Matt-Heya, man, sorry to disturb you with this long-ass Face-Book message and I doubt

you will even read it if you see it but I ask you in the spirit of our past friend-ship to read this in its entirety. If I do not get a response, I will mail a copy physically to your parent’s house. --speaking of which, I hope that you're Mom is doing well. Please give her my best. Sincerely!!-I will put the word out among the folks of West Stockton for you to contact me, though I guess you are not around much even now, so that I know I have done everything I can do to reach you. I saw Sunshine yesterday and she said you were doing well with all that substance abuse nonsense and life in general. That is great. You may not believe it but that honestly makes me happy. I still love you like a brother, man, only it's that kind of love you have for a brother you never see due to irreparable differences. Ya dig what I mean? I can just never forgive or forget the asinine threats you made on my mother's life. The empty threats you made about me I could maybe forgive, though I doubt it, but the threat to my mother almost caused insidious trouble for you and not just from me. While I understand you had not the intestinal fortitude to do anything remotely nefarious to me and mine, I think you forgot that my Mom never has done anything bad or mean to any of my friends and in fact will help them whenever possible, so she is loved quite a bit. Thus, it left a bad taste in many folk’s mouths. Indeed. It was my father who was the thief and drug-addict, he is the one who stole eight thousand dollars from you in that failed money laundering attempt you did with my asshole father so many years ago. This was of course of "drug" money; (Marijuana is not a narcotic but the Feds think different) still, that asshole stole it from you and it has bothered me ever since it happened. I was going to give you the Benz years ago because of it but I was afraid it would go up your nose. It is simply amazing the memories I have and I need to write them all down for posterity and possible profit. I'm sure there is SOMEBODY out there who wants to read it...... That is neither here nor there and I do not have the blinding rage I felt against you, like I did a couple of years ago, which is now great for my blood-pressure. I was very angry with you when you were lurking around my front yard the same night you threatened to murder me. Supposedly, you wanted to "apologize" that night for the serious blunder you made, along with the fear and loathing that that one tweaker coke-head jerk chicken ass nigga was creeping in the dark of my yard, that I damn near pulled the trigger of that twenty-gauge shot-gun. At the time, I did not want to clean up the mess you would have made as a result of a point-blank shot of lead. I also could not figure out how to drag you in the house so it looked like you broke in nor did I want to pull a "Houdini Act", which would have resulted in stabbing you seven or eight

times in the heart, to make it not beat anymore so that I could hang you in my bath-tub while waiting for the blood to congeal. It does not spray when you cut if the heart has stopped beating. That's how the Westies of Hell's Kitchen New York, and Roy DeMeo of the Gambino Crime Family, committed murders so the bodies were never found. After that, it's a simple matter of cutting at the joints and then puncturing the stomach and lungs in the torso so the body will not float when I dumped it into the Calaveras. I am very glad I did not blast you with that hollow point slug that evening, though it might have happened accidentally as the hammer was cocked back and the trigger is very sensitive, for I really do love you like an estranged brother....... Sorry for the lengthy ramble; I've been writing words quite a bit tonight and I forget that folks find it strange that I am a literate Stocktonian while they all mysteriously suffer from illiteracy. The reason I send you this message is that you still have my microphone and all the paraphernalia that goes with it. I hella need that. You also have my Disc 1 of "Son's of Anarchy" season one, along with several music CD's, and though I have found that show lacking in writing skill the last couple of years, I do like season one. I hope you still have it. I thought of all this because I found some MP3 CD's today that you left here, including the one you made for me while I lived in Berkeley. I was listening to it as I cleaned the house this afternoon. I have over 50,000 MP3's now, including the entire Discography of Townes Van Zandt, which I know you wanted. I have no issue at all with making you some CD's, if you still have the other stuff of mine. This is sort of an olive branch of peace. I cannot be friends with you after the threats you dared utter but I no longer will hurt you on sight. I actually have not felt that way for quite a while. I hope you feel the same but if you do not, I pity you. It is too hard on the Karmic Soul to hate...... Please do NOT stop by the house, for although I love you like a long lost brother --past memories die hard--, I have no desire to see you or be friends, even if you are sober and doing well in life. I honestly hope you are good; I lived in fear that I would hear about you're death from an overdose or some other bad craziness that is the result of the drug abuse before I could apologize to you for the mistakes that I made in our friendship. I fully admit that I was not a perfect friend but I never threatened to murder you. Never did I do

that. I know all too well about thr kind of guilt of unsaid or unwritten words from the lessons I learned in the death of my larcenous father. You can call me at (209) 751-6154. I trust you to be mature with that number, in the spirit of forgiveness, on both sides………. If not, then fuck you very much! I hope to hear from you, especially about the microphone. May The Gods grant you the serenity and peace that was denied to you as a child and so richly deserve as an adult........ Res Ipsa Loquitur

Drew Kazinsky June I, 2012 Kazinskyville Kazinskyness Westies 209

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