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Question1:- Which protocol is working behind DHCP server?

and what excatly DORA


1..If Account lockout or password reset has been done, what is the replication time between domain controllers? AImmediately 2..what these two commands prints "echo test","cat test"? A ----"echo test", echo simply prints test. "cat test" cat command will searches for a file as "test" in the PWD. if it finds any file called "test", then it will prints the contents of the test file. else will through the error as file not exisiting 3If RID master is down,can domain user can login is domain ?? A---Yes, RID mater is not related to user Authentication. If PDC is down then the users will not be able to login to Domain. B---Relative Identifiers (RIDs) are used to uniquely identify each object within a domain. In any Active Directory (AD) domain, each domain controller has the ability to create new objectsusers, computers, groups, and so forth. Each of these new objects needs a unique ID number to avoid conflict with other new objects being created at any given time by other domain controllers in the domain. C---A server that has RID master role only generates the unique IDs to the newly created objects. Hence if your RID master is down; no new objects could be created however the existing users would keep on getting authenticated as authentication is done via Kerberos v5 in server 2003 that does not include RIS master server

4.. why register are stored the only binary data? A..Register are electromechanical device it has the capacity to store only 8 bits.Each have eight locations. Each location store one bit either 0 or1. There are 7 general purpose registers Accumulator,B,C,D,E,H,L. We can also store 16 bits with register pairs BC,DE,HL. 5..If system does not boot What are the files missing? And how to troubleshoot the problem without reinstalling OS ? A..NTLDR File may corrupt or deleted. it is resolved by copying perticular file from bootable cd from the foldet(I386) to the windoe's installed path(mostlyc:\) .OR By repairing by recover operation 6.What is the difference between NTFS & FAT File systems A..Difference between NTFS and FAT32 ----------------------------------------------------------NTFS 1) Allows access local to w2k w2k3 XP win NT4 with SP4 & later may get access for some file. 2) Maximum size of partition is 2 Terabytes & more. 3) Maximum File size is upto 16TB. 4) File & folder Encryption is possible only in NTFS. FAT 32 1)Fat 32 Allows access to win 95 98 win millenium win2k xp on local partition.

2) Maximum size of partition is upto 2 TB. 3)Maximum File size is upto 4 GB.

4)File & folder Encryption is not possible. is DHCP relay agent?


A. dhcp relay agent is configured at router used to relay for the clients outside the network for issuing ip addresses by the dhcp server.


is the difference between Win2k Server and

Win2k3? Difference between Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2003 Server In Windows 2000 server we cannot rename the Domain whereas in Windows 2003 server we can rename Domain. In win2k3 we have concept of Volume shadow copy service which is used to create hard disk snap shot which is used in Disaster Recovery and win2k doesnt have this service. In win2k we have cross domain trust relationship whereas in win2k3 we have cross forest trust relationship. Win2k supports IPv4 only whereas Win2k3 supports IPv4 and IPv6. Win2k supports of 8 processors and 64GB RAM (in Advanced Server) whereas in Win2k3 supports up to 64 processors and max of 512GB RAM. Win2k supports IIS5.0 whereas Win2k3 supports IIS6.0. Win2k has basic concepts of DFS (Distributed File Systems) with defined roots whereas Win2k3 has enhanced DFS with multiple roots. Win2k supports 4-node clustering and Win2k3 supports 8-node clustering.

In win2k we can create 1 million users whereas in win2k3 we can create 1 billion users. Win2k3 has a service called Windows Share Point Services (It is an integrated portfolio of collaboration and communication services designed to connect people, information, processes, and systems both within and beyond the organizational firewall). In Win2k there is no such service.


Write Hirarchy of ADS...?

AHirarchy of ADS ---------------Forest | Tree | Domain | Organizational Unit[OU] | Group | User


How can you backup and restore DC?

using NTBACKUP backup will be in 5 types 1)incremental 2)differincal 3)daily 4)fullbackup 5)transactional in windows 2008 & windows 2008 R2 Windows server backup (1) By using NTBackup Utility we can backup entire state of AD by selecting an option called "System State Backup" this option backup everything in the system including registry.

(2) Restore process has to be done by getting into "Safe Mode" - Select Domain mode - select NTBackup.exe and go to the location where backup has been saved - System asks for restart & then you are done. What is Proxy and proxy server A. In computer networks, a proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application program) that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers.

11.. Which protocol is working behind DHCP server? and what excatly DORA does?

AUDP protocol works behind DHCP server.... DORA is a internal handshaking process with the help of that DHCP server provide address to the requested network clients... D = Discover (client broadcaste to the network) O = Offer (server's are offering IP add to the client) R = Request (again client request the 1st ip of the 1st server) A = Acknowldgement (For confirmation for both end...)