Written by Edward Shulusky

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FADE IN: EXT. SOUTHWESTERN CANYON - DAY A NATIVE AMERICAN WOMAN, 30s, sits in a trance-like state while singing an Indian song. She is awakened by an inner vision and goes over to a small stream. There she tosses a stone into a small pool in the stream it is only a few inches deep. She splashes water all over herself while intoning a chant. The woman then dives into the pool. Instead of immediately hitting the stream bed she gets sucked into a dark tunnel. She glides like a dolphin until she swims into clear water. She surfaces in a river in the middle of a tropical rain forest. As she heads ashore she looks at the birds in the trees. She looks for one particular bird. The woman goes into the rainforest, cautiously looking about her. Sensing something, she goes to her left. There she comes upon A NECKLACE MADE OF VARIOUS CRYSTALS. She holds the necklace in anguish for a moment. Suddenly, A LARGE BLACK BIRD comes down on her and rips open the right side of her face with its claws. The woman beats back the bird and it flies off and disappears. EXT. SAN FRANCISCO - DAY The city and the Golden Gate Bridge glisten against the backdrop of San Francisco Bay. INT./EXT. BMW ROADSTER/SAN FRANCISCO STREETS - DAY Driving into the Presidio while talking on his cell phone is fashion photographer ADAM SCHUYLER, late 20s. ADAM ...You've got to do better than that...Maybe I need a new rep... Adam pulls in the parking lot of the PALACE OF FINE ARTS. ADAM Yeah, if I get the commercial it won't be cause of anything you did.

2. EXT. PALACE OF FINE ARTS The COLONNADE is filled with PERSONNEL FOR A MAJOR PHOTO SHOOT. Adam enters and ANNA CHEN, 24, Adam's assistant, comes over. He takes a light meter reading on her. ADAM How are we doing? ANNA We're all set. Got the cameras loaded and ready to go and they're touching up Katrina. ADAM Great, go get her. perfect now. The light's

Anna leaves and JOEL MARKSON, Adam's client, comes over. Joel puts out a cigarette and then lights up another one. ADAM Joel, trust me, it'll be hot. I know Katrina, she's exactly what you want. JOEL I want down and dirty, not some cutesy television teen idol. You better be right about this. ADAM Look, inside every good girl is a bad girl wanting to be ravaged. It's just a matter of making it happen. KATRINA, early 20s, comes over. She's the popular star of a hit teenage television show who's got the patent on the Gorgeous All American Girl Next Door look. ADAM Katrina, how are you doing today? Good. KATRINA I'm ready.

ADAM You need to get in the right mood. Adam runs his fingers through her hair, messing it. He then pulls down one of the straps of her dress, almost exposing her breast.

She goes over to him. ADAM Look. I got business here. . MAN Like I said.3. I'll do what I have to do. KATRINA You really do want to get all my clothes off. Joel jumps over to Adam. You're going The creepy man looks over to Adam and Katrina. Last thing we need is to get sued for sexual harassment. watch it there. We'll leave a little to the imagination. ANNA What kind of business? MAN It's got nothing to do with you. to have to leave. her poses get more erotic and provocative. As he does. don't you? Katrina nods. ANNA If you don't leave right now I'll get security. ADAM You like that. Adam then takes shots of Katrina while directing her to be sexually hot and nasty. MAN I got business here. ADAM Not all of them. Adam finishes the roll and Anna hands him another camera. JOEL Hey. He feels her near her breast. ANNA This is a closed set. Anna then notices A CREEPY LOOKING MAN walking onto to the set. She smiles.

Their momentum carries them onto Adam. . GRAB HIM. ANOTHER SECURITY GUARD grabs Katrina and leads her away from them. knocking him to the ground. Anna and the security guard rush over. Joel. They struggle for a moment and the creepy man throws the guard to the ground. He reaches into his jacket and finally pulls out what he's got in there. The security guard pulls his GUN and aims it at the creepy man. Adam works Katrina into a sexual frenzy.'s very sexually hot between them. The creepy man jumps on top of Adam. Joel grabs the creepy man but he breaks Joel's grip. ANNA JOEL.4. Adam and Katrina are oblivious to this. Adam is now on top of Katrina. JOEL This is going too far. snapping shots of her . The creepy man moves closer to Adam and Katrina. is not amused. near where a gun would be holstered. ADAM What's going on here? The creepy man reaches inside his jacket again. He looks over and sees Anna and the security guard coming towards him. The man bursts over to them but the security guard grabs him. MAN Are you Adam Schuyler? ADAM Yeah. As Joel moves towards Adam the creepy man darts by him. He is transforming her into the male fantasy of the good girl getting nasty. Adam suddenly springs to his feet. what's it to you? The man starts to pull his hand from his jacket but is suddenly tackled by the security guard. He reaches inside his jacket for a moment. Anna goes over to a SECURITY GUARD.

we've got to finish. It's a legal summons. but I nailed it.That's it. Adam is stunned. "ravage me more" smile. She flashes him an alluring . it's just. ANNA I thought you were going to get back together with her? ADAM I want to but I've been really screwing up..Shit! JOEL C'mon. are you all right? ADAM Yeah. JOEL What is that? ADAM Claire's divorcing me. we're wrapped. SECURITY GUARD DROP IT OR I'LL SHOOT! The creepy man then drops SOME PAPERS onto Adam. Adam looks at the papers.. ANNA Adam. I'm done for the day. ADAM Yeah. Adam looks over to Katrina... Anna and Joel comes over to him. you've been served. MAN There.... I'm fine.... The creepy man gets up and walks away.It's over between us. ADAM No. asshole.5. Wrapped! JOEL You only shot two rolls.

Why don't you get us some coffee.6. Adam looks through it and finds a shot of Katrina.Maybe it's silly of me but -Julie suddenly enters with coffee. Warren.DAY Adam's wife. CLAIRE SCHUYLER. CLAIRE (into phone) Let me get back to you on this. is at her desk. INT. It is titled Unwrapped and it's photographs by Adam of models and celebrities naked or semi-naked.. CLAIRE Good. CLAIRE Any messages? Claire enters.LIVING ROOM . GALLERY OFFICE . He goes over to a box of books with a label on them saying "ADVANCE COPIES .. ADAM'S APARTMENT . all she is wearing is a string bikini bottom that is tied in looping knots.. enters the chic and trendy SoHo type art gallery that she manages.It's just. INT. EXT.Oh. He tosses them aside. ..DAY JULIE... please. he's already got the papers. Hi. Shot from her rear... Claire's assistant.The last thing I wanted to do was humiliate him.. Julie leaves. JULIE Charles Milner wants to meet with you. I'm having second thoughts about this..NOT FOR SALE" and picks one up. VERGENNES GALLERY . Claire Schuyler.. CLAIRE Warren Haines. Claire takes her phone and dials. She looks back over her shoulder smiling at the camera as she is about to pull one of the knots loose.Hi. And Warren your lawyer called.DAY Adam reads through the divorce papers..At a photo shoot?.

. passionately kissing and caressing each other. KATRINA What? ADAM I'm sorry.NIGHT Adam and Katrina are naked on the bed. It's got nothing to do with you. Adam enters her. Adam then flips to the page after the title page and stares at it. I can't do this. KATRINA What's the matter? ADAM I can't do this. . He gives her a couple of good thrusts and then looks over at the coffee table and sees his book Unwrapped. Adam gets off of her and starts dressing.7. HOTEL ROOM ..I've got to go. Katrina stares daggers at Adam as he walks out of the room.. He abruptly stops. KATRINA What do you mean you've got to go? ADAM Look. ADAM Fuck it! He exits the apartment with the book. KATRINA What are you doing? ADAM I'm sorry -. INT.. this has been a big mistake. KATRINA C'mon.Fuck me till I scream. fuck me.

It gets so dense that his visibility is zero. I want you. HOTEL Adam exits the hotel. CUT TO: INT. Adam gets into his car. in bed. Please call me. It disappears and another grotesque face appears to him from the fog. He reaches for it. ADAM Claire. He shines the flashlight on it and sees a GROTESQUE MASK-LIKE FACE. The phone next to his bed is ringing. wakes up suddenly. . I got the message. As he goes to his car he gets his He gets Claire's answering machine. it's Adam. He is white with fright as the faces are almost on top of him.DAY Adam. I don't want a divorce. ADAM'S BEDROOM . Adam searches through the fog but it's so thick he can't see beyond a couple of feet. ADAM'S CAR/STREET . INT. EXT. I'll do whatever it takes to get you back. MORE FACES appear out of the fog./EXT. He grabs a flashlight and exits the car. Adam then notices he's in front of a building . They surround Adam. All of sudden Adam sees something moving in the fog towards him. I know I've been screwing up big time and I know that we either get back together or get a divorce. still in a dazed shock. As soon as he puts the phone away patches of fog drift in all around him.8. He stops and then catches glimpses of DARK SHAPES darting around the car. It is eerily silent.NIGHT As Adam drives down a residential street the fog becomes thicker. cell phone and elegant old brownstone.

Claire. On the other side of the window is an ominous mass of fog. When he emerges from the fog a feeling of familiarity hits him. hi. Adam hangs up and notices the blind down on his window.she's gone. INT.. STREET Adam moves towards the bag lady taking pictures of her. ADAM'S CAR/STREET Adam drives slowly through some thick fog on a residential street. For a moment he loses visibility.Yes. He stops the car and looks up and down the street. He goes over to it and pulls the blind open. He goes through them. ADAM'S STREET . Something catches his eye.DAY Patches of fog blow by Adam as he goes to his car.9. ADAM Fuck! He turns back to the bag lady ../EXT. Adam grabs a camera from the glove compartment and and exits the car. INT. I'll see you soon. it's not just talk this time. . He turns and notices he is in front of the same brownstone he saw in his dream.. Mystified by it.This morning? Sure.. He turns to the brownstone ..I don't want to lose you. BROWNSTONE HALLWAY Adam enters a dimly lit hallway and almost immediately comes upon a set of double doors. EXT..Nothing.. I can't lose you..Great. just this dream I had. It is a BAG LADY who is going through garbage across the street.. EXT..the door is wide open. He suddenly hears a creaking sound. ADAM Yeah. he goes in... I am serious about getting back together.Oh.

BROWNSTONE STUDY The study is a large space. As Adam moves inside he notices objects hanging on the walls. and a woman. They are CEREMONIAL MASKS . ADAM Oh my God! The proposal is for Fog City by Chester Molina. The memo has a post-it. I told you someone was here.Hopi Kachina masks.. They are the faces he saw in his dream. burst into the study. There. C.. a HISPANIC POLICEMAN. 30. The Hispanic Policeman quickly frisks and handcuffs Adam. ADAM Holy shit! The masks fascinate Adam. INT.Please Fax. "Paula . PAULA. He opens a blind to get more light and photographs them. A moment later.taken from Native American cultures. HISPANIC POLICEMAN Do you know this man? PAULA Never saw him before in my life. PAULA See. He then notices a memo from Molina to the publishing company. dark and sparsely furnished. Iroquois False Faces. He then notices a desk. etc. ." Adam then hears the sound of the front door closing followed by footsteps. . ASIAN POLICEMAN You have the right to remain silent and to refuse to answer questions.10. He stashes the exposed roll of film down his pants into his underwear. an ASIAN POLICEMAN. ASIAN POLICEMAN You're under arrest for breaking and entering. Adam spots a book proposal for Paradox Press.

11. INT. POLICE STATION - HOLDING AREA - DAY Adam takes from inside his pants the roll of film he hid there and slides it into one of his pockets. A POLICEWOMAN enters. ADAM When am I going to get my phone call? I've got to get a hold of my wife -- she's going to kill me. POLICEWOMAN The lieutenant wants to see you. INT. CAFE - DAY Claire is at a table waiting for Adam. and then leaves. She checks her watch

INT. POLICE STATION - DETECTIVES' SECTION Adam and the policewoman approach Paula, who has just exited Lt. Platini's office. As they pass, Paula glares at Adam. INT. LT. PLATINI'S OFFICE LT. PLATINI is at his desk. PLATINI Uncuff him, please. The policewoman uncuffs Adam and exits. PLATINI Well, it looks like you lucked out. ADAM What do you mean? PLATINI The woman who had you arrested didn't file any charges. It's not her place, she just works there. Her employer is away and won't be back for another day, so no action will be taken on your case until then. But as I understand it, he likes to keep his privacy and since there was nothing taken or damaged she doubts he'll press charges.

12. ADAM Really? PLATINI Yeah, but stay in town for the next couple of days in case he does decide to press charges. ADAM That's no problem. INT. GALLERY - DAY As Adam enters, Claire exits her office on her way out. ADAM Claire, I know you're really pissed -- I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Something came up, something big. CLAIRE This is so typical of you. I should've known you were going to do this to me. ADAM Look, can we talk now? CLAIRE I've got a meeting with a collector. It's probably better that we just get divorced. Claire exits the gallery. EXT. STREET Adam walks with Claire as she goes to her car. ADAM Claire, just let me explain. I know I messed up but just let me explain. CLAIRE This better be good. ADAM You heard of Chester Molina? CLAIRE Can't say that I have. Adam goes after her.

13. ADAM He's this mysterious cult guy who writes books about Indian shamans in the southwest and all the strange things they do, like shapeshifting into animals and fly by riding the wind. Claims it's all true. Anyway, people have been looking for him for years but nobody can find him. And -CLAIRE (cutting in) You just ran into him having a coffee at Starbucks. ADAM No, I didn't exactly run I found where he lives. in San Francisco, if you believe that. (beat) Claire, believe me, this This could be huge. into him, Right here can is big.

CLAIRE And what are you going to do, invade his privacy? ADAM I don't know, I haven't thought about it. But I really do want to find out if all the things he writes about are true. CLAIRE And that's why you stood me up? ADAM That's it. And I didn't stand you up, I'm just way late. CLAIRE Why didn't you call? ADAM Believe me, I wanted to but I got arrested and they wouldn't give me my phone call. CLAIRE You got arrested?

" ADAM A marriage counselor? CLAIRE Every time we try working things out by ourselves we end up at the same dead end.. here's your chance. It just comes down to one thing. we never had any problems until you started in about having a baby. I'm sorry. ADAM It's no big deal. Right now I feel counseling is our only hope. Just give me another chance.14. we've always had problems but you just ignored them. MARITAL & FAMILY COUNSELING. ADAM Okay. don't bother explaining. (beat) Adam.Look. the kids thing. Okay.. CLAIRE You'll do it? . I promise. I'll get it together. make the appointment. You're more important. CLAIRE You think that we never had any problems until I started talking about having children. what's more important to you. they're not going to press charges. the most important. You know. ADAM Oh. this Chester guy or our marriage? ADAM You don't understand. Anyway -CLAIRE Adam. Adam thinks about it. They get to Claire's car. Claire hands Adam a business card. you're right. It's for "SIMON DRAPER INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOTHERAPY. it was in this dream I had and. CLAIRE You want another chance.

DAY Adam and Anna look over the contact sheets of his photos of Katrina. ADAM It's just what the world needs. the woman from the brownstone. INT. they're going to let you shoot the commercial spots for this? ADAM All depends how they like these. . ADAM'S CAR/STREET . ADAM'S LIVING ROOM . ADAM Fuck it! INT. what do you think? ANNA They're hot.DAY Adam enters. He stops at a light and then notices Paula. They're going to sell a lot of perfume. Adam tosses it into a waste paper basket. Anna. ADAM Well. Finally. ADAM I'll do whatever it takes./EXT. CLAIRE Promise? ADAM (kissing her) Promise. another overpriced designer perfume. Adam circles his picks with a grease pencil. As he puts his keys back into his pocket he pulls out the roll of film he shot at the brownstone. PHOTO LAB . Adam fixes on a particularly enticing shot of Katrina. He doesn't know what to do with it.DAY Adam drives down a foggy street. INT. ANNA So. walking down the street with A MAN IN HIS FORTIES.15.

