy—reported well designed double blinded studies to prove effectiveness and the long-term study of potential side - ef fec ts. While efficacy is a priority, the smaller number of controlled scientific studies for natural hormone therapy is due in part to the lack of financial support or underwriting of scientific trials on all things natural. With increased interest, that fact is changing as more studies are being published with growing acceptance of r e s e a r c h o u t s i d e t h e U S A . natural and bioidentical therapies are much less expensive than more widely recognized synthetics. Side effects are another major consideration as many women choose bioidenticals that offer an almost exact replica of what the body once produced. Other important considerations include the biochemical components, d os a g e an d timin g (chro n o p har ma co l o g y). Ap p ro p r iate testing to determine each individual’s needs and current state of health is the first step. Once a deficiency is detected, bioidentical hormone replacement (bHRT ) may be the best solution.

What we replace in our bodies as the need arises should be of the same biochemical composition as what our own endocrine organs produce. Cost is another factor to consider as many


Making The Most Of Your Massage
Written By Brenda Ely / LMT at WellnessOne It’s been a long and stressful week at work; the torturous weekend spent unloading and shoveling mulch has finally taken a toll on your lower back. As you toss and turn in your bed trying to find a comfortable position, you remember that tomorrow is your appointment for body work at WellnessOne. You always leave your session feeling refreshed, and really look forward to the sixty minutes spent unwinding your achy muscles. Can it get any better than this? As a matter of fact, it can! There are ways to help your therapist help you, insightful tips that can make the most of your massage. When your therapist asks you how you are doing before each massage, be honest. If you think that you have slept wrong on your neck, make a point to mention this to them. If your hip still hurts about the same as before your last massage, disclose this to your practitioner. A new technique or different stretch may be what is needed. The few minutes spent with your therapist as soon as you first enter the treatment room are perhaps the most important moments you have. Discuss, ask questions, and tell your therapist what you need from each session. Be specific, point to where the pain is coming from. Show your therapist how far you can turn your head before you start to see stars. Make a point to let them know what activity you were doing just before you were struck with blinding pain; inform them of any repetitive motions or movements that you may make over the course of your day. The more information you can give your therapis t re garding how you fe el, the b etter e quipp e d th ey w ill b e to t ailor your treatm ent .

Another way to enjoy your massage more is to focus upon your breathing. Most of us go through our day not giving too much thought to how we inhale and exhale. Our bodies were designed to function better when we use deep, slow abdominal respiration. Unfortunately, a majority of people are used to taking very shallow, short breaths. The chest does not fully inflate; the diaphragm does not completely rise and fall with our breathing. During massage, full deep breaths can help produce relaxation; focused breathing can ease pain that might occur during certain therapies. Shallow breathing creates tension in the neck and shoulders, in contrast; full,slow breaths help you gain control of your body, reduce your blood pressure, and communicate to your therapist that your parasympathetic nervous system has been engaged. Be realistic about the goals you have for your bodywork. Although massage can be helpf ul in easin g p ain , re du cin g s tress , l owe r in g b l o o d pressure, decreasing insomnia, and even treating certain types of diseases and disorders, it is rarely a cure all. Years of misuse and abuse of our bodies does not easily come undone. Sometimes you might feel sore after your therapeutic mass a g e; do not let this discourage you. You may need week ly treatments for several weeks before true progress manifests. Stick with the plan your thera

News and Events at WellnessOne/ Issue #3 / JUNE 2012

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Quote of the Month In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired. ~Author Unknown
pist recommends; he or she knows how much work may be needed to breakthrough certain issues. Communicate with your practitioner. We need to know if the pressure we are using is too light, or if it is making you want to jump off the massage table. Remember that massage does not have to be aggressive and painful to be effective. Deep-tissue work might not always be what is needed. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and voice your opinion; it ’s your massage, your treatment, and your body. Another good tip to remember is to follow up with any recommendations your therapist might have regarding your treatment. If your therapist suggests specific stretches, make an effort to give them a try. It has been my experience that when a patient practices good self-care at home, they tend to make easier and faster progress in the massage room. Drink extra water after each massage, this will help head off any soreness. Hydrated muscles are happy muscles! Lastly, don’t be a stranger! Make every effort to keep your appointments; too much time between treatments will often delay healing. Our goal at WellnessOne is to move our patients a little bit closer to good health; we want to help you enjoy a healthier you! Your massage matters and you deserve to get the most from your bodywork; following these easy suggestions will do just that.
is the premier resource for professional-grade nutritional supplements from hundreds of brands. Dr. Saleeby trusts the high-quality brands that Emerson carries; WellnessOne has partnered with them to provide a customized “virtual dispensary” of the select products they recommend. Go to www.WellnessOneAmerica. com and click on the eLink. Simply enter the access code yms333 and complete the account set-up form to get started.



