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Dear MOMS, Spring is here, last week it was more like summer. If your kids are anything like mine, all they want to do is play outside. The flowers and trees are blooming, and the pollen is falling. It is a great time to get outside and enjoy the weather. Our calendar will be filling up with a number of great activities. Our Easter Egg hunt is always so much fun to look forward to. As some of us travel for Spring Break safe travels and have fun!!!!! The time of year has come again to ask our membership to help us remember and honor a dear friend. In March 2004 we lost a Moms Club® member Sonia Maurer to a long battle with cancer. She had energy and zest, and didn't want the sickness to get her down. So as we vote one of our Moms Club members for this award, think of someone that has gone above and beyond. Hosted play dates and did the little extras to make things easier. Please email me your vote We will also have a basket to vote at our April meeting. The award will be given in May at the Spring Banquet. Have a great month, Erika Gantert


April 2012

Kids’ Birthdays

(1 yr) Gabriella Clark 4/12 (4 yrs) Archer Tweed 4/13 (1 yr) John Young 4/15 (5 yrs) Remy Reynolds 4/18 (6 yrs) Nina Jensen­Cabada 4/23 (2 yrs) Kai Frein 4/26 (9 yrs) Pierson Hull 4/26
Moms’ Birthdays

Debra Frein 4/4 Deborah Raynor 4/5 Jessica Bowers Hamel 4/12 Erika Brooke 4/20 Heather Jensen Defibaugh 4/21

Thanks to everyone for a great Progressive Dinner. It was very well attended, we had so much fun. Also, a big thanks to Kim, Kristy and Summer for opening up your houses to us.

The following members will owe dues:
April: Amy Allen, Megan Anderson, Erika Gantert May: April Nix, Stephanie Wright Please give $25 dues to Hope Allison, or mail a check payable to MOMS Club of Lexington to: 909 Ruffner Place Lexington, VA 24450
(“MOMS Club,” the “Mother-to-Mother Fund,” and the mother/children logo are registered service marks of the International MOMS Club)

Penny Park. Located on Nelson and Jefferson Streets. (past RARA Food Pantry) Waddell Elementary School    A Big Thank You!  It’s a Boy! Joshua McGuire Nix born Thursday. (BUENA VISTA). (BUENA VISTA). across from the Library. Located at Wallace and Taylor Streets. You are invited to special Open House times at St.  Located on Moses Mill Road.M. Located at 21st Street and Forest Avenue. from 6 to 8 P. . There will be two and a half to five year old classes from 9 A. Kid’s Playce. Located on Main St. Nelson Street. Barbara Czekner (cell phone #540-841-1427) Local Parks and Playgrounds Boxerwood Gardens. Patrick Preschool to see what we have to offer your family. Glen Maury Park. Located on Wallace St. 7 oz. Located at 963 Ross Road. Come and look us over to help you decide on joining us in the Fall. or have  something to add to next  month’s newsletter…    please email Cami at   camio18@hotmail. Located at 100 Pendelton Place. Congratulations! to April and Zach and big sisters. Located on Lime Kiln Road near Woods Creek Park.M. Ravenhorst-Loyall Playground. Patrick Preschool Open House Dear Moms. Fairwinds Park. Located at 85 Central Road. Richardson Park. March 22nd weighing 7 lbs. Adi and Emma St.M. across from Kid’s Playce. Our Open House dates are April 9.      to   Camden Cooper    for assuming the position   of  Newsletter/Calendar  Editor    If there is an event you  would like to host. Located at Denny Lane and Colonnade Avenue. Located on 10th Street. to 1 P. Brewbaker Field and Skate Park. Jordon’s Point Park. Woods Creek Park. Located at McLaughlin Street and Lime Kiln Road. Thanks. Located on Diamond and Lewis Streets. in the lower level at 221 W. Central Elementary School Playground. and April 18 from 10 to noon. Hopkins Green. Lime Kiln Bridge Park.