Adam scrolls down to a link for "ARTICLES" and surfs over to an article titled "DOES CHESTER MOLINA REALLY EXIST?" The article has a photo of a young man sporting a crew cut. 1974. See if you can come up with a good beach location. the car Adam hangs up the print between a shot of THE MAN WALKING WITH PAULA and HOPI KACHINA MASK that he took at the brownstone. ADAM'S LIVING ROOM Adam enters from the darkroom. INT. He clicks onto a site called "CHESTER MOLINA . the shots of Katrina are exactly what we want so you're in for directing the commercial spots. He goes to his computer and searches the World Wide Web for sites on Molina. University of Colorado Yearbook. Below the photo a caption reads: "THE ONLY KNOWN PHOTOGRAPH OF CHESTER MOLINA. The The light changes.FACT OR FICTION?" The phone rings. .O. I'll get the boards over to you as soon I can. that could be him. ADAM'S DARKROOM . behind him honks. shot is a blow up of THE MAN HE SAW WITH PAULA. INT." Adam blows up the photo and prints it.16.DAY Adam runs a just developed print through a fixer bath.) It's Joel. Adam doesn't know what to do. INT. You're right. ADAM Shit! Adam pulls over and gets out his camera. JOEL (V. ADAM'S LIVING ROOM . Adam ignores it and the answering machine takes the message. ADAM Oh my God.DAY Adam enters and immediately goes over to the waste paper basket and pulls out the roll of film he threw in there.

GOLDEN GATE PARK Adam exits his car with his camera. EXT. Adam opens the car door. ADAM'S CAR/BROWNSTONE STREET . ADAM Okay. gets into a car./EXT. here goes. Adam follows. Molina doesn't move. All of a sudden Molina exits the brownstone. DARKROOM Adam compares the printout of the Molina photo to the shot of the man with Paula. a large fenced-in meadow where buffalo graze. INT. More buffalo come up behind the beast. Suddenly . INT. He grabs the door handle. The other buffalo follow. ADAM'S CAR Adam tails Molina through heavy traffic down Geary Boulevard. INT. Molina pulls over and exits his car. ADAM'S CAR/PARK PRESIDIO BOULEVARD Adam follows Molina into Golden Gate Park. Adam hides behind some trees. INT... All of the sudden the bull buffalo charges full speed at Molina.Come here. Kennedy Drive.17..DAY Adam is parked across the street from the brownstone. Even with the difference in age they are the same person./EXT. He hurries to catch up with Molina and finds him in the Buffalo Paddock. He stares at it through some fog. INT.. When the big bull gets just a few yards away it suddenly stops. and drives off.Come to me. boy./EXT. ADAM'S CAR/GOLDEN GATE PARK Adam follows Molina down John F. Molina moves among the buffalo without any apparent fear. MOLINA Come. He stares at a BULL BUFFALO that looks like it's going to charge him.

there is no one there. ADAM'S CAR/THE PRESIDIO . Adam swerves to avoid it. Adam hurries over to the tree and retrieves the envelope. However. on his right are thick woods. It is addressed to "ADAM SCHUYLER. He goes up a steep hill and when he reaches the top the Golden Gate Bridge comes into view. he sees ANOTHER CAR coming straight at him. Using his zoom lens Adam sees Molina put an envelope in the crook of a tree. C.What the fuck does that mean?. ADAM Watch out for the fog. Adam looks over to a nearby woods and sees SOMEONE LOOKING AT HIM./EXT. The bull ambles over to him like it's his faithful dog. Molina pets the bull buffalo." Adam doesn't know what to make of it.. INT. It contains a typewritten note that reads: "WATCH OUT FOR THE FOG. The . before he can get a fix on who it is the person steps back out of Adam's sight. M. On his left is a cliff that drops off to Bakers Beach. He then drives into A SMOTHERING CLOUD OF FOG that seems to have appeared out of nowhere." Suddenly. Adam builds up speed and the road quickly winds into a steep downhill curve. Before he can react. Adam opens the envelope.. other buffalo surround Molina. He looks over to the woods again .. Adam is amazed.. ADAM Shit! CUT TO: ANOTHER PART OF THE PARK Adam takes a photo of Molina as Molina walks by A WOMAN READING A BOOK. In the next instant his car crashes violently with Adam's air bag instantly inflating.18. Molina then walks into a nearby woods. Molina then disappears into the thick woods.LINCOLN BOULEVARD Adam drives fast down the winding road.

None of them saw another car anywhere near you. ADAM That's what happened. TOW TRUCK DRIVER It's a good thing you crashed into the support post. The post is all that kept the car from dropping to the rocky shore below. I swear it.There was fog there.he is shocked and bewildered beyond his comprehension. POLICEMAN Would you mind coming down to the station and taking a drug test. .. If you hit anywhere else you'd be down there. ADAM I don't believe this. two from the front.. Adam doesn't respond. A TOW TRUCK DRIVER hooks up Adam's wrecked car as Adam looks over to a POLICEMAN who is questioning some WITNESSES. The policeman comes over to him. One from behind you.19. They say that you were driving down the hill and suddenly swerved into the guard rail. POLICEMAN (pointing to witnesses) Those people all saw the accident. POLICEMAN You're sure about this? ADAM Yeah. Adam breaks out into a sweat . LATER Adam's car is crashed head-on into a post supporting the guard rail that runs along the cliff. that's exactly what happened. POLICEMAN Now you said you drove into some fog and then saw another car coming at you and swerved to avoid it and then crashed into the guard rail. They all said there was no fog...

. LI I own this house with my husband.. Can I please speak to the owner of this house? MRS... I'll be there.I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. ADAM'S CAR/BROWNSTONE STREET .. ADAM A drug test? Sure../EXT. MRS. Adam's cell phone rings.Claire. ADAM'S LIVING ROOM . .20. AMY LI..DAY It is a sunny day. ADAM Adam.. expecting Molina. EXT. ADAM Ah. is quite taken aback. an Asian woman in her 50s. MRS..No.Don't worry... something really strange just happened to me and I want to get to the bottom of it.Tomorrow?.Yeah. ADAM Oh. LI Can I help you? Adam. test me. I'm with the local neighborhood watch.NIGHT Adam reads Molina's book The Shaman's Apprentice..Bye. no one by that name lives here. LI No.. He gets it from his jacket. I'm Mrs. BROWNSTONE Adam rings the doorbell. in the morning I'm going to pay someone a visit.Look. Adam parks and stares at the house. yes.. Molina lived here.. INT.. two o'clock is fine. comes to the door.. Amy Li. INT. It's just me and my husband Harry.. I was under the impression that a Mr.

ADAM Well. ADAM I don't know if this is a big joke or something but I know I was here the other day.. comes to the door. ADAM . into your living room. Adam takes out his wallet and shows them the contents. Mr. I was in this house the other day and Chester Molina definitely lived here. you're very mistaken. LI What do you want? MRS. cash. Just take this with the money and everything and let me into the house for a minute. Finally.21. He's got the wrong house. Just yesterday a man named Chester Molina lived here. just for a minute. I just want to see if I was really here. MR. . LI He says he's with the neighborhood watch. I'm not trying to rob you or anything like that. MR. Mr.. See.. you must have been somewhere else. Li takes the wallet. (beat) Look. that's very strange. 50s. Li look at each other as Adam holds out the wallet. HARRY LI. LI No. ADAM Look. just my wife and I live here. Please. LI I'm sorry. I just want to see it. ADAM I was under the impression that a Chester Molina lived here..Here's my California driver's license with my current address. an Asian man. and Mrs. just let me in your house. credit cards. MR.

. BROWNSTONE HALLWAY Adam enters and sees that it is very different from the hallway he was in the other day. Li is holding out Adam's wallet. LI .22.. MR. INT. Adam turns to him. MRS.could you just move this a little so I can see underneath? Mr. MR. LI About four years now. This is not the house I was in the other day. Mister. Adam goes over to a painting that hangs on one of the walls. ADAM Could I is now a well furnished sitting room. That's when we last redecorated this room. totally stunned now.. Adam moves away from the wall.. Li calls over to him. (pointing to study) I just want to go in there and that's it. LI For one minute. Adam heads for the door. INT. ADAM I don't need to see any more.. ADAM Oh my God. I'm very sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you. my God.I don't believe this. Mr. ADAM That's been hanging there for years. BROWNSTONE STUDY The study is a completely different room than the one Adam was in before . Adam sees that the paint underneath it is lighter than that on the rest of the wall. Mr. Li lifts the painting. ADAM Oh..

EXT. EXT. ADAM I was arrested the other day for breaking and entering but no charges were pressed.E .L .Y . No arrests. Adam Schuyler. Shaken and confused. ADAM What do you mean there's no record of my arrest? DESK SERGEANT There's no record of you. INT. Got nothing here. SIXTH PRECINCT . he leans against the car and breaks out into a sweat.DAY Adam enters the Sixth Precinct.U . no outstanding warrants. LI Your wallet.H .23. . That's S .LOBBY/FRONT DESK Adam goes to the DESK SERGEANT at the front desk. DESK SERGEANT Nope. you're in the clear. SIXTH PRECINCT . there's not even a record of your arrest. Guess ADAM No charges have been filed? DESK SERGEANT No.C . MR.R. DESK SERGEANT What's your name? ADAM Schuyler. I want to see if charges were filed since then. I was taken to this precinct. The desk sergeant types the name into his computer. BROWNSTONE Adam crosses the street to his car.

He goes to the darkroom. a drug related arrest? ADAM No. Platini? There's no Lt. I was just in his office a couple of days ago.. ADAM'S LIVING ROOM . What was this. FUCK! INT. I know I was arrested. ADAM Look. You must've been to some other precinct.. but I know there's no Lt. I don't remember the names of the officers who arrested me but I was questioned by Lt. buddy. I'll check. Platini. They are different now: the photos of Molina's study show the Li's sitting room.DAY Adam enters and locks the door. Platini here. POLICE STATION Adam exits the station. He breaks into a sweat and throws the prints all over the room. The desk sergeant plugs Platini's name into the computer. DESK SERGEANT Sorry. DESK SERGEANT Lt.24. INT. ADAM'S DARKROOM In a frenzy Adam looks over the the prints he took of Molina. EXT. ADAM Don't give me that. Li. DESK SERGEANT It looks like you got it all wrong. He gives a trash can a hard kick. not even a clerk. the shots of Molina and Paula show Mr. ADAM . and Mrs.I guess I got it all wrong. and the pictures taken at the park show no trace of Molina. There's nobody named Platini in the Department. Platini here.

. . ADAM Sorry I'm late. Adam sits next to Claire. they've already started. there is no trace of Molina and Paula on the negatives.LATER Adam holds the card from the marriage counselor. DRAPER'S OFFICE Adam enters. RECEPTIONIST Yes. INT. back turned to him. voice. Using his enlarger he projects them onto the wall. Everything about Draper .DAY Adam enters and goes to the RECEPTIONIST. ADAM'S LIVING ROOM .is exactly identical to Lt. He then takes the negatives of Molina from a file. DRAPER'S OFFICE .It's just that you look familiar.he can't help staring at her. Platini. Draper picks up on Adam's reaction. DRAPER Is something the matter? He checks . DRAPER I'm Simon Draper. it's just that. Adam is stunned again. I have an appointment with my wife Claire. RECEPTIONIST Is there something wrong? ADAM No. There's something about the receptionist . Same story.25. DRAPER is sitting in an easy chair.. INT. I hope we can all work together for the benefit of your marriage. ADAM I'm Adam Schuyler.looks. Claire sits on a couch across from Draper.RECEPTION AREA . etc. INT. his watch and exits.

Claire and Draper don't know what to make of this.26. what's wrong? ADAM I can't go through with this.. (getting up) I'm outta here. Are you a policeman? DRAPER No. DRAPER Please tell me what's going on. just let me ask you a question. tell us what's going on. I'm a doctor of psychology. It could help. . CLAIRE Adam. DRAPER What? CLAIRE Adam. ADAM That's what I thought you'd say. ADAM No. ADAM Have you ever seen me before? DRAPER No. CLAIRE What do you mean you can't go through with this? ADAM I'm not going to bother trying to explain because I really don't understand it myself. ADAM I don't believe this. (beat) Okay. it's just too crazy. I don't think anybody could understand.. I never saw you before now. DRAPER Why don't you sit down and talk about it.

RECEPTION AREA Adam enters. Adam suddenly recognizes her. Adam gets in.27. I live in Burlingame. it was in the police station. RECEPTIONIST That was quick. the one in North Beach. I've never been to any of the police stations here. . Claire exits Draper's office CLAIRE What's going on. and goes over to Adam. that figures. okay? INT. INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE DRAPER'S OFFICE Adam waits for the elevator. ADAM I know where I saw you. Whatever it is. Although her hair. DRAPER'S OFFICE . The elevator comes. ADAM I don't want to talk about it. Adam? ADAM I don't want to talk about it. and clothes are very different she is the policewoman who escorted Adam to Platini's office back at the 6th Precinct. ADAM Yeah. If we don't talk about it we won't be able to save our marriage. He looks back at Claire and Draper. make-up. Adam goes to the door. CLAIRE I know you're really upset about something. well. we've got to talk about it. RECEPTIONIST Couldn't have been me.

She stops at the water. ANNA I hope you get back with her. ANNA This is great. It's just this thing with Claire. ANNA Are you okay? You don't seem yourself today? ADAM I'm all right.NIGHT Adam sits on the couch staring blankly into the dark space. driving a cherry 1964 FORD MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE. ANNA (getting in) Where's the Beamer? ADAM It's in the shop. Claire's great.28. It's going to be fun going to the beach in this. okay? We'll talk about it later. Want to give me a run through here? Anna walks through the rocks to the ocean. ADAM'S LIVING ROOM . I promise. They come upon some large rocks. EXT. who is waiting for him outside her building.DAY Adam and Anna walk along a rocky beach. pulls up to Anna. INT. photos of her. STREET . Adam takes . EXT. I'm going to be using this for a while. we'll talk about it. ADAM This looks good. ADAM Look. BEACH .DAY Adam. Just not today.

smothering it.more heavy fog closing in on him./EXT. ANNA Can you drop me off at the store? ADAM Sure.. EXT..NIGHT Adam is driving Anna home. Finally. They sit in silence.. ANNA What do you think? Adam. It is starting to get foggy there.29.There's fog coming in. it's going to be sunny and clear all day today and tomorrow. almost chokes him. ADAM I hope so.Someone help meeeee. he dashes out of the car. Adam doesn't know what to do. disturbed.. He looks in back of him . ANNA What is it? ADAM Fog. WOMAN'S VOICE Help me. INT.. I checked with the weather service. STREET Adam runs for his life through the fog. He pulls over and then watches in fear as the fog surrounds the car. ANNA It's just haze. Adam pulls up at the store and Anna gets out.. Anna spots a grocery store up the street. It is so thick it Finally SUDDENLY HE HEARS A WOMAN'S VOICE SCREAMING IN TERROR. ADAM'S CAR/STREET . He turns onto another street but the fog is heavier there. no fog. he breaks out into a sweat.. . looks out over the ocean.. No clouds. He drives off and then turns onto a side street.