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That chiropractic is not just for neck pain, back pain and headaches? Did you have any idea that a chiropractic adjustment can boost the body’s immune system or help a child with chronic ear infections? Would you like to know the best part?...It’s all done naturally! Every cell, tissue, muscle and organ of your entire body is controlled by your nervous system. Since these nerves exit as pairs at each of the 24 levels of your spine, chiropractic has a tremendous impact on their performance and vitality. Daily factors such as stress, tension, body weight, poor diet, and bad posture create interference with the messages that travel on these nerve pathways called subluxations. This leads to a decrease in your health. Chiropractic adjustements reduces or eliminates this interference so that the body can function efficiently and comfortably. Your body wants to be healthy, right? It’s not likely that you woke up one day and said, “I think I would like to have arthritis today” or “I think it’s time that I got hypertension.” The personal care plans that we put together in our office helps you regain your health and stay that way. Who wouldn’t want that? Call WellnessOne today to schedule with Dr. Thomas

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News and Events at WellnessOne/ Issue #3 / JUNE 2012


Our Medical Director, Dr. Saleeby’s book, published in 2006, provides an in-depth review of natural botanicals and their benefits. Stop by the clinic and purchase your autographed copy today!

“Wonder Herbs: A Guide to Three Adaptogens”,



Brenda Ely comes to us from Columbus, OH. She and her husband decided to move their family to the Grand Strand in 2008. “We had always wanted to live by the ocean, and a vacation to Hilton Head sealed the deal.” Brenda initially began her education in Psychology, but abandoned it to become a mother to three beautiful children. In 2010 she decided to go back to school, choosing Miller Motte Technical College to earn her Associate’s Degree in Massage Therapy. She has been working with WellnessOne as an intern since September 2011 and joins the staff full-time upon graduation. With her background in Psychology, Brenda has an analytical side. “I like the idea of taking a problem, breaking it down and fixing it; I like figuring out why something hurts so I can make it better.” Since beginning to practice hands-on, she has found a passion for Swedish Gymnastics, Reflexology, and Fibromyalgia Therapy.

Brenda Ely LMT

News and Events at WellnessOne/ Issue #3 / JUNE 2012




P atient Stories

WellnessOne started out to be a place for me to get a massage every now and then. It turned into “home away from home” and a place I will always look forward to visiting with therapists and doctors I call my friends. When they first opened, I was ecstatic because I lived right next door. I would go once a week and get a one hour massage. It was great!! It is safe to say I was a regular. An avid runner and a dedicated yogi, my muscles were frequently sore, so this was the perfect fit! I was also in the market for “the perfect multi-vitamin,” which is almost impossible to find. I was not interested in just taking whatever GNC decided to package together and over price; claiming it was for me. I decided to talk to the physician on staff, Dr. Saleeby. He was an incredible source of information and was able to help me find THE perfect combination of supplements. He really took the time to explain why each one was necessary. I am the type of girl that has a LOT of questions, especially when it comes to my health and when I am putting something into my body. He always treated me like I was his only patient. I couldn’t be happier with the multi-vitamin pack. I love knowing it was put together specifically for me! Not long after I started going to WellnessOne, I started to notice pain in my right shoulder. My upper body, and particularly my shoulder, became the focal point for the hour I was there. I was always so happy to be there since the massages and therapies used always gave me instant relief. This went on for about 6 months until I finally broke down, went to see a specialist, and booked a date for surgery. I had a tear in my labrum and would need surgery to correct the issue. I was devastated. By this time I had rotated through all of the therapists and had upped my visits to twice a week. Even though I wasn’t able to heal the injury through massage, it helped so much. I was always able to leave, with some temporary relief from the pain, and a lifted spirit. Everyone always knew exactly what to say. Once I found out I had to have surgery, I was ordered to stop all physical activity that included any weight bearing on my shoulder. Worst news ever for a yogi. I had to stop doing what I loved, and didn’t know if I would ever be able to practice the way I could before again. My MRI showed that I possibly had ligament damage as well, which would have meant a completely different type of surgery…and recovery. The staff at WellnessOne were able to calm my nerves and help me realize that I have nothing if I don’thave my health. My focus needed to be on healing, and so that is what I did. My surgery was on Friday, March 23rd and by May I was back in the yoga studio! I am still healing but am expected to get back to 100% in no time. Now whenever I go to WellnessOne I am always greeted with so much excitement and lots of hugs. The therapists are aiding in my recovery as well and I feel stronger every day. I highly recommend WellnessOne for anyone who wants to get on the fast track to a better life and healthier life! By: Kristen Wadsten WellnessOne Patient

News and Events at WellnessOne/ Issue #3 / JUNE 2012


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News and Events at WellnessOne / Issue #3 / June 2012

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News and Events at WellnessOne/ Issue #3 / JUNE 2012