com .April 2012 SUN MON TUES WED THURS FRI Spring Break Begins 10:30am Storytime(BV) / SAT 1 April Fool’s  Day Car Show 1-5pm VA Discovery Museum 2 9:30am RunClub/ LimeKiln BridgePark 3:30pm Kids Playce 3 10am Boxerwood 4 10am Kids Playce 5 9:30am Exec Mtg 6 7 3:30pm Richardson Park 4-5pm Library CRAFT 10am Cookie Decorating 3:30pm Fairwinds PennyPark 3:30pm Waddell 13 10:30am Storytime(BV) / Egg Hunt & Kite Contest Dusk Hull’s Drive-In 8 Easter 9 RunClub/ LimeKiln BridgePark 3:30pm Kids Playce 10 10am Boxerwood 11 10am Kids Playce 4-5pm Library CRAFT 12 10:30am Egg Hunt + Picnic Lunch 3:30pm Fairwinds 14 9:30-5pm Scots Irish Festival PennyPark 3:30pm Waddell 20 10:30am Storytime(BV) / 3:30pm Richardson Park 8pm MNO 15 16 9:30am RunClub/ LimeKiln BridgePark 3:30pm Kids Playce 17 10am Boxerwood 18 10:30am Brushy Hills Hike 7pm Game Night 19 9:30am Membership 21 10-11am Lowes Clinic 10-2pm Celebration of the Dog 3:30pm Richardson Park Meeting 3:30pm Fairwinds 8pm Book Club PennyPark 3:30pm Waddell 27 10:30am Storytime(BV) / 22 Earth Day 10-4pm Family Sheep Shearing & Fiber Art 23 9:30am RunClub/ LimeKiln BridgePark 3:30pm Kids Playce 24 3:30pm 12:30pm Fairwinds Lunch Bunch 3:30pm Richardson Park 25 10am Kids Playce 26 10:30am Storytime 28 PennyPark 3:30pm Waddell 4-5pm Library CRAFT 3:30pm Fairwinds 29 30 9:30am RunClub/ LimeKiln BridgePark 3:30pm Kids Playce Newsletter Submissions Due Mon April 23rd to camio18@hotmail.

WEDNESDAYS in April at 10am.) RSVP to Anna at amn181@yahoo. Unhosted. TUESDAYS in April at 10am. $1 Pizza will follow our meeting. and we'll split the cost of the wine.without food.). Then stay for a Picnic Lunch: Please bring a dish to share that is either picnic-y themed or a pastel color (sandwiches. Meet at Kids Playce for some afternoon play. Brushy Hills Hike hosted by Anna Swenty and Aurora Young. RSVP to Jess at npsjess@gmail. TUESDAYS in April at 3:30pm. Hosted by Tina Miller at 52 Liberty Lane. Game Night! Join us at Bethany’s home (201Jackson Saturday April 14 at 8pm. FRIDAYS in April at 10am. The Meeting will begin at 9:30. MONDAYS in April at 3:30pm. We’re a group of parents  who like to run/jog with strollers. there will be a 'product browsing' before we start the games. MOMS Night Don't drink?. Join us for an evening of wine tasting and appetizers! We're having a wine tasting in which we'll blindly sample six Chardonnays and rate them. Lex ) RSVP to Jess at npsjess@gmail. Summer Sullivan or Jess Hamel) PRIOR to the event. Meet at Richardson Park for some afternoon play. If you like to run. Unhosted. Unhosted. and then with food. Thursday April 5 at 9:30am.. Please RSVP to Tina at imacavalier@centurylink. Come Decorate Cookie Flowers!”  Join the Hamels & Meads for yummy decorating fun. We will be decorating sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles. Please bring a side to share if you are able. Lex) to play Left Right Center! And as a bonus. "April Showers. Follow Union Run Road until you reach the Town Spring. “The Bunny Ran Late” Egg Hunt followed by “Pick-a-Patch” Picnic LunchBunch at Jess’s House! (11 Maple Lane.. FRIDAYS in April at 3:30pm. Meet at the Waddell Elementary School playground for some afternoon play. The trailhead begins at the Town Spring. Playtime at Lime Kiln Bridge Park. a low stone building on the right. Come out and enjoy the beautiful blossoming spring while hiking through the woods! (Directions: Take Ross Road past Boxerwood. jello salads. Stay on Ross Road until you intersect Union Road where you will turn Right (a small brown sign for a birding and wildlife trail will appear shortly before the turn for Union Road--this is referring to Brushy Hills). Then we will eat them. Meet at Fairwinds Park for some afternoon play. Tina will provide dessert. Membership Meeting at Lexington Baptist Church. MOMS are asked to bring an appetizer to share.come enjoy the evening of fun chatter and some sans alcohol drinks! Wednesday April 18 at 10:30am. Unhosted. Unhosted. Playtime at Boxerwood. THURSDAYS in April at so she will know how much wine to purchase. Unhosted. Unhosted. Any . that's fine or Aurora at or Heather M. Thursday April 5 at 10am. Please arrive at 9:15 to get children signed into the nursery. at hmeads@yahoo. Playtime at Penny Park (BV). Natural Bridge.. (11 Maple Lane. Thursday April 12 at 10:30am. Thursday April 19 at 9:15am. fruit. MONDAYS in April at 10am. Exec Meeting at Lexington Baptist Church. Playtime at Kids Playce. Wednesday April 18 at 7pm. then please join us! Email Anna Swenty for more info at amn181@yahoo. etc. Running Club meets at the Chessie Trail. Lex ) Bring the kids for an Egg Hunt: Please get 12 pre-filled eggs per participating child to one of the co-hosts (Alice Bruno. Deborah Raynor.April Calendar Event Descriptions MONDAYS in April at 9:30am.