. it is Mrs. no blood on the ground.DAY Adam is parked across the street from the brownstone. However. He is hoping that he will see either Molina or Paula.. Adam looks on. watches Mrs. SLITS THE STRUGGLING WOMAN'S THROAT. them. INT. IT IS MOLINA. ../EXT..he cannot see either of their faces. They come close in on him.. blood flows from her neck into a large puddle. anxiously watching it. The fog begins to clear and he sees A WOMAN being held by A MAN. Adam runs away from More shrieks and screams.Help meeeeee. horrified. THE MAN THEN Molina then disappears into the fog. He drives away. Adam walks over to the woman. Li walk down the street. WOMAN'S VOICE Help me. The life slowly drains out of the woman's body and she falls to the ground. Adam tenses up. As he gets there a huge cloud of fog suddenly blows in and completely envelopes him. They are turned away from Adam . The fog then suddenly blows away. ADAM Oh my God. ADAM'S CAR/BROWNSTONE .. Adam is paralyzed with fright. He turns a corner and then notices another street.Please help meeee. He goes down it.. Adam.30. this time coming to him from all directions.. The man turns to Adam to reveal himself. Adam suddenly sees a knife in the man's hand. He walks away not knowing what to make of this. Li exiting the house. The screams come from in front of him. The door to the brownstone slowly opens. disappointed. It looks very similar to the street with the brownstone. Adam looks around him there is no woman.

31. Finally. CLAIRE What weird thing were you going through? ADAM It was just this weird thing. CLAIRE I'm just wasting my time. ADAM It's interesting. Claire comes to the table. . Tension grows as they look each other in the eyes. He doesn't know what to make of it and drives off. Adam notices the NECKLACE Claire is wearing. to talk about my jewelry? ADAM I'm sorry for walking out like that. Where'd you get it? CLAIRE A friend gave it to me. are you going to tell me what this weird thing was? Claire waits for a response but doesn't get one.It was this weird thing I was going through. Claire gets up to leave. EXT. Adam jumps up after her. OUTDOOR CAFE . It CLAIRE So. He is oblivious of a BUSBOY who comes by with water and menus. Adam stops in front of building that is almost identical to the Molina/Li brownstone. won't happen again.DAY Adam is at a table. It won't happen again. CLAIRE Is that why you asked me here. It is a turquoise and onyx eagle inlaid in silver done American Indian style. ADAM Nice necklace...

I really need to know that you're going to be there for me and our children if we start a family.. They both sit down again.It's a whole bunch of things I've been going through lately. exactly like him.. Why else would I do something like that? CLAIRE I thought you didn't want to go through with the counseling. ADAM Okay.. It's just. I'll tell you. I know it was a real asshole thing to do and I'm sorry.I don't know. Look. ADAM Wait. Claire.32. .. I need to know that deep down inside you love me.The marriage counselor looked exactly like this cop I had this run-in with a while back.. CLAIRE That's it? ADAM That's it. CLAIRE I know it's the hardest thing in the world for you to bare your soul but I need that level of commitment from you. I was having a really bad day and when I saw him I just lost it like you saw. I swear it's the truth. ADAM Why would you think that? CLAIRE Because you would have to sit down and talk about your feelings about me and our marriage and starting a family and I think that scares you.. I really am sorry. Adam doesn't respond.

33. WAITER Would you like to order now? CLAIRE I'll just have a latte. Go Claire flips to the dedication page.." . CLAIRE Oh. ADAM It's not. which is right after the title page. it's just hard for me to express it sometimes. to the second page. ADAM Yeah. The waiter departs. THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME. a latte sounds good. CLAIRE Will you go back to the same marriage counselor? ADAM Sure. He hands it to Claire. ADAM I do love you. It reads. Claire. A WAITER comes over to the table. it's an advance copy. CLAIRE What's wrong? ADAM Nothing. Adam is startled . it's nothing. I'll go back. I thought it wasn't supposed to be out until April. that's no problem.Anyway. "FOR CLAIRE. I got something for you. Adam takes a copy of his book from a shopping bag by his feet. I'll do whatever it takes to get back together with you again. your book.the waiter is identical to the Asian Policeman who arrested him at Molina's house. Adam looks around and notices ANOTHER WAITER who is identical to the Hispanic Policeman who arrested him at Molina's..

Claire is touched. INT.34. And I really do want to have kids and have a family with you. Hot for each other they caress and Claire's cell phone rings. I'm trying. Claire. I really am. Claire -.. It doesn't take long for them to get passionate. CLAIRE Now I remember why I married you. ADAM I really mean it. CLAIRE Oh. ADAM You going to get that? CLAIRE No.. this is so nice. ADAM Look. CLAIRE Let's go to your place. The phone keeps ringing. believe me. hands some of the contents to Adam. kiss. ADAM'S LIVING ROOM . Adam. I know I got a problem expressing what I really feel and all that but. tears come to her eyes. She . Claire reaches in her bag but can't find the are the best thing that ever happened to me and I love you more than anything. CLAIRE Just a second. They kiss. Claire takes a moment to dry her eyes. ADAM Good idea.DAY Adam and Claire enter.

CLAIRE Let's get back to business.ADAM AND CLAIRE MAKING LOVE Adam and Claire are shown in various stages of their lovemaking.. ADAM'S BEDROOM . . CLAIRE There. too.So now you're in with the Emery Museum? CLAIRE Not really.. a friend of mine works there." CLAIRE What is it? ADAM Oh. They are both passionate and playful towards each other.35. DISSOLVE TO: LATER Adam and Claire lie wrapped in each other's arms. (beat) You know. CLAIRE I missed it. Adam sees that he's holding a card with A PHOTOGRAPH OF THE HOPI KACHINA MASK he saw at Molina's house.. Claire takes the postcard and puts it back in her bag. we just could've made a baby. "THE MASKS OF AMERICA. nothing. The card is an invitation for a members party at the Emery Museum celebrating their new exhibit. DISSOLVE TO: INT. She finally finds the phone and shuts it off. ADAM This is what I missed the most -lying here with you like this. ADAM I don't believe this.MONTAGE . Now we'll have the whole rest of the day to ourselves..

. Adam. All of the sudden. (back) Adam. ADAM Yeah. CLAIRE He'll come back later. this again.36. We're not CLAIRE Oh. but. ready for kids. the sound of the apartment buzzer is heard. CLAIRE We're going to have to if we're ever going to get back together again. I'll be right back. you're not ready for kids. ADAM Look. ADAM'S LIVING ROOM Adam goes to the apartment intercom. not now. Adam puts on his bathrobe. ADAM I don't want to get into this. Adam reacts negatively to this. what is it about a baby that scares you? Is it that you're going to have to deal with a whole new range of feelings towards another human being? Is that what scares you? Adam doesn't respond. Adam gets up. CLAIRE What's the matter? You just said you wanted to start a family with me. okay? INT. No. CLAIRE You're going to answer that? ADAM It's probably a messenger with some stuff for the commercial I'm shooting.

O. CLAIRE (O. Adam hits the front door buzzer. kind of trouble? Is she in some HERNANDEZ She was found dead last night.S.O. JOHNSON Do you know an Anna Chen? ADAM She's my assistant. We'd like to ask you a couple questions.) Adam Schuyler? ADAM Yes.S. ADAM What? JOHNSON She was found dead on a street near where she lived. We'd like to ask you some questions. JOHNSON I'm Detective Johnson. MAN'S VOICE (V. They show Adam their badges.37. . CLAIRE (O.) The police? There is a knock on the door. ADAM Yeah? MAN'S VOICE (V. JOHNSON and HERNANDEZ.) Who is it? ADAM (so Claire can hear) It's the police. Adam opens it and there are two plain clothes detectives. this is Detective Hernandez. She was murdered.) San Francisco Police. ADAM Sure.

Somebody murdered her. ADAM I'm all right now. gasping desperately for air.. Claire enters.38.Oh my God.It's nothing.NIGHT Adam and Claire are in bed asleep. INT.. ADAM Oh my God... . This totally stuns Adam. ADAM'S BEDROOM .It's just.. CLAIRE Are you okay? Adam settles down.. Adam is tossing and Adam wakes up with a jolt... no.. Must've been right after you dropped her off. Claire holds him. (beat) If you don't mind me asking. I dropped her off at a grocery store in her neighborhood about seven o'clock. CLAIRE What's going on? ADAM Anna's dead. JOHNSON You were with Anna Chen yesterday? ADAM We were out all day on a location scout. He is hyperventilating.. how was she killed? Hernandez and Johnson look at each other. turning. CLAIRE Oh. This wakes up Claire. HERNANDEZ She was going home from the store and somebody slit her throat.

are you okay? ADAM It's. I'll be all right. CLAIRE Are you sure you don't want to talk about this? Yeah. You just can't keep them all bottled inside like you do.Adam. (beat) Believe me. . CLAIRE Do you want to talk about it? ADAM No. you've got to start talking about the things that bother you.It's the fog.. Pause ...39.. ADAM Look..they look at each other. CLAIRE Adam. Claire wakes up again. you'll feel better. you know? CLAIRE Then you should talk about it. ADAM Just let me be.. Adam is frightened and yet at the same time fascinated by it.It's just been a bad day. On the other side of the glass just inches away from him is FOG..Look at it.all the hurt and anguish. You got to get them out on the surface so you can let go of them.No... They kiss.. (beat) Why don't you just go back to sleep.. CLAIRE Adam... ADAM If I could I would.... just let it all out -. Claire goes back to sleep and then Adam goes over to the window. I'm okay. Adam pulls up the window shade. I'll be here for you. Finally.

He takes the phone and dials. Claire takes his hand and leads INT. GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE . MEDICAL OFFICE BUILDING Adam parks in the building's parking lot. Paths Of Power.. MEDICAL OFFICE BUILDING .DAY Adam scans the PSYCHIATRISTS SECTION in the Yellow Pages but can't decide on anybody. ADAM'S LIVING ROOM . disturbed by what he reads. you know.. I was thinking that maybe I should see somebody. ADAM Claire.NIGHT Adam is reading a book by Molina. honey. He hesitates before He is INT. like a psychiatrist. . come to bed. CLAIRE C'mon.40.DAY Adam drives to Marin County. I think I want to be alone for the next day or two. Thanks for being there for me last night. LESLIE WEIR exits her office with a PATIENT. him back to the bed. Weir's office. Weir's office.No. he is alone there. Adam pulls down the shade. it's Adam.. entering. to talk to. INT..WAITING ROOM Adam sits impatiently. DR. After a moment....HALLWAY Adam walks up to Dr.Do you know anyone?.. EXT. ADAM'S LIVING ROOM . Claire gets up and goes over to him. WEIR'S OFFICE .. INT..I guess I'm okay..That would be great. On the passenger seat is a piece of note paper with directions to a Dr..Anyway. DR. EXT.

I did but. DR.. WEIR Let's get back to Anna -. Doctor. Adam gets a jolt when he sees her ... but maybe it started out as a robbery and it just got ugly.she is identical to Molina's assistant. However.. He . I'm Dr.. Leslie Weir..That's what I saw. Weir talks to the patient and doesn't look at Adam. Weir turns to Adam.. WEIR But didn't the police say it wasn't a robbery.. looks at Dr.I don't know how to explain it..Some junkie or somebody trying to rob her. DR. WEIR ..why do you think she was murdered? ADAM I don't know.We'll talk more about this next time.. WEIR You must be Adam. Weir not saying anything.I don't know what I saw. Finally. WEIR So you think Molina killed Anna? ADAM I don't know. INT.I did see him slit some woman's throat.. PATIENT Thanks... Dr.. DR.. WEIR'S OFFICE Adam sits on a couch while Dr. The patient exits and Dr... Paula. DR. Weir sits opposite him. DR.41. ADAM Yeah. WEIR But you said you saw Chester Molina kill Anna? ADAM Yeah.. DR.. DR.

WEIR Well.I know it sounds crazy but he's doing it to me. what am I to him. ADAM'S BEDROOM .I mean..42. WEIR Even if I believed that Molina could do these things there would have to be a reason to validate his actions. tell you that. yes.. these experiences are real and that he was the one who killed Anna? Again.It's like I'm in one of his books. He's really doing it to me.. INT. this is so fucking weird...this is the kind of thing Molina does. WEIR Say what you were going to say. WEIR Do you think you were seeing things? ADAM I must have been but-Adam cuts himself off.. DR. DR. DR. .. if you think that Molina is doing all these things to you then why are you seeing a psychiatrist? Adam doesn't respond. ADAM This stuff that's happening to me my dreams. Adam doesn't respond. DR. it's all over his books. DR.God. He pulls out the pair of pants he was wearing the night Anna was murdered. WEIR Maybe you want me to validate Molina for you.. He sees dried blood by the cuff... Why is Molina doing this to you? What reason would he have to kill Anna? ADAM That's what I don't understand -. the fog -.DAY Adam sorts through his dirty clothes to do his laundry.

Adam goes to his closet and pulls out the shoes he wore that night.. who are receiving condolences by the front door. I can't tell you how sorry I looks familiar. it cuts him. Adam stands in front of Anna's casket and says a silent prayer.DAY Adam takes a blow-up of the tread pattern he photographed on the sidewalk and compares it to the sole of his bloodstained shoe .. EXT. His eyes begin to tear. He finds on the sidewalk a large blotch of dried blood.DAY Adam looks over the street where he saw Molina kill the woman.. EXT. STREET . He studies the tread pattern . ADAM'S DARKROOM . INT. Shocked.43. INT. what is happening here?.DAY Adam opens the glove compartment and takes out a camera. FUNERAL PARLOR . INT. FUNERAL PARLOR . He then notices a LARGE JACKKNIFE in the glove compartment. He opens it up and feels the blade with his thumb . ADAM God. to his car. He goes . There is dried blood on the soles and on the sides of the uppers. MR. ADAM'S CAR . ADAM I'm Adam Schuyler. Next to the blotch he finds a footprint of dried blood with a distinctive tread pattern.they match. CHEN (taking Adam's hand) Thank you. AND MRS. MR.. Anna was my assistant.NIGHT It is Anna's wake. CHEN.NIGHT Adam goes to over to Anna's's very sharp.

. Adam is thrown to the ground again. CHEN Is something the matter? ADAM The fog. I've got to go. CHEN What fog? ADAM Don't you see it? Mr. collapse. She All of a sudden Adam notices a bank of fog moving down the street. Chen looks to where Adam is looking. MRS. The ground shakes more violently than before and a STREET LAMP crashes down just missing him.. Buildings shake and There is no fog. MR. CHEN Anna always spoke well of you. Chen look at Adam like he's seeing things. ADAM Oh my God. The fog recedes into the distance as Adam manages to get back up. He turns around but there he sees another patch of fog that is closing on him. Mrs. The ground starts to shake and Adam is thrown off his feet. MRS. ADAM Sorry. . Suddenly there is a rumble.. MRS. and Mrs. enjoyed working for you. As he turns the corner he looks for it but all he can see is a mass of fog that is moving rapidly up the street towards him. Adam rushes to his car.44. Adam tries to move out of the fog but it overtakes him. CHEN There's no fog. HE IS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MOTHER OF ALL EARTHQUAKES.. this can't be happening.

It knocks him over. chunks of buildings collapsing and roll into the street. an explosion from a nearby gas main sends out a fireball that rips open the street. ADAM Who are you? The woman puts her hand over Adam's mouth. THE GROUND HEAVES AND DIPS. It's going to fall on Adam. stunning and wounding him. He barely gets up in time to avoid it. MORE VIOLENT SHAKING OF THE EARTH. MORE RUMBLINGS. He closes his eyes and then opens them again . hurling debris onto Adam. The boulevard is chaos beyond belief with cars crashing into one another. water gushing like geysers out of broken water mains. He looks up and sees a car rolling over on its side. Adam heads to the main boulevard. The ground heaves again tossing him about. Suddenly Adam is being pulled up and led away. In a moment they are out of the fog and the street is recognizable again. He is bruised and bloody all over and there is a large gash over his eye. Adam forces himself to remain conscious.the tumbling vehicle is just seconds away. All of a sudden he sees the pavement split apart from beneath his feet. Adam also sees PART OF A TATTOO on her right arm near her wrist. He is being led into a patch of fog by A WOMAN WITH LONG BLACK HAIR. Adam sees that the car is going to crush him but he can't move. MORE RUMBLING AND BUILDINGS COLLAPSING.she is Native American. WOMAN That was close but you'll be all right. He leaps to safe ground. and has a scar on the right side of her face. Asphalt from the explosion is imbedded in the gash. its momentum hurling it straight to Adam. Adam looks closely at the woman . 30s. There is no sign anywhere of damage from an earthquake. Adam makes his way into a patch of open space.45. CRASHES AND EXPLOSIONS ARE SEEN AND HEARD. etc. Suddenly. A facade from a nearby building starts to collapse. The car rolls on by just barely missing him. .

