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I have met lots of persons, representing small to big businesses, who proudly affirm, "We are an "ecological" business!" This tag is a euphemism that means they are abiding by rigorous criteria concerning environmental sustainability rules and levels. This "ecological" tag is cool and it is an admirable goal, for sure. A lot of businesses are joining the "band wagon". They are using the label as a technique to openly and subtly advertise their services and/or products. However, what does it mean to be "ecological"? And, how can any size business apply a plan to comply with environmental sustainability levels to be directed towards growing into an "ecological" company? Agenda 21 was the main output of the United Nations Conference on environment and development (the, "Earth Summit"). The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) presents levels or offers advice on good supervision levels in encouragement of Agenda 21. The ISO 14001 gives its conditions for an Environmental Management System (EMS) which verifies global relevance for all size businesses wanting to function under ecologically sustainable processes. It is a globally approved system. With the aid of environmental consulting firms, the levels can be valid for any company, big or small, whatever its product or service, in any sector of activity, and whether it is a commercial enterprise, a public organization, or a government division. The principle elements, represented in an EMS are explained below: 1. Environmental Policy Statement (environmental characteristics and influence of products, activities, and services, including intra-and inter-company processes), 2. Planning (environmental characteristics, legal and additional obligations, aims and assessable targets, environmental administration programs), 3. Implementation and Operation (structure and responsibility, preparation, conciousness, and capability, communication, environmental administration system documents, records control, operational control, disaster awareness and reaction), 4. Checking and Corrective Action (monitoring and measurement, non-conformance and corrective- and protecting- action, records, environmental administration system audit) 5. Management Review Well, you're possibly thinking, "I'm a quite overwhelmed by this! And, what can I do to truly show my business is "ecological"?" It’s totally possible that in your company your Environmental Management System is only a style for doing things that you feel are "ecological", e.g., shutting down lights, recycling, walking or biking to the office, etc. (Don't get me wrong! These are all great things to do.). But your system is not on paper and likely acknowledged just by one or a few persons in the administrative area with little or no communication. Everyone has the "ecological essence" and every one is contributing by doing his or her specific action.

Not all businesses will wish to go through the ISO 14000 certification process (lots of big businesses do). Businesses that do not desire to be certified can apply the norms to be regarded as third party compliant. Environmental consulting firms can suggest several systems to apply an "ecological" business system that lessens harmful effects on the ecology caused by its doings in an effort to attain continual development of its environmental execution: 1. Plan - Establish aims and make strategies (analyze your company's condition, define your overall aims and establish your short- term targets and define strategies to attain them. 2. Do - Execute your strategies (do what you planned to do). 3. Check - Measure your results (measure/monitor how far your current accomplishments come across your defined aims. 4. Act - Fix and perfect your strategies and how you act on them (correct and learn from your mistakes to perfect your strategies in order to achieve best results next time. The thoughts that go in your strategy are based on your specific field type. The depth and detail is also determined by your business' size, but many of the same rules apply: - Waste and toxics removal that involves, but is not limited to, product making, materials, manufacturing processes, distribution, consumer and end of life for products you use in your every day business doings or products that you sell to others, - Toxics reduction and removal ("The Ban List"), - Reduce Greenhouse gas emissions by performing teleconferencing and web meetings instead of traveling, - Tracking and decrease of wastes, - Buy automobile hybrids, - Other Transport (walking, car pooling, biking, public transport), - Community participation and volunteering, - Reduce consumption of non-biodegradable products (plastics), - Enroll and contribute with organizations devoted to providing regulations, checking field and implementing obedience, - Purchase from ISO 14000 certified vendors and producers with active programs for soil, groundwater, surfacewater, and air controls in third world countries that are protective of human health and the ecology (to US Environmental Protection Agency norms), - Utilize recycled products, - Conserve resources (e.g., water), - Substitute ineffective equipment that consumes energy,

- Promote and support state and local government (cities, counties) to establish and execute environmental sustainability policy, guidelines and controls for businesses that are willing to run business in their areas, - Join associations in your specific field that assist you in executing environmental sustainability for your services and products, - Act following Best Management Practices (e.g., recycling). The objective of any EMS, directing to environmental sustainability, and the aim of environmental consulting firms, is to diminish our carbon trail on the world. I hope I have been successful in increasing your attentiveness, awareness and integrity about what it means to be "green". Now it is time to act! In the future after your business generates and applies an EMS agenda you should be proud to present that your business is "ecological".
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