Hosted by Kristy Speers at 5 Thornridge Court. Meets at the Lexington Visitor Center. Tuesday April 24 at 12pm.aspx?StoreID=100 MONDAYS in April from 4-8:30pm.99. etc) before the games begin! RSVP to Bethany H. No reservations per child. www. Each participant also receives a free apron. www. Family Fun Night at Amazement Square in Lynchburg. Community Events MONDAY thru FRIDAYS in March from 10am-1pm. Pampered Chef.vadm. Bring a non-perishable food item and receive a $1 discount off. WEDNESDAYS in April from Saturday April 7 from 10-11am. Lex. Spring is here!! Bring something fruit or veggie themed to enjoy the season! RSVP to Kristy at feldspar1333@hotmail. Reservations are not required but they are recommended ~ Space is limited! Please check the Special Events Calendar for our Open Jump times.hullsdrivein. at hullbethany@hotmail.99 Night at Skate Center of Roanoke Friday April 6 thru Sunday April 8 at Dusk.youseemore. FREE Guided Walking Tour of Lexington. Preschooler Playtime at Skate Center of Roanoke Valley. LUNCH FRIDAYS in April at 3pm. THURDAYS in April from 12-2:30pm.moms who sell products are invited to come and show your items (Thirty-one. Weekly craft program for ages 3-11.99. Storytime at the Rockbridge Regional Library (Lex). www. Lowe’s Build and Grow Workshop. Rain or Shine.lowesbuildandgrow. Sunday April 1. Saturday April 7.glenmaurypark. $1. Rally Field. goggles. Wear comfortable shoes! Book Club meets at Camden Cooper’s home.skateplay. Hull’s Drive-In is showing “The Adventures of TinTin” (PG-13) and “We Bought a Zoo” (PG-13). Skating & Rental for just $ This is a Special Time for ages 6 & under only! Play Zone. Through the Sponsored Admission Program.amazementsquare. Scentsy. a project themed patch. Easter Egg Hunt and Kite Contest at Glen Maury Park & Campground in Buena Vista. www.glenmaurypark. Thursday April 19 at 8pm. RSVP to Cami at camio18@hotmail. (*Except during school holidays & breaks) Pop In Play! at Pump it Up in Roanoke for ages 2-6. Sunday April 1 from 1-5pm. Slice of pizza & a drink. Cost is $ . $1. Movies begin at Sundown. and a certification of merit upon completion of their project. WEDNESDAYS and THURSDAYS in April from www. FRIDAYS in April from 10:30am-11am. “Pay What You Wish Sunday” at the VA Discovery Museum in  Charlottesville. $7 per www.asp. www.skateplay. 7th Annual Showdown in the Park Car Show at Glen Maury Park & Campground in Buena www. Craft Time at the Rockbridge Regional Library (Lex).youseemore. Double Decker.asp. Kids 11 + under are FREE. Gates open at 7pm. http://www. www. www. families are invited to enjoy Family Fun Night on the second Saturday of every month from 4:00 to 7:00 pm when admission is just $ $1. Saturday April 14 from 4-7pm. Bring the kids into Lowe's and build a FREE wooden project. 2110 Magnolia Avenue. Each attraction.  212 W 27th Street. BV. Storytime at the Rockbridge Regional Library (BV).