.DAY Adam is in a comatose state of shock.NIGHT The woman pulls up her car to the Emergency Room entrance. CAR . The phone rings. Adam doesn't move...NIGHT The Native American woman drives while Adam is passed out in the front seat. The woman takes her hand away.) Hi. HOSPITAL . clicks on and records the message. We'll meet again when you have your strength back. The woman rings the Emergency Room buzzer and quickly goes to her car and drives off as Adam calls out to her.46.Who are you? She's gone. ADAM'S LIVING ROOM .O. it's Claire. (MORE) . She takes him to the entrance and sets him against the building.. The answering machine CLAIRE (V.How can this be?. He still wears the same torn and bloodstained clothes he had on the previous night... INT. He holds a plastic bag containing bits of asphalt. ADAM Wait.. save your strength.There was an earthquake. A NURSE comes out to help Adam.. She pulls a groggy Adam from the car. INT. WOMAN Don't talk. There is a large bandage covering the gash over his eye. I made an appointment with the marriage counselor for the thirty-first at two o'clock. ADAM How can this be?. He looks around and sees the street as he saw it before he went into the fog. EXT. WOMAN You're safe for now but he will be coming back for you.

Around it is some loose sign that there ever was an earthquake. all cleaned up now. EXT.DAY Adam looks over a blow-up of the photo he took of the bag lady. Adam then notices a spot on the street where there was some recent street repair work. He picks some up . ADAM So. She has the same scar. CLAIRE (CONT'D. There is no damage there . He then looks at a blow-up of the woman Molina walked by at the lake in Golden Gate Park. He's seen her before but where? He then hears the grinding of a garbage truck coming from the street below. Also. Adam goes to the window and looks at the GARBAGEMEN dumping his building's trash into the truck. Adam compares the photos to his drawing of the Native American who pulled him out of the earthquake .DAY Adam looks at the street where he was during the earthquake. that's who you are.O. The answering machine clicks off.) I hope you can make it then. She has a scar on the right side of her face. ADAM'S DARKROOM . I have to be there and I would really like it if you would go with me. STREET .they are like the bits of asphalt he had in the plastic bag.they are the same woman. V. ADAM Garbage! INT. I want you to be my escort for the Bay Area Artists Against Aids benefit on Monday. just like the woman who pulled him out of the earthquake.47. makes a sketch of the Native American Woman. Adam hasn't moved. LATER Adam. .

JOHNSON What kind of personal items was she wearing that day -. Hernandez starts taking notes. there was nobody around. As he goes to his building he notices two men on the steps there buzzing an apartment.. I had a run-in the other night. uh. you said you were with Anna Chen just before she was murdered? ADAM I dropped her off at the grocery store on the way back from some beaches we were scouting. HERNANDEZ Any witnesses? ADAM No. JOHNSON They rob you? ADAM No. I guess they were just looking for someone to beat up. They are Detectives Johnson and Hernandez.A gang of kids. JOHNSON Now. jewelry? ADAM She had on her watch and her bracelet.. HERNANDEZ What kind of watch? . ADAM'S STREET . ADAM You looking for me? The detectives turn to Adam.DAY Adam parks and exits his car. They instantly notice his cuts JOHNSON What happened to you? ADAM Ah.48. and bruises.

I never saw her without it. they look at him suspiciously. JOHNSON Excuse me. could you call us. ADAM Sure. Anna wore it for good luck. What's the matter. JOHNSON What was the bracelet like? ADAM It was three Chinese coins attached to a gold chain. The coins had square holes punched out in the center. not that I remember. . HERNANDEZ We're not at liberty to reveal that. Just the watch and her bracelet. ADAM A gold wristwatch with a gold chain. If you think of anything else. you're not planning to go out of town anytime soon. HERNANDEZ And was she wearing it the day she was killed? ADAM Yeah. she always wore it. Adam turns to the detectives. JOHNSON Thanks. JOHNSON She wear anything else that day? Earrings? Necklace? ADAM No.49. Guess it didn't work. Adam walks past the detectives to the building's front door. It matched the bracelet she always wore. I gave it to her for her birthday last year. is something missing? Hernandez closes his notebook.

Adam turns back to the detectives. ADAM'S BATHROOM .Is there anybody there? No answer. There is something dark in the back of the fog but she can't make out what it is. CLAIRE Who are you?. It's swollen and all stitched up.50. The sound stops.DAY Adam stands naked before the medicine cabinet mirror. She's safe. Claire hears a JINGLING SOUND from in back of her. That really hurts. Adam checks out the gash that was beneath the bandage. thick fog makes the visibility only a few feet. THE JINGLING GETS LOUDER. The dark figure stops. I'm not. Claire then gets up and runs to her building. . body is all bruised and cut.. quickly unlocking the front gate and slamming it shut. Tense stillness for a moment. Claire trips and falls to the ground. She A She looks in back of her. She looks back and sees a DARK FIGURE approaching her. EXT.. It hurts. stops. As they get in their car they both turn and look back at Adam. resigned and confused as to what's happening to him. JOHNSON Good. She runs. CLAIRE'S APARTMENT BUILDING . He lets the pain pass and then pulls off the bandage in one swift motion.NIGHT Claire exits her car and goes to her apartment building. The detectives go to their car. We might need you for further questioning. She walks a few steps and then THE SOUND OF THE JINGLING GETS LOUDER AND CLOSER. ADAM No. The fog gets thicker around Claire. He looks at himself. His He pulls a little on the bandage over his eye. INT.

The dark figure then slowly approaches the gate./EXT. DR... All that can be seen of him is a BRIGHT GOLD OBJECT that he holds in his hand.. He tosses it in his hand .I really don't know.AS IT FALLS INTO HIS HAND IT MAKES THE JINGLING SOUND. Weir. INT. DR. Adam weaves in and through the dense traffic to catch up to the car. DR.. The driver of the car turns and looks at Adam.. Adam goes after it. Embarrassed. you have any idea who she is? . He suddenly notices up ahead of him a car that looks exactly like the car of the Native American woman. It is a HISPANIC MAN with a mustache and beard. Adam catches up to it and sees that the driver has long black hair.So what do you think happened to you the other night? ADAM I don't know.It seems impossible that I actually was in an earthquake but the Indian woman -she was there and she knows about Molina.51. She enters her building. WEIR So you think that you were actually in an earthquake? ADAM I don't know where I was. DR... Weir. WEIR What about the Indian woman -. She looks into the fog but there is nothing to be seen or heard. He runs a red light just to keep up. WEIR'S OFFICE Adam is having another session with Dr. WEIR . He pulls up to the side of the fast moving car and honks his horn. ADAM'S CAR/LOMBARD STREET . Adam slows up and lets the car pull away from him..DAY Adam is driving to a session with Dr.

I can't let the situation get any more out of hand. you can't account for some of the situations you find yourself in... . I don't but she's real. DR. She didn't disappear from them like Molina. WEIR Adam. You've developed a severe psychosis where you're not even aware of some of the things that you're doing.. DR. ADAM No. WEIR Did you ever consider that this Indian woman could be someone who you see on the street or wherever and somehow got incorporated into your grand delusional scheme about Molina and the fog? Adam doesn't respond. You think I'm a whacked out paranoid schizophrenic murderer. ADAM You think I killed Anna. WEIR You don't think it was Anna's blood? Adam doesn't respond. Weir looks straight into his eyes. WEIR Do you think you could have blacked out that night? ADAM I suppose it's possible. Dr. She knows what's going on. I have the photos of her. WEIR What about the blood you found on your shoes? Where do you think it came from? ADAM I don't know.She knows Molina is doing this to me. don't you? DR. DR. I'm going to prescribe some medication for you.. DR.52.

He moves in front of her and gets a good look at her face. You're a danger to yourself and quite possibly to others.NIGHT Adam hands a prescription to a PHARMACIST. The waitress notices Adam and holds out her tray to him.53. ADAM No. Why don't I just call your doctor to confirm this? Adam grabs the prescription. WEIR You need something to steady your moods and perceptions. INT. Works of art hang on the walls and are scattered throughout the large event room. BAY AREA ARTISTS AGAINST AIDS BENEFIT . that's okay -. It's probably a mistake. Adam stands on the periphery.NIGHT The benefit is packed with ALL SORTS OF ARTISTS AND MEDIA TYPES. He goes after her. . PHARMACIST You sure this is right? ADAM I guess it is. ADAM Medication? DR. DRUG STORE . He sees that she is A WAITRESS passing out cups of wine. surveying the wild scene. working his way through the crowd. It is not the Native American woman. He suddenly sees A WOMAN in the crowd who from the back looks like the Native American woman. Adam gets right in back of the woman. Why do you ask? PHARMACIST This is a what they use in institutions for very violent aggressive types. I don't want to see anybody else get hurt. Adam is disappointed. Finally.I'll check with her myself. INT.

I want to get somebody's number? I won't be long. no thanks. Adam enters and finds his and Claire's coats. He feels something strange in one of them. WAITRESS Would you like some wine? ADAM Ah.54. The waitress turns to another person. Adam checks the front pockets and then the inside pockets of his jacket. Do you have a pen. this is just about wrapping up. anybody going to get my coat? There is no one there. Claire comes up to him and Adam gives her her coat. Do you mind? CLAIRE No. spots Claire and goes over to her.Hello. CLAIRE Thanks. not really. CLAIRE You should at least mingle a bit. As he approaches he sees A HANDSOME MAN IN HIS 40s exiting the booth. ADAM I'll get our coats.. He puts his on and exits the booth. ADAM Anybody here?.. Anyway. CLAIRE How are you doing? ADAM No. Adam goes to the coat check booth. CLAIRE What's the matter? A moment later he Talk to anybody? . I want to go. ADAM I just don't feel like talking. At the coat check booth Adam doesn't see anyone there.

CLAIRE Was something going on between you and Anna? ADAM No.. Adam notices Claire in the crowd.NIGHT Adam and Claire walk to Adam's car. and bewildered to say the least. CLAIRE Then how did you get her bracelet? ADAM I told you. ADAM What did you tell them? CLAIRE I told them that as far as I knew there was nothing between you and her. takes the pen. Claire gives him a suspicious look. They wanted to know about you and Anna. I have no idea how it got in my jacket. CLAIRE The police came by today. EXT. of course not. CLAIRE What are you doing with it? ADAM I don't know. it is. and goes back into the crowd.. She is with the man he saw exiting the coat check booth and A MAN IN HIS 30s. I don't know.. Adam then goes back to the same pocket and pulls out a pen. FASHION CENTER .I really don't know..55. CLAIRE Isn't that Anna's? ADAM Yeah. Adam pulls out ANNA'S CHINESE COIN BRACELET. (MORE) He is stunned .

CLAIRE I didn't say you did. Maybe I should tell them that I'm not so sure now.56. Just tell me the truth. You know me. maybe. INT. ADAM I had nothing to do with Anna's death. Claire plays back the message. Look. CLAIRE Frame you? Don't be ridiculous. Is the man you married a murderer? After a moment.Maybe someone's trying to frame me. I know I got my faults. They get to Adam's car. There is a long pause and then the sound of the JINGLING she heard the other night in the fog. ADAM Look. I don't care if you had an affair with Anna. You've got to believe me. you know deep down inside that I would never ever hurt anybody... she unplugs the phone. I certainly could be a better husband. especially Anna. ADAM I'm telling you the truth. CLAIRE'S APARTMENT . He opens the . (beat) Look at me. Claire gets in the car. door for Claire. CLAIRE (CONT'D) They're a little suspicious because you were the last person they know to see Anna alive.NIGHT Claire enters. who would try to frame you? Adam doesn't respond. Adam. Claire. look at the man you married. Shaken. She doesn't get in. but I don't hurt people. She notices she has a message on her answering machine.

. you know that. ASSISTANT DIRECTOR We're going to start losing the tide soon. BEACH .. AQUATIC PARK PIER . we'll go now. ADAM Anna. EXT. . ADAM makes the same jingling sound Claire heard in the fog and on her answering machine.57. I'm sorry this happened to you.NIGHT Adam is at the end of the pier. Joel comes over to Adam. I would never hurt you. Get your fucking act together. okay? FOCUS PULLER I'm sorry. Adam opens his hand. I know I didn't.. (to focus puller) I lost focus. The assistant director leaves. He drops the bracelet into the Bay. An ASSISTANT DIRECTOR comes over to Adam. ADAM It better not fucking happen again. I'm sorry.. it won't happen again.DAY Adam and a FILM CREW are shooting a live action commercial. EXT. Adam is operating the camera with a FOCUS PULLER. He tosses it in his hand . ADAM Get Katrina. I didn't kill you. The camera dollies on a STAND IN who walks towards the ocean. He holds Anna's bracelet. looking out over the water. ADAM Cut. I hired you specifically to pull focus on this shot.

you know you're supposed to take off your dress when you get the signal. We'll be fine. ADAM Okay. ADAM Don't worry about. ADAM How are you doing today? Katrina doesn't respond.58.CUT! Adam rushes over to her. Katrina comes onto the set. ADAM What? . JOEL Great. what to do. ADAM We don't have much time. ADAM What the fuck is she doing -.. Adam goes over to her. this is for real. gets behind the camera.Action! Camera Katrina walks towards the ocean. rolling. You know Adam The assistant director leads Katrina over to her mark.. ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Now! Katrina keeps walking until she's knee deep in the ocean. About halfway there the assistant director yells out to her. JOEL Can you turn down the intensity level when Katrina gets here? We got a lot riding on this spot and you know how she is sometimes. KATRINA I'm not going naked for you. ADAM Katrina.

That means you keep the personal bullshit off the set and do what you were hired to do.59. He then spots somebody looking at him from the cliff that overlooks the beach. JOEL Just chill. JOEL What do you mean you can't do this right now? . Anyway. ADAM You bitch -Joel suddenly steps in.what's the problem here? ADAM She's the fucking problem. she'll do whatever you say. Joel comes over to him. Adam walks off. JOEL I don't know what's happening between you two but you got to cool is the NATIVE AMERICAN WOMAN who pulled him out of the earthquake. ADAM Is that what's going on. KATRINA You had your chance. KATRINA You're lucky I'm not suing you for sexual harassment but I could change my mind. She Take a walk. JOEL Hey. won't take her dress off. hey -. He uses his director's viewfinder to get a better look . Adam. Adam doesn't know what to do. asshole. she's come to her senses. I'll settle this. you're trying to fuck me over because I wouldn't fuck you? You're supposed to be a professional. I can't do this right now. ADAM Look.

YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD MEAT. ADAM Sorry. Adam looks up to the cliff but the Native American woman is not there. He goes to her. so get to it. I'll ruin your ass bad and you know I can do it. I can't do it. JOEL FUCK YOU. Adam turns to leave. ADAM SCHUYLER. ADAM I'm sorry. I've got to do something. Adam removes Joel's hand from his arm. ADAM What happened the other night? WOMAN What do you think happened? ADAM I don't know. JOEL Where do you think you're going? ADAM I told you. FUCK YOU. . ADAM Just what I said -. Adam walks off the shoot.I can't do it. JOEL Adam. It seemed that I was in the middle of an earthquake. don't fuck with me. I've got to do something else. YOU'RE THROUGH.60. We don't have very much longer to get this shot. Joel grabs him by the arm. JOEL You walk off this shoot I'll ruin you. YOU ASSHOLE.she is sitting on a rock farther down the beach. He looks all around .

