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INTRODUCTION Today, on the glorious day of 16th of June, marks the 100th year of our beloved De La Salle University.

As the heavens witness our triumph, let us join in celebration. La Sallians, live it up for God and our community! PHILIPPINE NAVY For almost 62 years, The Philippine Navy Band has been extending their reach as they bring camaraderie and support to their men through music. As the show window of the Command and with the leadership of the 32nd Flag Officer in Command of the Philippine Navy Vice Admiral Alexander Pama let us welcome our 100th year in tune with the bang and the boom of drums of the Philippine Navy Band! BROTHERS, ADMIN, AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS They are the very core of the existence of our university, the very foundation and the pioneers that spearheaded of what we know now as De La Salle University. One hundred years ago, they came into Manila with one mission and that is to educate and give service to the youth. As they gave up their priestly purpose, they dedicated their lives seeking for the transformation of the youth- for in their hearts will they find the zeal for learning and service. Let us all welcome, The De La Salle Brothers. In cooperation with the De La Salle Brothers, they have worked for our university to reach its current position, the best of the best. As they strive for further greatness, they have helped De La Salle University to grow but still appealed to uphold the core La Sallian virtues. Let us join our hands for the De La Salle Administrators and Board of Directors. STUDENTS FROM SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS Just newly inaugurated, De La Salle Universitys School of Economics has been paving its way to establish a name for itself in the field of education and business. They contend for the graduates to have strong La Sallian virtues while having a mastery of the state-ofthe-art in economics, strong analytical and expository skills, and a passion to improve the human condition. Let us give them a round of applause, the students of the School of Economics. STUDENTS FROM THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Known as the only private institution in the Philippines selected by ASEAN to be part of the Southeast Asian Engineering Education Network (SEED-Net), they lead in human resources development in engineering and information technology in Southeast Asia. Moreover, they are given the highest accreditation in engineering education in the Philippines given by the Commission on Higher Education, with three of its departments granted the title as Centers of Excellence. Let us welcome, the students of the College of Engineering.

STUDENTS FROM THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION For almost 50 years now, the College of Education has been generating masters of the knowledge cultivated by the La Sallian core values. With the desire to become the center for teacher training and education research in the country they continue to aspire to achieve greater things for both the college and the graduates. By yielding competent graduates, they fulfill the very mission of St. John Baptist De La Salle which to provide quality education and to develop a person holistically. Let us join our hands for the College of Education. STUDENTS FROM THE COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Known as one of the oldest colleges in the university, the College of Business is one of the premiere business schools in the country. They aim to produce graduates who are technically competent, humanistic, and socially responsible. The college also strives to simply be the best- the only choice for those concerned, students, parents and the industry. As it holds the most number of students, it poses for a great future ahead. Let us all welcome the College of Business. STUDENTS FROM THE COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS Esteemed by their confidence and stride, the College of Liberal Arts provides an education background in the humanities and social science. As they aspire for an integrative cultivation of human potential, and through creative innovation rooted in faith, integrity and service- they bring forth a myriad of potential leaders, creative leaders and knowledge producers who bring academic excellence with a human face. Lets give a shout out to the students of the College of Liberal Arts! STUDENTS FROM THE COLLEGE OF LAW AND GRADUATE STUDENTS Committed to excellence, impassioned to serve- this is the College of Law. They desire to form potential future leaders by developing in law students the research and communication competence to practice the profession with the values of St. John Baptist De La Salle. The College of Law revolves around the University's tradition of excellence and service. By developing in tomorrow's lawyers, leaders and jurist doctors the compassion and commitment to promote and uphold the rights of every individual and to protect the environment, the college brings to reality a path breaking vision, with a passion to transform lives. This is the College of Law. Meanwhile, De La Salles Graduate School aims for the continuance for the pursuit of excellence and have commitment to be socially responsible. They train for the students to respond to the needs and challenges of nation-building by providing quality research, and continuing quest for knowledge. Everyone, the Graduate School of De La Salle University.

STUDENTS FROM THE COLLEGE OF COMPUTER STUDIES Holding the first Computer Science program in the country to be given accreditation by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities in 1989, the College of Computer Studies recognized as the college as Center of Excellence in Information Technology by the Commission on Higher Education. Filled with Christian values, they have the passion to contribute to national development and social wellbeing. They are committed to creating and sharing knowledge in Computer Science as the premiere educational institution in Southeast Asia, recognized globally as the Philippine benchmark for quality education and research. Let us put our hands together for the College of Computer Studies! STUDENTS FROM THE COLLEGE OF SCIENCE Despite it being one of the youngest colleges in the university, the scientific research development the College of Science has spearheaded has colossal impact to the nationbuilding. Indeed, in recognition of their efforts, all of the Science and Mathematics programs of the college have been granted the recognition of Center of Excellence in the Philippines by the Commission on Higher Education. They aim to develop an academic community of whole persons who are intellectually, socially, and spiritually responsive to the needs of the country using the instrument of science. Let us all welcome the students of the College of Science! UNVEILING OF THE TARP Let us resonate our voices and join our spirits as one community! Let us sing the song of our brothers, our Alma Mater Hymn!