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Assignment 2: Milestone 2
Milestone 2: Scribd or doxtop (Summary and Worksheet) and Assessment Questions
One page summary



You must write a one page summary of the work from the resources in milestone 2. You should answer
this question in the summary: What should they learn (SKVA, etc) from the list of resources gathered from internet? Clear paragraphs and sections of work need to be evident in the document. Create a worksheet on the learning resources that you compiled in second page of milestone 2. The worksheet must have three different sections: one word answer; complete (fill-in the missing word) sentence; and a paragraph. 8

One word answer the learners must answer particular questions. Create 5 questions Complete the sentence create 5 questions where they fill-in the missing word to make the statement true Paragraph the learners must write a 5 lines paragraph on a particular question with these instructions.

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Technical skills: converting to Scribd or doxtop The two documents must be in the uploaded onto the website with clear

Use formatting to make the documents have impact on learning Both documents must be uploaded in the website using Scribd or doxtop (convert the documents to scribd or doxtop and then upload them in your website)


Create examples of Assessment questions (based on your learning content) that will be used in your final website using Contact Form in the More menu of the Elements tap or ribbon. Adhere to the format or instructions of this assignment as specified below.

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Concentrate on the types and sequencing of assessment items Select Form Fields as suggested below: Name

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Paragraph question, In Comment type a clear and appropriate question instruction/s 4 In each of the above Field Titles Edit Text that must show when a student visit your website in the Field Instructions Delete fields that are not necessary but edit Field titles and Field Options that you are using accordingly. Most importantly, vary your assessment items in order to cover all sections of the content of your learning area. Note, your assessment items MUST not be the same as in the Assignment 2 Milestone 1 3. Rename the Submit button text to Send and position it to the right 2 Comments:

Check box. Use only two options with clear and appropriate question instruction/s Dropdown box. Use only two options with clear and appropriate question instruction/s Option/Radio button. Use only two options with clear and appropriate question instruction/s

The URL of your website must be sent to Edulink

Due date: 11 November 2011

Copy your URL and paste it. DO NOT type it