He can do many things with the fog but mostly he is using it to put you in these worlds. you have no concept of these worlds in your culture. you've been following me around." call me Eve. He is putting you in other worlds. Who are you? . he has bewitched you with the fog.61. ADAM But there was no earthquake there. ADAM Who is doing this -. They seem like this world but they are not. ADAM Where was I. WOMAN "Eve. ADAM C'mon. WOMAN You were not where you think you were. (beat) I'm Adam. WOMAN You were in the middle of an earthquake. ADAM How is Molina doing this to me? WOMAN With the fog. in some kind of parallel world? WOMAN Something like that. I don't expect you to understand. worlds that are all around us beyond what we see. at least you can tell me who you are. ADAM And what about you? The woman doesn't respond.Chester Molina? WOMAN He is known by that name.

EVE He'll be after you again soon. She had her throat slit. I only know he is bewitching you. Eve walks off. I can't be sure if what I see is real or not. someone you know. ADAM Why did you pull me out of the earthquake? EVE I didn't want him to kill you. Asian woman. Adam looks out to the ocean for a moment. ADAM Why has he bewitched me with the fog? What am I to him? EVE Perhaps there are others involved. ADAM Someone I know named Anna was killed. Why he is bewitching you you must find out for yourself. don't you? EVE No. Adam doesn't know what to say. Maybe someone close to you. Did he do that? EVE Do you think he killed her? ADAM I saw him kill her but I don't know. early twenties. He turns back to Eve but she's gone .62. I'll find you when we need to meet again. EVE You are not sure because he has bewitched you with the fog. ADAM What are you talking about? (beat) You know why he's doing this.

The copy on that poster reads. JULIE You are going to look so gorgeous tonight. a Dr. let me see it. . Weir just called. Adam stares at it for a moment and then A PERSON WAITING FOR A BUS moves and the poster next to it comes into view . Claire enters JULIE Yes.a shot he took of Katrina at the Palace of Fine Arts. EMERY MUSEUM . INT." EXT. He sees on a bus stop shelter A LARGE POSTER OF THE HOPI KACHINA MASK he saw in Molina's house and on Claire's Emery Museum invitation. CLAIRE Any messages. Claire holds the gown up to herself.DAY Adam enters the museum. Claire goes to her desk. CLAIRE Here it is. CLAIRE Where did this come from? JULIE I don't know./EXT. Thanks. ADAM'S CAR/SAN FRANCISCO STREET Adam stops at a light. She picks it up and turns to Julie. with a evening gown she just had fitted.DAY Julie is at Claire's desk writing a note. She picks up the phone and then sees a manila envelope addressed to her. "MANIA. CLAIRE'S OFFICE . INT. it was slipped under the door when I came in this morning. CLAIRE Oh.63. JULIE Oh.

SECRETARY Can I help you? Adam can't help listening to Beck. Behind her is Ian Beck's office. He doesn't find anything but notices a picture of a familiar face ... INT. The cover sheet is a typewritten note that reads. He is identified as Ian Beck. he's here. INT. the museum's curator. Claire then rips off the note to an attached 8"x10" photo. EMERY MUSEUM . gets up and closes his door. Just one moment. He goes to the Hopi Kachina mask and stares at it for a moment.. noticing Adam.. Beck. Claire opens it.MAIN EXHIBIT ROOM Adam looks over THE MASKS OF AMERICA exhibit.Yes. SECRETARY Curator's office. He then flips through the EXHIBITION'S PROGRAM looking for something on the mask.THE MAN IN HIS 40S that Adam saw at the AIDS Benefit. MUSEUM CURATOR'S OFFICE . PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME DO THIS TO YOU. BECK It might be the best thing for you -- . Just as Adam is about to speak to the secretary her phone rings.Oh. BECK Thank you. "I LOVE YOU.64. my dear..RECEPTION AREA Adam enters and goes over over to the SECRETARY. BECK Claire. She answers it.. IT IS A SHOT OF ANNA WITH HER THROAT SLIT. I see." She doesn't know what to make of it.Oh. Beck picks up his phone. The secretary turns to Adam.. Many of the masks he first saw at Molina's brownstone. (turns to Beck) It's Claire Schuyler. The door is open and Adam can see BECK at his desk..

INT. ADAM Oh my God.NIGHT Adam exits the museum. I know it. He surfs the web and goes to the "DOES CHESTER REALLY MOLINA EXIST?" page. ADAM Thanks.. The secretary hands Adam Beck's business card. is Claire still there?. I was. ADAM It's him. I'll do that. He's been very busy with the opening of the new exhibit. well. SECRETARY His schedule is very tight today.It's got to be him. EMERY MUSEUM . EXT.65.. Adam then surfs to the photo of Molina as a college student..NIGHT Adam enters and immediately goes to his computer. next week might be good. I'll catch her at home. that's okay... SECRETARY Try calling. ADAM Oh. .. I was wondering if I could ask the curator a question. ADAM'S APARTMENT . Molina looks different this time. ADAM Hi. it is him! Adam grabs the phone and dials. ADAM Yeah. Julie. Adam blows the photo up the photo now shows a man who looks exactly like a younger Ian Beck. maybe sometime later.No.

ADAM You're part of it. he's not who you think he is -. we gotta talk. He put Anna's bracelet in my jacket! Claire jumps into her car and locks the door.NIGHT Adam drives up as Claire is exiting her building and going to her car. EXT. sees Adam and is scared. Adam runs up and gets to Claire as she gets to her car. stay away from me. we She . And the marriage counselor. CLAIRE Adam.he's framing me for Anna's murder. Claire rolls up the window. I know you're sick -. ADAM Why are you afraid of me? Claire rolls down the window a little bit. too.Dr. The pieces are all falling into place -you had Anna killed and you're framing me for it. Weir -you referred me to her. ADAM Claire. Why? Why are you doing this to me? Claire. Weir told me you're delusional and prescribed medication for you. CLAIRE'S APARTMENT BUILDING . Your friend Ian Beck. he's in on it. she's part of it. CLAIRE Adam. you're setting me up. aren't you? You're in on this. Claire fumbles with the keys as she starts the car. didn't you? ADAM What picture of Anna? gotta talk.66. She is wearing the evening gown. You sent me that picture of Anna. ADAM You and Ian Beck and Dr.

He gets out and notices a placard with the Hopi Kachina Mask that reads.MEMBERS ONLY. (takes out business card) Here's his card -.Adam. go in. CLAIRE Oh my God! -. "THE MASKS OF AMERICA .MAIN EXHIBIT ROOM Adam searches the crowd for Claire. INT. INT. SECURITY GUARD I don't have you here. gets in his car and follows her.NIGHT Adam is dressed up and has his camera bag. Beck put me on the list. EMERY MUSEUM .will that do? SECURITY GUARD Okay. The security guard checks the list. ADAM (to Beck) You're Chester Molina.67. He goes to the SECURITY GUARD who is admitting people to the museum. stay away from us. EMERY MUSEUM ." ADAM Shit! INT. ADAM I'm Adam Schuyler from San Francisco Living magazine. aren't you? You killed Anna Chen.NIGHT Adam drives up and sees Claire entering the museum. didn't you? Adam Ian . Claire puts the car in gear and quickly drives off. ADAM'S CAR/EMERY MUSEUM ./EXT. ADAM This was kind of a last minute arrangement. He finds her with Beck and the man in his 30s he saw with them at the AIDS benefit.LOBBY .

WEIR. The security guards get Adam to his feet and lead him away. ADAM You killed her. ADAM I'm not crazy. Claire and the other man try to pull Adam off of him. get out of here. ADAM YOU'RE CHESTER MOLINA. . The other man tries to separate them but Adam throws him off. BECK That's preposterous. Go home and take your medication. A crowd gathers around them. CLAIRE Adam! BECK What are you talking about? ADAM You're Chester Molina. ANNA. YOUNGER MAN Let go of him! Adam then jumps on Beck and they struggle and fall to the floor. he's crazy. YOU FUCKER! YOU KILLED All of a sudden MUSEUM SECURITY PERSONNEL rush over and take hold of Adam. Adam grabs Beck. ALL OF A SUDDEN ADAM SEES AMONG THE CROWD DR. You killed Anna Chen and tried to frame me. (to Adam) Adam. you son of a bitch! BECK GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME! CLAIRE ADAM. LET HIM GO. I have no idea what you're talking about. CLAIRE (to Beck) Don't mind him.68.

69. ADAM Dr. Weir! Adam stares at Dr. Weir and then from behind a man steps up next to her - IT IS MOLINA. Adam and Molina stare at each other. to say anything. EXT. EMERY MUSEUM Adam, handcuffed, is led down the steps in the hold of TWO POLICEMEN. NEWSPAPER PHOTOGRAPHERS snap photos of him. Claire exits the museum and bursts over to Adam. CLAIRE I don't know what to say to you except that it's obvious that you're sick. That was you who sent me that picture of Anna, wasn't it? ADAM What photo of Anna? People coming and going from the museum look at them. CLAIRE You're not even aware that you're doing these things, are you? ADAM Look, Claire, I had nothing to do with Anna's death -- you gotta believe me! CLAIRE Tomorrow I'm going to talk to the detectives. I'm going to tell them about Anna's bracelet. ADAM Look, Chester Molina is doing this to me. You're involved with him in some way, aren't you? CLAIRE I don't know anybody named Chester Molina. That's all a part of the delusion you're having. Adam is too startled

70. ADAM It's not a delusion! I saw him -he was there in the museum tonight. He's was there with Dr. Weir, they're doing this to me. Claire takes off her WEDDING RING and throws it at Adam. CLAIRE I don't know who you are anymore. Claire goes back into the museum. ADAM Claire, please, Claire... INT. ADAM'S LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Adam enters. He notices his computer. He goes over to it and goes to the Web page with the Molina photo. The photo is different this time. Adam blows it up - it is a picture of Molina as a college student that he first saw. ADAM Oh my God, I am going crazy...I fucking am going crazy...God help me...Somebody please help me... INT. ADAM'S BEDROOM - NIGHT Adam is in bed. darkness. He is wide awake staring blankly into the CUT TO: LATER Adam sleeps restlessly. CUT TO: ADAM'S DREAM Adam is surrounded by fog. The fog in front of him begins to clear forming a pathway. Adam goes down the path. Strange screams are heard as Adam approaches a clearing.

71. Off to his side are horribly mutilated men tied to trees and stakes: a disemboweled man stares at his intestines that hang out in front of him; another man has been decapitated; another man has his eyes gouged out and screams hauntingly in a strange language, etc. Adam at last comes to the clearing. There he sees A WOMAN TIED TO A STAKE, struggling to get free. Covering her head is the HOPI KACHINA MASK he saw at Molina's and on the Emery Museum poster. Out of the fog surrounding the clearing comes MOLINA. Before Adam can get to the woman Molina goes over to the woman with a large knife. ADAM Noooo...Don't hurt her... Adam watches in horror as Molina plunges the knife into the woman's chest and cuts out her heart. He presents the still beating heart to Adam. MOLINA For you, Mr. Schuyler. CUT TO: INT. ADAM'S LIVING ROOM - DAY Adam wakes up from the dream, trembling and soaking with sweat. It takes him a moment to realize that he's not in his bed but on the living room floor. He looks out the window. Swirling around outside is an ominous looking fog. He gets up and notices that the E-MAIL INDICATOR on his computer monitor is flashing. He goes over and downloads an e-mail letter. It reads, "BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU DREAM. C. M." ADAM Oh my god -- Claire...He's going to kill Claire... He checks the time - it is 11:15. He dials the phone.

ADAM Julie, did Claire make it in today?...She did, great...No, that's okay...No, don't tell her that I called.

. ADAM I'm not going to down myself out so my wife is going to be easy pickings for Molina. Dr. Weir. DR. the man I was with was my father. what are you doing here? ADAM You were with Molina last night at the museum. WEIR No. He was part of your delusion. WEIR You've got to start on the medication. you're working with him. DR. I don't know if you killed Anna Chen but it's obvious you've become dangerous./EXT. they don't look anything alike.72. Admit it.DAY Adam drives across the bridge to Marin County. WEIR I was at the museum with over a thousand other people. Weir's office and then exits. DR.WAITING ROOM . My father is sixtyeight years old. My family are members. INT. My father is on the museum's board. And from the way you described Molina. DR. See what you did to that man last night. WEIR'S OFFICE . ADAM You were with Molina. ADAM'S CAR/GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE . Weir enters. INT. wasn't he? ADAM So you admit you were at the museum last night? DR. (beat) Adam. Please take your medication before someone else gets seriously hurt.DAY Adam waits for Dr. WEIR Adam. A moment later. A PATIENT comes from Dr.

PATIENT What's going on here? Adam lets go of Dr. It's a delusion. it's all in your head. WEIR Let me go! ADAM TELL ME WHERE HE IS! DR. Adam grabs Dr. eyes glued to the building's entrance. WEIR He's in your mind. GODDAMNIT! DR. You know where he is. He'll go away if you just start taking your medication. INT. A PATIENT enters. ADAM'S CAR/MEDICAL OFFICE BUILDING . DR. Weir. WEIR Adam. TELL ME. WEIR Your wife? Do you think that he's after her now? ADAM He's going to kill her. It was in this dream -. .73. Tell me where he is so I can stop him.NIGHT Adam sits in the car. You're in with him. ADAM I'm not going to let you and Molina kill my wife. Weir. Weir exits the building and goes to her car. He's going to kill Claire like he killed Anna. there is no Molina who is going to kill your wife.he sent me a dream where he kills Claire. Can't you see. ADAM Like hell it's a delusion./EXT. After a moment Dr. She drives off and Adam follows. DR.

carefully moves farther inside the house. He is shocked to see BLOOD ON HIS HANDS.. DR.. On the floor he finds the KNIFE HE HAD IN HIS CAR'S GLOVE COMPARTMENT.. INT. He After a moment's hesitation. he goes in. Adam looks inside the house. Adam comes to and looks around him. . Weir. WEIR'S HOUSE The fog is gone.. Adam checks his watch -. It suddenly engulfs the car. It is 10:15. He then notices that the door to Dr. ONE OF HER ARMS IS HELD OUT TOWARDS ADAM . There is blood all over it. Weir drive into her garage. INT.MILL VALLEY Adam follows Dr.IN IT'S HAND IS HER HEART. ADAM On my God!.. Weir.. THERE IS BLOOD ALL OVER HER. ADAM Oh my God. ADAM'S CAR/RESIDENTIAL STREET . He goes to exit the car but sees a thick fog blowing in. Adam is sprawled out in front of the house. is 8:10. He pulls After a moment. He steps into the dining room. the lights in the house turn on. WEIR'S HOUSE Adam enters the living room./EXT. LYING ON THE DINING ROOM TABLE IS DR. DR. Weir to an upscale neighborhood. EXT. over as he sees Dr. Weir's house is open.. ADAM Dr.. what happened? He looks at his watch. Adam moves closer to the dining room. ADAM Oh my God. He is surprised he is there. passed out.74.Dr. There is an eerie silence.

75.DAY Adam is at the counter talking to a RENTAL CAR AGENT. He immediately turns backs.. He then goes out a gate that opens out to a side street. EXT.God help me.DAY Adam turns the corner to his street. RENTAL CAR AGENCY .LATER Adam carefully turns the corner to his street.. ADAM Oh no. INT. He looks He sees Johnson and Hernandez on the steps of the building.the Mustang convertible being towed away by the San Francisco Police. ADAM That would be great. He looks down the street and sees his car . ADAM'S STREET .REAR Adam goes down the rear stairs of the building.DAY . ADAM'S LIVING ROOM . It brings Adam to. Adam exits through the back door of the apartment. ADAM'S STREET .. The front door buzzer rings. I did this. . ADAM Can I get a car without an airbag? RENTAL CAR AGENT I can have a mechanic disable the airbag for you. EXT.... He sees a MARIN COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT CAR in front of his building.I really did this. EXT.DAY Adam sits on the couch in a state of dazed shock. EXT. out the bay window to see who it is. They ring the buzzer again. ADAM'S BUILDING .

