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property is of tools and shelters if there is a owner who shares his property, he expects proper usage that wouldn

't shorten tool's life this expectation is of spirit because spirit is of the intuition of the common ground of justice where justice is the respect for the living consciousness to keep its life if tool is a property that makes life easier, then it is in the benefit of a jus t spirit and if property is not kept when not used, it might be used by another, supposin g he's a spirit if one does not share property, then he's threatening all life because property is taking responsibility of a tool or shelter if one does not take care of the tool or the shelter and does not use it properl y the life of the property fails which cannot be used or more importantly shared if the number of the tools and shelters diminish then the usage of the remainder s gets heavier, and their life also shortens then there begins politics to preserve the rest people divide into groups or communities prejudicing others who don't protect th e properties and not use them properly the spirit is among the preserving and sharing because it reproduces life after the production if one fails to use a property properly, then he is weak at the spirit the weakness of spirit is of will power which is of emotional devotion to life the emotional devotion to life is educational along with the individuality among the sociality the tension of being a part of many is in the core of family, primordially conne cted to the father, to the mother and to the other members if there are there evolves one's health of friendship, followed by cultural adaptation, and p reservence of historical patriocy the world is of spirits fluidly confronting each other with the archetypical too l: language if one manages to conceive of his mother tongue's concepts and its internal mech anics -which is only possible by following its own cultural history then one manages to value family, friendship and patriocy it would then just naturally follow that the successors (individuals with will p ower: spirits) would find each other through the accidental flow of lives: time the union of spirits thus confront a simple basic metaphysical problem; and defi nitely not a complicated problem of property or pathology as could be resolved a mong the complex analysis of their relation the basic problem would only be the "historically cumulated and transferred vici ous circle in the category of understanding: the weakness of the will: politics" true morality lies within overthrowing of the corruption the union of spirits necessarily acts: "anarchism" yet the quest for the absolute union of spirits is not probable in the accidenta l flow of lives: which only means fascism so, true socialism necessarily foresees its abolishment and the new anarchy the goverment is only the tool of current age, where it must only aim at the abs olute union of spirits, where at the same it ought to be aware that it is nothin g but a dream so chasing a dream is the condemned faith of spirits: heaven therefore, the aim of an individual is to believe in this world's heavenliness, which is only the better of the better -never the best that could not be achieved fully, nor supply a greater union of spirits in a sin gle blow of spiritual act of anarchy once divided, the reality of individuals caused by the need of language (that is

communication with the sharer of world and production) ends up in politics due to its causal nature, politics is thus inwardly of the understanding in a final repeat, current era of the individual is to be hold responsible for i t is a tool that should be evolved by the toolmaker -producer: the artist: aesthetic imagination: the necessary contrast of the divider underst anding. imagination could only be the quest of understanding where it denies itself as i t questions where its primodial unity is, and how it could be reached to get rid of this endless strive of dividing and never fulfilling itself: understanding t he life, the very existence; why?