educational seminars and vendors. Saturday April 21 from 10-2pm. Annual Lexington Scots Irish Heritage Festival at Rockbridge County High School. Bring the kids into Lowe's and  build a FREE wooden  CHARLOTTESVILLE: Virginia Discovery Museum.lexcelts. washing. www. goggles.chuckecheese.   www.   www. 18th and 19th century log homes of Rockbridge County open for the first time for Historic Garden              Splash Valley Water Park. Home and Garden Tour .roanokecountyva.virginiasafaripark.   www. Friday April 27 and Saturday April 28 from 10am-5pm. Cheese’s. Downtown Lexington Retailers.skateplay.Tuesday April 10 at 6pm. www. Sponsored by the Blue Ridge Garden Club." www. Monthly Old Time Music Jam every 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Virginia Horse Saturday April 14 from 9:30am-5pm. carding and HARRISONBURG: Explore More Discovery Museum. Saturday April 21 from 9-6pm and Sunday April 22 from   Butterflies at the Bridge.cfm?TourID=43 Other FUN Places to visit! NATURAL BRIDGE:                       ROANOKE: Natural Bridge Zoo. Join the fun!! $4 suggested donation per family/               Pump it $3/children 6-16.   www.   www. “Celebration of the Dog” at Virginia Horse Center. demonstrations.naturalbridgeva. “Family Sheep Shearing & The Journey to Fiber Art” at Cabin Spring Farm. Featuring highland games.Log Homes: A Rockbridge Tradition.       Amazement    Chuck E.               Skate Center of Roanoke Valley. Follow the fleece from the sheep to sorting. All dogs must be on leash and have updated vaccinations. drying. and a certification of merit upon completion of their project.vadm. http://vagardenweek. 540-463-5375 Saturday April 28 from 10-5pm. traditional foods and more! Admission $5/adult. craft vendors. Lowe’s Build and Grow Workshop. Downtown Lexington Spring Sidewalk Sale. Event held in conjunction with "Bark for Life.  Help us  celebrate "man's best friend" and all that they do for us! There will be games.   www.              Virginia Safari Park. Lex.   www. a project themed patch. Bring an instrument and play or just sit back and enjoy the music! www.amazementsquare. Each participant also receives a free apron. Demonstrations and hands-on activities for all ages. Saturday April 21 from              Cline’s Dinosaur Kingdom and Haunted Monster Museum    www. LYNCHBURG:     . live

com MOMS Club of Lexington 2011-2012 Committee Chairs: Social Chair: Kristy Speers. Membership Vice President: April Harris. IMCMitzi@md. Inquiries outside our local areas can be made by visiting the International MOMS Club website at: www. 462-2852. Deborah Raynor  Tina Miller  Anna Swenty. allegrenzo@yahoo. MOMS on the Mend: Anne Johnson. USERNAME: mommy PASSWORD: daytime support . e_gantert@yahoo. – Memorial Day. 261-1144. 460-2099. (Oh Yeah! ) – Kite MOMS Night Out: April Nix. Associate Vice President: Stephanie International MOMS Club (If you want info on a chapter of the MOMS Treasurer: Hope Allison. april. Host a Kite Flying Playdate at Brewbaker Field! – Mother’s Day. wright75@comcast. please call): Regional Coordinator: Mitzi McConville. 958-0438. feldspar1333@hotmail. 904-612-0128.               MOMS Club of Lexington 2011-2012 Board Members: President: Erika Gantert. – Clean Up Your Room Day. camio18@hotmail.harris389@yahoo. Alice Publicity Chair: Jessica Bowers.  to the Moms hosting events this month:  Jess Bowers.momsclub. Program Chair: Alice Lynn. – Miniature Golf Secretary: Jenny Calendar and Newsletter: Heather Meads. Heather Meads  Summer Sullivan. 460-7613.theteacherscorner. http://www.metrocast. Plan a Mother’s Day Craft! – National Chocolate Chip Day. 570-0048. 460-5766.  Aurora Young  Bethany Hull  Camden Cooper  Kristy Speers    A BIG THANK YOU       Host a Playdate next month!  Special Days in May… May 1 May 10 May 12 May 13 May 15 May 19 May 28 – Hawaiian Lei Day. 919-210-0554. 261-3244. Camden Cooper.

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