ADAM I'm sorry. I don't want anybody else to get hurt. I love you.. speeding up even more. a thick fog appears.. It is Eve . ADAM'S CAR/PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY .../EXT. I'm sorry I couldn't have been a better husband. You're on my mind till the end. Claire. As he goes down it he speeds up. EVE You're not a killer.. Weir.Dr. He looks around and sees Eve next to him in the passenger seat.. He is going to crash the car off the cliff at the bottom of the hill. he hits the brakes and swerves the car away from her.. I should've listened to you and taken the medication. rocky beach. EVE You don't want to kill yourself... A PERSON SUDDENLY MATERIALIZES IN THE FOG. forgive me for ending it like this but I have no other choice. I'm sorry I killed you.Adam is heading straight towards her. please forgive me. I'm sorry things turned out like this. You deserved better. All of a sudden.76.Claire. I'm sorry I killed you. The car skids down the road crashing harmlessly into some bushes.. Anna. ADAM God. ADAM'S CAR Adam is jolted but unhurt. Adam comes to a treacherously steep downhill grade.. that's what he wants you to believe. ADAM I don't? I killed two people. The car is stalled out.I love you. Anna. At the last moment..I love you.. Adam drives into it. Claire.. It wasn't really me. . INT. I'm sick.DAY Adam drives on a winding stretch of road where steep cliffs drop off to a rough. I'm a psychopath. Please forgive me. INT.

Eve reaches over to shut the car off. EVE It's no delusion.77. Adam starts the car. It's all a delusion. ADAM You better get out right now or you're going to die with me. EVE No. You are confused because he has bewitched you. . The tattoo is of an EAGLE SOARING UPWARDS. said a friend gave it to her. if he has bewitched me he's going to do me in anyway so I may as well get it over with. Eve rolls up her sleeve. You're either part of the delusion or if you're real you're just as deluded as I am. EVE It is the sign of one who has the power. ADAM I've seen that before. ADAM Oh. It looks familiar. Adam grabs her hand. she has a necklace with that eagle. it's a delusion. let me see it. help me kill him. EVE Then it was him who gave it to her. done American Indian style. It's exactly like this. He also has one on his arm. ADAM Claire. He notices PART OF A TATTOO on Eve's forearm. ADAM Your tattoo. Molina's doing this? Look. my wife. It is exactly like the eagle Adam saw on Claire's necklace. ADAM Well.

it's Claire. He will try to stop us. Eve unbuttons her shirt and shows him THE NECKLACE OF CRYSTALS she picked up in the rainforest.78.. at the rising of the full moon. Eve gets out of the car and walks away. That's why he has bewitched you. All of a sudden. Adam enters. Now he will kill me unless I kill him first. .. Come before midnight. ADAM He's framing me. Claire's involved with Molina somehow. ADAM When can we do this? EVE Tonight. making me look crazy. Adam starts the car and then looks for Eve. He only made me hate him.NIGHT Claire is getting ready to leave. Weir. EXT. EVE This is all I have left of him. He killed Anna and Dr. He wanted me and thought by killing my husband he could have me. Meet me at the 36th Avenue entrance of the Park. I will call the fog to take you to a world that is safe for you. She is nowhere to be seen. That's when I will kill him.How do you know about Molina? EVE He killed my husband. CLAIRE'S OFFICE . ADAM Oh my God. EVE He would not give it to her unless he means to have her. She is frightened of him. ADAM What do we do? EVE We will use the fog.

Claire hesitates. I'm not CLAIRE The police are looking for you. ADAM You know him. ADAM Don't be scared. don't you? He was the one who gave you that eagle necklace.IT IS A DRAWING OF MOLINA. obsessed with me.79. ADAM Just take a look at it and I'll go. they think I killed Anna and Dr. going to hurt you. He was a buyer and we had an affair right after we separated. Weir. Claire looks at it . You gotta believe me. What's going on between you and him? CLAIRE Nothing. ADAM I know. Claire. CLAIRE How do you know? ADAM How do I know? -. ADAM Just look at this. He's the one who killed Anna and Dr. Weir. . Claire. He knew I wanted to get back with you and he didn't like that. Adam holds out a piece of paper. He has a tattoo of an eagle on his arm. He got infatuated. I don't know who you know him as but he's Chester Molina.he's been framing me. I didn't kill either of them.

You know I would never kill anybody.. Claire can't respond .Claire.. there is a KNOCK on the gallery's front door. (beat) I know it sounds crazy but this is what is happening. a murderer. Adam holds out his hand. . I may as well be dead. Claire takes Adam's hand. They embrace.. If you don't believe me then my life is over.. ADAM You know I love you and would never hurt you. ADAM You've got to believe me... ADAM Don't tell me that you've seen me. that's why he's doing this -.I'm just so scared.I really want to. I need you to believe me. All of a sudden.he's trying to make me out to be a psychotic killer so he can get rid of me and have you for himself.. Tears come to her eyes. just take my hand.. ADAM Goddamnit. I'm not CLAIRE I want to believe you.I'll never stop loving you. I need you. ADAM Thank you.Thank you.. I'll go out the back.. Take my hand and tell me what you feel.. It sends an emotional charge through both of them.80.. ADAM Claire. Claire doesn't know what to do. Claire. They come by every so often to check up on me. CLAIRE It's probably the police.she doesn't know what to think.

Eve takes off into the clearing. EXT. They climb over to the other side. As he moves deeper into the clearing he notices in the distance OBSCURED FIGURES moving about in the darkness like phantoms.81. They come to a large clearing surrounded by a fence. EVE Can you hop a fence? ADAM No problem. Adam exits out the back door of the office. backpack. She has on her back an Indian-style EVE Are your ready for this? ADAM I don't have any other choice. ADAM Where are we going? EVE To one of his power spots. FULTON STREET NEAR 36TH AVENUE Adam parks the car and gets out. He looks around the 36th Avenue entrance to Golden Gate Park and spots Eve there. EXT. Claire looks into the hand she just held Adam with . . GOLDEN GATE PARK Adam follows Eve. Adam hurries off after her. Adam follows. He looks up at the sky. dark clouds are moving in and begin to blanket the full moon. EXT. Eve heads into the park. He will surely come after us there. EVE It's time. PARK ENTRANCE Adam comes up to Eve.she finds her WEDDING RING. do I? Come.

Eve takes his hand. ADAM What if he kills you first? will happen to me? What EVE You'll have to fend for yourself. EVE Don't be afraid. Eve doesn't respond. You must let yourself go where you need to go. Here. too. He is trembling. ADAM Teach me to call the fog. ADAM No. EVE Sit here. He will know and try and stop us. really. ADAM What are you going to do? EVE I'm going to call the fog. EVE Don't be afraid. . ADAM There are things here. That's if he doesn't kill you. Adam sits. I need to know how to use it in case things go wrong. Then I will kill him before he kills me. what do you do to call the fog? Say some magic words? EVE There is a chant but that is not enough. Eve moves in a little farther and picks out a spot for them. ADAM How are you going to kill him? EVE I have my ways.82. they won't hurt you.

.. EVE Just listen and relax. Power is feeling the worlds around you.Listen with your whole being.Where am I. ADAM Oh my God. Adam doesn't know what to say....Where am I going?. even rising up from the ground around them. DISSOLVE TO: She pounds ...83. ADAM It's coming.he's losing consciousness.. ADAM How do I do that? EVE You use the power you have inside you. Adam tries to stay awake but it's no use.I can feel it... You must find that out for yourself.. Eve gently pushes Adam so he ADAM What are you going to do? Eve takes out a shaman's drum from her backpack.. the world you see and the worlds you don't see. She intones a hypnotic Indian chant that seems to float on top of the drumbeat. out a slow steady beat. ADAM How do I feel with my whole being? EVE I cannot tell you. You must feel with your whole being and then you will know where you need to go. Fog starts to come in from all directions. is lying on his back. As the fog surrounds them Adam begins to feel dizzy . He drifts off into unconsciousness as the fog swallows them up. Feel the sounds and let them take you where you need to go.

As he nears he sees it is the dismembered head and trunk of a human body. Eve is nowhere to be found. ADAM Oh my God. His eyes spring open and he sees that all around him are buffalo. Adam runs full speed to the fence and just barely makes it over.What did he do to you? Adam kneels next to the body. Eve. He gives it a tap. He looks over to a nearby meadow and sees what looks to be another part of a woman's body. There is also blood on the ground next to him. It is the bare leg of a woman.. Adam sees down the path a FEMALE JOGGER looking at something in a tree. She is convulsing and wailing with terror. It is naked. A BULL BUFFALO charges at Adam. It is a bloody.DAY Adam is passed out. grisly sight. smeared all over ADAM I'm sorry. A little way down he sees Eve's drum lying on the side of the path. with blood and dirt. the SEVERED LEG OF A HUMAN BEING. All of a sudden a loud terrified scream pierces the air. not knowing what to make of it. Adam rushes up to her. Eve. screams.. DROPS OF DRIED BLOOD are sprinkled on his face and on the upper part of his jacket. A grunting noise wakes Adam. However. Covering the head is the HOPI KACHINA MASK he saw at Molina's and in his dream. what did he do to you?. EXT. He goes down a jogging path.84. Adam gets up and cautiously starts moving through the herd. He is in the middle of the Buffalo Paddock. and runs away. I'm sorry this happened to you. The jogger looks at Adam. Adam looks at the leg. GOLDEN GATE PARK . falling to the other side. ADAM Are you all right? He then sees what she is screaming at. Adam goes over to the drum. . He stands there in shock but after a moment decides to go to it.

ADAM'S CAR . As he approaches his building he sees ANNA sitting on the steps there waiting for him. no. no!. Adam... Adam then hears ANOTHER POLICE CAR roaring up the street. ADAM Claire.. how could this happen?.Claire. FULTON STREET Adam rushes up to where his car is parked. INT. before he vomits. The sound of POLICE CAR He doesn't get very far He then sees on the ground CLAIRE'S SEVERED LEFT HAND with the wedding ring back on her ring finger.85.DAY Adam drives frantically through the morning traffic. horrified. Adam runs away from the body.DAY Adam drives up and parks. Something draws him over to it. ADAM'S STREET . turns white. . Adam lifts off the mask but instead of seeing Eve it is CLAIRE.Oh my God. EXT. Adam kicks and bangs the car. EXT.. SIRENS are heard.. He doesn't notice that the sweat is smearing the dried blood on his face. He breaks out into a sweat. He picks it up and takes the ring off. He quickly darts out of sight into a nearby woods....Oh my God. ADAM Why are you doing this. He doesn't seem to notice that instead of it being the rental car he drove the previous night it is his vintage Mustang..How could this happen?.. He gets in the car and drives off after the police car passes. Her ghastly contorted face is stricken with terror and fright.. ADAM Oh.. Adam? Adam then hears that the police cars are approaching the meadow.

ADAM Oh my God!..She's dead. .. He goes up and ADAM It is really you?. in the park.... touches her. what is happening?.. Anna backs away even farther.What is happening? Anna notices the blood on Adam.. Adam tries to say something but the words don't come out of his mouth.. Did you think I died or something? Adam notices the BRACELET on Anna's wrist. what is going on? Why are you acting so strange and how did you get that blood all over you? ADAM It's Claire.. I'm alive. ANNA What do you mean Claire's dead? ADAM She's dead. do you know you have blood all over you? Adam wipes his face with hand and sees the sweat-mixed blood on his hand..Claire was alive and now she's dead..Claire's dead. Adam goes to hug her but ANNA Adam. she backs away...You were dead and now you're alive...86.Oh my God.. ANNA Adam...Oh my God!... ANNA You ready? ADAM Anna.You're alive? ANNA Yes... ADAM Anna?. is it really you?...

.S. IT'S THE POLICE.87. I won't hurt you. ADAM'S LIVING ROOM . led by Detectives Johnson and Hernandez. Johnson motions to the squad to be quiet. ADAM'S BATHROOM . still in a state of shock. Anna screams and struggles to break loose. Suddenly there is a knock. Adam doesn't move. ADAM'S LIVING ROOM Adam is oblivious to the police right outside his door. approach Adam's apartment. ADAM Anna. Anna runs to her car and drives off. HALLWAY OUTSIDE ADAM'S APARTMENT A SQUAD OF HEAVILY ARMED POLICE. INT.DAY Adam is in the shower. Just help . me. JOHNSON (O.SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME. washing the blood off of him.. Help me figure out what's happening..) OPEN UP. INT.DAY Adam sits on the couch. ANNA Let go of me! LET GO OF ME! Adam lets her go. ADAM Somebody help me.... INT. help me. CUT TO: INT. Adam moves over and grabs Anna. ADAM Anna. WE HAVE A WARRANT TO SEARCH YOUR APARTMENT.Please help me.

88. A moment later the police break down the door and burst into the living room. They surround Adam and point their guns at him. JOHNSON Adam Schuyler, we have a warrant to search your home and car. ADAM I didn't kill her. JOHNSON We also want to take you down to the station and ask you some questions about the murder of your wife, Claire Schuyler. ADAM I didn't kill Claire, I would never hurt her. Get the fuck out of here. HERNANDEZ Are you gonna go peacefully or are we gonna have to drag you out of here? ADAM Fuck you -- get out of here! Hernandez moves over to Adam. HERNANDEZ C'mon, get up. ADAM I tell you, I didn't kill Claire. I loved her, I would never hurt her. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! Johnson motions to two policeman. They grab Adam.

ADAM GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF ME. I DIDN'T KILL CLAIRE...I DIDN'T KILL CLAIRE, GODDAMNIT!... Adam fights them and they fall to the floor. The policemen subdue Adam and Hernandez goes over to handcuff him. ADAM I DIDN'T KILL HER...I DIDN'T KILL HER...

89. EXT. ADAM'S BUILDING Two policemen have to hold Adam as they exit the building. A POLICEMAN comes over to Johnson with an AX. blood all over it. POLICEMAN Look what we found in the trunk of his car. JOHNSON Send it to the lab. Adam is pushed into a police car, still struggling with the policemen holding him. INT. POLICE INTERROGATION ROOM Adam sits at a table. and Hernandez. He is being interrogated by Johnson There is

JOHNSON Why don't you make it easy on yourself. We got witnesses who saw you this morning with blood all over you. We have the apparent murder weapon. We got your bloody clothes. Just confess, tell us what happened. ADAM I told you, I don't know what happened. All I know is that I didn't kill Claire. HERNANDEZ Well, if you don't know what happened why do you insist that this Molina guy killed her? ADAM If I told you what was really happening you'd never believe me. JOHNSON I don't know about that. Give us a shot, tell us what really happened. There is a knock on the door and ANOTHER DETECTIVE enters.

90. DETECTIVE We just got the results from the lab -- the blood on the ax matches the blood on the body we found in the park. So does the blood on the clothes. JOHNSON Well, I guess that makes it official. Adam Schuyler, you are under arrest for the murder of Claire Schuyler. Hernandez handcuffs Adam. JOHNSON You have the right to remain silent and to refuse to answer questions. You have the right... ADAM I didn't kill Claire...It's Molina, he's doing this to me. Molina put me in this world and made it look like I killed Claire. IT'S MOLINA, GODDAMNIT!...

Adam frantically starts intoning Eve's chant. JOHNSON an attorney. have one... If you don't

INT. POLICE STATION - HOLDING AREA Adam is in the grasp of TWO POLICEMEN as they take him to a holding cell. Johnson and Hernandez follow. ADAM Molina did it. I was framed -Molina did it... The policemen uncuff Adam and lock him in a holding cell. JOHNSON Why don't you just confess. We have the evidence, there's no way you didn't do it. ADAM I didn't kill Claire. Don't you see, I'm not even from here, this is some kind of parallel world I got put in. I know it sounds crazy but that's what's happening.

