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Deborah Henson-Conant's


for solo harp

for Folk Harp in E b, Folk Harp in C, or Pedal Harp

Printing Date: August 2006

2nd Edition

Pages 6, 8, 18, and 27 are blank in the printed music, to facilitate page turns. These blank pages are NOT included in this PDF.

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Deborah Henson-Conant's

for solo harp
2nd Edition for Lever Harp in Eb, Lever Harp in C, or Pedal Harp Composer's Notes to the Second Edition

Dedicated to Natalie Cox

Nataliana is a lyric, romantic piece. It is meant to be played on either pedal or lever harp. There are no lever or pedal changes througout the piece. Performance length is approximately 3:15 minutes. It is meant as a concert piece and is of moderate difficulty. It is not necessary to play the piece fast. You should play the melody as though you were singing it. The melody often changes hands or is accompanied by arpeggios. In these cases, the notes which create the melodic line are indicated. Make sure that you bring the melody out clearly, while at the same time providing a rich accompaniment with the arpeggiated figures. As it is not possible to write every subtle expression marking and tempo change in Nataliana, the performer must really discover its interpretation in her or his own heart. Please do remember that this is a romantic, passionate piece of music. Tempo markings are written for reference only, not to dictate to you. You must let the piece rise and fall as you feel it. "Very freely throughout" (the first indication) really means just that: . . . very . . . freely . . . throughout . . . A glossary of musical symbols used in this piece is on the following pages. Special thanks to Mary Jane Rupert for assistance in editing Nataliana. The composer's interpretation of this piece can be heard on the recording: Naked Music CD You can hear and see the composer performing this piece on: Invention & Alchemy DVD

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L.H. R.H. L.V.

Indicates arpeggiation, or the "rolling" of a chord from the lowest note to the highest. Because "Nataliana" is a lyric, romantic piece, the rolls should be lush, full and slower, rather than faster.

Indicates notes on the upper staff which are played with the left hand.

Indicates notes on the lower staff which are played with the right hand. Indicates to allow the note or notes to continue to ring without muffling them. The symbol is the abbreviation of the French "laissez vibrer," or "allow to vibrate."


Harmonics are written where they are played, not where they are heard.

Indicates to muffle the low register.

Indicates to muffle only the area above lower note of the muffle sign, but to allow the other strings to vibrate. This causes a "pedal effect," for example in measures 63 - 75 where the lowest note from m. 62 is meant to ring throughout, dying naturally as the music progresses.

4 2 3

Brackets and Fingerings: all fingerings are indicated by numbers and/or brackets and are the composer's. You are welcome to change the finger-

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About the ScAleS And Key SignAtureS uSed in nAtAliAnA

Nataliana is written in the "Harmonic Minor" scale. That means that the 3rd and 6th degree of the scale are lowered (as in a Natural Minor scale) but the 7th degree of the scale is raised.

For the lever harp in C, it means that you will play in "A Minor", but
all the G levers on the harp will remain raised (to G#) throughout the piece. Pedal Harp use this pedal diagram:

"A" Harmonic Minor Scale Rather than write every instance of the "accidental" G#, Nataliana has been written in this key signature:

Pedal Diagram for "A" Harmonic Minor

Please note that the single sharp is a G#, not an F#.

B levers on the harp will remain raised (to B n) througout the piece

For the lever harp in E b, it means that you will play in "C Minor,", but all the
Pedal Harp use this pedal diagram:

"C" Harmonic Minor Scale Rather than write every instance of the "accidental" B n, Nataliana has been written in this key signature:

Pedal Diagram for "C" Harmonic Minor

Please note that the two flats are E b and A b, not E b and B b.

Note for Pedal Harpists:

The composer recommends you play Nataliana "for the C Lever Harp," but rather than using the above pedal diagram, use the diagram for the "A b" Harmonic Minor Scale (see below). You can still read the piece as written, but since six of the strings will be in flat position, the piece should sound richer and more luxurious.

"A b" Harmonic Minor Scale

Pedal Diagram for "A b" Harmonic Minor

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by Deborah Henson-Conant

For Lever Harp in C
or Pedal Harp




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by Deborah Henson-Conant

For Lever Harp in E b
or Pedal Harp

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