HERNANDEZ Were you on any medication? ADAM I'm telling you the truth. If you got a lawyer you better call him now.. His convulsions get more wild and violent. maybe I am crazy.. HERNANDEZ (to Johnson) Poor bastard.. He's the one who killed Claire. his wide open eyes staring blankly into nothingness. A man named Chester Molina did this. ADAM Oh God. POLICEMAN Hey. He bangs himself around the cell while laughing hysterically. Adam is alone there now... ADAM I'm sorry. Claire.What did I do?.What is happening to me?. he put me here..91.. maybe I did kill Claire. Asshole. Adam doesn't move. Johnson and Hernandez exit the holding area with the other policemen. I betcha he really doesn't know that he did it. Adam falls to the floor and starts to shake violently. I'm sorry.. you know that.. asshole. I love you. ... Claire.. CUT TO: LATER Adam lying motionless on the floor.I would never hurt you. A POLICEMAN enters the holding area and comes over to Adam. POLICEMAN We'll be shipping you down to the county jail soon for your arraignment.I LOVE YOU...I love you.

.. CUT TO: Adam still on the floor.Let yourself go and feel.. They embrace... I need you.. ADAM Feel. He closes his hand around the ring.. feel. Take my hand and tell me what you feel.. I need you to believe me. Adam. ADAM Feel. If you don't believe me then my life is over..Claire. He takes from his pocket the WEDDING RING he took from the hand in the park. The policeman exits. Claire takes Adam's hand. last time he saw Claire. Adam takes a deep breath and starts breathing slower. ADAM Thank you. You know I would never kill anybody. It sends an emotional charge through both of them. ADAM This doesn't feel right. He ADAM You know I love you and would never hurt you.I'll never stop loving you.... Adam holds out his hand out to her. ADAM Claire. closes his eyes . I may as well be dead. He flashes back to the DISSOLVE TO: ADAM'S FLASHBACK Adam and Claire are in Claire's office... CUT TO: .he's putting himself into a trance.92. Again. Tears come to her eyes.Feel. Adam doesn't move. Adam. Adam goes deeper into the trance.Thank you. Claire doesn't know what to do. In his hand is the WEDDING RING. just take my hand.

.. Adam throws the ring away. That wasn't her in the park. isn't she? Molina has her -. ADAM I'll do what I have to do.. EVE There's nothing you can do for her.I know it.I feel it. ADAM No.she is missing an arm and part of leg. I feel it.Claire's still alive! Adam turns to the adjacent cell.I feel you. INT. maybe you can save her. He looks at the ring. EVE Yes. there is always a sacrifice... I've got to go to her. EVE is there. All I can do is take you to a world where he can't hurt you anymore. Claire.. You've got to help me! EVE Look what he did to me. ADAM My Claire is still alive -. There are cuts and bruises all over the rest of her body.You never wore this ring. Help me. gives but power also takes.I can find Claire and save her. she has been horribly maimed . you never touched this. you can only save yourself now.93.. ADAM Claire's in danger. HOLDING CELL Adam's eyes spring open. ADAM What about me? -. I get to her? But Power How do . ADAM This is not Claire's..

. All around him the fog POLICEMAN Guess we gotta do this the hard way. I feel you. Adam intones the chant. EVE Keep feeling her. HOLDING CELL The cell is filled with fog. he will know that you're there and then he will use his power to deceive you.. ADAM I can do that now? EVE Yes. As the chant gets stronger the fog thickens until it fills the cell. ADAM Claire. disappears. I'm coming for you.94. Eve then disappears before Adam's eyes. Do not trust what you see. TWO POLICEMEN enter the holding area. POLICEMAN C'mon. thickens..they don't see the fog. Feel her with your whole body and soul and then call the fog and it will take you to the world where she is. After a moment the fog begins .I'm coming for you and I won't let him hurt you. From the policemen's point of view all they see is Adam . to dissipate. Adam is alone again. The policemen enter the cell. trust only what you feel. The cell begins to fill up with fog. They go over to Adam's cell and open the cell door. it's time to go downtown for your arraignment. Adam keeps intoning the chant. Right before their eyes Adam CUT TO: INT.. but you must be very careful.

the floor is not the same. ADAM Sorry about this but I really got to get out of here. reading a paper and doesn't notice Adam. there are signs and notices posted that weren't there before.the walls are a different color. Adam hears music. INT. Although there are more than a few policemen and detectives there no one seems to notice him.DETECTIVES' SECTION Adam enters with the mop and bucket. He looks to the other end of the holding area where there is a JANITOR mopping the floor. INT. Adam sees that his cell door is open.LOBBY/FRONT DESK Adam enters with the mop and bucket and recognizes the area . his back to Adam. He is Adam heads for the exit but sees Johnson and Hernandez enter from the street. the janitor. Adam finds himself in a holding cell but it's a different holding area . POLICE STATION . He has a radio playing that is attached to his belt. JOHNSON Anything fun happen while we were gone? . Adam sets him down gently to the floor and then starts putting on the janitor's work the same lobby he was in when he was told that there is no Lt. He makes his way out of the room.95. oblivious of Adam. The janitor struggles but in a moment he's unconscious. POLICE STATION . Johnson and Hernandez stop at the front desk. Platini in the San Francisco Police Department. behind him and puts him in a choke hold. etc. Manning the front desk is the same desk sergeant. He moves quietly to Adam moves up The janitor keeps mopping. Adam quickly turns his back to them and starts mopping the floor.

HERNANDEZ Could you do that for me now. Hernandez squeezes Adam. JOHNSON I want Schuyler's ass real bad. I'll go right now. Say it would make a good New Year's present for them. putting his arm around him. Adam keeps his head turned from HERNANDEZ . Did the lieutenant tell them how many cops we got out on the street looking for him right now? We'll get the bastard. HERNANDEZ Hey. could you do us a favor? Some asshole dumped a garbage can on the sidewalk right outside. too. Murph? Don't want the public to think we're a bunch of fuckin' slobs. Johnson and Hernandez head for the Detective's Section. Sure. ADAM I'll be right there. DESK SERGEANT Just Anna Chen's parents and half of Chinatown stopped by to see the lieutenant. Adam breaks out into a sweat. Could you clean it up for us? Adam keeps his back turned. Thanks. HERNANDEZ (pointing to Adam) What's his name? DESK SERGEANT Murph. ADAM Sure. They want Adam Schuyler's ass real bad. him. Hernandez then goes over to Adam.96. Murph.

Adam goes to the pay phone and dials Claire's number. Adam looks over to the desk sergeant .he's back looking at the paper. STREET Adam turns the corner and is relieved. Hernandez then lets go of Adam and Johnson and Hernandez exit the lobby. POLICE STATION . INT. who is watching television behind the counter. He sees TWO POLICEMEN get out of a squad car and walk towards him. ADAM Shit! He then sees a convenience store across the street. RECORDED MESSAGE (V. CONVENIENCE STORE Adam enters and approaches the CLERK. Instead of Claire he gets a recording. He spots one and rushes to it but when he picks up the receiver it's dead. He looks around for a pay phone. Adam walks by the desk sergeant and out the door. ADAM Looks like I'm back where I started.) The number you have dialed has been changed and is currently not listed. ADAM Do you have a phone? CASHIER (pointing) In the back there. . ADAM C'mon. Adam turns and walks the other way. be home -. Adam slams the phone down.O. They don't notice Adam.pick up. EXT. EXT. Claire.NIGHT Adam exits the station.97.

how about some coffee. now what did you say wanted?. They go .. POLICEMAN #2 I gotta call the wife and tell her I'll be pulling some serious o. The policeman taps Adam on the shoulder. The clerk gives the cops their coffees.I don't think they have that here. Weir that Adam knows. ADAM (into phone) . Leslie Weir but she is exactly identical to Claire instead of the Dr. Policeman #2 goes over to the phone. Adam keeps his back to him. Adam sees him approaching through AN OVERHEAD SURVEILLANCE MIRROR. (into the phone) Okay.98.Is that all you want?. tonight. He spots an aisle and sees he can exit without showing his face to the policemen. ADAM Oh my God. "MARIN SHRINK MISSING ..t.. Paco. Adam scans the store through the mirror looking for an escape route...FEARED DEAD. I'll be right there. to the counter. ADAM Yeah. POLICEMAN #2 Hey.. Adam turns his back to the policeman and grabs the phone and speaks into it. I gotta police emergency. POLICEMAN #1 Hey. The headline reads. what crazy fucking world am I in now? He turns to exit the store but TWO POLICEMAN enter. buddy. He then notices a newspaper left by the phone. ADAM (to the policeman) I'll be right off.." Underneath is a photo of Dr. you gonna be long.. I'm at the store.

Policeman #1 pulls his gun. Pause . FREEZE. Policeman #1 keeps pointing his gun over policeman #2's shoulder at Adam.HE'S GONNA BLOW MY FUCKIN' HEAD OFF. Adam hangs up and goes to exit. too. turn around. I don't want to shoot but I will if I have to. The gun falls to the floor. POLICEMAN #2 Hey. Adam shakes uncontrollably. keeping his back to the policeman as he steps away from him. POLICEMAN #2 Drop it.both Adam and policeman #2 freeze for a tense moment. GODDAMNIT -. and Charles Manson's a nice guy. I'm not the murderer you think I am.. drop it.. ADAM Drop the gun. He then sees the policeman looking at Adam through the mirror .he is looking at Adam's face. Adam cocks the gun and points it in the face of Policeman #2. POLICEMAN #1 Yeah. Adam looks up into the surveillance mirror . he's serious.the policeman is right behind him. ADAM Just. POLICEMAN #2 JUST DROP IT. Policeman #2 then goes for his gun. I wanna get a good look at you. Adam grabs the gun. Adam grabs a bottle of wine from a shelve and smacks policeman #2 hard in the hand just as he gets the gun from his holster. who is standing between Adam and policeman #1. Pete.I don't want to hurt you. right. POLICEMAN #1 We can't let this fucker get away. POLICEMAN #1 .99. please.

Policeman #1 is thrown back by the impact of the bullets. ADAM Don't shoot. PEDESTRIAN #2 It's the slasher. MORE PEDESTRIANS gather around Adam. Approaching police cars with their SIRENS blaring are heard.100. Adam rushes out of the store. PEDESTRIAN #1 Don't move.he is surrounded. hitting policeman #2 in the shoulder. The policemen exit the convenience store and shoot at Adam. Adam sees a police car barreling down the street towards him.. PEDESTRIAN #1 Stay where you are or I'll shoot. The police sirens get louder. okay. It's the slasher. hitting him several times in the middle of his body armor. I'LL SHOOT! . letting loose the gun. PEDESTRAIN #1 It's him. The crowd closes in on him. They miss but hit a MAN close to Adam. The pedestrian with the gun nervously cocks the hammer. Adam gets up and looks around . STREET Adam runs for his life down the crowded street.Don't shoot. Policeman #1 fires. Adam turns a corner and trips. It A PEDESTRIAN who recognizes Adam picks up the gun and points it at him.. too stunned to react immediately. EXT. somebody get the cops. slides down the sidewalk.. ADAM I'm not who you think I am. As policeman #2 goes down Adam fires at policeman #1..

He goes to what appears to be a dead end but the alley turns off. . befuddled. watch it. In the confusion Adam ducks into an alley. With nowhere to go Adam ducks into an alley. TRADITIONAL CHINESE DRUMMERS. Adam makes it to another corner. In front and in back of him he sees the crowd start to react angrily to the police. Adam runs into a DRAGON DANCER knocking him and SEVERAL OTHER DRAGON DANCERS to the ground. etc. The street there is filled with REVELLERS lighting off firecrackers. Adam then bursts through the crowd like a charging bull. He almost gets decapitated by a MARTIAL ARTS SWORD DANCER. man. Adam then looks behind him . EXT. He looks back and sees POLICE CARS coming up the street towards him. He runs out into the street towards a snaking line of DRAGON DANCERS a block long. RAPID-FIRE BOOMS. CHINATOWN STREET The alley leads to Chinatown. who stops the sword just inches from Adam's neck. He looks up and sees the police closing in on him. Ahead Adam hears the SOUND OF's the CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATION.101.POLICE are coming out of the alley towards him. Gung Hay Fat Choy. He has to go ahead. A . SWORD DANCER Hey. Adam. and turns. ADAM What is this? CHINESE TEENAGER Chinese New Year. Up ahead Adam spots POLICE CARS coming in to close off the street. LION DANCERS. goes to a CHINESE TEENAGER lighting firecrackers. SHOT is fired but it misses. He looks behind him and sees POLICE entering the alley. The POLICE spot Adam and pursue him into the crowd. Adam gets up and runs deeper into the crowd. Ahead of him MORE POLICE CARS move in to block off the street. TRADITIONAL CHINESE DANCERS.

POLICEMAN It's okay.. staggers out of the alley. . Adam puts on the policeman's uniform and body armor. ALLEY Adam runs the length of the alley but it's a dead end. Adam takes a couple steps out of the the alley but sensing something he stops.he is now just a few feet from Adam. ADAM Oh my God. The policeman resumes his search and takes a couple of steps closer. chopped up with an ax that lies beside him. The policeman turns and shines his light on a RESTAURANT DELIVERY MAN holding a take out order of Chinese food. The policeman goes slowly down the alley checking out every nook and cranny. knocking him out. The delivery man gets on his bike and leaves.. Disguised as a policeman now. POLICEMAN Holy shit! The policeman puts his gun away and grabs his walkie-talkie. EXT.he is sweating bullets. Adam quickly leaps out and smacks him on the back of the head with the brick..Oh my God!. He goes back to the dumpster. He looks back and sees a POLICEMAN enter the alley. Adam sees the light of the flashlight getting closer and closer . He opens the lid and shines the flashlight inside. Adam is trapped. Adam. Adam hides behind the other side of a dumpster. The policeman stops at the dumpster . Inside is the dead body of a man identical to Adam. gun drawn and with a flashlight. All of a sudden a back door opens from up the alley. It is as if Adam is looking at himself. The man has been brutally murdered.. stunned. shining his flashlight inside. Adam notices a brick near him and grabs it. He opens the dumpster.102.

INT. ADAM'S CAR/SAN FRANCISCO STREETS Adam speeds down the street.. please. COLUMBUS AVENUE Adam runs to the avenue and then onto the street where he stops the first car that comes along. Adam gets in.. feel. He recognizes Adam and reaches for his gun. officer? ADAM Get out of the car. oblivious to where he's going he is sweating. still in shock from seeing his dead double.. Adam drives off. He runs away from where they are going. The driver gets out. The squad car bursts after him. EXT. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath to calm himself. police emergency.103. Adam hits the accelerator. He goes through a red light almost hitting a pedestrian. leaving the driver befuddled. Adam. ADAM Where are you going. CHINATOWN STREET Adam comes out to the street to see a large scale commotion with police searching the crowd for him while dealing with very angry New Year's celebrants. ADAM Feel. ADAM Sorry..Where are you. A POLICEMAN in the passenger seat of a squad car is staring right at him./EXT. Adam runs over to Jackson Street where he sees MORE POLICE CARS coming in to flood the area. where are you?. . Claire. EXT. Adam? are you going? Where He stops at a red light. All of a sudden he opens his eyes and turns to his left. DRIVER What is it.

not going anywhere in particular. drives into the parking space.. The police car smashes into it but keeps going after him. As the approaching sirens get louder Adam slams on the brakes. As he gets to the top two police cars start up the hill after him..Where are you going to find her? Adam then pulls over and gets out of the car. Adam? Goddamnit. you've got to know where you're going.. Adam turns up an extremely steep street. Cars are parked on the hill head in. Adam looks back at it. shuts the car off. Adam watches as they zoom out of his view. STREET Adam walks down the street. where are you going?.You got to find Claire. Adam drives by a parking space almost midway down the hill. ADAM Fuck! Adam gains some ground from the cars chasing him but in the distance MORE POLICE CAR SIRENS are heard. EXT. A moment later the pursuing police cars speed down the hill passing Adam.... perpendicular to the curb. ADAM Shit! Adam runs another red light almost hitting A CAR TURNING ONTO THE STREET. He backs up. ANOTHER POLICE CAR coming from the opposite direction does a U-turn after Adam passes it. Adam heads towards Russian Hill. ADAM Where are you going now. As the police cars make it to the top of the hill Adam goes down it. He then starts ADAM Adam. and ducks down. the car and drives back up the hill. . He just sees it.104. The street is level for a few blocks but then descends on a grade steeper than the one he went up.

. to the door of the brownstone. ADAM'S CAR/BROWNSTONE Adam drives up to the building he knew as Molina's brownstone.. INT... He ADAM Where are you. it's about me. He tries to calm himself down. Claire. closes his eyes. INT. Adam turns the knob of the front door.Let me feel you. pushes the door open. It is the same hallway he was in when he knew the brownstone to be Molina's. After a moment he opens his eyes .. There he finds a typewritten manuscript titled Fog City. He listens for a moment../EXT. There is nothing but tense silence.. Claire?.105..Let me feel you.. He looks through it. BROWNSTONE STUDY Adam enters. There is no one there but with the desk and Native American masks on the wall there is no doubt that he is in Molina's study. He sits on a stoop. ADAM Oh my God. INT. Adam then cracks open one of the double doors to the study. He goes He It's not locked. Adam goes to the desk. ADAM Oh no. Adam exits the car and takes out his police pistol. ADAM I'll be right there.he knows where Claire is and it's not good.Oh God no! Adam hurries to his car. The lights are on in the room he knew as Molina's study. BROWNSTONE HALLWAY Adam enters the hallway.

Mr.) Good. Up ahead he sees that the police have set up a ROAD BLOCK they are searching cars and their occupants. Schuyler. Now I have to write a new ending for Fog City. He looks through it and pulls out her wallet. Adam checks his . Molina hangs up before Adam can reply. I'd let you speak to her but she's a bit tied up at the moment.) I'm very impressed. But I won't wait all evening. Schuyler. Then you'll join us.O. Adam then notices CLAIRE'S BAG. MOLINA (V. I know where you are.106. watch .O. ADAM What did you do with Claire? MOLINA (V. ADAM Yes. The phone rings. Adam turns to a side street to avoid the road block but that street is also blocked off by the police. If you're not here in a half an hour we'll start the festivities without you. MOLINA (V. I'm sure you're anxious to see Claire. MOLINA (V./EXT. nonetheless. Adam knows it's for him and picks it up.Adam closes his eyes.) I'm sorry but you just missed her.) Why don't you join is 10:30. Mr. I didn't expect you here this evening.O. ADAM'S CAR/LOMBARD STREET Adam speeds down the street towards the Golden Gate Bridge. But I think a better ending. INT. ADAM Fuck you.O. He opens it to a wallet photo of him and Claire in happier times. You do know where we are? Pause .

A POLICE HELICOPTER comes in and hovers above them. stay cool. The car starts to fill up with . Adam. ADAM Stay cool. give chase. Adam looks at them . INT. Police cars move in to surround him. The police take cover behind their cars and aim shotguns and automatic weapons at Adam. and place your weapons on the ground. CAPTAIN (through bullhorn) Shut the car off. ADAM Shit! He turns around and goes back to Lombard Street. POLICE HELICOPTER The PILOT and a SNIPER have a clear view of Adam's car.107. ADAM Just stay cool. A POLICE COMMAND VEHICLE drives up behind the police perimeter and a CAPTAIN exits with a bullhorn. fog. He has to go towards the road block. Adam pulls over. open the door slowly. The police As Adam tries to cross Lombard Street MORE POLICE CARS drive in to block him off. INT.they mean business. POLICE PERIMETER The captain takes a position where he is looking directly at Adam. ADAM'S CAR Adam keeps calling the fog. EXT. ADAM'S CAR Adam starts intoning the chant to call the fog. INT.

. men. POLICE PERIMETER Scores of police hold their weapons on Adam. and place your weapons on the ground. sergeant. The captain turns to the They just Fog starts to rise up around the SWAT TEAM CAPTAIN Am I seeing things or did that car just disappear? SWAT TEAM SERGEANT I don't see it.) (through bullhorn) Do you understand -.shut the car off.. The captain raises up the bullhorn. Just wait until he comes out of there. slowly open the door of the car.108. CAPTAIN (through bullhorn) Hold your positions. INT. Adam continues chanting. car. ADAM'S CAR The fog now completely covers the car. POLICE PERIMETER From the police point of view there is no fog.I don't see it. .. CAPTAIN (O. SUDDENLY ADAM'S CAR DISAPPEARS RIGHT BEFORE THEIR EYES. EXT.. see Adam sitting in his car. CAPTAIN (through bullhorn) I repeat for the last time.S. and place your weapons on the ground. open the door slowly. EXT. turn off your car. The police are dumbfounded.

He looks down the street and sees the police perimeter as it was just a few moments ago. INT. Adam pulls up to Lombard Street. One of them finally turns to the captain.. In a moment it is Adam looks around. LOMBARD STREET . Claire. He puts the car in gear and drives ahead. all gone. ADAM Hang on. POLICEMAN There's nothing here.109./EXT. No trace of CAPTAIN How the fuck am I going to explain this. SNIPER What the fuck! INT. EXT. him.POLICE PERIMETER The captain watches as policemen comb the area where Adam's car was. The fog blows away.. is 10:53. Adam checks his watch . ADAM'S CAR Adam watches the fog as it melts away.. He calls the fog. ADAM'S CAR/LOMBARD STREET Adam drives up a few blocks and then parks in an empty store parking lot.Just how the fuck am I going to explain this. There is all sorts of commotion there. I'll be right there. sir. POLICE HELICOPTER The pilot and sniper look down and see Adam's car fade into nothingness. He is at the same place he was on Lombard Street but there are no police to be seen. . In a moment the car is enveloped by fog.

up with fog. it's Adam. Mr. EXT.Claire.110. PARKING LOT . Schuyler.. can you hear me? CUT TO: MOLINA AND CLAIRE Claire is tied to a column.S. CUT TO: ADAM He searches the colonnade . It is almost completely filled ADAM (shouting) Claire. EXT. CLAIRE (yelling) Adam.. As Adam approaches to the Palace of Fine Arts it begins to fill up with fog.) I'm glad you could make it. Molina is right next to her. I'm here for you. Adam turns to his rear. He looks at the Palace of Fine Arts.PALACE OF FINE ARTS Adam drives into the parking lot and gets out. MOLINA (O.all he sees is fog. Claire is here with me. which glistens in the moonlight. ADAM If you want revenge why don't you just kill me and let Claire go. . All he sees and hears is what I want him to see and hear. This time Molina's response comes from Adam's left. I'm over here. MOLINA You can yell all you want but he can't hear you. where the voice is coming from. PALACE OF FINE ARTS Adam enters the COLONNADE. I'm here.

ADAM So now you're going to kill Claire because she doesn't love you? CUT TO: MOLINA AND CLAIRE MOLINA What do you say to that? going to be mine now? CLAIRE Never. You have two minutes to find and kill me. Are you . Adam turns and searches through the fog. Adam.) Help me. From his rear he hears a woman screaming in terror. ADAM (to himself) Feel. CUT TO: ADAM MOLINA (O.111.Someone help meeee. MOLINA Then I'm afraid you're going to die. Mr.) (from another direction) Claire will die unless you kill me first.) I could have killed you long ago but it wouldn't have served my purpose.S. I had to make her fear and hate you but it didn't work. I wanted Claire all to myself but your sudden and tragic death would have placed you in her heart forever.. Schuyler.... feel. (beat) I'll give you a sporting chance.. MOLINA (O..S.S. ANNA (O.

ANNA Help me.. MOLINA (O.. Adam goes into the fog ADAM (to himself) Trust what you feel. towards Molina's voice.) Adam...Claire. where are you? ... POLICE HELICOPTER The helicopter hovers over the Place of Fine Arts.112..S... Schuyler. The sniper has Adam in his sight through the scope of his rifle. Seeing her rattles Adam. ADAM Claire. CUT TO: INT. PILOT (into radio) We got Schuyler in the Palace of Fine Arts.) (from Adam's right) Don't get distracted. it will keep you from getting a proper feel of the situation if you know what I mean.Adam. CLAIRE' VOICE (O. You have ninety seconds..S.he and the pilot don't see any fog. CUT TO: EXT.Please help meee. He's got his gun drawn -. Anna disappears into the fog. PALACE OF FINE ARTS All of a sudden from somewhere behind Adam he hears Claire screaming in agony.. He has a clear view . Adam turns to it and sees ANNA with her throat cut and blood running down her body..he's looking for something.Trust what you feel. Mr.. Adam rushes towards the voice but all he sees is fog..

Schuyler. The butchered up Claire disappears.S... ADAM No -. DEAD CLAIRE (in Molina's voice) Very good. CLAIRE'S VOICE (O. Adam turns to see a dark figure sitting on a bench. Adam. Mr. The fog clears to reveal the CLAIRE Adam saw butchered in the park.113. CUT TO: MOLINA AND CLAIRE Molina and Claire have a clear view of Adam searching through the colonnade.. MOLINA That's not the revenge I had in mind.Help're not my Claire. Adam feels something is wrong.) (from another direction) Adam..Adam. He really does love you more than anything. CLAIRE Why don't you just kill us both now and get it over with. It's too bad what's going to become of him. ADAM Claire. But I assure you that if you don't kill me quick your Claire will end up looking like this.. is that you? CLAIRE'S VOICE Help me. MOLINA My.. (MORE) . All there is of her is a torso and a head. Adam is visibly shaken. how he's trying..

You seem to be a bit rattled. eh. and tied to a column. Mr.You and Claire are going to be dead and in a dumpster.You're both going to be dead and in a dumpster.114. ADAM You feel -- .. She is gagged Adam unties her and she hugs him. It is the MUTILATED ADAM (Adam #2) that Adam saw in the dumpster. A figure emerges from the fog. MOLINA (O. Adam moves through the fog and in the distance sees a figure struggling to get his attention.S. I knew you'd come. Adam heads over to it. Schuyler. CUT TO: ADAM Adam hears hysterical laughter coming from what seems all around him. You have forty-five seconds and you're not even close to finding me.. Adam #2 then fades into nothingness right before Adam's eyes..) Not a pretty sight. As he approaches Adam sees that it is CLAIRE. CLAIRE Adam. ADAM #2 (laughing) You're going to die just like me. However. MOLINA (CONT'D) What is more terrifying than to spend your last moment alive looking into the eyes of the one you love as he is about to kill you? I know your husband will never forgive himself. It'll drive him mad. an uneasy feeling comes over Adam . I knew it.. ADAM Claire! He takes the gag off and starts untying her.he knows something is wrong.

POLICE HELICOPTER The sniper sees Molina in back of Adam. He turns and sees that Claire is right behind him. MOLINA (O. MOLINA (O.. Then. I'm over here. Adam turns and sees Molina but he disappears before Adam can get a good shot.) On your right.Scared.115. Adam breaks their embrace and readies his gun.S.) (from in back of Adam) No.S. Schuyler. Schuyler. MOLINA (O.S. Mr. SNIPER There's someone in back of him. Suddenly. MOLINA (O. ADAM (to Claire) Stay close to me... from his left. . from close by. CUT TO: INT. CLAIRE I feel what? ADAM .Molina is there for an instant and then disappears. Adam walks deep into the fog looking for Molina.) Ten seconds.. Adam turns . Mr Schuyler. Mr.S. PALACE OF FINE ARTS Adam searches through the fog...) Fifteen seconds. A CUT TO: EXT. man.

. I'm over here.. throwing his aim off.he doesn't know what to do. He wants to shoot but the helicopter is shaky.116. MOLINA Five seconds. .S. MOLINA (O. DON'T SHOOT. PALACE OF FINE ARTS MOLINA Four.) (from in back of Adam) No. CUT TO: CLAIRE She screams at Adam but he can't hear her. POLICE HELICOPTER The sniper sees that Adam is actually aiming his gun at Claire. who is tied to the column.. IT'S ME. Adam takes aim. PILOT (into radio) He's aiming his gun at a woman tied to a column. Molina is standing in front of him. Adam turns but he's not there. Adam turns.. CUT TO: EXT. CLAIRE ADAM. SHOOT! DON'T CUT TO: ADAM He wavers . The sniper sights Adam through the rifle's scope. CUT TO: INT.

. MOLINA FALLS TO Adam goes over to Claire.) Two. KILL HIM NOW.S.. ADAM It's what you feel. you were almost going to shoot me -.S.didn't you see me? . MOLINA (O.117.S. THE FOG QUICKLY DISSOLVES.) One. Adam. MOLINA (O.. ADAM It's not what you see. THE GROUND. CUT TO: MOLINA He is just in back of Adam now.. MOLINA (O. As he unties her he notices she has on her WEDDING RING. CUT TO: ADAM He fingers the trigger . MOLINA (in Claire's voice) Kill him. The SIRENS of approaching police cars fill the air..) Three.. CLAIRE Adam. CUT TO: ADAM He wants to shoot but something is holding him back. CUT TO: CLAIRE'S POV She is looking down the barrel of Adam's gun as he is about to pull the trigger.he's going to shoot... ADAM TURNS AND SHOOTS MOLINA SEVERAL TIMES...

Adam pulls the covers over Amanda. CLAIRE You know I'm pregnant? ADAM We're a family now. ADAM AND CLAIRE'S HOUSE . INT. Adam embraces her. I felt you. The SIRENS get louder.NIGHT Adam and Claire now live in a house in a secluded suburban neighborhood.. Claire is surprised.. We've got to get out of here now.. ADAM AND CLAIRE'S HOUSE . They couldn't be more in The fog rises up around them. Especially since one is on the way now.AMANDA'S ROOM .118. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. Adam . love. lowers her into the crib. Say goodnight to mommie.Now say goodnight to daddy. Adam and Claire disappear into the fog as POLICE rush to where they just were. ADAM No. Adam starts calling the fog. ADAM Daddy's little girl needs her sleep.NIGHT Adam and Claire are putting their baby AMANDA to bed.. CLAIRE Where are we going? ADAM Some world where we don't have to worry about the father of your children being in prison for the rest of his life.

MOLINA You look surprised. CUT TO: . ADAM Amanda! MOLINA I consider Amanda the child I never had with Claire. Schuyler. Schuyler. Adam rushes to them. Adam walks around the fog looking for them. ADAM Goodnight. Molina and Amanda disappear into the fog. Amanda lets out a wail. Amanda. ADAM Give me back my child! MOLINA Don't waste your time trying to find us. You should have finished me off when you had the chance. They're not there. Mr. The fog clears to reveal that Molina is holding Amanda. The fog fades around the figure's face to reveal MOLINA. Adam can't believe it. all mine. He tries to make his way out of All of a sudden he makes out a FIGURE ahead of him. it. Mr. All there is the sound of Amanda's cries fading away from the distance. She's mine now. It took me all this time to recover from the wounds. (to Amanda) Say goodbye to your old daddy now. DISSOLVE TO: FOG Adam is surrounded by fog.119. We're going beyond your reach. Way beyond your reach.

CLAIRE Are you all right? ADAM Yeah. sweating. INT. SMASH CUT TO BLACK... I'll be fine. INT. CLAIRE What is it? ADAM It was just.NIGHT Adam wakes up with a jolt. He is shocked. AMANDA'S ROOM Adam enters and quietly goes to the crib. Outside the window is a swirling mass of fog. a crazy dream. In shock. He . ADAM I just want to check on Amanda.Amanda's not there.. Adam gets out of bed. He pulls back the covers .120.. puts the lamp on waking Claire up.It was just a dream. he falls to the floor. ADAM AND CLAIRE'S BEDROOM .